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111 Cinema Dr, Wilmington, NC 28403

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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Wilmington 16 IN North Carolina

Denise Grey

Loved the popcorn

L. Ph

First time walking out of a movie theater. Within 30 minutes of watching the movie, a woman directly behind us had begun to allow her child to play music at a very loud level. My wife asked the lady to have it turn off because it was ruining the movie. The woman's response, while flipping her middle finger at us both: "This is my child, I don't have to turn it off and it will stay on!" I proceed to get management in the assumption that it would be dealt with. Inform the staff and soon after the manager the situation. I return to my seat and soon after the manager speaks with her, the woman yells at my wife and I and calls us "As****es!" I exit again and inform the same manager what just occurred. His reply was simply that when he walked in she wasn't making noise. I repeat to him the entire scenario that just occurred, and he repeated his response. When I asked if it was allowed to ruin movie theater experience repeatedly, he of course said no and continued acting as if he did not want to deal with the problem at all. Went back into the theater, the experience was lost on wanting to continue to even be within that place especially when they allow a person like that to stay in a theater acting like they did. We decided to leave immediately. Refund can not make up for traveling 40 minutes round trip for a ruined experience or dealing with management that would rather not deal with a horrible person in their theater. This theater has lost out on future ticket sales due to the experience, no doubt.

William Hrenko

I didnt know this theatrer existed. But man iam glad i found it. Wonderful staff large parking lot. Clean bathrooms.they serve a nice menu along with beer yes i saw it for real. Small drinks are huge. Small popcorn also nicely sized. My granddaughter and I enjoyed the lage screening rooms and quite cozy seats with lots of leg room. So 2drinks a popcorn and 2 tickets very reasonable priced. I well return to this theatre soon. They also have a specials i think on Tue. Along with a special members sign up i need to look into. Very nice place

Turjah Hicks

Went to take my son to the movies. I ordered him a kid pack. Then when I went to order my popcorn the attendant told me that the machine was broken. He did not tell me this when I ordered the kid pack which includes popcorn. So he was going to charge me full price for the kids pack but only give me a fruit snack and drink. I couldn't believe he was going to do that. He only informed me once I ordered (tried) my popcorn. I feel he should have told me this to begin with. I left and went to another movie theater.

Dejanee Keith

I love the amc classics or old carmike cinema I been go in there since I was little girl 3 years old I just the movie theater.


The Pointe has nothing on Carmike! Forever a local favorite, Carmike provides a hometown movie theater aesthetic with low prices for everyone. Popcorn is tasty, beer is cheap, and it's not regulated like an airport. Or Mayfaire. Every experience at Carmike is a good experience!

Mark Garia

They could do a bit better with the maintenance


Bathrooms were filthy and overall it was just run down and needs an update. In addition, we had to ask them to turn on the sound for our movie.

Leanna Jackson

Good prices on tickets and friendly staff. The only issue is a constant musty smell in the entire theater and everytime I've used the restroom it has smelled of urine and was utterly disgusting. Not a horrible theater, but not great either.

Bigchips Almighty

this movie theater is cool nice A/C is good and working it comfortable so clean you can loose your virginity in there WOW great job

Charlotte Wall

Worth the drive to Wilmington for us to see a movie here. Comfortable and well maintained with ample viewing space!

valerie g

The theatre is never crowded and it is well air conditioned. Of course the prices at.the snack bar are outrageous. We had a good time

Mark Andy

The lobby can fool ya because it's pretty small up front but the theatres are pretty big. The seats don't recline but they've got like, "fluffy" headrests. The armrest are stationary which is awkward for such a large theatre. It was ok, I've been in better for less money. I'd say go here if you want but if you can find another theatre, it wouldn't hurt to check that one out.

Mr Lopez

Excellent service. They have a helpful staff.

Mary Mack

Bathrooms nasty, poor lighting to find your seat before movie starts. Little focus on guest services.

Jeffrey Becker

Staff is great, movie theater is out of date and dirty.

Mandy Tucker

Not crowded, clean, good prices

Jarrett Holder

Walk down memory lane. Old school feel to this theater, cool arcade machines and loud surround sound. Picture quality was nice. Bathrooms needed a little cleaning but overall i enjoyed this place.

Sal Andolina

I had to walk to the concession stand twice to ask them to turn off theater lights and turn on ac, but they fixed issues promptly. Not horrible.

Emily Hartis

Kinda gross. Weird smell in the theater room, bathrooms, lobby and hall way. Looked kinda dingy. Movie was good though.

william thurman

If you go at the early showing their is no crowd, and the refreshments are cheaper than any were eles.

Braden Kullman

Never crowded, only $5 on Tuesday's when you become a member. Becoming a member is free.

Kychell Bozier

Customer service didnt have any sympathy that my daughter was scared of the spider man movie. They had rather see her cry that she couldn't go into the other movie and give me my money back after I explained I didnt have more for an upcharge. And let me walk away with a crying 3 year old.

Sam Hardison

Good theatre, #8 smelled a bit musty though

Shiela Baker

We went to a Tyler Perry movie everyone was nice very friendly

Katrina Robinson

The lobby area is upgraded now they just need to upgrade everything else

Melissa Nance

1st time at AMC but definitely will not be the last. Prices high but theaters are great!

sonja smith

This particular AMC theater does not offer senior discounts nor accepts AARP.

Pam Milat

Theatre personnel were friendly and helpful. Popcorn was fresh. Though very clean, they could use a deodorizer in the ladies main bathroom in the corridor between the lobby and the theatres. We will patronize this theatre again.

Jordan Rogers

My fiancee and I recently chose to come here and we were thoroughly enjoyed with this establishment. They have clean seating areas, plentiful concessions, and maintained bathrooms. It reminded us of our local theater back home and it felt comfortable. I would definitely recommend this theater to others.

Nicholas Gianoplus

This is my go to place for a cheaper movie at a better time in a less crowded theater. Concessions are expensive as expected.

Laura Allen

Never going to the Wilmington NC 16 again!!! I t showed that the movie was playing at this theater. The movie poster was physically outside the theater and movie time posted near the concession stand. I tried calling to confirm times but no one answered-10 times. I try to buy tickets and they said they aren’t showing that movie because the room is too warm. What??? I tried calling the AMC corporate number and spoke to a supervisor and she said she would get a message to the manager at the theater but couldn’t do anything else. She said to try to call them and I asked her for a phone number that doesn’t go straight to voicemail and she couldn’t provide one. She also couldn’t provide a timeframe for someone getting back to me. How convenient- no accountability and no way to contact them directly. Horrible service!! Update: The manager did contact me to apologize for what happened and offered 2 free movie tickets. He said that they should be answering phones during the weekend and it should not go straight to voicemail.

Andrew Goff

One of the few places you don't have to reserve a seat for, still possible to go see a movie on a whim!

Mary Pair

My favorite theater hands down. Staff there is amazing!

Darrell Garrell

Nice and clean

Lynn Molina

Close to home, clean and convenient. Polite staff.

Cameron Lewis

The interior lights are never dimmed very much making the movie faded in the corners by the lights. Sound quality is good not too loud or soft. Seats don't recline much and for older movies the screen size is lacking. Could have bigger screens for newer releases so not sure if all are the same. Clean environment and friendly staff. Soda machine was out of lots of selections which is a bummer when you pay more for a drink than a ticket. Great priced tickets though

Joy Harman

Best prices and always clean! My preferred theater in Wilmington, NC!

James Cole

Been there many times. People always friendly, popcorn fresh and the theaters clean.

William Heckman

A much cheaper alternative to mayfaire for family outings. Plus none of that annoying seat selection.

Frederic Carroll

I really enjoyed this theater 599 for matinees and did very well

Rob Green

Tuesday night Joker with popcorn and drink for $11. Great deal but the theater needs some updating to match the quality of the other big 2 in Wilmington.

Kimberley Wozniak

Love the movies and the general theater was clean. Love the people behind the counter; however, the other employees seem to be most interested in their cell phones. The Mens Room was filthy per my husband.

Brennan Simmons

It's always a good place to go. Especially when you don't want to go to Mayfair

Laura Ashley Siljander

My favorite theater in town! Great prices and minimal waiting!

keoke mejia

Buzz lightyear was never dumb in the first 3 movies boooo

Evan Schillmoller

After being bought out by AMC I expected more of a change in atmosphere and technology in the theater, but it's just not happened yet. Looks exactly the same as it did when it was Carmike, and the screens/picture quality has been far outdone by other newer theaters in the area. Not terrible, though, by any means, and definitely has the best prices in town as far as tickets are concerned.

Laurie Kennedy

Update and clean Theater. Hire Cleaning crew for Bathrooms. And a crew to clean after Movie is Finished. Please and thank you.

Lisa Wampler

Staff was professional and courteous. Theater's were clean and comfortable. Great popcorn.

Jes Sloan

This theater is a little run down. Tiles coming off the ceiling. The screen had lines. It was freezing. But, the film and sound quality was good and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

Jon Bear

Very clean. Respect those who keep the pop corn out of the cup holder!

Brian Hill

Bathroom nasty and building dirty needs help

Sharon Warren

Always prefer this theater over the others. Not as crowded, prices are cheaper, and the popcorn is fresh! Other local theaters makes popcorn ahead of time and put it in containers. It's rarely hot or even warm. This theater doesn't do that. Unfortunately, the bathrooms sometimes need trash emptied, and cleaned sometimes, but if people would clean up behind themselves, like a responsible adult should, there wouldn't be an issue there. Staff has always been friendly and helpful.

Janet Bailey

Tuesday pricing $5 was great. Seats could have been more comfortable.

Kenneth Casebier

My family and I went for the first showing of a movie on Sunday, so we arrived as they opened the doors at 11:30. I understand that the theatre had been there for many years but the facility was in terrible condition. I at least expect the restroom to be clean, especially since we were the first people in the door as the theatre opened. I've attached photos of the men's restroom as you enter the theatre. Other than the restroom experience, the rest of the theatre wasn't bad, you expect the older style seats with a dated structure and concession prices were good to average.

Mike Edmonds

Nice movie house. Great matinee price.

tony occhiuzzo

Recommended major overhaul if you want to attract movie patrons

ThermalTran Mechanical, Inc.

An econimical alternative to the other guys. I've never had a bad experience here.

Nicolas Natale

Really good movie theater. Clean theaters and seats are comfortable

Christina Strickland

Lights were on through the entire movie

and i oop

Staff was super great! Kevin deserves a raise

casey harrell

Lobby was dirty, actual theater felt damp and muggy and had a musty smell. Seats felt damp at first, just thought it was from the air until we got up to leave and the backs of our pants were damp. Also I feel slightly itchy now. Hoping it's just a psychological response......

Brett Sandar

Older theatre, relatively. Seats were solid and fine. Least expensive tickets in town. AMC Classic!

Ryan Banks

Horrible theater. Smells horrific. Screen out of frame. Very nice staff.

Seth Pollock

Great theater!

Martin Coady

I have never liked this theater. I resent having to go to the food counter to buy a ticket (or pick one up if ordered online) and I think it could be cleaner. My wife wanted to see The Green Book, however, and this was our only option. Movie was pretty good, by the way. However, I generally avoid this theater in favor of one of the other two in town.

Anthony Guevara

Cheapest screenings in town. Not as nice as Carmike but most cost efficient.

Tommy Thompson Sr

I'm a regular AMC patron. But today thoroughly stunned me with how filthy this location is. After the movie, I stopped in the mens room before leaving, I haven't seen a restroom that disgustingly filthy in decades. I will not be back.

Jay Schwab

nic workers, cold theater


Show said starting at 7:00 Then at 7:00 said your show starts in 30 minutes, went and told the counter person but apparently doesn’t care That they lie.... some people plan their time as to see a Movie on time..... rediculous

Oliver Dante

The employees were good and professional. The environment was clean and picture quality had no problems.

Blake Brose

No food options, pretty dirty, mildew smelling theater.

anne roby

Clean and quick

Kevin McKay

Five stars cause they sell beer here.

Joseph Corbin

Very very sad. Used to be a nice clean theater. Very run down now. The lobby for was filthy before and after the movie. The men's room was horrible before and after the film. No reason because the theater s not busy at all. The men's room smelled like a porta potty in the summer. The theater itself smelled stale, like old sweat on sheets. The theater was not clean, the walls were stained etc. This was not like this 2 years ago. I don't know what happened but it's a shame.... 2 stars is kind.

Autumn H

Not as good as mayfairs regal Cinema but pretty good for the price

Michele G

Awesome place. Great staff.

Risa Quinn Feldbusch

Great theater, great movies, great popcorn and great seats!

Yamilet M

God awful musty smell in my theatre it smelled like a wet dog. It felt wet in the air and it made the experience awful.

Chancey Stanley

OK guys and gals...trying to stay objective here. I normally go to the Mayfaire theatre, but thought I'd give this AMC Classic a try. I bought two tickets for Avengers: End Game online, and brought a date. No one was up front checking tickets or anything. I had the confirmation on my phone just in case, but we just ended up just walking in. The first thing that you will notice once inside is the place is filthy. The carpet looks like it was cleaned maybe about ten years ago. It's literally matted with dirt, grime, and the remnants of countless spilled sodas and candy over the years. There was also quite a bit of trash and loose popcorn on the floor with no janitor in sight. I stopped to use the men's room prior to the movie and it was pretty bad. Water was everywhere on the counters and floors, and no paper towels in either dispenser. They don't even have hand dryers as an option. We had to look around to find the theatre showing our movie at the correct time because no attendant was present. Once we walked inside, as others on here have mentioned, you are immediately assaulted with the smell of mold, mildew, or something akin to bad body odor. The experience up to this point was enough to make me embarrassed to have chosen it for a date night. We located two seats in the center and got comfortable. The seats were a little dingy, but not too bad. Although, I'm glad the lights were dimmed so I couldn't see what we were sitting on. I know the movie theatre is supposed to be a total experience with the big screen and surround sound, but the speakers were a touch too loud. They literally hurt my ears and the sound was a bit too loud to be comfortable. My date agreed. And before you think I'm just old, I am an active duty Marine so I'm used to hearing gun fire and explosions and that sort of thing. Lol. During the previews, a fire alarm went off so everyone had to exit the theatre and come back in a few minutes later. False alarm, I guess. The movie began and I largely forgot about all of these shortfalls. About halfway through the movie, (End Game is three hours long) I began to notice how hot it had become. I was sweating from the arm pits and everywhere else. Don't mind sweating in the gym, but not comfortable on a date. We were holding hands for a bit, but with wet, sweaty hands. Lol. Ok, I know that's a lot. Bottom line? Despite the bigger crowds and greater expense, go to Mayfaire. Even if you AREN'T on a date, you won't regret your decision. As mentioned in other reviews, this AMC Classic needs a deep cleaning and a refurb before I'd consider going back. Based on the sad state of the property, I don't see the owners putting any money into the place any time soon.☹

Jon Paul Soderena

Nice theater... helpful staff...easy to locate.


They have a variety of things that other move theaters don't have. This place was a 40 minute drive but it was worth it. The only thing I can say that they should fix is more of a selection of movies yet I know this would mean construction of more theater rooms.

Marlene Hiatt

Clean ,nice staff, and great location

Erik Ortega

I honestly never have had a problem here. The front end is usually pretty nice and helpful. Arcade is fairly solid. Theaters are nice after the remodel. Overall good place to go.

Melissa Ortega

Lion King was great

Tired of them Turners

Great service..nice people especially Dino

Charles Koscenski

Being from outta state and been to many theaters, I’ve never seen one that serves beer and wine at the concession stands. So I thought that was really cool. The staff was very helpful with questions and friendly. The facility was very clean. It was not crowded. The ICEE machine could use some maintenance. The seating in the rooms were nice. They don’t move so it was a little stiff to seat on but had good cushions. Went to see Pacific Rim: Uprising. Wasn’t as good as the first but still enjoyed my time with my wife and my brother-in-law.

Sarah Graham

Nice theatre, good popcorn, like the seats, courteous staff

Dennis Layman

Love this place. It's kinda of small, but the seats are available, clean and the prices here are wonderful. Tickets for afternoon movies are below any other place in town, and the price on popcorn and drink is less money too. If you don't want to be broke after seeing a movie then this is a place to go to see your movie.

Briteny Malpass

It wasn't overly pricey. Went to a 830pm showing got inside at 820pm got tickets and bathroom out of the way with plenty of time to still watch previews! Can't wait to go again!

Danny Laird

I have been to this theater several times. Every year its been declining. My most recent experience was seeing a big waterbug reflecting off the lighting down the stairwell next to where I was sitting.

Ivelisse Colon-Nevarez

Affordable ticket pricing, ample parking lot and comfortable chairs - good! The air conditioning needs to be adjusted to be more cool. Forget about the consecions - they are super-super overpriced!

Andy B

Love the new place from the carmike it was. Love coming here now

Ara Draper

A little less kept/older then other AMC theaters. It by no means was a bad experience. It wasn't dirty either. I have simply been to other AMC's that where more up to date/better kept. The movie was great and the experience as a hole was nice.

Gene Norton

It smells very bad!

Marhonda Ezell

Bathrooms disgusting and I arrived at OPENING time for the day.... it wasn't clear where to go for ticketing as there was not and ticket booth or "ticket taker/scanner"; But... huge theater with loss of seating. Not much arm space but it was loads of seats.

Schedin Contracting

These guys know what's up, all these new theaters in town trying to empty your bank account. This theater keeps it affordable to take your family out and still have comfortable stadium style seating.

Noob Life 123

Nice staff, Cheap but 5 star quality, Good popcorn

Edy Hatcher

Nice movie theater with comfortable seats.


I've been going here for years. I really like that it's not crowded all the time. I'll go here over any other theater

Tonya Gorton

Pricey but great place to see a movie on a whim

Selena Phillips

I prefer this movie theater or of all the others in Myrtle Beach. I love right over the border in North Carolina so this is my go to movie sort, even though the colonial 12 is closer. At AMC 16, I usually luck or and get an employee who will allow me to use my AMC premier with my movie pass card, which for some reason, was games by AMC.

Cody Griffin

Classic theater that most people don't know about. If you want a whole theater to yourself, go here.


Pretty creepy neighborhood. The movie theater is old and has not been cleaned in a long time. The screen barley works the only thing that makes me give this 2 stars is the food.

Jana DiNapoli

My family saw "End Game"; great movie, the audio was a little low!

Steve Earp

Good movie seating. Bathrooms may need to be updated and cleaned.

Publius Nexus

It's a very convenient theater with good special on Tuesdays. I joined their A- List Club for $21.00 a month. 3 movies a week, no charge.

Umeki Brown

Nice Quiet and Clean it was during daytime hours.

David Barrett

This movie theater has a damp musty smell to it. Even our seats felt damp. Would not go back again. AMC really needs to renovate if they want to compete with the other theaters in town.

Andrea Zoppo

This is a place to get Great deals and catch up on recent films ! The staff was super helpful and friendly. The bathrooms are a bit antiquated. I enjoyed the movie and the place was not crowded. It's also easy to park here.

Kelley Davis

A little outdated and empty. However, movie prices were reasonable and popcorn was great!

April Ferrraro

First time I've been in this theater. I was impressed. The employees were very nice and had great customer service. The inside of the building was nice and updated. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the restrooms were very dirty.

Roland Russ

Theater is fine, concessions and bathrooms needed serious attention.


Always a great visit here at this movie Theater. Kinda needs refurbishing tho... A bit worn from traffic. Restrooms need refurnishing

Ronald Alford

Theater was clean. Cant beat the price especially if you are a stubs member. Only draw back is it needs some updating.

LovaBella Gram

Very dark (burned out lights) dirty bathrooms. Employees standing around talking.

Christopher Belcher

Clea theater, good deals for tickets

Thurman Newkirk

Felt like home away from home ;ordered popcorn and water and loved it.Very friendly when exiting movie

A Neal

I'm writing this review after being highly dissatisfied for the second time. I recently saw Lion King and stories to tell in the dark and the screen brightness in both movies were super dark. I expected alot of dark scenes in the chiller movie but the entire film was dark including the daytime scenes in both movies and they were both very fuzzy. My fiance and I both noticed this. There were even scenes where we could see lines running up and down the 2 screens. This theater should definitely consider investing in new screens. The only reason we didn't leave both times was because we had already paid for drinks, popcorn and snacks.

Dominick Roe

Best prices in town

Kim Flados

Reasonable priced movies. Best popcorn in town. I always ask for them to pop me fresh popcorn and they always do.

John McMahon

It's decent but dated and a little rundown... If you want to save a few bucks come no here. If you want a better experience pay up and head to the point or Mayfaire

Gregg Policari

Seats are uncomfortable but the movie was good.

Amy Milcendeau

Very comfy seating. Several theatres to watch movies in. Love the refillable tub for popcorn.

Sean Jones

It was my first time going to this theater. I recently just purchased AMC's Stub A-List membership. (Totally worth it from what I can tell so far) When having my phone scanned for my 1st free movie, (12 a month) and getting concessions, the crew chief, (I think his name was Chad?), he was very knowledgeable and helpful with the questions I had about my new membership and explained the benefits that come with it. He even pressed buttons for me on the CCard machine because I totally forgot about my glasses laying right in front of me. *He probably thought I was drunk*

Bradley Betz

Saw aquaman and actually got hyperthermia either incredible sfx or terrible heating system

Darlene Sweat

It's was alright its was a bit cool but it'll would have been alright if i had bring a jacket to wear in the theater other than that it was nice theater i like it the people that works there were nice also.

Joel Allen

Might havee been a really nice place in its heyday. A little worn out now. Snack bar on both sides of the lobby. One one in use everytime l have been here, no crowds, in and out no problems. Staff as is most of these places young and less than eager. Viewrooms are clean and sound great. Tickets are cheaper here than back home in DC restrooms clean as well

Vincent Falso

It's refreshing to see a great company keeping things affordable for families. Everything was great as it always has been. We come there as opposed to two different theaters that are closer.

John Pesackis

Good ticket prices. Staff members are friendly. This theater is older compared to the others in the area. The doors and restrooms need to be cleaned.

Mya Wesley

Decent nothing like how it use to be. Free refills on large popcorn and good customer service. No arranged sitting like mayfaire and no reclining chairs.


Love watching movies. Needs to be cleaned more.

Michael Miller

I liked the idea of buying the tickets while ordering snacks. I really like the refillable popcorn bucket! The theater was clean and the seating was comfortable. The volume in the theater was very loud, there were 25 mins of previews and the ladies room was discusting (according to 2 ladies in our party)


I can’t even give 1 star.... This was the nastiest theater I have ever been to there was food and trash everywhere, everything was sticky. There were lines in the screen and the fire alarm went off. The vomit in the bathroom floor was the icing on the cake.

Dan G. Ross

Oh boy has this place gone down hill. They need to fix the screens. Stay away from the 3d movies here. I would give it a 1 star but the employees are at least very nice and attentive. Customer service is hard to find these days.

Anita Bakula

Really good movie ticket prices. Movie volume is so loud we had to put makeshift plugs in our ears to enjoy movie. We couldn’t find anyone available to talk to about volume. Skeleton staff.

Rhianna V

They forgot to turn down the overhead lights so I had to go ask them to 15 minutes into the movie. Otherwise they always have great service. Bathrooms could be better.

Mark Anderson

Great price if you go before 4pm. Usually not too many people there which is nice. Looked like a bag full of popcorn was spilled on the floor and not cleaned up. Otherwise I like this theater and recommend it. Someone posted being upset about having to go to the concessions counter for tickets. That’s a smart idea on their part for two reasons. 1) one less worker to pay to man the ticket booth, and 2) it gets you that much closer to buying a snack. I didn’t mind it at all.

dennis johnson

Excellent choice for a good inexpensive afternoon movie

Syble Cloum

Went there to see Bohemian Rhapsody, it was a great experience, the temperature of the theater was good, the seats were very comfortable, even left my jacket, and they had it for me up front, I would definitely go again

Spacey Ethan

I loved it but the only reason that I took 1 star away some of the drink machine was not working but the seats where comfortable.

Iselchyresse Israel-Megahan

Price right, but a nasty atmosphere. You will encounter smelly, slimy, sticky, and stinky during your trip here. They should sponsor a COMMUNITY CLEANUP DAY, and invitee Wilmington to scrub the place down after which every volunteer receives a free movie ticket.


The women’s room was disgusting. The theater 7 wreaked of mold and mildew. This was our first time here and we’re NOT impressed!

Danielle Howard

Love the cheaper prices and the theater is still nice.

nate holway

Bathrooms always gastly

Mandy Miller

Tuesday is my favorite time to go. They offer $5 movies, and a small popcorn with small drink for $5. However, Bathrooms are usually messy.

Tracey Sheppard

Great experience movie theater clean

Zachary Wagner

Nice looking theater, seats are spacious and comfy...I do wish they could dim the side lights alittle but more when the movie starts


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