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Where is AMC CLASSIC Hanes 12?

REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Hanes 12 IN North Carolina

Unknown Secret

Love the movies and food!

Administrative Department

Nice place to go with the entire family.

Alisha Vernekar

Great price and convinient

Marybeth Helenek

Expensive concessions, clean theater with comfortable seating.

Bob Callender

It was fine, doing alot of remodeling, had to ask the person in front of me to stop using his phone. Some people are so inconsiderate.

Troy Thompson

Nice theater, clean, prices ok, need more staff on busier days.

Crystal Witkowski

Old & busted! Concession stand needs more options. The whole place needs a major upgrade! Website said they had recliner seats but our theatre didn't. Major let down. Couldn't really enjoy the movie.

Henriquez Nicolle

Nearest movie theater from home. I always enjoy a movie on weekends

Lucy Braxton

At the movie, only 3 couples.Yes 6 people. It's Thanksgiving night, let's go shopping or go home to eat some more Turkey. O the movie was great. The staff were super great.

Ray Morgan

Love this theater! And the fact I got a free large popcorn for my birthday influenced my review! Lol


Great theater, but if you are a stubs member, you are getting less quality seats at the same price.

Tralena Sealy

It's not a complete AMC experience....also there were only 2 staff members available and our movie started late. Although the staff was courteous, serious attention needed for staff availability.

Michele Prevette

Do you know if you see a 4-5:30pm showing its only $5.50?

Lindsy Tamms

Been watching movies here forever. Popcorn is always fresh.


Just good over all.

Daniel Parker

Nice theater. Seats are fairly comfortable. Prices for tickets are great also. The snacks on the other hand, I paid $20 for two small sodas, and a small popcorn.... Kinda ridiculous. But I guess they gotta make money somewhere. Overall great experience though.

Funny Gamer

I know it might be too late but I’m just now finding out about leaving a review but on September 18 I had a problem with an employee and a old lady The old lady told the employee that we had our feet on the chairs even though we didn’t and was really lost at the time when the employee told us about it I wanted him to explain the situation more clearly but just told us to move seats or to leave without refund. Haven’t been back since and not planning on going back anytime time soon

dee tilley

I went there expecting the 4.00 childrens discount they offered but was told they will not be participating because they are remodeling. Then i was charged regular price for matinee because they are remodeling. The attendant sent us to the wrong theatre and we didn't miss the movie because i realized after 20 minutes that the movie wasnt going to play in there, went to get help and was redirected. Noone was rude but i am not happy with this experience.

Nikki Wilson

Stadium seating Great food selection Friendly service

Oscar pelep

Its nice me and my girlfriend enjoyed the movie called The Crazy Rich Asian

Its me Kaitlyn Marie

Are movie stopped working and we had to sit through the end twice to get to the part we missed

Lance Morris

Lots of good movies. Friendly staff and good concession stand.

Judy Wimmer

UNASHAMED We enjoyed Chonda Pierce


Dirty aisles, uncomfy seats.

Kaushal Mehta

Doesn’t play Bollywood movies.

catherine spruill

Technical difficulties We went to see Mary Poppins Returns and heaven help them they can't keep the movie playing to save their lives. Apparently the screen or something broke and when the screen starts to work again they keep running the movie back to the wrong point. Kinda ruining the movie!

Bearded Welder

Great screens, friendly staff, and very clean.

rene descrates

Always my place for movie from FL to NC

London Lee

My experience was not what i expected. Employees were to interesting in there on conversations to help customers. Not popcorn popped, their phones were more important. Waited and waited. AMC Hanes Mall Blvd W-S NC

Robert Alan

They are handling the crowds much better since last year. Plus beer and wine.

Frank Hassell

Great movie. Fair ticket prices. Uncomfortable seating and dirty restrooms.

Larry Jones

It was okay and comfortable

Macon Shirley

To be a 12 cinema theater, they only use 6 of the auditoriums. Went to see John Wick 3 a few weeks ago and the surround speakers on the right side of the auditorium were not working. The place is not well maintained and they only run the box office on weekends. Weekdays, you have to purchase tickets at the concession stand.

M Smith

Great service, popcorn was excellent tonight.

Sabre Fox

This is a "go to theater" when I do not want to drive all te way to The Grand. The staff is super friendly and have always been great to my little one. I wish the kids boxes had a few healthier selections than the crappy candy they are defaulted... At least some sort of choice would be great too. Always recommend here though!

James Paul

Nice theater but I don't like that the seats don't recline.

Debra Monaco

Awesome place to watch movies

Jesyka Rabit

Cleanliness is kind of important and I’m not sure this theater has it

Matt Henderson

We watched a movie this past weekend. The movie was really good and we had a good time. My only complaint was that the place was a little sketchy looking and slightly dirty.

Louis Willis

Seating is very uncomfortable and the theater is dirty

travlr37 bingo

NO air conditioning in the theater for the film "Yesterday" on 6/30/19. Got our money back, but the cashier should have told people there was no A/C.

Ruth Payne

Went to go see a movie that was listed on the AMC Classic Winston Salem website for our anniversary. When we got there, the movie wasn't even playing there. I rechecked online while there and it even let me enter into the site to purchase tickets for this movie that wasn't even playing at this location. We had to leave and go to a different theater across town. The website needs to be kept updated.

Thal Kent

Bought my AMC tickets online, great service with no wait. Fantastic candy co uh bter employees too!!!

Gary Elrod

Popcorn was awful. Tasted like it was popped with old rancid oil. Can't believe I had to pay $7 for it. Theatre was cold as well. Hate to be a downer, but folks spend a lot of money at movies. They need to step up their services.

Gilbert S

Looking forward to the new renovations.

Kathleen Watt

I went to Hanes mall on Sunday September 22. It was the worst experience I ever had at a movie. First of all was the food. I ordered 2 medium bags of popcorn and 1 medium drink and It cost me over $22.00. Outrageous prices, The service was also very slow. Then went I finally got into the movie which was supposed to start at 2:20pm I had to sit through close to an hour of advertisements and movie previews. I will never return and will tell everybody I know about my experience. Kathleen Watt

Kari Johnson

Enjoyed the movie, the staff was great. Facility is dated but otherwise fine.

Shirley Beecher-Wilson

Nice and clean, friendly employees, had a great time!

Angel Barber

Clean theater, reasonably priced, never too crowded, but maybe needs a little updating if it wants to keep up with some of the newer theaters.

Raymond Riddick

The theatre was a great experience for me and it was a very clean area to go watch a movie.

Nikos paleologos

Very rude lady at the ticket window. So much so, that I changed my mind and cancelled, I went somewhere else.

Sherry Clark

Everything is amazing

Darren Tayloe

Went to see Shazam with my son. Staff was courteous and efficient. The whole experience was pleasant. Thank you.

Bethany Matthews

Sound quality is what you'd expect at a movie theater. Bathrooms are what you'd expect at a hole-in-the-wall bar. Projector window randomly had to be wiped down because the picture was completely blurred. After the movie I literally got home and researched how much $$ it would take to open a theater... feel like I'd make back after having been here.

Gods Dude

No matter how many times I go there, it doesn't matter that I have the stubs membership or the a list, the employees there just do not seem to want to help. You're supposed to be able to stand in the a - line and get faster service. But you don't. They just go to the next person in line from the other line. They look at you before they call the other person. It doesn't even matter if the both of you walked in the lines together, ie the same time, because you friends seeing the same movie. When you wanna use your membership they don't seem to know how to navigate through the process. If it wasn't right next to my house I wouldn't go there. But i love the 3 free movies a week with the membership and that beats the poor customer service...

Rita A. Mewing

Theater 7 has a funky smell. I got use to it after a while. Hopefully they will do a deep clean.

Ali Avera

Decent but seriously outdated.

JD Nocente

Slow staff, sticky theater floors, overpriced, and dirty bathrooms

Melissa money

Will not be going back not worth the money.. it was dirty, musky and the had a mobile a/c unit that was so loud you could barely watch the movie.. not worth my 50 dollars.

StuntTrucking Sims

This is the worst theater I’ve been to. High ticket prices and the seating isn’t comfortable at all. I will not be going back I will be going to the Grand for now on. Customer service is great that’s about all.

Kenzie Littlejohn

The quality of the movie was great. Tickets were not overpriced. So it was great. The only thing is that they should wait to dim the light when the movie starts.

Jon Wright

Compared to other theaters in Winston Salem, this one is overpriced and understaffed. Tuesday night, and line is around the corner of the building with one register open, and line for popcorn is wrapped with open register also. You'd think at 7pm management would have staffed better. I think I'll go to The Grande next time...

shirley baker

This theater needs a make over really bad,it's so outdated the chairs were very uncomfortable, they don't recline at all,small and outdated.

Don Leonard

I love this movie theater the seats are very comfortable and the place is clean

christopher wittlinger

It was a pretty typical experience. Nothing that sets it apart for the positive or negative

Ash Lucero

I would say this theatre is a small theatre but the employees are nice. Quality of the screens are not as great as other theatres but overall it is a decent theatre.

Pete P.

Good Theater close to Hotel

Carla Stone

It was okay but weird and time consuming the way we had to buy our tickets at the refreshment counter. It took FOREVER. Also, the theater we were in smelled like derriere a little. Other people commented on it too. The place was clean, the bathrooms were clean too, so that's a plus. It's a great location with adequate parking. The staff was friendly but some were very slow.

Ben Brewer

Good movie theatre, has all the things you would expect from a movie theatre. The staff is polite. Was surprised to find out they now sell beer and wine at the concession stand.

Holly Carver

Very expensive. Sound was not great.

millie plemmons

Very close to home very reasonable clean and awesome friendly staff

Aries Wood

Nice theatre but it's a bit expensive. I've been to better theaters with half the cost.

cathy broz

Beautiful theater. Very clean

Richard B

Great neighborhood theater.

John Gentry

Older theater ... showing its age. Still a good theater for your next must see movie

Ansel White

Everything went fine. It wasn't crowded and we got to the movie quickly. Sound and lighting were good. I'm definitely going back. They upgraded their seats and they're so comfortable now.

Shynequa Dixon

AMC theaters are everything!!!! I love knowing my seat will be there when I get there.

Whitney Deese

We had a good time for my husband's birthday seeing Avengers End Game, but we were disappointed that it wasn't in surround sound.

Edward Henik

AMC took over theater from another company. As long as I have been going there, there have been few improvements but prices have increased some. Service is good & theaters are prety clean.

Andrew Eason

They made error with my ticket but quickly fixed it without any issues whatsoever. Really nice theater with great promotions!

Paul Silverstein

The screening room smelled and the seats need to be updated. My second visit was not much better. The seats are crowded and uncomfortable. The movie was displayed on a screen that was not sized correctly so it looked as if I was watching a movie with the projector not pushed back far enough. The bathroom was in poor condition. I used to come here for afternoon budget movies and it was never this bad. I don't know what is happening with this location.

Robert Dillon

My wife and I go their often when we want to see recently released movies. Their staff is always friendly and accommodating. Like most theaters refreshments are expensive. They are currently upgrading their facilities and we look forward to seeing what changes are being made.

Andy Young

Needs renovated, needs cleaned, place was a mess.....

Arundhiti Pawar

Nice, neat movie theater they are lil short on staff that causes long wait times sometimes.....

Kevin Northrup

This is our regular movie theater. About average in terms of amenities and pricing. They have half of the complex shut down for renovations. Can't wait to see what kind of improvements they are doing.

Darlene Crosby

Didnot understand the app it was not like I thought it would be.

Bernard Metten

Decent movie theater but stadium seating not very comfortable. Reclining seats are much better!

Jo Ann Gerst

The stadium seating is a plus, but the only plus I can think of. There are a lot of great review comments about the staff but most of the times that I have been there I have not seen any staff except at the concession stand, where you have to buy tickets, standing in line behind all the people who are there to buy snacks for their entire families. Popcorn prices are astronomically high. Don't worry about being on time for the show since you will be treated to a minimum of five commercials and eight to ten previews before the movie starts. Whatever genre the movie you have come to see falls into, all the previews will be of the same genre. If the feature is an action flick, you will see previews for ten more action flicks; no comedies, no docudramas, no family flicks. I suppose a focus group held at the Home For the Feeble Minded once indicated that consumers never vary in their choice of movies. No movie titles are posted on the large marquee visible from the road. The theater does not advertise at all in the local newspaper. The only way to find information is to seek it out online for yourself. Overall, I believe management has a good grasp of the fact that they have little competition on this side of town.

Diane French

The movie was good, the theater was clean... but the movie started 30 minutes later than it was supposed to. ..

Sandra Green

I'm the movie theater now. I had to go inside to purchase my grandkids and myself tickets. We waited in line for 12 minutes at the concession stand to purchase the tickets. I asked was the popcorn hot. I was told yes, it was stone cold. Bad experience and won't be back.

Jonathan Rasnick

Gotta be the worst theater in Winston. Dirty old And the screens are stained. I much rather go to the grand or the AMC on the other side of town

Cleyver C Ortiz

Clean place, fast service, friendly people.

Leslie Elliott

Don't eat fast food. Yuck

Aaliyah Nicole

The movie is awesome and a few loud kids but it's fine

Mrs Clark

I give 4 stars because they always have great movie options...but theaters sometimes smell

Richard Sink

I have been going to this theater for years. It holds a special place in my life. They have kept the building clean and well-maintained. They even serve beer and wine.


Really like the place a lot, been there multiple times with family and friends. But a regular drink and popcorn cost me about the same as the total amount for 3 people going out to eat at olive garden. But hey, the theater gotta make their money some how. I recommend it if you live in the area.


The seats are stadium style, but they don't recline at all. The screen curves, but the movie we saw didn't utilize that feature. The popcorn and drinks were insanely priced and cost almost double what our tickets were. I've seen a lot better Carmikes, disappointed.

Corey McMahan

This is an older theater that hasn't renovated and installed reclining chairs like most in Winston Salem and Greensboro (my reason for 4 stars). With that said, the seats were decent and this place got the job done.

Tifany Coleman

It's an adequate enough place to see a movie

Cherae Ferguson

Great! Theater and restrooms were clean


Cool movie nice staff captuons buckets of popcorn and ms pa man

Dee Miller

Basic Theater. Good location. Snacks are way too high. Overall, tickets are reasonably priced.

Jonathan Reina

Small movie theater fair pricing

John Berczek

This theater isn't worth coming to. Manager is a real douchebag.Daughter turned 18 and does not have ID to prove it . So I am made to buy extra ticket and watch movie like she needs a babysitter. Happy birthday baby. Smh

Michael Rupard

Nice staff. Friendly. Clean and comfortable

Jessica Mabe

Love this theater!! Friendly people & not busy at all for matinees. They also serve beer & wine & have low carb options for concessions!

Kathy Joy Couser

As far as i can tell...everything was pretty up to par!

C. K. T.

Great theatre! Popcorn is always fresh and buttery. Friendly staff. We love the slushes they offer. Clean facility!

Sam Fain

Not crowded at all. Enjoyed it!

suzie b

Worst movie theater ever. Service is terrible.

Kathy Merkler

Good audio and video. Need to update seating.

Noah Smithson

Good movie, but they only accepted cash.

Amanda B

Fair, but not excellent.

Joe Guzman

Love it, clean & theaters are nice. Just a little cold so wear long sleeves or bring a blanket, lol.

Matthew Boles

I work in mental health and come here a lot for outings. The Tuesdays are great for the $5 pop corn and drink, but everything else is just like other theaters but they are not updated as say the grand. I paid just as much to get in as the AMC and I so enjoyed their leather laid back seats. Here you don't get that...

Abbye Day

The theater was nasty. Too many previews,movie started 30 minutes after advertised time. Men's restroom closed. Will not be back.

Paul Toney

A great horror movie.. LaLarona

Eric Nieves

Good place to see new movies

Joshua Braden

The staff is always friendly and accommodating. Their prices between 4-5pm are super low, their 'super matinee.' Also if you go to the movies frequently the rewards program is a great deal as well.

Katherine Smith

Very clean and comfortable. Love the surround sound of the theatre. Food and drink prices still too expensive though.

Barbara Steele

Good prices.... variety of movies

Toni Rodriguez

The theaters, bathrooms and lobby are always clean. They are always playing the newest movies and keep the hits like infinity war for extra long. The food and drinks are very expensive although that is the same with most movie theaters. They also have one of the soda machines that allows you to add extra flavors to your drinks.

Shirley Wilson

Great theater, clean, comfy seats, popcorn was complaints will be going back.

Ed Roop

Fast service, nice people, great movie


Nice popcorn, could be a little bit more clean in bathrooms other than that good

Alanna G

Its clean, the temperature in the movie room is comfortable, the workers are nice and the popcorn is hot. I wish the chair reclined or were more comfortable.

Mekhei Ali

Wasnt told the slushie maschine was out of slush after I paid for it, then was given attitude when I asked if it was going to serviced soon.

Jeff Wrights

This is my favorite theatre...has been for years....always courteous people here and I've never been unable to get a ticket to a movie...might just be luck...might be scheduling...don't know..don't care...I love the place

Nancy Joseph

The building is being renovated as of 06/2019. Will be nice when it's done. Can't stand that they play the audio so loud! Bring earplugs to protect your hearing!

Amber Trivette

My son & his friend had a blast watching the new Spiderman movie today!

Tom Hutchens

Theaters relatively clean, and comfortable seating. Prepare to wait for concessions, though.

Virginia Gray

A dated theater without reserved seating, the screens and sound systems are fine. They have Sunday afternoon discount pricing, which is fabulous.

Beverly Belle

Movie was outstanding. Prices to high for food and drinks. So sad,you can't enjoy a snack while watching movie. Makes it hard for families or anyone.

Tasha Arroyo

It was a wonderful Christmas

Team Orton

Great experience. It wasn't sitting in a recliner chair and reserved seating, but I was able to get last minute tickets and see Avengers Endgame on opening day which was fantastic for me! Pretty decent concessions prices and had a good time

Tanner Somers

Using Atom for tickets so I never have to deal with the staff. But it's always a quick check in an always get to skip the lines an head straight to movie.

Curtis Thurston

Good clean facility, friendly helpful staff. Good movie experience.

John McRae

They are doing some good updates to this facility. But what concerns me is, when I went into the men's room, there was no water for either of the two sinks. That raises sanitation questions. I reported it and, when I came back later, the faucets could turn the water on.

Gladys Stamper

Very good time to go, was good. Not crowded at all

Becki Vanderklok

Drove from another county today to see Ocean's 8 at 2:30 pm. Upon arriving and going for the tickets, the staff said, "Oh, that doesn't start until 4:30. The website is set by corporate not us." You can come back at 4:30. No apologies...just a look of "well you should have known." Here is a thought, can the manager check the website and maybe show the movies at the time corporate has indicated OR contact corporate and report an issue???? How would people know otherwise??? Will call ahead for sure from now on.

Humberto Cantu

I like friendly service. Everytime my family and I got here, we have a great time! Popcorn is excellent. The staff is always welcoming! They movie seats are comfortable. The only thing that is lacking is to beautify its entrance. They should paint or replace the door handles, decorate the lobby to prepare the customer for the movies!

Tony Blevins

Too expensive,they just like that money.

Nevin Moore

Great location. Convenient to major interchanges. Facilities are clean and well-kept. Stadium seating is nice for the vertically challenged. Snack bar offerings are adequate although as a family, we do miss the Carmike yearly popcorn bucket quite a bit.

Tricky Ricky

Excellent IMAX and stadium seating.

Andrea Moulding

We came over to kill some time before the movie started. The lanes were full so we went to the arcade. $30 got a family of 4 about 30 mins of games. Our movie tickets were about that. Not a good value, so i won't be doing the arcade again.


The Joker was Great!!!

G Troutman

Clean neat


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