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Where is Regal Essex Crossing & RPX?

REVIEWS OF Regal Essex Crossing & RPX IN New York

Cheri Pi

Lounge meets bar meets movie theater with fully reclining seats and moveable food trays. Concession hot food on point as well...that spicy chicken sandwich is everything!

Kata K

Love this theater. Hope the service and quality stays the same!!!! Great seats and sound system

Rosemarie Johnston

Very comfortable recliners, plenty of seating to wait for your movie start and old movie theater candy counter and popcorn machine. Great surround sound that shakes your seat, making an action movie more enjoyable. A great new neighborhood addition.

Daniel Tise

Awesome theater. It's clean, comfortable seats, even a personal mini tabletop. I recommend this theater if you want a great experience.

C Stbernard

Very nice. It is a added plus when Regal replies to your review. I took my 88 year old dad and my daughter. To see Hobbs and Shaw. He loved the reclining seats. And my 27 year daughter liked that their was a bar. (Lol) I'm simple old school popcorn and a slurpee. Thanks for taking the time to reply to all your reviews. It shows you care. We will probably see Gemini man, Harriet, 47 down below, Angel has fallen. For us it's just a B32 bus ride over the bridge. ;-) thanks again.

Tiffany Hut.

Very nice!!comfy!! good food choices. The pretzels are yummy and bathrooms were clean.

praveen kumar

Great sound with Reclining seats. Awesome experience!


Had such a great time ! Went to see The Lion King and i must say i was not disappointed what so ever, with both the movie and the theater. I didn't even know they sold Drinks here

Ellen Mah

Great space with awesome new bar with insanely affordable prices and big food menu. The staff is an amazing team of friendly, happy, and professional people.

Shawn Espinoza

Brand new theater has a great look to it. The seats are mechanical recliners that have a swivel tray for your goods. Very comfy but on the chilly side, which is fine for me. I’d rather be chilly than hot in a theater. So if you get cold easily, be sure to have a light sweater with you.

brian vendel

Clean, great service, comfortable electric chairs

Jigga Ford

This my new movie spot the place super clean and the staff was very nice I would recommend all my friends to go and enjoy

Shante Cruz

Came with my husband to see caption marvel it was great. But I want to go see the end game but I wish I knew how big are the seats. So that way I can know if a family member of mines can come and enjoy this wonderful movie theater with me n my husband.

Christopher Kirk-Nielsen

I've been here a couple of times with my wife and it's been a great experience both times. The staff is very friendly, especially Taylor who checks your tickets at the entrance — he is the sweetest person. Both screenings were excellent in terms of sounds and picture. I also appreciate the smaller rooms with greater comfort in general. The adjustable seats are comfortable (who doesn't like putting their feet up for a movie?) and the tray tables, while a bit sticky on some spots, aren't in the way. Movie tickets are generally $18 for an adult, which is a bit pricey but the seats are worth it, over traditional screening rooms with twice as many people and basic seats. A solid experience so far, which I hope won't degrade over time when the "new"-factor fades away.

Andy Philip

Great place to catch a movie. Stadium seating and reclining seats.

Kim watkins watkins

This is a really great theater. It was clean n the food was delicious. I saw Anna there and the crowd was good. I like the free refill on the large popcorn. The seats were the best. staff was very friendly n helpful. I can't wait to come and see more shows there. It is a really well design place.

Nerchavah Yisrael

Place is very nice, reclining seats with table to place food and drinks

Rudy Gonzalez

Great theater nice location amazing food awesome, definitely going back again and again and again.

Maggie Choong

I went in for captain marvels at 10:30 am on a Sunday and the staffs were cordial and helpful. Theater itself was pretty nice and the recliners are also pretty comfy. One complain is that the seats and tables are dirty. They should have clean the theater before they open up for the next movie. They also do not have any soap in the bathroom that I was in, maybe they have some in other bathrooms.

Amazin Ace

Beautiful and on the previews of other movies your able to play around because they have games for everyone.

Danny Castillo

Close to the train station good and comfortable seats quick service at the concession stand

Hipolito Romero

Finally the Lower East Side has a quality movie theatre again on historic Delancey Street! Has recliner chair theatres, patron lounges and scenic waiting areas as well as a bar!

Timothy Kim

Real clean. Accessible location. Comfortable seating. Haven’t tried the food and don’t plan on it. When I asked for extra butter, the guy filled half the bag, covered it in butter, then filled the rest of the bag and buttered again. Color me impressed. I go here like twice a month now, glad it’s so close to the FMJZ lines. Please play more old movies and do special screenings! Really liked that Tarantino films were going on over the summer.

Ann N

Nice theater. Good drinks

Zack Young

Nice theater, save for the sub-zero summer temperatures inside. Good for the first half hour, hypothermia vibes after that.

Hector Pujols

The visual of the building outside replicates how great it looks inside. With a diverse menu of options, it's a great theater to go to. However, first row seating is directly under the screen (from the theater room I was in), so dont purchase front row tickets (unless you really want to).

Edward Brady

What's not to like about a brand new theater with reclining seats that you can reserve before the show begins? The theater is spotless clean as everything is brand new. I saw "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood" and I think I will be returning to watch it again there.

Solora C

Expensive but it's a very nice theatre with reclining seats. The staff is very nice also. I'm in a wheelchair for now and have visited the theatre twice and both times the staff has been very helpful to me.

Arok Nur

Clean. Air Conditioned. Very courteous and professional staff. Oh yeah and the snack counter is stocked quite nicely. Personally, I have yet to try the cheesy nachos but I look forward to them.

Bartosz Jaworski

It drives me crazy that they check bags here. This is the only movie theater chain (Regal) that still checks bags in NYC. If you don't want people to sneak snacks in, have better snacks at competitive prices. I didn't even have anything in my bag but its just annoying, I don't go to the movies to be treated like a prisoner. Otherwise its a regular theater with recliners and the standard overpriced popcorn/candy/soda concessionaire type food. They should take a cue from Alamo and actually have decent food that is relatively worth the money available.

Mister Gee

Staff including Managers regularly violate the Americans With Disability Act. They harass people with service animals asking for ID and documentation, saying they need vests (completely false), and ask what's wrong with a person that they need a dog. Further, they are completely inept when it comes to knowledge of the Regal app. They note they are not required to know how to use it. They also do not know their customer base as repeat clients are asked to show the app multiples times. The Manager accepts absolutely no responsibility for how poorly the establishment is run and never apologizes for the ride behavior. I have asked multiple times for corporate contact information or the Head Manager contact and the evening Manager dodges and does not provide. Further, some of the security, not all, are very aggressive. Additionally, the snack bar is regularly out of one thing or another. My last three nights of entertainment and relaxation have been completely ruined and my anxiety and blood pressure have been through the roof due in part to a total lack of human kindness, caring, and regard.

B'Bridge Beauty

I Love the New Regal Essex movie theater, the reclining chairs are a BIG ++++ & Leather comfy chairs in the whole theater, while You wait are the best thing since sliced bread...My new movie location, for sure, I just wish there was a 4DX theater @ this location...

Jessica Tezen

Great new movie theater. The space is clean, the staff is friendly and the reclining leather seats are wonderful! They have a new bar inside that also opened and they also have a non gender bathroom, along with gendered bathrooms.


Instantly became my new favorite theater. I hope they never let it slip. Customer service was excellent. The installations were excellent. Reclining seats, an expanded menu, a bar to kill time before movies, cool lounging areas.

Felix Espinosa

Best movie theater I went to in years. Makes me happy to go back to the movies

Kevin Zeng

Hmm I thought I wrote something while waiting on the couch at their second floor. Yes couches in a movie theater waiting area. How crazy??!! Then after the movie, I saw a few kids sleeping there. I guess thats the side effects if you leave couches everywhere. This place is the new regal movie center downtown. I love it. Close to my train home and train from work. With M, J, Z and F train, it's a perfect location for under serviced neighborhood in Brooklyn and downtown. Beside that, this is only of those theater with the super nice couch in the movie which might cost a few dollar more. Then why would I want to watch a movie in an airplane chair? I do that on my budget airline if I desire. Maybe its the time we arrive, Friday night at 6pm. The line to the popcorn and soda and all the ripoff candies is super short like no wait. We skipped that thou and went straight to the movie. The couch is super nice and reserve seat is a bonus. I am surprised being so close to Chinatown and no one sneaked an order of dumpling into the theater. Challenge accepted!!

Vanessa Reyes

Just gorgeous! Best food! The tacos are really great!

Christina Reyes-Rodriguez

The theater has comfortable seats. Kids pack (popcorn, fruit snack, and drink)should be in a closed box. Kids are clumsy and can drop the open container where the popcorn it just throw in there with out a bag, it just looks messy and difficult to carry.


I love this new Regal theater location. I found it opened about a month ago. I've already visited twice in one week. The staff very friendly from the ticket takers, concession stands and even security. The reclining seats and great tasting popcorn is a plus. The train station 500 feet from the theater. This is my new favorite spot next to Regal Battery Park. Can't wait to return back

Ilan Hall

Incredible experience. Most comfortable seats. Excellent service. Everyone is warm and inviting. Scott and Chanel are awesome. I’ll be back often.


Beautiful building, great lounge, and great comfortable adjustable seats so you can literally may back and enjoy movies on the big screen. Show some friends or a date a good time. Also great locations, just off the subway, you can eat dinner before hand and go or even after if your night isn't done.

carlos borges

I really enjoyed watching a movie here. You get about a pint and a half of beer for 12 bucks that you can enjoy at your seat. The theater is new. The seats recline. What's not to like.

Michael Cummins

It’s a beautiful cinema (views are great!) and very spacious. It’s great to have all the bells and whistles like a small table and reclining etc.. but it’s expensive. $17.50 for an adult - if it was $15 that would be ok...but not that reflective of the communities in the area. Maybe they need to run midday matinees at a cheaper rate as most of the theatres are dead empty during the day. Staff are AMAZING!!!! Genuinely nice and friendly. Makes such a difference (that alone earns the review a ‘star’).

Pedro Marrero

Great place, comfortable seating, recently built theater.


New, clean, friendly staff and great places to eat around the neighborhood. And the big plus for my family is that we can always find parking around the area.

Jason Silverstein

Very impressive, state of the art theater. Clean, comfortable, and really polite staff. Saw Avengers Endgame there and it was a terrific experience. I don't go to the movies often but when I do go again, I'll return to this theater.

Cirtrondon Legrand

Nice movie theater to go to. It has go wonderful environment

Kirstin Jamieson

I have never been so cold during a movie in my life! Your air conditioning is way too high. Even men were complaining about how cold they were. Turn the heating up or provide blankets.

Robert Nikolai

The interior design looks cool, but the tickets are really expensive. The theater chairs are very comfortable recliners, but I don't believe they are worth the ticket hike.

Jon Grabelle Herrmann

Great theater, if for no other reason that it's a few blocks from my apartment! The staff seem trained to be extra friendly. The interior design has tons of screens and feels like a black box theater.

Karla Estevez

Love this theater!! Chairs recline back and good food.

darren ingram

I loved it here in the past as it was always empty. Others are now finding out it's not crowded as well, still, one of my favorite spots.

Brandon Demetrios

Beautiful brand new theater that had more staff than I've ever seen in a movie theater. Unfortunately the theater that was showing our movie had no working AC. But the manager refunded our tickets no problem. Still wish I could've enjoyed a movie there

Benjamin's Life

Excellent facility and fantastic location makes this a perfect option for watching movies on the big screen. This movie theatre has the appeal of theatre that reside in upper to midtown Manhattan. The facility in general has a high end feel throughout but the actually screening rooms are plush and make you feel as if they are premium in every manner with comfortable reclining seats. The food options here are nicely organized as well. I ordered the pizza which came with a side of waffle fries.

Justin Space

Pretty cool. The theater itself looks futuristic. Saw Godzilla and Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and the screen looks fantastic. The black levels are almost on par with OLED TVs. The seats also recline and have a movable food tray.

Boris Semkhayev

Once they get doritos nachos it'll be 5 stars :)

Dan Foley

My favorite of the local Regals. Screens are small, but very clean and comfortable.

Carlita Salazar

The seats are soooo comfortable. This is my new favorite theater.

Dmp Nyc

Bought a ticket last min to a movie , had a bag with me , no where did it say when I was buying a ticket they they would look through your bag , if you had bought avocados or any grocery they will go through your bag and tell you you need to eat it or throw it out . I said it was the first time being at this location and maybe they could hold it or I would show my bag on way out , that wasn’t good enough had to toss my groceries to not waste a ticket. Talked to a manager who could care less and said weapons was why they checked bags , I informed him that the girl behind purse wasn’t check and he couldn’t explain that , the whole time he seemed uneasy and trying to walk away from an explanation if your a manager just stand there and listen that’s your job ? Overpriced and over reach at this location not every movie theater feels the need to distrust their customers


This Regal Theater has one of the best people working there. They are helpful and Friendly. The place is So Clean. Thank you for hiring such a Wonderful group of people. We need people like them to be in our neighborhood.

dark wind

Great theater but the other regal theatres like UA sheepshead is better

QingYan Zhen

The chair was so comfortable that u can lay down like a bed. The environment is clean and nice

Justin Rodriguez

By far the best, most efficient, clean and organized theater I have been to. This theater very well designed physically and functionally. There is no other in the area the will grant you service and cleanliness like this one.

anaseini katoa

This theater has the hook up! Leather reclining seats that go all the way back and there's so much room that you're not in the way of the folks behind or in front of you. Each seat also has a swivel tray so you can have your food in front if you on the tray and not in your lap. The seats are also spaced out so well that I can see over the dude's head in the seat in front of me. Fantastic selection of food and snacks! They got churros which won me over immediately. Bathrooms are clean. I've found my new home movie theater!

Cyn Cee

Every time I visit this theater I am always disappointed by the experience I have at the concession stand. I don't understand why they NEVER have Cheetos popcorn! That is the only reason I decide to go to Regal over AMC and every time I ask management they indifferently tell me its because "no one made it". No other Regal location does this! If you advertise an item it should be available to your customers!

Joel Etheridge

Great spacious and clean theater. Conveniently right upstairs from J/M/F station!

kayla louis

Really liked it, very comfortable seats, popcorn was yummy

Tommy Chen

New Regal theater adjacent to the new Essex Market in lower Manhattan. It spans 4 floors with a small waiting area on the second floor with seats and tables. Being new, everything is still very clean. The staff is mostly friendly, especially the crew that works the box office. The seats are very comfortable leather recliners with a swiveling table. You choose your seats at the time of ticket purchase.

Martin Escobar

Amazing the future of movie going is here and it's great


Nice place I would go there again. It's close to home, within walking distance. The reclining chairs are excellent, very comfortable.

David Velandia

I always have a great time at this theater. This time the sofa from the show "Friends" was there with a central perk backdrop so you can take pictures. It was awesome

Dani Gamer

U could lay down dont know any other thaeters that does that

Cindy Ortiz

First time going to this location. Staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Very clean location and lots of stuff to eat on the menu

OX Miruku

Super friendly staffs and clean/comfortable theater. Now my fav theater in the city.

Kevin Chao

Is it just me or is it not normal for a movie screen to be blank 30min past the start time? For a hot second I thought Disney’s Aladdin might be so avant-garde that I just didn’t get it but then I realized the screen is just off! What the heck! Pretty strange behavior for a theater if you ask me. Not sure I’d recommend seeing a movie here unless you like being in the environment of a theater but with all the lights on and no movie.

Robert Spight

This is a REALLY NICE theater!! The RPX experience was exceptional! The staff were very courteous, helpful and engaging. Got the opportunity to watch John Wick 3 and the sound effects were so good, you could feel the impact of the gunshots through the seats!!! Highly recommend this theatre experience!!

Theresa Nyamekye

I live in the neighborhood and am so glad they have a nice theater. It was very quick and efficient to get tickets and the concession line went very quickly. Chairs are recliner and comfy just the way I like. Everything is clean and new for now. Also they have an area if you want to get real food and drinks. Nice place.

Xiao-fang Ruan

I really liked the theater. It's new and spacious interior with reclining chairs makes for a pretty good experience. Not to mention the staff are super friendly . Actually stayed a little after the movie to speak to one of them about a film I saw. The bathrooms are clean and there are couches in the lobby or halls to allow people to sit around and wait. It's not super crowded and the demographics of the theater allows for a quiet and respectful experience . I've been to other theaters and can confidently say people were respectful in keeping their reactions to themselves. But I guess with the price you pay for you should expect as much. Concessions were the usual staples and don't find much difference in pricing from other Manhattan theater. Would definitely come back for a theatrical feature !

Dig Wallace

Only been once, but I really loved this theatre. Very friendly staff, had later shows, and the nice reclining chairs we all love.

Amy Tsao

Great movie theater with reclining seats, small table for food, and reserved seats. Every seat seems like a great seat, even the back row.

Doug Chin

On July 17 at 11:20 I had the pleasure of seeing the latest Spiderman movie in which a neighborhood Day Camp filled five rows of seats. I have nothing but praise for this theatre for allowing a group of good kids to get in out of the 90 degree heat with no air. Undoubtedly they enjoyed this wonderful movie in a comfortable seated, cool ,brand new theatre as I most certainly have as this is my sixth time to the theatre since it opened. The more I frequent this theatre, the more I believe that placing an entertainment facility in this area far outweighs any negatives of taking away parking spaces even though one has to rely on public transportation. It is my hope that the people close enough to this theatre will take this post and enjoy a great experience even if it at the cost of using public transportation. The scheduling of all of the latest Marvel movies and movies for kids shows that the management and staff are carefully planning to keep the community well entertained and I will continue to frequently keep up with the latest movies by attending this theatre. Aladdin blew me away as the music was just fantastic along with Will Smith.

Marina K

plush seats. The BEST

Dwayne Meikle

Wnet to see Gemini Man. Clean and quiet.


My first time going yesterday. Love this new movie theater. Close to home very clean and huge from the inside. Better then union square theater.

Matthew Flowers

It was a clean and comfortable theatre but I am still extremely confused as to why I just spent $20 for 1 ticket!!?

Rich Simms

The best regal in nyc

Shayne Spencer

This ia my new favorite theater in Manhattan. The seats are comfy and the theaters are cozy. Plus they haave a bike room for bike storage.

Akeem Hyland

This theater is new and they pulled all the stops. It's a date night once stop shop. You can get drinks and a movie as well as dinner. Plus the prices were excellent. No need to sneak in food that cost the same as the mcdonalds for burgers and fries

Justin Bayoneto

Such a beautiful and clean theatre for your movie going experience. The theaters themselves are spacious and clean. In regard to food, the menu is very diverse for a movie theatre at reasonable (theatre) prices. Overall one of the best movie theaters I’ve been to!

Emanuel Aron

If you needed another symbol that the LES is exclusively for rich people, this is it. This is one fancy place to see a movie. It’s about $20 a ticket which unfortunately seems to be standard for theaters where you choose your own recliner. That said, it’s nice to have a new movie theater a little closer to home. The staff was very nice and the temperature in the theater was perfect (it’s somehow usually freezing cold or too warm whenever I go to the movies). There’s even a bar and a waiting area by the windows where you can admire Delancey St from the 2nd floor.

de gee

New and I love the total recliner seats with feet up. Very clean. u can reserve ur seat. No parking. Yes elevator. Bag nachos with cheese.

Queen E

This was my 1st time at this movie theater and i was very impressed with the Awesome customer Service by the morning Staff! From the ticket stand to the concession stand! They make sure through out the day that the theater is clean and I love that! Edgar made us feel very welcome and would def go again!

Gregory Bennett

The place is real cool they just need a better selection of food


Great look customer service is good food good drinks on point

Anna Dejesus

Good, clean and friendly movie theater. The entire staff is very nice and welcoming. They have reclining chairs and the theater is always clean and so are the bathrooms.

Luis Macas

This place just opened a couple of weeks ago and it shows. Clean, new facilities, and comfortable recliners truly add to the movie going experience. My wife and I went there to see Avengers Endgame and, though it is an action packed movie, my wife almost fell asleep the recliners are so comfortable. Will be back this week to see another movie. I guess I will be falling asleep this time.

Jourdan Williams

Nice new theater. Comfy seats

Carmen Kath

First experience at this theater today. It’s quite big, very clean and well staffed with very nice people who are happy to be there and get you where you need to go. The chairs are comfy but this place doesn’t come close to my usual first choice go-to movie theater, AMC 7 on 3rd ave. I’ll go to this one again just because it’s convenient, but I’ll still show favor to my favorite place mentioned above.

Sashy Pooh

The seats here are the comfiest ever! I forgot my phone on the bathroom and I went back to get it and it was still there! Woah!

Jimmy Martinez

Theater is very nice. Feel like I'm walking in an airport though...

Kaity Huang

Great big cushy seats with recliner ability. Little table trays and cupholders. Very new and nice place with modern esthetic. Bathrooms all new with self flushing toilets, paper toilet seat readily available. Clean. Very friendly and helpful staff. All gregarious


Quiet, clean, neat, professional and recliner seats? Yes please! Oh and good food too.


The staff is very friendly and professional. The theater is very clean. Everything is new and beautiful. The seats were extremely comfortable. The seats recline and have mini tables attached to each seat.. I fell in love with this theater. I only wuth the had a larger selection of food and beverages.. I would recommend this theater for anyone..

Anita Wang

Nice comfortable recliner seats. The theater itself can be chilly but that's the norm for most movie theaters.

kak korams

Great seats and great atmosphere

Brenda Knox

Very clean! And train accessible; they now serve drinks and food but get there early to put in your food order unless you're a popcorn/nachos kind of person


Nice costumer service. Nice theater layout and interior. Reclining chairs with eating table and lots of space!

Lilli Brownstein

The staff here are absolutely over-the-top oriented toward customer service.

Jay S

It's cool looking. Very nice Theatre. The staff are all friendly. The food is great (try the street tacos!). The picture is amazing in the auditoriums. All State of the art laser projectors. Both floors with auditoriums have concession stands. The area is pretty nice as well. Looking forward to seeing more films there


This movie theater is such a treasure . All the staff there are extremely friendly . The place is clean , chairs are comfortable and food is great for its price. Special Thanks To Destiny , she was really nice to us .

will sha

Love everything about this movie theater... But the Bar top it off drinks at the movies or go on the Balcony to drink or eat your food great..

Edward Brown

Went Sunday afternoon, four days into "Endgame," and the place looked worn out already. A lot of litter and popcorn on the floors and in the theater. Bathrooms messy. They also had trouble scanning our ticket. Otherwise, nice seats, plenty of room to get past other people in the row, smallish theaters so you have a good view of the screen (unless you're in the front row...what else is new). So, nice, but needs more cleaning staff.

Janelle A

Best reclining chairs so far.The food is ok.Fries have an aftertaste.Theres a bar so that's a plus.

Konstantinos Avdeliotis

Amazing seats, very comfortable. Friendly staff. Overall a 5 star experience

Nessa Vargas

New, clean and ALL staff were so friendly and helpful. My new favorite movie theater!

Donique McFarlane

I love the staff there and it is so clean. I know of a greeter named Edgar who always has a smile. Plus a box office employee named Shanida who is so friendly and keeps the transaction smooth. I love this gem of Regal

Kevin T.

Great having this theatre in our neighborhood. They are still setting up. I was here twice, the first time I was the only person in theatre and the previews never started. I had to leave to find someone. The next time the lights never went off when the movie started. I had to again leave my seat to tell someone. However I complained to a manager Andy and he was so helpful and offered me and my friend complimentary tickets. Instead we stayed and watched another movie. I’m so happy Regal came to our neighborhood and I’m even happier that they hired good employees like Andy. Thank you Regal Amri

Cass B

Quality of service was great here. I went there early in the day. The decor gives off futuristic movie theater. Seats reclines and you have the option to pick your seats. There's also a bar to buy beer. Place is really clean with exceptional customer service.

Rodney Willis

Very nice place . The people there were courteous and made me feel at home

Caonabo Martinez

Great theater, great seats and always no drama. This is my 4th time there. Great job Regal

Justin Martin

Wonderful place to catch a movie. Place is stunning

Carl Steele

With it being brand new it was no surprise that everything was...well, brand new. However, what sets it apart is the energy and hospitality of the staff. I’d like to think they’ll keep it up. Regardless, it’s my new go-to movie theater!

Erick Bravo

Amazinf theater, love the reclining seats. Plus the staff are very friendly and thorough. Alwysd tend to come here after my shift on Mondays.

Kathy Crespo -Jusino

Worth the experience!! Inexpensive.. Great for the area...

Jane Leung

Been coming to this location since they opened. The staff is always courteous and friendly. I like that now they moved the staff that takes your tickets closer to when you first reach your floor because getting food before they take tickets can be a mess if you are buying snacks and don't have help. The theaters are nice and cool not too cold for warm days like today. My seat today had some crumbs on it and I had to clean before sitting but overall the seats are always clean. Nice to have a theater close by so I don't have travel so far anymore or rush

Philip R. Mann, Esq.

Beautiful theatre. Good sight lines from all seats.

Chinua Green

Went for a late afternoon movie midweek, so it was pretty empty. The facilities were spic & span as it had only opened a few days ago at the time, and the staff were very friendly and enthusiastic. The reclinable seats and expanded dining menu are also a plus.

Cheryl G

Finally a movie Theater Experience that is worth the money. I’ll NEVER go back to any other theaters.. Especially Linden Multiplex. Save your money and go to Regal Essex!! The staff is friendly, the food selection is great/ popcorn delicious,. The seats are amazing and the screens are absolutely the BEST. Go sit back and relax and enjoy your favorite movie.


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