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Where is Quad Cinema?

REVIEWS OF Quad Cinema IN New York

Rafael Marshall

I used to go there even before the renovation!! Such an amazing theater! Very comfy, friendly staff and amazing movie selection!

Thomas Dobrowolski

A standout cinema featuring hard-to-find films. Small and intimate. It is like a club and everyone has access.

Rachel Feeser

Great ambiance from when you walk in the door. Very engaging mini "festivals" and well put together advertising for their lineup. Concessions looked good but I didn't try anything. Clean and spacious restroom. Comfortable seating, great sound quality, and really inviting staff!

Stephen DiLauro

Best indie film arthouse cinema in the city. Cool little bar attached

Lee Gaul

Beautiful little theater. They play an excellent collection of films which makes the Quad a real cinephile's dream. Also, the little bar is great. 10/10 would go again.

Hortense D

The big woman at the entrance is very rude and doesn't know how to handle a customer complain without losing her temper. Other than that the cinema itself is overrated; the seatings are really uncomfortable and the sound quality is average.

peter dizozza

We're grateful it's there, atmosphericallly renovated, to host ie, Bava, but the traditional site lines remain...

mauro martinez

Small house. Very clean, and not a bunch of commercial before the movie.

Mel Jiang

interesting selection of movies. uncomfortable seats though...

Cory Friedman

Unusually pleasant theater for grown up movies.

Arpit Zelawat

Unique theater for sure. If you're a movie connoisseur and can appreciate Oscar types of movies, the this is the place


I went to the newly opened Quad last week. As I walked in there was no one at the ticket counter to sell me a ticket and no one at the concession stand to sell me a refreshment. I approached an employee who was walking around and he stated that everyone is on break. This employee stated that it was not his job to sell tickets or to work the concession stand but he relented and finally sold me a ticket. So this employee told another employee who was sitting down eating that it was not his job to work the concession stand. The employee sitting down told me to my face that she is on break and that I will have to wait until she is off her break before she will get my cup of Dr.Pepper and Popcorn. Have anyone ever heard of such a thing? A movie theatre that is open but cannot sell you a ticket or sell you a coke at the concession stand because everyone is on break! What makes this even funnier is that there were no customers around and yet these employees acted as if it was busy and they really needed their break. But this was the middle of the day and there were very few customers.

Saul Unter

Beautifully appointed new theater downtown.

daniel lam

It's a small movie theater, but it's got brand new seats and screens. This is definitely an art house theater, they show films that movie theater chains won't. Servers are nice and attentive. Getting tickets are easy. I recommend this to anyone who loves film.

javier infantes

Great selection of films. Non-commercial ones.

Ben Hughes

One of the great cinema institutions of New York City, made even better after its recent revocation.

Javier Fernandez

Very nice place, super clean and friendly staff but the screens are very small.

Oscar Diele

Nice neighborhood. Great atmosphere in the restaurant. Good food. Simple menu with excellent dishes. Good service. A bit pricey.

Nathan Ramsay

Fancy and polished venue with a real passion for art films.

Henry and Jaki florsheim

Good films

David Rook

We think they have done a great job renovating this little cinema, the staff are very friendly and we love the seats

kevin graver

Great size screens. Friendly usherz

Greg Starr

Very well appointed, but screens are oddly placed and small



Fr. Gregory Chisholm, S.J.

Quad Cinema in NYC has become an attractive and comfortable venue for viewing films.

Luis Gomez

This place is beautiful! the bar is really cozy, and the movie selection is always well curated. 4 screens very intimate, excellent for a date

Bonnie Hahn

What a beautiful movie house with great films.

Oliver Peckham

Had a lovely experience at Quad Cinema -- be aware that the screens are quite small, but the sound was very good and the seats were comfortable. Tickets are a bit expensive, but the space is posh and the staff are helpful. Good theater!

Henry Bilenchi

Comfortable, clean theatre space with all the amenities you could want. Woman who sold us our tickets was courteous and helpful. We enjoyed viewing the movie, "Honeyland" there today. What a beautiful gem of a movie.

George Lopez

Small place with good movies not found on any other place. I'll recommend this movie theatre.

Radrex73 Oso

Small screens but the place was cozy. The staff was friendly.

Maria Plochocki

I love the films shown here; the staff is really nice, as well. The only improvement I'd recommend would be in organisation: they had three v popular films playing tonight, and there was quite a bit of confusion over who was to wait where.

Zacmarí Zamostina

Lovely neighborhood cinema . Great movie selection with special guests. Had a great time watching Be Right Back, documentary on Maurizio Cattelan's life and artwork on the opening night. Definitely recommend.

marcella riley

Super lovely place. The decor and staff are amazing. The Seats are some cloth material that may stick to your clothes, but comfy and overall great

Mitchell Bayne

Clean and beautiful theater. Can't wait to return for more of their curated screenings.

Wesley Vischansky

Great theater with esoteric films on it's schedule. If you like films and are in New York City check what's playing here. You won't be disappointed.

Amy Watson Sanchez Cuoq

Great place to catch a movie. Smaller and more comfortable.

Jer Del Nero

Since being redone, the Quad is clean, bright, and modern. The staff is friendly and the cinema is once again a pleasure to visit!

Manuel Smith

Newly re opened with a great modern feel. Comfortable seats and great movies

Emir O'Hara

well curated film program. newly renovated and overall great selections of film this fall! thanks Quad

Kristin Parker

A great theater that shows intelligent films. We need more theaters like this.

Daniel Hirsch

Smaller theater with excellent view of the screen and extremely comfortable seating. I expect to return soon.

Garrett Dee

Very clean and friendly, elegant design with a full bar. Only problem is that the screen is quite small

patrick lardieri

I agree with all the positive reviews about the new QUAD! I have always loved the QUAD! The reason I give only 3 stars is that I used to be able to see 2, sometimes 3, films a day-- I love film. At the new QUAD, this is impossible. The scheduling precludes me from seeing to 2---forget 3---films a day! The QUAD has taken away my film going life. I now have to look at IFC schedule to continue my film-going life!

Hassen Bittayyib

Great venue and selection of international movie. Small rooms but clean and audio video well equipped.

Jared Fore

Sometimes the sound is a little harsh and the layout of the theaters is strange, but the picture is great and the films and events are often terrific.

Tom Saloom

Good selection of films, clean environment and well maintained facility

Steven Smith

I love the Quad. Small screens with comfy seating. I love to come for the independent films and the classic films. And many times there are Q&A sessions after.

Irma Zandl

Had not been here for several years. Used to be a bit of a dump but no more. Total revamp and it looks great. Comfy seats. Look forward to coming here again.

Lindsay Toussaint

This is honestly one of the best movie theaters in the whole city. Interesting films, small theaters, friendly staff, and a convenient bar just adjacent to the waiting area. The bathrooms are well maintained as well.

Daniel W

My wife and I went here to see a couple of obscure films we couldn't find in other theaters. That being said, I am happy with the movie selections made available here. However, both restrooms were out of order on the day of our attendance and I consider that problematic for a movie theater.

Ari Schaeffer

Awesome indie theater

Mickey Revenaugh

Nicely renovated, with a great cafe!


Modern comfortable excellent bathrooms

Theo Panton

Fun indie theater

Jules Chester

Great, ultra-modern theater! This place is pretty tucked away, I never would have known it was there if I didn't have the address. The movie I saw there was outstanding ("The Insult"). I cant wait to come back.

Jean Klein

very poor entry and exit design - poor seating with no arm rests causing patron discomfort-- poor temperature control in theater and noisy when another show is filing in or out- decent movie offerings- so disappointing! 6/2017

Greg Knudsen

The remodeled Quad is fantastic! Still had the WV art house vibe but slicker and fresher. The same crowd of people is there and still well chosen movies.

Dennis Garrett

Small scale. Greats for documentaries and classic movies.

Justin McCalla

My experience has been great. I only been there once but I liked the decor of the place and the comfortable seats. They are playing indie movies that no one else is playing. I went to see a Japanese film that was only playing in one other theater anywhere near new york city. The staff were nice and everything looked clean. I would definitely go again when I have the time. And they take Movie Pass.

Vietnam D0820

Here for the first time 8/12/18...loved it! Cool looking and clean theater...I checked out an indie flick here and was very pleased

Edmund Boys

The Quad has gotten a face lift, and looks fabulous after it's renovation. Plus, as always, selection and projection are stellar.

Pieter Sommen

A great movie theater, comfortable seating, sound not as loud as some chains, nor is the smell of popcorn as overwhelming.


It doesn't get better for indie movie viewing in NY. Well curated slates and retrospectives.

Thomas Dunn

Very entertaining and social place.

Nick Nyhan

Beautiful inside. Great seats. A great experience.

Mary Rodriguez

I only went in to inquire. Haven't been there yet for a movie.

Izzy Webb

I love the interrior design.

Nathan Samuels

Great spot

Jeffrey Collins-Harper

Greatest theaters for classic movies, film festivals, foreign and independent films, and more. I'm always checking their calendar.

Jim Adams

No place compares. The new Quad hits the mark for art house cinema in New York. Nice bar, too.


Refurbished, great place for independent films. Nice little bar. Friendly staff.

Dolores Longo

Recently renovated! I highly recommend this art theater! Ambitious and exciting film schedule. Check it out!

Myrtillia Grace

It looks very modern!

Bruce M. Foster

I started going here when it opened. Still shows movies that are worth the ticket price.

James Powell

Small and clean with a cool vibe. Good mix of movies too.

Joshua Martinez

It's valid.

Miguel Davis-Dacio

All in environment cooperated well & pleasantly together..excepting being misinformed about how many showing remained on last day of a movie. Where Initially were two ended being one when got there to Quad! A bit of a bummer missing latter showing schedule for 4:30pm. Be careful w/ information disemmination. Say what you mean or know. Mdd.

Francisco Gonzalez

Loved it and they actually have pop corn! Awesome seeing old 3d movies! The bar is super chill, cool bartenders!

Godwin Chu

Small screen but a good neighborhood option. Friendly staff. Recently renovated.

salvo fat

nice place

Mann Venn

so far I have not found any negative things about this theater. very friendly and helpful staff. good decoration. when I want to see a good movie with quiet crowds I come here.

Olivier Manhattan

Beautiful and modern place, great selections of contemporary and classic movies.

Chris S

Though it’s the oldest multiscreen theater in Manhattan, it’s gorgeous recent renovation, along with its selection of limited release films and classics makes the Quad a must for NYC cinephiles, or even for those simply looking for a special movie experience.

Andy Ng

Love this small local theatre showcasing lesser known indie films and documentaries. Hip modern interior (thanks to the recent renovation) complemented by bold branding and graphics. I'll be sure to come back and explore other festures...

Edwin Jones

Favourite cinema in manhattan. Always great selections with a wonderful makeover recently. And they have hand dryers in the bathrooms!

Laureate L哥

small hall small bathroom and small chairs everything is small and screen is so small that if some guy who is just taller than 6 in front of you can block basically 10% of your whole screen

Daniel Gross

A wonderful old NYC theater. Redone recently.

Xiomara Torres

Interesting decour affordable ticket prices, good Q& A after the movie

Faheem Uddin

Nicely remodelled little theater , very close to Union square

Jeneil Sutherland

Cozy and intimate. Perfect for date night.

Johnny Zito

Always a wonderful experience! Films old and new, retrospectives, appearances from talent. Check out what's playing and go!

Benny Roman

Cozy movie theater. Like the atmosphere. Sound was great. Chairs comfy. I liked it

Pooja B.

The people who work here are really the nicest people I have ever met at a movie theatre. They are really polite and positive, but also really knowledgeable about the films they are showing.

Janet Fisher

A civilized way to see a cinema with texture

Jen Fraenkel

A fantastic little cinema with intimate theaters and a lovely bar and lounge area. Will definitely be back

Jay Cole

I love this place! Moviepass made it affordable to frequent but they're caput now. Come on quad, any plans on a subscription style offering?

Zack Silverman

One of the best repertory cinemas in the city

Sylvain Cappell

Comfortable mid-sized theaters usually showing interesting films, including foreign art films. Near NYU.

Kyle Stewart

Very tidy and nice and shows little releases der

Catrina Sneva

gorgeous cinema. very clean. great snack.options including scratch ice cream sandwiches. will definitely be back as the schedule is chalk full of so many great films!


Wonderful intimate beautiful theatres. Great independent films. A New York original. Highly recommend

Katherine Meng

Last Friday I forgot my wallet at the Quad. I returned to Quad within 30 mins and asked a staff member if they found a wallet in the theater I was in. The staff member was haunched over the counter, with no other customers waiting, scrolling through his phone. He said their staff didn't find anything but I could wait for the current screening to end so I can go in and look. I didn't want to wait an hour so I wrote down where I sat and my contact info for them. The staff member said they will call me in 1 hour when the screening ends if they find my wallet. 1 hour later I check my phone and no calls. I thought for sure I had lost my wallet. Until midnight of that day when I get texts that they had found it. Which leads me to wonder: 1). My wallet is a bright blue color. Why didn't they see my wallet the first time they cleaned up? 2). When someone is panicked over the loss of a wallet, how can you be haunched over and scrolling through your phone the whole time? 3). If you said you will call in an hour - how is it good management to wait till the end of day?

Will Hunter

One of the greatest things about New York City as it has many Art Cinemas. this is one of them. Great movies. you should support The Quad- go see movies here.

David B. Alexander

Good movie selection. Seats are new and comfortable, but a bit tight to the row in front.

Boris P.

The theater was hosting an Elizabeth Taylor retrospective and it was great to be there. The views were good, sound was good, the screen was large. I saw Cleopatra there and it was a treat. Totally recommend going there. It has been newly renovated and looks great too.

Eduardo Leanez

The renovated Quad Cinema in NYC is an excellent space to enjoy movies from around the world. There is also a bar to pick a drink before or after the screening. Highly recommended.

Lee Campbell

Very clean, lovely interior, friendly staff, and a bar to boot!

hari krishnan

Very good interiors with nice collection of movies for cinephiles

Pauline DeMairo

A gem which shows independent films.

Harold Smith

Independent movies have more life in them than all the blockbusters nowadays (do not get me wrong - I watch blockbusters as well). When I feel like watching such movie, I usually end up here. It is a lovely place and is close to one of may favourite restaurants.

Robert Brink

The one and only Quad.

David Nieves

awesome theater. not your regular rah rah noisy theater movies playing there is different than most but still a good theater to catch a movie

Neil Klein

As a senior citizen on a very limited budget, I don't get to go to the paid features too often. So I'm very choosey about which movies I go to see. The Quad has some of the best avande guade presentations in the five boros & just about anywhere!!!

Bruce Posner

Newly renovated with a small attached cafe.

Mason Pilcher

I have fun here! Big, comfy seats and cool, offbeat films. Pretty pricey but that's not unusual for the area

Dovid HolyBrother

Been there many times. Intimate wonderful theater. Staff are top notch.

Jason Hoeksema

Love the variety of movies shown here. The place is clean, the bar is a bonus, and the staff make sure you feel welcome. I'll be back to check out more films.

man s.

Small rooms, cozy atmosphere, and very well designed, modern, and minimalistic interior. I love their selections of rare new foreign movies.

David Dosamantes

Great movie house!

Tianyuan Deng

Kudos United Airlines Cinema! The theatre was terribly overbooked, so we arrived (on time) but found ourselves unable to find any seat. Additionally, while the entrance and the toilet are very chic, and actual screening area is badly ventilated and very stuffy. Some seats are so bad you literally cannot see.

Nir Efrat

Poor sound system.. Small screen.


Love the new renovations! Yet very uncomfortable to read the subtittles.

Blu Rac

Very intimate theaters, smaller screens than normal cinemas but it kind of felt like I was at home. Really well done independent films/docs from all over the world. Will definitely be back soon.

Rachel Garcia

Small, clean theater for indie movies. Great spot.

Terrance Odette

Great experience. Projection and sound 1st rate. I'm going to come back here a lot.

Louis Tentindo

Great place for movies without cgi.

Chase Sage

Come on it's the Quad you're going to love it. and remember when they tell you theatre Q they didn't say theatre 2.

Peter Berbec

12 hours of Bebop! Great cinema with comfortable chairs that aren't cramped. I'm 6'3", so actual legroom is amazing.

Charlene Bannon

Love the film selection! It's very clean & the staff is engaging with film goers. There are big, comfy seats. The only drawback is the screen size, it's smaller than I would like. I see movies here a few times a month.

Joan Braderman

Lovely little screening rooms & excellent international & repertory programing.

Sanjeev Verma

the theater itself has a clean, modern interior but i think people come for their great selection of films. Quad tends to be the only theater in NYC playing the films they have on showing.

Derrick Jackson

Freezing cold!!!

Auburn Heller

Nice snack selection and bar

Qianren Zhou

Nice place. Play independent films. Space is limited. Can’t reserve seat when book online.

J J Peon

Beautiful rethinking of a cinema multiplex.

Wonil Suh

Great cafe / bar too.

Victoria Sadaka

Support independent movie theaters!

Ellen Resnick

The best cleanest, most comfortable theatre, very interesting movies...

Basil Rodericks

With an astonishing renovation, a wonderful place to see intimate films. The bar is a gem.

PJ Rosen

Comfy chairs for an older theater. Love its history and love that it shows indie and foreign films. That said, there was a mechanical sound prior to and during the film coming from the front right of theater A. It was annoying

Ralph Rodriguez

Comfy modern lobby and seats. Arrive early and hang out at the bar.


Showcases great movies but a bit overpriced

Obioesio Bassey

It is a cool intimate movie experience with a swanky bar. Prices for food and stuff a bit steep

steven Rosner

After closing it down for nearly two-years,they gutted this 1972 movie-theater,and totally upgraded it. It is now a place,where one could see the very most current Esoteric films,as well as;the Great movie came-backs,of"yesteryears" Thus,Quad Cinema makes it possible to see the finest films,in 21st.Century comfort. As of now,it deserves nothing less than five-stars.(5) Keep up the good work.

Mushtaq Choudhury

Film Buffs you have found your home! The environment is top notch. Big display screens, new posters of upcoming titles, special appearances or event billboards are decorated through out the lobby. There is a bar and hang out area in the main lounge. Super chill in there, comfy waiting area clean bathrooms and most important GREAT films. If you went to film school or studied film in any magnitude you would appreciate the grass root films that are showed here. A slight draw back is the screen size but once you get into your seat you feel satisfied you came. This theater sticks out among the rest in New York City no matter your opinion good or bad.

Anthony Candela

Wonderful. Been going here for 40 years at least.

Zachary Brenneman

It starts with a q so it is easy to find.

Stephen Nichols

great theater for intimate movie experience

Philip R. Mann, Esq.

Nice small theatre.

Will Matthau

Comfy seats. Really small theater with equally small screens. It took me by surprise, but I really enjoyed it. Great selection of movies.

Bart Cortright

Small screens but great programming.

Harshal Alurkar

Classy and sleek theatre, with arthouse indie stuff! A perfect fusion! Bring a jacket, gets a little chilly.

Sebastien Carrier

Small theaters make you feel like you're at a private screening. I wish all cinemas were like this, I might go more frequently then.

Sebastian Cornieles

small screen, but amazing sound and selection of movies

Eliazar Hernandez

The most slick theater experience in the city.

S Buricovich

Renovated movie house


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