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Julie Wright

This place is great! I always enjoy my trips here. The prices cannot be beat. My last trip, to see Thor: Ragnorok, I bought my ticket, a large popcorn, and a large candy for $8. And it was a evening show. The seats in the downstairs auditorium have been updated recently and are very comfy. The upstairs seating is still comfy, just a little dated. The sound and visual quality of the films I have seen has always been excellent.

Lori Leary

Very friendly and helpful staff. Clean comfortable environment and great popcorn!

Amanda Stacy

Great place, great price!

Ray carpenter

This is the only way to watch movies anymore the big movie theater the prices are crazy you almost have to have an armored car full of money to go to the movie theater nowadays when I went and I had a $50 bill and they said they couldn't take it and my family and I didn't get to get drink or popcorn because they said they only took bills $20 or smaller I will be sure to never go back there the Carolina is the only place to go to the movies as far as I'm concerned. the people are very friendly and it won't put you in debt to go to the movies and get something to eat there

Suzanne Bowman

Great price in beautiful downtown hickory.

Davey Havok

I love the nostalgic charm of this old theater. My favorite movie theater! Great prices, great staff, comfy seating!

Kyle Graydon

$3 movies! Has an awesome hometown feel. Love it.

Amber Randall

Love this theater! No one beats the price-great environment, friendly staff, very clean bathrooms, comfortable seats, and great sound. Also had my sons birthday party here just a couple months ago! We played mario cart on the big screen! Everyone loves it! “Such an awesome party” “Differnent and fun” “Perfect for the game lover” “I can’t believe what a deal that is!”

Caryn Gibson

I used to like this place, but the last time I visited I discovered that they have an unofficial policy against selling a ticket earlier than 15 minutes prior to the show. I was not actually trying to enter the building early, I just wanted to purchase my ticket before dinner like I have done at many other theaters. The policy is not posted because apparently it's only enforced when they feel like it's necessary. I am not sure why a person quietly standing in front of their box office by themselves warranted this concern, but it is what it is. The cashier made it seem like I was acting suspicious and unreasonable. I felt like a kid who'd been dropped off by my parents. I'm 35. I did not appreciate being gaslighted by an actual young person, who pretended like every movie theater has this policy and why would I ever think otherwise? The only reason he would give was some ridiculous statement about how a ticket is admission to their building and they'd had "problems." No further explanation forthcoming. I asked why the policy wasn't posted and he told me it was because it wasn't something they advertised. It left a very sour taste in my mouth and colored my entire perception of the place.

James Cornett jr

Great popcorn and comfortable seating, not there fault the particular movie we picked sucked

Justin Duffey

Had a great time watching Ready Player One with some friends. I like the design of this theatre, such as its 20th century look from the outside. I could care less if it was like the 3D, 4D or Big Screen. It felt like going to the movies, not a overpriced theatre that's crowded. This place keeps the lights on for three dollars a movie and makes it just fine from what I see, and the staff was kind and courteous. Helping a old man who was asleep outside earned us free tickets, we left more than satisfied.

Sondra Widner

The prices are great here. You can get tickets at a very cheap price also. My grandson and I go to the movies and get refreshments all for around twenty bucks.

Michelle Rosanna

Great time and good movie. Prices for the snacks and movie are very are very affordable. My 6 year old nephew had a great time.

Debi Nolan

Nice place to see movies. Good location in downtown area.

Johnny Brown

Had not been there in a long time. Just took my wife for a date night. Ticket price was only three bucks each. Watched the greatest showman. Wow. Sound was on point, had a great time. Seats were very nice and comfortable, even for this big guy. Bathrooms needed help. Men's and women's.

Frank Berkey

Very comfortable, great price at $3 per person. Recent release movies.

Shadow Woodlands

Get place plus great service

Elizabeth Gehring

Very nice and clean, cant beat the price either. Pleasantly surprised by our experience there, would recommend to anyone.

Richard Teague

Just like it was when i was a teenager except better than in 1956.

Larry Rhyder

Great experience


Movies here re great

Sherry Connelly

Absolutely peaceful, great staff, clean, I will definitely be going back soon

Nicholas Fox

The only thing I don't like is certain people who have no respect for others, like talking normal on cell phones just because its cheaper than other theaters. I enjoy going here, doesn't break the bank. Me and my wife have seen many movies here in the past. My children are starting to behave now, hopefully this will be something we will all enjoy together.

Shea Cleveland

Great prices, comfortable seating, delicious popcorn.

Thomas Bowman

Great price, great location, fun to go to

Ruth Hunnings

Fantastic movie theater. Good prices for shows there!

Rodolfo Herrera

Love this place. Just needs ac in there. It gets too hot.

Tanya Williams

Very nice theater. You could also take part in the amusement part just outside.

Mike Edwards

Good movies

Jason and Christina Kyes

Awesome family movie night. Great prices and clean!!!

Aleisha Pope

movies are out today picture on screen is great it's affordable and chairs are too comfortable LOL

Clinton Hancock

Great movie and you can't beat the price everyone is super nice and eager to serve you

P Hetherington

Have been there a few times now. A great time at a great price.

Brent Presnell

Been going there since the 70s. Used to be only $1.50, still only $3.00. Prices on food & drink not bad either. A great deal if you are willing to wait for a movie to finish its first run. Two screens, neat and clean, as good as any multiplex. Easy to get to and a free covered parking area across the street if you don't time it right to get a space right in front of the door.

Greg Setzer

Good movies cheap cheap concessions but not first-run been out for a little while before you get there

Jayne Clark

New seats, great movie! Thanx!

Gentry Honeycutt

Great prices great movies

Derrik Monrean

This was a fun outing, this theatre is older and as such it had a very retro feel in its avvomodations.

Jerome Simpkins

Love the renovations.

Jan Bagwell

Enjoyed the movie Rocket man. Also like the popcorn and rocking chairs.

Velda Hewitt

Really enjoyed this classic theatre. Pricing on tickets, drinks, popcorn at a saving. Good movie' s...relaxed atmosphere. Matinee ' s.

Dylan Jones

Seats were comfortable but the popcorn was to salty

Tyler Kiser

This theatre is the best!!!! Great seats and a dream price! Thanks for allowing families to still go to the movies! We love you!

Susan Dilldine

Like the movie prices

Michael Bentley

Great place. Cheap prices. We love it.

Christina Garris

We love the Carolina!!! Where else can you take a party of 11 people pay for tickets and concessions for $100? It is clean and the staff friendly. The owner is always helping out local schools and community organizations.

Samantha McKinney

Lovely old theater with family friendly movies. $3 a ticket is unbeatable!


Always a good, inexpensive and fun time with my daughter!!

Liz Sears

A vintage building in the heart of down town Hickory. Take a walk down memory lane, a true gem. Plenty of free curbside parking. Highly recommend.

Lisa Rohr

Lovely theater with little past release movies. Great bargain $5 movies and wonderfully nice employees. Upstairs theater puts you amazingly close to the action. Downstairs theater has somewhat new seats. Great family theater.

Al Atkins

Always happy to visit this theater, budget friendly prices, spacious, clean, great staff.

Kendra Simpkins

Love prices. So much cheaper than AMC.

Nonnie White

Went to see A Kids Life ... For me the food was priced a little high .. But that is me... Enjoyed the seats .. Recliners.. Had a lot of room to move ... What I liked best was not Dirty ....

Sharon Rushing

Great price,movies,full screen and rocking seats.

Ken Duncan

Always have a great experience at this theater!

Todd Hagee

A staple of Hickory, great prices and I love the "feel" of the place. It feels like what a classic theater should feel like!

Joshua McGee

Great price on tickets and concessions.

Drew Rogers

Fantastic establishment! Great prices, always clean, and friendly staff! What else could u ask for?! Oh, and coming from a sound guy, the audio has been upgraded a few years ago, and it sounds really good!! So two thumbs up, across the board!!!

Jeff Sigmon

Great place to watch a movie. Tickets are only $3.00 and consecions are not expensive. The theatre itself is very nice with very comfortable high back seats that rock.

Brianna Hughes

Love going here. Prices are awesome!!

R Burke

This is the only place a couple can go and have a wonderful time with a movie popcorn and drinks for 16 bucks. This was our first visit we really enjoyed it and we were going to be coming back very often

Corey Cole

Old timey. Not a big time theater

Lucila Gaviria

I nice place to celebrate a birthday

Jered Winebarger

Low prices for a quiet night out

Angela Freeman

What a wonderful place! I’m so glad it exists. Affordable tickets and snacks and so much personality in the building and staff! I’m an adult but I may just have my birthday party here. A+ job BR!

Thomas Taylor

Cheap and always a great date night stop

desmond bentley

Awesome theater and great price! Got drinks, popcorn, candy, and two tix for less than $20! (On a Wednesday)

Thomas McNair

Great rates for first run movies.

Eric Hussey

I don't give many 5 star ratings. However, Carolina Theater is a great alternative to the mainstream movie theaters. If there is a movie that you have been wanting to see, or simply see again, the ticket prices and concession prices are very low. The movies have normally just left bigger theaters, and they play all of the hottest movies. It's a great place for a date night.

Jonathan Y

A+ It's hard for me to give a 5⭐ on anything. When you get the most out of a rating then people think they have nothing to improve on. We should always want to improve on anything that we do. That being said this is one of the best places to watch a real good movie.

Kathy Shirilla

Best value! Comfortable and clean theatre. Their popcorn is delicious!

sheila jarrett-drum

A good place to take the kids for a movie, popcorn, candy, & drink. The price is affordable.

Roseann F.

Great place in downtown Hickory. Friendly staff, comfy seats, $3.00 tickets for shows with reasonable prices for delicious popcorn and snacks.

Billy Hamby

Nice place to see a movie. & Cheap to!

Chelsea Childers

Great prices, friendly staff, good movies (they're a little late but good for prices)

Brenda Joyce

An outting with my Grand Daughter. We really enjoyed ourselves.

todd costner

Our favorite theater ...popcorn, drink, candy , plus 2 admissions for less than $20 ...what a deal

John Asbury

I love old theaters and this one is in great shape

Mark Dickerson

I love this place! (I may be a bit biased, because my aunt used to work here!) The films are not first-run, but affordable and they really have good snack and rental deals for parties. Loved coming here as a kid and now enjoy coming as an adult. (Especially considering the prices!!)

Real Life Mama

Cleanest theater around. We love it. We only see movies at Carolina.

freddie stewart

Friendly Staff and great price on concessions and price of movie is the best in the Catawba Valley! I love going to see a movie at the Carolina in Downtown Hickory NC.

Jacquard Howard

Cool Lil spot 4 this boring town. Very clean at the time I came 1/22/19 6PM so hopefully it is on busy days. Seats were comfortable no recliner but arm rest goes up 4 fun

Larry Terrell

The staff here is rude and could care less about their customers. We were celebrating an anniversary with a rare movie without the kids. We drove 45 minutes and rushed through dinner to make the movie. When we got there, the lady at the door told us that they had decided not to have the advertised 9:30 showing. No remorse, not even a “sorry about that”. We have been coming here for years and putting up with the staff but after tonight, they won’t get any more of my money.

The Kellers

Very clean,modern and upscale

Phyllis Shook

Excellent experience with my 3 grandkids and myself. Loved the food combinations.


Older is Better! Best rocking chair Movie Theater around and the prices are reasonable for both tickets and concessions. I personally like going there to see a movie on the full size downstairs screen. Been going here since I was a child. It's the REAL Deal!

Thomas Prendergast

Great theater with 1970 prices.

billy butler

Best theater for kids and anyone not wanting to be price gouged

Gail Ketchie

Always so much fun at the Carolina Theater. Lots of variety in their movies, great price, of course, at $3 a ticket. Really good popcorn and drinks, too. Love the atmosphere.

Kara Dune

Great price for admission. Also great concession stand. Can get tickets, food and drinks for less than admission to regular theatre. Pleasant staff

Virgie Coffey

Very reasonable prices on movies and very polite employees.

jonathan angeles

Love this place. Its makes for wonderful little dates. We try to come as often as we can. The showings are usually never crowded. Really good place.

Vicki Caldwell

Feeling grateful to have a well kept,clean, nice theater to go to for such a reasonable cost!! Wonderful that you can afford to bring the whole family. Love it.

Terry Craig

Always good at Carolina Theater.

tonya collier

Older theatre but great price on tickets.

Christopher Sharpe

Always wonderfull

Patricia Branam

Great prices on movies and concessions.

Teresa Alvarado

I live this place. Old fashion and very clean. Prices are fantastic.

Gary Mikami

Great Value, my wife and I saw 'Fantastic Beasts' The Crimes of Gindelwald.

Brian Barrier

Great price and enjoyed our movie. Nice theater.

Nicole McCoun

Always a great time here, super cheap and make sure to support them at the concession stand!

Oranna Day

This is a good place to watch movies

Crystal Thomas

Good area, clean and very resonable prices.

Judy Bolick

Clean, reasonably priced and quiet theatre. Pleasant staff too.

Debbie Dalton

Just $3 for movies. Love this place.

Brenda ocampo-alamilla

Nice place ppl verry nice

Judo Aaron Allison

I just discovered this place, and I was skeptical about how it would be. However, I had a really great time! The theater was clean, comfortable seating, great sound, and clear picture! Furthermore, could not beat the price! Also, the location is really great if you want to grab some food or a beer at Hickory Tap Room before the film.

Barbara Breeden

Good movie setting but to high on food and drinks

Susie Walsh

Ticket prices can't be beat. Refresments reasonbilty priced also. Thertre clean.

Greg Smith

Great price! New comfy seats!

Valerie Carpenter

Ridiculous to have to sit outside up to a few minutes before you're movie. Especially in this summer heat!

joker ly

Best place to watch a movie for less

Gaara 537

Been going my entire life and not once was disappointed.

Linda Holloway

Best movie deal in town. Love this place.

Jennifer Ellis

Love the old style theater feel but with the benefit of an excellent sound system and super comfy rocking chairs. Tix are far cheaper than other theaters and concessions are a tad cheaper too.

C Shomaker

Love going to this theater. It brings back memories of what a theater use to be.


Nice, clean, looks to be recently renovated. Comfortable seats(you can lift the arm rest; to be able to set closer) and very clean restrooms. Family atmosphere. Only 3 bucks each. Worth it. Worth it. Worth it

Brianna Alton

We love this place! We've gone to see various movies, had a birthday party there too. I love that its affordable. Birthday party was awesome. They're super accomdating. The chairs are upgraded and very comfortable.

Barbara Barcomb

Inexpensive and family friendly

Mallory Sweet

An awesome value. Everything is a great price from the tickets to concessions.

Cathy Straight

The Carolina Theater is a true Hickory GEM! Great theater, good food, comfortable seats...all for $3! How lucky are we!

Edward Dant

Definitely our favorite theater!

Marista Powers

Cheap prices. Love this place.

Meredith Moore

Great Coke Icees, Popcorn and location

Steph Dreamer

Super affordable price and has all the great movies great seating.

Tom Brown

Nice older theater with second run movies

Rocío Zavala

I've had a great and awesome experience here, they always have awesome movies to watch every weekend something new.. I love how it is only $3 bucks very cheap and reasonable.. I recommend coming here, if you have not been here yet. And the staff are very sweet people and very welcoming.

Stephanie Ford

I always enjoy going here, cant beat the prices.

Michael Lee

Love the Carolina Theater. Great movies at an unbeatable price with affordable concessions. We look forward to going every time.

Jessica Lowe

Clean and good prices

antoinette mckelvain

You can't go wrong with $3 dollar movies. The movie we seen was in the upper theatre so it was even better to me. And the movie was good too. Seen Aladdin.

Miss V Duran Doll

Great place and comfortable seats! Not recliners but cushiony and comfy! Cant beat the price!

Jamie Goble

Nice people. Family oriented. Fair pricing.


Decent ticket price and food price!! Reccomend waiting another month or two to save your money and go here. The seats are even more comfortable than the AMC theater! Friendly staff as well!

Betty Ruppe

I love this place! Very clean, pleasant restrooms, $3 movies, and we paid only $4.75 for as an extra large buttered popcorn. (refills are half price) There's parking on the street in front of the theater, and a parking deck across the street.

Carmen Gaston

If you can wait to see blockbuster films, going to Carolina theater is a great option. Enjoy watching movies and getting food at reasonable prices!!!

Tim Simmons

The staff at Carolina are so helpful and nice, it's a fun family place to go see a movie

Skye Cook

Great prices friendly clean

Tara Bass

It is awesome here and we loved the movie overcome we watched their tonight! Awesome popcorn candy and drinks!

Dab Harris

Great atmosphere , friendly people

Melyssa Berta

Beautiful! Reminds me of going to the theater when I was a kid. Now I can take my kids there too! Love it and they don't price gouge you either. More memories to come I know

Jennifer Hall

The gaming birthday for my son was a success. He and the boys loved it!

Lisa Hobbs

I prefer gonna here. Great movie and staff. Much less expensive than other theater. Only thing is catching what movie you like playing. For price you can't beat it.


It's lit over there

Richard Williams

Awesome place, Christian atmosphere. Can't beat the price.

Brenda boggs

We love this place! Its It's only $3 per ticket. It is clean and welcoming and the staff is great :). We are regulars.

brandon dula

EDIT! 2019 almost expensive as amc discount Tuesdays. just raised prices again. 7 dollars for the lg popcorn. Almost not worth it anymore. All the movies are at least 2 months old. why do concessions keep rising if you aren't doing anything to update the building/amenities?

Mark Hanson

Nice retro theater. Good prices.

Lazandrea Suggs

Good place to watch recent movies that have been released before they go to DVD or streaming services.

Nelson White

Seen a movie and had popcorn , drink, and candy for twenty dollars. Two people

Skyla Torres

It’s worth all the money you spend and it’s not a lot that you spend!! Never thought a place like this could ever be open and affordable now days!! But guess what it is and the staff are amazing super sweet and even the older gentleman that was behind food counter and that came in to watch scary stories movie!! Popcorn was amazing and place was so nice and well taken care of

Laura Cannon

The best place to go and see a movie

Johanna Weiss

Good they have something like this

Tia Hanks

Love this theater. Perfect family fun, super up to date comfy seating.

Tonya Wehnau

Super affordable. Can still enjoy the movie and all the goods without breaking the bank. But still have good quality in sound and seats!!!! Love this place.

Teresa Patterson

You can't find a better deal in town. Comfortable seats to go along with very cheap movie tickets. Also, the popcorn, etc are very low priced too.

Cathy Noland

I love going to this movie theater, because of the cheap ticket and concession prices


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