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REVIEWS OF Eastgate Cinemas IN North Carolina

Adrianne Gaither

Very nice little Cinema in a small town. Prices are awesome, almost makes me want to love in a small town.

Missy Wadkins

Staff is always super friendly and helpful. Prices are very affordable. Overall very enjoyable movie experience!

Wendy Hillhouse

Good venue with multiple theaters so you have a selection of movies to choose from. Good popcorn & a variety of candy to snack on, although all are a little pricey, as they always are at the theater.

Brenda McMillian

Good place to take kids/grands.

cale Blalock

Local movie theater. This place is always clean and well taken care of. My feet have never stuck to the floor here. Only issue is that because of the small town nature they never have artsy or indie movies. If you find this review helpful please give it a thumbs up.


Amazing staff and prices.

Adriana Arce

Stadium style seating. Clean. Affordable. Very nice theater.

Christina Ray

Reasonable prices and good popcorn.

Wanda Watts

Prices for tickets and concessions vary reasonable

Jada Universe

They are pretty good prices my only complaint is the closed the food area before my movie was even over.

Tracy Gilchrist

Nice movie theater liked it alot.

Melinda Caudle

Nice clean place. Wasn't over crowded. My 3 kids, husband and I were very pleased with our visit to watch a movie as a family. Hope to do it again very soon. Thank you

Stephen Honeycutt

Nice movie theater with out traveling out of town.


Love this place takes my wife here almost every weekend never had any problems

David Putnam


Patricia Christian

It is nice really I enjoyed myself

Deborah Kirby

Lion king was good

Emily Hartis

It's very nice. They keep all the screen rooms clean, and have nice staff

amie huneycutt

Clean theaters and very polite employees.

Celesta Smith

It was a good time and the theater was clean. As usual it was expensive to have a snack. We did get popcorn but it was burnt so we didn't get anything else. And never will again.

lynne sossamon

My family and I enjoy going to Eastgate Cinemas. The prices are affordable and they even have matinee showings which are even cheaper. For a single mom, it's a wonderful thing when we can enjoy family activities without breaking the bank.

10th Mountain Whiskey Runners

Prices decent, staff is good, comfortable seats

Tristin Hebel

Nice establishment for such a small town. Not may movies playing though.

Matt White

A great value and comfortable seating with friendly workers. Hard to beat this place at any price!

Marshall Little

Definitely not the top spot to watch a movie. This place never seems very clean any time I have ever walked in there. Last time I was in, one of the obviously unmotivated teenagers told a couple of his co-workers that he had already cleaned the theater I was about to walk into. I got in there and the place was trashed. There was trash and popcorn all over the place. This is typically the scene when I go to this place. They have hired a bunch of teenagers who would rather be walking around and texting on their phones or going out back behind the theater to smoke weed than do anything that appears to be a true attempt at earning an honest paycheck. I have personally know people who have worked here over the years and it has always been like that. Unfortunately there is no other theater close by to watch a movie so this one has to do, unless you want to drive 45 minutes to Concord.

Maurayia Carelock

Sooo Me Nd my friend got a slushy Nd they closed the stuff early sooo we couldn’t get a refill soooo no if I went to the one in monroe I wouldn’t have this problem!!!!!

Emma Rogers

All good but no sound through pre movie presentation

Mark Boyer

Great time. Can't beat the price e of movie and popcorn!!

Tarrisha Monrose

Nice spot to get away from large crowds but this has to be the only movie theater I've been to that doesn't have reclining seats.

Allen Parker

Nice theater i appreciate it

Mark Byrd

Great prices on new movies and the staff is always friendly.

Ian black

Great prices! Movies without going all the way into Concord

Christopher Lavene

Nice theater. Decently priced. No power-recliners or full meals. I've been enjoying this place for many years.

Michael Carlis

Great place, friendly people, good movies

patrick thompson

Kind of dated, but the prices are great.

Claudia Swanson

Nice, clean movie theater at the heart of Stanly county. Great value, with matinees at just $4.50, and $6.50 regular admission. Concessions available, but we got a bag of popcorn with a buttered paper clip inside-which we thankfully did not swallow!

Charles Ballaro

Great prices! Theaters are good. Restrooms are gross.

Matthew Overcash

Great place to relax and enjoy a movie with popcorn!

Marlon Liemann

Nice, cheap and fun.

Coffee 071017

They never answer the phone but when you’re there the staff are all friendly, even the rough looking ones


One of the best places in this lame town of Albemarle.

Brad Hodgins

This theater may be the best movie value in NC. First run movies. Children and matinees are $4.50. Nighttime adults are $6.50. $2.00 extra for 3D. Popcorn is first rate and also a bargain (for a movie theater) Clean theaters and comfy seats. What more do you want/expect.


Needs some TLC bad. Smells moldy.

Dillon Phillips

Very nice small but nice

TBA __

Price of everything is reasonable, although the amount of screenings a movie has in this cinema is not that much which would lead me to just drive to another cinema

DW Kessinger

Our favorite. Prices still reasonable, always great staff.

Melinda Callahan

Good place for a first time date or a night out for friends and boyfriend or girlfriend.

Elaine Tunner

Great movie, Shazam!! Loved it. Thank you.

Krystyal Dulin

Great place to take your family and enjoy the stadium seating and great popcorn and snacks while watching a movie on the big screen!

Maddie Evans

I love going there with my family. The food service is fast, and they are always so kind!

Willie Hough

First time there since the renovation. NICE.

Tamela Nesbitt

My husband went to see Fast & Furious Hobbs & Shaw. The matinee is only $4.50, good prices on snacks, restrooms are clean...the theater has a nice down home feel.

Troy Orr

Great small town theater regular movie prices are what you would pay for matinee or less at most places I've been to. It a little dated but nice and clean, friendly staff as well

Robin Pasley

No one was manning the ticket booth. Two employees were at the concession stand selling the tickets and snacks. Long lines to get in at a matinee. Poor planning during the summer season.

lorie ritter

Loved it the prices are wonderful and cheaper than other theaters

Virgil Higgins

Comfortable seating. Great prices.

Harrison Martin

Great family place for movies

Leslie Watson

Nice, quaint, and clean theater

Jeff Glosson

Clean, great price.

Erik Benson

Excellent bang-for-your-buck movie theater. My girlfriend and I can see a weekend nighttime movie for $4.80 each with student IDs. You'll pay more than double that at most theaters. Please understand that if you are looking for the ultimate cinematic experience (touch-to-recline chairs, bar), you won't find that here. But this theater is an economical way to spend an afternoon or evening. I have been a patron for years.

Nicole Shaver

Friendly staff, a clean environment and affordable cinema experience.

Sheila Ijames

This theater is so cheap, but so are the furnishings. It is outdated from the signage to the ticket counter, to the restrooms, to the actual theater. The good thing is you will see the same movie as the other high priced theaters but not spend a fortune.

Joy Huneycutt

Nice, But hated you could hear what was going on in the next Cinema beside us!!!Was very distracting!

Glenn Fleming

Prices are reasonable. Cinemas a little small, but show was good. Enjoyed the experience.

Dana Prince

Great place to catch a movie

Tina Bacon

Comfortable, clean and reasonable price.

Joshua Hernandez

Arrived at 330pm for a 345pm movie showing and the doors were still locked, while another customer knocked on the doors we noticed that the employees saw us but didn't care you unlock the door for a few minutes....when the last finally unlocked the door she just turned and walked off not even trying to open or even greet anyone. The concession stand was alright and buying the tickets was easy. They are in the process of putting new carpet in as well....all in minus some of the employee interactions this place is okay.

Melissa Dunn

Nice and friendly staff. Reasonably priced, not trying to make you go broke just taking the family out to the movies.

Arlette Kuchenbrod

Good theater! Good prices and good popcorn. Not as nice as NGC but I would go here first

Michael Almond

Clean place, staff is very friendly , very comfortable place

Ann Sanders

Good place to relax and enjoy a good movie.

Daniel Terhune

Best theater and price is great. Very comfortable seats

Shirley Coraggio

Great place. Always watchful of their customers. For the most part kept up on. prices not too bad.

Joshua S.

My favorite Cinema. Calm and mostly empty. If you want to avoid the uneducated young kids hollering like wild animals. This is your place.

Sandra Adkins-Rushing

This is a great theater. The employees get to know your names and are friendly. They newer part of the theater is my favorite but the old part is ok. We live the movies and go often. You'll get treated well here. Respect others and enjoy the movie. Be quiet. Great place!

Jason Eudy

Could use another register or 2 at the concessions for faster service

Mike D

Nice theater. Lots of seating. Good popcorn. Decent prices

Keith R

I love it! You can see a movie at a price that DON'T leave you broke.

Eddie Webb

Very clean. Awesome atmosphere!

Rebecca Shepherd

Reasonably priced theater and concessions.

Heavenly Features

Always nice and it's comfortable

Sharon Hurley

Clean theater. Very nice staff.

Anthony Lawson

Great price! Awesome old school theater!

Tony Cinquemani

Comfortable, snacks were good, sound was good.

todd smith

Very nice place to take your family...

Cashasta Huntley Hairston

So, a group of my friends decided to go to Eastgate Cinemas on 04/14/19. We wanted to see Pet Sematary which was showing at 09:55 p.m., and we arrived at the entrance roughly around 10:10 pm, and the door was locked...... Weird. However, a worker came to the entrance, and stuck his head out the door and asked us if we purchased a ticket? I spoke up and said, "No, but we would like to purchase a ticket. Then he said, "well, we are closed." I glanced down at my watch and said, " Well, it just started at 9:55 p.m. " He sigh, and looked at his phone, and said, "ok." We came in, and purchased our tickets. Great movie, but prior to entering the theater that was weird. Customer service sucked that night. However, go check out Pet Sematary....but maybe at another Theater that actually greets you. :)

Traci Thompson

Clean and not a bad price.

David Harrington

Great service and kids interrupting durning the 9pm showings

Rhonda Treadaway

Great theater. Friendly staff.

Ellen Coleman

Average movie theater. No issues

Oblivion Devastation

Great place! Clean, well maintained, and very well priced. Cannot beat this theater.

Matthew Lewis


Devin Wilson

Nice small theater, great customer service and friendly

Karen Hunt

Very clean. Nice visit

Zoe Hough

Enjoyed seeing the movie, always a fun time!


Love going here. It's such a small town feel movie theater still! No matter how big Albemarle gets, I hope this stays just like it is. It's clean, the staff is great, shows the latest movies and isn't all over-done and commercialized. Love it! We will always come here over any of the other ones!


Great prices, and first run movies. We love this theater!

Lisa Pierce

Super clean, great staff & great prices!!

mechelle cranford

It's the only theater around. Needs to be renovated and cleaned. Inexpensive movie theater.

Moonshine Moonshine

Good place to go with family or friends to see a movie but they don't give you enough butter to go on your popcorn

Ted Shaver

Friendly and good service

Sarah Clark

We make a point to see a movie when we come to Albemarle. You can not beat the prices! We can get four tickets to see new release movies for less than 20.00 and the concession attendees are much nicer than Charlotte! A $60.00 dollar movie night in Charlotte vs. a $30.00 night here.

Robert Smith

It had been a while since I had visited this theatre. They have done a great job on the remodel and upgrades. The theatre looks and sounds great. The staff was friendly and helpful. The prices are best around. I would highly recommend.

Linda Kraeft

Good place to see the latest movies.

Michael Doyle

The price is right for both the movie and concession. The theater itself is average so nothing wrong with that

Christopher Richardson

Love this theatre and it's located in a great shopping area

Allen Vance

Clean Comfortable and good price

Tilman H

Great place to see a movie. Service is reasonable and the popcorn is good. Bathrooms are usually dirty and you can hear the movie beside yo but otherwise a great experience.

Evan Grady

Dirty, s.elly cinema, but the only one in Albemarle, NC. Wished more attention to cleanliness, especially in the bathrooms, would occur. The cinema visited was stable and smelly. Floors were sticky also. The sound was very poor! I truly believe more people would visit this cinema if it was cleaner.

motherofdragons 724

I grew up going to this cinema. However at my last visiy during the most crucial time of a good movie, children's laughter, screams, and running was overwhelmingly loud right outside the emergency exit at the front. Oh not just lousy parents with poor choices. It is a BIRTHDAY PARTY AREA!?!?!?!? So my movie was for all intents and purposes ruined because of the cinema's poor planning. Will walk right out next time and demand a refund (this movie was a gift)

Jacob Chase

It was a very nice little theater and the popcorn was very good. It was not extremely busy so the theaters were not very noisy. But the seats were comfortable and the overall movie experience was good.

Andra Bennett

Attend Vortex Church that is held at the theater. Very good theater and have been there on several occasions other than church to see movies. Staff seems to be attentive to patron needs. It is an older establishment, so don't expect to much in updated decor. But it does fulfill the purpose well.

jonathan hollar

I love this theatre. Very surprising to find a good one like this in Albemarle. Wish they had better hours...

katie sanders

Going on dates here is always so much fun.

Richard Lee

It is the only cinema close to me. It is decent with nice people. Meet lots of people in town.

Crystal Smith

Best movie theater for the money. Comfortable seats and concessions aren't outrageously priced

Gary Burleson

Good place to see movies and OK price

Gacha- Lover

Very good

Jonathan Lacoy

pretty good but kinda cold but still good

Scott Willis

It's prices are low compared to competition

Steven DeGangi

I am not a regular here but I enjoyed a movie here. It is a dated cinema but they seem to keep it clean.

Terri Crocker

Clean and there prices are fantastic!!

Robin Diggs

Great Cinema

Lauren Sabotta

Love it. Has a classic movie theater feel to it.

Mrs. Jerry R or Anji Tucker, Jr

Nice theater.

Jacqueline DeSantis

Needs to redo the bathrooms and staff at the front could try to be friendlier.

Jenny Snell

For a basic theatre, it was great! Concessions and ticket prices were excellent. Clean and comfortable.

Arthur Rooks

A great ace to catch a movie

Dana Sinke

Great atmosphere an the people who run it are very kind. The cleaning service is very good too.

Belinda Boros

Nice spot to catch a movie with the family. Tickets and snacks are reasonable.

Rebekah Fry

Clean, affordable, kind staff. Fun for family jight!

John Russell

Clean seating and organized staff.

Tasha W.

This movie theater is good on a budget. The walls are thin though, while we were watching our movie we could hear the movie next to us clearly. Can't complain to bad movie tickets are cheap and there popcorn is great.

Angela Morales

Best place around to see a movie.

Jennifer Wood

Small in a good way, clean, friendly staff. Smells like the grease from popcorn very strongly though. Not a clean grease smell.

Donna Soby

Enjoy going here


the staff and everything else was good but the prices and the movie "It Comes At Night" are the worst things that have about them. A regular drink was 3.50 and no refills unless you get the large which is 4 + refills. candy that is 1 dollar right next door and theirs are like 3, its like robbery. And "it comes at night" shame on you.....shame

Ryan Siemer

Great theater. Friendly staff, clean facility, and great prices!


Great service big movies plus they have church on Sunday it's called The Vortex

marie duran

Cheap Fun Amaizing date option Also family friendly Air conditioning

Lisa Snuggs

Never have minority movies (Girls Trip, Tyler Perry's etc) &if they do it's for less than a week smh. Prices are normal high movie prices but for poor quality &they theater sound was wayyy too loud.

Marv Ous

Great place to see movie and get refreshments at a decent price

Deezy Crew

Many Experiences Here. Scared Of The Dark Tho. I Also Heard They Sell Chinese Midgets At The Concession Stand (Never Asked For One Tho). Their Bathrooms Remind Me Of The Time I Sold Myself To A Black Man For A Ride Home. If You're Out There Reading This, I Had A Great Time. Call Me Soon.

Trevor Willoughby

Great movies and employees would recommend 10/10

Brady Kohler

Caleb deserves a raise.

Angie Smith

I love this theatre! Always friendly staff!

Phil Baucom

It's suitable if you want to watch a movie but don't want to drive out of town. The staff isn't generally very friendly or unfriendly, they're just sort of 'there' doing the job. The bathrooms are consistently horrible and by far the worst part. It could be a great place with some fine tuning and minor facility upgrades and they could use some better staff soft skills training. I hate to sound rude but unfortunately it's just not a high quality place, but I'm holding out hope it will get there eventually.

hey_ 107107

It's great

Eric D Little

Nice place to take the family


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