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1916 Skibo Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28314 Located in: Marketfair Mall

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REVIEWS OF AMC Market Fair 15 IN North Carolina

Quin Skee

This theater is one of the best in Fayetteville so far, it has meal that taste good to me and a bar also to get drinks if you want. The seating are really cool as they are heated and recline.

Nicole Wallingford

They have heated recliners and a bar! Not only can your order your tickets online but you can pick your seats too. My family loves it!

Annie Brown

No complaints. The popcorn was fresh, hot and delicious.

joseph mckay

Words are not good enough to explain the amazing time I had here with my 3 sons. Excellent theatre and great service. I mean who's idea was it to bring recliners to theaters, really. I was blown away. I think you all just killed Imax for me!!!!!

Nicholas Hoyt

Excellent movie house for the pricing considering they just recently updated all their seats to recliner seats

Melissa Robinson

Nice clean theather!! Seats so comfortable

Cheryl Cooley

I was going to complain about the fact that there were no discounts like student senior or military, being in a military town near Fort Bragg but then realized tickets for under $10 a piece. Chair heaters were a nice touch, as the bar if you wanted the cocktail. Appreciate it law enforcement visibility, made me feel safe

Tracy Autry

Since it first opened, I have been a huge fan of the Millstone Theater. A friend had gotten tickets for her daughter's birthday party for some girls and a few moms to see the new Halloween movie. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't going to be at the Millstone. Boy was I wrong!!!! This movie theater was awesome. The new seats were so nice and comfy!!! Since then, I have been to see Bohemian Rhapsody and am going to see it again this weekend. This is my new favorite theater, and I am telling all of my friends how wonderful it is. I do think there needs to be more staff to assist the customers, but the overall appearance of the theater is top notch!!!

Alecia Schilling

This is a calm and organized clean movie theater with fully reclining leg lifted heated seats, ample room between seats, decent food, dedicated friendly professional staff and welcoming to all ages, with a 3D Imax theater that surpasses any I've seen in a while, with the added bonus of being more affordable than the one around the corner, definitely where you want to see the latest releases! Have fun in a comfortable environment!

Jerry Lee Kilpatrick

They have the big city style movie theater..... OMG........ I will never go to another theater again........... hopefully next time I'll be with a woman on a date....... father and son is still kool.

Melissa Van Warner

Great! Going to share my 4yo son’s first experience at the movie theater. We went to see Toy Story 4 and it was a hit. Before it was time to actually be seating he started “chatting” with an employee. It was the 11:10 showing on 7/7/19, I believe her name was Colleen and I think she was a shift runner or Manager (I hope because she deserves credit!!). He was nervous because it was new and “dark”. She took him (us) into the theater while it was fully lit and no one was in there yet. She showed him his seat and since we had not been in a long time I didn’t know the seats were so far back. She let me pick new seats closer when we went back to the ticket stand and made sure we got a love seat so we sat closer. She humored his 4yo curiosity and was very kind. The theater was very clean and WOW the seats! Power recline and heat, which was great because I’m always cold in movies. very comfortable too. The actual theater wasn’t huge, smaller then normal but that made it comfortable without a million people talking. I can’t say good enough things! The concession stand employees were great and patient with him (thank fully there was no line). I highly recommend this Movie Theater! Took a pic before the movie started... I’d say he looks happy. ❤️

tildon brown

Great place to watch movies the renovation was excellent. Having a bar makes for a great touch to the upgrades. Hope they bring the dinner portion to the theater, that wod make them awesome

Supergirly 44

Great the recliner seats amazing with the seat warmers made the the movie 10x better but be careful bc your phone could fall between the seats

Jared Sams

Other than the long lines and preferred customers having more staff and lines dedicated to those who adopt their system... the theater seating, sound system and viewing screens are nice. Restrooms are decent but as always could be cleaner... always the case given "public"

Desiree Lawton

Tonight the two people working at the concession stand never acknowledged me or took my order for popcorn+drinks. I had to speak with a manager.He stated they know they were supposed all customers in both lines. Okay but she didn't and Now what!Now, mind you everyone was served and went into their movie but me. I am contacting Corp.

Elizabeth Rohrbaugh

My favorite theater here in Fayetteville NC! This one has the heated recliners and reserved seating which i love! Friendly staff and fresh concessions. This theater is always my 1st choice when seeing a new movie!!

Kiel Johnson

Best theater in fayetteville. Has incredible reclining seats with heaters and great food. I recommend using there website to reserve the exact seat you want. There is great food on location and a wonderful Indian restaurant in the same shopping complex two stores down.

Miss Gsm

im here again. this is a fun place t go to watch movies and eat great snacks. I go alone for the omfort to enjoy what I want to watch. AMC serve mix drinks too. I love to watch exciting flims now with ice cold beer, so good!

Angela Skinner

It's a very clean, well designed theater. I really like the recliners and they even had a heat option. The only problem was I relaxed so much I fell asleep! Great movie and overall experience with my family!

Regina Hart

I know this theater did their upgrades a while ago now, but we hadn't been there for a movie since they did. Decided after seeing several movies at other theaters the past couple of months to go here on a cold and rainy Saturday night. I purchased our 3 tickets online in advance, reserving our specific seats, which is really a must if you intend on being seated together. LOVED the heated reclining seating. I know better to reserve further in advance next time to get better seats, but even seats B1-B3 weren't exactly bad. Just a little closer to the screen and farther out to the right side than we'd normally sit. All in all it was a good experience. I think I'm ruined now & will probably attend movies at this theater. One thing that did happen about 20 minutes into our movie was something I'd never experienced before. The movie stopped, the lights came on, and about 4 employees came in and requested everyone have their tickets stubs in hand (I had a screenshot of ours on my phone from the online purchase). Since these are RESERVED SEATS, make sure you've not slipped into another movie after another one ends, (yes, I've heard of folks doing that), OR don't try to get a better seat just because it was empty when you came in. I saw 2 people have to leave the theater, and 3 others had to move to the seats they were supposed to be in so the other folks could sit in their assigned seats. The theater & restroom were also very clean. Plenty of options for snacks, other food items, & drinks, including a bar where you could purchase alcohol if that's your thing. Other than that (acceptable) hiccup with the movie being stopped to verify seating, we loved it and will be back!!

Brittany Purnell

Great movie theater, good seats and they recline. Seating is perfect you get to select your own seat. Lots of options of food and drink including alcoholic beverages.

Kory Kendall

Great place to enjoy a movie. They have made lots of changes over the years. Now they even have a bar on site and leather reclining seats. Clean facilities and friendly staff make this one of my go to spots for those rare times I go to the theater to see something.

Gwendolyn Campbell

This location is clean, friendly and employees very helpful, their greetings pleasant as well as attentive to the needs of all people.

Courtnee’ Henderson

LOVEEEE this theater. I don’t got to any other movie theater in Fayetteville. The seats recline and heat up. The only down side is that it’s small so sometimes the showings are sold out but I refuse to go to any other theater.

A Mc Slade

Recliners make this my new favorite theatre!

Ladybug Williamson

This is my #1 movie theater now. It's so relaxing and has different food to choose from. I love it because they have reserved seating, the seats are the bomb and plenty of room. Don't have to worry about family not seating together anymore.

Guillermo Cortés

I like the cinemas here, relatively new and with good Chinese and Indian restaurants within a walking distance.

Brenda Jackson

Great movies with reclining chairs and warmer for back area. Comforts of home.

Deanna McFadden

Very clean theater. Really like the heated seats as well as the recliners. I also like the fact that you're able to get an adult beverage if you so chose to. Staff is always friendly and helpful even when its really busy. This will definitely be our go to theater from now on.

Francis Valencia

The organization and cleanliness is much better than at AMC 14, to the point where we only come to amc 15.

Terri Valley

Love them now that it is remodeled. My kids only want to watch a movie in a recliner now. The staff is a little iffy. Mostly kids working there and they are not the best at customer service. But it is an ok theater especially with remodel and recliner seats.


My wife's favorite theater I like it too love the seats

Dwight Benjamin

I rate AMC Market Fair 15 9 Star employers are courtesy and helpful, Good customer service!

caylee dunivent

Love this place. Comfortable although a little pricey.

william evans

Came to see Toy Story 4 today.. The customer service was not good at all. I understand the young kids need a job but then need to learn customer service. I order some popcorn which tastes old. I brought it back to see if I could get some fresh popcorn. With a attitude the young lady said it all taste like that.. Its the kernels.. you want a refund.. I said no just wanted to try a new batch.. with an attitude she gave me a new batch. I Told her thank you and she rolled her eyes. The popcorn was still terrible. Wish i would have just got my refund.

Teisha Council-Gray

Wonderful experience! Haven't been to this theatre since the renovation but was pleasantly surprised. New floor plan, clean atmosphere, ability to choose and reserve my seats, and leather recliner seating in the theatre was a nice touch. Only thing wrong was the limited food selections at concession stand. We also had to wait for the "one man" cleaning staff to clean the entire theatre alone. We were almost late getting into the movie because of this. The staff was super friendly though and continually apologized for the inconvenience. Regardless, I will still be going back!

Leah Kimmel


Dianne Black

My date night place to go. Enjoy the relaxation.

Ali Ajaj

Tuesday 50% off very good . The seats are very comfortable

Marie Munoz

They were very helpful

chasity jacobs

Loooove the update! This was my childhood movie theater. Needs more screens

Margo Langley

The boutique is still as nice as ever. Clean. Not all heating elements still work in the recliners, but that's a small thing! Nearly left b/c schedule list wasn't rotating (thought I'd gotten the day & time confused. Had to verify at the concession stand).

DarkDrave Jordan

Really nice theater.

Eunice Hoefling

My favorite theater! The seats can recline and be heated if you want. Because the seats are so spacious you never feel crowded, even on opening nights, in sold out movies! They now have a bar for 21 and over that feature movie-themed drinks.

Computuer Walker

Don't waste time with paying for priority. They take your money and treat all the same.

Henry Jones

Good price it you are a member.

Steve Burke

Concession prices have gone through the roof! App never works properly. Tuesday deals gone or not advertised. Staff not very service oriented. Would go somewhere else if there was a place. They figure they are the only game in town and act like it.

Charlton Johnson

I love the seats I love the heater that's in the seats and love the way that they keep the place nice and clean place it's a rate5


My favorite theater!!! Clean. Comfortable. Courteous.

Chris Blitz

Seats are extremely comfortable and recline. The biggest movies are always there but the ones that don’t do as well don’t stay long. Concessions are reasonable for a movie theater. Joining the perks club is worthwhile and they have a subscription service where you pay $20/mo to see up to three movies per week. Also, Tuesdays are $5 movie day! So, lots of ways to save money for the avid movie goer.

Demetrius Leach

Friendly staff! Lovely seats! Great experience!

Hannah Emerson

Excellent theater, relaxed atmosphere, and love that they have the couches with heated seats!

Bill Hudon

This place was a 2 star for me about a year ago, but now, with assigned seats, recliners and using apps to skip the line, it is a solid 5 stars. I highly recommend joining AMC rewards if you get the chance, I get like a 5 dollar credit almost every time I go to the movies, so it really pays for itself. My wife has the movie pass, which also pays for itself pretty quickly. She runs out of movies she wants to see before she runs out of anything else.

Michael Bartlett

Reclining seats are awesome! Take a jacket as it's freezing.

Zachary Brown

Best movie theatre in town. Reclining seats and roomy interior

Seanpatrick Donnelly

The seats recline so that your feet are elevated. The seats can be heated if you would like. Awesome seating to watch a movie.

Adonya Ortiz

Lovely time each time we go.

Jon Jacobs

Nice theater. Parkings a little crazy but other than that it's been really upgraded since the last time I came here. Which was probably back in 2007 or 2008

Troy Page

Best theater in town always clean and very comfortable.

Shaun Herron

My daughter lost her phone at the theater. Although it had not been turned in and was looked for the night she lost it, the find my iPhone app said it was in the theater. My wife and daughter went back and ran into a nice gentleman, Charles, who went above and beyond to assist them in looking for the phone. It was found and all is good. Thank you Charles for taking the time and extra effort.

Lib Barton

Went on a school trip with my daughter today and it was great! Reclining and heated seats

Geonna Donner

Love the new upgrades, the seats especially. This place is amazing!

Edward Smith

Those new reclining chairs are wonderful. I almost fell asleep. Plenty of space and comfort. The atmosphere feels like being in your home theater. I will definetly be going back to watch more movies at the all new market fair

James Callahan

Always a pleasure, love the chair and staff and the HOT popcorn.


Really awesome place. Staff was nice the theater was absolutely fantastic. The recliners are amazing. Just less seats so try and get there early. Great location to watch a movie. Highly recommend.

Madeline Kayser

We love all of the updates throughout the theater. I enjoyed having a glass of wine and sitting in their new recliner chairs. The new seat selection is a great feature.

Paul D

Very clean! Super comfy chairs! Loved Spiderman Limited edition Popcorn

Alexandria Huggins

Smaller theater which I love. Going earlier in the day with matinee is excellent. Saw Toy Story 4; beautiful movie with a beautiful message!

Nicolle Hussion

Best theatre experience ever! Amazing plush leather recliners with heated backs and reserved seating! Buy your tickets ahead or at a kiosk in line. Love love love this theatre!

LaTonnya Zimmerman

Nice and clean. Heated leather reclining seats are comfortable. Love reserved seating. Nice staff. Love the pretzel bites.

Lakeshia Mckoy

My home away from home. Love the reclining seats. Popcorn be fresh love the VIP line. Employees are friendly.


small concessions But i love the new seats and the changes amc has made to the theater

Tabol Parker

Loved the seats which are heated and recline which was perfect for my back! Can't believe I paid almost $60 for 4 large drinks a large popcorn and 2 pretzels! The pretzels weren't worth the cardboard box they came in. For nearly $7 they should have tasted much better!

Quran Mack

One of best places to take a date not really set up for families

Bonny Lynn

I really really love this theater. It's definitely my favorite!! The reclining heated seats are amazingly comfortable.

Tamara Stitt

Really a great place. The only thing I didn't like is that we made reservations online and when we got there somebody else was sitting in the seats we reserved. So if you go there you get to pick your seat on a chart and that's where you should sit at to avoid those awkward situations. Other than that is a great place. The seats are recliners and heat up , which is great if it is cold in there.

Donte Olsen

Love the upgrades they have done to this place. most comfortable place to see a movie in town

Tomeka Grant

Very nice just a bit cold

Alter Native

Best theater in Fayetteville. Recently renovated with reclining heated leather chairs!

Tameka jones

Wonderful place to take family and friends. The staff are always welcoming, professional, and demonstrating effective teamwork and communication. They keep this place clean from the front end and back end. I'm in absolute love with the heated recliners, a great asset to your company, including the bar. Great prices

Aliza Lawson

Buying tickets was very easy, and we loved that you can pick your seat. Foods options were good. The seats were comfy!

Nancy Hatcher

Plush reclining chairs, sound and picture were great. Tuesdays are 5.00 tickets all day if you sign up for their rewards program. Also 5.00 popcorn on Tuesdays. They had a wide variety of times for the movie we went to. Variety of available seats.

walter ferguson

Loved it. I went to watch Avengers Endgame and they put me in 1 of the smaller theaters. Man it was nice. Loved the leather reclining seats.

Anthony Simon

Love the reclining chairs with heated seat option. Decent selection of food, drinks, and alcohol. I like that I can reserve my seat and walk right in and grab my ticket at the kiosk. The only negative is how expensive the food has gotten. We will spend like $5-$10 on a ticket and $50 on a few snacks easy. But this has become our favorite theater in town mainly due to the recliners.

Shanna Morales

Love the new updates. The recliners and heated seats are great.

Courtney Wallace

Stopped in today 6/16/19 to see Dark Phoenix. When we tried to buy our tickets they said they now assign seats. I’m not 5 nor am I in kindergarten. The seats don’t need to be assigned. Buy your ticket and go find a seat. Simple.

Christopher Malone

Loved the reclining seats. They are heated too. $26 for two tickets, and $16 for 1 large popcorn and 1 large drink.

Victoria Meyer

I love to come to this theater. I love that you have assigned seats so no one can take yours. Most of all I love the heated leather recliners

Charley xo

All I can say is EXPENSIVE TICKETS POOR SERVICE! I went to see Alladin in 3D today and it was horrible. Everyone there agreed! The sound went out and we could not here the movie for about 20 minutes. They did not even rewind the movie for us to account for the parts we missed. I will not be coming back to this location.

Tyler Stitt

This place is always clean and enjoyable! I love the heated seats! This place is like a hidden gem because I have never seen it packed and never had a problem here.


Since the remodel, this is the theater to go to in Fayetteville if you want to enjoy a movie without the massive crowd and long lines. We love the reclining heated seats, smaller theaters, and reserved seating! AMC A list is the way to go for movie goers!!

Stephen Litzinger

Went for someone else's birthday party. The party was good but the room they have set up for it has horrible acoustics which wouldn't have been bad at say chuck-e-cheese but for a movie theater I did not expect the room to sound like I was in a cave. I was unable to stay for the movie afterwards which is why I only took 1 star off. When I return to see a movie I will do a more complete review.

Jai Jackson

Beautiful theater nice seats. We are fancy and rich and still broke...

Felicia Williams

Went with a friend at the right time. There was no big crowds but the movie had subtitles and I couldn't really enjoy it like I wanted too.

Madison Moon

Its an amazing place with a wonderful movie theater (that has heated seats and sells alcohol) and quality places to eat for any meal.

Ultimate Memelord

Love this place, but a lot of times it can be seen as too small. The atmosphere is awesome and there are plenty of shops nearby if you have to wait for your movie

A L Cook

I didn't know whether to sleep or watch the movie. So I did both LOL. So comfortable and customer service was amazing! Great job. Still mad at the price of the food but I'm greedy so all is well! LOL


Great theater. Heated recliners! When selecting your seat pay attention to the screen location as some of them are not centered wit seats.

Melisa Breen

Love the reclining seats , very cozy

Sabrena Hogan

Love the heated and reclining seats; and customer service was excellent. Will definitely come again.

Michella Maddox-McGhee

They have a very good selection of food, drinks, and alcohol! The theaters are all equipped with reclining chairs and they're SO comfortable! I always enjoy my time every time I go.

DeColla Walcott

Wonderful heated fully reclining seats!boom!enough said. We are a family of 3 and we were all under out blanket laid back and hugged up, enjoying a great movie. Bliss....

Ashley Corona

Comfy, clean, and personal! Great staff! We were regulars of Fayetteville 14, but this one is a lot nice and more comfortable.

Jennifer Salkeld

You can use the kiosk to buy your tickets & choose your seats or buy from a clerk, either way ticket buying is quick & easy. Drinks & snacks are typical movie theater prices, but the seating is way above average. Super comfy, fully reclining seating with roomier Isles for your feet &/or walking through. It's a great theater

Valerie Drake

The prices are high in my opinion but i love the reclining chairs and what really impressed me was the kids popcorn meal. They put the kids popcorn and candy in a box container that looks kind of like a happy meal box. This seems to hold more popcorn then some other theatres kids tray. I also like that clumsy kids have a lesser chance of spilling their popcorn because of these sturdy boxes. The chairs are very comfortable and can be heated as well. The staff was friendly and i liked that there was a kiosk in the front to purchase tickets which made everything faster.

Sean Matuszewski

Wow. Nice recliner seats and great movie experience!

Rodney Dwane

I really enjoy this theater but it wasn't as clean as our last visit. Can't blame the staff for all of that because some folks are not respectful of there surrounds.

War Ranger

The heated seat were great and the screen set up is cool, it would be nice if they would have at least one live person at the auto ticketing system at all time, just to make sure that it is running smoothly, otherwise great place to watch movies

Sherryl Bain

Always clean with friendly with staff. Comfortable heated recliners! Top pick!

Kate O'Neil

One word... RECLINERS! HEATED SEAT RECLINERS! Nice clean. Good service. But did I mention the Heated Recliners!!!

Donnyelle Smith

Nothing spectacular but nice

Ashby Childress

This place is my second home, gotta love the reclining seats. I don't even go to theaters without reclining seats anymore and my loves the heat seater function too.

Michelle Davis

Wonder service love the new look first time back since the remodel and its great

Ashly Dubose

I try to exclusively go to this theater because I love it so much. Once they updated the interior, it is hard to ever want another theater! The seats are heated and you can reserve so don't worry if you're running late! They also have a FULL BAR! If you're over 21, enjoy haha

Elizabeth Holman

We love the smaller theaters, with heated recliner seats. All seats are reserved, so no worries about not having seats together if we are late.

Ms.S White

Love the reclining and warming seats. In the winter when its cold or summer when its too cold in the theater these seats will come in handy. Arm rests even raise up to provide a more intimate viewing experience!!!

leonard Averitt

Full reclining chairs.. best place to see movies if not worth imax prices.

Jamison Smith

Nice theater. Reclining heated seats.

Richard Taillon

Seats are good, heated I can't do but that's a nice feature. Staff are friendly and courteous as well. Definitely worth returning for more to watch.

Elizabeth ruiz

I used to come here before they renovated and I would avoid coming because it was so old. The revamp is awesome!!! I love this place and the seats heat up and recline! Its definitely a luxury i enjoy.

Thomas Gagnon

GREAT movie. Seats great

Cole Beaver

Awesome Customer service, reclining seats, plus seat warmers, and if your a member you get better deals. Great movie watching experience for me

Cassandra McMillion

Enjoyed the new seating. Relax while you enjoy the movie

Oral Pierce

It has comfortable seats. They recline. However, you spend 150% over other movie theaters in the area. Concessions were also quite expensive. Lastly, you must purchase tickets for specific seats. You could show up to watch a movie and find that only the front row is available. Over $40 for three tickets and ONE large drink.

Angie G

Never been to a theater like this. The chairs recline all the way back and the chairs have heating in the back part. Almost like watching a movie from the comfort of your own home in your recliner. Almost hated when the movie was over. My kids really enjoyed themselves and was thrilled to see chairs that reclined all the way back with heated seats. Don't know if I enjoyed the movie or the atmosphere the most.

Brittany Howard

This place was great. There is a full drink bar that serves beers, cocktails, and frozen margaritas (which are so good). The bartender Riley also made a peach lemonade that was bomb. The seats in the theater are auto-reclining and have seat warmers which are nice because it gets chilly. I had a very nice experience here and would come again.

key jay

Very comfortable seating. Seats recline and moviegoers have the option to heat seats. The two theaters that I've been in were relatively small with pretty limited seating. Still renovating a portion of the lobby, however it caused no inconvenience. Staff were pleasant. Loads of parking, well lit

Antoinette Swinson

Pretty good movie theater; clean, plenty of employees to assist you; however their signs are misleading and the place is hard to navigate without someone to help you.

Mayra Holmes

Nice chairs, modern atmosphere

Charles Douglas

Great seats. Less crowded than other theaters in fayetteville.

Hakeem Bey

I went to check out a new release. The staff were sensational. The theater was clean. Concession lines moved very quickly. Seating was so comfortable, I may have snoozed off. Or it could have been the drink I got at the bar. Either way it was an enjoyable time. Expect to pay $20 to $25 per person for ticket and concessions visit. Enjoy.

Barry Meyer

Of the two AMC theaters in Fayetteville this is the best of both

Bruce Bang

Outstanding place to see a movie very comfortable seats go back like a recliner That's my kind of theater

John Fuda

Wow! We had not been here in the several years that passed since their remodel and had been using other theaters in the area. This theater is great! The staff was friendly and helpful and the seats are the most comfortable I've ever used in any theater anywhere.


We got to the movie a few minutes late and found that someone had taken our seats. We didn't want to cause problems so we decided to go to the later showing. The manager, Andrew, was so helpful and kind. Not only did he get us tickets for the later showing at discounted prices, he also gave us a gift card. I highly reccomend this theatre. It's also always clean and the seats are very comfortable.

desiree mckinnon

Great theater! Reclining and heated seats

Joshua Caldwell

We saw Aladin live action. The Theater was clean and the staff was courteous and helpful. The seating was nice as they reclined and and a heating option. We enjoyed our time there and will see more movies at this location.

Cindy Coppedege

Even the front row is an amazing seat with the electric extra wide recliner with lumbar support! Better than any home theater seating I've experienced. I will search for movies to see at this theater only. I'm spoiled now!

tonya youmans

The only theater we will ever go to! Love the upgrade

valerie singleton

Spacious seats. I don't think this theater is as appreciated as it should be. Love it.❤❤❤

jr sublasky

The theater is lit love the place

David Joyner

Market Fair has really improved; it's arguably the nicest theater in town. Reserved seating, reclining and heated seats, booze... Pretty cool overall.

Margarita Rameno

Best place to go with your kiddos and enjoy a movie.

Doug Baril

The theater was clean and the seats were awesomely comfortable. First time I had seen a full bar in a theater. However if I could rate a zero I would. Going into the theater they had one person selling tickets. Several kiosks were available but did not work right and there was no information pointing to people in line saying they could buy tickets from a kiosk instead of the person. And she did not say anything either. We waited in the long line for no reason, missed the movie we wanted to see. And spent a car payment doing it because the prices were outrageous.

Wanda Mcnew

Wonderful seating.pleasant staff ..sometimes lack of selection of movies for the amount of screens available..great experience kind if pricey tho

Robert Williams

Can never find decent parking at this place. Love the reclining seats, but heater was not functional on my seat. The AMC Stubs "A-List" is a super deal if you go to the movies.

Patrick Noonaneggeman

Super comfy, friendly staff. They work well and efficiently. 10/10 will visit again.

Samantha Hobson

Awesome place you should go check out.

Tracy Zimmerman

Won’t answer the phone for ticket information!

Krzysztof Jasiurkowski

Great customer service and really clean place

Paige Porchia

This is our favorite local theater! We prefer this location over others that are even newer because the quality of service and the comfy chairs can’t be beat. Amenities are updated and your family will love the optional heated recliners. They also offer military discounts!

Raymond Desadier

Super clean with comfortable heated recliners. The concession worker even reminded me to use my Stubs account to collect my reward points. Best theater in Fayetteville!

SAVED For Life

Love the heated seats and they recline oh boy. New experience

Melissa Rede

Love the new seats. Pricey but nice atmosphere. What movie theater isnt pricey now a days haha

asaad the goat

Good. Recliner seats were the bomb.

PeculiarMisfit 746

My boys and I had an amazing time with their Head Start class today. We saw "DUMBO" and the boys loved the heated reclining stadium seats. We will return to watch other movies for sure.

Devon Matos

Excellent theater! The seats are very comfortable and haven’t had a bad experience since it opened!

Joshua Cogdell

Great seats. Good bar. Good amenities. Loud (louder than most, but about the same as other Fayetteville theaters)


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