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REVIEWS OF Carolina Mall Cinema IN North Carolina

shannon stapleton

No longer a box office for the box office? It appears they can no longer afford to pay someone to man the ticket booth so, now you have to purchase tickets from the concession counter. We had to stand in line waiting for people to order their tickets and now also drinks, popcorn, and candy. What should have been a quick trip through the ticket line turned into over ten minutes waiting to find out the line we were in could only take cash because the card reader on that register was broken. If they hadn't opened another register to take credit purchases at this point, I would have left before waiting in another line all over. Not a great experience.

Vita Marie

I like this theater. It has comfortable seating, large theaters and multiple showings of current movies. My family and I go here whenever a new block buster movie is released. We are guaranteed to get seats together and a show time we call all agree on.

Snuggle Bunny

Good movie...Good snacks,new interactive app to earn points...while waiting.

Keira Russell

If you come to see a movie here come to the 10:30 matinee!! It's awesome! It's cheap and not crowded. The employee's seem super happy at that time of day. It's a totally different environment. I won't come any other time if I can help it. The theater is clean (not that it isn't normally anyway) Just an overall pleasant experience! Enjoy!

Tonya Oliphant

Group experience was excellent. Great customer service.

Joyce Kirkpatrick

My husband and I love this theater! The facility is clean. The staff is great, and food is reasonable. No complaints at all!

Ashlyn Ortiz

Very inexpensive. Only bad thing is that the first two rows recliners where broken. But awesome

Connell Campbell

Not a big theater but the experience once in the movie was that same as at a big theater chain

Mike Powell

Pricing for the movies is nice but the cleanliness needs improvement.


Great prices and convenient!

Matthew Hatfield

Decent place to watch a matinee movie. Suffers from efforts to reduce staff. Could be cleaner.

Damaris Trapp

Great theater. Matinee prices were the best! Small, cozy theater seating was comfortable. Temps and sounds were perfect. Totally enjoyed the whole experience.

Charlie Buehler

Great older theater for the price

Bernard Joseph

Great family experience not the fanciest place but great place

Jordan Mcilwain

Very cheap. Its amazing.

Katie Romano

We love going here to see a movie. It's not super plush, but the chairs are comfy and they rock. The theatres are always clean and the staff friendly! And a family of 4 can see a movie with snacks for under $30!

Eric Figueroa

Great deal. Nice enviroment.

Jessica Holiday

Great place. I do like recliner chairs but for the money you save I would recommend going here. The popcorn is FREE refills! You cannot beat that. That bathroom was clean for the most part, they did need to clean the sink. However, overall a great experience.

Rah English

Love the prices here. However, it's never nice and clean inside. It makes my skin crawl looking at all of the trash lying around.

purple kyng3121

This place is down the street from me I love it cheap and the staff is nice . I go to the movies almost weekly now because of the price

Keya Brisco

I was a little hesitant about going since the ticket prices was so low (I think $5 for a 3 pm show on Saturday) but we wanted to see the Infinity War movie so badly. The place was clean, organized and the staff friendly and professional. Definitely worth the 15 to 20 minute drive.

Colby Brooks

Great prices on tickets. Competitive prices for concessions. Older theater but for less than $5 you can't complain.

Amber malone

One of my favorite movie theaters

Amanda Viley

Great prices!

Corey Willis

If you like to go to the movies alone this theater is perfect. Tickets are cheap

Jennifer Smith

Great place to go watch a movie! Much cheaper than Concord Mills

Jeremy Johnson

Good place and nice. Buy everything

jackdagger9349 _

Amazing movie theater

chicken mcnugget

Fun place to go when they are not slammed pack for opening. Early bird movies are my favorite cause you get low cost tickets & most times have access to the comfy recliners up front.

walter atkins

Saturday nearly bird is best movie deal in town

Kevin Oliphant

You can't ask for another place to see a movie.

Your Boi's Gaming and Vlogs

Amazing cinema with many choices of movies.


The gum on my seat a baby crying the whole time and bending machine is broke but they have great prices

Lynne Hughes

Everyone nice, video games not open. Love matinee prices

Betsy Hollis-Brand

Clean, prices for matinee and night movies very reasonable.

Antwain Peay

1st at this movie theater. Went to see Crawl. Great movie and theater was nice and clean. Great prices on tickets and combos on food and drinks.

Joshua Wambach

Prices are good. Friendly workers!!

ManOf God

Power went out. Got refunded tickets. Favorite movie place

Jimm Cobb

Seats were awesome! Almost a little TOO comfy! The sound was spot on. Overall I had a really nice time!

Tamara Williams

The both of us enjoyed the movie Thanks Babe

raven cross

Pretty good

Deana Beaver

Clean, inexpensive and not crowded! Perfect movie venue.

Adam Measimer

Great uncrowded place to go watch a movie at a cheaper price

Misty LeLa

Went to see a great movie with my child. Kind of cold

Devin Beaver

One time i saw a movie it was cool. I like movie. Movie is purrty cew

ML Caldwell

Great prices on new movies. Family of four enjoyed an afternoon at the cinema w/ popcorn & drinks for under $40, which is unheard of these days.

Arthur Barnette

Great place to go for the latest movie releases. Cheaper tickets in the afternoon.

Tonya Yow

Great prices and very friendly staff. Awesome place for the whole family!

Barbara Barr

Great big seats. I thought they would recline with a foot stool. I couldn't put my feet on the ground. Very uncomfortable for me. I had to keep readjusting my body. Several times I sat on the edge of the seat and sat straight up.

Yvonne Young

Popcorn was fresh and the staff was nice.


I would give it 5 stars if the reclining chairs had working foot rests like most of the cinemas in this area. The chair back reclines but the foot rest does not come up.

Joseph Pilon

This place used to be the place to go for a movie. Unfortunately, they have not changed much since those days. Where recliners and reserved seating used to be the exception it is now the norm. Unfortunately, this cinema hasn't kept up. Given the choice, I'll go somewhere else.

Suzette Dajah

The attendant we had was awesome. I was in the middle of paying for my family's tickets and she NOTICED my little one and said wait... are they under three? I said yes why? She said they are FREE. I was in awe. Most people do not take the time to notice things like that. She actually helped save me money. Who would not like that?? After the rest of my family arrived, we went to the snack stand and there she was, offering deals again. I wish I remembered her name but, movie attendant with the glasses... YOU ARE AWESOME.... Thank you for actually caring for the people that you service.

Linda Grebler

Cheap movies! Not AMC crazy pricing. Snacks are a little too pricey. And no Buncha Crunch. :(

Kevin Newman

I like the classic feel and the low prices.

Jonathan Aguilar

Everythings great may not be up to date with everything but the staff were great good food and drinks

Sheila Williams

Cheap tickets! Great combo prices! Comfy recliner seats on the front row! Foot rest doesn't come out, tho. And my recliner didn't work, but the cushion was still comfortable.

Alexis Riley

A great little place!

Roslind Wiseman

Nice prices

Maria S.

Get there early and sit up front in one of the large, comfortable, leather recliners. Can't beat the price!

Eduardo Cruz

Cozy place to enjoy with family or friends. Very recommended!

Al Dirusso

Great place to go for a movie. Less crowded and better prices than the big theaters

Viral Videos

Ok place, they need to fix a few things up and maybe update the arcade area

Desira Phillips

Great intimate theater. My favorite place.

Tanya Aragunde

Superb matinee prices!! Concession cheap as well. Family of 6 and lots and I mean lots of snacks, cost us for the movie and snacks $55 and change. Super comfy seats, just wish the reclined. Hope to return again.

Amazon Prime

. I need to be remodeled the bathrooms the the seats need to be remodeled updated it has a very old smell but I think it's got the best popcorn the best employees they real nice and even though I can need some work the employees make you want to come back

Alyse B

great theater and concession prices with the same big screen!

David Smith

I always enjoy going to the movies at the Carolina mall is clean the people are nice and just has a good ambience I will be back this whole summer enjoy the various movies that they will be showing they have a great concession stand everything's very reasonable

Cullen Spivey

Excellent place to see a movie. Great service

Shari Whiting

Nice theater close to home. The tickets are cheaper than the bigger places and the snack bar is super reasonable with the combo prices. The seats are still the old seats unless you sit in the very first row. I hope they do some updating with the new style type of reclining chairs.

Larry Gray

Great theater and has senior pricing.

Anthony Harper

Classic theater a cute girl too fun arcade

Ronnie Miranda

Ticket price are great

Megan Helms

Too many kids being loud and rude during the movie. It took everything I had to not start a fight or walk out and ask for my money back. Why would teenagers under 18 be in a R rated movie anyways??? Worst experience ever.

Sherry Hammonds

Cool, but real cheap. $3.97 per person.

St B

Going to this cinema is great due to less traffic. With Concord PD being staged outside between the entrances & exits, it makes me feel a little safer when our children want to go with dates or friends. I would like the cinema to get a little busier with cleaning the seats & floors. Some of the mess looks like it's been there for weeks. If they work on those areas, I would definitely kick it up to 5 Star's

Susan Lambert

Good affordability. Nice no frills theater.

Jonathan Bledsoe

Good value theater

Edward Murphy

Good movie Mall my wife loves going there

jacob acompanado

Cheaper than the other movie theaters around. The theaters themselves are cleaned up, never have had any problems with this place. It's my go to for movie watching to save money.


Good service and reasonable concession prices

Nicole Griffith

Love coming here

Eugenia Bowers

I love this theater because tickets are typically only $5 popcorn is $5 and easy cheap date for my daughter we love this movie theater

Angel Figueroa

This is a very good movie theater but my only thing with this is that why have a contact number and no one can come to the phone to answer questions on the movies tickets or if it sold out or not I need answers before I change my rating.

Dinorah Carr

Its very outdated but the prices for tickets and popcorn are the least expensive around. So cheap it's really worth the small theater and outdated seats. It was great.

Erin Gary

If you like a reclining heated chair then this is NOT your movie theater!! If you just want to sneak away and catch a quick movie before you get the kids then this may work! Or if you have been shopping and want to just have some down time before you go home, this could be a possibility!?! However if you are looking for comfort, in a relaxing chair, with great audio sound and effects then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go somewhere else!!! This was my 1st AND LAST time going here. I am spoiled by spacious reclining seats at other theaters in the area and not willing to sacrifice that comfort for a theater that is close to home. I would rather drive further to another theater to get what I want. The saving grace to this movie theater was the great customer service and the fact that they allow for REAL BUTTER to be poured on your popcorn before you select a popcorn

Pat Amato

Always clean cheap prices and great service

Sandra Williams

Short wait for tickets, the movie was most enjoyable. The pop corn was fresh, service was fast and friendly. The theater is clean and the seat are very comfortable

Angel Taylor

Yes the mall is on the small side but it is clean and has what you need for a great day off shopping.

Trajon Smith

Great place. Cheaper movies and no crazy crowd.

C Smith

Great Theater and Price!!! Very Clean

ty mo

Endgame was ok. Bought my tickets on Fandango had no problem getting in


Employees are always awesome. That's why we come here

Divanation Entertainment

Went to see the Grinch during matinee. Very comfortable

Jeff Bradshaw

Home away from home

Cbella Marie

For the price of everything I love this place. Tickets less than$5. Concessions extra cheap. The seats is recommend wearing pants or something that protects you body parts from actually touching the seat. Also, shoes you don't mind sticking to the floor, outside of that is great. You get what you pay for.

Todd Ostrander

Great prices for early and mid day movies.

Elizabeth Coddington-wade

Nice clean movie theater. Great prices

Catrece Williams

The renovations are great. The seats were comfortable and the bathrooms were clean.


Great early Saturday afternoon matinee prices. Seating is sloped such that there are really no seats where someone's head is in you way like lots of theaters. Well thought out there.

Joyce Ivey

Love this movie theater

Alice Caldwell

The theater is older but they have continued to refresh. The prices are reasonable as well as the snacks. The only issues we ever have are about the employees. They are on their cell phones or having personal conversations and you have to wait to buy your tickets or for them to take your tickets. The restroom can be out of paper towels and there will be three of them standing around the person taking tickets talking about sports or girls or where they are going. We've heard it all.

sherry smith

Outdated. Good pricing!


One of my favorite places to watch a movie. Delicious popcorn especially when it's just been popped. The seats are super roomy and comfortable. The floors are well lit if you happen to come in once the movie trailers have started. It is always nice and clean with plenty of stalls in the ladies bathroom. It is a very nice movie watching experience.

Kim Staples

Very reasonable. Fairly clean - reasonable snack prices compared to other theatres.

Lazy46 Co.

Showed up to watch a movie with my girlfriend but because I’m not 17 I can’t watch a movie. Wouldn’t recommend.

Susan Price-James

I really like Carolina Mall Cinemas.

Delaney Green-Wilkerson

So on 7-19-2019 the family and I along with one of my daughters nurses went to see the Lion King at Carolina Mall Cinemas. Because I have a deaf child, I called ahead and asked if the CC box was available (and compatible) for said movie. I was told it was and we purchased tickets online right then and there. We head in, get our tickets, and ask for the cc box. The manager comes around apologizes and informs us the cc box is not compatible with the movie and simply walks away. With the movie starting in just a few minutes we decided to head in and I made up my mind to speak with this manager one on one once the movie was over. (Keep in mind there are 6 of us attending this movie) My poor child sat in pure boredom the entire movie. It’s not like this was a movie where she could read the characters lips or that the volume was even loud enough so she could feel base changes. It was a total disaster for her. But she never complained and didn’t get upset. And to add insult to injury a fight breaks out behind us where police have to be call.

Retta G

Clean and the people are so nice. You can't beat the price for 1st run movies.

abbi morgan

They are expensive but have good movies

Crystal White

This is a nice theater for family I enjoy coming here and the prices are good during the day they just need to update the theater chairs a little more... Theater and bathrooms were clean and snack area...

Brenda Delaney

Great place

Marvin Tyson

Great price and clean

Dawn Mullis

Awesome! They even helped me carry our food and drinks to our seats! Bathroom was for extremely tiny people only...bigger sizes bathrooms would be a good idea. Besides that it was a great time and the people were so courteous, helpful and pleasant.

Katie Mehta

Nice, clean facility with reasonably comfortable seats. We went to a matinee and loved the cheaper price!

Mary Allen

Saw Black and Blue really good movie, go see it. Carolina Mall Cinema is the place to go.

Melissa Boger

Always the cheaper option of the Concord-area theaters. I have gone here for years and I have always thought it was very clean and good quality.

Yogi Sookdeo

Cheap prices for new movies that come out, tip: sit near the front, the seats are newer and better

Carolyn Baker

Great movie. Overomer

Antonio Aldridge

One of my favorite places to go see movies. Their prices are cheap all around, and they do $3.50 matinee specials on Saturdays.

Marty Celeste

I do enjoy going to see films here when I'm in the states! I can say I do rather miss the cinemas when they were actually INSIDE the mall though!! The place is not too big, as the new places are. Nice roomy lobby area. Always clean theatres and restrooms. The staff is always helpful and very friendly. My only complaint is the same complaint I have with ALL theatres in the states; it's too danged expensive!!! The prices for bless-ed drinks, popcorn, and other snacks is outrageous....and it gets worse each year!! Other than that, this is a great place to catch a flick!!

Keekee Kyrie

Staff was really nice and it wasn't too crowded but the restrooms could use some work

Tundra GuRL

It's affordable and comfortable!

Latesha Dent

Great place I love it

Wanda Tucker

Overcomer is a wonderful movie well worth your time to go seethey are currently not taking debit or credit cards at a this time take cash

Shantal Luna

I love this theater! They are always courteous and you can't beat their prices!


Always friendly staff and great prices for early movies

Sam Mann

Affordable, comfortable, super staff, I don't miss the crowd of THE SUPER MALLS at all!

Vanessa DuMont

Clean. Nice. Good place to see a movie.

Dana Moser

Cheap. Pretty clean for an older theater. Will use it again IF i wanna save a few bucks

Occlisha Miller

Open door... Movie was good... But, loud...

Suzanne Shaffer

Love this cinema. Less expensive than the others and no reserved seats which I can't stand!


Great place for A matinee with the kids. 4 and under free. This place will not break the bank like the big theater companys.

Allison Lopez

One of the best theaters I ever been to, if you are reading this then you should go to it. :)

Adriane Blanks

Love the prices & the popcorn

Zoe sherrill

I love this place it has very good prices

Dawn Todd

Great prices on shows and concession stands! A older building but a great place to enjoy a movie without selling a arm and a leg.

Arian Mackey

Not always the cleanest but great prices

Sunshine Sunshine

Nice mall.

mike jarrell

Great place to watch movies. Affordable and excellent seating and good quality film viewing

Gariesh Martin

Great atmosphere not as busy as other movie theaters.

Michelle Denno

Best discount tickets for early matinee.

Dre Hurst

Nice little movie theater, movies start at $4.50 before 6pm. Can't beat that

Wilma Dene McFadden

My experience may not be the norm because I work for a store in the mall. As a result, I get to enjoy an employee night every once in a while. The employees at the theater are very nice and attentive. The facilities are clean and neat. The theater is family oriented and the seating is roomy and comfortable.

angela murray

The price for tickets is the best around!

Alesha Simmons

The theater is small and the staff has always been friendly and efficient. I have been going to that theater for 5 years and my kids and I enjoy our experience when we go. The theater does need maintenance and a few upgrades but the price is just right and so is the location. I just wish they would fix the broken water fountains, they have been out if order for a long time.


love the little mini games before the movie high quality sound would love to here a little more bass tho!, keep up the good work!

Randy Allman

Reasonable priced movies!


Just saw the Avengers Endgame, 2 adult tickets, popcorn and drink for under $20, what a deal! Yes, it's an older theatre, but the seats are comfy enough and yes, the staff is friendly, concessions are reasonable, and yes, the popcorn was/is delicious, and yes, we'll be back to see more movies now that we've discovered this place


It's a good theater.

Christie Bumgardner

Love this theater. It's old school. Reasonable prices, no recliners, and no reserved seating! Perfect!

Barbara Barringer

Visited JC Penny at Carolina Mall. Found some shorts for my husband; did exchange. Cashier was great. Also visited the Salon. Lady at the reception desk was very helpful.

Coleman Bready

It is a great, smaller Cinema. It is out of the way, so not many people go to it. It also shows the new hit movies there. Some movies need their volume turned up, but that is it. Overall; 10/10 would go watch movies there again.

Nina Vega

My sister invited a few of us to go see a movie, Saturday morning for the half a price ticket sale. The movie was nice and the seats comfortable enough. The only down fall was the one stall bathroom by the movie theaters but going into the common area provided a larger bathroom.

M Murphy

Nice place for a a quick cheap movie

Brian Gullett

Great price. First run movies. Recliner seating.

Richard Burgess

Old school cinema. Sure, everyone loves the new seating in most theaters, but the pricing? This place may not have the allure of the new theaters but the prices are the best in town! Even the snacks have decent pricing!


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