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114 Raven Cir, Kings Mountain, NC 28086

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REVIEWS OF Hound's Drive-In Theatre IN North Carolina

Libby Wicks

The man when entering was rude,basically made us feel like he didnt want us there,talked down about our car,how horrible the lights were and then said we were late and may not find a place to park,we pulled in and over half of the parking spaces were empty, and our lights on our car were easily turned off.

Josh Hardin

hounds is always a great place to spend time with the family. their staff is always polite and the food is out of this world. the owner is always on the grounds and goes out of his way to make us feel like part of the hounds family. with 4 kids its expensive to take them to the theatre. so instead we go to hounds and have an even better time than the actual theatre! thanks hounds for all the fun and food!!!

Gracelyn Hilton

fun and good movies. only have had the food once but it was good too. has a little park next to it, so it's a great spot for when they are playing kids movies. overall just a really great place

Kamron Jones

it was really cool but i waited 2 hours just to get food.

Gina Danner

I always have a great experience here. I love everything they've done with the place.

bart loki

My family has been here multiple times. Last night was awesome. We went early to make sure we had a spot because they were doing fireworks in between the movies and it was sure to be packed with people. They have a great setup and have updated this past year and now have two screens and another building just for bathrooms which is huge and has tile floors and walls. Great selection of things to eat and drink from the concession building also. My kids played at their play area with jungle gyms, swings, etc while we waited for the movie to start. On a side note, congratulations to Preston and his Fiancee. He streamed video last night to the screens as he walked outside and asked her to marry him before the fireworks started and she said yes! The fireworks were awesome too. It had to have lasted for at least 5 minutes and it's amazing that Preston would put that much time and energy into something like that for the people who go to his drive in. I definitely recommend everyone to come here, you will have a great time!

Rachel Holler

It was good except our rented radio didnt work and wont give refund.

Jess Yelton

Always fun. Clean. Friendly staff.

Chris Booth

Awesome time here highly recommend,Good food service,and I WILL RETURN

Charles Warren

Good movies good price to get in awesome staff

Rick Rosenbeck

Always have a great time and the staff at the con.stand are wonderful love grandma's cookies

Samuel Jackson

The absolute best movie experience you will find. Great people working there, affordable pricing, playground for the kiddies, this place has it all.

Dannie Garland

I have always given good reviews but this time I must admit that the experience I have had this evening is terrible movie not started on time, just trying to cram cars in. I consider it is a business but it would help if they could keep to their time table and start on time

Nancy Teague

Movies were great, but the announcer started talking during the last scene of the first movie, Aladdin.

Ann Nonymus

Fantastic all the way around! Clean, spacious spots, lots of bathrooms and the food is good too! Try a bologna burger.. You won't be disappointed.

RonPaul Mccoy

If you thought drive in theaters were a thing of the past. Well this is one of the best in the Charlotte area. An there isn't many. You will definitely get your $ worth. Where can you go to see 2 movies for $15 and that for the entire car not per person.

Marvin Rice Jr

You don't see them around no more.great place

cayla pierce

Excellent place to enjoy a family night out. The quality of the bathrooms, concession stands and the screens is amazing. Thank you for making this an option for people to choose to do every weekend.

Daniel Bellamy

Very clean up to date/modern drive in. Food isn't overpriced and the movie quality was great. I loved my experience.

Gironda Jameson

Enjoy watching movies outside great place to do family time.

Jacob N

It's nice to be able to go to a drive in like old times, very fun! But also, you had to keep turning your vehicle on and off to not kill your battery. I wish there was a way to improve the experience.

Kyle Eckert

Well what can I say? It delivered on everything I was looking for in a drive-in. I had my car. I drove, right in, and I watched two movies. And guess What? Guess WHAT. THEY HAVE FOOD. I'm not talking standard popcorn, guy. I'm talking burgers, tendies, and cheese sticks. So while you're watching a couple flicks. Have a couple buckets of popcorn, couple burgers and an ice cold sodie pop and you'll be feelin REAL nice, folks. Trust me. I only give 4 stars because some stiffly stifferson was blocking the screen :(((((

William Dover

Had a great time at Hounds. The staff was friendly. The kids had fun playing at the playground before the movie started and the concessions we're good and not overly priced.

Carrie McCoig

We love Hound's Drive In. We visit every few weeks. They've recently started doing triple features instead of doubles. That averages out to $5 per movie for the car load! My son loves the freedom of being able to run around and stretch and being able to make comments all throughout the movies (he's bad about talking through movies, that's not an issue here!) They have two screens, a kid friendly side and an adult side. They are separated by a concession building that has all sorts of good food and surprisingly nice restrooms. Definitely check them out.

Tim Crider

It was Real Cool I'll Be Back :)

Alexis Taylor

Amazing movie IT chapter 2 was great

Darius Howell

Super clean drive in. They’re ere very busy but all the employees were nice . The bathrooms are extremely clean and large . There is a grill where you can order food .

Keith Greene

Could use some working water fountains for the people, but not a bad place and reasonable.

Jonica Millen

Awesome place! Great movies for family time and making memories. Clean restrooms, good prices for concession, and they even have areas to hang out or play for kids.

Christian Tallent

Organization could be better and another Concession , the line was very long all night

LaToya Merrill

Love drive in movies. The food selection was great. And the fireworks show after the movie along with the owners proposal to his girlfriend was amazing. I love the intimacy of drive ins hope this one never closes

Debby Hipps

Loved it brought back childhood memories and made new obes with my grandson on his birthday

Deanna Lowman

Wonderful firework show before watching Toy Story 4!!! Cheap Concession prices! Clean restrooms and good playground for the kids!! Overall excellent family fun!!!!

Kaitlin Sigmon

We took our daughter and her friend to see IT part 2 we loved the drive in the the concession stand was within easy walking distance and had a path that was lit up to make it easy to find it there are plenty of restrooms and you had your choice of three screens

Peter Cipriano

Great area but the concession stand items are alittle pricey but you cant beat 15 dollars per car full

Crystal Funderburk

Great movie very clean but should not charge 15 on the side where the train runs it interrupted the movie 3 times

Steve gregory

Great food, great time. We will be back. Great family fun.

Jayson Loccisano

This was a pleasant surprise! A nice drive in off the beaten path. If you are ever in the area, check it out. The only draw back was the long line for concessions. Other than that, I loved it! Oh, and the price was great!!!! Food was pretty good too.

Dad Rhoad

Great place with 2 HUGE screens with different double features playing on each screen most nights. Awesome concession stand with a large selection of classic drive-in fare with FAIR prices! They only charge $15 per car/van/suv for the movie and a burger & drink is around $5 with a hot dog for $2. Great for couples and families alike. Extremely clean restrooms that seem well maintained or fairly new. Everyone there seemed friendly and ready to help out. Will definitely come back again!

Bridget Fitzgerald

Perfect date night! Great deal for movies and not freezing in a theater.

Nilda Mendez

Great time with the family and reasonably priced!

Jerry Morris

Update: Response to Owner: That is a lie I asked simple questions and you decided not to answer and said go somewhere else. I simply responded to a comment someone left defending your asinine rules on my thread that I posted on your public page. I don’t have to agree with them and that is not grounds on hiding post and banning someone when you didn’t like the questions nor had a good moral response or any response for that matter! Now you are not only rude but a liar also. Why can’t you see you have an issue it’s plain to see in these reviews! Also what about the fact that I have been a good customer for years and have put good money in your pocket. Why don’t I matter and they do? I asked simple questions about bringing in your on food and switching screens and I was told they didn’t want my business because I asked those questions. They never answered the question a removed my comments on there page as well as made it where I couldn’t comment any longer. Very rude and avoided simple questions. I am a actual customer who has spent hundreds of dollars and this is they way they treat there customers when they a asked simple questions. This seems to be a trend with him being very rude and arrogant as well as trying to hide or change things he says. Example another individual had a rude response from him over food issue and he responded with a rude comment then late edited the comment after his review was posted here. Greed is this guys problem! If you look at other reviews you will see this is an on going problem with this guy being on a power trip. Don’t go unless you want a terrible experience due to the owner... grounds a nice screens are nice but the owner is a completely disrespectful, arrogant, and quite frankly a terrible businessman.

Nicodemus Briankeith

Best movie experience around.

Vivianette Ortiz

Well organized. Easy entrance process. Lots of fun.

Cindy Hicks

We're so happy we found this drive-in, it's so nice and friendly here. When my boys are with me on the weekends and they're playing something that we want to see, which they always are then we're there. Usually both nights of the weekend! You guys are great, keep up the good work. BTW the food is good too!

Ryan Magill

It was definitely packed but the company/people were great and very accommodating and helpful!

Danielle Harrison

I love this place. It is so cheap-and they always have new movies that just came out in theaters!

Ryan White

Great movie theater. We go quit a bit. Only downside is the last 2 times I've been, we have been tore up by little ants. Definitely need some ant control.

Douglas Halsell

I love this place reminds me when I was a kid.

Jared Brown

First time there with the family, ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! Definitely going back again and again.

P Young

Overall great place!! I give it 4 out of 5 because during night scenes in the movie were hard to see on the screen. I'm thinking they may need to adjust the settings a bit, and it would be helpful to have concession stands on both sides of the drive in. Those are my only two recommendations, other than that it's a great place to go to catch a show with loved ones and friends!!

Hannah Dills

We had the most lovely evening at Hound's Drive-In! The grounds are well kept and remarkably clean. The prices are super reasonable and you can tell that everyone who works there takes a lot of pride in the place. Pro tip: go on a Friday night during football season for smaller crowds

Camille Henry

Very nice and good place to go to see movies with your family

Amber Scott

I would have loved it I know. My son and I got there at 630, played a little, hung out, and spent money at the concession stand. However my three year got sick and started to run a fever had to leave at 845, 15 minutes before the movie started and they would not refund the ticket. I feel very strongly that if you leave before the movie starts you should get a refund! I will go back of course but thought people should no absolutely no refunds allowed unless severe weather they said!

Tyler Jenkins

Food is good and reasonably priced. Movie quality is beyond acceptable as well.

Tequan King

Fun time to be out with kids. If you got a good size vehicle or just want a relaxed time with your significant other then this is a good place to be

Madry Goins

First time going and my brother in law did not lie. It was awesome. The food was well priced and the restrooms were very very clean. The staff was very courteous and eager to assist with anything. It was almost an hour drive for us, but well worth it. I will be returning. THANKS TO THE GREAT STAFF!!!!

Summer Graham

Doesn't even deserve that star.. This dude likes to try and pull guns on people that have carloads of kids!! SORRIEST person I've ever met in my life!!!!! You can post anything you want to post.. The only thing anyone will see is how dirty you treated me over the fact that my kids ate from McDonald's instead of there.. when I ask for you to just let me move and let my daughter finish her fries then I would pay you $20 for a free movie you refused and became very rude with me in front of my children while I did nothing but sit and beg and cry to please just let me pay and you still refused.. Do what you please but in the end everyone will figure you out without any info from anyone.. Have a nice life Preston Brown!!

Rob C

They don’t allow outside food or drinks. I don’t have a problem with this. But they are EXTREMELY slow at their snack bar and have 1, maybe 2, lines going. Which means get there 2 hours early or you get nothing. Sound is terrible. Like other drive in theaters, you use your stereo. Nothing wrong with that, but there is a constant static in the background. Can be VERY annoying

Mimi2018 Caskey

Friendly staff great price to get in lots of food to choose from the only bad part was the ants that that's nature for you well be back

Mary Wagner

An older man who was wearing a trump 2020 hat refused to allow us in to the second film. We were willing to pay the full price for only the second movie and after an argument with my puerto rican daughter in law we asked for preston who has only ever been fair. The old man claimed he was the owner and told my daughter to get out of there and go to the nearest spic camp. I cant believe such a family run place acted this way.

joe briggs

Awesome experience.. Very nice restrooms and facilities.. Movie showed great on screen!

Girly GachaWolf

Don’t take a Ford the guy was so RUDE about it.

Maria Crawley

Had an awesome time. Food was good and i have to say thier bathrooms were cleaner than most stores and restaurants i have been to.

Amanda Rinehardt

This place used to be awesome, but now it’s just all about the money. They allow way too many vehicles and do not have the room to accommodate them. We were in an SUV parked in the SUV section but were told to shut our trunk because the SMALL car parked in the SUV section could not see over us. Meanwhile, nothing was said to the other SUV’s because they did not have a car parked behind them. They do not allow outside food or drinks, that’s fine, but they need to find a way to keep up with concessions if they are going to allow so many people in and force them to buy food and drinks at the concession. My husband stood in line for over an hour to purchase a “large” drink. At any other establishment, their large would be considered a medium at best. It will be a while before I even attempt to come back.

Weston Triplette

Hard to see even in back row tonight very busy but good movie and great value

Amy Bandek

This is such an amazing place!! It's difficult to find good, wholesome, family fun nowadays but it's certainly found at Hounds Drive-In. Facilities are clean and ran efficiently. Food is great! Atmosphere is fun and safe! Management enforces the rules, like a great establishment should, assuring that you and your family can have the best experience possible. Best of all they are good people!! A little girl with our Church group lost a promise ring, and not only did the owner acknowledge our concern and heartbreak at her loss. He communicated back quickly, went to search for it, found it and delivered the good news promptly. This is a place you should feel good about spending your time and money at. Plus, they allow pets! I don't know what more to say... 10 stars, if they'd allow it! We will continue coming back regularly, hope to see y'all there!

Arkadi Kharov's Cabinet of Curiosities

Don’t bother wasting your time. Due to the desire to cram more vehicles, or maybe because they were too cheap, you will not be able to see the movie. Rules stated are not enforced unless they feel like it, and staff are very rude. Employee came over banging on my car demanding I shut my rear hatch. Funny, she didn’t tell anyone else, JUST US. Our hatch level was no different than the vehicles around us, it just so happened that due to rampant greed they packed in more vehicles than could fit, and a smaller vehicle parked in the Truck parking near the back row. Considering we were several hours early and chose a spot in the back, where only taller vehicles would be behind us, does not mean we should be penalized for other people being late. This wouldn’t be a problem if they had been willing to properly terrace the lanes, rather than add a third screen. Concessions are terrible junk food, if you feel like waiting in a line for 45 minutes. The bathrooms they brag about always smell disgusting and have who knows what on the floor. Management and employees are either disinterested or outright rude.Save your money, go to a real theater and actually enjoy the movie. Even 15 dollars is too much to waste on this place. Oh and they started THE LION KING at 1030 so they could cram cars down the aisles and rows, making a potential hazard for anyone in an emergency situation. A kids movie over an hour and a half after dark.

Jacqueline A. Weinstein

Great value! Good food! Great time had by all! We will be back

Maria Rangel

Great place for family and friends to come together my kids love it

Eunice Bent

Owner responds very rudely to comments and unprofessionally. I was going to visit tonight but will go to my regular drive-in instead (Badin). I asked a simple question and his response seemed abrasive. It made me research what his usual response to comments are and I see this is a trend. I would never want to support someone like that. Update: The owner lacks integrity! So now the owner updates his comment and acts like he wasn’t abrasive. Little does he know I took a picture of the original reply! Only making matters worse. Wow.... no worries Ill post the pictures.

Monique Goodwin

I enjoyed my evening at Hounds and will do it again really soon. ☺


Clean...great service and facilities!!! This is bu far the best experience we have ever had at a drive in theater! The facilities were all relatively new, clean and just generally well kept! The food and service was amazing and friendly! Ignore the bad reviews...most of them are people complaining about things that people do not the establishment! Get their a bit early to get a good spot and some snacks! Will definitely be bringing back my family and encourage others to visit this family friendly and very inexpensive family night out!

Stacey Lingerfelt


Santina Smith

My kids loved it. Plan to visit again soon. I wouldn't suggest trying the hot dogs. They tasted horrible. Tasted very old. Bring your own food!!!

odell tscheiller

Best Place In The World For Value On 2 Movies!

Kimberly Persaud

Best movie going experience you can have. A carload for one price. Can't do that any theater. Family friendly Kid safe. Clean Bathroom

Logan Perkins

We were excited to visit the drive in tonight with our 4 year old for the Easter Egg hunt. After we paid unfortunately I asked If the Easter Egg Hunt was still happening at 6. The owner explained the grass was too wet. It was not. There should have been a sign or an update on the website that the Easter Egg Hunt was cancelled. He stated we couldn’t leave and come back, however we were 3 hours early before the movie and now that the Hunt was cancelled. We had no other option. I asked what time the movie started to which he replied “ around 8 i can’t just make the sun go down” This was my first red flag and we should have turned the car around. Nevertheless my daughter was so excited and we didn’t want to disappoint her so we entered. My mother in law was in the car behind us, we drove 40 min to get there. Since we were so early we cut the car off when we arrived, it was a really cold night so we tried to crank the car about an hour later to warm up. And realized the battery died. After 30 min of charging it it still hesitated to crank so we left the car running nervous it wouldn’t start back up again if we cut it off. Once the movie started the owner rushed up to the window, asking us if we had heard him over the loud speaker for us to cut our lights off that were shining on the screen and ruining everyone’s experience. Which was a tad dramatic since you couldn’t even see it on the screen. We replied we didn’t know it was us he was talking about and my husband replied I’ve been trying to cut it off but we were trying to cut the interior light off where the speedometer is. He rudely explained you must have known it was you, your husband just said he was trying to cut it off. I again explained were were not aware of the fog lights or that it was bothering anyone because they are super dim. I explained It’s a newer car and those will not shut off. We tried to reason with him about our battery and asked if we could pull off to the side and point our car in a different direction. He said no that it wasn’t his problem and we would have to leave or cut the car off. He told us he could help us cut off our light if we wanted his help, curious I said Okay, how? He replied we had to cut the car off. ..... I’m sorry but didn’t we explain why we couldn’t do that? We explained our daughter was in the restroom with my mother in law and we were not moving the car until we could let her know we had to leave. He tried to intimidate us by standing by the car while we waited. He continued to ask us to leave as we waited on my daughter. As if we were going to leave without her. He was super aggressive, loud and completely unprofessional from the moment he took our ticket money. He would not give us a refund, it was clear he was more concerned with his money and not the experience and customer service of his customers. He was never courteous or nice. He started the conversation in a confrontational manner, he was extremely rude, a bully. Please don’t support such a Jerk or his business, it’s unfortunate to have an owner that acts this way when his staff at the concessions were extremely nice. And from previous reviews we are not the only family who thinks this way.

Anon Lucy

I truly do love going to the drive in. I used to go to the other one until it shut down. But Hound's is so much of an upgrade compared to the old one. The bathrooms are beautiful and the concession stand is also wonderful they have so many options. The quality of the screens is amazing. The only downfall of going to any drive in is that you can't control what other people do. Actually that's anywhere you go!

Christopher Langley

This place is great. Good screen updated facilities. The nostalgia of a drive in theater with some modern upgrades.

Brendon Surber

Been coming here for years and had nothing but great things to say. Hate that this experience went so poorly. I invite a buddy who just moved to town and brag about this place only to end up being let down. I remember when it was a great place. Now people are getting in fights about reserving spots for friends and parking in two places but I get asked to leave for having my trunk lid open in the SUV section (the guy next to me had his open but didn’t say anything to him) because a car parked behind me. To add to that, every car around me had A/C on but I was asked to cut mine off because that same car didn’t like it. Not to mention the long hour wait to get two drinks because they had two (going on three) screens but still the same small concessions stand. Not to mention they spend good money on LED blockades but still won’t put the speaker pods in like the old drive-ins did. Hounds has let money cause them to overfill the drive in and create more problems. I’m a business oriented individual, I totally get what your mindset was but execution was very poor. Hate to say it but it may be time to re think a few things guys and gals. Hope you get it sorted.

Robert Stallworth

We had a great time....clean restrooms great customer service..cant wait to go back

lynn mcmurray

Have not been to a drive in since the 70s loved it ,wore my comfort clothes,took the Dog child , good food good time will be back!!

William Molyneaux

Great venue. Everyone super friendly. I will definitely be back.

Nicky Edwards

Great place to watch movies. Dog friendly. Very clean bathrooms and tons of options for food onsite

Jeffery Norris

Great place great service and clean rest rooms . To avoid the major complaint if you want to run ac or heat before cranking car set your emergency brake it will over ride the running lights on modern cars .

Tiffany Hardin

First time here. Awesome place from the scarecrow/ghost they have directing traffic to the food at concessions. Way to go. The only thing I would have done different would be have the ghost or scarecrow to wear a white gown or have some straw clothes. My kids would have really enjoyed that, but we are all impressed.

Jade Tyson-Bryant

This is a really nice place to being your family . They have a play ground for the kids while they are waiting on the the movie to start. The prices are really good & you get this home , family feeling . You feel more like a guest than a customer . It's very clean & well kept up .


2 large screens with plenty of parking if you get there early. Movies are crisp and clear and you have the option to rent a radio instead of using your car for the sound. The only down the concession stand, definitely could use an upgrade, don't count on buying food unless you plan on waiting in line. Get caught bringing food in and expect to pay extra

Orlando Harris

Nicely setup and you get 2 movies for the price of 1. Bring some mosquitoe repellent though

Jackson Moon

Honestly, I went here before the renovation and it sucked. It was nasty, but now they've really hit the ball out of the park. Clean area, good views, special nights, good good and more. Great place to bring your family for a cheap movie experience or a first date or even a friend. Nice place to enjoy and thriving.

Dana Ellis

Absolutely the best drive in by far watched it and the clowns was great

Tara Rhoton

This place is great. Really awesome screens. They play the latest movies every week. Snack bar food is good and pretty reasonably priced as well. Bathrooms and grounds are kept clean. My whole family loves coming here.

darkskin . tingz

I enjoyy my time here Everytime I go, fun playground to kill time before the movie start

Wonder Woman

If you go to the concession during the movie. The workers will not take your order! They're lazy and will tell you to go to another window. Hope the owner see this and make sure is employees DO their job! Other people after me waited and all the employees just ran to the back trying avoid them. Bad customers service! Overall it's a nice place and the owner/manager is nice. I'm currently here. 08/10/19

TiKara Worthy

Loved the drive in movie, but all our food was cold. Nachos with cold cheese, a funnel cake with solidified grease at the bottom, cold popcorn

Will W

It's a really nice place to chill out and watch a movie from your car. The food is really cheap from the concession stand. And you don't even need to have your car on because they have speakers that play the movie.

k Judd14

The double feature is always awesome! There is a park to play on as well till the movie starts and you pay by the car not per person. They have consessions along with ocassional live bands. The drive in is cheeper than a movie theater and just as good! Though I do recremend bringing your radio with you if you plan on listening to the movie, some chairs if you have more than two people going with you, and jackets or blanlets to keep you warm. Maybe some bug spray unless you dont care for tiny mosquitoes. Over all it is fun to watch movies outdoors on a big screen under the stars.

doreen st.laurent

Wonderful! Concession stand clean and new, rest rooms as well. Upcoming previews cinched it! We will be here every weekend until / if it closes for the season. I hope weather remains good and it’s open through Xmas, as I have already alerted family . They are excited! Coming from WA,CT,MA,VA,SC& TX for holidays.

Natalie Briggs

Very good deal. 15 bucks per car load, no outside food or drinks but the concession stand had great food at great prices. We only stayed for one movie but could've seen 2. Can't beat it. Clean and nostalgic. Just right up the road from us in Kings Mountain NC.

michael johnson

Great place, beautiful picture. Friendly staff. It's a 30 minute drive for me, but it's definitely worth it. Kids love it. They have 3 screens too. Amazing.

kamie Grant

The only thing the movie started later then hoped it didn't start at 8 900 about 30 minutes later It be nice with all the previews to movies you see for them to start movies playing earlier but loved movie and the drive in It was fun

merica_born gaming

Great place for the family to come watch movies.

Kelly Cruz

I originally rated Hounds as 1 star (see review below). However, the owner took time to reach out and listen to feedback and try to help make the issue better. We tried again and it was better. 5 stars for caring about your customer First Review Would have been perfect but so many people smoking half of our family had to leave 20 min into the first movie because all the smoke triggered an asthma attack. People walking around smoking, sitting on there cars smoking. We came as a family to celebrate 2 birthdays. We drove an hour to get here. Totally bummed!

So Blind

WARNING: They have a pretty big fire ant problem. Stay in your car. My wife got out of the car and was swarmed by them. She has bites up and down her leg. Plus shes allergic. I asked the lady at the desk if they had benadryl and her response was "Yeah, but we usually charge for that." That lady must have been completely dead inside. My wife was in tears and the lady didn't care at all. There were small children running around there as well. So we left halfway through to get my wife medical attention.

Megan Mortimer

The bathrooms are clean! The food is decently priced. Well maintained and friendly service. For $40 we had dinner, snacks and 2 movies!

angie brown

This place was awesome good food...Clean restrooms. I will be going back again soon

Matt Herman

We had an awesome first experience at The Hounds Drive-in. The admittance fee of $15 per car was a great value. The concessions stand had a good assortment of stadium style food (burgers, hotdogs, chicken tenders, fries, and of course most movie theater offerings like popcorn and candy). All of the staff we encountered were kind, courteous, and knowledgeable. The screen, projection, and audio were all of very high quality. The restrooms were awesome, one of the older (now closed) drive in theaters we used to frequent had horrendous bathrooms. The grounds were very well maintained. The directional and informational signs were concise and abundant. The spaces were ample, well laid out, and clearly marked. My family and I are pleased that The Hounds will be our go to drive-in from now on. Thanks for a great venue for affordable family entertainment.

Dean Lutz

Best Drive In located in local area. Clean bathrooms, great snack bar, and up to date parking.

Kevin Smith

The best drive in I've been to. The bathrooms are actually really nice. 2 different screens available with a 3rd being built.

tinesha upton

Great place to take ur family clean everyone was very nice and help was our first visit and we will be making planty more

Matthew Gibson

First time going to the drive inn and it was definitely worth i will be going back many times in the future, Dumbo is a fantastic movie



Crystall Shayde

I absolutely loved this place. Its pet friendly also.

Benjamin Jimenez

Place would be great but they allow smoking every where, or at least no one enforce non smoking areas

Gwen Hoggard

Wish today would hurry up and go away. Me, Kylee and Johnny came to Hounds Drive-in. I didn't know you couldn't bring outside food in. The guy at the gate said he would let me in since it was my first time. Then a guy comes up to my car and tells me i have to throw my food away, pay 10 extra dollars, or leave. I told him they went ahead and let me since id never been here and he said , no they did not. ( sounds like he is calling me a liar). So i was going back to the gate and the owner comes up said he could help me. Ok we go to the gate and the guy told him he did let me in. So they manager starts to give me my 10 back. He then says you will know next time, i said they won't be a next time. He jerks the 10 out of my hand and told me that was uncalled for and tells me to leave. Somebody might need to come get me out of jail, so please pass this around. Im not leaving here without my 30 dollars and not get to see the movies. I was jyst being honest, i will never come back again! Bunch of rich a-holes.....

Devon Lining

I think alllllllll the screens at drive-ins are very dark.....wasnt any different here...BUT either the owner or one of the staff came on the intercom and gave a personal personal message to everybody, said what the weather was going to be and told everyone what movies are gonna be showing It should be 3.5 stars

Zachary Clary

Beautiful! Perfect broadcast! Great foods.

Kathe Lynn

Can't bring our own drinks or snacks??? RIP OFF!! At $15 a car there's NO REASON to restrict this! Since when is this restricted at a DRIVE IN?? SUNSET DRIVE-IN (SHELBY) is only $12 & you can bring all you want! Scratch this place!!

Pauline Spears

Price, location, food and up to date movies are for me! Take your family and enjoy a good evening with a good price for entry and food

Kendra Galloway Reid

Good place and good food. Its all worth it.


Ok... This has to be the best deal in town. We watched two, yes two brand new movies for $15 a car load. The drive-in was clean, well organized had karaoke a great selection of snacks at cheap prices. It was truly a pleasure going. It felt it was 1984, all over again.

Sydney Stines

My family and I went here last night and had an excellent experience. The grounds and facilities on it were kept well and very clean. Screen 1 had no dead spots and Jurassic World was the clearest drive in movie I've ever seen. The price for the whole night, entry and concessions, ran me and my boyfriend about $30, we couldn't have done that anywhere else. The concessions were all great and the prices were even better. The woman who helped me at the window was so pleasant and made sure I was well taken care of and I didn't feel rushed at all despite the long line of people waiting behind me. Even with the high quality customer service the long lines moved very quickly, it was awesome. I have seen a few negative reviews of the interactions with the owner, but we had no issues. I think if you're not acting a fool or doing anything that is clearly stated as a rule not to be broken - you'll have a wonderful time. We did overhear the owner tell one car to turn off their running lights, even though that meant turning off their radio too - I'd say know your car before hand and if you have lights that won't go out, be considerate and form a solution, car lights of any kind no matter how dim really take the people around you out of the experience. Overall, I would and definitely will recommend. Can't wait to come back!

Bobby Woods

I love this place. It is well kept and they do their best to make sure every customer is happy. Reading through some of these reviews I can't help but laugh at some of the negative comments. This is America people, there are children here, children will be loud. I haven't seen one yet that can not be at some point in time. I guess you forgot that you were also once a child. Rating someone low because you are out in public with others is ridiculous, because they can't control everyone. I had an issue once with some kids being loud and they quickly handled the matter, but at the same time they have to be careful, because parent's that don't watch their kids, obviously don't care and will be rude when confronted. It's life get over it or stay at home and lock yourself inside because you will face these issues anywhere you go. I commend these people that wait on the public and try to please them. They don't get paid much and people tend not to tip them, but they are there trying to please a bunch of people. So for the workers there, don't get down because of rude and unhappy customers, keep smiling and pleasing the ones that can be pleased. Some people will just not ever be happy and always look for something to complain about. To the owner's I know it must be frustrating to see people be petty and make comments on things out of your control, but keep your heads up because you are doing a fantastic job.You won't always get it right, but you are trying to and that is what counts to those of us that choose to try to make the world a better place, by not blaming our misery on others.

The Family

Becauseof Bobby Woods comment and your response I will be bringing my family to their first drive in here tonight. We are looking forward to it. <3

William Arnett

Gave 5 stars for simply the cleanest bathrooms I've ever seen

Joey Reynolds

It's the only thing about Summer Time that I enjoy. Extremely clean and Polite people working there. I just wished they stayed open all year round!! ***** operation!!

Lisa Green

Love the drive in. They are very nice people and have great New releases. Never saw a drive in with a karaoke stage!!!!

Elisha Washington

My first time at a drive-in and definitely not my last. I wish I was coming sooner. Definitely putting it in rotation. Everyone should share this experience. Great prices all around.


Classic drive-in experience. Clean and comfortable. Two screens! Nice restrooms. Good snack bar. Good people. Best I've seen in a long time. See you there

Dennis Purifoy

Great experience, the family and I love this place. Sometimes there are long lines at the concession, but with the crowds this place attracts, that should be expected arrive early if you need to avoid the wait. It's like a digital upgrade to a genuine piece of Americana.

Salaivedhan Chandran

The most friendly folks...clean and a very beautiful drive in theater to visit with family.

James McMurry

One of the nicest drive in movie theaters I've been too. A really cool thing is they have more than one screen so you're not limited too. Just two movies to choose from.

Wendy Price

The theater itself is nice. I like that it has two screens, a playground, a nice clean snack bar with good food/prices, and plenty of clean, adequately stocked bathrooms. Everything was great until the people next to us lit cigarette after cigarette after hearing me say that I'm allergic to cigarette smoke. There needs to be a designated smoking area. Then they took up their space and most of ours with blankets and a big huge cooler.

Bobby Brinson

This place is amazing!!! the grounds are extremely clean, the food is fair priced and taste great,the bathrooms are all new floor clean as a whistle..... I don't get what's up with all the bad reviews? met the owner 1st hand seemed to be a very genuine guy ,watched him help 1 or 2 people with lights as the movie went on thru out the night.... never seen him have discourse or be rude to anyone !! I guess when you deal with the public even though you try to you can't always make everyone happy .As for my family we will be back soon .

Chelsea Fergi

First Drive-In experience. . . I thought it was pretty awesome!! Felt like back in the day. Food was good, great pricing, staff was informative and nice. Facility clean, including bathrooms. No better way to watch Zombielamd Double Tap! After waiting 8 years for the sequel!! Pretty Epic Night! Great for old school date nights!

Rikki-Dianne Travis

This was a great family night adventure and we will be returning.

Penny Ford

Great way to spend a evening. Clean reasonable prices, will take you back to a time long gone.

Garrett Helms

extremely efficient, caring, clean and kind. A wonderful place to spend some time on a date. Cannot recommend higher


I absolutely love this place! You have to get here early to get a good spot! I have seen several movies and they also have a concession stand! What a wonderful old school way to watch movies! The screens are huge and just like being at the theatre. It makes for a perfect date night!!! I highly recommend at least several visits to Hound’s Drive-In Theatre!!!

Thomas Sees

Movie was good. But got there way early and food wasn't that good. Corndog weren't hot at all and chips tasted stale.

Jennifer Grant

Wish food wasn't so high but we go every other weekend. Best family thing to do if you like watching movies

Kristen Williams

Great local drive-in! Food was good, restrooms were clean. The grounds were clean & well organized. Definitely the cleanest, nicest drive-in I've ever been to. Would totally recommend!

Sydney Swanger

It was good. Saw John wick 3. Only problem is the radio we rented cut out alot and they wouldn't refund. That's ok though

Peter Saxon

They limit parking for big trucks and certain SUVs like our Armada. Food was cheap. Movie was good. Playground is nice.

Shelli Sapp

Just like the drive-in theaters i went to as a kid almost 40 years ago. It was like going back in time. I love this place.

Melody Hughey

We love going to the Drive-in we have a great time going evening the grandkids love going

Michelle Slape

I'm always going to give Hounds the highest rating. We drive an hour to go there and it's well worth it. You get to see at least 2 movies and eat for $30 or less and that's with 2 people. Food is excellent and the drive-in is super clean and very friendly.

Mary Cogdell

Very nice. Was way better than I expected, just hate that it rained

Denise Cottom

Great place to hang out under the stars and watch a movie. Food was also good and reasonably priced. Will definitely be back!

Rhonda West

A fabulous experience! Love the cleanliness of this place! Love the atmosphere! Love the food and snack selections! The picture is fabulous! The music is awesome! Very family friendly! I wish smokers had more thoughtfulness towards others and wouldn't smoke in a public place like that but this place does encourage them to be more mindful of their neighbors and to be sensitive. Our children loved it so much they planned the next trip back this weekend!

Rachel Hubbard

The staff was friendly, food was good & restrooms were clean, but the movie was over 25 minutes late getting started. With a one year old, that's a bigger deal than it sounds like!


1st time here the people were great, the food not expensive, it was fun

Barbara May

We enjoyed the movie and will be back. We liked the clean restrooms. The concessions are also good.

Diana Elizabeth Baumgardner

I really like this place. Is always fun to watch movies in your car outside. And they have. Playground for the kids so they can play before the movie start

S Craig

Very nice, clean location with a very friendly staff. Also very economical prices, especially the concession stand which was a pleasant surprise! Can't wait to go back for the next double feature!

rebecca tessneer

I love Hounds Drive In. Great place to watch movies with your family. Last night they played the National Anthem and it so blessed my heart as it did a lot of others from all the shouting & clapping hands I hear. <3

Wesley Putnam

Always fun to take the family.

Jim Rogers

As a kid growing up, we had two drive-in theaters less than a half hour away. Needless to say, I have many great memories of those evenings, right up through the late 80's when they both closed. Now there are hardly any left open. Even more rare is to have a new one built. So visiting this one which opened only a few years ago is quite the treat. It's nice, clean and friendly. There are two screens here and they're currently building a third which they said will open in 2020. If you enjoyed drive-ins in the past, or want to experience it for the first time, I know of no better one to try then here. I very much recommend this place.


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