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REVIEWS OF Regal Union Square ScreenX & 4DX IN New York


yesterday we went to regal union square stadium it was a good choice . the place is awesome , amazing customer service . the movie was good. FUN FUN FUN!!! we will come again soon

Kata K

Been coming here for years. Theater has been for ever. Good seats and choices in movies. Near food places and shopping.

Andy Schwarz

Nice theatre. Clean and comfortable

Rafael Morales

I really enjoy watching a movie here.

Susan Morris

I'm pretty much giving the Joker movie 5 stars not really regal. regal is cool though. Yet that Joker movie was something else. It wont be another movie like that for a long long time. it was simply amazing

Randy Ireland

Theater has not been updated, the lines at the concessions were long and very slow (stood in line for over 20 minutes) and the selection was horrible. I doubt I will be back to this theater any time soon.

MOT Mark

Great place. Large theaters with comfortable seating.

Lexus Vazquez

Super Clean, Great Staff, 4DX experience is pretty cool minus the water depending on movie!

Trevor 1776

Great movie screens but the elevator is slow and very hot .

Cee Jay

Chairs could be better but it's good none the less.

P. M. Henry

I love seeing movies here!! The atmosphere and staff are very nice and approachable. Seats are comfortable and movies areas are usually clean.


Good service and ver clean place.


Great customer service! The movie theater was clean and the snacks were good, but expensive. I wish the seats were upgraded like they are at AMC, but I can see they are doing some construction, so these changes may be underway.

Oprah Blair

Really gooooddd. Comfortable seats, not too much legroom but really kind concession clerks.

car M

Small theater on the old side but cozy..prices in manhattan are super high..18 bucks for a movie?


I loved this theater friendly staff bathroom was spotless and theater was spotless.

Savita Harnarain

It was always a good experience. But not today. Thete was talking behind me n it was annoying.

R. B. Bernstein

Great place to see a movie.

Dean Lambert

Saw the new Joker movie last night and it was freaking amazing. I cant get the movie out of my head. so many questions left. You havent seen it yet, you really should

Murielle Louis

Food is really good but customer service is really bad!! They are so disrespectful and I do not recommend coming here.

Jean-baptiste Guillemot

Clean and confortable cinema. Prices seems to be ok for the US but clearly expensive for us Europeans. The quality of audio and video was great.

Fiona Campbell

It was clean. People were polite. I didnt buy anything so I cant tell you if their food is good. But their workers are cool a gentleman walked me to weary theater was because it was like up a ramp and around the corner.....

Robin Jackson

Great movie day. Off beat afternoon while kids are out this week for president's week. No crowds to enter or concession.

Edward G

Watched some 4dX movies here, Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame. Great experience everytime, and very easy to find the room you belong in.

tania morales

I love coming for the 4D movies. They have great service.

Mike Lampon

Impressive and excellent auditorium featuring outstanding sound for films. Very courteous staff.

Ladie Erica

It's nice, I guess. I did enjoyed my movie. The seats are a bit out dated. I've been to wayyyy more comfortable movie theaters with leather and reclining seats for the same if not, cheaper prices. (Shurgs)

Naamah Tapp

Clean and big. Has a wide variety of movies. I saw Aladdin in 4xd and it was like riding a magical roller coaster at Disney!!

Charlenee HR

My bf and i love this theatre! Our fav!

Janice Mitchell

Construction going on right in back of theater 2 viewing "Midsommer". The vibrations from the drilling could be felt under my feet, and the drilling sound was so loud I couldn't hear much of the dialogue! Several people got up to complain so I figured I'd wait and see if anything got done. Finally I couldn't stand it, and went to speak to the manager. She was out there speaking to several customers that had come out. She did not seem particularly appologetic and in fact was more defensive. Said she couldn't do anything about the scheduling of construction. Today, I see they have a small innocuous notice on the theater's website about the construction, but not on Fandango where I bought my ticket. Why in the world they would show a film in that particular theater#2 is beyond me. The manager seemed to need to speak to yet another person for permussion to refund tickets, which she did. Awful experience.

Graham Short

It use to be the best cinema around, not that any more. Seats are comfortable, the selection of movies has changed. Last time I went during the day I was asked for $28 -I protested the price and I was told it’s in 4D

Jared Morrison

This is a very nice movie theater. I really enjoy watching movies here especially since you are able to select your seating. I'm always coming here with my friends and it's a great place to take a date.

moonchild sky

Close to most train stations at 14 St.Union Square very comfortably. I have been coming here for years and its still good.

Jorge Avila

Rarely come here but great 4DX theater.

Ceecee Jean

I love going to regal movie theater Its clean I wish they had reclining seats though, other then that i have no complaints I haven't been to the movies in awhile but I'll be going soon.


This seems to be a problem at every regal I go to. Having a direct number posted when it doesn't lead you directly to talk to an employee or manager is misleading. I had several questions that needed to be answered ASAP and was unable to do so because of this issue.


This place 4D movies are amazing. It feels like an amusement ride.

Roush Stacy

Just one word that this place describe AMAZING.

Keith Singh

Never had a problem in this theater. it can get crazy at times but still worth it. A must go to to watch any movie currently out.

Herman King

I really enjoyed the movie. I went with my church. My experience was good. I hope to return again

Demar Ayee

Not my favorite movie theatre. If you want a more relaxing experience, with reclinable seats, go to the Regal theatre at Times Square. I believe it’s the same price and only 2 stops on the Q (and N during the weekday). The food is overpriced as well, so perhaps bring your own snack if you find are on a budget. There’s a Duane Reade near-bye and a Whole Foods as well. As for the theatre, the screen size is okay. For someone with long legs, it might not be very comfortable. Though, you can reserve seats in advanced, which is a plus of Regal. Again, the Regal at Times Square is more comfortable. Given the price of tickets, you might expect more.

Paulina Makrillos

Great theaters, great way to make it a day my visiting the Max Bremner or French bakery across street for brunch!

Dayana Luque

The rewards program is awesome and this theater specifically is very big which makes the experience of going to watch a movie way better than let’s say in Queens!

Clifford Parmeter

Excellent experience. Commissary lines are really tough, but the staff is very good.

K Davis

Not the greatest but not bad either. A lot of construction going on at the moment so the appearance leaves a lot to be desired. However, this did not detract from the viewing experience.

Dennis Wright

Very clean n the screens are awesome, chairs are comfortable.

Luis Santos Jr

Thank The Good Lord Jesus for another day. I stop going to movie theaters for years now Especially now you can get the movies free. My experience the time I use to go ticket price 2 Cleaness 3 Customer service 4

Ally Liu

Best location, yet inside a bit old, leg room could increase a bit.

Alex Mckenzie

Last time i went there. I saw spiderman far from home in 4dx..... totally worth it. That is the definitive way to watch an action movie. However, At the end there was a fan that just couldn't seem to turn off which was loud and taking away from the movie. All in all, a good experience

Nikki Goode

Great theater! Love the 4DX. Absolutely worth it!

Donna Me

There concession stand is ridiculouly priced for the offers no deals. Who needs free refills on large items. Saw 4d Captain Marvel But couldnt turn off the water even tho it was supposed to be an option plus buttons were sticky but bathroom and floors were clean. If i didnt enjoy 4d movie and experience, they wouls not be worth it

jeff goldberg

Stadium seating. Clean. Fairly comfortable seats. Nice staff at food service area.

H Xi

Tickets pick up and entry is very smooth, the 3D theater experience is however, terrible. The tech is out so many years, and they still can’t make it bright. When you put the goggles on, it’s like watching a film in a dark theater with sun glasses on. You can hardly see things. That kinda ruins the film experience for me.

Christian De Leon

Love this place! Comfortable seats!

Brandon Demetrios

Went here to watch a ScreenX movie. I must say that it's just a normal theater with the walls projecting images about 35% of the time. The rest of the time you're watching in a regular small screen theater, not work the price in my opinion until the make the main screen wider.

Phil K

Construction noises throughout the film, JACKHAMMER SO LOUD IT DROWNED OUT DIALOGUE. DO NOT GO.

Rhonda S

VERY DISAPPOINTING!!! STAFF MEMEBER WAS RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, POORLY TRAINNED, ARGUMENTATIVE AND DISRESPECTFUL! I just finished watching film (last show of the evening for that particular film) needed to change my shoes from heels to flats so, I placed my purse on the bench in sitting area located on side of theater, in plain sight of ALL, took a bag brown out of my purse which contained an EMPTY plastic container that I had in my purse upon arrival from lunch I had earlier that day. I took container out, placed on the bench then placed my heels inside the brown bag, next, placed plastic container in my purse so I can carry my shoes in a separate bag(brown bag) and all other stuff in my purse. Seems simple, not breaking any rules, a lady simply changing out of high heels, in PLAIN SIGHT, ALL CAN SEE because I'm leaving the theater and want to walk in flats. Well, it turned HORRIBE causing me to become anxious and very upset. The terrible, poorly trained staff member approached me in an aggressive, nasty manner, telling me food isn't allowed and he has the right to look in my bag to search... I informed him by saying, I was just changing my shoes, placed my items on sit in order for me to get myself situated so I can exit and go on with my evening, OH, AGAIN, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, I WAS LEAVING THE THEATER NOT ENTERING. The young man continued to argue and disrespect me while walking closer to me in my personal space. Okay, so when and where is this EVER acceptable? I spoke to the manager to inform him of his staff's behavior and although the manager was very apologetic, it still was very disturbing that know REGAL CINEMAS would have such poorly trained, unprofessional people working for their company. Had the staff member been trained properly, he would have observed and assessed the entire situation before approaching me. Once again, show let out, everyone was exiting, last show of the evening for particular film, theater was being cleaned, I walked to bench to simply change my shoes but nope, Regel Cinemas hire unqualified people with no type of customer service/ people skills. This is the WORST experience I've ever had at any cinema, ruining the enjoyment of film I just watched and my evening going home. I WILL NEVER COME HERE AGAIN! The only reason I give 1 star is because the site will not allow you to post unless you give a star.

Stacey Silva

The popcorn was so good it was so good u should go and relax there with ur popcorn and soda

Wanda Rivera

It smell and some of the chairs were dirty. The employee are very nice

Rajak Bejok

It's nice

Shawn G

This may be my last time there ever. They have a ridiculous new policy about no glass. I can understand if it's a glass bottle like Snapple, but I had a shatter proof Pyrex lunch box that was empty, in a plastic bag, inside my book bag, which is cushioned on all 4 walls, and they still said no. I asked if they can just hold it for me, they said no and to speak with the box office, who said you can either throw it out or we can give you a refund. I asked if I can just leave it here and pick it up later when I exit. They said no. Zero customer service. Corporate needs a 101 course in being flexible. Why not ban my phone too? What about my glasses?? It's made of glass...


Had some leftover food from a diner so the manager refused to let me in. Absolutely ridiculous. Terrible management and establishment.

Valerie Canselo

Love the place n enjoy the movies there

John II

Went saw Avengers: End Game. Ticket too expensive. More kiosks than human employees. Forced me to assign seats at purchase yet others weren't abiding by it in theatre. Popcorn and soda was too expensive and not all that tasty.

Alex Golshani

Dirty, messy sticky floors smelly seats. The staff is not very helpful if you ever have an issue. There's always some theater employee walking in the line of sight with a bright flash light for some reason.

Dr. Ebonychu Brown

Renovations in progress makes it a bit inconvenient.

ray gable

Thwas the biggest small theater I've been to in 30 years. Imagine, 7movie theaters first class place to see the best movies, food, security, accessibility on 13st, Broadway. I'm bringing my Grandkids next time.

Jay Pitchforth

Over priced $18 for a ticket and $8 for drink, seats very scruffy, the staff were nice that saved it from 1 star rating. I wouldn't bother going many more cinema's in the area that are not so dated.

Gary Roth

How would YOU except a theater in Manhattan to be, plush & expensive @

Luci Law

This place gives me good vibes. My secret hide out. The only environment where the employees do not trigger my claustrophobia or anxiety, with tacky social skills.

Stevenson Jones

The Best Movie Experience Ever, once you go 4D you dont want nothing else

Brooklyn Nimoh

It looks like it's currently under renovations so was hard to find where to purchase ticket but customer service once I did find the entrance and where to purchase tickets was very helpful!

Carel VDL

Good small movie theater better than they use to be

Issa Khari Ifé

Not my first choice for a seeing a movie... But not the worst!

Steve Springer

A real fun movie experience. Our first time in seats that felt like a ride at Disneyland

Amy Grech

This is one of my go-to movie theaters in Manhattan. The Staff is friendly and the theater is modern. My only gripe: Ticket Kiosks. No!!

Carolyn Lang.

The bathrooms was clean the service was great and the prices wasn't overly charged.will go the again.

Wesley Ketcher

Overall it's fine. Fold down chairs are a little uncomfortable and rows are close together so when people get up you feel it. Screens and sound are fine :)

Saras Asnani

Watching a movie could be either a + or - adventure! It's Union square so we get all the nuts, and fruit cakes , and young people that could lonely, tippsy, or whatever! There's also a mature adult and family crowd. And also a superficial crowd. It's like all the different cereals from the cereal aisle into one single bowl, and you never know what you get more off.

Emma Browne

Friendly staff, Okay seats, very cold air-con

Tony Gonzalez

Saw captain marvel here and it was great was clean bathrooms where clean and movie was great 4dx chairs are the best

Nicolai Custodio

4dx Theater was not cleaned properly before the movie; However, sound quality, seats, and screen clarity was excellent. Staff is courteous and kind.


two things, in my opinion, makes this place worth while: it's Regal Cinema & two of their auditoriums have balconies...! however, on the negative side: i do not like 4DX...i think it's annoying especially during previews & trailers. they should find a way to turn them off during that time cause when the film starts it becomes "blah"! the next time i visit there to see a 4DX film, i'm not sitting till the film starts...then again, i could be the only one.

Eliseo Mosso

Found bedbugs on our seats even after moving 3 times. This was in theater 4 and after talking to the manager he simply told us that they hadn’t gotten any complaints in a year; essentially trying to dismiss the issue at hand. Will not be coming back.

Lola Heffernan

Nice movie theater. I love that you can choose your seats when you get tickets online so you don't have to arrive super early. Extremely convenient location

mani talich

Movie time is 1330, starts at 1355. U can't have 20-25 minutes of trailer. Popcorn caramel for almost 8 $, loot I have to say. Staff is nice n helpful. Need more posters of each movie being played so impulse watcher doesn't have to go online to see movie.

Damian McGregor

Enjoyed my movie, a little cold inside auditorium but good. It was unusually empty in the building for late Saturday night movie though.

Kendrick Trevino

Saw Jojo Rabbit over the weekend and it was hilarious. I usually would have to come to Regal, since it seems like they actually have the best tasting popcorn. Just this place get super packed certain nights.

Vanessa R


Julissa Contreras

I like this movie theater. The place is always clean and the seats are very comfortable.

Lindsay Mirsky

Regal union square movie 14thst theater is a great movie theater to watch movies in, you can watch the movies in 3D, and regular imax watch to. I haven't been to this theater in long time. This theater is very spacious, nice, very comfortable, roomy, and definitely relaxing to. The picture and quality are extremely very good to see any movie. I love the popcorn and pretzels bites they are really good. This theater is also very convenient to get to with the trains you can take 4, 5, 6 train to union square station and walk up one block.

Dave R

Love the theater ambience and experiencing the movies in 4DX can't be beat (if that's your thing of course). Almost like a roller coaster. Other than that, its your standard multiplex.

Jamaal Erskine

4DX for the first time! John Wick 3. Amazing combination!!

Shilpa Singh

The trip to the theater for Aladdin 4D was a total bummer!! We had booked tickets through Atom for Aladdin in 4D for May 28th a week in advance. We drove from NJ to the City especially for this and had planned the entire evening around this. On reaching the theater we were told that Regal Union Square Stadium 14 was not playing the movie at all. I feel that it was very IRRESPONSIBLE of the theater management for not letting the customers know that your theater did not get the movie rights and will not be playing the movie in 4D, as what i understand, you must have the details of the customers that book tickets online! We were refunded for the tickets purchased, in a very unapologetic manner!! It was a very unprofessional thing to do. I also called up Atom Customer care later to let them know that the movie isn't being played at this theater, (thinking at least I should inform them to verify the showtimes/availability of Aladdin 4D with you guys before selling anymore tickets, as tickets were still being sold on Atom for a 9.30 pm show for Aladdin 4D despite not playing it!) Hey! one of us had to act "RESPONSIBLE"!! :)

Dorian Newton

The movie was great n awesome experience enjoyed it immensely... Must do that again soon.

Ron Garrander

I got ripped off here today at the concession stand. After politely refusing the deal of the day and then refusing (also politely) to upgrade from a small to a medium soda, the cashier asked me if I wanted to donate to charity by making the dollar amount charged to my card an even amount. I agreed. Then I realized that I was charged more for this transaction than i had been charged the previous evening for the same purchase (although I bought a small soda today instead of a medium, as I had done yesterday). The cashier saw me raise an eyebrow to the amount and asked me to verify that I wanted a small soda, which i did and which she then gave me. Checking my receipt when I got home i see that she charged me for a small popcorn instead of a soda. So she made her quota today at my expense. Not going back there again.

ziko basta

One of my favorite spot,always clean,prices are good,the atmosphere is nice but the cashiers in the stands are not that friendly or helpful

Cait S

This movie theatre is very nice. It was clean, there was good seating and the place itself is nice

Tim Del Chiaro

Only been there one time but they had no previews, started the movie about 20 minutes late, then started playing the non-3D version for 10 minutes, then stopped that, then finally started the correct 3D version. Also long bathroom lines because the restroom is badly designed.

kasnif pierre

Best movie theater to me. Easy for me to get to and from. Clean, pleasant staff and management always on point.

Matthias W

Decent cinema. Nothing to get excited about, but cinemas rarely are. The seats are great, the tech is good, so there‘s nothing to complain about.

Michelle Hernandez

Lots of theaters, movie choices and showtimes. Kiosks for purchasing tickets, clean.

D Duncan

Good seats but cold popcorn for the past 20 years.

Brenda Gonzalez

The experience was awesome! When it rained in the movie, I felt the rain in the theater! The chairs moved when there was a car crash. Loved it!

Roberta Love

The theater is under construction so exchanging my voucher for a ticket was slightly annoying but it's fine. It doesn't have the fancy reclining seats (yet, I'm assuming that's why the theater is under construction), but the viewing was fine.

Eric Gleixner

As modern as it gets. Apparently you can pay on line before you get there. A bit of time culture shock for an old dude like me. Wow.

Tracy Mckeever

The theater is currently under construction. The seats definitely need remodeling.

Ryan Red

Very cozy, great view for the movie. Loved the seating arrangement

Manuel Estevez

Best movie theater hands down. This place is never packed. The prices are reasonable. it is very sanitary and looks welcoming. This place has comfortable seats. It has a great variety of movie experience.


Enhanced Spiderman movie! 4XD!

Michele Weston

Great location, clean theatre with super places to grab a bite in the area

Mia Abigail

Wish you can reserve seats but it's not bad.

Erica Y

Staff not friendly but....I love this movie theater. Fantastic air conditioning. Old fashioned seats but they move. Smaller theater with good picture and sound. Clean. Nice neighborhood. Not too many children or obnoxious teenagers. Expensive but worth it.

Brian Samuel Opati

Amazing theater experience. Worth a visit if you're ever in the area

Seravin Behnken

Saw John Wick 3 in 4DX. If you haven't done 4DX yet, do it. You won't be disappointed.

Ed Skinner

They show good movies.

Greg Orenstein

When the screens are nice the theater itself is lacking the modern amenities that other theaters in the area offer like recliner seats.

Eric L

One of my favorite theaters to visit.

Mark B Borg Jr

We love this place. We've been taking our kids to see movies here since--well, for their whole lives. The 4DX is amazing, and--though not cheap--is good for a bonus thrill now and again. Prior to kids there were dates there, and now--every once in a great who--we do get to slip out for a que romantico date-night to Regal Union Square. A blast!!!

Shadi Jafari

I go there often because it is close but there are way better movie theaters. The staff are very nice and polite and helping though.


Not bad. pretty clean. I liked it

Horst Violetta

Wanted to see Joker in 4DX, but I don't think they made the film available to watch in that option. Yet it was still great movie experience. Regal is my come to spot to watch all the new films that comes out. I'm a huge fan of this location set up.

Percy Holmes

I always enjoy going to this movie theater. The theater is always clean and the staff is very friendly. I also like the fact that they always have the snacks I love.

Alrick collins Sr.

I love the feel of being in a classic movie theater

Donna Lanier

The theatre was nice, however the customer service was terrible. Tickets for the 4D movie were purchased online ( something we've done quite a bit) charged to my bank but never received the tickets via email ( my usual mode). When this was brought to the manger's attention he was unable to give us tickets or refund the money. Now I have to deal with the bank!

Darvel Charles

I bought tickets to see the bumblebee movie I was really looking forward to seeing this movie I had a easy time buying popcorn and a Drink(there was no line) when I got into the theater it was empty which is a score in my book but I noticed there was a funky smell but that’s not what sent me out the door.... as I was sitting down eating popcorn waiting for the movie to start I saw mice running down the aisle then I saw one crawling up the wall I went and told the manager he didnt seem apologetic at all just gave me a refund and said have a good day I guess this is a norm for this theater ... I’m still waiting to see the money come back to my account but that’s a shame ....

Arantza Sanchez

Food taste very bad, employees are not polite and hospitable, not coming back

Dee Lou

Really liked the lay out, the staff I encountered were extremely helpful and had great energy. The theatre itself was really nice. The only bad thing was when I walked into the lobby it smelled like a dumpster.

Marlou PeY

Loved that there is reserved seating. The chairs are nicely cushioned and can recline.

Davey Parekh

Very good cinema. Excellent atmosphere and all the seats recline. Good selection of food and drinks in the foyer.

Charisse E. Howell

I missed 45 min of my movie waiting online at the concession stand! Service was slow and the cashiers has no motivation to try and move the lines along smh I guess I should go back to sneaking food in!

Jay H

Great services, environment, staff and location

Yohanny de los Santos

No leg room what so ever. Horrible, people to get by will squeeze thru..

John G.

Very clean & nice, Great experience. Watched Shazam (aka Captain Marvel)


Solid theater. Prices are a bit high and the seats were not too comfy. However visual and audio quality was good.

Juliet Iskowitz

An amazing theater in an amazing location right in union square. Lovely seats i saw my first 4d movie here and will 100% go back for more showings! Looking foward to more great films shown in 4d and screenx :)

Kathy Crespo -Jusino

It is the most comfortable theatre

Laura McCormack

Really liked this theater... clean, comfortable seats, pleasant staff, ... nice experience :-)

Jessica Seda

Everyone was so friendly and it was clean.

Jane Leung

This location is convenient to public transportation. It's staff is friendly & courteous. The theater is kept clean & so are the restrooms. Depending on the time you sometimes there is a little bit of a wait at concession stand because there is only one person taking orders. So if you are getting snacks should try to get there earlier before your Showtime.

Trey Writer

My face, except now they check bags and make u buy assigned seats, womp, still my fave spot tho. Has one of the most non ratchet crowds in the city movie venues. Great for dates with tons of places to venture close by.

Constance A

I purchased my movie ticket via atom app. So all I had to do was go to the kiosk to print it out. I didn't buy any snack so I did not have to deal with many of staff there. My bag was searched upon entering the theater and I was given 3D glasses. This was my first 4DX experience. If you never experienced before, it may be overwhelming for sensitive people. You will get squirt in the face with water (which you can turn off if you want), you seat will shake rapidly, cold air will fill the air, and the sound system can be overwhelming. All of this is based on the scenes of the movie. I saw Spiderman: Long Away From Home and as a action movie, you can imagine how much my seat was shaking during the fighting season. It was an awesome experience. I highly recommend experiencing 4DX at least once.

mari p

Clean not too noisy. Update. Was in theater 3 I think with The 4x. And saw a mouse

Danyal McRae



Clean and well run by movie theater standards. Very good service at the snack counters, and clean theaters always. I've been to this theater dozens of times and never had a bad experience with the staff. The *only* possible negative aspect about this theater is that because it's so popular and centrally-located, it tends to attract people who don't love movie culture quite so much, those who maybe don't turn their phones off, or talk during the movie. But that's Regals fault, so it's still a great theater.

Haneef S.

Preorder your food online and skip the lines

Jacqueline Johnson

I was looking for the outlet and ended up here. lol but the people were nice

Edwin Quinones

This theater is my favorite of all the regal theaters I go to in the city its located in a good location everything you can want is on union square this theater is well kept and always clean by the staff they're very professional & helpful if you need they're assistance for anything you need the managers are always around to help as well they always show great movies here I've been coming to this theater for 15 yrs seen all types of movies here I usually bring my family friends or a date if not I come alone this is a theater I recommend to anyone to come bring the kids too or teens they always have animated movies playing here most of the time bring fronds family or your dates its a great experience coming and its fun too


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