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REVIEWS OF a/perture cinema IN North Carolina

Beth Spainhour

Small and cozy, super friendly staff - great films.

Jordan Burleson

I really enjoy this theater because it gives locals an opportunity to see films that don't hit the big theaters. I love that they help out and are featured in the River Run Film Festival each year and are plugged into the local community. It is great to catch a show midweek for the same price as a matinee elsewhere.

Clifton Greene

Jonathan Leger

A/perture is a great little theater. I wish their screens were a little lower on the wall, though. You almost have to stare up the ceiling to watch the movie. In fairness I got used to it after a few minutes. I'm rather hard of hearing and the volume was pretty low as well. I can hear fine in mainstream theaters. So maybe they could turn it up a bit. Still, it was a great experience and my wife and I are already planning our next movie outing here. Side note: It's amazing how few people mess with their cell phones during the movies at an indie film house! Is it because they're smarter? Hmm...

Graham Hayes

Christine McCormick

Great place. Adult beverages. Comfortable seating. Watch the movies not in the mainstream. Special events too

Matthew Morris

Nice place for a drink and a movie.

Ed David

Awesome collection of films. Really nice place.

Doug Angle

This is a solid local theater that plays movies that may sometimes be hard to find elsewhere, as well as popular ones. The movies actually start on time, just about, which I really appreciate. The screens are fairly small, but for the movies that they choose to show, they’re fine. It’s not really a place to see the big blockbusters, but for what they do, they do it well. And it’s non profit so you’re helping out in some sense. Tickets also cheaper than larger theaters

Candelas Gala

The film, Vanilla, was a weak comedy built on cardboard-type characters usually found in sitcom shows. The whole film was gimmicky, and characters came through as false even when pretending to be open.

Lynne Yengulalp

Hip place.


I love this nonprofit theater! I wish their popcorn was a bit tastier. My only advice is to get there early. The rooms are smaller and it is easier to sell out. Great place!

Gabriel Young

It's a small cinema, with four screens, the one I saw much smaller than a traditional one. It creates a much more intimate feeling, like you are in some rich persons basement screening a movie. We were also introduced to the film by an employee, so it can be really hands on. Concessions are artsy as well, you can get gourmet popcorn made in NC, etc. And the movies are going to be more artsy as well, so if that's your thing you should definetely visit. It's a beautiful building.

Sherry Hanes

I love this quaint movie theater downtown Winston-Salem!

Forrrest Pulley

dee tilley

What an awesome time!!!

Greg Moon

Great little independent movie house with four screens. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

D2 B2

When they couldn't show the movie due to technical issues, they would not refund the $$ (2 tix). Gave me 2 movie passes that expired soon after. I don't even live in Winston. You also have to pay for parking in downtown. Very disappointed. Sadly, I won't return, even as much as I enjoy the indie theaters.

Sara M

I love that we have a theater like this in Winston Salem! The atmosphere is modern, yet cozy, with all the amenities you would want in a movie theater plus the fun bonus of local craft beverage offerings. The staff is friendly and helpful, running a 'one-stop-shop' counter where you purchase tickets, food, and beverages all at once. And of course, the best part is that a/perture offers offbeat films, most of which you wouldn't find at a mainstream movie theater. Parking downtown is always challenging, so be sure to budget plenty of time to park/walk to the cinema before your movie starts. All-in-all: highly recommend!

Chase Ellis

Great independent theater. Love the layout and decor. Always clean and professional.

Alana Dickey

Really comfy, hip vibe. Loved seeing The Favourite here.

Tony Judd

very good 4 stars


The movie theater itself is small and uncomfortable. Tickets are not cheap, but it's a non profit so it's okay. Workers are hipster elitists. Someone stole my beer from the bar and they didn't car. From a purely capitalist point don't go here it sucks, from an artist's point come here because it needs the business.

Hannah O'Brien

My mother and I went to go watch Lady Bird over the Holidays. We had such a great experience. Shared a glass of wine and some great company!

Dan Walbridge

If you expect reclining seats, a wide screen cinematic experience with THX sound, this is not the place for you. But if you like veering from the mainstream, this place might be what you’re looking for. It’s nice that there is someplace that features non box office smash hits.

Susan Kerner

It's a great movie venue with always the best movies! So nice to watch a good movie while sipping on a glass of wine...

Frank Hassell

Wonderful concept. Great management. Excellent playlists. Environmentally conscious. Comfortable and welcoming facilities.

Suzy McCalley

Love it!

Sandra Hemphill

Harrison Martin

Great place too enjoy independent and smaller budget films!

Peter Templeton

Best place to go to for thought provoking cinematography.

Ken Rhode

Not fancy but great staff and great place to watch non mainstream movies.

Kristina Crews

Wonderful atmosphere! Great concessions!

Cindy Marion

Love this non profit theater. It has a warm, comfortable, inviting atmosphere. Come if you are a film lover, it's the perfect place.

Andria Antonia

A wonderful experience. Unique and comfortable. Will return often.

Tom Moriarty

Great asset for the community.

Rhonda Lundquist

Ma S

Has a nice old-fashioned feel to it, but if you were 180+ pounds this is not the theater for you. The seat are terribly small and extremely uncomfortable.

Anna Grace Guercio

Definitely one of the best places in Winston-Salem

Talitha Brown

Dennis Dalton

A lot of people overlook this jewel. It's intimate and you can have have a glass of wine. They cater to a variety of genres & independent films, but don't be put off - we've never been disappointed. The also offer first run shows. Grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee before or after, this theater is in the mix of everything within walking distance.

Caroline Loftis

Always a fun experience. Normally older movies and you can order alcohol.

Chris Pearce

My first visit to the cinema. Enjoyed the film and the nostalgic feel of the cinema.

Bill Petrie Jr

One of the best movie houses around

Laura Dickey

Great little independent movie theater with a wonderful selection of movies, not just the biggest Hollywood releases.

Roderick Robertson

Great films in an intimate setting!

Amanda Tise

Independent and indie films you can rarely find where, with reasonable prices and great popcorn!

Betsy Annese

Very good. Great movie.

Susan Gies-Conley

One of the reasons our downtown is awesome.

Mx Px

Lovely place for a date night. Such a better experience than large chain theaters. Great wine and beer selection.

Wake Wagner

Downtown WSNC's indie movie theater. Cozy, interesting films, good people!

Connie Eastridge

Grant Wilmoth

One of the first BEST things to hit the downtown scene. We're lucky to have it.

Jean Smith

No parking

Jacoba Bishop

Independent theater with many foreign films - pleasant change from the rip off popcorn and sodas in the big theaters. Friendly staff as well

Michael Parker

Great little venue

John Rees

Best cinema in Winston-Salem

Andrea Lacy

Overpriced, overrated.

Cheryl Lambert

RGB. Awesome! Great evening at Aperture!

Kristin Kubly

Cool movie-going experience. Great place to catch foreign/indie films not playing anywhere else.

Donna Tannenbaum

I love this thing either it's nice and small

SoChaoticNV SoChaoticNV

Very bizarre layout. Paid $10 for a movie ticket, only to sit in a tiny conference room with a flat screen TV in the basement to watch the movie. Wanted to be able to say I had seen this rare indie flick on the 'big screen' but honestly can't brag to that now, since anyone with a TV at home will have the same experience I did once it comes to redbox. In the future, I will ask first if the movie I'm choosing is on an actual theater screen or if I'll be watching it in a closet.

Sam Tran

Mark Kennedy

Great Non Profit theater with tons of personality

John Cary

If you are tired of the standard movie fare, this is the place to go. The movie options are interesting and different and sure to make you think. The beer and wine selections are good and reasonably priced unlike standard theaters. I theater chairs comfortable and the theater was clean. The only downside of Theater 2 is that each row is about 10 seats and you can only enter on one end of the row which makes it a little awkward if the person next to the wall needs to get out. We'll definitely go back.

Alex Movitz

It's a small, almost private theatre experience. If there's a movie on the big screen, save some money and come here. Combined with the art and that it's a non-profit, they've got a great atmosphere that feels more relaxed and less "Why did you bring your 6yo to an R rated film?"

Scott M.

This is a great mixture of your hometown theater blended with a downtown art house cinema. Concessions include adult beverages, nice upscale candy or ice cream, in addition to the usual theater fare. The screening rooms are intimate but also have updated sound and video so you're getting a great movie going experience. Best of all is the movie selections are more varied than the chain theaters; lots of small, meaningful movies as well as quirky, fun films that will never see the inside of a cineplex. Parking can be a challenge but well worth it. Lots of good restaurants within easy 1-2 block walk and after the movie ease across the street for some delicious coffee or locally made ice cream.

Kipp Hollingsworth

a/perture is a great, small venue theater. Much of what they play isn't shown at the chain theaters. Very friendly staff. Good concessions with good beer choices. Great vibe. Could use a curtain or something in front or behind the door to block/filter the light when the door is owned during the film.

Jami Collier

Brian LeFevre

Love the small theaters. Makes the movie experience more intimate.

Michael Billups

Neat little theater. They really know what movies to show. I would recommend it!

jeff brennan

Well curated selection of prestige films with very reasonable pricing.

Steve James

A cultural gem.

Robert Dillon

My wife and I go to Aperture often. Can’t wait until Bus 40 is finished. It is great to visit downtown Winston, see an Independent film and visit a local eatery.

Kathy Lacer

Perfect place to watch a movie.

Mel Schlesinger

Great movies and a great viewing experience

Dale Moore

A very good little theater that allows you to see small indie films that you would normally have to wait for a DVD release or the sundance channel. the concessions are something special with some nice selections and you can get a whine or beer to go with the movie as well. As someone else said the screens are very high but this allows you to have an unobstructed view as the floor is relatively flat. With such small theaters and screens it would have been nice if they had more comfortable seats

Suzanne Ions

Cute and clean theater, shows a wide variety of lesser known or independent films

Jon Gee

Cool, quirky art house theater.

Corinthia King


Barrett Walker

If you are looking for a big screen , booming sound system experience , this is not it . Rather a cozy setting , with really good films and wine to enjoy.


Phillip Bishop

Great little indie place with hipster staff and vibe.

Justin Newsome

Small local movie theater. Seen a few independent films and documentaries here. They have a few draft and bottled beer options. Always special events and updating the movie selection so you have to keep an eye out.

David Phillips

Great art films

Joey Horne

Wonderful experience.

coco Wagner

Smaller and a more intimate cinema than the others in the area. I love that they show independent films that no one else is showing.

Marshall Tyler

Art house movies as well as some standards. Local owner operators. Good vibes.

James Shertzer

aperture is a mixed blessing. Yes, the theater does offer "different" fare , but just because something's an "indie" doesn't win it a seal of approval or guarantee it's any good. (Let's face it, 80 percent of all films are mediocre or bad - which is way we love the good ones). I would be nice if aperture dedicated at least one of its screens to genuine film classics - classic Kurosawa, classic Fellini, classic Hitchcock, classic Welles, classic Bergman, etc., etc. - and offer some themed "festivals." Of course, these films are available on DVD and Blu-Ray but seeing them with an audience - as they were meant to be seen - would be refreshing. (And great directors pack so much the film frame you often can't see on home screens.) I don't know how licensing contracts work on public screenings of films on Blu-ray, but it would be worth exploring. The physical limitations of the theater have already been described here. They are severe - in the main street-level theaters I have to sit at least 4/5ths of the way back to avoid neck problems - but I also find the attitude of the place troublesome. Ticket buying is slow and frustrated by pitches for concessions. (I go to movies to watch a movie not eat like a pig), and staff and some patrons are invariably what'd I'd call cinephilishly snobby. But that's been what way since the theatre opened, so I don't expect it to change. In short, be advised - you'd really have to WANT to see a film to see it at the aperture. As a former Journal film critic (1967- 1988), I know Winston-Salem needs a theater like this - I just wish it had one that did the job better and offered viewers great comfort.

David Brown

On Da Move LLC

great atmosphere intimate cozy

Heather Jackson

Great indie films and popcorn!

Beth Wenger

Tifany Coleman

Cool place to go in downtown winston

Bryan Livingston

Very industrial atmosphere for the price. One employee manning tickets & concessions mirrors the ambiance of the $1 theatres in the area. The illumination from the screen casts a harsh glare onto a large part of ceiling and walls where vents are visible and remind you they are still there every time scenes change throughout the movie- the glare from the overly bright EXIT sign is a constant distraction. Seats don't allow you to recline. Sound system is excellent. Worst experience though is that the movie had been heavily edited by some entity, full of blatant omissions that were in its original theatrical AND director's cut releases - #heresy. For that reason, this was a one time trip to this theatre for me. Shame on whoever is responsible for molesting the content of the film - equivalent to releasing the Bible and omitting the parts that didn't personally suit you. If you enjoy watching a movie on an oversized, boxy portable dvd player screen in an airplane seat (actually, those are more comfortable than a/perture's), next to someone with an LED booklight shining in your eyes while listening to it with a great pair of headphones, this is your place. +1 star for throwback screenings +1 star: sound quality -1 star: hack job edited version of film -1 star: poor ambiance -1 star: overall value There's no place like home.

Cathy Spates


Amazing movie subtitles

Whitney Peckman

Terrill Shepherd

Brandon Kelly

Andrea Comner


The best theater in Winston - seriously nowhere else does as much for the indie movie scene in this area as Aperture. The staff are super chill and the theater atmosphere is generally 10/10 - great selection of movies, great popcorn, and a tangible, positive impact

Maria Mullen

Fantastic little indy movie theater. They get a the great independent movies and a few of the mainstream ones. The theaters are smallish, but the seats are comfortable, the place is clean, and their food/drink offerings are good

Its a me italiano

Jamie Jessup

Called all day to see the time capsule relics, no one would answer. I just wanted to know what time the display would be removed. We drove here, parked, walked 4 blocks in the cold to be told with a very sarcastic attitude by a young lady "sorry but they already took it away" no serious care about the fact that we arrived with our children to see the history but missed out. If they would have just answered the phone (the number you advertised online) I would have known when to come. So very aggravated with the rude and inconsiderate behaviour of this lady. The young man seemed very apologetic and disappointed for us missing the whole thing.


The Black Candle - Movie Premiere was information packed! I'm so glad I had the experience at the Aperture Theatre. The staff was very hospitable.

La'Teka McLemore

I just love the atmosphere, friendy customer service, and convenient location! One of 'My Favorite Things'!

David Akins

Best Art House Cinema in Triad

Eddie Garcia

Chuanpit Moser

A place with character and super friendly staff!

Dave Ginsburg

Always a pleasure to see films from a wide variety of countries and artists.


The only charming quaint cinema left in town.

Phoenix Down

Pleasant European-style theater with beer/wine sales in the lobby. This creates minor inconveniences between admission and concessions, but the culture of the cinema more than compensates.

Harry Lineback

Super venue!!!!! I am a visitor from San Diego - it is much like the Landmark Theaters

Jeffrey Willey

Andrew Burns

A wonderful part of downtown Winston Salem NC! And they serve Foothill's IPA's!!!

A Mc

Need senior citizens prices on budget trying to stay local!!!. Maybe a combo snack price :)

cat winchester

Amber Baker

Intimate movie theater where you can enjoy independent films.

Patrick Murphy

Nice little place for indie films, very conveniently placed in downtown WS.

Ellie Wood

Fun arthouse theater, "Le Petit" theater is very, very small. I like that they have snacks, beer and wine available.

Patrick Shultz

Dana Holloway

Great staff!

Victor A Varela

Great place to see Indy films in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem. Great restaurants and shops abound.

Christopher Cowen

Nice location. Grab a cup of java at Krankies then go to Aperture for a nice flick.

Danielle Moody

Pretty small and expensive but gets the job done.

Nicholas Rickford Pavlović-Grant

Art house sort of theater, consisting of several small theaters. Good film selections, nice wine and microbrews for sale, and central downtown location. Only downside some of the staff can be a bit too hip for the theater's own good, displaying more attitude than you'll find at Powell's Books in Portland, which is already knee-high in the "tude." But other than that, a great little place.

Barbara Steele

Quirky and fun... Always enjoy going. They have movies that are creative... That will never appear in a regular theater.

Thad Beaman

Great staff!

Julie H

Scott Gillentine

Skye Barkschat

I saw a great independent movie here & I love the seating! They did such a good job with the spacing between the seats!

Nancy Macfarlane

Always love movies here! Not always the parking but always the movies!


Great theatre for indie film. Great atmosphere. Wide selection of beverages (alcoholic and non). Super-friendly staff.

Grant Caldwell

I love the intimate setting that the aperture cinema provides. I have not been disappointed yet.

Sharlene Barnes

Why charge 3.00 for a bottle of water

Mekhei Ali

Absolutely love this cozy theater

Jeff Sing

Indie movies


Thomas Cannady

Cory Mounce

I visited the cinema for the first time last week and watched Echo in the Canyon. The theaters are snug but you can tell they love film.

Stephanie Foster

I enjoyed the theater but I did not like the positioning of the screen. It was too high.

Simon Shaw

Fun, quaint, intimate and retro experience. It capped of a great evening in Downtown Winston-Salem.

Mitch Maness

My favorite theater

Jo Mo

Whenever I'm looking for limited releases, lesser know, and foreign films A/Perture always has me covered. Their intimate theater setting allows you to relax and focus solely on the film without distractions that can come with the larger theaters. Highly reccomend going and checking it out!

jan hampton


Love it! Favorite theatre specialized in a variety of big and small time pictures. Always a pleasure to visit.

rainer heller

Best art films!

Jessica Mason

Cozy environment and very friendly staff. This is probably the best independent theater I've ever visited. If you have a love for Indy films this is your place.

Aaron Aadland

Linda Sullivan

Great area resource, showing films not shown anywhere else in the Triad. Contains multiple small theater areas with very comfortable seating. Good selection of beverages and snacks. It's a not-for-profit organization and Triad area film lovers would do well to support this place. Attend and donate!

Cristal Shreve

Cornelia G Roy

Wonderful movies in cramped space. Nowhere else like it in Winston-Salem

Rob Paynter


Emily B

Still looking for a theater where the audience is there to watch the movie. Thought a small, independent theater was worth a shot, but half the audience was busy talking and checking their phones. By the time other people are having to shout "shut up" it's time to call it a night and question why I bother trying to see movies at release anymore. Also worth noting that this theater was literally a pain in the neck; the screen was way up by the ceiling even though the seats were regular theater seats.


Great small theater that shows indie films. Second time here and love it.

G Troutman

Great, comfortably intimate theater experience


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