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Melissa Watson

Very nice theater with reclining seats. Reasonable Prices and great food options. Not your average theater food menu


Possibly the worst movie experience I've EVER HAD!!!! the whole assigned seating is just bogus and unnecessary. Me and my friends boughts our tickets separately at the kiosk (which randomly assigns seats) only to discover we had to move 3 TIMES!! We thought it didn't matter about the seating but apparently it does. SECURITY harassed me and my friends to the point where we just got up and got a full refund for all three of our movie tickets!! 45 minutes into the movie and we had to move 3 TIMES!!! Its just a seat....its not that serious!!! If i had to rate the customer service of this theater i I'd give it a HALF a STAR!!! WORST THEATER EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! I'm definitely going to the REGAL GRANDE CINEMA from now on.

Kevin Barna

Good seats, good sound OMG!!!! Sub woofing so good I almost lost my lunch. Not enough time, however, to get a second mortgage so we could buy concessions...

No Bull

The theatre and chairs were very clean and comfortable. Some yokel woman had to make herself overly comfortable at my expense. She had her arms behind her head for half the movie so she could air her armpits out. If I was 20 years younger I would have spoken harshly to her about it and been ready to kick both her and her husband's fat arses.

Phyllis Latham

I love the relaxing atmosphere and the idea that I can get a glass of wine to enjoy with a good movie even though they are a little pricey for that glass of wine

TIM Weeks

Online ticket purchasing and pre selecting seat is the best... skipping ticket counter better.... staff very friendly polite and helpful

Robert Lincourt

Very clean, nice comfortable seats.

Brenda Mills

Enjoyed the movie we saw (The Grinch) with my granddaughter & her dad. I enjoyed watching her enjoy the movie!

Debra Sherwood

Reclining seats are a plus but cost for ticket, reg drink & popcorn rather expensive. Movie also kept blacking out.

Bernard Vereen

I went to see Gemini man and I had a pleasant time today! I also became an A list member today and skipped the long line it was worth it to come a member.

William Keiper

Very nice theatre. Good picture quality and food. The seats were amazing and comfortable. Great time!

Kelly Nall

Love this movie theater, the reclining seats are beyond comfortable. And I like I can get an adult drink.

Lauren washington

I dont like the assigned seats concept and the theater had a roach that crawled on the screen for a good 30 minutes of the movie before any staff came through to do anything about it. I most likely will not return to this theater

Lisa Shepherd

I do enjoy this updated theater. My only complaint is that they fail to show many movies I want to see which forces me to go to Regal. Seems like many of the faith based movies they choose not to show. Just saw UNPLANNeD 2 times at Regal...( one of the times brought our youth group) and theater was packed both tomes. This has happened several times in the past also. Praying they will reconsider and make more of these movies available. I did miss my comfy seats..

Jeff Smith

It was a good movie experience. The sound quality was fantastic. The bathrooms were very clean. The ladies at the concession stand were not very helpful. We asked about if there were any combos they only suggested the large drink and large popcorn for $16. They never suggested the two large drinks and one large popcorn combo for a measly $21. We found out about that on our way out of the theater. Prices were a bit much and you have to fill your own drinks and butter your own popcorn. The reclining chairs in the theatre were awesome, super comfortable. All in all I would have to say I will be coming back

The Archangel of karma

It's like a movie theater but with recliners it is definitely very nice and very comfortable

Belinda Dixon

OMG! I haven't been to the movies in years. What a GREAT experience. Clean atmosphere, comfortable seating, and now serving ALCOHOL! WHEWWWEWW. GREAT UPGRADES.

CJ King

Recliner chairs and big ole screen can't go wrong

Rhodes Carter

It's nice but the seats need lumbar support.

Brooks Midyette

Good movie pricey

Anthony C

Enjoyable, my granddaughter wanted to see Toy Story 4.

Brenda Steigerwald

Loved the movie. The theatre was comfortable and clean.

Reyna Giusto

I love the coming here, a bit chilly sometimes though to be honest.

Heather Davenport

The theater is comfortable but the food prices are outrageous

Aniyah Bryant

Relaxing i love this location and the recliners are so cozy while enoying a movie

dahliah smith

Customer service was good. However too much spilt foods on the lobby floor.

Sandra Crance

So comfortable to watch a movie. Just wish the snack prices were not so steep

Darlene C

Clean, pleasant experience. Awesome recliner seats.

Shannon Michaels

This was the first time we went to the movies here. We loved it.

Monique Kinzler

Its normally awesome but today watching Lion King it felt like no air was on just in the move room. Or someone put the heat on thinking it was cold I don't know. That's the only thing I didn't like today.

Eric Breaux

Counter worker London was great! Comfy recliners.


Went here to see Godzilla last Tuesday and I very much enjoyed all of it and the fact that the movies are half off on Tuesdays to my current knowledge that hasn't changed is fantastic definitely recommend

Angel Maxwell

The theater its self is great the concessions are lacking

April S

Reclining seats and quick entry with booking online made it great.

Sabra Freeman

Loved the movie "Breakthrough". If you can splurge get the reclining leather seats, bring blanket or jacket gets chilly in there. Now have a bar.

Ty Frazier

The place is Great, Friendly Staff, Clean Atmosphere, Seats are very comfortable, will be watching movies again there

Taren Maywald

I've seen two movies here in the last week and was impressed with the staff both times. I especially enjoyed the early morning showing, because it fit my schedule which generally is not accommodated by movie theaters. It was nice to go to a 9:30 am showing of a new release for under $6 a ticket. The chairs are comfortable and the entire theater including bathrooms wasn't good repair and clean. All in all I would give this place a 10 out of 10. Best movie theater in Greenville by far!

Ester Pryor

I love the theater but the seating is not so great if you dont get there in time someone will get your seat the drinks are geat to

Christina Jones

Love this theater now since they have updated!

Benjie Phillips

Great all around ..other theater has bedbugs

JAY Money

Comfortable seating goog service enjoyed my experience definitely recommended

Kielana Ham

It took a good 15 minutes to get my food. The popcorn was old and cold. There was no one to tell us which direction we should go to find the theater and the movie’s volume should have been turned up louder.

Jason Foreman

Recliners were great 3d movie messed up halfway through we got a free pass for that and bathrooms were way under par. I will go back let's see if it's any better!

vincent iannace

Love the assigned seating. Premier status helps with cashback discounts and upgrades. Lounge nice addition making going to the movies social. Reclining seats great.

Chris Farmer

Another great movie and great movie experience. Friendly smiling associates and the most comfortable recliners in a movie theater. Great way to start 2019!

Savilla Jones

The reclining, spacious seating as well as clean facilities makes this an excellent theater.

War Blatalian

Great recliners with wide walkways and a nice bar.

Smurffette Jenkins

I love the recliner seats

Ed Briones

Love this theater. It's clean and comforrable.

Kimberly James

Love the seating! Awesome movie theater

charlese henderson

I have been going back to this theater for the last 2 years. Most had abandoned this theater for the newer Regal Cinema in town. But I fell back in love with it. The cozy seats and updated theater styles-some grand some cozy and intimate. And now that the bar has opened up and they have more food choices I can't see ever going anywhere else. The only thing that could make them any better than they already are would be if they incorporated ordering from your seats. But in the meantime, Im loving this theater all over again!!

Chelsea Elliott

Everything is good except the seats need to be oiled.

Hunter Cozart

Good theater. Lots of college kids on a Friday night. It's real loud too. Like the loudest movie theater I've ever been to. The chairs make an annoying noise when moving but hey 1st world problems.

Jan Rice

Love the Stubs program and the power recliners are to die for!

John English

1st time back since the remodel, very nice and great room and with seats that recline are wonderful

Keith Jenkins

Full recliners, friendly staff and ground shaking sound!!!!

Boris NC

Most comfortable theater ever.

K Hah

Clean theaters and I LOVE the seats and I also like assigned seating. However, the theater I was in didn’t have stadium seating. So even though we had nice seats to sit in, you can’t recline very far and it feels like the bad old days of movie-going where the bottom of the screen is punctuated with other people’s heads/seats. Not sure if this is only an issue in certain theater rooms but they should really have stadium seating throughout. They just traded an upgrade (nice reclining seats) for a downgrade (no stadium seating).

Robert Legg

Found the theater to be upscale electronics for sound effects, screen viewing. Seating was great with lounge type reclining seats, cup holder too. No photos inside the theater. The only drink was a pepsi-cola.

Hard Ison

Amazing seating, I’ve gotten so comfortable I fell asleep during some movies. Better to arrive a little early if you don’t want to stand in line with 30 people. The bar is a nice touch but I have never seen what they have

MATT Crawford

I think this will be my last time buying popcorn if it’s not cold its stale. Use to go to showplace 16 in IL popcorn was fresh and hot just shows you how each place has different standards.

John Sarmiento Jr

Snacks are priced too high. I paid less at the IMAX theatre in Raleigh

Lee Dail

Great place for the whole family...

Camiah Mingorance

Comfortable seating, great refreshment choices (even healthy options!), no waiting, clean restrooms, drink machines with hundreds of choices. All around a fantastic visit!

mardy davis

Great movie theater! Nice recliner seats! I will go back again!

Clinton Crutchfield

Great place to watch movies, and the chairs are really comfy. Plus, the employees are funny and friendly.


The seating was great, my daughter in law in wheelchair so that was good...the popcorn was impossible to eat..WAY TOO MUCH SALT...even daughter in law loves salt she could not eat it...I even went to opposite counter to where I got first bucke filled advised them the need for fresh popcorn and that was just as salty...we went over to see YESTERDAY as it was not showing in Wilson...POPCORN is a must for my movie viewing...I did ask about the caramel $9.08 for small bag that I was told by guy behind the counter I don't think so.....gotta do better for me to return...

Heather White

Love the reclining seats

Benson Five

Super Comfy & loved the reserved seats but Needs a little lov'n and clean'n

DuJuan Lennon

Customer services was a lil slow, only three workers at the counters for rush hour movie time..

Kenzie McCarthy

The seats in the theater were awesome. They fully reclined and were really comfortable. However the temperature in the theater was almost unbearable. I literally shivered the entire time we were there. I would recommend bringing a jacket or blanket if you're watching a long movie. Snack prices were stupid high, but about what you expect.

Yami Sensei

I always have a great experience here. Clean theaters and awesome movies. Great staff.

Jen Ryan

Very clean theater, easy to get tickets, prices were fantastic and the seats are very confortable.

renee fish

I wish they would check their close caption devices b4 they hand them out and make sure they are fully charged.

Scott Conway

I was ask to leave the theater after telling a family to keep their 2 year old quite. Not once but multiple times. The child was crying because of the violence of the movie. Not sure why you would bring a 2 year old to see a PG-13 movie.

jonathan waters

The upgrades make this theater worth it. With reclining seats and you don't have to worry about seeing the person in front of you.

Alton Thompson

I've had a couple of bad experiences at this theater but overall it's a good clean facility. They could be a little more handicap friendly.

Kadeidra Badejo

Theater was cleaned and so comfy. Reclining chairs. But it was so cold. It was literally freezing in the Theater.

Moyd Moyd

Enjoyed my time there with my family

Adam Willard

Best theatre in town. Reclining seats and a new bar. Highly suggest looking into their programs like being an A-list member (3 movies per week "free", for $20 a month).

Miles Shannon

Theater was clean and comfortable. The seats were great, but they separate people a little too much. Nobody wants to go to a movie date and not get close to each other.

Sandra Whitney

It's like being at home. Very comfortable environment to watch a movie.

Benji Taylor

Do yourself a favor and become a Premiere Member on AMC website/app. Year's membership paid for itself today. Free upgrades, refills, bonuses and quicker line. Facility is ok, and staff seems friendly.

Jessica Nellis

Love the seats and never had bad service from the staff. I love movies and this is my go to. Sometimes with new movies just make sure you buy the tickets ahead.

Luis Murillo

The seating is fantastic! the concession stand moves fast. The bar is the only thing I had a problem with. The bartenders were slow unorganized and just not ready for order taking and drink making. Other than that everything was great.

Cooper Kimble

Had only one line at the concession stands, which took way longer since guests who hadn't purchased tickets online had to buy their tickets here: box office literally only has cardboard in it. To top it off, only two registers were open, with only one person making orders.

Robert Boone

Really great. Went to see the lion king. Great atmosphere

Mike White

this place is always great. theater 6 on this visit was very damp and had a slight mold smell. should probably check for leaks. it's not enough to keep me from enjoying your establishment though. thanks for the great service.

Allie Moore

Love this location especially since the renovations a few months back. The leather recliners are a huge improvement. So is the added walking room in each row. I also enjoy that you can now claim your seats when you purchase your ticket. I love how I no longer have to arrive 30 minutes early for a good seat during my movie.

Rhonda Nemmers

Was there for Aladdin. It was very comfortable and the movie was great!

Nathanael Jackson

My favorite theater in town. Reclining seats, a bar, and $5 Tuesdays. I'm an A-lister there.

Cherae Ferguson

The main bathrooms have a heavy pee smell. Staff very nice and helpful. Brittany always smiles and treats us so nicely.

Doug Ward

Really nice staff. Best seats in town.

Tina Credle

Good customer service this time. Nice and clean.

Ange'lique Parker

My experience each visit is great. Staff polite. The bar great touch. Theater ALWAYS clean.

Gary W.

4:15 movie started at 4:35. Had to sit through a short film on top of the commercials some of which we saw more than once.

Teri Hartley

Can't trust the internet for movies and times.. no one answers the phone to verify. Full recliners, assigned seating, so you do not know how close to the screen you will be forced to sit.

Silly Lizzy

This place is like our home away from home. We come here sooo much. We love the bavarian pretzel they sell here, it's 1lb and a half soft pretzel!!! I love our AMC A-List membership so we don't ever really have to wait in line either when we go to order our food & snacks. They also have a bar here for those who like to have a drink with their movie.

Eric Trumbull

I love AMC 12. The reclining seats are awesome, you can easily pre-purchase tickets, the food is as expected for a theater. They seem to have a good drink selection at the bar as well.

Loretta Clark

I used to go to Greenville Grande to watch movies. Close to my house. The recliner seats and the great prices have stolen me away from Greenville Grande.

Boss Hogg

The reclining chairs are comfortable and love. My family and I enjoyed the movie "Night School". The only complaint, and it's really not a complaint is the prices. Regular size popcorn is $8.75 and drinks start at $5.85.

Allen Brown

Fairly nice theater. Seats recline. Nice improvements.

Blue Panda

It was great. Great service,good movies,and great seats. I felt at home.

Joy McHone

The air conditioning was not working. Other than being too warm, it was fine. Great seats.


Its definitely gotten a lot nicer since it's Carmike days. The self service ticket kiosks are nice, especially if you use Fandango. The concession line could be managed better, with several cashiers taking orders while one person just throws out random food items and you just grab what you want when you see it put out. I personally am not a fan of the recliner seats either.


The recliner seats are the best. If you get the seats in the middle there is more foot traffic but you can leave to the bathroom or the concession stand without having to squeeze by people.

Kathy Ruby

Top-notch theater, comfy seats. Very easy and intuitive to navigate. And there's a bar!

Reyna Fuentes

Im liked is good place for family..only is a little expensive

Lena Cannon

The theater is great, seating is great, service is quick. The only problem I encountered was a dirty bathroom with a semi broken toilet.

Erik B

Popcorn is consistently not as good as it should be. Other AMC theaters are better.

Carlos Garza

Drove from Jacksonville and will definitely do it again.

Jonathan Smith

It's a nice theater but the leather seats while comfortable do smell like sweat and musk

Della Lewis

Nice theater. Loved the reclining seats!

Victoria Dizon

Always enjoy watching movies here..

Shelton Manning

They have the best movies!

Angela West

I love the reclining chairs. Wonderful way to watch a movie. My only complaint is the price of popcorn and drinks!

Amanda Prescott

Reclining chairs. The best popcorn and nachos. They even have a members card to get deals on movies.

Maryanna Glancy

Love recliner seats... Brilliant. Will watch all movies there in the future

Matthew Greer

I love this theater. Since it was revamped a few years ago with the leather seats I am obsessed with going.

deidra spencer

Love the decking seats

Lee Garner

Sunday matinee. Took us 40 minutes to get tickets. One cashier. Never again.

Wendy Miller

Love the seats being being assigned and reclining

Latese Hill

Wonderful customer service and very clean facility all around. I like that you have self serve drinks and butter for your popcorn. The reserve of seats (security helps if someone is in your seats). I appreciate the service. Reclining seats...words just can't describe. Thank you all for a beautiful evening.

Carlos Robles

Wow. I was visiting town for the day and decided to spend time watching a movie. Auditoriums are nice and clean and the recliners are comfortable. Went during matinee times and the price was great!

Tarnisha Hicks

New remodeled with comfortable seats, a well stocked bar with a bartender, and real food options to go from snack to an actual meal. There even options for the health conscience.

Keirnan LaMarche

Nice recliner seats and they have a new bar which lets you take drinks into the theater. Buying tickets online before arriving is recommended.

Latasha Foreman

This is a great place to kick back and watch the latest movies one tiny problem is the bathroom cleanliness. Every time we have been this has been an issue and it shouldn't.

Christopher Allen

I've seen more movies at this theater in the past couple of months than I have in the past 10 years. They have affordable prices on Tuesdays ($5 night). Its clean. They seem to be working on getting their liquor license. And best of all, the theaters have RECLINING seats. There's plenty of room in the seat, plenty of room for each person to enjoy both arm rests. Sound and projection quality is excellent. No risk of someone standing up in front of you and obstructing the view due to how the seating is designed. Well done.

War Lord

This is my absolute favorite go to movie theater ever! I'm 6'2 250lbs and the space had in the seats make me feel borderline small... Plus the chairs recline to very comfortable positions... From what I have seen, they are usually always clean and they are very milatary and veteran friendly... Enjoy the experience!

Malcolm Young

Great movie. Excellent service by helpful and cheerful staff. Clean restrooms. Food was delicious. Recliner seats are awesome. Overall great experience.

R&C ForeverQ

5 Stars All the way

anthony rogers

The theater looks really nice. It was my first visit here to watch the Joker. Bad thing is I usually like popcorn and I ordered a large but it was terrible. Not sure how long it was sitting there but that disappointed me.

Ashlee' Perry

Great theater! I had never been there before until today, so it was a real treat! And I was able to see an amazing movie!!

Larry Lassiter

Omg! This place is great! The chairs alone make the visit worth it! Everything Digital and up to date. And.... I don't know his name ... But there is this guy who welcomes you and takes your ticket with these original quips and catchy phrases, tailored to the movie you're seeing. Seriously... Really nice touch. I look for him every time!!

Steve Futrell

Enjoyed the movie popcorn was too salty, especially for the price you have to pay for popcorn and drink.

David Williams

Great theater. Reserved seating and big comfortable chairs that fully recline.


Pretty nice seats, got asked for my I.D. two times before entering... to see the Joker movie, calm down people its just a freaking movie people

Chase Hiatt

Very comfortable seats, but you need to get their early or pre-order your tickets if you want a good seat.


I love going here best place to go to the movies here the chairs are the best! Eat before you go tho, bc hey it's the movies everything besides the movie is expensive

Charm Hard

Best place to "movie" in the greater Greenville area.


Amazing theater! Clean, polite staff, and prices that can't be beat! The seats recline for that "living room" feel. Be warned: in the hotter months, the air conditioning is strong, bring a blanket... seriously!

Dennis Harris

Great theater with recliners, but the bathroom floor in the men's room was sticky by the urinals.

Donald Rouse

Loved the seating, comfortable, spacious. You can pick where u want to sit... awesome

Frances Overton

Lion king was a good movie.

Taylor Johnson

They renovated this theater a few years ago when AMC took over and it has really increased the value proposition. They replaced all the seats with motorized reclining club chairs that are comfortable and very roomy. When you buy your tickets, whether online or in person at the box office, you get to choose/reserve your specific seats. They also have a full bar that will allow you to take a beer or cocktail into the movie, but I have not taken advantage of this yet.

Nancy Tetterton

My favorite movie theater. Love the fast check in and low price Tuesday.

Macey Harrell

Excellent atmosphere, I love the reclining seats. Friendly and helpful staff

Rita K. Brockway

Go here a lot, see very kids movie that comes out! Chilly in summer, take blanket. Seats are nice, recliners.

kim gerstner

Small theaters but great seats.

Lori Gilliss

I am an AMC-A lister member and highly recommend membership. I get to see movies at my leisure, I schedule my seat online for no fee, and I get reward points. I love this AMC theater because the lounge seats are comfy and relaxing, they hire a diverse crew and the staff is always friendly and helpful!

Hank Vanhorn

They now do assigned seating, so buy your tickets before leaving home. All chairs recline and are very comfortable, soft, big leather recliners. Stadium style seating. Do not sit in the front 2 rows during a movie, you are so close to the screen that it's hard to see at all.

Welene Allen

First time I had been there. The seats were really nice. Didn't know they reclined till almost half way when I kept wondering why that light was on. So I pushed it. And low and behold it was reclining. What a nice treat. Floors were clean. People were nice. BUT I hate choosing a seat! Although I was the only one there. ??????

Reggie Barnacascel

Seating was great. Concessions were expensive.

Santisa Moore

Watched toy story love the experience and I felt comfortable

Dianne Sine

0Nice updates. Very cozy. Love $5 Tuesdays. I go to the movies more now that it is affordable and joined AMC to purchase tickets online, pick my seat, and happy viewing!

L Paul Pakowski

Great place to catch a movie!

Aaron Painter

They only had 1 lane open for the after church rush and we were in line so long we missed the trailers.


I went to go watch a horror movie here, a movie that takes place mostly in the dark. Not only is the projection quality so bad that I could actually see pixels on the screen but the red exit sign is so bright that the whole bottom left corner of the screen was red for the entirety of the movie. The leather reclining seats was a cool idea except all you can hear throughout the movie is the buzz of people adjusting them and the creaking of leather. Lastly, it doesn’t matter if you show up early because all the good seats will already have been taken by people who buy the tickets online a week prior. All in all it seems this place doesn’t care about a quality moviegoing experience and just cares about getting your money. It was a much better theater when it was owned by Carmike.


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