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REVIEWS OF Gem Theatre IN North Carolina

Joseph Rogers

Sound great, picture clear but too many phone commercials. Put back old cartoon's. If I wanted to see commercials I would stayed home and watched TV.

Julie Fair

Always a great time at the Gem! Affordable family fun.

Keira Russell

Prices can't be beat for concession! Love the seats and atmosphere ❤

Glenda Hunt-Wright

Love this quaint place right in the heart of Kannapolis! It's a great place for children's movie and even though we didn't have the grandbabies I enjoyed " Dumbo" with my Husband and grown daughters; the kiddies know how to Party!!


Needs some updates. Also no lighting to your car!

Veleria Levy

We are HUGE Gem Theatre fans!! Especially the popcorn. We will stop by to get popcorn even if we aren’t seeing the movie lol!

Tammy Wilson

Our absolute favorite movie theater! 40 minute drive but so worth it! They play the latest movies (1 movie screen, each movie runs for about two weeks) Large popcorn $4, large drink $2.50, candy $1) Awesome family adventure!

Rob Monaco

My children love going to The Gem Theater... They love the old style movie theater experience... They love going upstairs into the balcony any watching the movie there....

Mike Johnson

Great ticket prices. Bought two tickets online for a Saturday night movie for $12 total. Think it's $5 each if bought at the door.

paul parker

Love this place. Very reasonable prices, can't be beat

Samantharaposa Samantharaposa

Great place for kids good prices

Kayla Taylor

I love the atmosphere and low prices of the Gem Theatre!!

McKenzie K Plummer

We love the Gem theater! I love that I can take all 4 of my children to the movie theater and not leave broke. And actually be able to get snacks and popcorn and a drink. I can't wait for them to update it.

Kyle Ellis

Awesome old school atmosphere and pricing that takes you back to the good old days.

Samuel Snow

Beautiful setting, PHENOMENAL pricing, & an atmosphere that cannot be duplicated. To top it all off, the Staff is attentive and courteous. I would have to recommend this theatre to anyone looking for a unique and cost effective outing.

John Burkett

I can see where everyone likes the cheaper movie tickets and the old theatre but the place is nasty, floors are sticky bathrooms smell terrible, we got there about 15 minutes before the picture started and there look like 10 show's have played there was so much food and cups and wrapers on the floor, Thant place could be a "Gem"

Tim Wolfe

Throw back movie theater with family affordable price. We love going here.

Brad Moody

I love this place. Tickets and concessions are fairly priced. Seats are not great but I guess that's part of the charm.

Dallene Yontz

I have been b going here since a child and have lots of great memories!

Sheila Shepard

Wonderful place, great atmosphere, family friendly. Affordable. Can't recommend enough!

Heather Page

We love this place! Soooooo much cheaper than anywhere else. Plus no one can beat $1 candy. Anytime there's a new movie out I want to watch, I'll always check to see if it's being played here first.

Brian Ehlschlager

Great old theater! Cheap tickets and cheap snacks. Got a small popcorn, medium drink and Skittles for $4.75! Can't do that at the big theaters! Tickets are 4 bucks for everyone during matinee times $4 for kids and $5 for adults any other time It's old seats but we don't care. Sit in the balcony and it's almost like stadium seating. Highly recommend supporting this local throw back movie theater. Screw the big guys and the ridiculous prices!

Ajaree Whaley

I love this beautiful old theatre. Concessions are very cheap, they show some newer movies. Would give it 5 stars except the seats are not very comfortable.


Great place to take in a movie with the family!

Jeremy Johnson

Popcorn and candy stuff. Summer movies

chicken mcnugget

We love the prices at this theater! Friendly staff. A downside is the way people act or treat the theater. unfortunately that can't be controlled. So I dont blame the theater. Just wish people could respect the place and others better when watching a movie.

Willie Sturgis III

I love this historical theater!

Nadine Sanchez

I love the Gem Theatre. It has such good prices and I love their facility. The watching area is so open and it is so cool.

Kerry Ward

Great prices! Family friendly!

Jennifer Cooper

Such a neat place to take the family! Cheap refreshments and movies! $3 beats $20 any day! Such a cool little place

Betty Walter

Great historic theater but miss the dollar movies

Wendy Gallimore

What a wonderful place to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. If you're in Kannapolis you have to see a movie here. We felt like we were transferred back to a time when going to the movies didn't break your budget.

Beverly Goodman

Staff wasn't real friendly at the concession stand

Brandie cline

Great prices, but there aren't really any cup holders and the floors are greasy and sticky.

Stephanie Gallo

Great price for a new movie in a classic theater! Love the atmosphere!

Sherry Colburn

Super Good always is.

Jason Mclaughlin

This place is awesome. Large popcorn $2.50 drink $1.00 candy $1.00. Price of movie $5.00 . And guess what you have enough money left in your pocket to get ice cream after the movie. Great place

Thomas Mosher

This place is a gem for families. My kids love it.

Sarah Cloninger

Been going here for years, never regretted it. The staff is always friendly, prices are good. It's just a nice place to go.

nathan grice

Best place to go for a movie! They only show one movie at I time I believe , and limited showing times. But its CHEAP !!!! I took my daughter to see a movie yesterday, and both of our movie tickets, large popcorn, large drink and a bottled water was only $16! Not to mention they have kept the original old school feel of the place. Highly reccomend!

David Price

Super cute and fun movie venue!

Melanie Roach

Oldest theater around! Beautiful to look at the original seating and stage where are used to take place. There is a balcony as well. Prices are cheapest available for new releases.

Valerie Stinson

Love the opportunity to step back in time. I took my niece to see Mary Poppins. It was so refreshing to not break the bank, just to see a movie. Yummy and affordable concessions!

Malinda Reconco

Great prices on tickets and snacks.

Sean Earnhardt

Classic single screen, real Marquee. Place is awesome!

Adam Lone

Very cool theater, and budget-friendly!


I love that I can see a movie with my son, buy all types of snacks and spend less than $20.

David Hayes

Great place! Mostly family & faith based films. Reasonably priced.

Hasharnian Knight

It may only have one movie at a time, but for the price of a ticket at most places you can get popcorn, a drink, and a ticket, it's a great place!

Nathan Wheeler

Gem is such a great experience. If Gem is showing a movie I want to watch I will choose going to the Gem every time. The price of concessions are worth going. I dislike the expensive concessions of the other theaters.

Tiffany C

One of our favorite places to see a movie. They have the latest family friendly films and the price is always family friendly too.

Ellie Llovelle

Ok so this place is very affordable. I like the set up. The only reason I didn’t give it. 5 stars is because it’s not very clean. The floors are way to sticky my Sandal about came off one time. The chairs creak to much. Every time sthe person who moves in the chair you can hear it. It was so annoying when watching the avengers when it first came out. A kid was moving up and down and I was about to die. The staff is ok I mean they are not rude but they don’t make it any better. That needs work at least be cheerful. It all in all it’s ok. I have my kids friends come over a lot and we’ll everything here if affordable and you can’t beat that.

Ron Totten

Best little secret. Great old style theater concession went break the bank

Kristen Walstrum

Loved our family experience

roy bare

Love this place. It's great for a cheap family movie night.

Sarah Halverson

Was visiting family and went to this theater, nice old time feel but it was absolutely disgusting. So dirty and sticky everywhere. Great for a cheap $5 movie though.

Tori Sloan

Our whole family loves the Gem. You can’t beat the prices, a family of 4 can see a movie AND get snacks for $20. The staff is always very friendly, and it is almost never crowded. The only reason I gave four stars instead of five is because the seats are terrible. They squeak and I have to bring a jacket or pillow just so the worn cushions don’t cause me pain. Some new cushions would make a world of difference. Also, they sometimes don’t turn the lights all the way down, which makes it very hard to see the movie when it has a dark scene. But overall, it is totally worth it for the price. Especially for children’s movies when they don’t necessarily sit still or quiet the whole time.

Anthony Oglesby

Fix your seats! Good Lord. I would not mind paying more for a comfortable seat.

Techy Nerdy Gypsy

Beautiful Classic Theater...

Michelle Broome

Love the history and prices. My kids love to come here. Poor lighting during movie and some seats dont have a cup holder. Great concession prices.

Forkanbeans Baker

It is truly the gem in Kannapolis. Affordable ticket prices and concession stand. You'll think you stepped back in time. Always pleasant experience.

Jamesia Boyce

My family and I love this place. The ticket prices are very cheap and the snacks are also budget friendly. This is a great place to take a large group without breaking the bank. And the movie quality is wonderful. My nieces love sitting in the balcony area. The employees are always super friendly and the establishment is always clean, including the restrooms. I definitely recommend this theatre.

Kim Lambert

Great place to watch a movie with the kids. Fair priced for tickets and concessions.....just wish the bathrooms were in better shape....

Heather Bostian

Been going to the gem since I was a kid! Love it!

Todd Childers

Classic style. Great place to watch a movie!

Meredith Becker

Beautiful historical place to visit. Prices are very fair and best popcorn ever. My kid and I loved it.

Mindalyn Williams

Great for families. Cheap. One show at a time plenty of places to sit. Im glad this place is still around. Its so affordable

Amado Luna

Jim theater is a theater of amazing character. The price for the experience was under valued. I definitely will be back in I'll bring every friend who wants to come.

Tim Deery

Nice historic movie theater

Josh Starnes

This place is dirty. I understand that it is an older theater, but the floors were sticky and there was popcorn and trash on the floor in many spots. The seats squeaked very loud when people got up and sat back down. It was very distracting. Even though it is an old theater, it can still have some care directed to its upkeep. I have been here before in the past and it wasn't in this kind of condition. It was a pleasant experience previously.

David Smith

It was different it was fun brought back the past I really enjoyed the experience

Linda Hedger

Great family entertainment

Tina Marler

Family friendly atmosphere

rai ray

Great place pop corn always fresh the theater just give you that good feeling.

Joshua Moser

Love the GEM great place for family and kids to enjoy movies at a fair price...

Samantha Gentry

Love this place. Great for whole family

Larry Hamby

Older theatre offering great kids movies for $1 during summer afternoons. Great concession prices.

Alia Plata

Awesome place I love it here

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Roomy, single screen movie theater with old school charm and prices

Carolyn Fleming

Great place for family night . Great prices . Great variety of snacks . Nice & clean . Kid friendly & up to date movies . Also childen theater durning the day .

Ryan Sharp

Fun. Great prices

Linda DeMunbrun

Wonderful old theater

Kelly williams

Love this theatre! Affordable tickets and refreshments.

Stephanie Freeland

The Gem Theater is amazing! My husband and I felt like we went back in time. The cost was very affordable too!

karen smith

Brought back memories of theaters I grew up with. Great prices. Will go again next time I'm in the area.

Autumne Warburton

Concessions and matinee prices are great, beautiful theater with friendly attentive staff; my only complaints would be they never play adult movies (not every patron wants to see a cartoon or G rated movie) and there's no elevator access to the restroom upstairs for handicap.

Tommy Taylor

Favorite place to see a movie. Great concession prices.

John Giles

Great theatre, perfect for the family. Get popcorn and a drink for under $5.

Adrian Jelley

Love this theater. It's a great place to see a movie. Cheap tickets and concessions, and the building is beautiful.

Janet Parsons

Very reasonable and homey feeling

Sherrie Watson

Love going to the Gem.. good price for movie night with the old feel theater.

mia Nelson

Exceptional prices on movie tickets and concessions. Get there early to get good seats! End game was awesome!

Dan Novak

This has been my favorite theater for as long as I can remember.

Donna Almon

Great price for movies

Gary Hinson

Just saw the movie Overcomer. Excellent movie!! Would see again.

Amy VanGundy

Old fashioned, beautiful and well worth the visit. They show one movie at a time but the seats are nice, the theater is beautiful. There is limited snacks and drinks but they are priced well. Going here is not just going to the movies but an experience, one that I would highly recommend.

Erin Harbaugh

Always a wonderful experience at the historical Gem Theater! Our family enjoys the atmosphere, friendly staff, and cleanliness. Plus, we're supporting a local business, which is always a plus in my book!

Amanda Deason

Truly is a Gem! Fresh popcorn, fountain drinks, candy, movie tickets and wont break the bank. The old theater takes the movie experience to the next level. We enjoy the nostalgia of this little theater.

Mark Burch

Great value and nice time. Concessions are reasonably priced, unlike most theaters.

Jason Schefano

I love the old ways of the theater and how they have kept it that way. It is way more affordable then going to see a movie at a expensive movie theater. Popcorn and drinks are surpisly inexpensive also.

Disney Family

Have always enjoyed taking my kids to the Gem. Have been coming here 10+ years. Very good prices, lots of snack options and always friendly service. The only reason for a 4 star is it could be cleaner. The floors are always sticky and the seats are run down. All in all cant really complain. Great prices and good fun with the family.

Charity Young

Love this theater. Great price's and good people.

Tod Taylor

Great place to watch a movie with family and friends. Also a lot cheaper then other theaters.

Sidney Wilson

Great family theater. I went there with my parents as a kid, took my son, nieces and nephews there and hope to take grandkids there one day. Wish they would keep their present format for family style movies for first evening show and then run something a little more mature for their later movie. With Kannapolis doing all of the revitalization downtown it would be nice to see the Gem renovate its lobbies and auditorium. Also restrooms for the disabled on the ground floor would be appreciated I'm sure. Other than that the Gem Theater truly has been and will be the "Gem" of Kannapolis and Cabarrus County. Keep up the great work.

Robert Maier

Sadly, this is a bible-belt theater that only shows kiddy (family) films, just Disney and Marvel super hero. But it is an architectural gem of 1930s architecture and decor. The interior is in great shape and very well preserved. The seats are a bit worn, but there are plenty of them, including a spacious balcony, and there's rarely a crowd. I always enjoy the old-school experience. The admission is just $4.00 and popcorn just $2.00. Candy and drinks a buck. You'll feel like you entered an episode of The Twilight Zone. Please go there to support the preservation.

Joe Estes

OMG this is the best theater to my opinion great prices on tickets great prices on concession stand items very reasonable and great service.

Thomas Casey

Excellent theater, upstairs is a bit noisey since the speakers are downstairs stairs but overall great experience. Much more affordable than big theaters.

Eastway Eye Care

Take a drive to the heart of downtown Kannapolis to this 1930's Gem, it's well worth it. The inexpensive theater has concessions to match. Everything seems authentic from the large single screen, balcony, and lots of old auditorium style seating. You grab your own $1 candy bar, then pay. Look for some cool art deco detail throughout, and never mind some of the broken seats and occasional sticky floor. It's a great experience that the kids will love. Take some time in the area to see Kannapolis' well done veteran's memorial constantly lit by gas flame. It's peaceful in the evening, a good spot to spend some moments in quiet reflection. There's a brick walkway and nice cascading fountain. It's on the other side of the nearby Baptist Church. Go early, there's construction in front of the building now.

Susan Price-James

I love the Gem Theatre! It was a little too cold, though!

Angela Means

It's vintage. It's affordable. Love this place over a mega theatre anyday

Megan Smith

Love this place!!!! Beautiful historic theater, so inexpensive (admission and snacks) we love to take the whole family here, so worth the drive. Lovely historic area of kannapolis.

Russell Herndon

One screen. Cheap tickets. Cheaper concessions. Mostly children's movies so if you have kids it's wonderful.

Crystal White

We always love coming hear..and will keep going back people are nice.. prices are good.. theater seats need to be updated uncomfortable..

Tanika Blackmon

I love this theater. Old school seating and the concession items are affordable.

Dan Litchfield

Awesome theater. Not perfect but a great place with alot of history. Cheap tickets and very reasonable prices for concessions. $4.00 for a large popcorn. There is also an upper level to the theater which is pretty classy. I'd suggest it to anyone!!! Great, great place.

Keane Matthews

The GEM Theater provides a great, old-school movie experience without costing a fortune like the modernized theaters. There were cool decorations on the walls, and the screen was even framed by theater curtains for a nice retro vibe. Some of the seats could use some maintenance and the floor could use a good cleaning, but it was a really good afternoon matinee movie house.

Marty Celeste

This is one of my most favorite places in the world!! There are not many of the old theatres or movie houses left in the United States, which is a major shame!! So, given that, it makes the Gem Theatre even that much more special

Mark McInnis

Love this place

Reric Brown

Reasonable prices for family fun

Natalie Kennerly

Love taking my boys to the Gem to see the new movies that come out, it's our favorite place to go.

Joanne Long

Wonderful old theater...Great Place to get married in!! Staff is friendly...prices are reasonable..movies are up to date.

Jersey brown

Good priced tickets but a good amount of seats are broken

Acro Flipper

Please upgrade seats cushions. I know your theater was established in 1936, but your seats shouldn't still be from 1936. Avengers endgame was 8/10.

Katie Collins

Love this place! Great prices great environment!

kelly jeffries

Very nice staff in a beautiful building! Expect good prices at the concession stand + ticket booth. The Gem Theater is truly a gem!

T Christian

I grew up in Kannapolis and I am happy to be able to still come back and go to the gem theater. Always a great price and great time out with the family

Tracie A

We love the Gem! Have been coming here for ten years, and appreciate its period charm and great prices both for tickets and the snack bar. Especially when our four kids were younger, the savings made it possible for us to enjoy a movie together without breaking the bank. The only downside for us is seating. All of our family members are tall, and there isn't any leg or knee room between rows. Be sure to bring cash, too! They don't accept cards.

Kyndle Wilson

I've been here many times, and have enjoyed it every single time. I love the old vibes there. Highly recommended.

angela kidd

Love it nice people cheap prices

Claudia Haskett

Best theatre in town! Everyone is so friendly. They have the most delicious popcorn! We can spend less than 20 dollars which is also amazing.

Aubrey Gordner

Best prices on tickets and food around!!


Great place to watch a movie if they would ever get any good movies that are for ADULTS. Prices on snacks and admission are reasonable and the theater is large and comfortable

Cindy Morris

Great movie and snacks at a decent price

Raven Night

It's an old theater with an amazing amount of charm. The concessions are cheaper then any other theater I have found. I would highly recommend this place for any age.

Deborah Smith

Old fashioned family fun in an antiquated building. Love the history and architecture

Paige Hayes

Great family theater, great prices

Dawn Todd

A excellent place to take the family for a outing. Set in the beautiful historic Kannapolis. Old timey feeling. Great prices on concessions. I highly recommend visiting!

Cindy Knox

Great deal always! I routinely take my 4 grandkids, get 2 huge popcorns and 4 drinks plus admission for less than $40

Ken Thomas

I have been going to the Historic Gem Theater for movies for 40-something years. I enjoy taking my kids here and they enjoy watching the movie from the balcony. Ticket and concession prices are much less here than what you will pay at the theatres at the mall.

OG Shocker

We love this place! Great every time

Arian Mackey

Best popcorn and temperature is always good which is the best in this heat

Grady Bowens

$1 movies, classic single screen movie theater from the 1930's/1940's with balcony seating and deco touches. Worn seats and carpet, but such history. The 'grab what you want' concessions is small town great. Got to go to a place like this before it's gone.

Al Person

This is a classic theater. It has a balcony with 15-20 rows of seats. The lower seating area is fairly large. This place is huge in comparison to an AMC-like theater (about 2-3x the size). Compared to the large size of the seating area, the screen size is kinda small. The sound is decent, but the speakers don't do well with spreading sound throughout. You could have a conversation with someone next to you, speaking normally, and hear them just fine. The lights were only cut down maybe halfway so it was pretty bright in there. New experience though!

Bella Appleyard

Had a great experience at the gem! It was hard to get to because of road construction, but we parked around the street and walked over to it. Their tickets and snacks were good prices and it has old school theatre charm. It was clean and the staff were kind and helpful.

Adrienne Robinson

Excellent prices excellent atmosphere for a theatre

Sharon Clarke

great place! very old, but a must see! Candy is a better price than most movie theaters.

Xavier Bulla

This place is great if you're in a budget, especially in the summer with their dollar movie tickets. They have great prices on candy too! Just a dollar can get you a a full sized candy bar, drinks and popcorn are closer to average movie theatre prices but still not that bad. They only have one screening at a time due to the fact that they are still in the original building that they've been in since 1936, so they now what they're doing.

Jasmine McKinley

I love there movies and snacks

Paul Buchman

What a fun place! Feels like everything I have seen in the movies about an old theatre. Great prices and the kids live it!

Brad Smith

Nice that it's inexpensive tickets...... But the inside really needs an update.

Caleb Reep

THIS IS NOT A MODERN THEATRE. Good now that we got that out of the way. The theatre its self is beautiful, a relic of a simpler time where you played one movie and that was the way it was. The theatre is beautiful. Its cheaper than any theatre.They only play one movie but they have a modern projector and great sound. I loved it. If you go to a theatre go to this one!!!

shannon kinsey

Fun fir the whole family. Could use better house keeping between shows but 5 kids tickets and consessions all under 40 bucks cant be beat! Nice down town area in historic Kanapolis, NC too.

Phil Honeycutt

Some of my best memories are from going to the Gem Theater as a child and an adult for over 55 years. Best ticket prices and affordable snacks. Overall a great place to take your family for an inexpensive night of family entertainment

Jill Jones

This is truly a family friendly movie theater! I drive from a bit of a distance, just to go there.

sunflower Blalock

Awesome outdoor venue!!!!! Beautiful amphitheatre, merry go round, a train and I believe a park for the little ones. I love that they have live FREE bands there in the summer!!! Great place to take your lawn chairs or blankets and enjoy a summer evening with family and friends and live music!!! They have food trucks and other vendors so you can get grub on or your drink on or take your own foods like we did. Of course if you take a cooler you will get checked! (Just a little FYI). Its smoke free!!!!! (That's the best part) and the turfgrass feels so good on your bare feet! This was my first time going and I will definitely go again!!

Daniel Overcash

Old school movie theater. Great place to take the kids.

Doug Sloop

Great prices for tickets

lil angel lukie

they have no other times besides 7 pm and its not good for families or teens with strict parents >:(


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