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REVIEWS OF Cherokee Phoenix Theatre IN North Carolina


Very comfortable seating, free refills on pop and popcorn. Reasonable prices.


Went to see a movie there on my motorcycle. The attendants were super nice and stored my helmet and bag in their office while I watched the show. Made the whole experience really nice for me. Thanks guys! B

Shanna Carlson

Beautiful theatre. Expensive prices but comfortable seating. Daytime older movies are free!

Gary Eser

Great venue

Lynn Swearengin

Great prices, comfortable seating, clean facility.

Keshia Sequoyah

Really comfy seats! Prices aren't bad either.

Rob Shelton

Good movie's and great munchies

Margarita Wolfe

Nice staff, good popcorn. Usually not too overcrowded.

Just dont77

Only theater around, still pretty dang good!

Danny Price

Overpriced for the area when you can go to other Phoenix Theaters in Tennesee for 5 bucks That's Cherokee for ya price gouge the tourists until they stop visiting then wonder why no one stops there no more and goes to Pigeon Forge or Gatilinburg in Tennesee. Wake up Cherokee and stop all the price gouges

Donna Bowles

My daughter and I were out on a mother daughter night out and went here to see a movie. The staff here are great, they make you feel like they are truly happy to see you. The snack bar is high but most movie theaters are way overpriced for snacks. My concerns are it is stinky inside where you sit to watch the movies. The odor in cinema room 1 is almost unbearable. On top of that, the kid behind my daughter kept pushing her seat, and other kids were running around behind us and in front of us, we even had screaming ones. It was like a playground in there. The distractions were unreal. I usually go in the daytime but this movie didn't start playing until six. I won't be back for awhile that's for sure. Hopefully, they will clean that awful smell. All in all I do not recommend this theater. Drive to a better one.

Tucker Kirk

Theater is not as clean as we have seen it in the past. Floor and railings were sticky. Back to the Quin if no difference, saves driving time

Michael Y

Awesome sauce

Michelle Geyer

Nice building I love going to the movies to see scary movies

Aaron Wilhoit

Hot as hell and movie buffered for 30 minutes straight without a fix.

Jonathan McCardle

Nice theater but desperately needs a good cleaning.

Jonah Teesatuskie

Always a good time here. Food is a little pricey though.

Jill East

Enjoyed the movie, the seating, and the theater. We had a great time!

Dale Rogers

It is a nice quiet place to see a movie.

Larry Norman

Good theater experience all around

Garrett Griffey

The only good thing about this place is $5 movies on Tuesdays but that's if they start it on time.

Terry Smith

Best movie theater ever! Clean with stadium seating and wide recliner seats. Clean and the snacks are fresh.

Don Podschweit

Paul's restaurant food sucked never go there again and would'nt recommend it to a dog.

Noob-_fighta Alexander

1st time there. Amazing seats and not too crowded. Super fun experience

Autum Lewis

Very friendly service. Comfortable theater. I little pricey, but it's well worth it.

Ronda Hudgins

Great theater!!!

Garfield Long Jr.

Been good visits, nice seating, primarily clean but for late movie showings sometimes u may see uncleaned areas but otherwise a good theatre.

Bryan Hughes

Well whenever you had all on the craft shops and local festivities that you can stand. Take a selfie break at the cleanest Theator East of Seattle. Oh I'm sorry except our people are the nicest, courteous ,more professional and absolutely the happiest people anywhere.

Colleen Reaver

Nice theater rocking chair seats very cozy

Mike Patterson

Love this theater. Great place to watch a movie.

Kenneth Todtenhagen

Great and very comfortable!

carlston isaac

Great place for family entertainment. Nice facilities and affordable.

Daniel Belote

Its a smaller theater, but it is still nice. Wish they had assigned seating.

Steve Saunooke

Comfortable seats and friendly staff

Kristine Gunter

Comfortable seating, decent pricing for a chain brand theater. Love multiple butter layers of popcorb

maria corbitt

Family oriented

Kaleb Bass

Good place to watch a movie

Robert Ball

I did enjoy watching a movie here. Nice theater.

Diane Houston

First time there, seats are amazing!! This is by far the best movie place I have ever been in!!

Vanessa Farmer

Very nice facility, but bathrooms not clean AT ALL. Not before or after the 7 pm movie.

Michael Sheinbaum

Decent theater. Clean, friendly. No audio during previews. No pretzels available.

Crystal Greenarch

We are natives and local and have been coming here since it opened. It has steadily been getting worse in service. Poor management seems to be the likely culprit. Tried to watch Aquaman Dec. 26 @ 7. They were having issues so we bought tickets for the 10 showing. Had to go waste 3 hours because they couldn't be bothered to put the cancelled show on the website. When we came back , they let us go in the wrong theater, apparently the shows were labeled incorrectly because they couldn't change them. They blamed corporate, saying they weren't allowed to post signs. . Yet, there were signs all over the front doors. Teenagers behind the counter wouldn't meet your eye, smile or greet the customers. They were hateful and rude mostly. No social etiquette whatsoever. Still waiting for my refund to be put back on my card. Will not be back to this movie place. Sylva or Asheville will get my business from now on. They know how to treat people.

Anna Brendle

Very clean. Comfortable chairs. Polite and friendly staff. Amazing visual and sound quality

Leanna Beale

Saw Avengers Endgame. It was AMAZING!

Madison Summey

Very clean place service was exceptional

Shari StarrFire

Best movie theater in the area. Stadium seating. Clean with good service.

Hayden tranter

Cause the people there are nice and fast

Jack Chapman

We love this theater! Sometimes it can be a bit messy or dirty, but usually pretty clean. Friendly staff. Lots of snack bar choices. Good prices. Great screens and sound.

Matthew Damoth

Almost rated 5-star. Didn't because last visit they had one line for concessions and tickets with 4 employees behind the counter. Must have been 40 people in line and in my opinion not a very efficient way to get customers into their seats. We practically missed the beginning of the movie and showed up 20 minutes early. Other than that very clean and well-built theater with stadium seating.

Katherine Klett Gamble

This is a really nice theatre and always clean. They have stadium seating and fair prices, especially if you go to a matinee. I take my 4 grandchildren there in the summer and it doesn't break-the-bank.

Jeremy Duke

Stadium style rocking chairs! Prices seemed average for concessions and tickets.

Lora Davis

Clean and nice theater.

Opici Becton

Amazing...chairs super comfy

Isiah Davis

Friendly young staff, and the movies are always up to date. Theater and bathrooms are always clean, which is refreshing. Above average, and would recommend.

Thomas Nichols

No ticket booth means hectic lines. They canceled a movie showing to replace it with a more popular movie for the night without any online notice, leaving me to drive there for no reason.

Brandon Nicholson

Watch the staff they will try to over charge you on move tickets. And will sale you more than you asked for

Carla Piercy

Stood and waited 10 mins for tickets. The girl seen us but chose to ignore us, making us late for the movie. She also gave us the wrong drink and refused to make it right.

Mike Jenkins

Best theater in nc

Charles Black

Comfortable seats and the best prices.

Jennifer Vandermark

This theatre is very nice. Stadium leather seating, surround sound (a rarity in the mountains) & good popcorn. Prices are reasonable. Only reason they did not get 5 stars is because their seats don't recline, & I wish you could add your own butter & salt to the popcorn.

Brett Joseph

Best! Beautiful seats, great prices. The best

Chris Neal

We were looking for a place to watch a movie while on a short weekend trip. This theater was clean, and the movie started on time. The staff was courteous and effective. this saved me a trip to one of the bigger chains dozens of miles away.

Derek Mull

Very nice theatre, never all that busy, big comfy rocking seats, its the only modern theatre west of Asheville.

Abby Arrington

I love that movie theater there is always room to park and to see brand new movies there is aways lots of sits the people also treat you well. And the bathrooms are very clean.

Allisa Lien

I love going to this theater! Comfy seating great ticket prices! We go all the time.

Philip Ammann

Very nice staff, great theaters, best prices

Karla Penrose

Great place, we'll be going back!!!

Glenda Reed

We loved the chairs here!!

Preston Helms

The service was excellent, the workers were extremely nice and the theatre was clean and comfortable. Probably the nicest theatre I have been to in the last two or three years with the only exception of the Grand in biltmore park.


Awsome seats great consession go here

Marcos Gutierrez

Always a great theatre experience! Stadium seating with with comfortable reclining/leaning seats. This theatre also offers matinees at atypical times like before noon. Which is a great option!

Steph Alexander

The past five times I have been here, the theater has screwed up the screening. The staff is kind and the theater is always clean but whoever is in charge of the projectors is either lazy or too "busy" to remember what they're doing. What they're busy with, I'm not sure but it's definitely not their job.

Jesse Hamm

Love going here despite the long drive to get there.

Marvin Warren

Nice and clean.


Went to see end game but staff did not say anything to a lady that brought in a screaming baby

Samantha Hood

Love the stadium seating.

Brandy Carranza

Great Theater

Justin Cashion

Box office wasn't open. They used the concession stand to sell tickets. After waiting 10 minutes without the line moving we just left.


One of the best theatres I've ever been to but it's just really limited with the theater rooms and if it gets too packed some customers has to wait but overall, good service, even though I personally think it's stupid how Indians has priority over some people with the enrollment program. It's almost like living in the racism era again.


nice clean movie theater decent pricing

Everyday Art By Brittany Gunter

Josh was very nice and helpful.

Sonya Agustin-Concepcion

I love the place very comfortable clean great concession.the only problem I would have is is that it's very cold.

Pamela Graves

Nice theater in my area.

James Burkhardt

The theater is always clean and there is always fast service. My only complaint about the theater had been over the last few times I've visited. The movies the last few times I have gone have not started on time or there was a technical difficult that delayed the start.

john fisher

Great staff. Very nice and clean.. seats are amazingly comfy.

Ronald Leonhardt

Wonderful movie theater! It is THE place to go to see a movie.

Dwight Emerson

If your visiting Cherokee this is a good place to take a break. We came up to the Casino and needed some time away from the tables. The theater is clean, the popcorn is hot, they have first run movies, and the prices are reasonable.

Jason Burris

Theater it self is pretty nice, stadium seating with very comfortable seats that are well padded and lean back but that's about were it stops unfortunately as half of anything they have now works properly. We went to see Lion King 3D and when purchasing our tickets we were informed the 3D wasn't working properly and this wasn't the first time we have been told this. The theater we make it too the screen looks like its falling apart now with a huge line in the top right corner and on top of that the movie was a 430 start time however it started at more like 440. I have also noticed any snack I want they never have as well i was even told the last trip after asking for a hot dog that it wasn't recommended because they had been on the roller too long ,Haha glad I was told this but really don't you think you should throw them out and make new ones? Idk maybe I'm just too picky but I really think the place could be a lot better maybe some new management is needed???? Just my thoughts


Where do I begin? 1. Disrespectful teenage staff. They never smile or greet you but they can stand around doing nothing when there are dozens of people in the lobby and only one or two lines open for ticket purchasing and concessions. And what is the point of the box office out front when it never gets used?? Also, I don’t want to see you touching your hair or beard with the same hands you’re handling customer food with! 2. Unorganized and incorrect movie showtimes and theater labeling has become a normal occurrence. 3. Disgusting bathrooms that constantly have no paper towels or toilet paper in the majority of the stalls. I have been coming here for years with family and friends since it opened. I am an enrolled EBCI member who used to enjoy the stadium seating and concessions, but this theater has just went downhill. Neither myself nor my family will be back due to our December 26th, 2018 experience here while trying to watch Aquaman for the combined three reasons listed above. This theater needs new management and employees who know and care about how to treat people.

Tony Walkingstick

The Best! I'm a disabled Air Force veteran and it was cold outside. The movie I was going to see wasn't going to start for 40 minutes and they let me go in and sit at the end of another movie till the one I purchased to see started. We all have a lot to be thankful for during this Thanksgiving holiday. Excellent Service.

Donny Owle

One thing I will point out is that most of the staff are kids in high school or college. Some their first job ever. Give them a break. I see most of the time the staff is working hard and staying busy when there is a crowd. This place would be much cleaner if the customers themselves cleaned up their own mess. I've seen people leave it a complete mess after a movie then to say later how nasty it is. Well the staff only has so long to clean up between movies. So not the staff fault. And I've seen were movies don't start on time. I think people seem to forget things mess up and don't always work 100%. Projectors bulbs blow out and what not. So maybe the next the movie doesn't start right away there is malfunction of some sort before blaming the staff. Just let them know that something is wrong and they will fix it. I have let them know many times and they fixed it as quickly as possible.

Connie Roddenberry

Small town theater with big city movies. Prices are very good as well.

Rachel Rowe

Beautiful theater comfortable seating pricey on the snacks but a wonderful experience great for the kids

Ruth Anne Brown

Comfortable seats. Concession prices are high. $4.25 for a soda. Large screen. Crew I'd friendly and cleans between showings

Tammy Locklear

Very clean theater with very affordable prices

Alysha Campo

Good prices, friendly staff. Very comfy seats!

Christopher Wilson

Clean, lovely, Spacious and comfortable

Donovan Sampson

Exquisite place to enjoy one's self or take the family for a movie.

Thomas Beck

Awsome place to see a movie!


This is one of the nicest theater's around it's a little bit pricey but worth it always a great experience

Tony Largin

Very nice theater. VERY NICE SEATS! People were very helpful

Tammy Porter

Always a nice experience. So glad it's in the area. Love going there.


Great theater. Good deal if you buy the popcorn bucket. Refills are cheap in the future.

Michelle Jones

Great place, clean, very well maintained, comfortable seats, food is a little on the expensive side

Margaret Marr

Awesome movie theatre.

Amanda Atkins

The chairs are amazing.

Christina Terrell

Prices are fair, people are friendly, always have the top movies. Kids love the arcade and free summer movies.

Michael Coe

Great prices, clean

Cody Maney

Great place to watch movies will return to watch more movies

Ethan Ramsey

Great theater, comfy seats, and a reasonable ticket price.

jesse macias

I love this theater.

Cheyenne&Floyd Long

Prices are nice and very clean

Mega Max08

I saw a movie and the movie was encouraged bank robbery so I'm in jail now and I rate it 4 stars instead of 5 stars because of that.

Amy Oriley

Very dirty and smells like a nursing home/broken sewer system.

Diane Wylie

Nice theater!!

Brant Grant

Clean and shows the movies I want to see

Melody Conn

Always the best

Danielle W.

Decent pricing for tickets even if you don't know if you are purchasing your tickets inside at the concession counter or the box office till you get there. Be prepared for a very loud Cherokee ad before the movie, the yell at the end almost causes a migraine for me :( It's typically clean and the staff is always friendly.

Deborah Millen

Disappointed in the movie selection at this theater. Seem to have limited selection of mature / love / controversial movies. I am a senior resident, do not watch cartoonish or computer generated movies and get frustrated when I have to travel to Asheville to go to the movie.

M. Gomez

I have traveled all over the world and been to a ton of movie theaters. This is a terrific theater! The employees were gracious, helpful, polite. The theater was very clean, including the bathrooms. They gave Veteran discounts, which is awesome! Beautiful facility. The chairs were VERY comfortable with a lot of leg room. Planning our next trip to Cherokee and will for sure take in a movie at our new favorite theater!


Nice place to take the family for some good pop corn an a show

Agata Ilczuk

Nice and clean, comfortable seats and delicious popcorn

Cole Beaver

This Movie theater is awesome to watch movies at. Plus they have good ticket deals on Tuesdays

Maestro Ncbarber

Inexpensive, clean and great.

Kevin Morrow

Nice theater

Monica Lawson

$5 Tuesdays are AWESOME!!!

Steve Solesbee

Clean and nice

Melissa Ellersick

Stadium seating, large chairs. Free movies for kids during the summer!

Dana Mathis

Needs some cleaning

Harrison R

A little pricey but great seats

eitan Cohen

Very dirty and unpleasant place,last time for our family to visit this place.some of the locals were very louder through the movie and when we ask them to please be more quiet the answer was this is our movie theater and we can leave if we not happy. Thank you for the unpleasant everything for me and my kids.

Melinda Queen

Loved it a.nice movie theater with 3 or 4 movies they have a movie for everyone

robert acton

great theater, always room and good snacks. only bad side is it is a bit cool in there but best theater around with good prices

Michael Dodson

One of my favorite movie places. First the staff is very nice and friendly. The place is clean with comfortable seating and the nachos are great.

Ashkea Dyal

Great Prices! Very Comfortable Seating!

Jeremy Viverette

Great seats nice carpet and not over priced like some theaters

Andre West

Very well kept. Staff very pleasant and nice. Great place to enjoy a movie with your family.

John Fields

Great price, nice seats and theatre. Trash was overflowing out of trash receptacles.

Jacqulyn Fisher

We have been to this place 3 times. Two of the three times, our movie never started. Tonight was one of those nights. We only waited until 9:30 PM to leave the 9:15 movie that never started. I don't think we will be going back here

Bennie Greer

Really nice theatre

Rageing Darkrai

The theatres fill up quickly so get there early. Snacks and popcorn are overpriced so bring the dough with you. Finally, the thetres have good seating. Hope this helps

Kenneth Nunn

Very nice

A Pen

Very low key and clean place with nice staff

Stacy Burton

A bit pricey if you don't have their discount privilege which can be signed up for and approved by your next visit. Went during the week. Not many people. Picture quality was great. Sound was perfect. Seating is cozy. Snack bar is raid-able!

Rachel Heath

My boyfriend and I went to this theater on a Tuesday afternoon. They have $5 ticket Tuesday. The popcorn looked kinda stale so we didn't purchase any. They have a cute box office but you purchase tickets at the concessions stand, at least on slow days. They seating was very comfortable. There was no sound for any of the commercials, which was a little weird because the whole theater was silent. The sound started with the movie trailers.

Kiah C. West

Lowering my score from 2 to 1 star! Terrible overall movie-going experience - that's if you even get to see a film. During my most recent trip (8/30/19) we walked in to the main lobby - the box office is perpetually closed - and paid for our tickets at the consession counter. Their "tickets" are simple paper receipts. No other showtime were visible anywhere. Guess you have to look them up yourself! No bright and flashy lights or colorful carpets anywhere in the lobby. Very dull atmosphere. We walked back to our screen. There was the rare ticket attendant but he didn't actually rip your ticket, just said which screen your film was on. We walk in the room and it's pitch black. We were in fact 5 minutes late so previews should have been showing and lights should have been up to guide in moving around. Nope! We sat for a few minutes and nothing happened. Finally we had to walk out and inform a worker that our screen was empty. Most theaters have someone monitoring screenings to ensure proper playback of the film with in-focus projectors, proper colors and such. Evidently not this theater! We had to tell them. Eventually they said there was an issue and offered us the opportunity to switch rooms to another film or new tickets for a later showtime. We instead demanded refunds which they at least gave.

Cecil Maye

They didn't ask for enrollment cards for the kids who look native or white.My kids enrolled members but have a black dad and they ask me for Id.

Waleyla Salazar

I took four children and got soda and popcorn the best $30 buck I ever spent and the seat are so comfortable the staff is very friendly. Its all about family time not how much I spent cause its priceless when you see the children's faces with smiles. Yep I'm one happy Aunty.

Rebecca June

Very nice theatre! Comfy seats, and the volume isn't too loud.

Buddy Huerta

I love it

Teresa Coward

Wonderful time. EXCELLENT Popcorn

Mia C

Went to see Jurassic world fallen kingdom. Chose a late show because it would be less crowded and it was only about 20 people. The surround was nice but they need to focus the movie a bit more and clean the bathrooms but all in all was a nice experience.

Kimberly Nicholson

Turn some lights on in the theaters before you get sued because some falls!

Stacy Carpenter

Nice theater. More than 2 options of movies to watch, which is nice! Of course, snacks are overpriced as they are everywhere.

Kylen Sneed

I love this place because it has the best movies and I love going here

Brian Presson

I watched "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" here while on vacation. It may seem small on the outside, but the interior is very nice. Pleasant staff, nice seats, and yummy popcorn.

it me

very nice

Thomas Frede

So overall this Movie theater is ok for what it is. Below are some Pros and Cons. Pros: Because i like to start positive. :) Seats are good. I am a large person and these seats are comfortable with adjustable armrests,. the only other theater in this area The Quinn is very bad when it comes to seats for larger patrons. The movie quality both audio and visual is very good overall. (Small Con but will get to that) Overall other then huge premeire nights like Start Wars etc the parking is very good. Snacks are well portioned for the price tag. (There will be a con here as well. Just warning you.) Recent renovation added more screens to have more movies and removed a stair case to a really badly designed 2nd floor. Several older video games were put in but at least its something to pass a few minutes. They offer a Rewards program which is a nice addition. (Con to Come.) Cons: Because its not a 5 start review. The 1st issue is that sometimes the pre-movie adds etc have no sound. Also the start of the movie sometimes takes a minute to catch up. Also the very loud plug for the Cherokee area is a bit much and headache inducing. I have no issue promoting the area but the audio volume hurts my head. The 2nd issue is the bathrooms are never clean. The 3rd issue is that they have not enough lines to Sell tickets and concessions. They rarely ever use the outdoor box office unless its a huge opening or Saturday. The 4th issue is that the prices have gotten crazy. My Wife and i with a drink movie tickets and popcorn or nachos come out to about $35-$40 even on the so called cheaper day Tuesday which is $5 a ticket. 5th issue is the rewards program is very limited in how you earn perks. Free tickets are a great idea if it happened more then once ever 25 movies etc. Overall: Best cinema outside of Asheville etc but that is not saying much. The Quinn gets a 1 star rating for me. This is my preference when going to a local movie. Most the time i would spend the time gas and energy to go to the Carmike in Asheville which is a 4 to 5 start experience. But if you are jst in the area and want to see a movie and dont want to drive all that way There are worse options.


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