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2000 Catawba Valley Blvd SE, Hickory, NC 28602

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REVIEWS OF AMC Hickory 15 IN North Carolina

Jose Rios

It was a bit pricey, but we wanted a good place to see Avengers Endgame! The seats were really comfy and spacious. I enjoyed my experience.

Tony Johnson

They have good screens and friendly staff but the lines are always long and SLOW moving. It never fails, no matter what time or movie release, they have too few cash registers open. Get there at least 30 minutes early and be prepared to stand in line.

T Mustang

ATTENTION: MANAGEMENT Clearly, you need to quit & find a new job! Since AMC took over, management does NOT take care of this theater. As of today: May 3, 2019.... The floor NEEDS vacuuming from the front door to your seat. About 1/2 of the women's restrooms... don't work. Even some of the carpet on the walls is starting to fall off, some by mold and some because of out dated. They ONLY OPEN 1/2 the registers and funnel everyone to 1 side. Although they used to open 1 register specifically for tickets only (which they NEED TO DO). Clearly the CEO of AMC THEATER has never experienced this place. Its definitely over priced, when they can't or don't keep the building up. They need to open more registers on busier times. AND what's the point of scanning anything, when the snatch your phone so the can look at the numbers? They can't scan their own AMC app, can't scan Coke coupons... the rude girl that's frustrated with me calling out the numbers says "I have to call out the numbers TWICE". REALLY? I don't need 2 receipts, but I get 2 anyway. My matinee show was $9.19 per ticket. But I literally had to wait in line for 1 hour, just to get tickets. Ugh. Go 1-2 hours earlier, so you don't miss your movie !

Gary Skoglund

Too expensive and rude people working behind the counter

Jesse Myers

Great theatre but the lady that takes the tickets is rude and seems to take small pleasures in being disrespectful to your guests. Making us wait behind people queuing up to get in after coming out for a soda and her telling a group of us that if we’d all be quiet she would call the manager because our movie cut off with 15 mins left, her response was that there was only 10 mins left! Like it was no big deal, it was the ending!!! Being 40 yrs old with a grey beard and two arms filled with snacks and drinks and being carded for an r rated movie, the list with this lady and her overreaching power trips goes ON AND ON! You’d get 5 stars without her. Going to your theatre is always a joy until I turn the corner and see her sour face sitting there in her high chair.

Kayla M

Went this past Saturday night, the line was long, employees were rude, the lobby was gross. Popcorn and soda was everywhere, you can tell they don’t clean up throughout the day. Will never go back.

Belle Childers

Best place to see a good movie

Amy Vargas

Had a wonderful time on their special Tuesday pricing promotion day.

Russell Me

Newly renovated. Love the leather recliners. Plenty of leg room. Sound system was most awesome.

Tom Barto

Good viewing spaces, top tier movies!

Jason Moore

Great theater just needs more employees

Kelsey Dixon

The theater itself is not bad. The seats and movie experience are what you would expect. The issues are everywhere else. The lines are always very long because you buy tickets and concessions at the *two* open registers. The theater is always very dirty, too: trash cans overflowing and food all over the lobby floor. They were completely out of both icee and regular cup lids tonight. This is probably all caused by the theater being understaffed. There are never more than 2-3 cash registers open, and people can just walk in and go to a movie on the other side. No one monitors one side of the entrance.

Michelle Rosanna

Love going to the movies. Tuesday is discount day. Movies are 5 and small popcorn and drink 5. Would have cost me 20, got it for 10.

Keisha Wells

This theater is great when my husband and I go but if we have all 4 of our teenagers with us, we normally dont go because it would cost almost $100 just for tickets. That doesnt include what we would spend at the concession stands.

Lisa Benge

I wasnt to pleased when I went to see a movie because they r doing like assigned seats and I set in the right one and had to move because someone said it was there seat so I wont be going back

Jacob Faltermayer

Prices are fairly high. Tuesday can be a good deal but no discounts for the big Day theater. And if you are just a REGULAR guest you will have to wait in line until all the premier guest get their tickets. I'd rather go to state cinema in Newton.

Zachary Regn

This place is great something, other times it's horrible. The lobby is trashed and the workers don't even seem to care. The bathrooms have the elementary bathroom smell of pee. It doesn't seem worth the price about $12 a ticket.

Billy Echeverria

If I could give a negative rating I would. Buyer beware this place is taking advantage of people. The problem is that the website makes you enter you CC/debit card information in order to view discounted prices for movie tickets on Tuesday's (when they have a promotion). The website states that "discount Tuesday savings will be shown on your order summary if applicable". No where does it state that there would be a non-refundable convenience fee charged to the card. Upon entering my debit card information, to view the prices, it charged my card $71.96 for the tickets, which is not a discounted price. When attempting to get a refund they exclude the convenience fee. If anything this has been a INCONVENIENCE and one that has lead me to measures such as filing a complaint with the BBB. This business is misleading people and forcing them to pay for services that are other than convenient and/or wanted. They are taking advantage of loyal customers by any means necessary.

LaToya Williams

Since you can no longer purchase tickets at the window you have to wait in line and get your tickets and concessions at the same time. It is too loud in the area while you are waiting and one of the members charged me for an 4 tickets when I only had 3 people with me. You can't hear when the employees yell that they can help the next person in line. They need to come up with a better way of doing things. Oh and don't try to call in and talk to anyone because no one ever answers.

Jarrett Holder

Huge sold out crowd for avengers endgame! Pre ordered our tickets way early and picked our seats iin the big d screen. I ALWAYS watch comic book movies and action movies in this big d format to take advantage of the state of the art sound and picture, which is way BETTER than normal screen. The reclining seats are awesome and no kids kicking your back seat and someones head in your vision. If you want a perfect movie experience, accept no substitutes!

JoAnn Iddles

Went to the frirst show of the day there were5 people there. The only issue the light didn't go off immedately

Barb Propst

Good movie theater, the seats were comfortable. Great popcorn! I bought my ticket through the theater's website and I'm so glad I did. I received an email with the ticket information and a barcode. When I went inside I discovered all I had to do was walk straight to the person you show your ticket to and show her the email. She scanned the barcode from my phone and that was it. I didn't have to wait in line. The fastest I've ever gotten in to take my seat. The convenience did cost an extra $1.89, but that was definitely worth it. I would do that again instead of waiting in line. Movie was great!!!!!

Robert Canipe

Whew! $80 for four of us to see Godzilla. We got three drinks, Skittles, Airheads, and small popcorn. And that's with Stubs A-Plus! Place was clean, film loud and we'll projected. Film was good, too. The kids loved it. But, oh, my wallet hurts.

Richard Lea

Always the best movies!

Sarah McCaughan

The theaters there are really nice. just wish there were more theaters with the lounge chairs

Peedie Montgomery

Theaterworks clean drinks were fresh popcorn with fresh movie was great

Rei Haycraft

Our seats were broken (when you sat down the bottom fell out and you were sitting on metal), so we moved over as most of the theatre was empty. Unfortunately, when I got up I realized that new seat was covered in wet chewing gum which had been left behind and not cleaned, ruining the pants I was wearing. Staff were friendly and helpful, but overall cleanliness and upkeep left much to be desired.

SuperInsane Gamer

Great time there except for the fact that only one side of lobby area to pay was open causing long lines and we missed our movie we wanted to see because of it. Overall good movie theater, clean and well maintained.

shasta kimeo

Chairs were very comfy. Good screen for movie.

Christopher Willard

Bought the monthly pass and it was super easy to use the app and the movie was great

Clayton Reeves

Good AC.comfy seats.good loud volume.friendly staff

Barry Stanley

Great cinema. You should go and enjoy a movie.

Holly Carpenter

We rarely go to the movies as a family, so when we do, I expect a fair experience. On a Saturday night at 7pm, there was one lane open for concessions. I missed over 30 minutes of the movie with my family waiting in line for popcorn & drinks. And we got there early. This makes zero sense to me. Why wouldn’t you bring your A game on Saturday night? Then there was a crying baby in our theater, which just added insult to injury. We spent nearly $90 trying to watch a movie and eat popcorn as a family of five, only to be completely underwhelmed & disappointed. Won’t be going back here any time soon. Save your $ and go somewhere else that they don’t have a monopoly on the movie screens.

Callie Butler

It was very good though people that waited on us and everything was very nice and kind they did not mind helping us find our seats and everything is real very nice people I love going there

Ethan Benfield

Overpriced, messy lobby but nice theaters. Its okay but there are much better theaters in nearby towns.

Cristian Galvez

Amazing. Best mood ever. Just saw avengers endgame

Jessica Stewart

I took my son and his great aunt to go see Captain Marvel this afternoon. We got our drinks, popcorn, and candy and went to the theater. We watched previews and it was finally time for the movie to start. The movie that started was the new Tyler Perry movie and not Captain marvel. once notified the theater staff were very quick and courteous to change to the correct movie. They upgraded the movie to 3D and then they gave everyone in the theater free movie pass. They more than made up for the lapse

Stevi McClosky

Just tried the new Dolby theater (formerly known as BigD, which was very hard not to laugh at everytime). Electric seats that recline. Comfy for sure. If you buy online, you can pick what seats you want (not sure if you can pick seats if you get your ticket at the counter). I do suggest a small neck pillow if you plan to stay reclined.

Jeremy Lail

1 star because that is the lowest I can give. It is more like 1/2 star. Popcorn and soda all over the lobby floor, no ice in the soda fountains while several employees sat on a bench talking with the employee that takes the tickets. Horribly managed theater. All of the other AMC Theaters I have ever been to have been immaculate.

Shawna Maddy

They should have both sides (concession) open. Would help the lines dramatically. Otherwise love it.

Patrick Murphy

Great place. They handle crowds very well usually. Nice place overall. We come here a lot. I highly recommend this place for sure. Plenty of movies to choose from.

Madison Stephens

The lady that took my ticket was very rude... we had arrived a bit early and all she had to tell us was it was not ready... but instead she told us in a rude manner the theatre is NOT ready! And told us where to sit and called it “time out” I think it was extremely disrespectful, because as how nice this theatre is, you expect better manners from the workers..not only was she rude to us but to others.. this should be taken care of or more complaints will for sure come to this place.

George The Ups Driver

The older women who takes the tickets is really rude..... Will never come back...

Rachel Fussell

As with any movie theater, it's overpriced. The movie experience was great and people shut off their phones.


I used to like this theater but it had been a while since I'd been here. I went to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I paid $10 for one adult to be put in a musty old theater in the furthest corner. The seats smelled and sank down from being warn out. As a matter of fact the entire theater had a damp musty smell. But my first impression was how small the screen is. I know it's not IMAX but this screen is still much smaller than a normal screen. I paid a premium price for a very sub-par experience. It's a shame considering this is an AMC theater. I won't bother returning here. There are other theaters that are more reasonably priced with much better facilities.

Ben Burns

Good service and clean too so that's good

Don Yarbrough

Too long a line for snacks so skipped them.

Lisa Ross

You do not get a choice of where to sit, they automatically give you assigned seats. SUCKS! For the cost to see a movie you should get to choose your own seat!! I won't be back!!!

Jeffery Walker

So nice walked right in no wait.

Meagan Lambert

I went this afternoon and i had the worst service ever there. We went and bought our tickets and the lady at the register was rude and acted like she didnt want to be there. I ordered pretzel bites and i had to wait 15 minutes to get them so when i went to see my movie it had already started.

Jackson Genant

Used to come to this theatre all the time when the kids were younger with many good memories of seeing series of movies such as Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter. I now have access to a marvelous theatre the Marquee 7 in Morganton. I recently went back to the AMC Hickory 15 to see a movie that had left my usual theatre, what a shock in the changes. Long single line, only one side open, I have to pick my seats? Forget getting a refill on popcorn as have to go through same long line again. I will have to think long and hard before I ever consider coming back.

darlene heyward


Paul Hack

I like to drop large cokes here and shout the f word on accident here. They didnt get mad at me so that's a huge plus. Seats are comfy and popcorn is great here. Definitely a+

Emily Young

Now that they re-did the Big D and made it a Dolby theater, it's so nice. You can reserve you're seats. Makes going opening weekend fun again!

Carolyn Russ

Finally got through a whole movie without a fire alarm or power outage!

Markly Dash

Idk why AMC is less than 5 stars...

Michael Brown

Under staffed... Wait in line forever, half the self serve drink machine where out of order. And the bathroom s could have been alot cleaner, out of hand soap.

C Farris

The staff were committed to rudeness. Refused to scan my membership when I purchased multiple times.

Joan Watts

Clean and comfortable theater. Good sound. Staff are helpful. Concessions are good. Prices are better on Tuesdays.

Deanna Lessard

The worst system for buying tickets and food. If you pay for Stubs, the line is still not “preferred service”. No one knows when you go to the attendant from premier member to non. Why don’t you just put a sign up over the register for “ Premier only”. And put a line in for food only. What’s the point of buying tickets ahead of time if I can’t get the food without standing in the ticket line anyway! You are losing a LOT of profits!! The new theater is fantastic but you need to tighten up your services. It’s really terrible. Ps. On a Friday and Saturday nights, open both sides of the ticket counters. Seriously!

Brianna Ritchie

This is the worst experience I have ever had at any amc location I have been to. I am a member of the a list stubs member and go to at least one if not more weekly! The staff was very unprofessional but multiple things went wrong. First I was given an expired cookie that was past the date on their best buy sticker! When we bought it up we were told this was all the cookies they had. But when I brought up the quality of my chicken tenders meal they said it is how all locations do it. I had 3 only bread tenders that were the size of chicken nuggets. All other locations I have been to have been full sized without a problem. They used my points off my card without asking. After the movie we talked to the manager who didn't seem to care to talk to us. All in all I will NOT ever be going back.

Christine Calloway

The concessions area was a MESS. Straws, popcorn, spilled drink... I worked at a theater where we had $1 movie night (so you know the crowd) never the level of mess that was here. The staff member at the counter was courteous and very friendly. The theater itself was clean and we enjoyed our movie. They need to work on being a bit more organized at the front.


Solid place, Theaters are clean and comfortable. Popcorn is solid but expensive. Over nice place.

Jason Regn

This place is disgusting. I took my son to the movies sat april 20. the entire theater was trashed with popcorn , drink lids, straws and other trash all over the floor and behind the counter where the food is prepared.With the large amount they charge to see a movie, you would think they could afford to keep the place clean. I asked one of the many employees standing around to speak to the manager no one could find them. My son regularly goes to the movies and says the place is always trashed.

Jonathan Y

Tuesday, best day to go watch a movie. $5 for just released movies... (Godzilla-2019)

Sonya Church

Had some trouble with ticket purchases online. We got no confirmation for our tickets, so we had trouble when we had to change our plans. Janet, a Hickory manager, went above and beyond what she had to to help us resolve the issue. THANK YOU AND KUDOS, JANET!! YOU ROCK and we are so glad you are in Hickory!!

Janis Tucker

I don't go often, it is so EXPENSIVE, $16 for a senior mattine admission and a regular popcorn.

Elizabeth Martin

Poor staffing & assigned seating makes driving further to see a movie more appealing

David Cruz

This was the second time I had a demeaning experience at this location. On both occasions the older woman who takes the tickets had an attitude of wanting to humiliate the guests in her own special way. Last time it was preventing everyone from going back to the theater section so that a long line formed in the front and people were getting tired and upset from standing there for no reason. I finally spoke to someone in the concessions and a manager came out and told her to let people through. On this second visit to watch Downton Abbey, the same person just had to make a condescending wisecrack when she took our tickets that we were going to "girl's movie." I happen to be a dude and under no circumstances is it appropriate for this character to offer her views on visitors' movie choices. But I'm wondering if the persistence of this unfriendly behavior here reflects a general attitude of contempt for patrons on the part of the Hickory AMC management. It seemed like the crew behind the counter this time not only went out of their way to serve the "members" but also to inconvenience non members by having more open lanes for members even though the non member line was much longer. The movie business has been shrinking for years and cinemas can't afford to allienate that dwindling portion of the public who are still willing to pay to see a movie on the big screen. This time business was slow for a Saturday and much slower than the previous Saturday when I visited over year ago. I personally doubt I will return to this unit in the future.

Oscar Sweet

Horribly managed, over priced, and dirty. Go to the Carolina Theater instead. at least its supporting a local business.

Erik Mcmillan

When you consider the theaters only get about about 3-5% of the ticket price (most complainers do not realize 95-97% goes to the movie producers, not the theater), the pricing is actually really good considering what you get. Impressed with how quickly they react to offer newest movies. Clean, quality entertainment.

Yvonne Parsons

Clean, very nice staff!

Lori Beaver

Loved the movie. The theater was comfortable!

Mega Gengar Lucario

Very nice place. Hickory NC is getting to be a dangerous place so I'd recommend to watch closely and be ready to defend your family!

matt bullignton

I love the big d theater awesome

Mae Dieujuste

I enjoy taking my family there

Jack Fleming Jr

Pros- Normally clean and seats are full sized and spaced apart, front 2 back, enough to be comfortable. Cons- Consessions are too expensive and when very busy or full the entry/ticket line is jammed together and haphazzardly chaotic.

Bil Pedigo

Seen avengers in the dolby theatre is was unreal! Seats were amazing and worth the coin.

christina kyes

Everything is sticky and dingy.... The bright spot was the kid that helped us.

Teshanna Stephens

I love the a list stub thing I have saved so much money

Saibyn Ruff

Nice Dolby theater but they put these walls up that if you fully recline the seats and get comfortable you can't see 1/3 of the screen.

Kendra Reese

This is a big, impressive theater. Even has the special Dolby theater with a gigantic screen and comfy chairs and a unique seating arrangement where you can't see people in the rows in front or behind you. Recently changed to picking the seats you want at purchase. I'm not sure I like this option better, though, because it's hard to judge what the depth perception will be like. But, would be nice for buying and planning in advance online so you don't have to worry about getting lousy seats when you get there. 4 out of 5 stars because of price. Heaven forbid you'd like a snack with you tickets. You're out $50 easily for two people.

Patricia Williams

Movie projection was great. Lobby and concessions are nice. Then I was stuffed into my seat in theater 10. Is it me or has going to the movies become alot like flying commercial? Where you are packed in like uncomfortable sardines. I'd pay double for less people and more comfort, and I bet I am not alone!

Amy Jenkins

The line usually moves pretty good. Popcorn is always hot and food tastes good. I think they should be a little more organized when it comes to people who have the stubs premiere membership. Since it’s a paid membership, I feel like it’s overlooked there. Otherwise it’s mostly clean and staff is friendly. It’s a good theater.

Rogger Matamoros

Concessions is always somewhat dirty. There are also a few projectors that have a bit of distortion and need some attention but otherwise solid. Seats are comfortable and the sound is great.

Matthew Seymore

Nice seats but Lord it feels like you have to sell a kidney just to pay for tickets

Kathy Lowery

Loved the lounge chairs... very clean...hate i have to puck my seat ahead of time.....

Judy Bolick

Long lines everywhere. Seems chaotic when you go inside. Usually too cold in the theatre and way too expensive. Wait a .month and go to the Carolina downtown.

Cynthia Woodard Huss

It's a nice place but you have to pick your seat # when you buy your ticket.

Jana Hutchings

Clean theater. Not crazy about having to "pick a seat" on a really small screen.

Kim Dellinger

Had a great time. A little expensive but we enjoyed our selves

Andrew Varga

Worst movie theatre we are forced to go to bc the next decent one is 20 plus miles away.

Andrew Hendren

All in all it was a good experience for my 2 boys. But if u plan on going catch the earlier showings if possible bc it can get pretty expensive for the evening showings. For me and the 2 boys tickets plus I got them the small drink, popcorn and fruit gummies combo and my drink was $68 and some change. But the boys loved the little arcade room they have

Dusty Songs

The movie was good, but the service could have been quicker and better

Anita Owens

Love the movie. Lion King

Susan Ramsey

They got the sound working just in time for the start of the movie. The seats were okay but after 2 & 1/2 hours my back was starting to hurt. Could have used a few less previews before starting the movie. 30 minutes of previews is a little excessive.

Tammy Gregory-Daughtrey

Staff were kind and attentive. Slow evening at the theatre. Clean, slightly cold (but I came prepared. Nice experience.

Ashley Ekard

Just concession prices is pretty high

Ashley Oliver

I went to the movies on July 6th. The gentleman ring me up ask me to slide my card, I did. He told me it didn't go through. I slid it again, and he told me the same thing again. So he said that he needed to switch to a different register. While he was doing that I checked my bank account and it showed where I just slid my card 2 * it showed both of them as pending transactions. He switched registers I slid my card a third time he told me that the other two transactions should fall off because they didn't go through. I kept an eye on my account and on Tuesday July 9th all three transactions posted. So I was overcharged $70.56. I went to the AMC after I got off work that day on Tuesday July 9th and was told there was nothing nobody could do for me I needed to go to my bank. My bank told me that if I disputed the charges that they would have to cancel my card and I would have to pay $15 to get a new one, and I shouldn't have to pay $15 because their computer system glitched or messed up. I've been trying to get my money back and keep getting told there is nothing they can do. It has now been a week and nothing.

Shawn Ferguson

Great staff. Assigned seating now. And the new big D with power recliners is awesome!

Brenda Harrington-Ireland

Great place...not usually too Dolby Theater is awesome! Highly recommended!

Raven Page

Great food and fair prices and great movies


Great movie, the art of racing in the rain..the theater is ok

Lynn Benicken

I do love this place I just hate how much everything costs. Tickets, food, snacks, drinks, etc. But they are reasonable and on par with all movie theatres in terms of prices, so it's not a knock to this theatre, just in general the overall price is a lot. Staff here were friendly and helpful. The theatre was clean and comfortable. What I expect from a theatre.

NikiAnn Sverko

If I could, I would give this ZERO stars. This is the most ridiculously awful theater I’ve ever been to. The website advertises food will be delivered to your seat if you order from the app. False. The ticket line is out the door, no problem, we bought online right? Sure but if you want popcorn or any other snacks? You get to take your happy behind to the back of the ticket line! Seriously??? And if that’s not annoying enough, there’s a second ticket & refreshments together counter that is never open. And then you have mini refreshment counters past the ticket taker...but they’re all vacant too so... So thanks for ruining our theater experience. We will NOT be returning. I’m not standing in line for an hour for popcorn. And a movie isn’t a movie without popcorn. Worst movie experience ever.

Chris Smith

Cleaner than most theatres and a comfortable setting

Sue Alderman

Disappointed with this theatre. As busy as it always seems to be, they could do better. Lobby is dirty looking because no one seems to be in charge of cleaning up popcorn. Employees nice but not enuf registers open for busy times.

Scott White

Had a great time, the staff was helpful, the seats were comfortable and enjoyed ourselves.

Anthony holbrook

Seats not comfortable. Price is reasonable but popcorn stations for butter were in much need of cleaning.

Adam W

If I could give less than a star I would. Pick my seat before I see who my kids are sitting beside, I don't think so! You have lost me for life!

kimberly lail

Just got out of movie- saw Captain Marvel at 7:15pm. Had to wait in line for over 20 minutes AND WE HAD ORDERED TICKETS ONLINE! Because there is ONE line for everyone - whether you have tickets already or are buying them on site. Chic at concessions was not friendly and was rather impatient. Young lady taking our tickets was nice but she was talking into a headset at the same time she was talking to us and we had no idea if she was addressing us or the person on the other end of the headset. The floor was filthy. Overall, not a great experience. So glad we didn't pay full price for tickets. And don't even get me started on having to pick your seats out when you order! If AMC is going to make me pick my seat, then have someone in the blessed theater to make sure everyone is in their correct seat and not taking mine. Specifically bought tickets so my kids could sit behind us and someone was in their seat! Another theater managed better could run this place out of business.

Charles Rananto

Being able to reserve seats is awesome! Theater was messy for a Wednesday.

Jamie Parker

WAY OVER PRICED. A ticket for my FOUR year old was almost $9. Mine was almost $10. Add on a small popcorn and small drink and we (I) spent $33. Then I pick my seats at the concession stand but when I get inside the theatre someone is sitting in them. But they bought their tickets the day before online and there seats sure enough are the same as mine! Same seats sold twice for the same movie and time. Theres no reason making a person choose their seats before hand. BUT if thats how it has to be, then put an employee in there to make sure correct seats are taken. There is absolutely no reason it should cost so much to go to a movie.

joshua vaughan

Best theater around I love them

Red Poole

Great Theater. Got to the Dolby Cinema. They have Reclining chairs lol

Rebecca Eaker

Loved having coupon for buy one get one! Thank you, Kendrick Brothers for the awesome movie, Overcomer. Staff was friendly and theater was clean

Renay Robertson

We had great seats and it's really clean

Orang Lad

Good popcorn and great movie-going experience. Not enough people at the registers. Takes a good 15min to be served on a slightly crowded day. Let alone very crowded.

Jeremy Donovan

This is a nice theater but the convoluted concession/ticket area being combined really put a hurt on wait times. Otherwise the experience is pleasant and the theaters are generally clean and accommodating.

Ashton Austin

We go here and watch movies every week


nice place. good seating and overall theatre experience. theatre 10 has had a messed up projector for a long time which takes away from the movie experience, all of the other theatres to my knowledge are fine. employees for the most part are very nice and helpful, eccept for one lady who is consistently rude. could use better management.

Melissa Bolick

The choice of movies they choose is really great. Went with my family to see Avengers:Endgame and the experience was so awesome. I can't wait to go back

Nathan Gilpin

Bring your own popcorn, candy and drinks because by the time you get through the line's the movie will be over!!!!!

Megan Castillo

The system online put 3D tickets for sale for a theater that wasn’t 3D capable. We ended up having to leave and come back the next day to see the movie. Quiet an inconvenience since we live 30 mins away. So we are back again today to watch the Avengers and brought the new tickets the manager gave us and when we went to redeem the tickets we were told they we sold out. My husband asked to speak to the manager, all of the sudden 25 seats were free for us to choose from. If the system and employee lying wasn’t enough, the theater floors were gross! Popcorn and soda spilt everywhere and toilet paper littered the bathroom floor. Won’t be coming back.

Ira Simmons

It was ok just the lobby wasn't very clean . Popcorn all over the floor . No one seem to care if it was clean or not !!

Kallista Dane

I love this theatre! Lots of movies to choose from including 3D, comfortable seats, even beer and wine. Best price at twilight and on Tuesdays

Kiki Gibson

Absolutely disgusting! No wonder its sanitation score is at 95. It should be 69. More popcorn on the floor than the machines. Not enough staff, EVER! Our movie started at 7 then we had to pick another, it started at 7:30. Then we had to pick another because we are still in line at 8:15. This is super ridiculous, and where is the supervisor? No where. They only started cleaning when the guy in front of us started taking photos of how gross this place is. We are now leaving to drive to Huntersville where the theater is clean and we don't have to wait a lifetime to see a movie on a Tuesday night. This theater has gotten worse since they got rid of the ticket window and closed all the concession stands so you are subject to 4 registers at a time, it is just ridiculous and honestho we don't even come out for movies because of this anymore. If it wasnt for me having the morning off so I could spend time with my kid tonight we wouldn't of even been here. You need better management and more employees or just get a better system for ticket purchases.

Tanisha Fowler

They could definitely clean a little better

Brian Powell Jr

Okay movie theater with a lot of inconveniences. I don't like that if I buy the tickets online I still have to stand in line to get my tickets with everyone else getting both tickets and snacks. They really need a ticket kiosk to pick up tickets from online. Why charge me a $5 convenience fee if it isn't convenient. I was in line for 30 minutes being 10th in line. It never moved because Priority Pass people kept walking in. After I got my ticket, there was no stub taker to point me in the right direction so I ended up walking throughout the whole theater to find theater 15 (because it was before #1 for some reason). Luckily, I got there 40 minutes before the movie started....

Jody Stamper

The theater was nice and clean. No complaints.

Gary Hicks

Went to the 2:10 movie the theater was nice we got large popcorn and four med drinks it was over 60.00 dollars for the 4 of us two senior citizens one child and one adult. Pricing to high

Travis Lawton

Friendly staff and great snacks. I always enjoy my experiences at AMC Hickory 15

ChristyRob Caldwell

I showed up 30 minutes before the movie I wanted to watch came on. I thought that that would give me plenty of time to get my ticket and my food... Well I was wrong. They was poorly staffed and the line barely moved. So needless to say I missed the one movie I wanted to see and had to settle for seeing something else...

Chuck McCall

Terrible experience at this theater. The process they have is that you have to buy your tickets at the popcorn/snack/drink area. The line was SO LONG. We waited over 30 minutes and still had further to go than we had come. The movie we wanted to see had already started so we had to leave. Guy in front of us had bought his tickets online and still had to wait in the line. We won't be going back to this theater!

Courtney Hayden

This theatre needs to take some ques from Marcus Theatres. Get the self serve ticket kiosk fixed and add like 4 more, have one line for tickets only, and hire enough staff to keep at least the front floor area clean. I've been to other AMCs were I think the system design is off, but not one that has felt so dirty and disgusting in the main lobby. Only saving grace is how nice the employees are at this theatre. I get the priority lanes, but even the priority people are complaining about the wait. We've walked in and left multiple times after assessing what the wait time would be.

Jeff Autrey

We had a great time watching new Avengers movie.

Thomas Mull

Great theater and even better with ATT ticket access

Ashley Mars

The fact that you have to choose assigned seats is absolutely ridiculous. The only reason we went here tonight is because it was a 40 minute drive to another one. I will not be back until they have revised their assigned seating rule. If someone could please give me one good common sense reason for this I will revise my review.

Wendy Naidas

Don't waste your money on Midsomor! Movie totally sucks.

danielle barrier

Went to watch end game. Theater was nasty. Machines had no ice or drink and no one had cleaned it at all. Then after arriving 30 mins early and seated 15 mins early. Already dressed from Antarctica the theater was so cold that the 52% weather outside was warmer than the theater. Upon speaking with numerous people nothing was done. So we left. 40$ for nothing. Called customer service and waited 45mins for a guy that could care less why I called told me to go back to the same manager that blew me off the first time. I have been an AMC customer for over 15 years. Worst experience EVER. SHAME ON YOU AMC.

Taylor Hinton

The fact that the ticket and concession stand lines are the same is ridiculous amd means it takes forever to get tickets.

Adam White

Absolutely an awesome place to watch a movie especially the 3d theater. If you get a chance then check out a movie there.

Sharon Maag

Clean, comfortable atmosphere. Easy viewing. Fantastic movie and food. Love

Kevin Murray

One of rudeness of people. A group of people talking and on their cell phone, at the start of the movie. I made a complaint. The staff came in and looked around. I guess talking doesn't mean much to certain raises. I guess Imagination needs to go to the movies. Then they won't talk as much. Just saying.

Seymour Butz

This place is a joke. Why do I have to wait in line with people who are getting concessions??? Fn ridiculous. I simply want to buy a ticket and go watch the movie. I completely understand why they do what they do but I wouldn’t buy concessions from them out of principle.

Heath Honeycutt

Great theater for a date or for the whole family. They continue improving their flow to get you in quickly with everything you need to have a great experience. Their new big D experience is awesome and worth the money. Check them out, you will not regret it.

Chris Mayo

Yes great modern theater

levi foster

Cons- Place is filthy. Couldn't even walk around without getting my shoes sticky from all of the soda, popcorn, candy, and god knows what stuck to that floor. Bathrooms are even worse. Needs more and or new workers, and definitely a new manager that actually cares about what the place looks like. NEEDS MAINTENANCE. Pros- Good movie showtimes. Okay projection quality.

Naiomi Herrin

Movie was great (Marvel Endgame), staff was super friendly but overworked. AMC has enough money that they can hire a cleaning crew to ensure that the facility is clean. I've seen smaller theaters that are cleaner. Otherwise a good experience and would return.


I avoid this theater. My complaints are it is very expensive, a lot of times the theater rooms are in disrepair, and poor staff experiences. We have had 2 movies we went to see just this year that were rescheduled due to equipment faults. Granted the staff will give you free tickets back to see something later on but it's a hassle you shouldn't have at such an expensive theater. Also the staff are poorly trained, unfriendly, and immature. I have personally seen them horseplaying behind the concession counter on at least on occasion. If you can see your movie anywhere else I would suggest you do.

Seth Barron

The staff is the best thing about this theater. Everyone we dealt with was amazing. Top notch customer service. The only reason I'm not doing a 5 star is the facility. It could use some maintenance. Aside from that, stellar service.

Sara Large

Great experience! Nice staff!

Isaac Parker

Reserved seats were amazing, the view was perfect, and the staff were very helpful!

John Ivy

Friendly, fun, expensive. Can't get too enthusiastic and I can't get too pessimistic. It's a movie theater in the 21st century. What should one expect?

Melody Foster

Need to open more registers and why have a vip program if you have not figured out a successful way to implement the fast pass. Stubs members wait just about as long there is no set way for stubs members to be called forward.

Luv Universe

Its amazing especially in the Dolby Cinema

Trevor Hegert

Lines are terrible, even in off peak times due to the broken express lane system. I stood in the regular line with only 3 customers ahead of me for just under 30 minutes. It also seems many express lane customers choose the line because they don't know there are separate lines, but they still get priority service. Sending them to the back of the line would cause conflicts, so what else can the employees do but serve them. But it leaves everyone who follows the rules waiting for ridiculous amounts of time. Should we all just "accidentally" get in the express lane too? Find a way to fix it or get rid of it. Also the screen in theater 12 has a large stain. And it has been there for months, since I saw Aquaman at least. When I saw the theater number today I thought about asking to change to a different showing, but I thought it must surely be fixed by now. Plus all those law abiding regular line folks behind me had been waiting FOREVER too, so we just took a chance and.....still stained. For $10.99 a ticket I expect better. I begrudgingly award you 3 stars because your employees are friendly, you always have every movie, and the Big D is awesome. But I go FAR less often than I used to and sometimes drive an extra 40 minutes to see movies in a better theater.

Teresa Patterson

They really need to open both sides for tickets and concession movies opening weekend! Ridiculous


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