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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Jacksonville 16 IN North Carolina

Amy Anderson

Very nice and super clean

Justice Snavley

We went to see Detective Pikachu and had to go out and find someone to turn the lights off in the theater. The seats are also quite uncomfortable and squeaky

Noah Olvera

A great movie theater even has a small arcade while you wait for your movie to show


A great theater with good staff, clean theaters, and a comfterbale atmosphere. Been here a lot because I've never been disappointed.

Jayla Pegues

It's not the best thing out there but good enough for people who ain't booshiee

Brother Kai

Pretty laid back, but place has died down for me over time. Good for a date or meetup for a movie!

Holly Elizabeth

Not bad. Seats could be more comfortable but other than that.

Daniel Zevada-Corbin

They have a great variety of movies and show times. The line was long but they moved through it quickly. Noticed they have 3D movies if you're into it.

Georgina Belcher

Had a great time with my friends worth your money. Some popcorn n Coke n relax.

Linden Cook

Very comfy seats and good service

Shawn Hayes

Decent place friendly staff but needs a serious upgrade. The seats, screen, and sound are average at best. But it's still good enough to enjoy a movie for the most part. The pizza and cheese sticks are pretty good for a movie.

Felica Breton

No good no drink over priced

Frank Jones

The Manager gave my Swansboro HS students Club a discount that made it affordable. Many of them who have families still economically struggling from the effects of Florence really appreciated a a trip to the movies. Thank you AMC!

Darlene Adams

Opened late, theater was dirty and second visit with technical

michael siciliano

A must see on any visit to Chicago. If you have children there is quite a lot to do specific to children there.

Alyssa Bartram

One of the best theaters in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Lots of showings to choose from and an attentive staff.

Megalo Master123

We went to an early matinee so it was very clean and nice. The large popcorn felt like it should be a medium. Not used to a large popcorn bag. The caramel corn was very good!

Mark Wagner

Good price for movie but it gets all made up at the food stand.

Mark White

Sound before movie was too loud . If I come again I will have to bring ear plugs. So I don't damage my ears. I think it is above the acceptable decibel level. The seats were very comfortable. The bathroom could be cleaner. The prices are very high.

DeAnne Frazier

Nice seats that rock. Clean.

Roxanne Mays

The movie was awesome comfortable seating.

Ethan Richardson

My wife and I would go on the cheaper days but their website was advertising a free Solo poster for everyone who sees it that Sunday, we thought it'd be cool to spend the extra money and go that day. They couldn't find any posters before the movie, and after they told us they didn't have any and to come back some other time. We were very disappointed in the managements irresponsibility with following the companies own advertisement. Next time there's a special event at this theater, I'll call there bluff.

Maddie Rouse

It's fine nice staff but so expensive.

Bristol Watson

Nice movie theater, a bit dated and the exit doors were locked-not an easy exit!

Billy Crytser

Convenient theater with good service but always dirty.

Anthony Little-Smith

Very unclean theatre. Garbage from last movie was piled up in sits. And movies started 10 mins late. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone

Wanda susan Brown

As a Premiere member service was highly quick and efficient. All the staff were friendly and cheerful and very helpful.

Shplay Shiggty

We went to watch a movie and the whole first half of the movie the screen was very small. Upon telling one of the people I saw in the lobby about the problem they went to "fix" it. They went to the projection room and didn't resize the movie for the screen they just made it bigger so we still missed out on the subtitles as well as some of the top, bottom, and sides.

Ben Stack

A bit on the expensive side but a nice movie theatre

kaitlynn costello

Staff are rude an nosy and the tickets are way to overpriced considering the movie theater is trash


Great movie and food (IT Chapter ll)

Deloris Smith

Lion king was awesome

Robert Lovett

Nice sized theatre, pricing for midday is a huge draw. Only issue was the movie was scheduled for 330pm but we needed to call the actual theatre to get the movie to start at 340pm. But the bathrooms were very clean so that was a huge plus

Karen Kearney

Very nice workers, helpful and courteous people!

Annette Scott

The movie was great, but the service was soooooooo slow.

Pam Parks

Seen Overcomer, fantastic movie.

Maria Hodgson

Lady was very nice thank you

harold reynolds

Nice older classic theater, sound and picture quality good

Jeffrey Baker

Ever wonder why the time in between showings is so long? None of them start as schedualed. Waited 35 minutes after the scheduled show time just for the movies previews to start, those also took 25 minutes. So you have about 45 minutes to 1 hour from "show time" to actual show time. Aside from that mental retardation the place isn't too bad, they serve beer, that's a plus. Prices are high as to be expected, 20$ for two adult matinees.


The rooms are very well kept, the workers are well mannered and polite, as well as very helpful. Overall a great experience for the whole family when wanting to go to the cinema.

Donna Leathers

Snacks way too separate ticket line...

Nicasio Sande

Good rocking chairs, fun family environment. Popcorn not so good

trisha brinson

Love it, movies are pricey, but a fun time had by all.

beth samson

Always a good place to go with family. Clean and comfortable.

Chris Pfahl

Great theater just a step down from other amc theaters I've been to.

Miles Shannon

Mediocre movie theater. The seats are comfortable enough, but not as good as others in the area. The only reason to go here is if the other theaters in the area aren't playing your movie at time you need them to. People are nice and the theater is typically clean. Lots of sitting places but I have no idea why you would need that in a movie theater as nobody is ever sitting in them.

Mario Ortiz

This movie theater is old and needs a serious market over and it always stinks and the sound in some of the theaters seem really low at times.... ..the concessions need to be better placed cuz I feel like ppl keep tripping over each other goin from getting popcorn to trying to fill there drinks...

David Lynch

Great place to catch a new movie with little lines to wait for

Charlotte Beecher

I went to see Tolkien yesterday. It was my fourth visit to AMC 16. I arrived 10 minutes early and found popcorn bits all over the theatre floor from the previous showing. The speakers were so loud that they had a loud vibration and fuzzy sound. It got a little better after I asked to have the volume lowered. But still not quality at all. Bathrooms were filthy! Especially the floors. You can see where they carelessly mop...and don’t come close to getting it all. Yuck! This theatre is far lower quality than the “cheap theatres” back home. Unfortunately, the one up on Western Blvd is equally as pathetic! Jacksonville needs a clean, updated theatre...with way better food. The microwaved hot dogs are horrible!

Very Nice

The theater is Definitely not clean at all, there are empty beer cans and popcorn all over the floor, booooo!

Buddha Bellie

It's an older style theater with row seats but, it's great. Customer service could use some improvements but, still a great theater!

J Rob

Rainy Saturday evening and you have one person at the ticket window? Brilliant! Par for Onslow County.

Gregory Arnold

Snacks were very good. Help was good and the bathroom was clean

michael wynn

Had a great time!!!


Audio equipment for hard of hearing patrons needs better maintenance. Management top grade though. Juan rocks!

Virginia Ramsey

It was great. Loved the movie Anbebelle. More guys yelled than girls. Can't wait to see if another one comes out.

Elijah Harber

No urgent complaints, but could definitely be improved.

Jamal Thomas

Nice theater, cool staff, no complaints.

Therapeutic 1

Great place to catch a movie. Plenty of room in the seating area and cleanliness was perfect!

kevin pate

Great seats and prices of tickets. Glad they lifted the two drink minimum. Yet, the price of food, drink, and candy is EXTREMELY HIGH. It almost costs more than the tickets themselves. Friendly helpful staff. Clean environment. Date of visit Jan 06 19.

Pennie Reynolds-Pearson

Empty except for 2 people. Discount for 4:45 showing. Popcorn was not hot. Show was great.

Linda Huffman

'Overcomer' ... was GREAT

Belinda Neff

Nice place! Customer service is good.

Paul McGowan

Great theater! Sells beer und wine.

Justin French

Great experience for the one night showing of Dragon Ball, however the theater is placed a little awkwardly behind the mall

Jason L. Smith SR.

It smells and feels unkept


Movie was great. Theatre kinda messy tho

Branden Kennedy

Came here to watch End Game for the second time with a friend. The experience was average. The seats are okay, and the building is a tad outdated. One issue I had was a speaker to my right was busted and staticky the whole movie. Average experience overall.

Christopher Neal

Very clean theater. Seats were very comfortable. Popcorn was hot and fresh. Bathrooms were clean.

Atzirit Rubio

I’ve never had a problem with this theater until last night. Every time I’ve gone to see a scary movie or anything r rated they’ve never asked for ID. I bought a ticket for the movie IT and when I went to go in line to hand over my ticket they asked for ID. I had to go back to get my ID and missed nearly thirty minutes of the movie. It was very inconvenient. If you’re going to ask for ID, ask for it when you’re paying for the tickets, not when you’ve already bought them.

Paul Cheshire

Long line... workers sitting around on their cell phones.... the area where you put the butter on your popcorn was a mess total disaster

Lynda Williams

Clean & Safe they need more employees to keep the lines moving.

Jolanda Pete Dowell

The staff is always friendly, the seating area is always at minimal floor stickiness. Pretty good local theater.

Glenda Roberson

The movie was good and the theater was very pleasant.

Shellie Black

Seems kinda disorganized and theater food costs way more than is necessary. The seating isn't bad but they could benefit with more cool air. 30 mins of previews and commercials at the time the movie is supposed to start is way, way to excessive!

Courtney Dawson

Its a good movie theater

Katie Hernandez

Old manager was better.

JBJ Honez

Normally fine but the video stopped and has been down for 15+ minutes and they refuse to give a refund or compensation of any sort. All they’ll do is rewind it to just before when the video went out. They should compensate everyone for their mess up. An employee should always have an employee sitting in the film booth or whatever it’s called to get it fixed faster. And they have construction going on with loud drilling during the movie. Very disappointing They were supposed to let everyone know that work is going on. They’re giving us passes to make up for it.

Zack Lee Wright

Join the A list and watch 12 movies a month for the price of two movies. Awesome deal.

Brian Kress

Clean theater and bathroom. Comfortable seats. Concessions are ridiculously priced as always. Why do we put up with such high price gouging??? I am not sure. I can literally buy 2 -12 pack for the price of a drink.

Andrew Scott

Great location. Excellent service and new releases. Great place to watch a movie.

Jon Perez

This place isn't that bad but, the popcorn isnt that good and sometimes the line is ridiculous. They only have one to two people at a register.

Gale Benjamin

Great deals and friendly staff!


I wnjoy going to this movie theater. Clean , comfortable seats , sound is good.very convenient and staff is efficient and fast . Management and staff are professional would recommend this movie theater to everyone

Felicia Coleman

The movie was great(creed2), the snacks were on point and I love all the movie previews which allows me the time to get comfortable and go to the bathroom and come back with ease.

jorkis ayala

Very quiet always have tickets but movies leave their showtimes quite quickly

christina dristle

Giving 5 stars for customer service and more if I was able. My mother came to treat herself to a movie and lost the bag she keeps her change for work in, about $500 in change. A customer found and returned this bag, and then I believe it was the manager that called me to let us know it was found and to come pick it up. My mother is the kind of person who would return $1000 and has done something like this more than once. I am so relieved and still shocked that it turned out like this for her with the hurricane and holidays coming up I did not expect it. Thank you.

Bruce MacInnis

Nice place

Michael Huck

It pains me to think I'll have to go back and pay as much as we did, but aside from the overpriced movie, snacks, and drinks, it wasn't too bad. Seats were very comfortable, had plenty of leg room and the bathrooms, (at least the one I visited) was quite clean. No sticky floors driving you nuts or absurd amounts of popcorn from the previous flick in the theater.

Timothy Burns

It was good except, if you buy the 26 dollar popcorn bucket just know you will have to pay 2 bucks for the lid!!!!! Lol!!

Jamie Nielsen

Older theater, but it's been maintained. They only had a few registers open, which created a fairly hefty line even though the theater wasn't that busy, Staff were moving people through as fast as possible. Theater and restrooms were relatively clean.

Jerome Pinder

It was great. Seats was comfortable. Screens was a bit small but ok. House lights needed to but cut down some more. But all in all not bad. Visiting from Baltimore

Zachary Jensen

Food is great!

Cecil Green

This is a very nice well-kept theater you wouldn't know it's little over 15 years old or more, everything is still big and elaborate looking carpet is clean, the theater actually smells like a modern-day theater but don't get me wrong it's not old and dilapidated either. And it's located in a structure at the back of Jacksonville Mall North Carolina.

Miguel Gilbert

Old movie theater. Doing it's best since AMC took over.

Leah McKoy

Great place! The employees were very helpful and nice.

Ken trekmario

The movie started late. .warm theater in summer is not good .

Carlos Santana

Always had a good time. Just wish they had reclining seats :/

dustin willard

Clean enough. Don't go on pay day weekend

Labrese Tyler

Theater isn't well maintained. The cheddar popcorn was stale so a waste of money. They need to shutdown for a week and clean this place. I won't be returning ever!!!!


Matinee hours are 90 minutes out of the day. Guess the definition of the word has changed. Theatre was dirty. It was the middle of a weekday at an R-rated movie, not the weekend or a kids' film, where I might expect less cleanliness due to volume. One of two soda machines didn't work with no one offering a useful solution .Even a shrug ornsomething might have shown some engagement in the process to rectify it. Prices are average for movie theatres .no sticker shock there. The theatre also I was in also smelled of urine. Just an overall disappointing experience. I have been to a lot of decent AMC theatres, but this one doesn't fit the model. Popcorn was fresh though, which got a star by itself because I was hungry.

Susan B

No cell phone signal and confirmed with employee at AMC Jacksonville. HUGE problem when someone is watching your kids and they can’t get a hold of you in an emergency! Will find somewhere else to go from now on.

Melissa Barlow

The coke tasted like a mixture of everything that comes out of the soda machine, found a hair in my popcorn much longer than mine, and the speaker in theatre 16 rattled & cracked horribly when it got loud. Worst theatre experience ever. Wish i could give 0 stars. Feel like i wasted 2 1/2 hours of valuable date night time with the husband away from our kids. Staff was polite but overall, experience sucked

karen schoch

Not enough help.

Chris Brown

Avengers End Game, worth the ridiculously priced concessions


I've been here a few times. I've always had a pretty good experience. I recently signed up for the AMC Stubs program and it has made my experience even better.

James Wackett

Pricing is terrible. Seating is great and the service is good. Again the only downfall is the price for the movies and the food. 400% profit on the food!!!

Edy Hatcher

Nice,but crowded movie theater. Seats aren't too comfortable,but also nothing much too complain about.

Kiera Persen

Always nice and reasonable priced.

Harry Wetzel

Always fast friendly service

Kimberly Charfauros

Great movie, but they need more sound proofing between the auditoriums. It's annoying to hear gunfire/bombs exploding from next door during a quiet scene in the movie you are trying to watch.

Rachel Miller

It feels like some of the people who work at this theater really don't give a f*** about their job.

Henry S

We had a small issue with a gift my daughter had received for a movie ticket and a dinner combo. She went to the movie theater and did not received the dinner part of the deal. We talked to the manager and he had never seen the combo deal which cost $23. When my daughter started to get upset because technically she paid $23 for just a movie ticket, the manager kept his cool and told my daughter "It's OK just tell me what you want" my Daughter selected the Pizza. The manager took a picture of the deal which I'm assuming it was to do some research and find out about the deal later on. We thank him and left the theater. I have to give props to the manager Juan, he kept the situation under control and was very professional and polite during the whole interaction. The next day I found out the Dinner & Movie combo was not an AMC deal and the dinner was actually a gift card that arrived in a separate envelope. I went back to the movie theater to speak with the manager, I wanted to clarify what the combo was, apologize for the confusion and I wanted to pay for the pizza we'd receive. The manager was very friendly and made the whole experience a positive one. Now days it's very hard to find management willing to take care of customers, and this was a perfect example on how to provide exceptional service even when the customer is wrong. I will definitely continue to visit this movie theater.


Very expensive. Very expensive. Very expensive.

Kimbra Brumley

The popcorn tasted stale, I returned it and it still tasted the same. However the movie was awesome. Overcome a must see


Great theater. Great variety of food options. Gourmet popcorn was delicious.

Charles Bosse

Clean place to go. Friendly service


Movie was awesome. Theatre needs work.

Briggitte Rod

$4.50 for a bottle of water is ridiculous! Very pricey, smelly & dirty. There was so much trash inside the theater.

Stephen Shomo

This place is ridiculous when it comes to how much their candy and drinks are. Almost $5 for a small bag of candy and the large drinks are just under $7. Early movies cost $9.29 each so for me and my wife total to go see a movie at 3:30pm cost me just over $51 for 2 movies tickets, 2 large drinks, 2 small candy items and 1 small popcorn. Sad really. I gave them 2 stars because the place was clean once u passed the 2nd set of doors, between the 1st and 2nd set of doors it smelled like garbage and cat pee.

kristen mccoy

Simple theater, nothing great but its clean and comfortable for watching movies.

Lovina Kelly

Everyone is always friendly and courteous.... this location has the best Manager and crew in the area.

Leslie Young

$28.00 for 2 tickets... I have been to better movie theaters with reclining chairs that are half that price. This is insane.

Richard Frank

Always a pleasure accept we should be able to go out the front door.

Bill Pet

First time at the theater. Sound was defective. I and others reported it multiple times (to unfriendly staff) during the previews and advertisements. They finally fixed the sound several minutes into the main movie without apologies or starting the movie over. We missed the first 5 minutes or so necessary to really understand the situation setup.


I only went here since the better theater is still closed from the Hurricane. This theater is trash. Routinely dirty, old and outdated. Sometimes there are projection issues, this time one of the girls at the counter wanted to charge me extra for chili for my hot dog and blamed me for not asking for it when I ordered it (I paid my almost $13 for a hot dog and drink). This was a real sore spot that I dared ask for chilli on an almost $7 hot dog. At least the movie played okay this time.

Josiah Bell

Experience was great, being partially deaf I was expecting not to enjoy my trip but the employees were kind and quickly arranged for me to use a closed captioning box that rests in the cupholder. Everyone was very understanding and did everything they could to make sure I enjoyed my visit.

Samantha Hall

I have always liked this theater. It's a great one with lots of movie choices and comfortable seating. They use to have the popcorn flavoring I loved and they stopped carrying it.

Bryan Davis

Good theater but not so good seats. Honestly the theater was pretty nice but the seats were a little on the smaller side and I'm not usually having that issue at most theaters.


Been here a number of times, staff is a little out there.. but for the most part it's a good theater. Definitely not the most luxurious AMC, but better than nothing.

James Erath

AMC expensive without the AMC experience. Online tickets are redeemed through the concession stand, so you save no time at all, and they messed up there 3D projection on the movie, only fixing it with about a half hour to go. Will not be returning anytime soon.

Christina E.

I was visiting from MD and I took my son & daughter and grandson here. It was pretty nice. It's not like the movies in MD. We have big reclining seats & reserved seating. So I wasn't use to searching for 3 seats together thing. But we lucked out & found seats together. I was able to use my premier membership & skip the line to buy snacks, which was awesome because the regular line was long. All in all, me and my family had a nice time.

Peter Ferucci

Had a Great Date Night with My Lady!!!

Avery Thoden

Good comfy seats, they rock. Staff is nice. Foods not that expensive compared to other theathers

Darnel Driggs

Help customers and create enjoyable experience.

Kellie Renee'

It speaks for itself great screening expensive prices they could have better deals


Okay theater if the other theater isn't showing what you want at the right time. They need to turn up the sound and put a little money into this place.

Roxana Nelson

T was neat, clean and the clerks were kind.

Enidmar J. Melendez

Services is amazing the staff also professionals love it! Tuesday’s are $5.00 per person how great that.

Stephen Moquin

Very expensive concessions.

Dever Solmon

Great movie theater, lots of amazing and friendly staff who are willing and ready to help you in anyway possible! Very clean and up kept.

Juanita Washington

Love the stubs A-list such a good deal.

Captian America Gaming

Just all around amazing

John Kroon

One of the better managed movie theaters I've been too.

Douglas Hoff

Very friendly and helpful staff.. Line was quick. Everything was as expected.

May A

I usually go after a movie has been out for a couple of weeks just to avoid crowds. Decent theater, comfortable seats and friendly staff.

Chad Crom

The manager here is amazing keeps thing moving very smooth

Dale Hinkley

Old movie theater that makes you wait in a food/vendor line to buy your ticket. I understand it’s a way to expose and make patrons buy your nasty obese causing snacks but news flash I sneak in my own healthy food to watch your overpriced movies lol!

Richard Haas

Lots of space good quality

Lloyd Freeman

Very good for you and your family

Joan Brown

Kids running around. One even lit a blunt. Workers said that group of kids are there every weekend.

Marquan K

Bought our passes online, and got into the theater quickly. The seats were comfortable, and I like how the armrest can be raised to make it cozier. Thanks for a great evening!


The prices are a little expensive but that's to be expected. I suggest waiting to buy your online and try to wait a half hour before the show because they drop the prices because they have to fill the seats. The arcade is fun i have number 1 finishes on multiple maps

Katy Hines

I received spectacular customer service at the box office from an employee a few days ago. I don't remember his name, handsome (I believe he's Polynesian) man with beard. He was very kind and patient. Place was clean and movie was good. Will be going back.

Spencer Soulliere

Took the kids to see secret life of pets 2. Great movie

N Jean

The staff is helpful and it’s always clean. They have a good selection of showtimes available. The prices are high for shows and concessions but all the theaters in the area run about the same in that department.

Laura Hodges

Clean facility. Pleasant, polite and helpful employees. Employees made helpful suggestions. Fall decoration and printing very nice & appropriate

Scott Staggenborg-C

RIP OFF... Obviously taking advantage of the military. Twice what I pay in s comparable sized town in TX. No competition hurts.


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