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8030 Renaissance Pkwy, Durham, NC 27713 Located in: The Streets at Southpoint

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REVIEWS OF AMC DINE-IN Southpoint 17 IN North Carolina

Alyx Bauer

This is a great movie theater! Super comfy chairs and great staff! Tickets are a decent price and their slushees are alway good. I would recommend to everyone.

Doug Strader

Went to a matinee so the theater was not crowded. Was very nice. Comfortable seats, good sound quality.

Richard Blake

Drink machines completely out of order, popcorn tasted old

Inara Timirgalieva

We like the location as it is close to our home as well we like it is new and clean. Personnel at reception is very responsive and professional. Speaking about dine-in is needs an improvement. Waiting time is too long, staff look pretty disoriented while in service which leaves an unpleasant impression.


Amazing! Seats were phenomenal, comfort was amazing! The HEATED seats and spacious tray was unexpected and appreciated. Excellent experience!

Lilo Ley

Food good enough. Burgers need a bit more flavor but the bun is good.

Alex Sherman

Having frequented this theater for years, it is sad to say they have taken two steps forward and five steps back. They have implemented their dine-in service very poorly. We arrived 45 minutes before showtime, had to wait in line 25 minutes to order, and then 20 to get a simple beer from the bar. Very simple food order arrived 30 minutes into the movie. I am not planning to come back when there are better options for dine in for much cheaper with better service.

Sue Powers

Ridiculous line for concessions. With the new menu, it's impossible to get a bottle of water and popcorn. Not very well planned layout. I like the new seats and the roominess of the theater, but I also like light snacks and water with my movies. Next time I'll have to sneak them in in my pocketbook. Or maybe try a different theater???

Greg Law

We arrived to buy tickets at 12:55 for a 1:15 start. There was one person at the ticket counter with a long line. I ask the person checking tickets if we can order food at our seat and she said no to order at the counter and they would bring it to your seat. We then stand in a long line with two people at the counter taking orders to find out that they are not making food because they are way understaffed. We get into our movie at 1:35 after the movie started with no food and no lunch thinking that by advertising real food that the theatre would have it. Movie, seating and sound was great!!

Francisco Martinez

So they added a Dine in service to the theater and it's pretty nice. It's small so they dont have a huge variety of options but it's good enough imo. Buying tickets on my phone was super simple like before. The new reclining chairs are amazing and I didnt realize it until my back got hot but the chairs can heat up! That was a surprise I wasn't expecting. I've been coming to this theater for over 10 years and the revamp was something I didnt need, but I'm glad it happened. Being able to reserve my seat in more places other than just the IMAX auditorium is great.

Marisa Asturias

Its nice but the food is ordered at counter, and then brought to you. No button at seats. Not a participating theater. Haven't tried food yet.

Cleibe Souza

Always a fun place. Love the new chairs.

Aja Mitchell

Love all the upgrades and $5 moives before noon everyday and $5 Tuesdays. Staff is always nice.

Timothy Macke

Saw 3/4 of a movie, then fire alarm went off and theater was evacuated. Everybody out into the rain. At least it stopped before the fire trucks arrived, but we left. Refund? Wait hours or come back... assuming false alarm (pretty sure it was). Not happy. I don't feel AMC service is commensurate with the premium prices to go see a movie these days.

Teresa Acosta

The worst place ever. Bought a ticket at the window then upon entry was told I had to have I'd to enter. I wasn't walking back to my car in the rain to get back into the line to see a movie Ithat had already begun. Management came out like they were bouncers at a club!!!! Never again

Fredia G

I love this place. Visiting family and while the girls shopped, the granddaughter and I took in a movie. Super clean! Super friendly.

eli paguada

Worst experience ever. The guy who took our order was very disoriented, rude & does not have idea how to engage with clients. He charged my husband card for dry rub wings, a burger, & a drink . They didn’t even have burgers and he wasn’t aware, but his co worker was. A lady or supervisor came and corrected our order & transaction. An hour later and we never got our food. Customer service is poor!

Xiam Insomniac

The movie was spectacular the graphics were amazing and the chairs made me feel the movie.

Alan Finn

Stood outside in the rain for 10 minutes to get tickets while the sole cashier tried to deal with 10 people. Saw Apollo 11 which was great (since AMC couldn't screw up the content). The volume, however, was punishingly loud. I mean deafining. I mean appallingly loud, especially during the ads, even with my hands over my ears. I'm NEVER going back.

Kerrie Elizabeth

Great if u can go in the day time

Luis Montero

The people where so alsome and they didn't feel shy to complete me or my friends they helped us when we couldn't decide what to eat or watch

Mary Michelle Aranda Morales

Customer service sucks! There’s barely people at the counters for food orders & the food is not worth the price. Fries were cold and nachos were a disappointment.

Shawn Cunningham

Good seats although they dont recline fully

bob osborne

Get there early if you're getting anything from the snack bar. We waited 30 minutes in line.

Evangelist Ervin Wilson

On three occasions the mouth wash dispenser within the mens room had a broken operating handle and management didn't care if it ever worked properly; makes you wonder what else management doesn't care about. Haven't been back since. The third star is for the pleasant movie.

John Morris

The seats don't recline. Trash and popcorn all over the place between movies aren't cleaned. Dolby sound system sucks in the last row. Will never be back.


Better than most AMC theaters in the area but they still have quite a way to go. Even after the refurbishing, the service has a long way to go to match up to places like silverspot and alamo.

robert medina

Great movie theater! I always buy my tickets before hand which comes in handy. They remodeled the entire theater and it looks amazing! Great place to go with the family.

Victoria Alles

The seats were amazing but we wish it was a bit darker in the theater, but maybe it was for security reasons.

nate mcdonald

Every Sunday morning is a fantastic Bright City Church service at 10 am. Ike and Sharon Miller are amazing pastors that speak to all ages. Theaters are very clean and staff are welcoming.

Terri Parker

Movie had great sound clean atmosphere and seating has bottom warmers. I would love to have a massage built in chair.

Dawn Dreyer

I had to wait 20 min in line for popcorn. The new-ish menu with burgers etc. looks like it's broken the basic function of the snack bar. The manager was unconcerned.

Christina Jones

We saw Brian Banks here ...SPECTACULAR movie! Love the recliners at this one!!!! The staff was wonderful also!


Nice and clean but understaffed- only 2 people working the food stand on a Saturday where people are trying to order full meals or just popcorn. Line was long and slow. I tried to order some off the menu and they said they can't serve that. The food was good but over priced.

Lemuel Albay

New renovations were impressive but the prices were raised.

shannon hester

The chairs are comfortable and the wings I ordered were surprisingly good!

Dominique Bolden

Theater was dirty when we arrived. The employees took no effort nor urgency to fix the problem.

Nely Galdamez

It is a good movie theater just need better chairs

David Price

You can have a lunch/dinner from a moderate menu brought to your seat, they have a bar, and the seats have foot rests and recline a bit, but..... popcorn and snacks are a bit overpriced, even by modern theater standards. Also, you have to order lunch/dinner food from the same register as popcorn, snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks, so the line takes forever. I waited in line for half an hour just to get a novelty ice cream and a water when I went to see a matinee. The seats recline, but they're not ergonomic and bothered my lower back in every position I tried.

Tamika Keith

Clean awesome!!! One of the cleaness theaters I ever have been in. Love the seats. And customer service, Trinity was outstanding!!!

Christopher Latham

Staff seams to always be un-friendly and sour. Theatre is being renovated though so hopefully will be amazing soon with bar and food. I have hope for them.

Yolanda Williams

This is my favorite theater in Durham. I really like the remodel. There are different choices for viewing a movie. I recently experienced the Dolby and it was great. They also do sensory friendly films. They have heated seats and a bar. I only gave four stars because the dine-in experience could be better. You can dine-in in all the theaters, but not all have the attached table. Food is brought to you after the movie starts and unlike the competition there is not space in some of the theaters for the server to go down the aisle to serve. The food is also overpriced in my opinion 13 to 15 dollars just for chicken fingers or burger and that's without a drink. Compared to the competition (Cinebistro) they could improve the dine-in experience.

Danny Taylor

Best movie theater in the area

Shady Shane

South Point has always been the premier Mall to go to in the Raleigh-Durham Cary area. And their theater has always been one of the best. Especially the IMAX theater. Now with South Point renovating the theaters it can only get better. One of the things that I am glad to see that they have incorporated into their theater is a reserve seating. Takes the feeling of always feeling rushed that you have to get to the theater as fast as possible to make sure you get good seating. Now you know That once you reserved your seat it's your seat. Will be very curious to see you what they renovations look like once completed. I have heard that they plan on serving alcoholic beverages at the theater. That remains to be seen. But the theaters are always clean with very friendly attendance to serve you refreshments. And they are always very helpful an eager to answer any questions that you may have.

Jay Scott

Normally this place is really nice but they are going through a remodel.

Nina McManus

They serve milkshakes! Right to your seat. And I'm talking big ones topped with whipped cream and a big cookie! Maybe I'm easily impressed, but I call that a fancy freakin milkshake. Also, and I haven't ordered this yet, apparently all the burgers come with a veggie burger option. Which is good news for me as I cant usually eat ground beef. The theaters themselves were clean (as were the bathrooms), nice new renovations, and most of them have heated seats. Couldn't give all five stars because the line at the consessions is usually a bit slow, the Dolby 360 sound theater was more annoying and loud than actually enhancing the movie, and they don't say on the website or ticket app which theaters do or don't have the heated seats. But those things may only bother me, so 4 stars. Be patient when in line and the good far outweighs the bad.

Ian Foo

Nice venue, clean, and modern, but very unimpressively run. Regal and Cinemark theaters in the Triangle area handles crowds faster and much more efficiently. Lines here get large for EVERYTHING and move, but not quickly. The line to scan tickets to just enter is long and slow. The concession line is ridiculous and VERY slow. Their recliner seats are nice but not as nice as the ones at Cinemark Raleigh Grand. They have reserved seating but you probably need to show up at least 30 minutes before your showtime if you don't want to miss the start of the movie, let alone the previews.

Richard SteeleJr

It was wonderful as always. Better now they serve food, real food, not just popcorn, can't & sodas!!

Rich Caminiti

While grandiose outside and inside, I just was not impressed. Please don't get this review wrong. The staff was wonderful. The technology and setup seemed to be sub par. My encounter at the concession stand was less than three star. Again, the staff were doing what they were told. But when you are handed your popcorn and empty cups, (for two) and charged over thirty one dollars for it. It makes one wonder why the rest is "self serve" e.g. Get your own butter, salt, soda,, etc. Also. I had a gift card for five dollars off my purchase at the concession stand from my Verizon up rewards and it would not go through. Despite repeated attempts. Until another staff member stated that she had issues with all gift cards not going through. Also, when I went to pay, all pin pads were removed (stated by the employee) for whatever reason, and I could not use my Samsung pay nor swipe the card myself. No big deal. To each their own. To that end, I must say that sans all that, the staff was professional, courteous, kind and wonderful.

Jovonia Lewis

Concession line took 20 min. One of our food selections were not available. I was told it would be an hour before the food came out. The movie was only 1 hour and 27 min so I gambled if we’d get our food before movie ended. The food was cold. One of the seats heat function did not work. Truly uncomfortable and not what I would expect for what we paid for a family of 4. However, all of the staff were kind just no sense of urgency.

Sarah Brown

Stood in line for 20 minutes with three or four people in front of me at concessions. Staff was egregiously slow. Never got served and left without getting something so I wouldn’t miss my movie. Recommend training staff on a sense of urgency and overall customer service

Francisco Estrada

I've been going to this theater for a couple of years and it used to be a regular theater like they used to be. Buy a ticket, sit down, place might be dirty, might be clean. Seats are ok and then you just watched the movie. But now the theater has been updated to compete with theaters that do the reclining seats and dine in experience. WHAT I REALLY LIKE This is a theater that will ask you to choose your seats which is nice so no one is taking your seat but you might get the occasional couple or person that will still sit on your seat even though it's all assigned. Inside the theater itself I do have to say I like the seats a lot when compared to other theaters. They do recline and are leather. They also have heat warming on the seats which can be very nice when it's cold. What I love the most about the seats is that each row is at its own level, which means that the chances of someone's head infront of you blocking the screen will be extremely rare unless that person is very very tall. Behind your seat will be a tall wall going across your row which I also love because it makes you feel like there is no one behind you. Everything else about the theater in terms of the seats and watching the movie have always been a good experience for me. GOOD TO KNOW INFO A nice perk is that if you are a member (free membership) you can get the movie tickets on Tuesday's for $5 only, instead of the typical $10 for this place; which can save you quite a bit of money. You can order food at the concession stand but not when you are waiting for the movie to start like other theaters where they have waiters going around. You order your food and then it gets taken to your seat. Good thing is that the movie will start 15 min after it says it will begin. So if it starts at 7:30pm then the actual movie will start at 7:45pm as the 15 min are the movie trailers. IMPORTANT. As they have a bar area inside for alcoholic drinks, there is a age limit at certain times. It's more later doing the night that people who are 20 and younger cannot get in to see the movie unless they have someone who is 21 or over with them, with valid ID of course. Don't know the full rules on this but it's best to call if you are below 21 and got a date, might want to check if you can get in before going. WHAT I DO NOT LIKE I usually have gone in the weekdays and weekends during 8pm or 10pm and the floors can be very messy with popcorn when entering the theater and sometimes the theater itself has not been cleaned. It's not spot on clean which sometimes bothers me because looking around, it does look like the staff, not all, but enough that it looks bad on the place sometimes, the staff tends to be doing nothing. Not cleaning, etc. They seem to need a stronger manager for the night crew cause they seem very lazy. Cannot say for the day time though, might be cleaner then. I will keep going back, only because of the member deal on Tuesday's I talked about above and the seats are great and nothing will block your view but that place is kinda dirty for me and not well taken care of when I go which is around night time or night time.

Tyesha H.

Overall the place is clean and the seats are really nice, the heated seat option was unexpected and a very nice touch for those of us that get cold easily. But, they were out of a lot of options on their menu on a Sunday 7:10 pm movie. The food was tasty but definitely not worth the price. My boyfriend ordered $12 wings and they only gave him 7 regular sized wings. You can’t call your server for a refill or additional napkins so keep that in mind. We don’t plan on attending again but I’m glad we experienced it. So, I think it’s good to go one time just for the experience. Other than that, save your coins, go to a regular movie theater, and then grab a bite to eat after.

Opici Becton

I love this movie theater ..especially the service!!! I am a AMC member and I'm treated like gold when i come...the new seats are gre at..and today i had the honor of meeting Albert...he checked for points..offered full bucket or half for butter then come back to fill to top..then offered me a water cup...I didnt have to ask for anything ..after a long day of teaching...being catered too feels great!!

Shaylah Kendall

The seats are more comfortable then the last time I was in 2017! Better looking seats and you can lay back in the theater! Love it

Gabriel McCrea II

I like the remodeling they're doing, and can't wait for the finished product.


Renovations are done and it looks fantastic. They now have recliners, dine in service, and a Dolby Cinema!

Daniel Drummond

The staff was very friendly. The theater was clean, it is well taken care of and the dine in experience was wonderful.

Tersha Cox

First a big area of the parking lot is blocked off, so limited parking near theater. Next trailers lasted 45 minutes. My seat was broken. Then the wrong movie played. I payed for Dark Phoenix but Secret Life (children's movie)played. So had to wait for the correct movie to play two hours later. No thank you!

Brian Kopala

Comfortable seating and incredibly clean! Enjoyed the show!

Iz Bean

They recently updated the theater, which really didn’t make it any better. While the chairs are nicer now, you get assigned seats which makes buying tickets with friends that much more difficult. They also leave the ceiling lights on during the movie. Although they do dim the lights, it is still pretty bright and is a major irritant when watching the movie.

Aaron Fisher

Recently changed the seats and they're great

Kevin Graves

I loved watching an action movie in the Dolby Cinema.

James Hayes

The line for concessions was slow moving for the layer movie on a Saturday night, but very glad they we're still selling real food and brought it to our seats!

Julie Crissman

Wish I could give 0 stars. If you go to this “dine-in theater” expecting something as nice as Cinebistro in Cary, you will be *sorely* disappointed. We had to wait in line in the hot lobby for 25 minutes to order food, then had to wait in another line at the bar to order an overpriced ($10!) Red Oak on tap, which was served nearly room temp instead of cold, and then waited in the theater for 45 minutes before our mediocre burgers were delivered to us in takeout containers *without* flatware or napkins. Making matters worse, the seats don’t recline; they keep you in an upright position while tilting backwards awkwardly. The foot rests barely come up high enough to matter. It was so uncomfortable! And the pleather rubs against itself, making a fart-like noise as the chair tilts. Video quality was poor and there wasn’t even surround sound. Bathrooms were dirty with water all over the floor. Terrible experience all around. Definitely do NOT recommend.

Community Manager

Note that right now the theater is open but undoing renovations, Will be worth five stars when they finish renovations if they are all as good as what's done so far. I watched Avengers Endgame in one of the newly renovated theaters. It was amazing! The movie and the theater. The new seats are awesome. The tilt, recline, adjustable lumbar support and are even heated. All controlled with a few buttons on the side. Have a table to sit your popcorn on and of course cup holders. Even with all this the serum rest still fold up for that intimate movie going experience. Are elevated so you are never looking at the back of someone's head. Even if the person in front you is Shaq My only complaint (and I hope the staff sees this) is it was WAY too loud! It sounded as if you had already blown some of the speakers in there guys. The audio quality suffered and the volume is directly to blame. Lower the volume, replace any speakers you blew playing it that loud and you have yourself a five star movie going experience. By far on its way to bring the best theater in Durham and in the best shopping mall to boot.

Lisa Morales

Uncomfortable seating in the big imax , clean, nice screan but seats don't recline, no leg room you feel line sardines crammed together and it's definitely not built for dine-in, you can barely hold a large pop corn... I would prefer to pay a bit more and enjoy room and comfort... Also, 80% of the toilets didn't flush and most of restroom doors didn't lock... I love this mall and the customer service is outstanding but AMC needs to step it up on the seating!

Daniel Stanley

There are separate lines to the concession stand, those who are paid members get expedited service; they’re also the only ones allowed refills for popcorn. Expect to wait at least 15 minutes in line for the concession stand without the paid upgrade.

Kim Carver

Came to see movie. Got there 25 minutes prior to showtime but couldn't get a drink due to the three people behind the counter only able to wait on one person at a time. Took all three employees to run one cash register and get the popcorn purchased. Will bring my own next time. And forgot to mention the theater was so dark you have to use your cell phone light to find your seat before the movie started.

julia henderson

i love this place, but they just remodeled it and added a bar inside of the theater. absolutely insane and ridiculous. now i can’t have a nice, normal time at the movies with my father.

Steven Warren

This is my go-to theater. Now that they have done in dinner and a bar, I never want to leave! They recently renovated their theaters and the seats are finally up-to-date with foot rests, reservations, seat warmers, and in one theater they even have subwoofers IN THE SEATS! Will be going here all the time

Nisha Minaj

Ticket machine didn't work. Long lines. Machine to ring up food kept continuing to add food to ppl orders instead of cashing out each customer separately. 4 mozzarella cheese sticks for $12 is highway robbery. So we ordered the tots never recieved our food order. Then we had to deal with ppl in our seats and they decided to snicker through the whole movie. But we pretty much missed most of the movie in the beginning because they couldn't work their machines. Then had to deal with inconsiderate people.. maybe we will come during the week less high schoolers.

thomas brewer

The recliner do not fully recline bringing your legs all the way up, other than that it's a great place to see a movie

Will Flores

This theater is great. I truly don't get why they're not rated better than they are. I usually go to this theater at least once a week since I am an A list member and 3 movies a week are included. I always get popcorn and it's usually salted well enough for me. I prefer very salted but my friend does not, so what we end up with usually suffices for both of us. They have the coke freestyle machines so you have plenty of options to choose from but I stick to diet root beer for the most part. They have several icee machines as well and they're self serve so you can refill with either or. There is a menu that you can order entrees, appetizers as well as desserts and they will bring it to your seat. The burger I offered with onion rings was solid and I would order it again. I just tried the pretzel bites and they were really good. Those come with cheese dipping sauce and honey mustard. The customer service is pretty good. I have been there enough to become familiar with a couple of the workers and they tend to be nice and presentable. The prices are A ok for me. It's a movie theater so I know it isn't going to be cheap and I'm alright with that. Plus I earn points on all my purchases that go towards $5 rewards I can use towards concessions. I have seen movies in the IMAX, dolby, and the regular auditoriums as well. They're all good but I don't prefer IMAX because the seats don't recline all the way like the other two types of rooms. The Dolby I like the most because the seats recline all the way and the sound is the best but the seats aren't heated. All the other regular auditoriums have reclining and heated seats. I love this theater and I would recommend it to anyone. Iv always had pleasant experiences here and will continue coming here on a weekly basis

Joyce Arcus

Comfortable seats, tried the dine in option for the first time. Surprisingly great food. Sorry no pictures. We had already put our phones away and just relaxed, chatted over supper before the movie started. Great experience and evening.

Spuddyanne R

IMAX movie was awesome. The popcorn was expensive and sad. They had great drink stations but no where to salt or butter popcorn (they didn't even offer) - I was disappointed. We got a LG popcorn and 2 small drinks for $22. The facility is undergoing renovations at the moment - only mild inconvenience. I would go back, but might skip the concessions.

Caroline Pickard

Under construction is great but they don’t have enough employees to cover the movie goers in either taking tickets at the door -one person and only 3 concessions lines open. The premier priority which I am a monthly member -the line was closed to serve us more quickly.i do observe the manage standing at his counter propped on his elbow and people watching . Open up another line dude !! Hire more people-summer movies are out.

Alan Curtis

This place is a good idea but it's poorly executed. If you're looking for a boutique theater, go to Silver Spot in Chapel Hill. Hour wait for refreshments, no AC the lobby or theaters (it's 90 outside and it's cooler out there than in here) movies start earlier than advertised, lights stay on during the feature, and the reclined seats have so many buttons they need a manual. I'll never be back here.

Valarie Thomas

I enjoy watching movies here. I have only 3 complaints. 1) use lights that do NOT attract bugs at the outside ticket windows. 2) warm up the Imax screen BEFORE previews. I shouldn't have to sit in 5 minutes of audio with no video. Ridiculous! 3) why do your chair backs recline when I sit with my back against it? I prefer to NOT recline, but your chairs don't care.

Kathryn Reynolds

We bought tickets ~30 minutes before the movie and the only ones available were the very front row which required some really flexible neck muscles to stare directly up for 2 hours. Really nice theater and comfy seats though!

Laurel Wright

It you are short (5’-4” or less) your feet do not touch the floor; the padded headrest is right at the mid-to-top of your head. It is NOT comfortable and you feel like a little kid in an oversized seat! All seats are reserved ( you select before entering) in 2- seater- like side-by-side chairs. Fine, if you select so your partner is in the ‘grouped’ twosome you are in. If you select wrong, and the theater is crowded, you are grouped in wya stranger (No divider/ division) between seats.


Nice theater just not well taken care of. Bar was closed tonight, which is weird. Theater not cleaned after previous showing.

Vince Frederico

Went to see the Matrix 20th anniversary screening in the Dolby theater. The volume was significantly above the level that causes hearing loss. I'm all for loud sound in movies but this was too loud. Everyone I was with commented the same thing. They need to go in there with a decibel meter and recalibrate their audio levels. Theater was dirty. Footrests don't come up enough like other theatres do. Concession stand had a bunch of employees there that could barely be bothered to take an order. Probably won't be back.

David Kinnamon

Upgraded seats and theaters has been a welcome change. The Dolby Cinema kind of ruins the regular showing for you. My go to theater as an A-List subscriber.

Andres Beltran

Great theater in a really nice mall

Joshua Byker

Amazing new seats! I LOVE IT

Doc Vinh

I thought with the new upgrades that the theater would start getting better, but it's getting worse. Came in to check out the new dolby theater, which is amazing, but they hadn't cleaned the theater previously. There was still food and cups on the tables, and popcorn all over the floor and seats. It was disgusting. This place needs new management.

Alucard TheNocturne

Northgate is less packed and the drink machines always work

Tatiyana Ross

Food was amazing, the seats warmed up although it got a little too hot at times. The seats reclined and was overall such a great experience will definitely be watching all future movies there

Chelsea Wasdin

If you're wanting to "dine in" dont bother, drive to a different one where they actually come to you instead of you having to wait in a ridiculously long line to order food that takes TWO HOURS to get to you. If you're just going for the movie you're okay.


Dine is terrible.. ordered Nachos, didnt arrive as pictured, missing half the ingredients and was basically just the chips with random topoings... a treasure hunt.. dont do it

Xiaoshu Wang

Haven't been there for with a while, now found that it has upgraded, seat is very comfortable and roomy leg room, Loved it.

Hector Martinez

Good place to watch movies but the dine in is a joke. Thought they were going to have buttons to call in people to take our order and bring it to us like normal dine ins during the showing but apparently not. Ordered my wings and burger at the front and I didn't get anything 1 hour into the movie so I went to see if there was a mix up and found out my wings were ready and on a counter the whole time waiting to be taken while my burger was still being made. Basically I had to go get my own food right there and it was already cold. Definitely not a good place to dine in compare to places like Raleighwood

Cherrika Robinson

Showed up at 9 for a 930 movie and didn’t get in the theater til 10 wasn’t communicated with until 950 of what was happening... I just think better communixTion would have made this experience better but did get satisfied with ticket replacements for another time

Holton Thompson

Theatre is clean, but since AMC took over their snack prices have gone up while the quality has gone down. They also seem to have less staff per shift so there's always a huge line. Better to eat before you come and not waste your money/time. Lots of nice restaurants right there anyway.

Kymberli Tucker


Melissa Watson

Had a great time here! The seats are extremely comfortable and only add to your movie watching experience.

Leaka Davidson

Earlier I went to see Angel Has Fallen...great movie. Love the new renovations. My concern is with the staff. I went to purchase a drink during my movie and there was no staff at the concession area. One of the cooks greeted me and offered to upgrade my drink (for the price of a regular drink) when someone returned to the concession area. I had been waiting over 10 minutes. The manager Albert came over and I tell him that I would like to purchase a drink and the cook said I could upgrade for waiting nearly 15 minutes. Albert did not greet me and was very unapologetic, non-remorseful. He refused to upgrade for drink and came down on the cook for showing good customer service, which he did not do. There should be staff at the concession area at all times. I hope other customers don't encounter this type of poor customer service. We shouldn't miss out on a movie due to the lack of service from the staff.

Kathleen walker

Disorganized I guess because the movie theater itself was under construction. My cousin raved about how we had to go to an IMAX theater to watch the Avengers movie and the customer service just wasn't there and the bathroom's were dirty and we were just standing outside of the theater room until after the time the movie was supposed to start on a long line with no explanation. A manager finally came over and realized why we were standing there and then quickly tried to Usher us all in but it backed up all lines and this happened on Opening day of the Avengers movie. You would've thought they would've know how to be more prepared for this. All in All it was very disappointing and I will return to my comforting movie theater in Garner ( Regal Theater).

Jennifer Reed

Under renovation now, can't wait to see the improvements! I like this theater but they have the Coke freestyle machines which never seem to work properly

Ablah Hadithabdullah

The newly renovated seats are amazing however the noise from a malfunctioning sound system made it very caótica. I can't wait to come back next year to see the finished renovated theater!

Faith Holbrook

They just had a major renovation and it looks completely different from the inside. The theater has amazingly comfortable chairs that has raised footrests and a heat option. Highly recommend!

Nicole Wilkins

Loved this spot. Everything from cashier to seats to the cleanliness

Jim Northrup

The service was terrible. I sat in the Dolby theater 1 and the footrest thing doesn't fully extend and is one of the most uncomfortable comfortable chairs I've ever sat in.

will wonks

If you want to order popcorn or substandard food be prepared to wait 1 hour to order and another hour for the food to arrive. If you are not an AMC A list member it will only take you 45 minutes to order.

jewel thompson

Dine in is expensive but fun. The seats are amazing you'll never want to get up.

Nancy L

How do have a huge pre-screening scheduled and only 2 people on the register for food and drinks?! The line took forever and people were late for the movie. Poor planning!

shekhar yeshwante

Enjoyed the experience of amc for the first time and loved it... awesome sound and picture quality...

Kristin Moore

Good sound and picture quality. Overpriced popcorn and water. Typical, right? The AC was out in the main hall. The theater was also hot As I stuck to the leather seats, I couldn't help but imagine all those who did so, before me.

Denise Clements

The customer service was very poor. A lot of young people who do not know how to handle servicing customer and their complaint. I bought food there, and it was not prepared correctly twice. I allowed them the opportunity to correct the error, and they still mess up my food by not having all of the ingredients that was supposed to go on my ultimate nachos item. They didn't deliver my food to my movie seat, but they charged me for delivery of food, which they never delivered. I had to send my daughter to go get my food. The food was not prepared correctly when my daughter brought it to my seat. Therefore I have to leave my movie seat to try to get this issue corrected, but they didn't get it right after standing there for 30 minutes or more the second time. If I could rate them a 0 I would. This service deserve no stars, not even one. So disappointed. They told me I could not get my money after the fact that they mess up my food twice. There was no sign there that said no refund of food items. After reviewing their policy, I find nothing about not refunding you for food purchases. Especially when they perpared twice wrong. Need better worker. They had no name tags on and two guys that said they were assistant manager, but they all had on the same uniforms. The female had on a different uniform, which I believe she was the manager, but she said nothing when I ask to speak with the manager. They also did a lot of unnecessary standing around. Poor service.

Jim Salerno

The seats are horrible! If you are a full bodied person you could be trapped in an emergency. There need to be an option for a seat without a table. I'm not interested in eating a meal in a movie.

Karar Zunaid

This is the place we go regularly for watching movies - great location, good amenities

Kristen Cross

Love the remodel job. Premier of LK never happened though, laser/film issues....bummer

Srinivas DG

I watch most of the movies in this theater. Never disappointed. Picture, sounds quality are great.

Kyle Cory

Pretty great place. The renovations have made a huge difference. The service can be a little spotty and they never have enough registers open at the concession stand. I am extremely hard of hearing so I use the assistive devices they have there but half of them don’t work and most of the employees don’t know how to run the machine I have complained multiple times and they never do anything about it. IMAX and Dolby theaters are incredible. Update: I have now lost two different items here; a Durham bulls ball cap and my wallet. I called to see if my hat was there and was told it was only to show up and be told that it was no longer there. this was a couple months ago. Last night I know that I left my wallet fell out of my pocket. But “no one has seen it...” Just a word of caution-obviously you can’t trust these people so don’t leave anything behind you’ll never see it again. Update to my update! After the update I made about my wallet, the manager called and they suddenly did have my wallet. I’m not sure if it’s because I complained or because it took them a day to find it (or find who found it) but they called me and I went and got it. Still sucks because I canceled six cards which I now have to wait for but at least they did the right thing.

Kimberly Horton

I’d give this 0 stars if I could. The kiosks outside didn’t work. The juice in the machine was so warm my ice melted before I hit my seat. The next drink I tried was so watered down it was disgusting. The popcorn tasted old. And despite what their website says, they don’t serve any food here. Terrible experience.

Bruce Dow

Nice theater but could have used a few more people working on a Saturday afternoon - long line at concession stand as well as the bar - and the lobby was a mess around the soda machines etc

Michael Kight

This is my favorite theater to attend in Durham. It's also the closest IMAX theater where we've seen some awesome 3D movies. We brought a friend who's in her eighties to see see one of Star Wars movies there, at her insistence. She couldn't make heads or tails of the storyline but she was fascinated by all the things "jumping off the screen" at her. A fun place.

Vicki McKinney

Theater is undergoing major renovation. This is as of March, 2019. Service was pretty good. Staff was friendly and helpful. There was no image projecting on our screen for about 4 minutes of the previews. 2 patrons went to report the issue before it was resolved. Not sure what happened. Might be best to make sure projection rooms are staffed when a movie begins or have someone step inside each theater when the previews begin. Quality check, you know? Once the projecting image was available, we had no further issues. The movie was good. Sound worked great. I'd visit again.

Chanda Drayton

Always a fun experience. They're remodeling the place so only half of the theater is available but the part that are done looking amazing and the new seats are phenomenal


Worst movie experience of my entire 35 years of life. Paid premium prices, we are amc members, waited 30 minutes to NOT get popcorn because there was 1 person working the registers at concessions on the weekend and no ear plugs in the entire theater for the loudest theater in the place?!?!?! There is no info about arriving at least 1 HOUR early to get just a popcorn and sofa and NO INFO on the website or tickets that there are no earplugs. Didnt even watch the movie by the time we got out of line we missed 15 minutes of the actual movie. Never again.

LaNosha Jordan

The theater was comfortable. When purchasing your tickets and selecting you seats they need a bigger screen for those of use who does not have 20/20 vison. The casier was not helpful. My husband and son felt harassed while they waited for me to come out of the restroom. There were many people in the lobby but they were approached and asked if they had tickets.

Sofa King Gr8

Modern and clean! Most comfortable seats I have ever felt and heated!

Morris Wallack

Seats in new theater very comfortable (earned the 2 stars). Dine-in is woefully designed and needs a reboot. I was told we would have to wait 40 minutes for food, and waited for an hour. When I went out of the movie (missing some of it) to inquire, was told (as an excuse) "the cashiers were supposed to tell you it would be 45 minutes to an hour".. that's terrible customer service. Delivering food to patrons during movie is disruptive, food is hard to see, and quality wasn't great. Nobody would accept an hour at a restaurant, and they need to staff up correctly, or change model to "take in" instead of dine in.

Marky Mark

Great but IMAX is over rated and priced.

Brianna Marson

I bought advance tickets for a one night, one time limited showing of a Japanese subtitled anime movie showing on October 22nd (with the dubbed version supposed to show the following night the 23rd...I don't do dubs, so buying the subbed version tickets in advance is a big thing for me). The movie is supposed to start at 7pm, and it doesn't start until 7:30...and when it starts it's dubbed in English... -_- I ask at Guest Services and am told that the dubbed version is the only one they received. They gave me free passes to another movie the second time I went up to the counter but the thing is, I don't go out to theaters to see most movies, I wait until I can get them for home viewing. I only see anime movies in theaters because I want to encourage more of what I love, getting more love, over here on this side of the world. I bought my tickets on September 24th for this movie, so this was extremely disappointing. It also takes me almost 30 minutes to commute here since I live in Raleigh. Although this seems to be the norm when it comes to theatrical showings of anime movies...5/10 something always goes wrong (believe me, I can tell you stories...).. On the plus side, my heated seat was nice for the hour I sat in it. The recliner was broke though, so...ehh. I should have just stayed home...disappointing night out for an anime lover. :(

C Hamilton

It has become one of my favorites in the area and I drive from Bragg. They show some movies that's not in Fayetteville. It's always clean and the screens and seats are amazingly comfortable. I also appreciate the diversity of your employees. They are always kind and helpful.

Charles W Jansen II

Always a great experience at this theater. Sound is excellent. Picture always in focus. No missing reels. Great seating and you pick your seat when buying tickets.

True life Gaskins

Clean seen imax very fun. New soda freestyle machines love those

Fabiola Galindo

It’s ok, always it seems place is not clean enough.

Malcolm Young

Great movie (Spiderman), and even better in IMAX. Good food and friendly staff.

Dan Porter

The last two visits have been pretty bad. The first, the movie time was moved up an hour without notice, so we missed it. The second, they had no popcorn and the movie started 20 min late.

perry aimee

Tree new renovations are a huge waste of money. The chairs DID need replacing, but these new "reclining" seats are horrible. They look nice, but the trays get in tr way. The foot rests only recline about half as far as they should. The headrests push your neck into an uncomfortable position. And the seats themselves make your back hurt. The seats take up more space, too, so AMC can't sell as many tickets. I hope they don't raise the price to compensate.

Aisha Cheek

I go to the movies with my brother every Tuesday, that's how we spend time together. Every Tuesday, they only have one person in the ticket booth and there is always a long line. I think only one time the line was short, and even with the line being short it took the lady in the ticket booth a long time to get to us. Now I understand they may be short handed but, a manager or someone could come and help. I love the upgrades with the heated seats, but they need some upgrades on the customer service. You can't have a newly renovated theater with the same old I don't care attitudes from the staff.

Katie Solovij

Arrived early to have food ordered. That was no problem. The theater was cleaned 2x supposedly but when going to our seats they were filthy! icee all over the table and chairs. I was not the only one to complain. The person cleaning the room didnt even have rags or spray to clean. If we are expected to eat on these trays they should be cleaned well enough to eat off of. I'm super disappointed and grossed out and not really sure I ever want to return.

john lara

Theater is great, remodel is great, and seating is great. Unfortunately service is slow and food on menu is never available. Been roughly 2/3 months and still not running smooth.

Lorgy Harry

I have an awesome time with my family!!!I will definitely recommended this movie theater.

Geri Vital

The SouthPoint AMC Theaters are great examples of how theaters can be--the reclining seats with rotating tray platforms are sweet Much easier to manage drinks & snacks!

Brenda Mullens

Easy in with being a member and purchasing ticket before arriving. Remodel is turning out nice too...great recliners

Christina Harr

By far my favorite cinema with heated seats

Andrew Burns

Try again AMC. Lights were left on during the horror movie we were watching. The updated menu is sorely lacking in general and the items we wanted listed on the menu were not even available. I really don't see this theater lasting much longer, even with the updates. The new bar is sad and overpriced. Overall the updates after the remodeling are lackluster and a lot of it looks the same or worse. The Coke machines were out of a lot of flavors and I swear one only had water listed. The only plus was the updated seating which leaned back, had foot rests, and did have heating, which was nice since it was really cold in the theater. I also appreciated the distance between the rows so you didn't feel crowded. Overall though, it feels like they could have done better. Don't waste your time here, just go to Silver Spot in Chapel Hill. It's much nicer.

Patrick Ford

It's going through major upgrade changes but other than that it's going to be a great movie theater

Stephanie Schuft

Usually one of my favorite movie theaters and I like the new seats even pardoning the mess from the construction. However, they have recently seemed to be understaffed. I happen to be an AMC premiere member but there is no point in getting in the premiere line for faster service because there is only one person in the booth selling tickets. Also the ticket machines outside are not working. I do have the AMC app and could have ordered my tickets online except the movie time was 4:15 yesterday but today it was listed at 4pm. Still wanna love this theater especially since they have renovated with all new seats but the customer service has to be redone as well!

Mike Then

Theater was clean and staff was pleasant. However both outside self-service kiosks weren't working which meant a long wait in line for even a movie that wasn't all that popular. Oh did I mention that a bottle of water, a small bag of popcorn, and a cup for the Coke 100 machine was over $22?

Tiana Grant

Great movies,food and service. The IMAX theater is amazing super comfortable,very worth the price.

Gage Leighton

I've been going to the movies a lot lately and this is my go-to spot. They frequently show new releases and there is plenty of parking. Also, their IMAX 3D experience is amazing! The best I've ever seen!


Love the atmosphere!!! The renovations make the experience even better.

Jayme Dubernas

It was around six when I arrived. Disappointed in the drink dispenser out of diet coke out of decafe diet coke broken dispensers. I had A List free movies, the young women at the ticket booth telling me I owed money for the IMAX theater. I asked to see the manager to get it straighten out.

Brenson Brewer

Has an Imax and it's convenient. Can't wait for the construction to finish, it will make this place top notch. Looks really nice on the outside at night.

Brian Crawford

If you are trying to replicate Frank's Cinebowl you have a lot to learn. First do not use frozen food as your entrees. Second learn customer service and third, you don't have to charge a mortgage for Inferior food and service

Adam AnotherGreatApp

Arrived 15 late. Parking easy. Took the back entrance near the dumpsters. Nice staff. Movie just began to play. Cozy inside. Will go again.

Jordan Cornille

Nice movie theater. It is in a nice location right at the mall. Good choices at the concession and stand, and the theaters themselves are nice. Chairs are decent, pretty average for a movie theater, nothing too fancy. Concession prices are high, as to be expected, but ticket prices are very fair! Nice to be able to get tickets and have the mall to walk around while waiting for film to start.

Kim Jones

It would have been a 5 star rating but there is a ton of construction going on in the theater. The designated walkways areas were very narrow. I realize they're doing the best they can, and the finished work will be very nice. Also, the floors were very dirty and slippery where there are drink machines where you get your own drinks. Someone will end up falling and getting hurt. Bathrooms were clean but needed to be stocked with toilet paper. Like I said, it would be a 5 star if not for those things.

bradley mills

The remodel has brought a good theater up to be even better

Shauna Taylor

The recent upgrades have made this place horrible. We waited in line 25 mins just for them to tell us they were out of the 3 items we wanted. On top of that it was really hot in the lobby. Everyone was fanning with the menus while waiting in line. Then on top of that there was no ice in the drink machine. So we had to wait for someone to fill that. Needless to say the movie had started.

Luminoso-Kenneth Cruz

It's good to see AMC working to secure the theaters a niche in the world of streaming. The experience of going to the movies here was excellent. All you'd need is in seat ordering and it'd be tied with the best theater I've been to.

Mrs James

good experience. was able to pay online through AMC easily.. link to tickets was texted to me

Sarah Majors

Nice theater, however I recently went with a friend and the air conditioning was out. It was about 90 degrees in the theater the entire time. We had to move to the very bottom in the middle of the movie because it was so hot in both the middle and top sections. The theater did not offer free drinks, a refund, or any compensation for such an unpleasant experience.


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