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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Durham 15 IN North Carolina

Christie Greene

Did not get top grade service as I normally do!!


If you want to enjoy a movie in relative peace, this is your place. They don't have all the bells and whistles, no reclining seats, no IMAX, but you can almost always guarantee a good seat with personal space.

Nelson Kerr

My favorite movie spot. Very reasonable priced

Bill Scott

Dirty and grungy looking. concessions way to expensive. Bathroom floor was wet and nasty. I won't go back

Eddie Mae Harris

Very good

Nicki Nichole

Okay place to go. Little old.

Mary Mackey

Great place GREAT customer service. I will go again.

Johanna Burbridge

Favorite movie theater in Durham. They keep it clean. Not too much talking during the movie. $5 Tuesdays.

Eric Hines

Not bad. Needs a little upgrade. Staff very friendly.

Tish Fab

I really loved this theater when it was Carmike. Craig the manager is wonderful, but his hands are tied with all the new AMC rules. We buy the annual popcorn bucket and buy at least 2 refils before our movie so we can give our kiddos some... We're a family of 4, so we split up the popcorn. They took away the boxes and offer you a tiny water cup for popcorn. That's an insult. And you have to buy a membership in order to really get rewards.

Kyle Thomas

An acceptable theater. Was once a Carmike and recently purchased by AMC. Small upgrade to concessions and increase in ticket price. There are better options for them money. But if it is the only option it's okay.

Meda Connor

It's an old theater that has great deals.

Ren Odion

Kinda small but ok. Picture and sound is fine

Geoffrey Berry

My local theater. Super close to home and never too busy. No frills, classic theater.

Nina Massengjll

I enjoyed this movie theater also will visit again

David Davis

Still a good place to take in a movie even though it's an older facility

Garrett Grimshaw

Never enough help. Waits are to long!


Definitely classic if thats your thing. I'd rather the cool seats at newer amcs

Jenni Levenbook

My favorite discount theater.

Will Sutton

This theater has been here a long time. It could use a little upgrading but overall it's ok. I didn't have to wait too long in line but cleanliness could be improved. After leaving there was popcorn all over the hallway so perhaps someone just spilled it.

Marcus Cornwell

Typical movie theater experience. Pleasent, but nothing amazing.

kimberly westling

DIRTY!! DIRTY!!! DIRTY!!!!! So gross! The floors were filthy around the concession area! Popcorn on the floors. Bathrooms smelled like nasty urine!! I think what made it all worse was that were were there as soon as they opened so nothing was cleaned the night before or even in the morning! Really it didn't look like it had been cleaned in a good while. What is management thinking? Or better yet...What are they doing???

Micah Lewis

AMC Movies are pretty cool

Jacqueline Williams

I am a no vj ie goer and it's hard to come to a theater that does not reclining seats. It was a long 2 hrs.

Samantha P

What is this nonsense I'm in theater 15 and is no screen. I need immediate assistance I see no baby lions.

Behram Jamaspi

Average quality. Much better movie places elsewhere

John Morris

This theater smells like mold and urine. Parking lot looks like a Walking Dead/Apocalypse set piece. Yuck, and the arm rests on the seats are so greasy from never being cleaned, you could fry an egg on it. Seats are sticky and moist, with old spilled drink stains on them. When the movie is over, where are the ushers/janitors? No one comes in to clean, because I had to stomp through puddles of ice cubes and Coca-Cola just to get to my seat. Isn't that a safety hazard? Come to my seat to find popcorn all over it. Halfway through the movie the smell got to us. Lucky we had only paid matinee prices and didn't lose the full cost of our two tickets. We pretended to go to the bathroom and then just left. This place needs a serious cleaning overhaul.

Charles Lee

They play 1st run movies at a good price. Older theater seats and building but we don't care about that stuff. Stadium seats help with the view. If you want new movies at a good price this is your place.

Festus Cameron

It was a nice venue. It was clean and the attendants were polite.

Laura Rice

It's a quiet movie theater

Doug Deming

Very friendly and nice seats.

Taylor Esteban

Fun times $5 Tuesdays, $5 concessions too

Gregory Cash

Typically clean with nice showtimes.

Marquettat Matthews.

I love their special prices offered every Tuesday!

Emily Wike

Great service!! The manager was so kind, and all of the staff were helpful as we were hosting 10 boys for a birthday party.

Jules Hoehn

AMC really knows how to ruin a good thing. This theater is just as poorly managed as all of the other AMC theaters I have gone to. Concessions are over priced (as I would expect from AMC). What really ruined this location for me was a show not showing at the posted time. Times posted on fandago and AMC, but apparently this theater didn't get the memo. what would have happened if i bought the tickets online??? And I dont mean the times were off, but the showing itself was just not honored. the second time for the movie was showing. I wont be wasting the gas to go to this theater to watch older movies. After AMC removed the WATER FOUNTAINS from the last AMC I went to, I will just be avoiding AMC places from now on.

Dary D

The place is decent. It Needs some repairs specially in the restrooms.


Today temp is over 90 degrees. I am sweating in this movie. Waited in line with one person working the counter for over 15 minutes to buy my ticket at the concession stand. Gee. One person working. Are serious? I'm so glad this isn't our regular movie theater. I won't come back.

Patrick Nalley

Best movie popcorn ever, nice comfortable and clean seats, generally looks clean and neat

Andrew Miller

Older theater with slightly aged seating, but otherwise quality

Melissa Dee

Please, please update this theater. No lines and opening seats because people are going to other more updated theaters.

Trilby Norton

I love coming here when I get my FREE movie tickets from the UNC Blood Donation Center. If you bring just one other person to donate with you they will give you each an AMC ticket!! Saving lives and getting free stuff? Yes please

Justin Kelley

Great theater for the price!

Ryan Montgomery

Lobby could be a little cleaner and organized. Once in the cinema the chairs and screens seemed very nice. Decent prices too


Movie was good but, the popcorn was a little stale. ( too expensive for drinks and popcorn)... I dont know maybe that's just me...

Tyler Hill

Great movie venue

William & Victoria Thornton

It was rather cool in the theater so I was glad to have brought an extra sweater. The theatre also smelled of stale popcorn but maybe this is a small that's hard to eradicate or maybe it was because it was the 1st Tues showing...

Dana Stone

Hassle free movie-going. Conveniently located near Harris Teeter...always a place to park, uncrowded.

Mr/Mrs Vungtautwi

Had not been there in years. Nice change. In construction soon.

Abdiel Santiago

Perfect staff up front and the manager is on point! Whish they had the scanner machines for the A-List members. Both the staff and the Members would be considerably happier.

Angie Nicks

I loved this place before it turned into AMC classic. The menu options was great and had awesome food for a reasonable price. Now......the menu has changed and the food is not all that great but the prices of tickets are awesome. AMC should let them improve their menus but the quality of movies experience is great.

Garth Molyneux

Nice theater. Comfortable seats and not very crowded when we went.

Richard SteeleJr

I just saw Black Panther for FREE to celebrate Black History Month, on Disney's behalf! Wow ...Thank you Disney!! #wakandaforever

Jesse Naftel

Theater was absolutely filthy. Carpet was gross looled like it hadn't been clesaned in a week.

Rose Labriola

First time at this theatre and was impressed. They are so reasonable with the prices. You save money by having everyone go to the concession stand and order show tickets and food. I don't mind doing that because the show prices were cheap. The theatre is clean and popcorn was fresh. The movies are current so this place is a little gem.

Adam Modlin

Not the newest theater, but nice. And has a good selection of films

Opici Becton

Great movie theater in the community

Gabriel McCrea II

It was middle-of-the-road. Not bad, but nothing particularly good, either. Getting your movie tickets at the concession stand was a new thing for me. Are all theatres gonna start that? I feel it slows down getting to the movie...

Erin Wade

Nice atmosphere

Morena Pérez

there are no long lines, and the reasonable price

Yudong Sun

Watched a movie projected onto a dirty screen! A movie theater that couldn’t even get the basics!

Kathy Edwards

It s ok kind of dated

Sam Mantha

The seats hurt and theater 2 has a distracting black line down the side of the screen. Will not be going back

Ellena Brown

I just wish they had reclining seats

Jennifer Griffith

I went to this theater with my husband, who is wheelchair dependent, to see a movie that had just been released. Though the theater is supposed to be wheelchair accessible, the entrance and exit doors do not have a button to push for automatically opening the door. In addition, there is no door stop on the doors to each screening room. So a person in a wheelchair would have difficulty entering and exiting, and anyone accompanying a person in a wheelchair would have to hold the door and reach over for the leg rest to pull the wheelchair through the doorway. This is what I had to do when entering and exiting the building and the screening room, with the exception of the times when a kind person held the door for us. Which means, by definition this is not a truly wheelchair accessible facility. These improvements really need to be made! On a more minor note, the concession stand is selling what are supposed to be jumbo beef hot dogs. By definition, jumbo to me would be a quarter-pound hot dog. That is definitely not what is being sold there. They are good, and tasty, but definitely not jumbo. Because of this, the price of the hot dogs - more than $6 - is excessive. Finally, the outdoor ticket window is closed and the ticket counter on the inside is only for people who have electronic tickets or are paying with a credit card. Anyone buying a ticket using cash has to stand in the concession stand line, which is extremely inconvenient. I know that movie theaters are sometimes having a tough time with Netflix and other competition, but this is only making alternative entertainment sources even more appealing. Management needs to consider a higher level of convenience and make some changes. A final question: Why isn't there a special ticket price for veterans & seniors during matinee hours? Another local theater lets my disabled-veteran husband (and all disabled customers) in for no charge! Why don't AMC theaters do that?

Chris Bohler

Just wish the bathrooms and the drink dispenser areas are better maintained, stocked and cleaned

Jennifer Blachly

I really enjoy this multiplex. It doesn't get a lot of traffic so the theaters are generally empty when I visit, even at night. I like this because I can sit wherever I want. And I don't have to deal with loud talkers, constant whisperers, crying babies, and the glare of people's cell phones that they can't seem to put down for the length of the movie. The theaters are always clean, as are the bathrooms, which is very important to me. The refreshments are ridiculously expensive like every other movie theater, but at least here the popcorn is hot and fresh. They have do-it-yourself drink machines which is nice as getting a refill doesn't require getting in line. Not that the lines are generally long anyway. Also, they always have the latest and best movies. I'll definitely be joining the AMC A-list!

Victoria Felton

Friendly staff, clean bathrooms and comfortable chairs! Going to the movies anywhere will be pricy but I will be back soon as I can.

Priscila Crisanto

It was okay but it was kinda dirty the mat near the soda was so sticky and there was candy, Soda spills, and popcorn all over the place the employees were great but still.. the place wasn't so clean but these people have been working so much so .. but ya.

Aubergine Smith

Clean movie theatre.

Brandon Young

They had volume of movie too low.

Leanne Tupper

I appreciate how this theater is so much less crowded and chaotic. However, the prices are the same as the fancy theater at Southpoint so I feel like the level of cleanliness and options available should be the same as well. I mention to the manager that I've been there twice now and the bathrooms are very dirty both times. They smell like urine, feminine trash cans overflowing onto the floor, toilet paper all over the floors, you can visually see gross stuff on the floors, and there was even blood on the wall in the handicap stall. He didn't seem too concerned and I think they just went in and sprayed some air freshener.

Jaben Clark III

Clean, courteous, they always have good seats and the latest premiers.

crystal saulter

Movies at a comfortable place, with value prices

Darrin Thompson

The theater was clean and very presentable. I kept thinking about how it definitely lived up to the "classic" name. It was a theater that reminded me of just that classic feel done in a respectable manner. Definitely not one of the most updated or "state of the art" theaters.

Dustin Klein

This theater needs to be converted to a discount theater for second run movies ("dollar theater"). It must have been built in the 70s and hasn't been updated since then. The place is just really dated. The lobby is small and it looks like they shut half of it down. In an age where other theaters offer large lobbies, arcades, full reclining leather seats, alcohol, entrees, ice cream, and more, this theater does none of that. This is the most outdated theater I've ever been as long as I can remember. At least I'll say it was pretty clean and the actual movie veiwing experience was OK. Also on the upside, it was REALLY slow so there were no lines or bad seats. I would recommend attending a different theater, but this one is passable.

Michael Young

It's not the most modern theater in the area, but the low prices and $5 Tuesdays make up for it

Jasen Gordon

Good service. Good movie

Vaani Chockalingam

Will definitely go back..

Codell Jones

Needs a good cleaning, staff was very slow.

Rhiannon Martin

Definitely a "classic", older theater. I have AMC A-List and there's always some issue with it as they don't have the technology to scan my QR code through the app. Theaters aren't dirty, but definitely old and musty. It's close to my house so I go often but AMC Southpoint is definitely better and it's only a few extra miles away.

Lawrence Futrell

It was great!

Philip Elcan

Clean theater. Nice seating. Good for a flick.

Patrick Slaughter

Glad they have new chairs now it was much needed.

Julie Hanson

Not what I was expecting from an AMC. The room smelled mildewy and took some getting used to, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to sit through the movie. The seats felt moist... I don't see myself returning. I recently signed up for A-list and I thought it included free upgrades to large when you buy a med drink or popcorn. I bought a med drink and didn't get an upgrade. The place could use some remodeling.

Kay GM

A bit older but I enjoyed the $5 movies. Normally not alot of people so you get the movie theater to yourself!

Jeff Brown

Fine theater, a little run down, I'd like to see an upgrade.. all they did was buy the Carmike theater and slap an AMC logo on the front of everything..

Marva Dennison

Good location and great place

Osmar Soto

Place be looking like World War II happen there, but with popcorn. Prices are better in early weekdays, but much higher in the afternoon weekends. Overall pretty meh... You get for what you pay...

Vera Hars

Great movie theater. It's just too cold, like all the others in the area.

Guillermo Sapiro

They changed service and now have a single line for tickets and popcorn. So just to buy tickets you spend 20 minutes on the line while others buy popcorn. Didn’t use to be like this and is not like this in any other place in the area. Very disrespectful to clients. We plan to go somewhere else until they start respecting us again. Thanks

Heather P. McPherson

Love the upgrades to sound systems and more comfy chairs, roomier. Staff always nice and acomadating. Snacks & drinks are still outrageous but that's never gonna change. Over all very nice, clean movie theater. Free parking and wheel chair accessible

Christina Morales

Pretty great. No complaints as far as quality of film and food. The place is a bit old and even though they knew the theater would be packed, the women's bathroom was closed for some reason and there were only a couple staff members. The popcorn is tasty but honestly the machine could use some love and elbow grease. They have 2 of those giant soda machines with all the flavors.

Julia Deming

Like that it isn't reserved seating.

Elizabeth Buchholz

It's a movie theater. The theater our film was playing in was so hot and humid when we walked in, we could barely breathe. About 30 minutes into the movie, you could feel the air turn on a bit. There was a lot of carry over noise from the adjoining theater. Over all, okay experience, a little uncomfortable, but okay.

Eli Tube

It was. Great I love the movies they put awsome!

Gregory Headen

Great Movies the Latest Releases but the Refreshments are a little high


Wawesome best theatre in Durham hands down. Greatest atmosphere and loving kind hearted genuine service

Christopher Coronado Munoz

It's not terrible, but is bad. At least the movie was good and people who work there is nice

Tiffany Long

This is my Classic theater. I love it. Yes you can find theaters around that are more modern with reclining chairs and alcohol but again this is a good old classic theater with hot butter popcorn, coke and goobers. My kids love it too.

aaron neal

Theater is good low-key spot. a little older but less crowded

Jocelyn Thomas

Average experience. Nice movie theater. Typical prices. Not extremely busy. Sticky floors in theaters though. But that's not terrible. Just a little annoying.

Shirolyn Ball

Good movies, ok prices, friendly staff

Tyler Bryson

Dingy theater. Smells of damp stale air. Also, the movie screen didn’t play the film for several minutes (sound but no video feed). When told, the apathetic attendant told us to wait a few minutes, then come back if it was still broken.

Enrique Rodriguez

Good theater but they need to upgrade the old seats from the 1990s

Heather Wells

It isn't as nice as other theaters in the area but the short lines and staff make it worth going.

Danielle Flynn

Overall I like this theatre but the staff is a hit or miss. Went for a popcorn refill and the person asked abruptly if they could help me after looking at me place my empty popcorn bag on the counter. I had barely begun to speak when they put their hand up and said “you’re going to have to give me a minute!” Another person came to assist me who was at least pleasant. Also the theatres are VERY warm.

Dion Archer

Decent theatre, outdated, but serves the purpose...

LyonsTwins On the Loose

Favorite place! Need to get some self check out for tickets

Wendy Weaver

Great place no lines

Eric Spear

Good movies, good price

Charles Claytor

Comfortable seats, crazy prices at concession stand.

Saye Sendolo

I like AMC, I will just like the seats updated; like the ones in Raleigh grand or Northgate

Bryan Lail

This is our favorite theater. It's tucked away and never crowded. We're always well-serviced and they have all the modern options 'we' need - like consistently good popcorn and a Coke Freestyle machine. No matter how big the release, there is never a wait and always tickets available for every showing. We've walked in to a mostly empty building for major releases like Rogue One.

Momma Mel

They have the best popcorn! Nice theatres with comfy seats, bathroom is always clean. I'm an A-list member and I prefer this Theater out of all the AMC theaters in close proximity to my home! I love the fact that I can go there with my grands and feel pretty comfortable that they don't have to encounter anyone under the influence and I hope they never serve alcohol beverages there. Now, on the other hand, like the special on the bucket of popcorn, there needs to be a special on the soft drinks/icees also. This particular theater don't have late night shows, most movies are over at a decent hour and once it's over the lobby floors are drenched with water, an accident waiting to happen, while I appreciate a clean floor if they could just mop up standing water it would certainly give me a peace of safety.

Maria Asencio

Ok place to see a movie. Needs upgrading. Small theaters, bathrooms smelly and unkempt. However...staff friendly and fairly organized.

Srinivas DG

I feel this theater as my home theater, few screens are very small. Whenever I am bored, I watch movie in this place.

Michael Smith

Still a good place nearby to go see a movie. The snacks cost way too much, but that's true of all movie theaters now.

Morgan Timberlake

Power went off and movie stop .....ppl were leaving

Collette Jackson

The theater has had a great improvement since our last visit. It is clean with a fresh scent including the restrooms. The service was speedy and friendly. Seats are also comfortable.

Malik Gotay

Not comfortable and it was dirty I definitely won't be back

Zach Collins

This establishment was an "alright" experience. My colleagues and I left the theater for our movie stating that the chairs quality were not up to par with ones we are used to at a similar or cheaper price than this theater. It wasn't technically noticeable during scenes of the movie but, our screen had a dead pixel on it that was sometimes noticeable during darker scenes of the movie. Overall, I would go here if I had to but if not then I would spend the extra time to drive to the Cinemark Raleigh Grande Theater

Dylan Taylor

Long lines but great ticket prices.

Fredd Turner

Seats are terrible... definitely needs updating.

Stacey White

They have plenty of selection and it's a good price especially the matinee specials. The theater is kind of old so the seats are just okay but it's still a decent movie going experience.

Carlos Martinez Segovia

Easy access for handicapped.

Iris Allen

Just remember this: And it's important. If you tend to run a little late to movies, don't count on the previews to give you a little extra time because you will lose it by having to stand in the concession line to buy movie tickets. I balked at having to pay convenience fees and taxes to order on line (though the movie prices are quite reasonable), but once I got there and realized I had to stand in the concession line, even though I did not want concessions, I wish I had bought on line. No problems with the screening rooms.

Jeremy Russell

OuTdated theatre- seating needs updating ASAP;overpriced!!

Marky Mark

It's an older theater. Watching a movie here is enjoyable but the air smells pretty musty. Only seemed to be two employees working the night we went so service was slow. Glad we arrived a little early. Even though hardly anyone was there, everyone arrived at the same time. Took a minute to get tickets and treats.

James Jefferson

Decent. It's a movie theater that shows movies. Not much else you can ask for.

Alexis Smiley

Always good place to go

Edward Danforth

Went to see Avengers Endgame here, early in the movie the projector bulb blew out and for about two minutes they movie went on without any video (only audio). They did not rewind back to where the video cut out and also the theater did not provide any sort of refund for their error. I have seen many movies before at this location and they have all been fine but the way this situation was handled was horrible.

Gregory Sterner

Great idea to combine restaurant with a theater!

Quin Melvin

Really great customer service and Dinara at concessions was amazing super helpful especially with me having my 5 year old daughter with me. We had a wonderful experience!

Ann Gwynn

This theater serves it's purpose.. although very, very small the staff is friendly and very efficient.

titsand ass

The smell of the popcorn and the convenience of this location and the comfort of the seats inside the theater are wonderful!

arun chary

Long waiting time for tickets. Even for pre booked tickets, should wait in line along with other who are buying popcorn

Rich Hewett

Bathrooms were disgusting. Seats had old cups and wrappers around them and in the arm rests. Floor needed a serious cleaning in the lobby. Prices were normal. Food from concessions was fine (and typically overpriced). They had sufficient showings of Endgame, so there were seats available. Overall, we're much more likely to favor Southpoint AMC in the future.

Lloyd Moore

Meh... 30 minutes of commercials, then like another 20 minutes of previews. Saw the movie 45 min after the posted show time.

Lena E.E.B.

Just okayy. Not a bad place. The main lobby can be a little messy, bathrooms need updating but the actual movie theater rooms themselves are fine. They play all new movies so there are no issues with that. In all its an okay place to go watch a movie. They do offer different discounts ranging from military, student to senior.

Sallie Vaughn

This is my favorite theater in Durham. Sure, Southpoint is nicer and newer, but this location is convenient to home and has great parking. Recently, they've added some staff behind the counter so the ticket/popcorn line isn't as long as it used to be. Decor could use some help, as could the overall cleanliness, but I'm there to watch a movie, not worry about how sticky the floor is.

Natsuko Martin

Not very clean. Not a great value for the price. But, matinee price not bad.

Kenneth Wheeler

Avengers movie was trash And the prices at the stand are 3 times normal cost

Tiffany Bryant

Nice theater. Seats were comfortable. Arm rests lift ao can give you more space if theater isn't full.

Elizabeth Dawson

A little old, but I like the smaller theater feel sometimes. Great Tuesday prices. Bathrooms never quite feel clean.

Olivia Brown

I really would do half star if possible. Someone must have paid a view ppl to write some of the reviews. I go in to get my annual popcorn bucket refills because they pop it on site. Good hot and fresh is all I take. The manager sits on his throne in the front lobby while the young ppl work. When they spill something on the counter ain’t no wiping off, nope stay there. The butter/Oil machine is outdated , they never clean that area. The lobby floors and the ladies bathroom, oh my goodness NASTY. IF they clean it maybe once a day. Most updated movies are shown but these theater seats are so outdated some of the arm rest don’t move, seats are worn torn and broken. Mildewy smell in some more than others and I really don’t think they have heat in winter, because you almost freeze. Take a blanket anytime you go. I believe if they hire a manager that cares about cleanliness Carmine 15 could be better. They have a few that’s been there too long and don’t care. Clean the front and bathrooms make it more attractive.

Peggy Cooper

Movie didn't start on time and I think it play out I think it was cut

Ursula Lobacz

This is a really nice theater and super convenient to get to. It's a bit older but maintained quite well. Usually has the most recent movies and often will carry them a bit longer

giselle davis

Half the service area was sadly closed down, not very busy for a Friday evening, $8 Regular popcorn, bathroom smells like stale urine and theater also smells musty and damp. We were literally the only ones in the room. Yes, i saw a movie, but this place didn't deliver the "movie theater experience". Staff was nice though i have to say that.

James Westberry

I think 3 stars say it all for this place. It is a movie theater and that it. This place is outdated and in very much need of an upgrade. The staff is welcoming and friendly. Should this place get an update I would come back. But until then, I’ll spend the money on the comfortable seats.

Thomas Johnson

Local movie theater. Great place to see a show, and I love the mix-your-own soda machine!

Amy C.

A little cleaner than last visit. Keep it up!

Patrick Lasseter

Five stars until AMC took over. Go on Tuesdays when it's cheaper, otherwise you'll run out of money. EDIT: Prices raised again, so dropping to one star. I see you, AMC. I see you. Staff is cool though. Nothing against them.

Ted Mebane

The venue was comfortable. No recliners. Food was reasonable for movie theater food. You can purchase tix online beforehand.

Deborah Harris

Clean environment with friendly and cheerful staff.

Rainbow Sparkle Doll Surprises

#datenight #imax everything was good I'm practicing our tickets until we went to the box what have your ticket is torn and I went to the bathroom my friend told me that young black male said she got an Adam's apple that's not a woman when I came back she told me what he said I walked up to him I told him in his face I had lymphoma which is throat cancer have a my throat was operated on I asked him did he not see the scar hey said, oh yes I'm sorry my bad,I told him that's very disrespectful he should pay attention and do his job my friend started saying things to him and he says you want to smoke up in here you want to do something let's go we can do this this young black man was way out of line and out of control we went we watch Aquaman the next day I called the theater I talk to the manager over the phone I told him what happened he was very sincere he apologized and I went to see him in person when I get there the young black girl at the counter is asking me a lot of questions are you here for a job why do you want to see the manager are you sure you not here for a job I told her no I would not work here this is not my place to work finally after being grilled the manager came out I met with him we had a nice conversation he gave me free tickets for to watch other movies and popcorn and drinks I'm he was very courteous about the employees at this location or horrible I'm happy to see young people working but they are too nosey they make assumptions they handle themselves very ignorantly it's just not a pleasant place for anyone to go because you having to deal with young people talking junk so I do not recommend it at all go somewhere else I feel sorry for the manager who has to manage this place with employees who are too ignorant to handle a business place atmosphere .

Kathleen Koechling

Still pretty dated, with no reduction in price compared to other theatres. But the popcorn is fresh and crunchy and the people are super nice and helpful. Good place to bring kids.

ivory chaney

It was ok...hidden not too crowded, but clearly an older theater.


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