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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Brassfield Cinema Ten IN North Carolina

Melissa M

Great prices and a comfortable theater

Janelle Powell

Great popcorn, hot and fresh. Clean restrooms and the prices are the best in town! Great job on the upgrades.

scifi fan

Reasonable prices, in a nice theatre.

Robert Williams Jr

Great screens ...and snack areas clean and enjoyed movies... Comfortable

sharon green

Every thing was great once again

Beth Nixon

So many memories here! I still love this theater. The popcorn is the best in town and the upgrades they have made are great, and it's a lot less than the other theaters in town!

levander corbett

Very pleased with the experience

Jennifer Morehead

I cannot believe they said the movie was sold out and the theater was not even full!!!!!! Plus the movie kept going out!!!!! That messes with the box office!!!!!! Not a happy camper. Usually love this place.

Scott Edwards

Great value and classic theatre. For an older building the place is in great shape. All new seats installed recently. My theatre of choice in Greensboro.

Misty Hopper

Good variety of movies for the family and better price point for movie tickets and refreshments than several other local theaters. Took my younger child to see How to train your dragon while my older child joined his friends for captain marvel & everyone was happy.


Updates seats! So comfy! This is an old school style cinema meaning slanted floor rather than stadium seating wich has never been an issue. $5 matinee movies. This is hands down the best movie theater in Greensboro.

David Raines

Theatre has slowly become ran down. Broken seats and the seats they have are so uncomfortable and awkward. Also they don’t honor their own combos that are right on the counter!

Nancy Kondracki

Best value in town for movies. Big comfy new seats. Never too crowded.

Patricia Murray

Love this movie theater

Scott Francey

Very reasonable to see a movie.

Christian G. Manuel

Probably the best movie theater in town ( still ) It's still clean, and not as expensive as some of the newer theaters

James Penniegraft

Very decent

Donna Hanner

Great price for matinees..clean..and friendly staff!


Movie ticket price was the cheapest in town. Did not like the seats. They were all on one level not like stadium seating so if you are short you can't see well over other people. The seats were leaning and not very comfortable.

David Ranieri

Great place

Tony Patrick

Black and blue was great

Naquawnda Waymyer

The staff here is ALWAYS welcoming. They do a good job when it comes to cleaning the halls and the rooms where the movie is shown. I have never used their restroom here so can't speak on that. Overall, nice theater.

david Hudson

Great price, great setting. Couldn't be happier!

James Wilson

Greatest value in Greensboro

Reginald Bakr

Friendly staff, great prices, outstanding Popcorn

James Turrisi

It was good it's always nice going there which friends and family one of the best movie places I go to just wish the commissary was cheaper other than that everything is good#

Robert Coltrane

Good quality shows

Terri Fletcher

I really like this theater. However, the kid working the concession stand kept digging in his ear while preparing the food!!!

Anne Kessler

Great place to see movies

Amber Eller

Had a wonderful time!!

Ed Guyer

Small but always has the latest movies. Very clean and seats are new and nice. One complaint is the ticket process. Very inconsistent on entering and getting checked in when buying tickets online. Sometimes it is at the ticket counter, sometimes at the entrance door and others at the concessions counter. About half the time you sit there waiting for someone to tell you which one to do and many times they are not sure either. This can happen on slow days, weekends and even on opening weekends for Avenger movies.

Brenda Beam

Smaller theater but lots of movies. Seats were tall in row in front of me and hard to see all of screen.

Danielle Quick

Best Movies Prices in Greensboro

Grant Brown

Theater is great but Bumble Bee movie was bad!

Matt N

It's alright, can hear movies playing in other theaters when watching the one that you paid for


Nice employees, popcorn isn’t always tasty

Karen Heater

They have shut down the kiosk to get your tickets at in the lobby. Have to stand in line at the concession stand to buy a ticket. As a disabled person who has a hard time standing in line, this is an issue for me. Also their age for a senior ticket is 72? What?

Dylan Huntoon

Just replaced all seating in the theaters. Very nice establishment. Clean, friendly, and safe environment. Best of all: their prices are very affordable!

Lydia Angel

We were visiting from Jacksonville FL and were pleasantly surprised with the prices. Also well styled and clean. If We lived closer we'd definitely see more movies LOL

Thomas E Williams Jr.

Good atmosphere ; Great popcorn..

Sandra Chatman

Great place to go with your date. Small but roomy and very pleasant. The staff is down home, sweet and helpful. I really enjoyed it. My first experience was with my grandbabies and their pawpaw. We had a ball. And if you go before 6 PM it's only 5 bucks. In this economy that's doable. You guys are awesome!! Thanks, that was the first time we've ever taken them to a movie and we laughed all the way back to the truck. We really appreciate the kindness and the laughs.

yolanda rodriguez

Great staff, comfy seats and the best popcorn.

Ty Bullock

New seats are wonderful. Very nice theater.

angel marie Smith

Great cheaper movies

dontae donnell

I enjoyed the place. There has been a major change since I was a kid and they have made great improvements to the facility. If I stayed on that side of town I will probably go on a daily basis. All I wish is that they had bigger buckets of popcorn

David Weaver

Reasonably priced tickets and they still pop their own popcorn instead of pouring it from a pre-popped bag.

Cynthia Farrington

Concessions too high otherwise I like Brassfield Theater

Jordan Patterson

Nice place.. not a huge fam of the leather seats

Deborah Brown

Enjoyed the Theater , my legs to short for the seats.

Frankie Leonard

Convent. Prices ok

Regina Smith

Great theatre. Great prices. Nice workers

yovontae scales

all it needs is wifi then it'd perfect

Karen Lawson

Great ticket and concession pricing. Current movies offered at convenient times in regular and 3D. The seating is new snd very comfortsble.

Kevin F

Best price in town on new movies

Del Thompson

My fav movie theatre!!!!

Heather DeDona

My go to movie theater, good value.

Stephen mcpherson

Great deal on ticket price and concessions but.. the seats are horrible. Very uncomfortable. Felt like I was tilted down the whole time which causes you to have to look up at the screen no matter where you are sitting. Could use an upgrade!

Kathy Edwards

Really nice place, loved the seating.

Leanna Lewis

HIC drink will kill you if you get it to drink its waaaaay too sweet i had to get an coke im pregnant so i just couldnt do it but service and cleaned not packed everything else was great

Michael Michael

Awesome staff... all really nice and extremely helpful! They make it a wonderful experience to go to the show here... and it is cheaper! The

David Clingman

Great value and not overpriced they even have special deals sometimes

Natasha Jackson

I enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. Can't beat the price at $7 for adults to watch the latest movies. I definitely recommend if you are looking for a relaxed environment and economic movie prices!

Oswaldo Reyes

Price friends, staff friendly, bit small but perfect for couple, solo movie viewers.

Jonathan Barreto

Great seats not as big compared to AMC but get your money worths friendly staff

Maudiel Ramirez

Great price, great staff & great food! I live in High Point and i come here to watch all the movies.

Skip Dalton

Nice. volume a little loud. Good value.

Marty Hicks

I have seen a movie at the GREENSBORO location weekly. It has new releases and the price is Affordable compared to many other theaters in the area. There are times, if you are running behind and you are trying to buy a ticket and watch the previews, it may not happen. Friendly staff and a clean place for everyone. It appears to have problems getting a line if people through the line quickly.

Chad Lovett

Decent cheap ticket theater

Jorge Urribarri

Pretty cool place, the people that work here are nerdy af tho

Christi Mackey

Price is awesome here, cheapest around. Staff is pretty friendly. Not my favorite theater because seats aren’t as comfy but can’t beat the prices!

Bradley Vaughn

A wonderful smaller Neighborhood Theatre. I really like it here

Elvis Mendoza

Great value and friendly staff.

Lewis M Bowers Sr

A nice clean movie theater.

Jay Royal

Nice theater but A Star is born was an awful movie. We have never heard such language in a movie. We wished we had not come especially with a guest. we thought it might get better---but it did not.

Rowland Ken-Williams

Nice place for your budget

Jonathan Hanichak

Great place to go see a movie! The seats are extremely comfortable, great snacks and drinks! A large assortment of souvenirs, some of the things that are there right now are the Marvel Avengers specialty cups & shirts. Great game area to play in if you come in early or stay late! Matinee discount on Tuesdays is better then the rest of the week.

D 9854

My favorite theater. I had my hands full from the snack bar. Mr. Hernandez saw this asked me which theater I was going to, walked me there opened the door for me. What great people here. Great concern for guest enjoyment of visit and movie. Come see your movies here!

Htoo Htoo

I wanna say those staff are really nice. It's just like they know what they doing. i never heard any problem they cause and the bathroom is clean. I wanna say they do a good job.

Robert Canner

Good prices on senior movies

Lynn Wong

Very weird place. Went there around 6pm on Sunday. Basically not a single staff there. Good that I bought the ticket online.

Otis Dunn Jr.

Outside of the food prices the experience is amazing!

Carl Petetson

Cheapest place to see a movie

Tracy Coffey

The have a $5.07 matinee the runs before 6pm and that includes taxes. $5.61 popcorn combo that comes with a drink and candy. Total $10.68. Unbeatable!!!!!

Judy Byers

Seats are comfortable and clean. Selection of movies timely.

Hashim Warren

Good place for children because hard-core movie goers don't come here. Ok food, ok screens. Nothing special

brad A

Just ok. Small theater, big seats. I'm taller than 6' and I still had trouble seeing the whole screen. Concessions were overpriced. 13 something bucks for drink and coke. Good sound We won't go back. Too many other options available.

Kaylah Morris

I've always loved this movie theater. Seats are comfy, food is good!

leah galloway

A really great movie going experience. Everything you need at the concessions and more. Convenient locations, amazing seating, great prices and really good staff that takes care of your needs. Best price in town


One of my favorite movie theaters to go to in Greensboro. They are a discount movie theater, so they are not high-end. However, they are very cheap on the wallet. The popcorn is freshly popped unlike most movie theaters these days and taste freaking phenomenal. The staff is awesome, especially the manager named Mr. Hernandez. He goes above and beyond. They do what they can to fix or accommodate any issue you may have with the theater. For instance, I was watching a movie and the power went out due to weather. They handed guest passes to everyone in the movie so we could come back and watch again for free anytime. Overall it is a great place to see a movie on a budget. You cannot beat the price.

Mashriq Ahmed Saleh

It's cheap. You get what you paid for

Samantha Pullium

I love this theater, been going here for at least 25 years. You can't beat the $5 matinee! The seats were recently changed out and they are very comfy!

sergio almeida

An older theater with affordable prices for a family. Concession prices are more reasonable than most newer theaters. The staff is friendly.

Lauren Hendren

Took my grandsons to see Shazam! We loved the movie, staff was friendly, seats comfortable, theater was clean, handicapped parking accessible. Great experience! We come here about twice a month.

Leslie Cain

More of a nostalgic visit. Looks the same as when I was a kid 25 years ago. It would be nice if it was renovated soon!

JC Richardson

Where do I start??.. Okay I asked to see one movie they gave me tickets to see something else which turned out to be a good movie so I was okay with that. The theater itself even looks rundown from the outside but I said maybe it’s been remodeled NOPE WRONG. The chair beside me arm fell off halfway through the movie so I had no arm rest. The theater I was in looked like it only had room for maybe 10-20 people to sit (Yep it’s that small) in the one I was in. It was nasty and all around horrible place that I would never step foot in.

Tyler Godat

Brassfield is great! They have new chairs which aren't quite as comfy as full recliners, but they are really comfy! You also can't beat their $7.25 tickets (full price) when everywhere else tickets are almost fifteen dollars. On Tuesdays, tickets are less than four dollars! Plus their popcorn and drinks are cheaper than other theaters as well. Overall, really great value.

KB Ortiz

Great prices

Tonya Easter

Horrible place....I will never go back here.

Benjamin A Marlin

Nice theater. Bathrooms are a little old, but generally clean. All the other stuff is pretty typical - clean and nice seating, screens, etc.

Jonathan Kerr

Cinema Heaven!!! Movies here are cheap! And the theater itself are awesome!! It has that old school vibe to it.

Donovan Couch

Great customer service.

Lavonda Brown


Moe DiSTefano

good place , needs hotdogs!

Bailey Tate

A hidden gem. Small but great prices. Very friendly staff.

Matt Cardwell

Convenient location and inexpensive. I've been going to this theater for years. They have been putting in new seats lately that are really nice.

Deirdre Milton

Always great. Employees are just as great

Michelle Osborne

Oversold the theater and there wasn't sloped seating. I could see half the screen from the back row. Left before the movie started .

Jessica Tolliver

I love their low prices and snack pack!

Bill Williams

Needs an update with lobby, seating and sound. Movie prices are cheaper than others. Knowing that you get what you pay for. Also knowing movie theaters make their money on concessions, expect the same pricing as other theatres. Plenty of free parking. Near many types of resturants.

Jon Boling

This place is a dump.

J. Scott Avers

I've been going to this movie theater since I was a kid and I now take my boys to it. Many life long memories here.

Don Miller

Great value! This is what movie theaters should be. Sensible prices for current movies. Comfortable seating too!

Crystal Price

Good customer service

Robyn Wiggins

Recently updated with new seats. Sometimes they do not have the latest movies

Bobbe Wright

On of the best local movie theater for low cost and good quality first run film with discount for kids,seniors,veterans and club cards.

Gabriela Nanetti

One of the cheapest tickets in town, which is great. But you get what you pay for. Seats are slightly uncomfortable, and it's the old school style seating, not stadium seating. And while you can tell the sound has been upgraded in the past, the rest of the theater has not been upgraded. Most of the time you can hear the bass (explosions, loud music, loud dialog, etc) from the theater next to yours through the wall, which can disrupt the movie experience. But again, for such a cheap ticket, I'll deal.

Krystle’s Channel Videos

I had a free movie pass. I read there were restrictions with the pass, so I called prior to make sure I can use the pass to see Toy Story 4. I was told yes. I get to the movie theater to use the pass with my 5 year old. The manager told me that I could not use the pass for Toy Story 4. I explained to him that one of his employees misinformed me when I called. He still did not care or try to compensate. I mistakenly left my main debit card at home and only had a back up one, with little money on it. I had to tell my son that we couldn’t see the movie and he stated crying very hard. The manager still did not care. I used the back up debit card, luckily it work and I was able take my son to see Toy Story 4.

Derek Donatiu

The cheapest theater but the quality is great as well.

Phoenix Down

Uncomfortable creaky seats, noisy HVAC, and noisebleed from the neighboring theater's speakers. I spent more time distracted by the comical list of problems than entertained by the movie.

Marlen Camacho

We love this place! Best popcorn, great prices and excelent customer service!

Sarah V

Had a great time with my son here. Went during the day and you cant beat their prices not to mention we had the whole theater to ourselves to watch our movie.

Delane Adkins

Clean, lots of room between rows of seats, friendly staff

Charles Arnold

Brassfield is a great place to go for a movie.

bruce mezger

Clean nice people good seating

Amelia Castillero

Nice staff, clean and comfortable.

Johanna Banda

Very nice, clean bathrooms, good prices... It was just to cold in the movie theatre room we were in, I will be bringing my blanket next time!

Rapid Robot

Favorite cinema to visit in the area.

Kara Lee

Low resolution films. Very annoying. Not worth the money.

Kathleen Moncla

Great ticket prices, clean theater & very good customer service

Caroline Weiss

Enjoy taking my daughter to the movies

Andrew Reichl

Great movie theater

Monique Battle

It is the most affordable theater in town.

Karen Weaver

Concessions were ridiculously high and it smelled horrible in the theatre room

Ken Woodyard

Great theater and even better staff. While it may not be the most technologically advanced theater in the Triad, out it's the best value hands down.

ShNautica Battle

Staff was very friendly. However, place had a odor that made us want to turn around but tickets had already been purchased in advance online.

Brenda Cox

We like this venue as near 2 granddaughters home

brent stepp

Very good theater

Hyun Lee

Good movie play ! I like this place

Carlos Pacheco

Awesome mid-size cinema with the latest movies and reasonable ticket prices.

Jeff Wrights

Very nice ! Plenty of room to move around at concessions...friendly staff.....screening rooms are smaller but comfortable Huge parking lot....all in all a great place to see a movie

Kim Smith

Good movies. Inexpensive ticket prices.


Its a great theater.

Nancy Allen

Nice theater good concession deals. The carpet throughout needs shampooing, bad smell other than that love this theater.

Luluskippa My eight

Went and watched hustlers


Rubber Duckies!

ivory teague

I went during a non busy day. I bought my tickets online. I had no problem getting my ticket at the consession stand.The staff was friendly. The bathroom is bad. Many of the stalls are in disrepair. The locks don't work on the others. You can hear the movie in the next room. The area was in a deadzone for me.

vicky o'donnell

toy story 4

monique banks

Very small movie theater and very out dated! Great customer service though

Carleen Barrowclough

Good experience...price ok, building clean, and popcorn good!

Cathy Robinson


Jeffrey Ray

Great little theater

Banja Bouphasavanh

Great popcorn, great price. Always go on discount Tuesday's + ATT BOGO

Linda Sullivan

Affordable movie going with good selection of current movies. Convenient location, lots of parking.

Ben Stay

I give it a 5 on price ($5 matinee is hard to beat) and 3 on quality. I don't watch my big blockbusters here but kids movies or suspense, this is a great spot.

Donya Foil

It's an ok place to catch a movie. I'm spoiled with the comfy reclining chairs in my usual theater. This was my first time at this theater. The individual theaters are pretty small so you have to come early to avoid sitting on the front row at popular movies.

Nellie Hairston,RMA

Clean and small-scale yet very busy

Evelyn Fernandez

Great movies, great price! An all good experience. Will recommend to family and friends. Employees are all courteous and friendly.

Robert Winlaw

One of the best theaters around. Lost a star because their theater floors are flat making it hard to get a good view if the place is busy


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