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REVIEWS OF AMC Carolina Pavilion 22 IN North Carolina

Squalie Zullo

Excellent pizza in the Boonton area, the pasta fagioli wasnt that great though

Jamal Banks

I've been coming to this location for years. Great customer service. Food is awsome ( Nachos )

Thomas St. John

Great place. Ridiculous prices.

denielle podraza

Our chairs were broken. Floors were sticky. Otherwise good

Cleon Ware

It's a good theater, movie will be nice and solid. Everything makes sense when you walk in. There is staff.

Amanda Moss

Wow. Broken doors, no ticket sales at the window, bar was closed. Grabbed a manager to try and get a drink and they were rude and then unprepared. Definitely not a quality experience.

Justin Cooper

My actual movie experience was enjoyable. Very nice reclining seats, good lighting, and sound. What wasn't enjoyable was the amount of trash surrounding the theater. Parking lot and ticket area were covered in cigarette butts and trash. Inside, the lobby floor was covered in popcorn and trash. Trash cans inside the theater had also not been dumped for quite sometime since they were running over into the floor. This would be a very decent theater to go to again if they start cleaning up the place.

Michał Krzyżanowski

Nice place, clean and friendly. Make sure you are not sitting in first row, unfortunately I did at the "end game" and now I'm going one more time becouse I have no idea what happened. Besides that is great.

Curtis Reynolds Studios

Great movie theatre, love the reclining seats. The movies are very expensive, it costs a little over $100 for a family of 3 for tickets, drinks, and popcorn. I like the bar in the atrium, but it would be nice if they offered full service wait staff inside the theater like in some of the others. It's really good to order your food from your seat instead of standing in a slow moving line. The movie screens are spectacular and so is the audio especially in IMAX. I'm glad movie theatres are still around because it is an expensive way to relax and enjoy a movie outside of the home.

Dante DeLeo

Great theater. All seats are recliners and must be reserved. Good sound systems and screens. They have a bar inside the theater but the drinks are pretty expensive. If you are planning to go to the movies, this is the place to go. Figure out how to get your own drinks inside.

Pamela Bertelli

Older theater but nice. Clean, has a bar and assigned recliner seating. Handicapped accessible. We will definitely be back.

Sheila Kidwell

Prices are high, but what movie isn't these days. Best theatre in Charlotte area. Electric reclining seats, assigned seating (you can choose), clean, etc.

Jackie Blanchard

Modest appearance from outside. Inside it was quite nice. Assigned seating. Big, roomy, comfy electric recliners with plenty of space to accommodate your snacks. Rows were deep and not on top of each other.

Ricky Herrera

This was a nice movie theatre but the cleanliness has taken a backseat, and also there was no A/C in theatre 11, and it was a 2 hour movie! Come on, get your theatre right.

Ch H

Great movie place with reclining seats. Reserved seating only. Make your reservation at least a day ahead for better seat selection.

Michael Pugh

The theater could use some updating. There was something loose hanging on the wall and it would rattle loudly each time there was any bass in the movie.

Taylor Carpenter

Had tickets for "it 2" on Tuesday September 17th at 1130am already purchased through Fandango that I had bought a few days ago. I showed up to amc south Blvd and the parking lot was empty, the doors were locked. Was never given any notice of a cancellation, nobody was working anywhere. What happened?!?!

MR HousingNC

None of ticketing outside works, have to wait forever to get tickets with 1 guy working the counter and people cannot use their online tickets. AMC online charges more in convenience fees now and makes people suffer if they do choose to buy tickets at theater which I suppose is their business mode of not having more workers at the theater. Used to be a good place to watch a movie in area but I am sticking with regal and imax. This place is turning into a dump. Very dirty and not clean now. Dollar theaters are cleaner than this place and have even more staff.

Emerson Brantley

The facility itself is exactly what you’d expect of an AMC nowadays. The one thing that surprised me was the reclining seats, however some of them aren’t functional. The reason my rating is so low is due to their extreme lack of customer service, as I’ve been trying to contact the theatre for days on end now. I’ve called at least fifteen times over the course of the past week, and every single time I call, the automated system tells me that either all employees are assisting other customers or they are after hours (which they never were). If this theatre fixes this issue, then I’ll rate higher, but as it stands now, this theatre can bite me.

1 Pushing Forward/MCA

I LOVE AMC Carolina Pavilion! The staff are always pleasant and the food is always nice and fresh! I have been visiting this theater for 17 years, and never had a bad experience! Love you all!

Duane Kord

This is probably the trashiest move theatre I have ever been to. Starting with the outside of the theatre - this place looks like it's been condemned. The outside of the building itself is filthy and the ground surrounding the building... Trash. Trash everywhere. This carries over into the lobby and hallways as there is just straw trash and popcorn absolutely everywhere. The one good thing is the seats were extremely comfortable. Leather recliners always make for a good movie seat. To be honest I think this theatre is poorly managed. The seats are nice, the bathrooms are upgraded but everything is just dirty... Take some pride in your theatre!

Ryan Annis

This movie theater put a bad taste in my mouth from the moment I walked up to purchase a ticket. I stood in front of the window for over a minute while the clerk screwed around on her phone. When she did finally look up she asked me why I didn't say anything. Already a bad start. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how filthy this theater was. There was garbage all over and a few employees standing around talking. Anyone could have gone around and collected the garbage from the floors and tables. We then proceeded to walk into our auditorium and find our seats. The theme of garbage was still present. It looked as though no one had bothered to clean after the last showing. It was terrible. I can honestly say that I will 100% never go to this theater again.

Casie Martin

We always have a great time here and are always comfortable no matter what theater we're in

Jennifer Vanhorne

Clean and friendly. Concession lines are quick too.

Diane Loynes

$5 Tuesdays. Always clean. Very comfortable.

Jewel Hines

We really like this theater since the upgrades. The kids enjoyed the reclining seats and we always buy tickets online before we get there. I think the Stubs /Premier membership is totally worth it.

Matthew M

Been coming here for decades. It's a fine theater, and does everything fine.

Lorraine X

Went to see Avengers EndGame 8:00 AM showing. Movie was cool. Slurpee tasty freezing cold. Popcorn, fresh & hot from the popper. However... the theater itself could use some housekeeping. The concession/lobby area needed sweeping, the restrooms reeked of urine. Still five stars the theater is usually clean.

joseline hernandez

Seats are great and food but the outside and the ticket area look very old and trashy


Nice seats and sound

the TruthStand

So let me get this straight. There were two big groups of Christians there to see a Christian themed movie that can only be seen for 2 days You only had it showing on two screens it was the only movies showing on those screens and yet both screens did not work. The movie was supposed to start at 7:00 p.m. it takes you 20 minutes to tell us the first time that you have a problem and then 20 more minutes to say oh sorry no movie tonight please now wait in the very long line to get a movie pass. and what kills me is that the manager didn't come and talk to us like a man he had to send his assistant. What a coward! Be a man and face the fact that your theater screwed it up... BIG-TIME!! Are you telling me You didn't check the projectors to see if they worked I mean you only had one movie showing the entire day on those two screens seriously. I will never visit the AMC again. South boulevard Charlotte North Carolina I will never visit that theater again. By the way your manager is a coward.

Kim Jolette Shelton

Theater 11 was clean. The chairs are extremely comfortable. We were told that there were only the first two rows left and nearly left. However we sat in the second row from the front and I must say I will ask for those seat from now on! I was able to recline, relax and thoroughly enjoy myself!


The theater is close to where I live and is kept as clean as can be expected. I’d never had to interact with much of the staff until my wallet, fell out of my pocket, into my seat cushion. I went back, in person, to check as well as called a few times. Though I was not allowed to check myself, management called. He stated they looked thoroughly and couldn’t find it. My gut told me he was lying. I checked today while seeing another movie...... got my wallet back. I’ve already replaced everything in it(upset). The management and staff have proven to be extremely inconsiderate.

Carl Irish

Theater is clean. Amenities are well kept. Seats are comfortable. Concession offering is good and prices are what you'd expect for a movie theater. Exterior is in desperate need of an upfit or makeover. But otherwise a good experience.

XXXKara The Wolf

AMC is the best theater to go to the quality and the seats are amzing!

rob thompson

Beautiful theater. Nice, wide, comfortable power reclining seats. Big screen, good sound. Great movie experience.

Mira Nyxx

Amazing seats that recline. Cupholders built into thick armrests. Seats were amazingly comfortable. Concession prices were high, and ticket prices were a little above average, but was worth it for the comfort. You can choose your seat in advance using Atom or other sites to help you pick a good viewing angle. Worth the price because of the comfort.

Rina Walk

Unattractive. Outside and inside lobby was dirty and trashy. Parking lot had tree limbs and branches throughout from a storm. Glass doors were filthy. Several toilets in female restroom was overflowing. Just a unpleasant experience.

Johanny Perez

Theater is nice, Seats are comfortable. Customer service sucks at the snack stand, the wait is extremely long because you have people in the premiere line getting serviced before you do, even if they just got there. They should have a designated person just to take premiere customers not both cashiers when there's only 2 Of them in total. The cashiers do not give you direction to where you have to wait for your food and when it's done they just yelled out your number and leave it there. I find it very rude and unprofessional.

Brittany Madden

Now that I have come here, cant go anywhere else , love the amc app. We just order tickets, order the food and enjoy the wonderful recliners !

Tierra Riley

First time going was amazing staff was great and the inside wonderful will go again

michelle Simms

The Movie Fast & the Furious Was Awesome

J Okoh

Really great and nice clean environment. Bathrooms also very clean and nice. Seats are comfy and reclines. Variety of drink choices! Only critique is don't come here if you expect to watch and dine in like some AMC theatres and it's pickup food service online didn't work and there's no one to bring you the food or drinks at this one nor a place to put food. Also not as many choices like the others.

Rochelly Reyes

Love this movie theater. Great employees and great show times

James Parkhill

Every time we come here there is a long slow line for no reason. Only one employee working and none of the electronic ticket machines work. One of the worst run AMCs

Nicholas Krantz

Always great seating and service.


Great movie, I ordered tickets and popcorn ahead. We were in and seated quickly.


I like this theatre. I really like how the rows are separated to give enough space between each row.

Jessica Beck

Our favorite place to go see movies! The staff is pretty friendly the theater is clean as are the bathrooms the theater has reclining seats which is really nice. Free refills on drinks. I won't go anywhere else.

Rebecca Moore

Haven't been here in a while, but was disappointed in our experience. Showed up for the 9 am movie, but the doors were locked with no staff visible. Called while standing outside and was told the 9am movie was cancelled despite the website not being updated. I was told that I should have checked the corporate website instead of the local Google listing. Was told the doors would be owned at 9am, even though it was after 9:00 as I was talking to the staff. There was trash all over the ground outside; looks as if they didn't clean up from the night before. A Canadian goose was at least cleaning up all the popcorn on the ground. Loose tiles in the front that someone could easily trip over. I hope corporate sees this. Looks like this place has gone downhill again.

Gloria Phuong Le

Not recommended. There was only one cashier on a Sunday afternoon. As we stepped inside the theater, the room was hot, crowded and unbreathable. Moments later as I headed for the restroom, the place was filthy. As soon as you stepped inside the restroom, urine smell was strong. Two of eight toilets was full of fecal matters, which were stucked and could no longer be flushed. As I stepped outside, some of the hand wash locations no longer dispensed soap nor sense anything. In the end, I fell ill shortly after our visit and we had to leave early (30 minutes into the movie). Would not come back, ever!!

Jason Jacques

Very helpful staff! Clean and friendly. They make the movie experience fun for everyone I would recommend this place to anyone. The one thing I would say is they need to invest some money on updating the outside entrance.

Jeremey Dillon

The only forgiving thing about this theater is that the men's restroom was clean. Even the staff were rude, abrupt to say the least. They have installed some seating that recliners, however I did not feel comfortable using it. Everything was sticky. I understand spills, but this is a theater, with home theater seating; the seats shouldn't be sticky. Every inch of the floor stuck to my shoes, every step through the halls squealing, at least until the carpet... This is the theater I grew up with, and I'm sad to have seen such a change. Thanks

Reagan Phillips

Theater itself wasn't too bad but the experience as a whole left a lot to be desired. The concession area was filthy. Our large popcorn was nothing but little particles of popcorn. One drink machine was off and the other two out of almost every flavor and my drink ended up being disgusting. The floor was horrible and covered with food and drink as well as had loss tiles. People in the theater were loud. One guy looked to be videoing the film and some chick kept turning on the flashlight on her phone and shinning it around. A parent and a teenage kid got into an argument that scared my son. I'd rather pay more and have a better experience then return to this theater.

Marcin Tandecki

22 theatre complex, meaning that they offer a wide array of movies in a wide array of formats including regular, 3D and Imax. The regular seats are very spacious and the theatre is tilted meaning that nobody in front of you will be in your way. The hairs recline so you can sit comfortably and enjoy your movie. The prices at the concession stand are rather ezpensice but I suppose that's somewhat expected at the movies.


Viewed a new release movie so it was pretty crowded, but the transitions from the ticket sales to inside to concessions was relatively smooth. I liked the reclininig seats and the theater had a comfortable temperature setting. Bathrooms were tidy. No complaints

Tina Burton

This is my go-to theater. I’ve been over 50 times easily in three years. In the last month, I’ve been probably 6 times just to see Downton Abbey. What makes this theater 5-star worthy is the comfortable declining chairs and how I can always depend on them to have all the films I want to see available.

Heather Wiggins

Date night Tuesday are great here! Very comfy chairs and lots of movie options

Jeff Davis

When we arrived at the theater we stopped by the Concession stand. I bought the special one large popcorn and two large drinks. We then went to theater 6 found two really good seats. We're there eating popcorn and enjoying the experience. I wanted a refill on popcorn so I rushed to the concession stand . There was a line with just one person working. I missed about 15 minutes of the movie . I ask the usher a the front for the manager. The manager came out about 5 minutes later. And I explained to him what happened and he said he would give me one movie pass . I explained I don't go to movie theaters alone I needed two passes. He said no because they're looking at the movie. When he brought the ticket back I calmly tore the ticket up and repeated what I said about going to the movies alone. And walked away. He said as I was walking away that I was being disrespectful and had to go. The police politely asked me to leave without a refund on tickets nor popcorn and drinks. I'm waiting to hear from the district manager today is August 6. The movie experience happened on July 30.

konstantin dolmatov

This place is dirty. I have given it my last chance. I have attended this theater for some time. It has just gotten worse over the years. You have to plug the seats in your self. Other seats are sunk in and you cant see the bottom quarter of the screen. Dont sit on the top level. Seats have rips in them and they leave the lights on in the projector room. Wich really takes away from the experience. Bathrooms are dirty all the time.I usually don't expect much from theaters but this might as well be the new dollar theater but you are paying far more than a dollar. I have tried to mention these issues to the staff but as some were nice and couldn't find a manager others were rude and didn't give a ****.


Don’t bother using the order ahead on the app for food. It won’t be ready when you arrive and you’ll have to wait 30 minutes. It’s quicker to just wait in line honestly. Almost missed the beginning of the movie because of it. The workers at the concession were very rude and ignore you.

Shaday AV

Very nice reclining seats! Much more variety of food than the classic hot dog and candy selection.

John Fields

Had a great time. Popcorn was not hot and fresh but ok. Move was awesome.

Joshua Bonnett

Great service and all the workers were really nice


One of my favorite theatres in Charlotte. I love this AMC in particular because it's not attached to a mall, they have plenty of theatres with tons of showings, and it's generally pretty quiet when I watch movies. Concessions and drinks are expensive as to be expected but everything else is on point! It's usually nice and clean with the reasonable exception of weekend nights. :) Def in my top 3 for the city.

Darryl Brooks

Concessions area is not kept clean enough and checked on a regular basis, regardless of how busy staff are. Drink machines are out of drinks or ice, popcorn and other food all over the floor on both self service sides, I put this on management, not staff. They discontinued giving customers the yellow salt, that they cook with, from behind the counter. This salt is way better than what's on the salt stand!!! Theater rooms are decently clean, although people are NOT. We have to take the bad with the good so I'll continue going to AMC theaters, but not exclusively.

C. Whitcomb

Our favorite place to see a movie

Sharón W. Scott

The theater is clean and the sound is just right. I love the reclining seats and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The large hunk of man candy seated beside me didn't hurt the experience. #Boodup

Nigel Harrison

This theater is great, reclining seats, good choice of snacks, a bar and plenty of parking. Use the AMC app to buy tickets ahead of time and get your seats. Avoid the front row, even with the recline it's too close IMO.

David Kaupp

Saw Gemini Man, great action movie!

Christina Alexander

This theater was amazing!! Recliner seats made the experience out of this world!! We saw It Chapter 2

Grant Leszczynski

Live crickets in theatre while movie was playing. Overpriced concessions stand. Dirty seats.

Mike McCarty

Great theater. Great seating. Great picture quality and sound.

S Paylor

I enjoy AMC 22. The times are always convenient for me. Love the energy of the staff!!!

David Dawson

Worst experience ever. All of their machines were down. I went inside to pickup my tickets. Attendant told me I need to go back outside to the ticket booth where there was a long line as result of the machines being down. Had to wait in a long line with 4 kids, missing the beginning of my movie. Manager and GM kept on trying to blame me for the reason I miss the start of my movie, when in reality there was a misinformation provided to the first attendant. Only offered 2 free tickets for the inconvenience. Lack of empathy, lack of ownership of the negative experience I had. Ultimately a very negative client experience.

Amanda Standford

I love AMC stubs and how me my son and boyfriend can go on Tues and it's only $5 for each of them

Lisa R

Theater and seating were fine, clean restroom, but messy, disorganized, and understaffed lobby. This was Labor Day 2019.

Jimmy Duncan

We really enjoyed this place. They were not very busy, but everybody was still super polite and helpful. The guy at the concessions was very patient with my kids who couldn’t make up their mind what they wanted, LOL. We appreciate that.

Frances Atkins

Nice Theater, Great movie!! Ma!! A must see. Octavia Spencer

K. Payne

The actual theatre was very nice, surround sound and reclining seats. We attended an 8:00 PM show. I withheld one star because outside the entrance was dirty enough to be noticed. Another star withheld because the updated woman's restroom ended up having one handicap stall door with no lock, another handicap stall door was barely still attached, multiple other stalls needed cleaning. When I leave a movie to use the facilities, I don't want to look thru 6 of the 10 stalls just to find a clean seat.


Is getting worst and worst I come to wash a movie and they not even clean. Look like not care not more. The person who serve the pop corn not even say hello and thanks.

Kelly Watts

Great as always! I haven't been there in a long time. One of my favorite theaters!

Ryan Babros

Staff behind snack counter complaning loudly about too many customers coming to the theater on a rainy day. "Why don't they just stay at home and watch movies". Very unprofessional. Several bathroom stalls were missing locks too. I don't come here often, but it never gets any better. Go to a different theater.


Reclinable seats (that occassionally don't work), food - including pizzas, icee, and 22 screens. Plan to sell a kidney to raise money if you have to take a family of 4.

Mack Partee

Nice reclining seats, great popcorn.

Kristi Shunkwiler

Nice seating! Snack and drink prices are over priced. $5 bottle water and $7 soda...

yolanda jackson

We had the theater to our selves. Fresh popcorn!!

Jody Shelton

Kiosks don't work. No signage saying to go inside to pick tickets up. I'm a Stubbs A List paid member and got into the concession line with the regular patron line filled up. Three workers ignored me and called people out of the regular line. Why even have the members queue there when you're going to ignore your members?? Unacceptable. Thankful I don't live here and the service is better near DC.

Dutch McGehee

Not maintaining anything. Seat covers need replaced. Drink machines are having problems. Staff don't care anymore.

Gracie Dunlap

Nice short drive to a theater out of my local city. Nice and clean bathrooms.

Jordan Riddick

This is my go-to movie theater in the Charlotte area. While it doesn't provide some of the fancier drinks or food that some of the dine-in places provide, I am more of an old-fashioned popcorn, candy and a drink kind of movie-goer anyways. They do provide beer, wine and cocktails and the bartenders are very friendly and usually give you good tips on if there are "extra scenes" during the credits. The seats in this theater really do it for me--they are the cleanest and comfiest seats in the area (full recliners with a lot of space). Also, I find that they have great movie volume, not too loud. The lines out front can be long for the box office and often the kiosks are broken, so definitely buy your tickets ahead online.

Christopher Duncan

Seats are very loud; you can hear your neighbors' slightest adjustments. Probably shouldn't complain about this, but the "Exit" signs were distractingly bright.

Daniel Fieldstone

It is kinda hidden but people seem to like this theater.

Barbie Ward

My first time watching a movie in fully reclining seats. A FANTASTIC experience!

Austin Messer

I have always liked visiting this theater because of the comfortable recliners and the coke machines. However this past visit showed a lack of management discipline. Coke machines were almost all out of ice and or coke. Theater was hot and the sound was blaring. Our movie was so loud I could hear the ending credits down the hall in the restroom. Also the recliners were ripped. Absolutely piss poor and I hope they can fix their problems.

Lord Mars

Best theater in the area. The seats were replaced about 3 years ago with luxury electric ones. Movies have played perfectly for the 15 years I've been coming here. Popcorn is fresh and you get to butter/salt it however you like. Price is exactly what you expect. If you dont want a dollar theater experience here is where you go.

Ashley Kramer

The reclining seats are by far the best thing about this theatre. They really make it easy for you to cozy up just like you would at home. Also, it always seems fairly busy at this theatre and thr lines appear super long when you first walk in but it always goes super fast. The staff is really on top of things. The ONLY con is that they seem to have a difficult time managing the hot food service. They dont call out the food or receipt number when its ready so customers have to flag down an employee to see if their food is ready or not (or if the food they placed on the warmer is theirs or not). Honestly, not a big deal to me but I know its worth mentioning, as ive seen many people aggitated at the waiting station over this.

ShawnnC TheArtist

This elwas one of the best experiences I've ever had at a movie theater. My preferred choice to go watch movies. I love the reclining seats and they're comfortable for ALL sizes. Thank you for making my visit there extremely enjoyable

vince feliciano

Those are some COMFORTABLE reclining seats with lots of elbow room. This place is very clean but with so many people coming in all day long, keeping it sparkling clean has to be a tall order. The bathrooms were not clean either, for the same reason but they need to address that. Otherwise it's a good theatre in a good location next to restaurants and shopping everywhere.

Sean Hutchings

Nothing really stood about about today's visit. Food was decent. The employees were pleasant enough. No issues with the movie running. Some of the seats in the auditorium we were in are in dire need of reupholstering. Woman's bathroom needing some repairs as well.

Rich Dayrit

Very comfortable reclining chairs, good AV system, concessions are expensive but hey -- it's a theater so you expect that.

Michael Stafford

Great place to see a movie. Assigned seats, recliners, and real pizza.

Jenny Daiana Ramirez Diaz

Very nice and neat. Super for the family!!

Brian Revels

This place is pretty great. It's one of few theaters in this area with a bar in it. Adult Drink prices are average. They can't do daquiris, but always try to come up with something close for my wife. The theater seats recline to be some of the most comfortable recliners. They recline just enough to almost all the way out, depending how far you go with it. The theater sound vibrates the chairs and floor with its Dolby digital signature. And if you need captions, they have devices that plug into the cupholder of the seat and connect to each theater.

Andre C

This cinema is disgusting. Stains and food all over the concession area and floor, the bathrooms don't look like they've been cleaned, and the theater, at least the specific one I was in, had food and bugs on the seats. My fiancee said that there were areas for "feminine products" in the stalls, but that it was overflowing and practically touching her. We were in town visiting my sister, so I'm grateful that we don't have to go here regularly. I definitely can't wait to go back to our regular AMC in Raleigh.

Kathy Gregory

The girl selling tickets at the window wasnt going to bother to tell us about the next movie we could see playing 20 min later as the one we asked about was sold out. I had to ask for availability! The soda machine area was filthy and looked like it hadn't been wiped down for days. I had to step over popcorn spilled on floor to fill up my drink and there wasnt really a clean spot to put my cup to put a lid on it. I was excited to bring my son to see a movie there but I'm not sure if I would ever go back!

Maurice Drew

Everything was great.. Sat next to a family and their baby.. the baby did alright without crying much!

Amichi Williams

The lobby was smoky from burnt popcorn and the process to receive ordered food was chaotic. I did enjoy the two mini burgers and curly fries, but to have to purchase them separately was costly. The movie theater itself was cold and uncomfortable. I will stick to my Ayrsley location.

matt drake

Usually a great experience but the hvac system must have been acting up, or that's what I will tell my self I asked twice to get the heat turned on because it had to been in the low 50 in that theater. On a good note the Adam's family movie was really good.

Gabriel Matthews

Saw a movie here and some kids who did not have tickets, sat on steps and talked and texted through the movie. My daughter told customer service and he said someone will come and remove them. No one ever came. The manager was accomadating and offered us movie passes. Teenagers are running this movie theater and there are not adult employees to stop bad behavior.

Shamaya Morris

I enjoy going to the movies with my kids, family and a friend AMC is the best.

Russell Schroeder

Visiting from out of town—back home we have multiple large AMC theaters that have all been converted to large recliners with online seat selection. This theater was a pretty awful experience from the outset. As others have mentioned, the exterior is old and filthy with black stains down the front and garbage all over the parking lot. Inside wasn’t much better with wrappers and debris all over the floor. Concessions were a mess—out of order drink and ICEE machines, missing straws, cup lids and napkins. The men’s room Dyson hand dryers, the machines that are supposed to promote a more sanitary experience, had mold growing on them! Seats were comfortable but the movie was 20 minutes late starting with no explanation from the theater. We usually seek out AMC Theaters because of the ease of purchasing tickets, the ability to reserve seats, a pretty diverse concession menu and clean, comfortable seats and theaters. I cannot recommended this particular location at all.

Tony Birckbichler

Over the past month I have seen about 5 movies here, the same popcorn crumble has been in the same spot on the floor the entire time. I do not think they have once cleaned. Greasy chairs, going to also bring a towel next time to sit on.

Zack Clay

Line for tickets was really slow, should have used Fandango. Seating is amazing though. Great venue once you get in

Ayden Fisher

Wouldn't let my friend in because he only had a picture of ID for an R movie. Ruined our heckin night. It's not like were trying to sneak into a $5 matinee

Shirlise Walker

This is my 3rd bad experience. The first one was food Quality , the second was The Avengers which is a 3hr long movie, got there order was wrong and the movies Theater was so hot that I couldn’t even stay to watch the whole movie. Complete waste of money. The 3rd one was last night went to see Spiderman , worker was nasty as if she didn’t want to be at work. Ordered the mixed popcorn and it was disgusting and she gave me 2 small buckets instead of one and it wasn’t the same size. Asked for regular popcorn and I got attitude and was told I couldn’t so I had to pay the difference and yet again I had to sit in a hot Theater !! I will be taking my business elsewhere moving forward which sucks because this use to be my favorite one.

Rob Rivera

I love this place but sometimes the staff is underwhelming. They don't seem to want to work.

lindsay featherston

Man it was a great place to watch a movie

Xstra KoolDude

I loved everything about this theater. I mainly came here for the bistro style hot food. My 1st time EVER trying chicken and Waffles and I must say it was GREAT!

Michael Evans

It's a good theater good place you can take family and friends. As most or all theaters the food is overpriced.

Anithea M

Not a bad place, should have gotten my tickets earlier. The line was a little long, only 1 person at ticket counter! Went between 3-4 PM Friday not bad. Seats were comfortable and big. Recliner of course is always good. Clean and I would return.

Don McDuffee

Worst experience I’ve ever had at a movie theater would not recommend it do not go there.

mz purdue

I was a little disappointed that are seat rest wouldnt work, but the movie was good, food was excellent. Bring a jacket or blanket unless your hot natured but it's cold as well


I love this place but they are like 30 minutes behind on showings. 1010pm showing ... 1032pm now and havent even seen previews. Lol.

Andrew Siniarski

AMC does it up nice. The seats are all super comfy, with two arm tests per seat. The seats also recline nearly all the way. Staff was very friendly and helpful. I had a mix up with a ticket (my own fault), and they helped me out. AMC Carolina Pavilion is definitely my theater of choice.

Mel Bishop

This is the only theater I will go to because of it's convenience and comfortability. Love the recliners. Love the pickup option for snacks. Would love to give 5 stars, but the drink sections are always filthy and the employees need customer service training.

Stephen Smith

It was amazing! It may have been the theater we were in but they had leather seats that reclined, a curved screen, and great audio.

Adam Inspirado

Good theater. Bad service. The ticket taker, a black guy in a wheelchair was really rude to me and didn't seem to want to be there---so maybe he shouldn't. But the movie was great in 3D, the seats were comfortable, and the kids did smile.. With a new ticket taker, I may return.

Sarah Lamb

Sound 5 stars, seats 5 stars, screen 5 stars, concession stand 5 stars for service. Drink area near consessions only 1 star for cleanliness. Bathroom cleanliness 0 stars -both ladies restrooms stunk like someone urinated on the floor and it looked like it too, lobby cleanliness 1 star, floor was a mess. Theater cleanliness 2 star. Originally was going to give theater cleanliness 0 stars but 2 employees came in 10 min before movie started and cleaned up. Will go to another theater next movie until AMC cleanliness improves.

Cynthia Smallwood

Very comfortable seats and great prices. The best place to catch a movie in Charlotte

Travis Higuet

A great theater. Pricey concessions. Even more so than usual I mean. But every seat is an electric recliner, and they gotta pay for that sh*t somehow. I think the tradeoff is well worth it.

Adam Strange

Great place to catch a movie. Recliner reserved seats are fantastic. There is a bar, which is a great addition. Only problem is you can only get one drink at a time so you have leave mid movie for second drink if you want more. They have hot food as well as popcorn and candy. I have never ordered it but it looks like standard concession food. Overall this is my favorite place to watch a movie in my area.

Ron Leicht

good theater reclining chairs were nice

MM Benoit

This place seriously needs upgrading. Lots of parking available, and wheelchair accessible . Very filthy at the entrance, lots of garbage and discarded items. Will not use this location again


You can't beat $5 Tuesday's. Clean, theater style seating, employees are friendly.

Samantha Sherwin

Comfortable seats, good selection of food and drinks. I like how the always have a variety of movie times. My go to theater.

George Redmond

Having a big problem with AMC showing gay pride footage before a kids movie. Being gay is a sin and something I don't want my grandkids exposed to . Also the place was very dirty

Yemi Adebo

Ample parking space. I like that one can pick ones seat when buying the ticket. I also love, love that one can recline the seats. However, some of the seats need to be reupholstered. The one I had was torn and my hair kept getting caught in it.

Larry Broome

This movie theater needs a lot of attention on cleaning. The self serve drink areas are a mess. Our recliner seats did not work but security did come and fix them. Other folks in the movie were talking throughout. We won’t be back to this one. Need a safer neighborhood.

Jania Estrada

I would have given them 5 start but they have that tall wooden hand railing that didn't allow me to see the full screen, I am 5'3" and we seated all the way to the back. Not a nice experience if you're not tall enough. Kind of an awkward design.

Patrick McCormick

Comfy recliners, nice curved screen

Terrell Farmer

Everything bout this place is great to me

Donald Milam

Movies are not cheap . Three adults with Pickens and drinks cost $70 all in. They have a wide selection of movies , the lobby always seems hazy - probably from popping popcorn. There is a small bar onsite with liquor and a small beer selection. They would do well to have local craft brews available . Line for concessions takes the longest time . They do offer an app to place your order ahead, and they offer an express lane if you have an amc stubs membership , I am not too clear on what benefits it really provides . The lines seemed just as long and just as fast as the regular . The seating are electric recliners with lots of space and I would recommend this place .

Maxine Jones

Really nice Theater with good staff!

Amber Dudley

First time at this theater and I hope it won’t be this bad next time... concession area is a wreck. Tiles are coming up, water is everywhere, and they turned off all the drink machines before the movie was even over. The popcorn I got was all crumbs and half burnt. The theater seat I had wasn’t plugged in so I had to hop over the seat and plug them back in... they really should be secured being in a walk way like that. You can tell they had been stepped on several times... the new employee was nice but had no clue what she was doing.. they didn’t service the a list line first so it was quicker to just get in the regular line. The movie was good and the seats were comfy (after I plugged them in) but that’s all the good I can really say about this place.

Elizabeth Wilson

Easy to reserve tickets ahead of time, which also reserves the seats you choose. Comfy, good-sized recliners are awesome, and $5.49 for an 11am Sunday show was a great deal. Employees seemed happy, bathrooms were clean. We reserved our tickets the day before and got the seats we wanted, no problem. Spacious layout in the lobby and hallways.

Keith Smith

Still love this place. Saw How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World. Love this theatre. Clean, fast service, great stFf. So out if the way its worth going to and enjoying the peace.

Gregory Wright

As my son's chauffeur, I spend more time than I prefer waiting in my car. I was waiting to pick him and a friend up from the movies and needed to use the bathroom. The management their kindly told me that they didn't have public restrooms, and that I should go to Target, for the nearest restroom. They said I needed a movie ticket for their bathroom. I'm not sure if they are inundated with parents needing to use the facilities at 10 pm, or if people go out of their way to use their bathrooms, but I found this unusual and disappointing. Next time I wait outside a theater for my son, it won't be an AMC.

Roy Miller

This is the most dirtiest and filthy movie theatre I’ve ever been to! I’m surprised the health department hasn’t inspected and closed down this facility. The food and drinks are overpriced and tastes awful. The restrooms are disgusting. It made my movie experience unforgettable in a negative way. I’ve frequented this particular theatre many times (due to the close proximity); however, I will be going to a different location in order to enjoy my experience. The customer service is the worse as well!

Tim Shalosky

Been to this place many times for 23 years. Have watched it decline year by year. Expensive, rude staff and dirty. Clearly the 3 to 5 star reviews are staff members. Better value elsewhere.

John Laughlin

Bartender was terrible! Restrooms clean, theater decent. In one area to get butter for popcorn and other items , no salt and one of the butter machines did not work, no help from staff. Will not be back.

chris bolger

The place has great seating and a lot of options for food. I like the pizza and the self service drink machines. You can almost always get a seat. The bar is great with a very friendly bar tender. As with almost all major theatres the concession prices are way above sky hi. I like the place a lot though. However, my main concern is with the staff. They never seem to have enough people and they all have one speed, and that is slower than a tortoise. They never speed up no matter how many people are in line. If a manager can be seen when the lines are long they rarely come and help. The service is friendly, but they need fires set under their butts.

Dolores Slater

Great theater. Love the reserved seats.

Krystal Dickison

Was too difficult just to get a ticket, we left disappointed and unentertained. When we visited this theatre, a lot of their showtimes were incorrect. We were told showings we cancelled or sold out and they suggested to view movie times on the app, as that is more accurate.

Nick Dupelle

Love it have Astubs list. Go least 2 times a week with family.

Roberto Morales

Nice, convenient, did my tickets on line

Lindsay B

AMC stubs is awesome, but this theatre just isn't managed well. Half the time their slushies are out of service, the bar is missing key components to make the few drinks they can, and they shut down most concessions before the 10 o'clock movies even start. (Sitting in the lobby at 9:30 and they barely even have popcorn....) Don't get me wrong, the recliners are awesome. But the service is highly lacking. Tonight I stood up at the counter to get a popcorn refill for 10 minutes while the guy stared at me. I thought maybe he wasn't supposed to be working the popcorn, but then someone else walked up and he helped them. I had to get a different person to help me. As much as that popcorn costs, I expect much better service. All in all, great movies, good theatre, poor service.

Lennox London

This place is a must when going to see a movie. I love the recliner seats and the fact that you can reserve them. Anytime I want to see a movie I’ve always gone here. It’s a fairly clean facility with delicious food and a bar. I love coming here with my friends and family.


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