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REVIEWS OF Badin Road Drive-In Theater IN North Carolina

Snuggle Bunny

Love the drive-in! Prices for food and food is ok.$21 dollars for 3 people for 2 movies.

Fear Factory

Great place to watch a movie in the old style drive in way. They are fairly reasonable and offer double features many weekends. Great place for the whole family.

Willliam Jones

Always a good time had lots of fun! Thank yall!

Callie R

I always enjoy this theatre. It is a dying trend that you dont see much of anymore. Its always great to support businesses like this and its pretty inexpensive.

Zilpha Snow

My boyfriend and I went here last night for our date night and had so much fun. There was a family parked near us that were honking their horn and yelling, but there will always be that group of rude people anywhere you go. The concession stand offered a wide variety of things and were very friendly. I suggest renting a $2 radio from them so you don't have to run your battery down on your vehicle. It was overall a great experience.

Steven Williams

Absolutely beautiful and family friendly drive in this place is awesome I highly recommend this for a great family outing.

Bunnie Dazzo

Fantastic little spot that hosts double features for an incredible price.

Patricia Pecorella

Love it here, wish it was closer.

Jami Green

Fun but cold lol

Daniel Lambert

It's a good family out place


Awesome place. Clean playground for the kids. Exiting is fairly quick and easy. Can see your screen easily


Great family fun

Josue Aguilera

Good food awesome people and wonderful service at good prices

betty boop

I had the best time food was awesome! I also met some very friendly people

james coleman

You cannot beat it for the price will be going there again

Amanda Hill

Take a step back in time, reminds me of my childhood. Loved it!!!


Magical Places You Can Go Back In Time Like This They Still Exist- -> Badin Road Drive-In <- Girls Like Me They Do Too~! Even If My Date Tonight Has To Have The Most Gorgous Chocolate Brown Eyes... & Seductive Bark ! I'm Sure He'll Appreciate A Moonlit Stroll Across Low Water Creek Bridge... But Just Once I Wished To Be Asked By A Boy With Eyes The Color Of The Soft Moss That Grows In Shadowed Secret Places Like A Certain Ridge & That's No Story ! TACOS & GUAC. AT THIS LITTLE SECRET LOCATION, FULL MOON, LOW WATER CREEK BRIDGE ROAD, ALBINO DEER, JUMPING OFF ROCK, A REAL GOLD MINE, IN PURSUIT OF BIG FOOT & JESSE JAMES, DRIVE IN MOVIE AT THE Badin Road Drive-In, LUFFA GOURD RETRIEVAL... --- THE BEST MEMORIES COME FROM THE CRAZIEST IDEAS... THINK ABOUT IT... SOMETIME... ;o) PERHAPS THE NEXT FULL MOON ~THE GODDESS OF GLENDON

The Man From RavCon

Nice place, and great to see it's still open! They could seriously use a real "drive-in movie" night though, featuring classic drive-in flicks from the 60s/70s.

wayne trammell

Great time! Love a drive in theater!

Adam Teesdale

What a cool way to watch a movie. Also the people at the snack stand are super. Great date night and prices.

Grant Welch

Neat piece of Americana nostalgia. The movies start later than you think but worth the trip.

Joey Grissom

Great family entertainment. Good selection at the concession stand but popcorn is way over priced. Other items are reasonable.

Marissa Castillo

Love it here. You can watch 2 movies for $7 for adults and $5 for kids.

Jance Kennedy

Awesome place I just love it. People are great.

robbie moose

Great place to take the family and see a movie.

Steven Baker

Retro fun. Entry can be a bit slow, especially near the start time. If you want a good spot, get there early. It's cash only, so be prepared as the ATM is slow and inside the concession stand.

Desiree Arzuaga

Loved it , it was our first time going and we really enjoyed it and the food is very good. Plus there's a play ground for children.

Alvis Snow

Love the experience.

Ruffin Villard

Best experience I've ever had in a theatrical setting because I could take my children with me. 5&3 yrs old . We saw 2 movies and before the movie started the kids played at the park. Worth the 1hr 30 minute drive. The speaker's were turned up all the way on everyone's car and concession area so even if you had to leave for lavatory you could still hear the movie. I could even hit my E-cig. (Heaven for movie lovers) I suggest half way through charging your battery if you see a double feature. Just keep your speakers up and headlights off.

Jon Bogdonsky

We go a few times a month and just love this place. Good food, great price for two feature films. Great staff. The guy at the ticket booth is super friendly and a blast to chat with. Great experience overall. Only negative comment is that some of the rules don't seem to be enforced very well.

Elsie Mufuka

The ticket guy was so nice. We ended up staying there in the town coming from charlotte. Excellent family getaway

rita blevins

Can't be the price ! Two movies for price of one !! Make sure you don't liter . Great to share with the grad babies

Brandie Vivas

I LOVE taking my kids to the drive-in. Super nostalgic, fun, and comfy

tom monk

Place was awesome would definatly go again.

Donnie Chavis

Its nice and safe for my whole family

Dewight Haynes

It was great had a awesome time

Matthew Overcash

Love this place! Good service and people!

Mandy Baxley

If you have the chance, go visit! Two movies each time and honestly the best way to watch a new movie!

Sierra Morris

Amazing place, been going since I was a kid. Food is off the chain. Its a great spot and i hope they stay forever.

Cheryl Spencer

Good old fashioned drive in. Definitely worth the drive.

Lisa M

Two screens with double features and a playground for the kiddos! Loved it!

Renee Snow

I loved it i hadnt been to a drive movie in many years. Still great!!

Ken U

Such a cool cool cool experience that brings you back to when you were a kid in the seventies but updated and super neat. The food prices were extraordinary low as well as the tickets. Definitely a thing to do in North Carolina even though it's an hour away from Charlotte

Andrea Lehrer

This place is a must. No joke. If you don't go here at least once, I'm afraid your life wouldn't be complete and the Almighty may send you back at the end for a re-do. Even if you aren't married or going to make-out or something. There's a playground for kids, and if you need a jump start at the end for playing the tuner longer than your vehicle's battery allows, there's peopled golf cart type vehicle's that come around to boost you- and they play current films.

country Girl

Great for the kids, good quality for a drive in. Foods good and decently priced. The play ground could stand some repairs but still a good place for a Friday or Saturday night with the family dogs welcome. Tailgating allowed small grill.

Tiffany C

Love going to the movies here. It is tradition for our family to go at least once every summer.

Tammi Johnson

Had a great time!

Daniel Leonard

Love this place

Chase Iler

It was so fun and the food was really good. The only bad thing was some people had their radios way too loud.

Elizabeth Monaco

Food for a great price. Icecream was good. The movie was great. Peaceful night watching It Chapter 2 with a full moon

tiffany gaddy

Love going here. I've been going here since I was a child and always loved watching movies here.

Jammie Cockman

I love this place! My family and I have been coming here for years. Ideal for families with rowdy kids. Your car speakers are your sound system or you can sit outside the car with a boom box. They have good food or you can bring your own. It's a great bargain for families on a budget. I highly recommend the drive in.

Robert Meeks

This was the first time I've actually been to a drive in theatre, the process to get in was smooth and the tickets were a great deal. The food selection was more than expected too, their milkshakes were excellent! Only knock I can give is the over the air advertising of food combo deals being broadcast over the movie audio, missed some dialogue because of it.

Aaron James

Great experience, been here a few times and personally enjoyed it. Recommend it heavily, two movies for the price cannot be beat.


Fun times and good milkshakes

A Davis

Loved having this experience! Wish they had speakers available - our vehicle speakers didn't quite do the job. :( We didn't know we had to use our own stereo Badin Driv-In had the classic concession stand options, and clean restrooms!

Laura Patterson

My family loves movie night here!

Jerry Dixon

The movie was great, but the food was terrible and needs lots of improvement, the burgers were way to sloppy and the French fries were cold and tasted like old grease. I will go back and watch a movie, but we will not order any food.

Robert S

Just wanted to say thank you.I got share my childhood experience with my kids.The only difference is the speakers not placed on door glass and today’s generation is little more disrespectful but far as the drive in hope it keeps going for many years. Thank You

Matt Hinson

Drove over am hour to visit badin drive in, and it was worth it! Great people and a great experience!

LeAnn Weise

Love this place, $7 12+ $5 6-11 5 under free, cheap food, play ground 2 screens awesome

David E. Ellis III

It was a great experience, brought back some old memories.

Misty Swink

Great place for family fun. We had a great time!

Christopher Brown

Love it... this place reminds me of when I was a kid not many around here anymore its great to be able to take my kids ..I would take them every weekend but it's an hour ride for us

Renee Hines

Family friendly drive in that offers two screens and two movies for a very reasonable price!

Chris Clark

Always great entertainment and their concessions aren't expensive like theatres and lots more to choose from. Two movies for $7 per person, can't beat it. And they are new releases, not movies that have been out for a few weeks then shown here. Like this weekend, Halloween was released, it was shown on release date. Next weekend is the 1978 Halloween and followed by the New Halloween 2018.

Micah Griffin

This theater is excellent. The screen is good, the audio is clear and crisp, the bathrooms are very clean, and the food is tasty and well priced. Great movie going experience.

Destiny Tidwell

Me and my family absolutely love coming to the drive in theater. Great family place. My kids love the play ground. It woulda got 5 stars but we went to the concessions stand and they were SOLD OUT of popcorn??? How does a movie place sell out at 930pm.. The movie just started at 915? My 4 and 2 year olds immediately started crying.. And they need to try and control were people park for certain movies. We cannot enjoy the incredibles at the very top in front of the screen because the people around us are playing jurassic world on loud speakers. Just a disappointment this time.. Which is a shame because we love it here.

Dwayne Allen

Always a good time to be had here

Team Family

Always a fun time! Enjoy the food & the play area for kids before the movies start!

Mary Carter

Best place for the night , of fun and first run movies. Great people, work there. Go and see ,you will enjoy it

chris Regrut

So much fun to be able to enjoy a movie and a fresh breeze

Demond Whiteside

Love this place, Diamond in the Rough

nathan kline

Clean, well managed grounds. Clear and good-sized screens. Nice selection of first-run movies. Very reasonable admission prices. Good selection of food and snacks at the well organized concessions stand. My family drove over an hour and will certainly return!

Suzette W Diorio

Needs more family movies to be able to bring my children to enjoy, otherwise I would have rated 5 stars. Great place, good food and atmosphere. Safe spot for good family fun as long as they aren't showing all rated R movies.

St B

Great family fun for a Friday/Saturday night. They always show the most current movies, you really can't beat the $7 entry price for TWO movies. It's fun to load up the cooler with drinks for the family, while enjoying a Domino's pizza and wings! It really makes for a fun evening.

Crystal Johnson

Always a great experience

Laura Philips

Great prices and atmosphere. Love that they have new movies. Did go see endgame and it may just be the movie but at times it seemed really dark, hard to see.

Scott Gardner

They manage to keep the cost very low. 2 first run movies for the price of one! Very good value.

Extremely Coco

Awesome and they accept military discount

Kellie Jo Mcdowell

Great time

Eddie Webb

This place is awesome!

Jeff Steiner

Awesome drive in. Food selection is great at the concession stand. Playground needs a little work and to be safer.

Rebecca Palafox

Great place for the whole family. We absolutely had a blast. Prices 4 the double feature and concessions are reasonable. The whole experience was way better then your conventional movie theater.

Ty Mahan

The parking needs to be more structured, if you're not early, you're not getting a good view.

Daniel Thompson

Amazing place for the whole family. Worth the drive.

Kirk Watts

Great venue for movies. Admission for adults is $7, kids $5 (in a certain age range...) and free for toddler aged. Admission gets you two movies. Really enjoyed the two screens. I watched "Joker" while my wife and kids watched the newly released Adam's Family" and "E.T." I joined them for E.T. since the previous week I watched "IT Chapter 2" and "Rambo: last blood". Grill on site with decent prices and delishish food. Audio plays through radio. You can rent a portable radio while you are there. Will need $2 and an ID. Only open on Friday and Saturday nights. Watch new releases the week they come out and catch some cenima classics.

Mitchell HAas

Better than Disney!

Abbie Holder

My only complaint is that there isn't more details on their website. Can you bring in food? Yes. Can they recommend an app for you to use for Bluetooth purposes? No The price for their food was great. We got a large Dominos pizza with an order of nachos and a bag of popcorn for 20 bucks.

Amy West

Fun place .. good people. Movie screen was great .. only thing that could have made it better was other movie not being so was action film and could hear it over our movie at times.

Tony Tyner

Great place.

william long

My wife and I gone with our family, our son was bored of the movie since he has ADD, but other than that lion king was okay.. quality was great, sound was good. I just think that cars should have front rows then suvs then trucks in the back. Bathrooms needed to be cleaned really bad, the need to have extra toilet paper and paper towels in the bathrooms. Other than that as a first time going there it was pretty great.

raheim jones

Visited once no complaints thus far. Will be coming again and again

Brenner Cobb

Great experience. Staff was helpful, and the screen was easy to see. Reasonable prices similar to an indoor theater. This place does draw crowds on Friday and Saturday nights, though, so I would recommend going earlier in the evening.

Jade Blackwood

Childhood memories, great staff, and truly just a good place.

Michael Swanson

Awesome. Good amount of food to pick from. Parking is great. Restrooms clean.

Jennifer Miller

Awesome place to watch new releases, second only to an IMAX theatre. Best to get there an hour or two early for a good spot, especially if you are in a small car. Great "fair-style" food (I recommend the funnel fries!) and clean bathrooms as well!

Felipe Allende

Great place, quality of video and sound were great, lots of space

Many Bullins

Had a real good time with my kids

Frost Bite

Love the movies always something new

Karen Hunt

Everything was alot of fun. Concession stand has good food n service. Great time.

Joe Powell

My girls enjoyed it

James Godfrey

It was good

McKenzie,keegan Gendreau

Love this place. You get two movies for the price of one. They have two screens. So you get to choose. Which movies you want to watch. Nice people great food and milk shakes

April Neese

It's awesome

Afram Inc.

Great spot to watch a movie! Haven't been to one of these things in over a decade, but well worth it. Parking easily accessible even has a playground pre-show to entertain the kids.

Katelyn Priffitt

This place is a lot of fun for the whole family

Ryan Van

So cool! Great quality. Sound is played through a radio station.

Shadow Stryder

Still the best option for a date or family night out! The comfort of your living room ( smoke, drink, and munchies ) whether your reclining in your car seats or tailgating, & you still get to watch two first run movies! I'm elated that they are still open when so many drive-ins have closed, everyone needs to go as frequently as they can, we do, so they know how much we appreciate them!

Wes South

Awesome drive in, ticket prices are very fair. Only improve I'd suggest is for them to start ads and previews earlier, movie didn't actually start until after 9:30pm. Went to see a kids movie, over an hour drive home so it made for a long and late night for the kids. Other than that we really enjoyed it.

heather iler

Never had been to a drive-in but will definitely be going back to this one. Good food and affordable prices for movies.

James Amaker

Our family loves this place. We've been coming here 7 yrs. Now with our baby boy we are gonna be coming for another 18 yrs.

Heather Cope

I have been coming here since I was a kid. They have upgraded the screens and the movie quality is pretty awesome. Their popcorn could be better but the food is pretty good!

Wendi Waddell

Love this drive-in & the whole atmosphere! Great prices & friendly staff!

keeta griffin

Good family atmosphere.

daniel rhodes

Not sure why I tried here, maybe to just get out for once to beat the movie theater price. Nachos for $6.00 was over priced, popcorn was burnt, and I can't believe you got to take an order for a fountain drink. I know it's outside and all, but the movie originally started at 1845 or 6:45 PM from online, and I'm here till now writing my post. I added a photo to show that we can make the times a little more accurate as in "Google it." Not from around here, but when they ask you for "ame of the order" it's "Name!" Just need speak up who ever is working the front. I'm timing it to see if Google is right about the time for when it's dark and it is now 2030 or 830 PM it's dark enough to play and I'm still waiting. This place gets packed just before 2000 or 8 PM. There's a sign in the window where you pay that says no refunds so don't expect one. The only thing I can say is positive is the picture quality is awesome for a drive in.

Courtney Markle

Great prices for movie tickets and for concessions. Such a great place to come with the whole family! We drive in from an hour away a few times each summer, if we were closer we'd be there all the time. The playground does need a lot of updating, be cautious if your little ones play on it. It has quite a few places that my kids got pinched and scratched from last week.

Charlene Bulla

Very nice!! No troubles, good parking, very nice evenin,when the sun goes down. Worth the 50 min drive.

Nolan Barber

Get place for family and very kid friendly. Fun and exciting to still be able to experience movies the way they were back in the 60's. I recommend this to any family to come out and have a great time at the drive in

Jeff Henley

5 stars Good movies /Good price

Pauline Spears

Good price, good location.

SandraLou2 G

Great, inexpensive (movies & concessions) family fun.

Dustin Palmer

My wife and I were in town on buisness and couldnt resist going once we found out. They have a great thing going and sad to see only a few of these around. The price was great and food and ice cream from concession stand were great. So happy this drive in is still going strong

Amanda Sneed

Love this place always have a great time with our teenagers people do sweet good movies good food glad they are open it's nice to have a drive in to go to with the kids so they can experience it huge screens great fun

Keita Bowers

Great experience to have at least once!

Lauren Sabotta

I positively adore this place. It's amazing. Not only is it just $7 per adult but you get 2 movies and the little snack area isn't expensive either. This is the perfect Friday night for cheap.

sammy torres

Awesome place for date nights or family nights. Food is a bit pricey but friendly staff. If you want a good spot get there early

Gamer Bekah

2 screens, double the satisfaction! Great staff and great food.

Janeka Johnson

It was a great family experience. Easy to get to from Charlotte. The prices were very reasonable especially since we saw a double feature. The order of the movies could have been planned out a little better. They should always put the most action packed movie last. The restrooms were pretty clean & stayed that way well into the second feature which I thought was amazing. All in all it was a great family experience.

Magan Smith

Great time at this drive in!! Since I went I have been telling everyone to go, great experience and I will definitely be back!!!

Bradley Queen

Nice place

Alescia Brown

Love this place.....!

Brittany Anderson

Great fun for the family or a date night.

Ms. Tootsie

We a great date night. First time at a drive inn theater

Eddie Arms

Good movies with a beautiful night sky!

Jennifer Loza

My family goes here very often. We like all the movies. We love the food and the staff is friendly. I just wish the playground could get a friendly upgrade. A lot of parts are broken and wobbly. Most kids just run around playing tag in the grassy area.

James Davis

Well I drove an hour been years sence I came even brang my dog( service dog) and had a truck park behind me then move infront of me couldn't see a thing, keep in mind he is not in a correct parking place not wanting to be a rude you know what I just made an complaint and nothing was ever done. The "grounds keeper" for tonight (June 29th) drive past a few times I even offered to move if the truck wasnt but yet nothing was ever done. So I will NOT be returning. Lifes isn't fair by far but please be respectful.

Jamila Northington

A place to create great family memories and take your family to two movies for a great deal

Deborah Smith

Cheap way to see movies. $7 for two movies

Tre Allen

Great drive-in

Derrick Plyler

Wonderful experience.

Alison Franco

This is one really cool place! Good food too!

Kate Harman

They had a good choice in movie options, the food was good, and the playground was good for keeping smaller kids entertained before the movies. Would recommend for everyone looking for a relatively cheap night out.

Chris Dixon

Really nice to still have a Drive In fairly nearby!!!! Very good pricing!!!!

chloe jackson

Great place to go and enjoy family time, price is really cheap for two movies!!

Sean Murray

Its decent. Could be bigger but I'll go again.

Deanne Stephens

Took forever to get ice cream then kids kept riding through on a jeep every so often. They didn't stop people from coming in and they would bright light you watching movie.

Robert Wilder

Double feature of the newest movies for great rate. Good family fun and lots to do close by for little cost, make a day trip.

Lakrysha Sanderson

It was nice. My kids enjoyed it. Was a little annoyed because the second movie took forever for them to start it due to technical difficulties. My battery ended up giving out on me, so I would recommend getting the radio from them. They are very helpful if you need a jump though. Overall not bad and might go back.

Samantha Drake

Always a fun time! Prices are great! You can see 2 movies that are in the theater here cheaper than you can go and see 1 moive at a theater! The only downside is when other vehicles have their radio up ridiculously loud and you hear it over yours and they are watching the other movie! This place has 2 screens so they play 2 different movies at the same time and when those are over they play 2 more different movies. So you have lots to pick from. But it's a great family experience! @glittergirl610

Donnie Plyler

Love, love going to the drive-in. Dated there, now take our grandkids. Happy memories.

Joshua Odom

This place is awesome! Just make sure u get there early or a good spot might be impossible I got there an hour early and was shocked that they were already almost packed, and bring a radio or be prepared to leave your car on for length of movie

Helen Tilkins

This a nice Drive-in theater with two screens. I had know problem seeing the screen from any angle when I walked around. It has a small concession stand. The sound was good from the radio I rented for the movies.

Denin Picotte

Nice sound. Nice video quality. Polite manager.

Ronald Plyler

Great place to sit around a car or in a truck and watch a good movie with family or friends. Good food and drinks. However in today's world there are people that sit in their cars run the AC with no thought of groups of people sitting around them. Exhaust and hot motor engine . These people need to stay at home or go to the walk in theater.

Kinley Smith

Wonderful for date night

Kelly Challand

Not too many drive-in theaters left. I went last night for the first time and had fun. Great atmosphere. Hell, where else can you get a full pizza for $12. I only wish I lived closer.


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