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REVIEWS OF IPIC New York City IN New York

Serenity forlife

Though the food is a bit pricey for the amount given, it tastes great. The chair where comfortable, the staff was amazing. It was a great experience.

Branda Brumaire

Definitely a place to go on a date. It's very fancy but please come early. I was a lil weirded out since I went to go see Avengers but I was late and didn't really get to sit down or explore before the movie started. It's easier to order im guessing to take the menus after a certain time plus it's a better experience when you know your way around. Late night movies are nice, they have a cute bar upstairs, not sure on prices but worth checking out.

emily vasquez

Generally OK experience. Went to this theater twice and was disappointed both times. First time I went, I sat in the 'Premium' seats at the very front. The view was terrible. Had the crane my neck back to get an okay view. Second time I went, I spent a little more for the 'Premium Plus' seats. Viewing was better this time and the chairs came with a small pillow and blanket. The light from the stairs are a bit bright and bothered my peripheral view. Service was great and timely however, it fell apart when the time to pay for the items came. My understanding was that I could pay after the movie, nit during. Having to look for your cash/card in a dark theater really took away the experience for me. The theater is beautiful and a great place if you want to impress your date or want an upscale movie viewing experience. The setting is beautiful and the staff were generally friendly. It's definitely better to splurge at little for better seats. Pro Tip: Just above is The Tuck Room where you can order great drinks and food and bring it downstairs with you into the theater. I believe the menu from The Tuck Room and iPic are similar, if not the same; if you want to save some cash after spending $68 for movie tickets, you can go there during their happy hour and order drinks/food at a cheaper price.

Jerty Baptiste

Man let me tell you! Very great movie theater, had a great time. Had the fried chicken, they put two types of dipping sauce one of em was syrup, it threelw me off. Also ordered the truffle fries, they put TOO much parmesan cheese. It takes quite a while to get service, food takes a while but freshly cooked. Seats were great sounds was amazing.

Skyler Gainyard

Love the seats and the fact they bring the food too you .

Patrick V

Great theater. Food offerings and overall experience. You pay a bit extra but this theater in the seaport District ends a perfect night out.

romeo brown

Best movie theater ive ever been to well worth the money to have private comfortable seats and free popcorn

Crystal Fletcher-Devitt

Normally a good spot to catch a movie and relax. However visiting last week there were several trainees and not enough experienced associates. Lots of standing around, asking the few experienced team members to do things and open discussions that probably should not have been open. Lots of waiting to not get any real service. I'm in HR, I get needing to train new associates but in location that pricey- it's not wise to have such a large group of trainees on at one time during a peak period (Saturday night).

Pdizzle Peanut

Ok ipic is like a good date spot. That's about it. Food is super over priced. It's best to pregame it before coming here.


First time @ an iPic loved everything except the dish I ordered. Unfortunately, I dnt recall what it was but, it was supposed to be some type of mini wrap that was absolutely disgusting. However, I'm a picky eater so three of my friends tried it and felt the same way. Other then that I had a great time an the theater was worth the money.

Tesfaye Hiwot

Fancy... pod seating with pillow and blankets provided, fast courteous service, nice wine and drink selection, food was very good. It all comes at a hefty price, but it's worth it imo. Sound and image quality is top notch and they dont blast your of your seat with the audio. I really enjoyed Lion King at this theater. Will definitely go again and reccomend to others.

Malcolm Emilaire

My friend invited me to a movie and I was blown away! Recliner seats, great food, excellent ambiance, free popcorn. I'm definitely getting a gold membership. Beat movie watching experience I've ever had in a theater.

damon peters

Ok, there’s good and bad. Bad—food is so damn slow and disorganized. It’s the operation, not the people, the people are great. Anyone can see the food window is too constrained, the popcorn is in the back for some reason, so it slows down the line, and there are only two POS systems. Need to put signage at the concessions, because nobody Knudsen where to stand, the ropes don’t work. Good—the people are great, room for improvement, but they’re really top notch. Prices may be a bit of a premium, but it’s reasonable. Tables within the seating are not well designed and don’t provide enough space for food and drinks. Better than any other movie experience in the city except Alamo.


Had such a great time! Drinks, Candy AND a Movie. There's really nothing better ..

Mrs Jazzy Jones

Best theater ive ever been to i even forgot i was in the theater

Valerie Smith

The pod seating was great. The food was decent but nothing special. This place is all about the experience. Overall, pricey but fun.


Had fun my first time

Desmond Alque

Seats are comfy, but tickets are overpriced, as is the food(which is not that great), and the popcorn is handed out in small sacks 20 minutes after the movie starts and taste like stale, microwave popcorn. Save your money and go to the Alamo Drafthouse instead.

Eva Y

Great way to pamper yourself to a well deserved movie. Comfortable couches, pillow, and throw. Make sure you don't get to comfortable and fall asleep midway through the movie. Free small bag of popcorn for everyone. Of course, food and drinks are extra and pricey but you are paying for fancy cocktails and upscale food and sliders to enjoy with the movie.

Christopher Quiles

Definitely one of my favorite theaters! The privacy is amazing and the food and drinks make it much better. Plus you get to choose where you sit before you even get to the theater. The seats recline and they are separated into 2 seaters for you and your significant other. Closer to the screen are all the normal seating


Its over priced but I always have a Great time here one of my favorite movie theaters to go to in Manhattan

Hydia Crosby

Food is awesome

Pinkie Thompkins

Service and staff are EXCELLENT

delight dolcine

Food is good and reasonably priced. Prompt service to the table. Comfy seats and blankets.They have a full dinner menu with entrees before 11pm.Last call to order food is midnight. They have a great selection of wine,spirits,beer, and cocktails. They have great sweets even including a keto cheesecake yummy.

Ronnie Young

The viewing experience is exceptional, and the food is delicious,but they could use some improvement with their customer service. Due to an inoperable chair,and a lack of follow-up with addressing it,I was promised two guest passes for a future date. Despite several follow-up phone calls from me and multiple assurances by their personnel, the tickets have not been forthcoming.

Jamie Newton

The location is beautiful. The reclining chairs we were in were very noisy as if they were broken. We paid for the premium seats for the movie It Chapter Two but we definitely did not receive premium services. Complimentary Popcorn and waiter/waitress service is a part of the premium experience however our popcorn came 30 minutes before the end of the 2 plus hour movie and only came because we asked for it. We pushed the button for service and had to wait quite a while for a response. Every move we made in our seats was loud and definitely wasnt the premium experience we were expecting.

Evette Anderson

Wonderful food and experience. Will definitely return.

Rachel Singleton

IPIC is the nicest theater I have ever been.

thomas sawyer

I visited the area of the IPC, nice and interesting area with a lot of things to do outside besides just a movie theater is a den animal we pretty pricey but I think is worth the trip

Ross Shahinian

Not all movie theaters are created equal. This one just blows the doors off of the other ones in NYC. Brand new, clean, intimate theaters, top notch service, full food and bar. What else do you need? Honestly, splurging for the full reclining seats is great but you can also have a great time sitting in the normal ones as well. I havent tried the day-beds, but they are a bit too close and low to the ground so I probably wouldnt venture there.

Casey O

Audio had some feedback issues the whole movie that ruined any quiet scenes...wouldn’t recommend if you’re interested in enjoying the actual movie.

Jonathan Mullins

Ipic is a place that FEELS LIKE HOME. Food is great, service is awesome (depending on your waiter/waitress) but, overall a great experience for anyone who wants to spend a bit of money on a night out dinner and a movie. Budget around $120-$150 for the movie PREMIUM PLUS seating and dinner and dessert. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to spice up their entertainment.


Not too expensive nice and new movie theater, but if you buy the 20 tickets and pick the B row you will sit in the most uncomfortable seats ever made.

Cory Sanchez

Theatre is great however the customer service at the 2FL. bar was very poor.

Katelynn Nedd

I love it. Clean, comfortable great service.

Mikhail Hammond

If you want an elegant date but just wanna go to the movies this is it.....

Andy Liao

Great service and clean theaters. Seats were comfortable.


It’s not a cheap theater, just so you know! Tickets range from 20$ to 34$ but it’s so worth it! The space is new and clean, bathrooms are amazing and they have a restaurant on the third level. Seats are reclining and very comfy!


My favorite movie theater in New York City. The place is beautiful, quiet, and clean. You can lay down and enjoy your movie with others people. The area is magical by night. Even if I'm always surprised by the price of the movie' ticket (17$ TO 28$ against 11€ in Paris) Can't wait to come back !

Ed Chubin

Premier seating theater. Very pricey, seats that recline, table service. Long trip to the restroom. Vegi panini was ok.

Eric Conlan

Such a great theater. Super comfortable seating, good food, good drinks. What’s not to love? I always check out times here first when I’m planning on o go see a movie.

Giorgio Manes

Ipic theaters are probably my favorite theaters in the world, and this one is no exception. A bit pricey, sure, but the experience you get is unsurpassed. Comfortable, fully reclining chairs with a clean blanket and pillow, set up in pairs and separated from the others, that make you feel like you are home in your own living room - only with a bigger, better screen and excellent audio. You can also order food and drinks (good ones!) right from the seat, and get them delivered there. A must try.

Brad Seidman

A terrible experience! I had ordered food and left the theater when the buzzer went off. Half the order was not ready and I waited for a few minutes. After a bit, the server at the counter told me he'd bring me my food. I went back in to watch the movie then went back out after 20 minutes to find out where the food was. It was sitting under heat lamp - no one brought it to me as promised. Missed a good portion of the early part of the movie. Terrible service and average food. Uncomfortable seats, too.

Caroline Loo-Lew

...AT&T Hosted Tribeca film festival,we watched "Ugly Grandma"it was an interesting movie, very enjoyable.The grandma was great! Service was really good, nice choices of food as bd drinks. Very comfy seating!. We had a wee wonderful time .always look foward to the Q&A part . Thank you AT&T

Jason Mat

this movie theater is pretty cool. the seats are super comfy. everything I saw looked clean. the art work they have around the building looks dope.

Leyni R.

Super comfortable seats, they deliver food and alcoholic drinks to your seats, they even provide a blanket and pillow (you pay extra for that). I didn't give 5 stars because I couldn't finish my bbq pizza. It had way too much bbq sauce on it, just overpowered the meal for me. Otherwise, it's the coolest movie theater I've been to.

Kenya M

Not impressed. The seats were a bit awkward, the food was highly overpriced. Yet the atmosphere was cool and they have a place upstairs to eat and drink. The one bathroom area sucks because you have to go through a myriad of drunkards to get to it. I would go again but maybe different seats and would order different food

joey rehavi

Nice upscale modern theatre with real food service. Food is good but way overpriced. 2 people, probably wont spend less than $100, I spent more. Tickets average 25-$35 a seat without food.

Alfonso Austin

Just ok, place has alot of good add-ons but service was just sub-par. Getting your entree and dessert 15 mins before the movie ends is not fun.

KING_Maverick 138

Great Service. Great Seats. Great Eats.

Christian Trujillo

New york is full of secret amazing spots to discover and this is one of them. Off the bat the place looks great, the theater rooms are nice and movie and a meal concept is amazing. The food was delicious, props to the chefs. Only bad part was people taking pictures during the movie and no one coming in to stop dude everyone can see your flash. Recommendation: go for the reclined seating or the full dining experience. Worth it!!!

Dee O'Bee

Very comfy seats that come with a pillow and blanket which was nice, lots of space and you also get a free popcorn too.. the food was a little pricey, but that's to be expected with dine in movie theaters. Service was also pretty good, I will definitely return here in the near future..

John McNamara

Great use of $16. Comfy chairs. Be warned: you don't get that nostalgic smell of artificial butter (from movie popcorn). You just smell everyone's food.

sulay restrepo

Very nice, fancy, romantic movie theater. Perfect for a date. Very comfy, with blankets and a pillow. You can order food and drinks. 30$ bucks per person. You can become a member for 50$ a year and get 10% every time you purchase a ticket and discounts on food. The service was excellent, free popcorn at the beginning of the movie.

Brittany Mitchell

IT chapter 2, cocktails & comfy theater. Felt at home

O Spence

I love this theatre the food is great and ambiance is nice. I’ve been here quiet a few times it’s one of my favorite Movie Theatre. But what I really love about it is the really cool outdoor bar that’s right in front of the theatre and the difference stores u can go to. Like the candy shop all different sorts of Giant Size candies!

Patrick Caldwell

Great cinemas, but the line to order food is always so slow. Tonight, several people in the cinema walked in after the movie had started. I left the line without food or drinks so I didn’t miss the start. Build an app that lets people order and pay from their seat. Problem solved.

Lucian Warren

This place is pretty awesome. The premium plus seats have waiter service. They are in little booths of two seats so you really have privacy, however if you’re going with a larger group the regular premium seats might be better, but no waiter service. They also have 2 person lounge chairs at the front. The premium plus includes pillows and blankets. Food was very good though a little overpriced.

jack vazquez

This theater is amazing ! The service is great and the seats are comfortable. Feels like I'm at home, on a bed. But it'll be great if this theater offered USB outlets . Make it Modern in the inside like it is on the outside !

Stephanie Galo

Such comfortable seats and great service! If you want the absolute best movie experience, this is the theater to go to!

Alastor Crow

This place ruined every other movie theater for me. $60 for two? Worth every penny. Great sliders and truffle fries with a pretty vast selection of drinks. Highly recommended.

Diana Drew

Just fabulous, theater and restaurant

Luciano Miranda

Fantastic movie theater!!! Comfortable seats, waiter service, lots of food and drink options, and a restaurant/bar on the upper level. Beautiful decor!!! Totally recommend it! If you are seating at a VIP seat they will give you free, "open bar" popcorn! I JUST LOVE THAT PLACE!

Stephanie Fraser

IPIC NYC is not only a movie theater, it's an experience. Great movie, great food, personalized service. A bit pricier than a regular movie night; however, it's worth every penny!

Dawn Rush

I went there for the very first time on Sunday. It was an excellent experience. The seats in the movie theater was much larger and more comfortable. It was very clean. Even the restroom was impressive. I would definitely go again.

Jamie Stewart

Great date night theater! Premium place at a premium price, one step above Alamo. Nachos weren't great and slim selection of non-alcoholic drinks, but I really like the seating and the cozy nook style. I felt like I was flying first class. Service was lux too.

Myrna Loy

It’s a shame that this place doesn’t put more care into the service. We paid almost $70 for 2 tickets. Theater was clean and seats were comfortable - but the service was appalling. First - the wrong food was brought over ... which happens (although with 9 pairs of seats you’d think they would be able to keep the orders straight). Then they brought over half our order and we had to ring them a half hour later for them to check on the rest - which is distracting/annoying when you are watching a movie. When it came out, they handed the plate to my husband, putting the plate on his lap instead of on the table. Then we had to ask twice more for a glass of wine. After 30 minutes we called the waitress over and she asked us if we needed something. Yes, the wine we ordered 30 minutes ago. Never thought I’d long for the days of bringing a six pack to a movie theater. We will never go back.

Cassandra Chandrabhan

Absolutely enjoyed IPIC NYC. Located in the heart of South Street Seaport, it is such an upscale feel to having dinner and a movie. Food is delicious and drinks were really good. We had our own pod so it was nice, cozy and private. Our server was a sweetheart. She recommended dishes to us since it was our first time going. Every one of the staff we walked past was very polite, each one telling you thanks for coming and have a good night. Gotta say I loved the bathroom. Frosted glass stall doors, seat covers, sinks were pretty, artwork. Soap smelled good and didn't dry out your hands. Bathroom was large and had a vanity and a seating area. I always appreciate a clean bathroom. The bathrooms are located one level up from the theaters in the Tuck Room, a very lively bar/restaurant. Overall, I can't wait to come back! Great from start to finish.

Cody Beaver

We had a booth, which really made you feel like you were the only people watching the movie. The food was really good, though the portion sizes were a little smaller than I was expecting for some of the items. The drinks were delicious. Our server was very friendly and responsive. I will have a hard time truly enjoying a movie at a traditional theater now!

Denae P

I took my bf here for his birthday it was our first time. I got the vip seating which came with free popcorn( which was very good) a blanket & pillow. The seating was comfortable & waitress was nice. The decor & bathroom were really nice upscale. We ordered food and appetizer because we hadn’t had dinner so we were so hungry . The food was ok it came lukewarm unfortunately & our appetizer came after our entree’s. Other than that the experience was great. We will return.

Annie Barbara

Recliners were comfortable. Server was great and on point. Free popcorn was very cool! All staff greets as you come in and leave. Awesome. Is pricey but the experience was well worth it.

Michael Brydges

This is like Alamo House on steroids. If you get a chance to go here you will not be disappointed!

Jonelle Allen

Puts AMC dine-in Theater to rest! IPIC was the best movie experience I have ever had. The only issue was that our food was not served hot. Other than that, I will definitely be back!

Karma Martell KarmaCom

Upscale, great seating, sophisticated. Brings going to the cinema to a new level. Expensive, but a nice treat. Book your seats online. Did not yet try the food.

Rachel Galore

Theater 7 was very hot and uncomfortable, but besides that this theater would've been rated 5 stars. Seats are comfortable and service is good.

Chef Melo

The best place to watch movies and eat sum food and have a drink

Victor Cruz

Pretty nice to take your girlfriend to

Salina Sells

Where to start. This places attempts to be the best but it’s in the details where they fail. A) like the Alamo please place my receipt in a tray and place it on my table. DO NOT hand it to me and converse. B) why are there more security checkpoints here than the airport? C) not eating another minute on this review. For someone who likes spending $$ I would appreciate for this place to strategize on what the best experience looks like.

Wromero71@gmail Romero

The food at Tuck restaurant was awesome. The waiter was very attentive and polite and I really appreciate that the staff are friendly. The movie theater was clean and staff was on point in term of serving great place to visit.

M Johnson

IPIC New York City was a truly upscale movie viewing experience. It combined theater with gourmet food that you can order while watching your movie, or enjoy upstairs seated as if you were in a restaurant. Albeit small, popcorn comes complimentary with your tickets, and ticket prices vary based on where you are seated in the theater. Overall, it makes for a nice night out to enjoy with a significant other.

Nicole Brinson

This is really cool movie theater. They serve food and beverages while you're watching the movie, and there's a bar on the third floor.

Rhymer Tepper

The meals and service were beyond my expectations. I absolutely loved the atmosphere of this place. Wonderful spot to take my family out for lunch.

Rukiya Sylvester

The staff that gave us popcorn tapped me on the shoulder with the popcorn while watching the movie. Very rude. Need more wine and liquor variety. Swet potatoe fries were amazing. The staff were a bit rude.

simone conliffe

IPic is a lovely place good food & drinks staff are usually helpful and polite.HOWEVER this experience was horrible with customer service!!!.I purchased a ticket for the wrong date & when I spoke to the manager Naomi they told me they could not accommodate me for an exchange I didn’t ask for a REFUND I asked for an exchange. She told me I couldn’t because I missed the movie and that would mean that they would miss the opportunity to sell the seat to another customer. Understandable I asked if she could credit it towards food and I’ll purchase another ticket. She told me If she does that for me she has to do it for other customers as well and then offered me corporates number . I had an UNUSED ticket so clearly it’s not a scam or something to be suspicious about. Asking for it to be credited towards food is a reasonable request. I know what a difficult customer looks like but in this case it was a difficult Employee. I won’t be coming here anymore & always give my honest opinion when people ask about my experience. I’m calling my bank to get this disputed.

Samantha Restal

It was cool. I just don't think it's fair that the people who reserve the front row seats based on what's available online, shouldn't be penalized by not getting a blanket. I had to rent 4 blankets!!!!!!! Which was not cool

DD Bellinger

Theatre was nice food made me sick

Kelly Rose

Great bar service and movie selection. Beautiful location near the pier. $15 regular admission $40 per person for a blanket, pillow, waiter service, private table, and reclining chair in your own private booth.

Michael Sears

Look, if the food was edible, I'd love this place. Great seats, and I love the free popcorn. The dinner food is just terrible. Please make an effort to provide a thoroughly genuine dinner/theater experience, similar to what nitehawk provides.

Julio Acosta

It's a great place for a date night or for simply just trying to catch him will be by yourself. Amazing service very polite people, The design of the place is very elegant and all the seating variations that you can possibly get is worth it.

Suzanne Hernandez

Sheela Mika

A little more on the expensive side but definitely worth it! The seats are so comfortable and you get a blanket with pillows! Worth the experience and definitely coming back.

Jon S

Had really high hope for this place. The idea sounds great however the execution was very poor. The website describes the serving staff as 'ninjas' they were anything but. It was actually very distracting trying to watch the movie because they would be very loud, fumbling at times (I know it's dark) and they also had flashlights which would draw your attention. Seats were great especially the premium plus ones. The food however is pretty poor most of it is not edible and definitely not premium. Better off eating elsewhere if you're planning on the full experience. But if you want comfortable seats and can lose yourself completely in the movie and not be distracted by the above, this might be for you.

Octavius Cox

I’ve come here before and it was absolutely fantastic. However tonight (my birthday 10/24), I received no birthday treatment. Secondly, while watching Hustlers, I seen a rat in theatre 3 running around. Absolutely absurd. I was so scared. I want a refund for absolute danger of rats. Lastly, they removed Mac and cheese fries which were the best thing they had on their menu. A total disappointment.

Bessie Arnold

Awesome atmosphere and hospitality. Customer Service was exceptional. My reserved reclining seat malfunctioned and was left in a reclining position from the last show. The Server attempted to fix it but to no avail. She informed the Manager and returned with an apology and two COMPLIMENTARY MOVIE PASSES. LOVE THE RESPONSE.

Dai Stevens

I paid $30 for two tickets (a first date). I get to the theater and soend another 70 on drinks and food. 10 mins into the movie i ask the server is the AC on and hes like no. During an amost 2 hour movie me and my date are both dripping in sweat. Nobody mentioned no ac in that theater at all. I call the next day to ask a manager what can be done about me spending over $130 to see a movie while sweating in the middle of summer and nobody has responded. If this was a $5 movie then i would have took the lost but all that money spent for me to sweat is soooooooo unbelievable.

Anna M

Best theater in the city! Cozy small screen rooms with private recliner booths. Delicious popcorn and a full menu if you are up for in-theater dining. Try their ginger beer for a non-alcoholic refresher!

Ilene Staniszewski

Really nice place!! Good food, happy hour is wonderful, bar tender confused


It was my first time and I will never come again. The movie started at 4PM, we came at 3:20 PM and ordered the food on second floor. The girl who was taken the order was so unprofessional, she was talking with the coworker and taking the order in the same time. It took for her 25 min to take an order and of course order was wrong. She started do it again it we were already late for the movie. Also she was saying that she train her coworker who was more professional than her. She was calling a manager every 5 min. I think will be better if the Manager will be next to her. The service is very bed and slow, the quality of the food is not cost the price.

Tara Warwick

Wonderful experience. Comfort and privacy along great food.

Zenaida Sin

Girls night so fun

Chrissy Blanco

My experience coming here is always good as long as I book early and I'm able to get tickets. It's extremely comfortable And they have some wonderful vegetarian menu options + free popcorn(who doesn't love free popcorn?

karen stearns

Frustrating and somewhat incompetent customer service. Good movie. Good seats. Good food and drinks.

Neqqss J

It was an Amazing movie watching experience! The food is delicious, the seats are comfortable. Overall me and my date loved it

Justino Matos

It's beautiful lots of art. The food was great from portion to flavors. The drinks are nice and strong not like some bars that charge the same or higher and drink it's watery. A must go toooooo.

Natasha Coble

Excellent seat amazing viewing experience and quality food courts. Now, This place became my favorite place. Must recommend!

Jocelyn Slater

The seats were comfy, even close to the screen. The whole atmosphere was very hip with art all around the waiting and food areas. It was in a great spot for a date, close to the subway and waterfront/Brooklyn bridge. However, the food was very overpriced, even for NYC and it was pretty mediocre. The service was also mixed. The ticketing people were really nice but the food staff at the to go bar were unhelpful and a bit rude.

Rita Lopez

I love the seats and the fact that it’s clean but what I can’t understand is why did the chef take out the wings and calamari? Everybody loves to eat wings if not calamari. The menu needs to be able to please everybody. If a person is eating only Keto then it should be something in regards to that meal. Every time I get use to something they switch it up. I loved the Romaine lettuce with the chicken breast and ranch sauce but they took that off the menu. It’s the food on the menu is not worth buying which forces me to buy food upstairs at the tuck room and then come and watch my movie. Try getting the wings back on the menu and some salmon. People wanna really feel like their eating a gourmet meal while watching their movie. If it wasn’t for the seats and the cleanliness I wouldn’t even come to this movie theater so you get 1 star just for that. So the waiter says that when something is not selling they take it off the menu WOW! Every body eats wings so that’s nonsense!!!!!


Great movie theater, i’ve been coming back here couple of times, and honestly i can’t go to other movie theaters anymore after trying this, they have raised the bar so high. Although it is a little pricey, around $30 per person, with it comes complimentary popcorn, and you can order food from your seat (adjustable seat

Troy Benson

This is one of the best ways to see a movie. Have food, booze and seats that fully recline. Once u see movies this way, expect to find it hard to do it any other way.

Marilisande Montes De Oca

Love watching movies here. Food is ok. The nachos are not worth it though.

Andre Enoche

My mom turned 75 yesterday so i took her and my sister to see hobbs & shaw it was our 1st time and we had a ball. The food & drinks are on point the staff was very attentive i must say i was impressed. No more regular movie theaters for me...IPIC FOREVER!

Miriam Rodriguez

Omg, for a bit more money you get a recliner, pillow and blanket. Waiter service for cocktails and food. Plus pop corn!

Tim Gen

Best movie theater. Definitely worth spending the extra money for the private recliners. They give you blankets, popcorn and a pillow. Service was great and food came out quick.

Dmytro Marchenko

I love this movie theater. Good seats and the food and drinks make the experience better if your not taking the movie too seriously. Also a great pier close by if the weather permits.

Diana Yahnis

I am compelled to write a review. My first ever!!! I love this movie theater, it is my 10 th time there. However, today on mother’s day, I chose to spend it here. We purposely came 20 minutes earlier, just to order. Our order was taken 10 minutes into the movie and food was brought 40 minutes after. We ordered sliders which were brought missing buns, and other toppings, casually. When we questioned the waitress she simply said we are out of buns, they were out of bbq sauce, never brought juice ordered. Popcorn was brought 1 hour into the movie. We paid $30 per ticket for the service and 140) for the food bill. When I asked the waitress why I was never given utensils with my food she answered, “ you need to ask for them”. Super disappointing. I would say buy regular seats without food and service!! Over priced and awful!!

Allen Johnson

Great movie theater. Loved the facts that's its catered more to couples or fwb lol. Gives a more intimate vibe when watching a movie. Definitely should go if you have the chance. Being that most of the seats are for 2 people specifically, all seats should be sold in groups of 2. Makes more sense. My only issue is with the food. I had, the fried chicken, truffle fries, Angus sliders. And none of it was seasoned. The breading of the chicken was good but the actual meat was not seasoned at all. Same with burgers, fries were decent but had to add salt. All in all great experience, you should definitely check it out, i just wished food was seasoned more.

Lila Black

The impossible burger and mac and cheese sticks are really done well and delish. The customer service people are very friendly and the facility is very clean (restrooms and theater).

Dave Neige

Bit overpriced for the service you get. Good to do once for the novelty, but its never the same once you return and you feel the hit to your wallet. No return value for the cost of the experience.

Paul Testa

Hard to go wrong here. Incredible seats. Great service. Not sure how staff is aware of the service request call button but that seems hit or miss and the App is really only good to purchase tickets. Pick-up via the app has never worked for me. Regardless absolutely 5 stars.

Sea Cruz

IPIC, luxury and fine dining make it a new movie going experience for a new generation of fans, but Hollywood will always remember Audrey Hepburn.

Francine Grillo

Fantasy movie viewing... recliners, cocktails and food to order! Bonus art gallery; superb art on all floors and additional bars... great for a date night.

Melissa Halliwell

This was the most confusing movie experience I've ever had. I told the hostess we were from Canada and had never been here and we would maybe like to try the lay down seats. Instead of explaining the (vast) differences between each seat she just gave us the tablet and told us to pick one. We picked the ones that look like beds because why not?? Turns out: - there's no table service. At least not to those seats. We sat down at a filthy, booze stained table with an empty cocktail glass on it and a girl's purse left right beside it. We were given a buzzer after ordering popcorn and tea. There's no unlimited popcorn offered, and I asked for uncaffeinated tea as it was 10pm. Servers literally did not know what uncaffeinated tea was and just gave me green tea. Popcorn was cold and our ice cream sandwich was melting all over the plate by the time we left our movie to fetch it. -seats were super uncomfortable and way too close to the screen. When we left, we saw seats further up with pillows and blankets. We would have chosen those if we had known that was offered. Overall, really impersonal and unremarkable experience... With a waaaaay too big price tag. -

Stephanie Smith

My experience was okay, when we first arrived, the movie theater was awesome I enjoyed the cafe,bar and seemed like a lounge. Our waiter was okay, however, when we ordered the food, the lobster roll, the sliders and fries were all cold. My baby and I were so looking forward to this evening, but was disappointed with the food. However, we did enjoy the rest of the movie and our time.

Faye Constantine

Such a great place. So sad they're closing.


Had a good time! spent this guys money in one sitting tho lmao.i saw aqua man great. My server was good. Food was tasty, drinks were super expensive and weak. Will go back to spend another guys money

Gerald Holeman

No parking for customers. Too far from transportation. Food was fair. Better off at an AMC theater for the $$$.

Gigi A

What a lovely experience! The food is good, too.

locd_wanderlust 22

This place is aaaaaaaamazing, I just wish it was more affordable. You get a booth two seaters for you and your guest, very spacious, chairs have leg rest, reclines, you have a cup holder to your right. Upstairs is full bar where you can hangout afterwards for drinks. The food and drinks are great, they have vegan options (impossible burger) which I always get. One tiny concern is that the blankets for the seats are not being washed, on my recent visit there was stains all over the pillow and blanket white residue.

Satara Cali

Literally my favorite theater in the city. However, if you are pennypinching this is not the place for you. It’s expensive, however doable if you’re not trying to spend much. We went all out and got the seats where they bring your food to you. We ordered appetizers, as well as entrées, and you get popcorn free


After reading the mixed reviews on here, I was apprehensive to say the least! Upon entering the theatre on a Wednesday around 2:30pm, we were greeted by 2 employees, 1 being the Manager. We had purchased our tickets online & were looking to pick them up. The ticket clerk was very nice & even inquired if we would like to change our seats, since a few were open. Turns out their website inaccurately displayed 1 Premium Plus seat (Pod) in the Handicap Accessible Section, so we chose a Pod seat from the next section above. The Manager offered to show us the theatre layout, before we committed on a section & gave us a tour, including their upstairs restaurant- "The Tuck Room", which is also a participant for NYC Restaurant Week. The Pods are electronic recliner seats that come with a plush blanket & pillow, along with full table service & unlimited popcorn; well worth the splurge! There's a little blue button you can press to call for an attendant & we didn't find it to be intrusive or distracting from the movie, at all. Service was also very friendly. We had placed our order during the coming attraction trailers & it arrived in the first few minutes of the movie. Everything we ordered was delicious, NYC restaurant quality! The only con I can think of would be the slow service for drink refills.


Movie theaters done right for adults! Pricey food? Yes but worth it. The decor and polite staff is 100% .Good food, good drinks! Clean and great sounding theater. Parents leave the kids at home and treat yourselves!

Erica Blas

The place was very comfortable with great seats. The only issue I had was with their Vegan options. Due to stomach issues I am limited to what I can eat so Vegan/gluten free foods are pretty much the only foods I can have and they were only able to offer me a Vegetable burger (patty) with lettuce & tomato on the side.

Progress Dixon

Worth the money get the premium seats with unlimited popcorn. (ask for your own butter and salt they don't add it) those seats seclude you from other guests. Service was good too. Even the location makes a good date night.

Leo Zuniga

Great atmosphere and beautiful location be sure to come check it out.

Tianna Roman

Nice theatre wish you were able to lift up arm rest, if so would've been 5 stars

Malika Davis

Service great. Food & Drinks came out fast. Popcorn was hot. Great date night

Jaclynn Brown

Unfortunately, not a great night. I don't know if it was because we caught a late night, Sunday show or what but how disappointing! We ordered an extra slider to make 4 total. 3 came and then it took an entire hour to get the 4th. The sangria, which is usually my favorite, tasted horrible and the fruit on top included tiny chunks of oranges with the peel on. Not great for drinking in the dark not that I could. The waiter said it was a bad batch and recommended I try something else. I decided on the Rum Punch. By the time it came we only had about a half hour left of the movie and it wa also disgusting. It was almost thick and tasted condensed. Maybe it was the end of the batch but, I couldn't drink it either. Our waiter was nice enough to take both drinks off of the bill since I didn't touch them but, nothing was said about the extra slider that took over an hour to get. The 1st time we went to the IPIC was shortly after it opened and it was spotless, the drinks were amazing, and the extra cost was well worth the experience. I hate to say it but, it seems it's truly gone down hill. The seats had crusted food on the arm rest, the blankets were crunchy, my footrest slanted to the right, that, mixed with the horrible drinks and lackluster food service made us wish we'd saved the money and had just gone to the AMC. A night that was meant to celebrate a birthday ended in disappointment all around.

cheryl thomas

First time at ipic movie theater I loved it. Saw the lion movie love it and food was good

Sammy S.

We have an ipic also in fort Lee NJ. Same concept always loved the theater at these ipics

Glenna Mercado

Better experience than a regular movie theater.. but the food and drinks took way too long to come.

What's In A Book

Finally a quiet and well ran movie theater in NYC! Excellent service, first time in, and I will be back! Expect to pay some bucks, but it's well worth it to enjoy a movie that you can actually enjoy.

Philippe Numa, Jr.

I had a great time. It definitely adds to the movie experience. Food and drink options can't be beaten. Great for couple to enjoy a calm atmosphere. My only problem is with the third-floor bar that doesn't have cellular service, not cool.

Irene Zhang

My second time at iPic. The lobster roll was not as good as the first one I had when they first opened the place. I hope they replace the chips with something else; I don't really like that as a side dish. Nevertheless, our waiter was nice and got us everything we needed. The seats were comfortable. I wish they have a place where we can leave our belongings in the movie theater, especially in the winter time when we have to carry big coats. The pizza and burger were good. I definitely recommend the mozzarella sticks that's actually made of mac and cheese. Lobster roll was eh. Cost around $60 for 2 people. We went on Valentine's Day so I'm not sure if that affected the price.

Idalis Diaz

Highly recommend for a date night. My boyfriend and I stumbled in on a rainy day. You get your own little private area with a free blanket, pillow and popcorn. The food is great and you can eat it right there while you enjoy your movie. The seats recline and are super comfy not mention their amazing drink menu.

Seth Paxton

You spend a ton of money ($34 a ticket I think) you get an elite film experience. Service is solid, food is top notch (fried chicken was great), blanket and pillow for your reclining seat, nice cocktail choices. It's a 1st class airline seat in a theater. They even bring a small bag of free popcorn. Be aware the seat "pairs" are pods and could be weird with a stranger sharing your table/space. The closer rows allow for odd numbers a bit better.

Ingris Cruz

I went for a work event and was told I would be in the 1st row but to my pleasant surprise, they were good seats!! I was very comfortable and my family enjoyed themselves. My only issue was that we never got our popcorn during the movie as originally discussed. Great theatre, clean bathrooms and good food.

andrea lee

Awful experience for the price. Poor customer service, people using their phones, chatting and smoking in the theatre without any intervention from the staff. If you’re going to charge people $30+ a ticket and another $60-$80 for food and drinks, at least offer an experience that matches the price point.

Frederick Lewis

Very nice I had a great time. The best.

Simone Simmonds

Been here over two dozen times since opening with no bad experiences to report. Little costly but you'll never return to an ordinary theater.

Mark Shahon

Servers served from the back of the chair and never returned till Bill was die. Alamo Ale House is 20X better.

Mark Caceres

First time at this theater and had the worst experience ever. Arrived 15 minutes before showtime. There was no one to take our ticket and my sister had to help me find the stairs and the seat because the theatre was so dark. Got to our seat and we sat there for 15 minutes AFTER the movie already started and no one came out to take our orders or collect our movie tickets. Had to go up to the bar, order our food, then come back to our seats. No one showed up for a solid 20 minutes till I had to get up and retrieve the order myself. Got back to my seat in my seat and noticed they got my order wrong. I urge anyone who plans on going there to think twice!



Pam Jack

Food was ok. Service a bit slow. Comfortable seating.


Our experience was horrible. First of all the food was super expensive, which would've been fine if it was actually good. All the options were super unhealthy. I ordered shrimp tacos which were probably the healthiest option but the tortillas was super dry like they sat out for 3 days. The chips that came with it were also really dry, and the waiter had the nerve to say there wasn't any salsa to go with it. There was also lime on the side that was supposed to be squeezed on top of the tacos, but they were so dry, I thought they were props from Ikea. The server we had was not friendly and barely gave us time to order. At some points I felt bad for pressing the summoning button because I felt like I was annoying her. She didn't even take away our dishes, so we had to sit through the whole movie with empty dishes in front of us. The popcorn was not fresh and tasted like they made it a couple hours before, and was burnt like they kept it too long in the microwave. If a movie theater fails at everything else, they should at least know how to make popcorn without burning it. To top it all off, we watched a bad movie which made the experience even worse.

Emily tracy

Tuck Room food is awful. And the service could use a little sense of urgency considering most people there are trying to catch a movie. The seats in the theatre are great though! It's a steep price for a recliner but well worth it for a comfortable and relaxed movie experience.

Sami Montana

This place is huge! And cool. Right by the water, cobblestone street, restaurants & bars inside. There's also cocktail & food service in the theaters. The place is clean and spacious. The seats are comfy.

Alleson cheine

Okay. Overpriced and not all that it’s cracked up to seems in terms of comfort and food but it’s still something nice you should experience. south street seaport is somewhere you should visit anyways.

Chris Bonica

My wife and i went to see Captain Marvell, we had a great experience going to the ipic theater. The price may be a little more than normal, but it was worth it. The sound is excellent, the seats are comfortable and private, the service is friendly and awesome. The screen is a bit small for the size of the theater and the food, although tasty, could have been a bit better for the price. But the drink's are good, good beer and cocktails. Will definitely do again.


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