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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Raleigh 15 IN North Carolina

crystal Williams

Great theater with amazing staff. This theater is not as modernized as some of the others but it's by far from the worse.

Kim Jones

Although not modern recliner seating, it's comfortable. It's convenient to purchase tickets and refreshments all at one place once you're inside the theater.


Don't think I've ever been to such a dirty, run down and neglected movie theater. Can't believe this is an AMC. Concession is cheap but that doesn't make up for the state this theater is in. Wouldn't go back even if it was free.


I went to this theater knowing it was older and it was a little run down. I was surprised just how bad things have gotten. I bought tickets online, but I really didn't even need to do that. The employees were sitting on the counters chatting with each other or on their phones behind the concession stand, not even bothering to check tickets or direct us to which theater we needed to go to. I basically threw away my money on tickets, as they weren't even concerned with whether or not I had them. The popcorn had a weird, stale taste and it made me sick. The theaters weren't updated to show the correct times/titles playing in the movie and so we had to go back out and ask the employees which theater we needed to go to... they didn't know. Eventually when we found the right theater, it smelled awful. I went to the bathroom, that smelled worse. Pee in every single stall, no toilet paper, the floors weren't clean at all. I grew up going to this theater before the days of the lazy boy recliners and such at the other theaters. I knew that it had gone downhill, but I was severely perturbed by this experience. I won't be going back here again.

Casey Nichols

I’m a Premier member for AMC and this is an old dollar theater that got rebranded without any other investment. It’s so bad I may be leaving my shoes if I can’t force them to follow me on this floor. This is the first showing of the Fantastic Beast (part 2) and including my family of 4, there’s 10 people here. That’s got to tell you something. Go anywhere else!

D Caudle

Today's experience was not a good one. The theater we were in for the movie SHAFT was extremely hot and uncomfortable. Several patrons brought this to the attention of the staffers present and it was explained that the air would kick on shortly. It never reached a comfortable temperature. The staff did apologize and present us with re-entry tickets to another movie.


Went here yesterday for a matinee with my son. This used to be the stepchild of theaters based on better ones in the area. Since changing to AMC I can say that it’s much better. The theaters no longer smell like feet and appear to be much cleaner. I like the Coca Cola machine and ice machine. Things have gotten much better so I’ll definitely return vs driving across town to see a movie.

A Williams

Dirty. Trash running over in the female bathroom. Soda all over the floor by the drink machine. Dirty and they had plenty of staff there- no excuse for the nastiest. They were all just standing around. Dirty movie theater.

Kevin Powell

This is a great theater! Especially since AMC took over! The prices are a bit higher, but theater movies (and concessions) are overpriced anyway. The staff is much more friendly and helpful and easier access to the concessions than before. Plenty of wheelchair parking in front and a very nice WIDE ramp, right in the middle, in front of the box office entrance. Much easier access than the Morrisville and Blue Ridge Rd locations.

Dathan Bianco

I've been going to this theater since the early 2000's. Way before it was renamed AMC Classic 15. The theater is old, but to me that's part of the appeal; it's a place that has some history. The seating isn't assigned, nor do the seats recline and have a tray for food and beverages. Bottom line, if you want, or are expecting, a "fancy" Hilton garden inn experience, this probably isn't for you. This is a classic movie experience: a huge screen, a seat, surround sound, refreshments...and that atmosphere of a well used movie theater. It's not the best. It's good enough.

Elizabeth Lindsey

Terrible experience. Theatre was dirty. The previews were so soft we couldn't hear them and the movie was so loud I had to use ear plugs, something I have never done before. I asked for it to be turned down and nothing changed. Half the seats were broken, like the cup holder missing or broken or worse. There was gum on seats. It was gross.


This place has gone downhill tremendously

Elaine Ratliff

Nice clean environment. A bit pricey but worth it.

Chris Shearer

Newly changed to AMC. We visit this theatre regularly. Hope for some renovations, although never much crowds here. Some new changes include Coke Freestyle machines which we love. Limited staffing at times, especially during the week and for matinees. They have satellite concession stands but I have never seen them open.

Qoostewin Sch'Kuen'Te

Old but good. Raliegh must be really spoiled and complacent. Goto Memphis....there a theatre in Bratlett that makes this one look new

Charizma Devine

It was good but to much ads tbh....

Richard Garrett

PRICE GOUGING!!! Ticket prices aren't bad but the concession prices are appalling. For two large drinks, one bottled water, one large popcorn, and one box of theatre candy the cost was $36. Everyday retail would be approximately $10. CRIMINAL!!!!!!!

Philip Craft

This theater has gone DOWNHILL!! Used to be a nice place to watch a movie. This place is NASTY!! Even the Junior Mints came pre-melted. Sorry guys. It's yucky

Jenna Lee

Smells weird but it's spacious and the seats are comfortable

Dawn M. Carlson

The movie theater we were in looked like the ceiling caved in downpour. It smelled of mildew and many of the chairs were roped off. Will definitely not be going back to this AMC. It is in dire need of an upgrade. Plenty of parking, prices good but the theater rooms dirty and that one especially needed help with the ceiling. Wondering why they would still show movies in there if the ceiling tiles were falling from a leak.!


The theater itself was fine, the chairs were comfortable, the film looked good. The bathroom floors seemed to be dirty and there was no soap in at least 2 of the dispensers.

Kel And Clif

We went here today and no one was at the ticket window. So we walked in and there was one worker at the concession stand and you had to wait on line to get your tickets and snacks at the concession stand from that one employee.i wasn't getting snacks so I had to waste my time waiting for others.Seats don't recline at all, they sit straight don't even tilt. Screen size was good and movie quality was good.

Jose Luis Carbajal-Carbajal

I just wish the chairs could recline, and it not be so damn cold. Other than that great.

Tonieh Moshier

Great movie choices and schedule. Friendly staff!

La La Edward

the movie was over thirty minutes late starting the lights would not go out the curtains would not open all the way on the screen and we were a good 30 minutes into the movie before anybody offered any other solution not a good experience, and it did not start at the beginning of the movie

KIA Graves

First time here and it was pretty nice. A good hidden gem for last minute movies or anime movies. That Awesome Group approves.

Let'em Eats

The screen is not as clear as the Imax and the seats isn't as comfortable but it's cheaper than the rest

Alex Knuth

AMC bought this theater recently. It used to be a decent 2nd run venue with tickets costing $2.50. Nothing special, fairly clean, seats were adequate, bathrooms were okay. Not meant to be a competitor to the fancier 1st run theaters that charge 4-5 times as much. It does not appear that AMC has put any money into fixing the place up, but has raised prices significantly for older 1st run flicks. If this is their idea of an attractive "cheap" theater, they need a new marketing department.

DC Warren

Theater was very smelly and dirty. Could definitely use some updating. Staff at the ticket counter felt it was perfectly fine to fuss and complain in front of the customers about the broken register and management that didn't seem to care about the place.

Chase Wood

Movie was good, but the theater was not the best. Theater lost power mid movie, and had to wait ~10minutes before the movie resumed. Chairs and arm rests were poor quality.

Lacey Murphy

This movie theatre is nasty. The floors look like they haven’t been properly cleaned in a year. The carpets are gross, full of popcorn. The restrooms were overflowing with trash. Never have I been to a movie theatre this dirty. As we were leaving our late movie, there was a lady mopping, but the floor looked like it had not been swept??? New management needed? Employees who know how to clean needed? Yuck.

Stephanie Kaminski

This theater is old and dirty. I would never return. It doesn’t cost any more to go to a better one. Plus the heat must have been broken because we were all shivering throughout the entire movie.

Kitten Jackson

This was the only place seats were available for Avengers Endgame... Adored this movie experience with my family and even discovered my nephew was there at the end when everyone was walking out. Not bad AT ALL!!!

Melissa Hurst

Very nasty place ..feet stuck to floor,bathrooms filthy.lobby floors covered in food and dried drinks,and place smelt like piss..instead of sweeping and mopping lobby all the employees where playing on there phones ...Will not be back!!!

Danny Cevallos

Place looked old and ran down. The big screen was dirty and scratched.

Michael Boscia

Sent us to the wrong theater for a 4:10 3D showing of Maleficent. When we asked them at 4:20 what was up with the movie, they assured us everything was fine. At 4:40 when Rambo started, they claimed that they made a mistake. We were directed by staff to seek a refund from Fandango, which is impossible past the scheduled start time of the movie. Completely apathetic staff and equally listless management. I wont ever go back to this theater if I can help it.

Suzanne Bowling

Comfortable & reasonably priced.. it affords me the opportunity to go to the movies every Tuesday for $5. I love it.

Malika C. Smith

This is the worst AMC I have ever seen. Dirty, low staff, broken seats no reclining seats. So dirty. Management needs to step the game up. I pick AMC with an expectation of quality I am so disappointed. The movie started 15 late. The bathrooms were grotesque. I am so disappointed and in shock about the condition of this theater. I almost feel bad for the staff and community that have to experience it in a regular basis.

josie downey

Apparently the manager Kaylan thinks its okay. To show Godzilla in pink. And doesnt understand why customers get upset if the movies starts that way. He a rude manager who doesnt know the phrase I am sorry. He threatened to call the cops on me because I accidently split my popcorn. If the general manager would like to improve the customer experience i suggest Kaylan be fired.

Natalie Moore

Run down building and lots of areas in great need of repair and/or maintenance. Expansive parking lot with many lights not functioning. In a questionable part of the city so be careful where you park!

Robert Holland

Theater was very dirty. After the movie started, I had to use the restroom. Someone had vomited in the men’s bathroom urinal. After using the rest room, and washing my hands, there were no paper towels in any of the 3 paper towel dispensers. An hour later when the movie was over, I stopped by to use the restroom again, but decided to just hold it, because the vomit was still there.

Ally Egulf

If I could give if zero stars I would. The movie theater was absolutely disgusting. The bathrooms had not been cleaned for what looked like months. The bathrooms had urine all over the seat and feminine cleanliness boxes were over flowing. Some aisles in the movie theater were not able to be sat in because of trash and spilled popcorn everywhere. This is a nasty DISGUSTING movie theater. Pay a little extra and go to the good movie theater.

Kevin Gaughan

Nice staff.. little Janky

James Dickens

Lol,... just gotta laugh at this place, the movie was great, if you don't mind stepping over spilled popcorn, candy and trash in the floor then you'll luv it!

ann snodgrass

They Really need to give this place a Good cleaning!!!

Kim Nelson-Edwards

Great Theater..clean and very large. Very affordable

Sunil Williams

Older theatre. Good prices. If you want no frills, this will do

Eric Dale

Typical theater. However, the customer service was lacking. There were at least two groups of employees, more interested in looking at their phones then assisting customers at the concession stand. Overall, the theater was clean, and a good experince.

e m-b

The price is awesome, it's clean and convinient

Amy Bartholomew

The staff doesn't tell patrons to be quiet. The volume on the movies is off. But it's inexpensive and close to us.

Chelsie Parada

Love this movie theater. Seats are supper comfy. Bring a blanket

Daniel Loges

Better than I expected. Stadium seating. Maybe AMC will upgrade this one with reclining seats some day?

Socialscientist PS4

The place was clean and pretty empty on Thursday. It was cool that we were the only ones in the theatre. The staff was friendly and helpful.


Kinda sucked. Went in for one movie , arrived late about 15 minutes but I would just missed the previews . Walked in and it hasn't even started . Sat there for 15-20 minutes . Still nothing. So I walked out and went into another movie. I was the only one in that first theatre. The second movie I went into had only two people in it

Kim Skelding

Very run down theatre. Very stinky. Watched movie started at 7pm over at 9pm. There were NO employees visible to make sure movie goers were safe. I did not feel safe. Rather creepy. Front entrance closed off and dark. Will never go again to this theatre.

Telisha Brown

It was a very nice place to go watch a movie. The floor was extremely sticky but other than that it was a great experience.

Mark Vincent

Used to be a nice theater. Pretty beat down with torn up carpet and wall coverings. Seats were tacky feeling too. Show time was listed as 7:05 but they ran ads till 7:28 (and that is when the tag for the movie started...), don't bother trying to be early to see the movie. Sound was good, vision was good as well. Enjoyed the movie. Friendly staff.

ServiceDog Adventures

1. The floors were incredibly sticky. 2. One of the folks at the door screeched like a pterodactyl when they saw my service dog. 3. The person scanning our pre-purchased tickets would not. Stop. Trying to pet the service dogs. 4. We were threatened by another movie-goer and an employee just stood there and watched. 5. Wheelchair accessiblility was a joke.

Jayakumar Rajaretnam

Weird access way to the screens but no complaints.

Kita Teel

Always have fun with my son on our Tuesday Movie Dates.

G Denis

Great price great value. Friendly staff and clean movie experience.

George Carrick

Just got great buttered popcorn!

Trusthaul Inc.

I do not recommend to go there. Very old and dirty cinema I have ever had in my life. Quality of screen is bad. I regret that I visited them. Do not go there

evron hall

The theater is very old and needs a serious upgrade the building is rundown and deteriorating point blank too much money out there not to have a modernized theater

Christine Keffer

The floor was tacky everywhere. My shoes were literally sticking to the carpet after walking across the lobby. The women's room trashe was overflowing and the men had no towel paper to dry ha ha with. We will look elsewhere next time we want to see a movie.

Marissa Dee

Great no fuss movie theater! Parking is easy unlike some of the theaters in the area. Ticket prices are reasonable. Don't expect the most lavish seats or anything. The staff is friendly and it is a great place to catch a movie.

Choua Yang

I typical movie theater without the nice leather seats that recline and assigned seating.

Chief R

This place needs a complete overhaul. First, there's no showtimes for the movies posted outside. Second, the crowds were noisy and people kept devices on during the film. The staff (although were nice) should better enforce the rules on devices. Or maybe next time I won't go see a highly anticipated movie on the 2nd opening night. Lol

Taylor Williams

The speakers were pretty busted, and I was about 20 minutes late into my movie thanks to a busted soda machine. I don't recommend here, there's so many better options close by. Avoid this theater if you can.

Seriana Gamble

Dont have enough showtimes and the theatre is older. Also the ticket line us combined with the food line. I've been to better AMC's, but it's not the worst theatre I been to.

charles cerami

Very clean, popcorn tasted stale. Friendly staff.

Rex Furball

The theater is old with not so comfortable seats. Comfortable enough to watch a 2 hour movie but not as comfortable as other local theaters. I went on a Saturday night and it was a little dirty. The bathrooms had run out of toilet paper. It just seemed run down. Getting tickets is a chore. The online website does not seem to work (It is probably optimized for Apple phones or something like that) so you can easily buy tickets online. Buying at theater means you have to wait in long line along with concessions. Not very well organized. I probably won't return to this theater.

Shemaiah Roberts

This place is gross. It used to be a dollar theater and when you go In there have been no changes what so ever. I was afraid I would get aids and herpes from just sitting on the seats. The floor was sticky and it wasn't clean. I will never go back until they completely change the entire building

jaytninja herwick

That's where I go to take breaks

Jessica McNeill

Prices are reasonable, but they really need to check the expiration date on the popcorn. I would appreciate it. Beyond that, great movie theater. BTW the staff is friendly and professional.

Kelly Elly

Disgusting, disappointed, dissatisfied. I will never be back. It was dirty, sticky floors, hot not uncomfortable!! I did not feel safe.

Tabatha Crockett

Good overall experience however standing in the concessions line to buy our movies tickets was prolonged due to long lines and only one lane open

Darryl Allen

One of my favorite theater to go to in Raleigh.

Tiana Nash

I will NEVER COME HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! It’s nasty and it needs to upgraded ASAP. It was a bunch of middle schoolers just talking and yelling the entire time. If I could have left any stars I would have .

Cierra Harrington

WORST STAFF EVER! Being an AMC Club member I’m supposed to receive free refills on large popcorns. I went to the counter to receive my free refill and I received an employee that was new and wasn’t sure how to ring it up (she wasn’t the issue, we all have to learn our jobs when first starting). She tried on her own to figure it out while 3 other employees stood at the end of the counter socializing as they watched her struggle. After about 5 minutes of no luck she said it wants me to pay the $5 refill price and she looked at me wanting me to pay it. I asked her if she could get someone else to help her. Her more experienced coworker didn’t know how to either. Then finally a woman (she talked as if she was the manager) came along and explained how to do it. But she said she couldn’t give me a free refill because I had a regular sized popcorn. I had to waste more time to go back into the theatre to get my receipt showing I got charged for a large. I now understand why my family was the only ones in the movie theatre, the staff suck and obviously don’t know how to run the place. The whole ordeal caused me to miss 20 minutes of the movie

Gordon Wester

Love going to the movies with my wife. Saw Aquaman.


The location is great and the people are very nice!

Brittany Card

This theatre is oldddd and you can tell. It needs an update, bad. We have only been going there on Tuesdays since tickets are $5. The staff is always friendly, no complaints towards them. Last night, the theatre we were in did NOT have AC. It was 98 degrees outside yesterday and it had to be at least 90 in the theatre. I was sweating the entire time. We asked(as well as multiple other people) to please turn the AC on and they said it would take a while for the place to cool down. It never cooled down. Everyone in there was sweating, I have never seen people leave a theatre so quickly. It was so gross. We will not be back.

Zakiya Morris

Definitely could tell the crew worked very hard to keep theater clean and make customers happy. Very satisfied with the experience!

jake butler

Not to bad for a older theater could use some upgrades

Kimberly Marmol

Better temperature control would improve the experience - we were sweating in there tonight.

Tracy Schuller

I'm probably spoiled by all the nice, clean, upgraded theaters we have nearby now. I met a friend on a whim for a Friday afternoon movie. I stood in line for tickets for about 15min, even though there was only 1 person ahead of me purchasing 2 containers of popcorn. Of the 6 employees I spotted, only 1 was actually helping customers, & as slowly as she possibly could. 1 "large" (smallish paper bag, half filled) popcorn & 2 drinks came to over $20. The theater itself was stifling, probably about 80 degrees. My friend asked if they could turn the air on/up... They did not. Even though it's Friday, there were only maybe a half dozen people watching the movie with us - I'm guessing it's a sign that all these issues will soon sort themselves out.

Ryder Webb

So glad they were showing a limited release film. Great price and good food. I would gladly go back to see any film.

Mink Seales

If I tell you that the popcorn is stale and not hot.. Don't look at me and shrug your shoulders..I'm telling you that for a reason , I want my popcorn hot ..I paid 23.00 dollars to see a movie , popcorn and water..I would love my popcorn to be hot not stale and cold. I was not a happy camper tonight ..


Not a fan of this place at all. The hallways have a funky smell and the popcorn is very stale. The customer service was not good. Nobody seems to care when a customer walks in, they just keep working on whatever task they started and ignore you. I stood at the counter and watched a guy and girl finish stocking items before i was asked what movie I wanted to see. Meanwhile, other employees walk right pass me and do not stop to help. For the high AMC price I paid to see the movie and eat, I was not pleased.

Barry Jones

Dirty, many of the seats were broken. This theater used to be good, and can get that way again. It desperately needs an upgrade/remodel.

Todd Haugland

This is a good theater, don't get me wrong. Today's movies are becoming an 'experience' ... a justification of high prices. Prices are a couple bucks cheaper here, so if that's what you want - this is the place. Stadium seating with cup holders and no reservations needed. It's a place to see a good movie. But I'd like to see a wider variety of food and (adult) beverage.

Doug Blanchard

Movie was fine, but you can tell this theater needs a face lift. Actually, a good cleaning wouldn't hurt either.

Trish Fredritz

Great theater to take the family to.


It was smelly and dirty once we walked past the ticket booth. The bathroom was horrible!! The theater room we were in was dirty. Sticky substances and popcorn were all over the floor. There was dog hair on the seat. The movie didn't start on time and it took 3 attempts to get the movie going. This is the first time I've been there and it's been this bad. Not a good experience.

Weezie Garner

Great large theatre, was able to enjoy the movie in comfortable seats.

Laurie Tucker

We went to see a movie today. Only one person was working at the concession stand where you had to go to get tickets and food. Other employees were across the lobby but didn't help. So there was a bit of a wait there. The restroom had at least 3 stalls with no toilet paper. One paper towel dispenser was empty. There was trash in the stalls. In the theater, the cupholders were broken or missing for two of the seats we wanted to use. The hallways could benefit from brighter lighting. We appreciate the $5 tickets on Tuesday, but please consider cleaning up and helping out other employees.

jamie lynn gilbert

I have AMC Stubs A-List so I sometimes go here when they have movies not shown at the other AMC theaters in the area. It feels kinda dirty and the women's restroom is always a little gross.

Karen Hernandez

Great time, no lines.

Shirley Brown

Community movie that is highly enjoyed by Seniors at a low price.

Ms A

I have never been to the theater before and not impressed. You can see the dust on the walls and moldy smelling. If you have a child with allergies this is not the place at all. This place needs to be as nice as the shopping center beside it. Never again.

Donavon Hylton

Hot 97 showed the community love and invited ppl out to watch angry birds2 had a great time with my 2 kids thank yall

Terrica America

Very dirty, they did not clean the theater between showings.

Nathanael Jackson

The lobby was dingy and dirty. The sound system was excellent. I think they need to spend some time cleaning up.

Bill Yeung

Good screen, good sound, good service but the facilities is quite old, seats are not updated, carpet is really sticky in some areas and prices are not that cheap (8 bucks per person for matinee)

Tina Vanderhoff

Wow! All I can say. They do movie theater-ing right.

J Velez

Affordable tickets. A bit old in its decor/style but it has a lot of screens.

Bev Grant-Davis

The property is the worst! We came to see a movie and was scared to go in that is how desolate and worn it is. They need to renovate IMMEDIATELY.

Briana Pridgen

It's a decent reclining seats.

grace stroud

Staff was nice; hence, the two stars, but theater and lobby and were dirty!

Latisha Bain

I didn't really like this theater. It looks like it was built in the 1700's it makes you feel like bugs are going to pop out on you while you are watching a movie. The place needs to be remodeled ASAP. I will not be going back there again.

Islam Elkhatib

Pretty good theater. Seats are pretty comfortable.

Christian Bogue

Fine for movies, just don't look around, touch any surfaces, open doors without rubber gloves or use their restroom. Nasty nasty nasty

Jill Zaremba

If I could give negative stars I would. We went to the 7:45 showing of It chapter 2 tonight. The movie didn't start until after 8, no explanation given other than they're skipping the previews. The side panels didn't open all the way and the lights never went down. I understand that mechanical issues do arise and can't be fixed right then. However, no one came to speak to the handful of people trying to continue watching the movie. It was only after my husband left the theater to complain that they gave us an option of a refund or watch in another theater that started at 8:30. No one, came in to tell the other people, so I told them on the way out. This theater has long been known for its dirty interior and disrepair. I had hoped when AMC purchased it they would put some money into fixing up the place and maintaining basic cleanliness. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case. I won't even delve in to the issues in the bathrooms.

Chasta Collins

The staff was very nice but seats where sticky. And place stinks very dirty.

Elle R

It's an older theater but maintained well. Never dirty or smelly. The young staff members are helpful and pleasant. I have only one complaint, the popcorn is always cold by the time I get to my seat. Is there any way that I can get a cover for my container to keep it warm?

Chris Williams

Got here at 1.20PM to watch the Art of racing in the rain. Still no movie and nothing but commercials it's now 14:15. It's not like this place is busy.

cheryl R

It's okay. Not my favorite theater.

Kerry Nichols

Well this is a nasty old theater. Holy cow, I haven’t been to one this run down in years. The heater may or may not be broken, the cup holders are broken, the seats are sticky, and don’t even ask about the nasty floors. Gross. If you have another choice, do not pick this one.

Publius Nexus

An older theater but inexpensive, a d pay around $20.00 a month for their A-List movie plan and watch 3 movies a week at no fee other than your monthly plan account. Not bad at all.

Anthonie Jones

Went to see Dragonball Super: Broly since i was in the area and one of the few theaters showing it. Didnt know this was an interactive experience. The place looked like Goku, Vegeta, and Broly had their on screen this theather. Holes in the walls, seats missing stuffing, broken arm rest, sticky floors, probably a dead guy somewhere(wouldnt be surprised) The price they are charging for tickets can be spent for the same price or a dollar or 2 more for a WAY better experience at the multiple other theaters around. They should have "with purchase of your ticket, get discount on a technis shot" 2 stars cause its the perfect place to break up with someone who you found out was cheating on you

Ricky Galicia

Seats were fine, theater was clean, great sounds, and good staff. Parking lot was a little sketchy and dirty.

Chad Appenzeller

A legitimately disgusting theater. Regal and Alamo are by far the best places to go to catch a movie. Bathrooms are disgusting, the staff acts like they are being held against their will, and the halls smell... it's all just so dirty and old. The theaters themselves are a mess; the screens are dirty as if people threw drinks at it and no one bothered to clean up. The seats are super small and uncomfortable, floors are sticky. The whole place is just super depressing. For only a few dollars more, you could have a fantastic experience at a better, safer, and clean theater just a few miles away.

Mark Eatman

Greasy... Why is it so greasy... It's like the butter from the pop corn infiltrated into and on everything

Samuel Hebda

Very mediocre theater, but a good price to just watch a movie on a 32 foot screen. The seats are old-style / non-reclining but comfortable enough. No reserved seating available. Staff seemed half awake but the concession stand gave me the leftover popcorn for free after they had already close during the last showing!! Good sound quality and picture quality, no bad smells or anything horrible. Overall a 3 star theater. Would go again on a budget.

Mary Lyon

I hate to say this but this was the worst movie theater experience I have ever had. At 1st the screen was bright neon pink and green. Once I finally found someone to help me, that was fixed. But once the movie started it was blurred. At 1st we thought maybe it’s 3D? We didn’t buy 3D tickets. So we went to track someone down and asked if we could have 3D glasses. Once we got the 3D glasses it didn’t fix the problem. So we are here trying to watch a kids cartoon blurry. I can say that best part of my experience is simply having my family with me.

Louis Lowe

Not sure if it was the night, but most of the team we encountered at this theater seemed uninterested. There was one young lady at the concession stand, light skinned African American, wish I had gotten her name because she was excellent. Friendly, courteous, professional a real treat. The men's room could use a good cleaning, but at least I enjoyed my movie. Might consider returning.

Mr. JYM Sr.

Have always loved this location.

Lyssa LaRosa

Been here for years, staff and young but nice. Wish they would update the seats.

Malcolm Young

Excellent movie. Seats a little rough, but stadium style. Staff a little slow.

Angelica Lucas

I wish they could start on time. Every time ive been, its taken over 40 minutes at least to start the movie. It also doesn't smell to nice.

Julie Rowe

Older theater, clean, friendly and efficient staff. Usually not sold out due to high number of screens. Classic stadium seating.

Shelby Barton

The movie itself was great. The theater definitely needs a facelift though. Maybe the employees would feel a little more pride and be more helpful? “When you look good, you feel good” and clearly, because of the looks, the people aren’t feeling great. The theater is tired. If I had been going to see a scary movie, it would put me in the mood. Walking down that long, dark hallway past an old dirty concession stand and popcorn maker, gives it a horror movie feel. Popcorn was okay, a deep cleaning of the popcorn maker couldn’t hurt.

moe hamit

It's not as nice as other theaters around here but they give unlimited refills on the Icee's and large popcorn. Parking is usually easy and they don't do assigned seating. It's a good spot to go if you don't like overcrowded movie theaters. The seats don't recline or anything fancy but it's still a decent theater if you don't care about all the extra fluff.

Brett Koehmstedt

Enjoyable experience. Surround sound and screen were all great, the snack bar might need updating though.

Camir Nunez

The place isn't bad but it needs a lil' renovation. Food is not diverse; is good but nothing to write home about.

Kevin Kirkendoll

They have added new drink machine vending stations which we like better than before. The theater was clean but the air conditioner until was very noisy and vibrating the seats in our row.

Depressed Sauce

It's a very nice place to hang out. The theater is usually clean and service is good.

Samantha Gunn

Haven't even been here yet and I'm giving them a 1. They can't even answer the phone to answer legitimate questions. Any business that does this doesn't deserve people spending money there.

Charmaine Parker

Staff was friendly! Theatre need a a remodel. But, if you're looking for a quiet hideout, this is the spot. Definately a side chick spot

Bryan Muller

Trash on the floor, spider webs in the corners, and employees sitting on the floor. Popcorn and a coke is still $16. If your going to keep a dirty theater them you need to be charging lower rates, plain and simple.

courtney wilson

Probably the worst movie theater I've ever been to. There's people at the front desk/what looks like would be where you buy tickets at and the two young ladies were busy chatting with each other and I finally got the amc stubs code pulled up on my phone and one proceeds to tell me that you purchase tickets at the consession stand, like where you get your popcorn. Ok... that young lady at the concession stand was very professional and courteous, I will say that. So I go to the guy who takes the ticket stubs and ask where the restrooms were (because they're not in the same area as where you buy tickets/ where the concession stand is for some reason...) and he told me down the hall. Like 4 theaters down. The first 4 toilets in that restroom were clogged and disgusting, by the way. On the way back from those restrooms, I see there are bathrooms right behind that guy who took my ticket stubs but yet he directed I go way down the hall? The floors down the forever long hallways were visibly dirty like they hadn't been swept in a few days. The theater we were in was 2nd one to the end of the hallway which was 8 theaters down so it's super inconvenient if you need a refill or anything. During the movie, one of the overhead lights came on and was on for probably 15 minutes. My friend went to tell them about it after it was on for just a couple minutes and the guy asked her what type of light was on, was it a janitorial light? Like how tf or why tf would she know? All in all, the entire place's setup is terrible, only one decent employee working and it was a dirty, creepy place. Will not be returning.

Diane Kuster

Theater was dirty and had a musty odor

Eric E

Visiting from out of town and went for a Tuesday night showing. I was skeptical once I walked in. It looked deserted and the screening room was outdated, from broken chairs to sticky floors. Needs a renovation. Would not pay full price at this location.

Jayme Dubernas

Friendly staff, older theater, clean and well light up parking lot.

Design Team

I love this theater. I am an avid movie goer and visit this theater almost once a week. I do tend to go at very slow times like Tuesday afternoons and am often the only one or one of very few in theater when I see the movie. The theater is always clean, the popcorn, even at the odd times, fresh and super delicious, the staff courteous and attentive enough. To save some money, here are some great tips. Movies are discounted between 4-6. It's the least expensive time to ever see a movie. Tuesday's there's discounted popcorn and soda's as well, all day. You have to ask for the "Tuesday deal" when you order it. I am a Premier member, a membership that I purchased for $15 a year. If you go at a busy times, you get a special line and they wait on your first. You also build point faster, earning free popcorn or movies. You also get free size upgrades for popcorn (maybe drinks, not sure, take a water bottle in) but I get the once a year popcorn bucket for $20 something which comes with a free soda and you can get it filled for $4.50 which is several dollars off the smallest popcorn. I tend to only visit AMC theaters (formerly Carmike) because of how super yummy the popcorn is, and this theater rocks.

mrvnJcR Alp

Nasty and smelly theater never goin to this place ever again


The movie ticket prices are amazing but as always the snack prices are exorbitant. The theater seating is dated and I was uncomfortable for most of the movie but I'm also very large. Overall we had fun and I plan to go here again.

Teesha Jones

It's an ok Theater, I prefer North Hills though.

Jim Burlison

Do not go to this AMC. It's super dirty, the seats are crazy uncomfortable, the bathrooms are really bad. When I say really bad I mean really bad. Go to Holly Springs AMC it's much better.


It was ok but there really needs to be recliner seats

Meredith Burger

Pretty standard somewhat dingy movie theater. The AC is also super unreliable in some of the smaller theaters; in mid-July, our theater was super hot and humid/musty. The big draw is that they have so many screens that they continue showing movies sometimes for months after their initial release. If you want to see a movie you missed before it leaves theaters for good, this is probably the last chance place to do it.

Nancy Herrity

I can't say enough wonderful things about it. The young man who I bought my ticket from, the young man who took my ticket and told me where to go , but most of all, the young man who helped me with my cell phone that wouldn't turn on and found me a place to charge it (he was working the counter) and the young man who finally got it turned on (he was taking tickets) and then showed me how to do it in case it happened in the future. I told him to go home and tell his mother what a great job she did. I wish I would have told the other young man, too. The seats were extremely comfortable and I like the way the parking is near the door. Great visit . Most of all, I asked a young man to thank the manager for showing the movie I saw about Gosnell. If everyone would see it, and most can because it is pg13, oh the beautiful babies we could save.

Mya Lockett

Noboby in the box office and they were out of almost every snack. The theater was very dirty and seat were uncomfortable. Some of the speakers in the theater played static and the movie kept cutting out every 10-15 mins.

Alita Williams

This is one of the last theaters to not have assigned seating! I love the classic look.

Percy Brown

I had a good vibe

David Diemer

This theater is one of those hidden treasures in Raleigh. I prefer going here for a number of reasons, and closeness isn't one of them. While I live about 1-1/2 miles from this theater, I go here because of the number of movie offerings, the number of showtimes, the size of the theaters (tends to be smaller, more intimate theaters), and the selection of snacks. The theater has ample parking, is very clean, and the staff are kind, considerate, professional, and efficient. There is a special every Tuesday night, so I'm sure to take advantage of that, even when it's a new release, for example, Spider-Man: Far from Home. The special even applies to new releases. It's great to have such a wide-ranging selection and see that movie I want at such convenient times, and on Tuesdays, at such a great price. So I circle back to the fact that this theater is 1-1/2 miles from my house. That's icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned. I am an AMC member, too, so I get extra perks on top of all I've just mentioned. Great job, AMC Classic Raleigh 15!

Adam Nash

Box office not open. If you didn't know to fandango ahead of time you have to wait in the long concession line to get tickets. Just another ploy to fleece people. No thanks.


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