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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Winston-Salem 10 IN North Carolina

Tyrone Hall

I go to this theater anytime I want to see the latest new movie for such a reasonable price.

David Johnson

Fair price

Alisha Vernekar

It's a great experience

Joseph Goad

I've seen dollar movie theaters that are better equipped than this movie theater. I sat in theater 8. The screen is sagging and no longer taut, so throughout the entire film the screen is distorted. There also gaps between the pieces of screen material that are very distracting. The speakers and out of balance, at times it was difficult to hear dialog audio but then when an action scene came up it was so loud the speakers were pooping and it hurt my ears. Another small thing, the theaters are numbered but it does not said what movie is playing or its time so if you forget your theater number good luck finding your theater. Did not try any food so cannot attest to that, but did like that they had the coke DIY machines. Overall, I would not recommend visiting this AMC location.

Emma Johnson

Went to AMC for their summer kids morning movie at 10am. The kids loved it & they were organized with all of the snack boxes. We were able to get 4 kids snacks & seated easily. We will go back for this program

charles miller

Adequate local theatre without having to drive across town.

Tamara Pittman

Very nice people there, especially one of the managers. She is so nice each time I go there which is often.

Gail Davis

Not busy, but young man was still helpful. He could have been off doing his own thing, he was doing his job!

Patrick McMasters

Popcorn and a movie......its not 6 bucks anymore... But still a good time if you drive a Brinks truck!

Shania Dalton

The movies were cheap and the seating was comfortable. The drinks and snacks we're outrageously expensive but I can see where it may be needed to offset the cost of low ticket prices. I had fun.

Steve Scearce

Great prices

Melissa Boles

Great place to watch movie's

Wandra Brown

Apparent theater does get cleaned between showings. Black Panther was awesome!!

Valinda Znidarsic

Enjoyable. Not crowded. We love the big bucket popcorn refill deal. Beware of that orange salt which looks like cheese but is NOT. I love being in the stub club and avoiding the convenience fee when I buy ahead of time. I do that because a sell out would ruin the plans for the whole night.

Gina Brooks

Going down hill. Dirty and smells musky inside the cinema. Wasn't pleasant moving atmosphere.

Louis Puckett

The staff was very friendly with that being said the theater itself is in desperate need of a remodel I sat there through all the previews I had nothing but audio could not see anything it took a few people to complain before the picture was fixed luckily they fix it before the movie started

Jessica Swafford

Clean and enjoyable place.

Ronald Bradley

Needs a few upgrades

Bonnie Lambert

Not the fanciest but cheap, quality film, clean theatres.

Tony Zaffino

Very well priced movie theater. Will pop fresh popcorn for you on request. Never overcrowded. Which makes it better than the nice fancy theaters for me.

Nita Hicks

I love the staff here I just want AMC classic to update there theater. Some chairs are broken or leaning. The cup holders is the same way. It's small & not crowded thru out the week except weekends which is why I like going. If this means that price will have to go up I'm up for paying just to see a better theater.

sonya smith

The drinks are higher then the tickets the manager is rude and I'm pretty sure he's racist I went early to get tickets for a later show I asked for 5 tickets when I got to the movies I noticed she changed me for 7 tickets the manager made me wait in the long line I was just out done tat was the purpose of the early tickets for the movie

Chrisoula Koutras

It's not nearly as nice as The Grand but it's much more affordable especially when you have to pay for several children and has good deals.


Older movie theater, stained carpet. Service was good

Darla McBride

The seats always make me extremely itchy. You have to walk fast in the theatre as not to stick to the floor.

Anamelessghoulx .twitch

This place is the best, go there.

Kaushal Mehta

Even with good Indian population they don’t play Bollywood movies

Shirley Kindle

I love going to Carmike 10. Prices are reasonable and the staff is very polite and helpful. They always try to please.

Lakeisha Leggette

Brought back memories of going as a teenager .. still a nice place

rene descrates

wonderful staff!!!

Saundra Everhart

Theater was clean, bathroom clean, (with paper & paper hand towels.) Staff was young, but very polite & friendly.

Brittany Maes

Really needs to be updated but the staff is nice. They have the cool new drink fountains and actually let you get free refills on most drink sizes. The area is not the best, they have a police officer outside every weekend night.

Holly Fryer

The theater is old, but clean and full of nice staff. I would rather go to see a movie here vs the grande because there's usually less people, shorter lines, and quieter crowds

Brandy Hodges

This is one of my favorite theaters. Yes, it is an older theater, but it is well-maintained and clean every time I've gone. I like that it is never very busy aside from a big blockbuster opening. Usually, I have the theater to myself when I go. You can't beat $6.60 a ticket for newer movies!


The audio wasn't working properly on the movie so we got up and left to see another film (IT). IT went fine but we wasted 30 minutes waiting in hopes they would fix thhe audio for the one we originally went to see :(

M Smith

Had a great experience, employees are extremely customer service oriented. Well return often.

AP World Smith

Best theater in Winston Salem! We have been going here for years. The staff is always welcoming and the popcorn always fresh.

Scott Farrell

One of the smaller AMC's I've been to, but also one of the best ones I have been able to go to!

Marty Pittman

Very nice place.. spacious and clean..I guess to keep up the amenities, the prices have to be high


Movie was great!

James Dunn

Awesome movie theater they even have a police officer stationed in the lobby ready to take down any Democrat socialist LAW breaker

Carl Boyer

No reserved seating, needs renovation to remain competitive

Queen Alkebulan

Let's just say first and last time.

Glenn Fleming

Great prices for the same movies at other theaters


The movie theater is nice. I like it because the seats are still the old fashioned kind and not as many people go as it's competitor near by. It's nice to go to of you don't like going to crowded theaters. Plus the prices are cheaper than the competitors even though the quality isn't as good.

Brent Coltrane

Best theatre per experience and price value.

harnish gadaria

Seems like a haunted house. Will never visit again

Layne Roundy

An absolutely awesome theater

Abio Dun

Seating needs updating. Staff is friendly.

Merry M

Don't expect luxury like you will find at The Grand theatre. However, its clean, the seats are comfy and you can see over people's heads. Definitely worth the money.

Brandon Causey

Love this place! The staff are extremely nice which makes the experience so much better.

Misty Sizemore

Great place

Jayjay Ninja

This place allows you to see a great new move at an economical price. Because it's an older theater the layout for seating isn't great but it still is great for the price

jasimone hawkins

It smelled awful

Bethany Matthews

Saturday afternoon (4:45 show time) and they had just one register with a drawer in it. Stood in the concession line for about 10-15 minutes. Then a drawer was put in on another register but the 3 people behind the counter (including a man who appeared to be the manager) apparently preferred to stand around and just look at the folks in line.

Gerardo Hernandez

Allways good

Sharlene Lucio

We have been to this theater many times and it is always is very neat and clean and well staffed. The tickets are easy to purchase at the concession stand and there are many people working at the concession stand for your drinks and popcorn as well. The restrooms are clean and the refreshments are great. The theaters are quiet. We have not had any problems with children in the audience or excess noise. This theater is never overly crowded and we have always had a positive experience.

Phil Whaley

Great prices. Dated theater..but worth ut

Jacob Mustin

The best local theatre for the money! Clear screens and it is never as busy as the other theatres in the area. We will always go back here. $6 adult tickets everyday. That's nearly half of most places.

Michael M Boyce

Very friendly! I was the only one in my theater and the staff made me feel very welcome!

Sharissa Theodore

Good priced place for movies

Michelle Arce

Great price, friendly staff, clean

Troy Jones

This was the second time the power went out at this theater..First time during a star is born and second time during La laronna...we get free passes to return but geeze...get your self a freaking generator so this doesnt happen again...

Joyce Matthews

Cheap compared to other

Neil Rotroff

not a good place. seem dated to the point of seeming haunted. the movie time was off and started almost 20 min late.

John Rees

Terrible movies and expensive. Stay with Netflix?

Frank Hinshaw

Slightly older theater in the less popular part of town. We like to go here because it is lower priced and less crowded, but still has stadium seating and good sound. Doesn't have the electric reclining seats, but if you have to have those, you can pay a little more and go to the Grand.

P Jules

Nice spot for datenight.

Emily Philpot

Small but clean. Visited from out of town. Kind of seem like they are struggling for business.

Devon Rollinson

Cool place to see a movie.... nice and polite service.

Lil heelflips

They charge a lot of money for food

Matt Honeycutt

Probably closer to 3.5 stars. Theatre is showing its age a little. Carpets could use a good steam cleaning. It certainly gets over shadowed by The Grand with electric recliners and is also newer and cleaner. Tickets seem to be around $3 less at AMC than The Grand. Concessions seem to be on par between the 2 - both on the pricey side - certainly this is where theatres make their money to keep their doors open. Maybe the biggest benefit at the AMC theatre is not having to fight crowds. It's pretty much a walk right in situation.

Annie Hummings

I enjoyed my visit there.

Marc chism

Excellent prices and the pretzel bites are the best.

Charles Staples

This rating should have been lower but the people were friendly. Why would you force your customers too stand in line just to sell products? Your choice but it won't happen again I will eat before going.

Richard B

AMC Reynolda 10...great theater and you DON'T have to reserve your seats! Oh yes!


Everything is so nice and the people are sweet

David Gomez

Love it great for family time.


It was awful the prices were too high and the place was filthy$4.29 for one bottle of apple juice single person carry bottle that costs 1-2 at the gas station $5.00 for a bag of $2.00 candy. Never again

Moh Kha

Nice clean and friendly attendants.

Durrell Bias

Always a great time. Very friendly staff.

Joeys mom

Me and my friend had a blast throwing popcorn at people's head L u L

Sandy Mintun

Our favorite theater to visit. Great location, great prices and the staff is wonderful! Highly recommended, a lot cheaper than those 'other guys'!

Nancy Kisselburgh

This is a nice theater that I visit regularly. The ticket prices are awesome. And the place is usually pretty quiet, so finding a seat is pretty easy. Opening weekend you still need to get there early to find a good spot though (just fyi). They have good popcorn and one of those coke machines where you can make your own flavors. Overall, it is a nice theater. Only drawback is the seating. It is definitely a little worn, though it seems pretty clean. One time I went to sit, and I ended up thumping on metal because the cushion was missing. Hopefully, they have fixed that one, but otherwise it's a nice theater.

Jon Ignaszewski

Read the reviews and they all sound the same. Our theater was left down the hall and first on the left. The sound was out for the local commercials before the show. No sound on the (Dolby) right side during the movie. Lights on during the movie. We saw a 3D movie, and had no visual issues. Bathrooms were dirty and smelly. It had been about 5 years since my last visit. On a good note, the popcorn was good! I had a bottled beverage and ended up paying around $14 all in. Family had a bucket and that saved me from buying popcorn. Feeling brave? Give them a try.

Angela Roney

This is a sad dejected place with outrageous concession prices.

Christopher Lee

Used to be Carmike now AMC. Not much has changed. Go 10 minutes up the road to the Grand pay 3 dollars more and get a much better movie experience. Lights were too much during movie not dim enough, sits are old compared to the Grand. This theater is outdated in experience and trying to maintain what they have.


Staff was very helpful and good prices

Abigail Arnold

Watched the secret life of pets 2, clean and prompt

Marie Plummer

Movie rooms dont show the movie title just a number. Kinda a pain.

Bob Sheppard

OK theater except that we had to wait in a food line for ten minutes just to buy tickets. No way to just buy tickets, as they no longer staff the box office. Pretty poor way to treat people who just want to see the movie.

jess waters

The movie was EXCELLENT!! Unfortunately the young lady behind the concession stand could have been more helpful and friendly.

william barringer

I was in town visiting my parents and decided to take family of 5 to the movies to watch Logan. We spent well over 50 dollars during this visit. After the movie my family and i decided to visit my grandmother who lives 5 minutes away when my son realizes that he must have dropped his wallet during the course of the movie. I immediately took him back to the theatre and they refused to let him go back for 2 minutes to check. They informed us that we would have to wait 2 hrs and 45 minutes just to check. Where is good customer service when you need it?

pyro 420

It smelled funny but the sound was right, no sticky stuff where I sat and I enjoyed my movie.

Kristina Andrews

Seats are outdated and uncomfortable.....floors dirty and sticky.... bathroom atrocious...... popcorn old and stale..... employees don't seem to care when concerns are voiced.....

Travis Tucker

Great deal compared to other places

Regina Nicole

We had a school group coming to the movies to see A Wrinkle in Time on 03/29/2018. A teacher set up a showing at 10:00am with the manager who confirmed they could show the movies to us. The teacher called a few days before our field trip to confirm, and the manager stated someone would be there. We showed up with 2 busses of 50 special needs students and no movie staff showed up. Numerous teachers called the main number and the corporate number to no avail. We had to abandon our field trip plans. Simple communication could have avoided this mishap. I would not recommend this theater to school groups.

Sergio Marti

Near my house. Cheap tickets make this a go spot. Older theater for sure. Used to be a carmike. Hoping they can make some much needed seat upgrades at some point. Restrooms are hit or miss so might wanna go before the movies. Staff is always friendly.

Kristina Brazier

I enjoyed my experience here, the employees were very nice & polite. The movie we seen has been out for a while so we had the Theater all to our self so it was really nice! Overall I had a great time! Thanks to the friendly staff!

Marion Buchheit

This is an old movie theater. It should be renowned.

Marsha Hierl

Great staff, good location.

Gamer-_-Nation 63

The only reason I give this Cinema a 4 instead of a 5 is the seating, I'm a big guy and it's not comfortable to sit in those chairs for a long period of time, I love the place though, the tickets are cheap and it's a lot more convenient

Thomas K

I really like the prices and the overall atmosphere. It was very fun and relaxing.

Julio Maldonado

Bad.. bad .. badddd

Heather Flemming

Clean, friendly, very good prices and I've never had an issue there.

Disney Family

Love coming here. Always clean. Very nice staff. Good prices! The only theater I will go to.

Nancy Ferguson-rogers

Good service

chad roberson

Very nice and clean

Demetria Nickens

They need an upgrade to this old theater. One of the seats near us was out due to water leakage and it smelled that way too.

Aj Keesecker

The movie the popcorn and drinks was all very affordable bathrooms could use a little more general cleaning other than that very nice place beats the grand to death

holly evans

Line of over 30 in front of me to purchase tickets and concessions at the same time. Only one person working behind the counter. It’s Friday night folks. No one to tell us which cinema to go to. Ended up in open custodial closet.Bathrooms not clean.

Cindy Alva

We love this theater, so close to our house and good value. And clean

Miguel Keaton

Good prices on the movie tickets

Ricardo Rivera

We went to watch the SOLO movie in 3D tonight. Our experience was terrible and unacceptable! First there was no sound while the commercials were playing. We were told once the previews started the sound would work. The sound worked once the previews started but then the screen turned green and pink. We had to go out again and ask them to fix that. It was fixed but then they forgot to adjust the screen before the movie started playing and we were watching half of the projection in the curtains. Once again we had to go out and have them fix that. After a while it was fixed. Then they forgot to turn off the lights. We spent at least the first 35 minutes having to get staffs attention to run things properly. The manager was not helping their staff he locked in his office and wouldn't come out. Once he finally came out he acted like he didn't care and didn't apologize for all the issues we were having. The facilities were in very poor condition, dirty and stinky restrooms.

Marquisha Cargo

I guess u get what you pay for with this one, but it would be nice if someone was always on time to turn off the lights before the previews start.

Beth Dazey

Clean, love the movies. And the staff is always friendly.

Zack Atkinson

All the employees were kind. The theater itself seemed clean... no clutter around any seats from the previous movie watchers. It's a smaller theater but it for sure serves its purpose. The film started on time.

April Schill-Booth

Not a lot of food options and the staff was not friendly. Wouldn't recommend.

William Herrera

You cannot beat the price....$6 all day everyday. They now have an Icee and soda machine in lobby with greater choices. Popcorn is always fresh. Only food is hot dogs, more choices would be great. Theaters are big with good sound, recliners would be a plus! Buy the yearly popcorn bucket and save big!!!

Sandra Crawford

It was a great experience. I don't care for the fact that movies can't let children in without their parents when it's a rated R movie anymore you have to be 17 with an ID now.

Sharretta Scales

Saw Break Through tonight, it is an awesome movie. Putting in my collection. If you haven't seen it, please watch it.

Lisa Tomihiro

Much better since AMC took over and finally worked out all the glitches they had following the take over. Good concessions and we'll maintained theaters

Lizeth Garcia

Always love this place

Elena Ramires

It's a little pricey, mostly good staff though

John Phillips

Great prices. Small and out of the way. If you don't like crowds, this is a good place to watch a movie.

Chris Jackson

Clean theaters, and decent prices

David Gourley

Smelled like the stairwell of a rundown downtown hotel that the homeless used as a bathroom. It reaked of pee.

Will Bailey

Good quality, good sound. Overall good experience.

Barbara Steele

The price is right. I go too many more movies because they are so reasonable.

Gayle Heyer

Appearance of the theater is dated and looked dingy, interior smelled old. The staff plays the ads with only sound, no visuals. Did not change this when questioned about it. I was told the picture would appear when previews started. Weird!!!!

current tenant

At first, I realized that it was playing something before the movie but you could NOT hear a thing. I complained so much, because that's where I get my info, and an employee turned around and explained that it "does that and has for awhile and once the movie starts we'll hear it" THENNNNNN IT GOT WORSE. My grandchild began to say " it's itching, it's itching" so we pulled up her legging rubbed it and she calmed down. But ultimately got up walked back and forth between us. I wondered why but then she settled in her mom's lap for the remainder of the Incredibles. There was another family that moved from our row but I thought nothing of it. I DIDN'T KNOW I was in for some troublesome days ahead. After the movie my daughter dropped me off to my car and I followed her home. During the drive, my ankle was itching uncontrollably. Then after seeing them in I came home and I immediately went to my bathroom pulled off my green dress with slits I had worn and dropped it on the floor of the shower. My armpit area was itching like crazy but then I showered and even after showering it was itching really really bad. So I looked in the mirror and it appeared as though something bit me. It was red and raised. It was Very itchy and then my right ankle was too. So after scratching for minutes I climbed in bed. In the morning I had several itchy red bites spots all over my body. I hadn't put 2&2 together yet. Because I had to investigate. Days passed, then 1 week and new bites appeared. Now my house and car are infested with BED BUGS. I wondered why there weren't hardly any people there for the premiere. Now I know!!!! The thing is IM DISABLED ON A FIXED INCOME AND MY RECENTLY ACQUIRED RECLINERS, BED, AND EVERYTHING ARE NOW INFESTED TOO. I CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY TO HAVE THEM STEAM MY APARTMENT TO KILL THEM IT'S ABOUT $800 PLUS CARPET SHAMPOOING and then the clean up after will be brutal. Which with my disability would put a tremendous burden on me. Don't know what I'm going to do. THIS SUCKS!!!! STEER CLEAR EVERYONE PLEASE!!!!

Brenda Cruson

Had a good time. Tickets great price but they get you with popcorn n drinks

Thomas Sharpe

It's ok. I've seen better locations with choices

Missjava c

This place needs a deep cleaning. The smells in this place are horrible and change place to place throughout. None of which were good smells

Miguel Soprano

Excellent service with great snacking shelved for purchase so that you can enjoy the theater.

Joseph Connell

Nice theatre, friendly staff. Price was cheap but u get what you pay for! That carpet is piss smelling

Craig Milburn

The theater is always clean and friendly and the prices are unbelievable. Can't say too much about the movie I saw but this 2 shall pass, lol♥️

Cheryl Reed

Nice, clean n friendly staff but seat didn't move n we're very uncomfortable, especially for someone with disabilities like myself.

Shannon Allgood

Very polite, prompt staff. Bathrooms are very clean. Love the theater seating.

Chris Mclean

To dam high

Jen Yerkes

Run down old theater that requires patience. Arrive early because every time I've gone there's one person manning the concessions and tickets. I mean it's the same person... you get your ticket in the concession line. If you do go check dealflicks for discount tickets. They also don't monitor the audience in the theaters. I've been in R rated movies several times with toddlers running around and laughing at swear words and repeating them.

Ruth Tesh

Today is the 2nd time I've looked online at movie listings, then driven 30 minutes to this theater only to find it CLOSED. No one will answer the phone, either. I've always loved this theater, but will never be able to trust the information it posts online again.

Shawn Phillips4f.

Great place I've been going there for years

Noah Schell

A nice staff and enjoyable screen animations. The interior is very cool in every alley. They include lockers and concessions.


I loved the movie I saw; however, the manager, a bald, sad little man with a red beard and gauges, yelled at and humiliated my friend when she had been nothing but polite to him and later refused to apologize. I feel sorry for the staff working under him - they were friendly and helpful. He was not.

Aric Montgomery

Let me go ahead and tell a little story. First of all the movie theater was super dirty and the bathrooms were gross and stunk. Second, the movie did not even have surround sound even though there were surround sound speakers. Third, the movie was blurry. Fourth and final, it was 34 degrees outside and probably about 25 degrees in the theater because they were running the air conditioning instead of heat. This is the third and final bad experience that I will have at this theater and will no longer return here.

Zena V Moreland

Overall very pleased with my first visit to this theater. I especially loved that patrons can add their own butter to their popcorn! It was very clean.

Mike M

Cozy, local, and convenient; don’t expect to be blown away by anything other than the movie you chose to see, though.

Vanessa Hoyer

Cheap tickets but they get you with the popcorn and drinks

Christine Young

Love this theatre. Not as expensive either

Tracy Perreira

Jeannie is very sweet and helpful


Ok place


Very upset. We were just told we couldn't purchase tickets because it was 15 mins after. The movie started at 8:00pm. Will not be returning, meanwhile staff is outside smoking and on their phone.

Stephanie Evans

two people behind counter, long line piling up. two other guys standing around. no picture on screen for pre-film ads and previews. just audio. kind of ridiculous that my mother and i just walked back to the theater without tickets having been purchased.

Candace Washington

It was very nice. Seating was comfortable. I like that they give expectations of us so other moviegoers will be considerate of each others.

Gururaj R

Very good and comfortable seats.. very clean theatre. Friendly staff


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