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REVIEWS OF Countryside Cinema IN North Carolina

Miguel Keaton

Great place to go for an economical price. Nice and generous staff

Renay Perrell

Best price around and keeps up with the latest and most popular movies

Eric Terry


Ali Haynes

Not a fancy theater, but great prices, popcorn and staff!!

{[radical_ ruffian]}

They only take cash, so be weary of that

Lynne Angeron

Older theater but the price is great and they show current movies. Staff is very friendly

Alonia Helm

I loved it here I went to see Avengers endgame here and it is a affordable price so anyone can go but the only problem was that the cashiers did not listen to my request but really

Aaron Casteel

I love how family oriented this place is!

Misty Hopper

Reasonable price & great staff

Drea Parker

Still best theatre in town for low prices and great snacks!

Joann Lewis

Took my grandchildren. They had a good time.

Rosa Sanchez

Price are cheap and the staff are super friendly

Krista Smith

Love the prices! Has almost all the same movies as the Palladium for half the price!

Kerry Place

Cant beatcyhe price but they need to step up on keeping the seating in goodxshape.

Joe Fjeld

Those is a great inexpensive theatre. Make sure you take cash as that is all they take. Definitely recommend this theater.

Tammy Bowlesuonnn2

Love that we can see current movies without spending a fortune!

Bryan Richardson

Price of a show and snacks are more than reasonable especially compared to other theaters. The building and atmosphere is on the older side of things however for $4.25 per ticket, I'll keep going. Oh and it's cash only.

Crystal Gough

Food and drinks was very over priced

Brianna Smith

Great place to go to ! They have really good movies! I forgot to mention that it is not that pricey. I definitely love coming here cause of these things ! Definitely recommend it!

David Spain

Low-cost, nice movie experience. They are cash only. All ticket prices $4, all times I think, and the deal I do is get a large butter popcorn with small drink for just $5.25 more. Seating was comfortable, place is clean. Good picture and sound quality. Wait staff friendly.

Bearded Welder

Clean and affordable, friendly staff, and great screens.

Iris Morgan

It was wonderful

Eleonora Scalise

Great experience, so cheap!

James & Tanya Dickens

They have the best prices for new releases & snacks. The downside is that the building is pretty old. The seats are squeaky and the restrooms aren't the best.

10th Mountain Whiskey Runners

Good food and people, prices went up a little, CASH ONLY, ATM AT THE GAS STATION ABOVE THEM

Kellen Lake

Great price, very kid friendly.


Great place but but all the money made in there why can't they get better seats and hire workers that will clean when they suppose too.

Barbie House

They used to let you buy your tickets at the time of the showing but will not allow that anymore. So heads up if you get there a few minutes before showtime you will be turned away. Refills are fifty cents and they give you chilled water for free. Seats are not the best but you can't really complain for a price of $4.25 it's an affordable night out for a family especially. Cash only btw. , UPDATE THEY NOW CHARGE TEN CENTS FOR WATER.

Brian E

Good cheaper theater.

Don Sealey

Hard to watch movies with people on their phones

Nelson Andre

Great prices, great staff, not as clean as other more expensive theaters.

Debra Monaco

Love coming here. Great prices for new movies...

Myra Cornell

Love the price of the movies and they're always current!

Alan Moxley

Small four room theater. Old school screens and seating. The price is reasonable. But bear in mind this is a cash only operation both for tickets and concessions. Who carries cash in the last ten years. So plan ahead to stop by the ATM.

Linda Burnside

The price is very reasonable. They only take cash though. The first seat my husband sat in was broken.

Marlena Isley

Great spot to hang out with family and catch a movie. Good prices and great family fun!

Kaye Bowman

The theater is cheaper and has most new movies showing. Definitely makes it more affordable for taking the grandkids.


The movie teather was cozy and the employees were very professional.

Scott Edwards

Its well worth going to Countryside Theater. Only 4.25 for movie and with lg popcorn and drink your still under 15.00 dollars per person for the evening. Whereas other theaters are 25.00 for same movie and snack. Its cash only but you save cash! They keep it clean and staff is always friendly and smiling.

Melissa Lopez

Great place to see newer movies at reasonable price.

Salem Taxi

Best price. Best popcorn . great selections

Zee Evans

I am disabled and i have a 65lb service dog. They were very accommodating and didnt harass me. It has a humble old school feel. What it lacks in bells and whistles is made up with prices and service. The staff were constantly cleaning popcorn spills in the lobby. As soon as the last customer left after viewing, two employees immediately cleaned under every chair. A first for me at a movie theater. This means that the viewing theater will always be clean no matter when u view a movie. The downside is that everything is cash only but the limited refreshments are very affordable and the entrance fee is only $4.25 at all times.

RN Lindsay

Very reasonable admission

Lori Mobus Mobus

Love this place great little family friendly local

Michael Plumley

It's great to watch new movies at half the price of regular theaters.

Christie Vandervelde

Great price and great movies. Wonderful staff.

Marsha Jones

Love going to Country Side Cinema

Teresa Holden

Love a deal, but prices went up quite a bit. Why would they charge less for a large popcorn and small drink than a small popcorn and small drink.

Robert Hartley

Cheap! Not bad for the price

Greg Browning

Best place for movies in the area. One must remember this a cash only establishment. Hit the ATM before going.

JD Nocente

Floors are always sticky in the theater, bathrooms are dirty as well.

Mark Owens

Good theatre. Reasonable prices. Great popcorn. Seats are semi comfortable. Not to many people. They show the newest and just released movies. I recommend.

Joanna Rodgers

Seats not so comfy but movie was great.

Mike Burch

Great place and good pricing for tickets

Seaira Murray

Perfect place for going to watch a movie, prices are amazing and staff is very nice

Marty Hicks

Fairly long line, but the movie quality was very good. Everyone spoke as you walked by. I had no problem parking and it was well lite. Bathroom (men) needed a little attention, but all and all the place was clean.

Joziah Correa-Bryan

It has good snacks the movie was great

Devon Rollinson

Always a cool place to see a movie!

Monica Pask

Great value for first run movies! $4.25 admission, cash only, concessions are very reasonable and taste great. Staff was very friendly. No drink holders on the seats...did not really like having to put on the floor when I didn't have a hand to hold it. Seats normally don't bother me, buy they seemed uncomfortable this go round .....still the old style but stiff, like maybe they were replaced. Get there early for most popular movies/days/times...will fill up quickly.

Joyce Scott

Nice inexpensive visit. Grandson enjoyed the movie (Spiderman Far From Home) immensely and we did also

Cecil Pair

It was great. Clean no big crowd Bath tmas smelled good. Will go again

Carrie Gould

This is the most affordable place around to see movies. There is no fancy seating and the place can use a bit of updating, but I love to come here with my boys. The popcorn is good and there is a nice variety of candy. They only accept cash, but that helps keep the price down.

Bone DCH

Love going here with friends/family ☺️

Gernola Moore

Prices are AWESOME! From movie tickets to the snacks. Theater is kind of old, but it serves its purpose. Trust it doesn't take away from the quality of the movie. Staff was nice & courteous. I will be returning!

Brent Byrd

Low cost and friendly place to watch 1st run movies. $4.25 per movie.. Popcorn is fresh and buttery! Large popcorn and large drink combo is $7.25. Nothing fancy & Great value, but no 3d or IMAX - but who cares!

Cole Dellinger

The staff was pleasant, and they have complete some recent painting and minor alterations but the place just smells like dirty mop water. Still a great place for a cheap movie

Mike Simpson

Great price. But CASH ONLY! Good concessions, friendly staff. Just old, needs a good cleaning, paint restrooms, and other areas. Overall good for new releases.

Maribeth Gutierrez

Cash only, reasonably priced, even for popcorn and candy.

Jon Ignaszewski

I have friends that call this establishment the sticky floor theatre. Let’s face it, it’s a cheap theater that only takes cash.....don’t have movie (or popcorn) for you! All the screens have issues like holes or spots where they have attempted repairs. All the floors are sticky. A good pressure washing would really go a long way. The flickering light in the men’s bathroom is downright creepy...please fix that! The popcorn is actually pretty good...which is why they get 3 stars.

Sara Cohen

The price is great and easy to get to the place with plenty of parking space.

Alison Murray

Very nice old theater, clean and staff was friendly. Great prices!! 'll definitely be back!!

Domanique Webb

I can't believe the prices at this theater. We purchased 4 tickets for the Lion King, popcorn, and soda for under $25.00. The theater is not modern, but it has an old style charm.

Zach H

Possibly the best movie prices in the state. Concessions also have reasonable prices. Downsides are the theatres arent the highest quality and they are a cash only business

R Thomas

Awesome shoothem up movie . can't wait to see part 4.

Tay Keith

It's kind of old... but movies are cheap. It was like $4.25 I believe. The staff are strict when it comes to giving you anything extra... overall okay experience.

pretty rainbow_7

Movies are cheap if you just want to go for a movie. Everything else is pretty high. Have to pay a dollar for a refill.

Jose G

The bad is that they don't accept credit or debit cards. Also some seats are in very bad shape and condition.

Aliya Hunter

it was a okay experience. theater seats were comfortable and movie was cheap. we could hear the other movie playing through the walls. i would return with the work kids again since reasonable price for groups.

Kurwin Denny

$4.25 for opening night - "The House With Clocks in the Walls". $17.00 for 4 tickets; Snacks were $19. Great time out with the kids.

Erica Thompson

I wish the seats that recline but love the $4 price

Brian Weiley

$4.25 movies, concessions not overpriced, a more old school cinema, no recliners here, 4 theaters

Kristina Brazier

Great prices & it's pretty clean. Very friendly services.

Keyla Gutierrez

Need to add more stuff in there

Alex Tyler Moore

It kinda dirty and smell funky

Gina Saia

Price is wonderful... even the snacks! Great customer service.

Tonya Rash

Good prices, not crowded, great for kids.

Danielle Smith

Love going to the movies here. 4.25 a movie you can't beat that. The seats may be a little worn out but it's nice for that price.

Rima Hannoush

Great prices for new movies

Jeremy Vincent

Great place to see new movies with cheap tickets

Shondell Porter

Small theaters, great popcorn, they only take cash.


Great discount movie theatre. You get to watch new movies for $4.25 CASH ONLY. It is an older theatre with only 4 screens, but... You get to watch some of the latest movies without buying admission to a theme park!

Mandy Cheek

My family loves this place. $4.25 admission for all shows. Inexpensive concessions, no frills, but when you have a family of 4 that loves movies it's a lifesaver! Bring cash, it's all they accept, no cards.

angela sands

Always friendly staff

Joel Webb

Not the best facility. But the price is right for my wallet.

Corey B

Nice not overcrowded and they have comfy seats

Julie Flowers

Affordable prices and shows the latest movies. It's nice to be able to enjoy a movie and snack without breaking the bank!

Consuelo Perez

We all know this place needs a makeover but the smell I can’t stand. Like old sneakers. I also worried about the ceiling. Those stains tell me they have plenty of leaks. they should have that check yearly.

Loran James Peck

Great price to see a movie. The theater is old, and needs improvements. But because it offers discounted rates to see current movies it is well worth it.

Joseph Kawalec

Always good.

Valerie Woolen

Had really good popcorn.

The Cleaner

Still a great place to go even when your kids grow up. Lol price cannot be beat plus good prices on concessions :) I enjoy taking my granddaughter there when I have her without breaking the bank. We can enjoy a movie popcorn and drinks for around $15 . Plus its close for us :)

Cristy Griffin

Nice cheap movie theater. Family owned and operated

Avis Rucker

It could use some updates. Love the price it's affordable for families.

Matt Wilson

Listen y'all. Stop playing around with those high priced cinemas. Country side is the place to go. Does it feel like you're sitting in a partially finished basement? Yes. Does it smell kinda off but not really bad enough to complain? Sure. But can you buy 2 tickets, pop corn and drinks for the price of ONE ticket in a major chain? Yes. You can. So go to Countryside Cinema. Be a normal frugal human being.

Melissa Jackson

I love going here. Although they could use a remodel the tickets are cheap the snacks are cheap and the popcorn is amazing. They have up to date movies playing. There staff is super nice.

Stephanie Davidson

The prices are good

Dominique Ford

A quaint little theater without all the bells and whistles of more modern theaters. I love going here, there's never a line and it's reasonably priced. Just remember to bring cash, but if you forget, there's a Cash Points ATM, basically across the street.

Kevin Antonson

Why so high it's CHEEP! The people were friendly the seats were comfortable and it was CHEEP!

Joe Cauthen

New movies @ cheap prices gotta love it

Samantha Gavin-Rosaliano

Great people, great prices. Don't like the old muggy odor.

Tyler Joyner

Good service, great for a relatively cheap movie experience. Seating is a little uncomfortable after a few hours but that's not important to me. Generally a nice selection of new releases playing in four theaters. Concessions are decent. Would recommend but make sure to bring cash.

Amanda Sneed

Nice movie theater nice people great prices

Sylent Storm

Love this place. Family friendly spot. Staff remembers you, your family, and your names. Prices are essentially free in comparison to major theaters, and while playing same new releases.

Vi Paolucci / Doyon

Reasonable priced. Top-grade movies.

Trayone Davis

Cheap prices $4.25 cash only up-to-date movies. Kind & friendly staff members. I give the theater building a low grade due to the age, small & card payments would be nice. Good movie spot though that won't break the bank!


delicious popcorn and cheap prices ! could use a makeover tho

Ervin Johnson

You can not Repeat can not beat the price hands down to this theatre. Watch A Medea Family funeral his last show and to watch it for the prize you can I beat it. The staff was Professional and courteous would love to return again.

Cynthia Auzine

I love this cinema. They keep it clean and it's 4.25 a person plus the popcorn and drinks are not ridiculous in price. FYI they only take cash.

The Movies Guy

I love the old school movies Vibe it is definitely a comfortable blast from the past with great prices on snacks and up to date New Releases!!

Madeleine Lewis

I’ve been going for years. I love the prices of tickets and concessions.

Tamesha Wesley

Great place to take family tickets prices are very reasonable. food is the same prices of the theaters but if you have a lot of people it's much cheaper and you get the same Quality Service you would get at bigger theaters. Although it is older, that's why prices are much better.

Ben Clark

Easily my favorite local spot to watch movies. It’s very affordable, the staff is always nice, and the popcorn tastes great. Highly recommend!

JR Myers

Good place to go to see current movies at a cheap price without the bells and whistles

Mitchell Bennett

Not the cleanest or the most modern but you cant beat 4.50 cents for a movie! **CASH ONLY**

Sharon Valdez

Have been going to movies at this movie theater for years. Excellent value. 1st run movies at an affordable price. Love their popcorn special, too!!!

Nathan Settles

Really enjoy going there.

Neil Thompson

Great movies, low price, old facility... Leave booshie at home!

Jessica Nelson

I like the fact that they are only $4 per movie. Plus the fact that and drinks and snacks are a lot cheaper then most theaters

Robert Dunlap

This place is great! It's an old movie theater so it's not fancy but you get first run brand new movies at a fraction of the cost you would pay at the big fancy movie theaters. Only $4.25 for a new movie. You can't beat that! And the concession has great prices too! Countryside Cinema- it's a great movie and a great deal. I highly recommend it.

Beth Johnson

Walked out again because of people with4 loud small kids. The dad kept getting up & down & moving around.

William Angel

Great experience!! My 8 yr old had a blast. Was clean and prices were phenomenal!! Definitely will be going out to see more movies now.

Hannah Kearns

Cheap Movies and amazing popcorn!

Kendra Fair

Movie was great, concessions was great, and staff was great. It's an older theater, but what do you expect for $4. Amazing deal

Doug Baril

Just went to see men in Black. As always the theater is always clean the staff is always friendly and you can't beat a $4.25 movie.

Roy Medlin

Best popcorn around. Not pretty to look at. But best value dollar for dollar

Kevind Normansr

Nice cozy place

Cleverson Faria

Nice place. Very clean. Easy to access. Good parking in lot. Comfortable seats. It is not modern as others theaters, but worth and it is very cheap.

Lashonda Phelps Brown

Great prices and location

Vanessa Gentry

Love love love this movie theatre!!! 4$ movies can't be beat

Shellie Gillespie

Good place if you are looking for cheap movies, cheap candy and popcorn. Needs attention to the cleanliness. My feet stuck to the floor, and they didn't have boosters that I could find for the kids.

Lone Wolf

Affordable movies releases

Richel Rubin

used to watch movie here when i was living with my cousin and her son and her husband. place was good.

Jan Ruff

I paid to sit in a kitchen chair near the back because the employee didnt have time to look for seats for me and my elderly client

Juliana Hancock

If you don't care about a bit of a run down facility in exchange for low cost theater experience, this could be a fit for you. Taking big groups of kids here won't break the bank.

Frank Crook

Great place to see a movie. Good prices on admission and snack bar

Matthew Myers

If you are not going to get hung up over the movies not being IMAX, or not having stadium seating, you cannot beat this theater. $3.50 for new releases, and the popcorn is head and shoulders above every other theater in the triad. I keep going back.

rick gardner

Great place to see current movies for $4. Nothing fancy but you can afford to take the family. Just remember, cash only.


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