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301 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202 Located in: Discovery Place Science

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REVIEWS OF IMAX Dome Theatre at Discovery Place Science IN North Carolina

robert hobbs

I've been to several Imax theatre's and this is one of the best. It's in a great location and the staff are very friendly.

Ania Morejon

Eveline Clara

John Kean

Awesome at the time we saw the evolution of dinosaurs

Aiko Crutchfield

Came to the IMAX to see Star wars The Last Jedi. It was definitely worth it. The kids had a blast!

John Dreher

great experience loved it

Mark Oman

Cool screen but blurry resolution made it hard to watch at times

Esther Galvan

Anne Okeefe

Crimson Fang

D. L. Brunson

Definitely a family spot. The 3D show was great

Rickey Jones

Lakshmi Kunapuli

Steven Curry

Went to see Dunkirk last night. Terrible experience. The movie was terribly distorted since the screen is in the shape of a spherical dome. It was hard to see any of the picture and it made me nauseated through the entire film. Not worth the $16. Make sure you go see Dunkirk on either a traditional large theatre screen or an IMAX that isn’t shaped like a sphere.

Rod Hanson

Ok show

derege alemu

Nessa Lopez

April Simmons

Raneem Almahmoud

Jeff Karll

George Martell

Watched the National Parks Adventure iMax movie. It was spectacular, and I have added a few parks to my bucket list.

rahul r

Jr Nddraft

Jake Wilson

My first (and last) IMAX Dome movie. Very disappointed. Just saw "Dunkirk" - probably a great movie, but a terrible viewing experience. Imagine watching a movie from the perspective of an ant, peering through a fish-eye lens and sitting way, way too close to the screen. You're basically lying on your back, craning your neck to look up and around just to figure out what's going on in each scene. Everything was terribly distorted. I'd like to see Dunkirk again on a "traditional" screen, but this was just annoying. I wanted to get up and leave after 10 minutes but decided to give it a chance. $16 tickets - not worth it, IMHO.

Luigi Porpora

Ty Bru

Even though they have the capabilities of showing a 70mm IMAX film, they have absolutely no business doing so. At first I thought I was overthinking it all, but after reading the reviews on here I feel better knowing I wasn't off. Watching Dunkirk, I changed seats three times, ending up in the very last row, which still didn't give me any sort of vantage point, and you can never see the film for what it is supposed to be. I felt like a cat chasing a red dot with my eyes the whole 105 minute film time. I was uneasy and nauseous most of the time and the seats could barely for my 5'10" 200lbs frame without my knees almost touching the people in front of me. I'm actually surprised they were approved to show the film, but I guess money is money. Speaking of that don't waste time or money here unless it's a short nature/outer space documentary type film for education purposes.

Dr. Pavan Garala

Huge screen and very good quality prints of movies.


sami kasem

Nury Reyes

Water Drop

Mohammad fahim Amiri

I went there but I didn't see anything

Satish Gadekar

Abdulrahman Alghamdi

Sam Tran

Zachary Marcus

Mark Crawford

Luis Marinez

Danielle Francis

Great place! Clean and not too crowded. Friendly staff

Gerardo Garrido

Natalie Baggarley

Great night of adult fun.

vanessa Stepp

Devin Berrio

Michael Caraballo

Geoff Vincent

Amol Joshi


Shaun D. Diehl, M.Ed.

Not really the imax experience.

Beautiful Butterflies

Awesome experience

Sandy Purdy

Count us among the many who were disappointed with their IMAX experience here seeing "Dunkirk". There appear to be only a small portion of seats that don't make you look waaaaay up and over your head. Things are distorted and hard to see. We should have just gone to Regal Stonecrest's IMAX theatre. Also, the ticketing process is confusing....I print this ticket at home, then I have to stand in line to get the staff to print another ticket? Some staff were friendly, but the majority were not.

Edward Nino


Different experience. Little challenging for kids to scan thru the big screen

Talmadge Griffin

Edward Whitby

Great film, great facility, great staff to assist us

Paul Currie

Screen is nearly as big as mine. Superb experience

Lazarus Mason

Probably the only IMAX theatre anywhere that not only doesn't sell consessions, but doesn't even allow food or drink in the theatre.

Charlie Carruthers

Jay Henson

Ben Adams

alexandra pacheco

Michael Hetzel

It’s a fun experience for the first person perspective films. The only part that was slightly distracting was the many dirt spots either on the screen or projector.

Reuven Yehuda

Its okay. I never really understood the fascination with IMAX, the movie simply goes in a semi-circle. But the theater is nice.

Jael Silva

It's really impressive I think they have one of the biggest screens in the whole state I recommend to see a movie.

CH Liu

Peter Alvin

DO NOT GO TO IMAX at Discovery Place. Just saw Star Wars - The Last Jedi and I should have asked for my money back! The image was so dark that at times I couldn't see characters' faces. The "center channel" audio was so low I could barely make out the dialog. I never heard any surround sound channels effects, and the LFEs were non-existent. Plus, the dome changed the perspective--straight lines were bent of course. There was very little saturation--instead of bright colors, the colors were muted to "Earth" browns of the 70s. STONE CREST at PIPER GLEN is 10x better for IMAX!!! It was WORSE than a standard movie!!!

Eric Cagatay

Hai Minh Nguyen

Nate Hildreth

Watched Dunkirk. At first I thought it would make me sea sick. Body got used to it and I felt like we were shooting down the Luftwaffe. If they got an improved sound system it would probably be even more intense. Outside of that, kids would love the activities. Made me miss my kids seeing all the hand prints on the wall.

Tony Lindsay

wendi Branch

Katherine Blackwelder

Fantastic set up. Great movies!

robbie palubiak

This is an awesome experience. I hate going to the movies, but I love coming to see the imax dome. Well done Charlotte!

Dane Ball

Rodrigo Hernandez-Gutierrez

Alicha Hopper

Surya Tej

Shonta Jones

Dr. Brandan Lee

Enjoyed watching Star Wars here!

David Ejindu

they have good movie quality

Miran Makas

Haim K

Don Grover

Amit Ruwala

Alisha McMillan


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