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Arrianna Silva

It's quite an intimate theatre that is more for the film connoisseur. If you're in the mood for cult classic movies or independent films that receive limited releases IFC is probably your best bet.

Kaitlin Mahar

Theater is nice though the lobby is kind of awkwardly small. Cool movie selection and the popcorn was very tasty.

Samuel Howard

This is probably my favorite place in New York City to see a movie. Seats are wide and comfortable. They show neat shorts before the movies. The crowd here is well behaved (though I can't speak to the midnight showings). Restrooms in the basement are generally cleaner than at the chain theaters. Concessions include real butter for popcorn and they have Old Bay seasoning on offer. Also check out their movie directors as metal band logos t-shirts.

Beau Vandergraf

The only place to see great movies others don't run and classics etc. Love this place.

Joanne Jahr

They show excellent films but unlike the Film Forum you have to wait on line outside and on a bitterly cold winter's night that's not fun. The bathrooms are dumps and the theaters don't have the best sight lines, BUT, it's The IFC!

Manan Shah

Charming older theater. They play great movies that you won't find in regular modern chain theaters. They also frequently have the directors there for Q and A's about their movies.

Christopher Kohler

This place is dirty-gross bathrooms and common areas. And Here for the first matinee. When it first opened it was nice-not so much anymore.

M.C. Siar

Nice little independent movie theatre right by Washington square. Nice movies selection and nice staff also.

Neeraj krishnan

Meant for cinephiles. Movies you don't usually watch in AMC or Regal play here. Love the atmosphere

Marcus Blackwell

Nice spot to watch movies

Aleks Gejdel

The IFC Center is my favorite movie theater in New York City. Their selection for midnight screenings is amazing, and I love the Weekend Classics series they do! The staff is always really friendly and the theaters are nice and cozy. Also be sure to check out their tote bags! I got a David Lynch one recently and couldn’t be happier with it.

alejandra F

First time here. It was supper nice. People greeted me with a smile.. Service was fast and convenient. The Lobby Was smaller than I am used to but then, well behaved adults know how to wait on line for food and movies. The theaters was small too but the screen size was all well proportioned. I wish we had a theater like this in Queens

Svetlana Didorenko

With all my love of IFC... I wish they asked simpler questions at the Q&A with filmmakers. After the recent premiere of Death of Stalin, I still had no idea why the filmmakers chose to make this specific film and what they thought of the Russian officials pulling the film from cinemas - the absolute basics that you'd hope the interviewer would ask about.

Hawraa A

Clean and nice movie theater

daniel lam

This is one of the best Independent film theater in the city. They show everything from short films to foreign films. They've got great retrospectives and filmmaker Q&As. Go to their website to checkout what's on their calendar. It's best to see what they've got going on in advance.

Laya Mohadeb

Beautiful seats that lean back, with lots of privacy. Great service! Brought us free popcorn to our seats!


Helpful employees and small theatres make for a good vibe

Herbert Witzen

Excellent independent film and art center.

Jeffery Spraggins

The theater was very nice & very comfortable

kirsten sonnenberg

Generally a nice indie theater with a nice staff. Clean bathrooms, good snack selection, relatively comfy seats. My only complaint would be the small room and screen in theater number 5. All the other theaters seem to be more normal sized.

Christina D

This is a great movie theater that showcases a variety of indie, classic, and some mainstream films. They also have Q&A’s with directors and actors. Access right outside the A/C subway stop, and if you’re hungry, stop by The Taco Shop just around the corner for some yummy tacos and fresh margaritas.

Luz del Mar Burgos

Love it. Very classy theater. Perfect environment, great customer service and the films are great productions that outstand from the norm and are well received by elite audiences.

Eddie Rosen

Slowly becoming my fave theather. Great indy vibe intimate comfortable seating healthy food options very friendly helpful staff not to mention an awesome selection of movies documentaries and shorts. Love this place

Jeff Alpert

The old Waverly. Expanded, 5 screens. Wide variety of films including docs, avant-garde and classics. Easy access, "A" train to W. 4 stop. They care about movies.

A. Garcia

Addictively spectacular.

Angie Vasquez

Nothing like watching some great independent films at this theater

Wanlin Li

A good variety of events

JaMan 51

Screen sizes vary from a good main screen to a small screen, but all seem in line with what brings the people. A solid collection of indie and classic films get played. You will never find the latest blockbuster, but IFC has carved out a niche that is hard to replicate. First and sometimes only theater to get some movies, it's worth checking out.

Lamia Alami

Iconic place. Great movies!

constance mortell

Excellent films in smaller but lovely screening rooms - great place to see first class films!

Jeffrey Holmes

Saw "The Laundromat," a comedic satire based on the Panama Papers.

Vi Vo

Great indie theater

Jim Freund

One of the few art theaters that actually has stadium seating, if not a great number of seats. But that's okay. Often featuring special events including opportunities to hear talks by filmmakers.

Larry Lawrence

They get great movies but the theater itself is a maze with all the theaters in there

Summer Joy Reign Cedano

Anyone u likes a break from the norm of Hollywood movies should go and support independent film makers ....the movies they show here real effect u

Alyson Bermudez

Conveniently located EXACTLY next to the A, B, C, D , E, F, & M trains, the IFC is one of the few dwindling independent movie theaters left in the city. It offers food beyond the typical "popcorn & Milk Duds" movie snacks and has intimate screening rooms with clean, cozy, velvety plush cupholding seats. In fact, the seats might be just a little too comfortable. I fell asleep during the last 20 minutes of "The Death of Stalin" even though it was one of the best satire/comedies I've seen in a long time. For a popular movie, I would recommend getting there early due to the limited seating accommodations. If the food offered doesn't appeal to you, Bagels on the Square is still located around the corner on Carmine Street. The apple cinnamon cream cheese spread on a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel, albeit a slightly smaller amount, still is amazing

Griffith Scott

Best theatre if you want to see weird or interesting independent movies. Sound quality is very good, they're always playing a range of very obscure to mainstream movies. Premeires are exiting here because it feels small and fun.

Nina Rothschild

Excellent movie selection. Bathroom in basement is clean but kind of isolated and creepy.

Hamish McCullough


Daniel Zolotor

Great because they get the stuff you don't get in your gigantic multiplex theaters. One star deduction because the theater I was in was so small even the last row is to close to the screen

Jade Bonica

Love the coziness of this place. It's a neighborhood indie favorite and with good reason. Staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. Seating is comfy and you don't feel like your at some chain theater in the mall. IFC really takes on the flavor of the neighborhood. It's a true gem!

Crispino Mahajan

Nice theater. Good screens.

Maíra Saul

First time at IFC, long time coming. Will come back for the exclusive selection of titles and atmosphere.

darren fields

A nice place to watch movies

Adam Modlin

Cool place with a great selection of films

Irma Zandl

I’m a documentary film fanatic so basically only go to 4 theaters - IFC, Angelika, film Forum and Quad. This is the saddest of the bunch. Seats are taped up, torn, everything just a bit shabby.

Eddie Baty

Clearly a historic spot, or so it seems, but the place is largely personality-less on the customer side of things. Concessions are an afterthought, employees are a little robotic. Programming is great though, and the patrons behave well inside the theater.

Rising Dragon Tattoos

You want to see independent films that actually make you think a little bit about other facets of life, instead of the Hollywood fare, full of clichés or adrenaline action films?....Well then this is your place. Besides the movie the previews will also be of stuff you've never seen or heard before because mainstream media isn't going to cover it. (No real money in it) Hmm...Not mainstream, thinking involved, opening the mind...Count me IN! Google maps showed the walking distance as 10 blocks from the tattoo shop, but really its only 8 because of the weird geography and block numbering. The theatre is directly opposite the infamous basketball courts on West 3rd Street, or W3. So maybe before or even after the movie you can see a heated match of "B-Ball" because it seems to go all night long!

Kushal Dasgupta

If you're looking for a place to see and find new Indie movies, this is it. There are some indie movies that will only run here. The place does have multiple screens but it has an old school theatre feel. Thus, if you always go to AMC and Regal, you might be a bit underwhelmed. The screens and halls are not as big as theatre chains. The seating is always open, rather than reserved.

David Phillips

Nice preservation of the old Waverly cinema for independent film. Membership is a sweet deal for discounted tickets and access to special events, early access to others. Well-run operation with respectful staff.

Right Code

Great place that has great meaningful movies.

Tony Nation

Awesome location in the West Village to see indie/art house films. The facility itself is in need of some renovations and updates. The theaters are intimate with wide seating but they're not up-to-date and very worn. The seats also squeak badly when anyone moves. Concessions are okay but could be better.

Stephen Elliot

The only theater in Manhattan screening the Oscar nominated short films. That's worth five stars in my book.

Xinming Cai

Like other indie cinema, it provides different perspectives of cinematic experience

Lance P

Best place in NYC to watch indie films accompanied by events that hosts directors giving talks about their latest movies.

Ignacio Marro

Definitely should go here films. Nice variety of snacks and merchandise. I recommend going to the Oscar Nominated Short Films which is going on today for a couple more days. My only complaint was that it was cold in the theater on a cold day outside. But great place overall!

Ahmed Bawa

We saw a wonderful movie at the IFC Center - Shoplifters by Hirokazu Kore-eda - but the movie house itself is in need of major renovation and revamping. It is quite seedy. I'll be happy to go to watch extra special movies there but it won't be a my first choice in New York for the alternative movie scene.

Lara Simmons

Funky independent neighborhood theater. Great movie selection. Eclectic mix of concessions and items for the cineophile. Only two theaters but good rotation of times. Fun revivals as well.


Always great. Just wish there was a bathroom on the main floor.

James Kirshner

Nice theater, but I feel that the ticket prices, and especially the concessions, should be cheaper for what they offer.

Kathleen Warnock

Essential venue for documentaries, art films, foreign films, movies you'd see nowhere else.

Daphney Bazile

I liked the size of the theater we we're in. It wasn't too large. They play aLot of indie movies but when I went, it was during the studio Ghibli special they were having . And it was great! If you have some extra cash and a specific movie to watch, I recommend.

Len Yeh

Movie theaters like IFC Center are part of the fabric that makes New York City so great. You'll find independent films and festival darlings here. All those movies that your suburban counterparts have to wait for or rent digitally nowadays, you have at your fingertips. The theaters are small but comfortable enough. Get some food to snack on at the concession stand near the entrance.

Jeffrey Macklis

Terrific independent film venue. Basically an old theatre complex with small theatres, small screens and small but comfortable stadium seating.

Kacper Jarecki

It was a cute little theater, with really high ceilings. I just wish you could buy tickets in advance.

Reginald Styles

Great Atmosphere For Really good Movies ❤️


Great independent films

Debora Levi

Love the selección of movies, small rooms almost the size of a living room but I live it

Jessica Robinson

Tiny little theatres for intimate screenings of awesome indie films. They show some crazy shorts before the films too which are definitely out there! Fun flicks that aren't played at the bigger theatres.

German Rodriguez

Its IFC, by definition its amazing. Check it out


Really small screen...

Personal Cook

Great place for indie and documentaries. The down side is that the sceen is a little small but that's alright. Lots of great places to eat around here too.

Cherryl Thomas

Small setting, helpful staff


Comfortable seats, very small screens and dark theater. Restrooms are in a basement area. Fine if you like very old theaters and hard to find films.

Val Hakun

The screens could have been larger in the smaller rooms, and the seating layout in the main auditorium (the big one) is far from perfect, but overall it's a good place to see movies you won't normally find at most other theaters.

james sands

Not exacly new but comfortable and "soulful" with polite and thoughtful staff.

Marie Parsons

Second visit to this movie theater. Located in the old "Waverly Theater" on Sixth Avenue in the Village, it now offers a variety of independent films in each of its several intimately small theaters. Recent showings include "The Outlaw King", "The Border," and a special weekend re-release of the National Theater Live's "Frankenstein." Clean, well-maintained restrooms are available. With several cafes and restaurants in the area, the theater can be a good part of a weekend getaway or casual night out for couples, friends, or visitors from out of town.

Laura Edelstein

I had a coughing jag while in the theater. I walked out to the lobby.. The manager heard me, offered help and calmed me down and suggested tea that would relax my throat. After some time passed, she gave me a complimentary pass to come back another time to revisit the movie. Her exceptional kindness is only one reason why I love the IFC Center. A second reason is because they go out of their way to select JEWELS to show to the public. Their selection of independent films and documentaries is what makes New York so special.

Cat McAuliffe

One of my favorite theaters in NYC. They play movies that you won't be able to find anywhere else and the staff is nice and the theater itself is great. One of the best places around for people who love film.

Adelaide Steedley

Saw "Out of Omaha" world premier there. Located near several train stops. I came late and the doors were on either side of the screen, making it impossible to sneak in quietly

Chantal Emmenthal

Long live independent cinema!

Paul Horstmann

We loved this small theater. This time we saw a collection of the Oscar nominated animated shorts.

Santiago Gonzalez

Great theater. They play some of the best films, indie or mainstream. And some that you cant find at other theaters.

Jessica Torres

Me and a few friends went to see the M.I.A documentary Sep 30 . We went early to get online. The person told us that we were a hr too early. So we went and stoped down the block. We came back at the time they said the documentary started to be told they had started it a half hour before. We missed half hr of the show because the online time and the movie theater time didnt match.

Sarah F

Absolutely hated the movie that I went to see there (completely unnecessarily pretentious bs) but that's not their fault! IFC is a great little indie theater

Gina DeLorenzo

Unique indie movies.

Helen Feinstein

Tight seats but good films

barbara kocher

Very nice theater

Yolanda Odom

$16 for matinee seats and no recliners. What is the world coming to? Getting to the downstairs bathroom was fun. Made me feel like I was in a horror movie about to do my murder scene.

Edward Martin

My favorite theater

Anita M Endeman

If you enjoy meaningful movies this is a fantastic venue.

jason trompeter

Old Waverly theater space. Just happy a theater is still here.

Jay Cole

I love this place. Moviepass made it affordable to go regularly and they're gone now. Come on IFC, any subscription style in the works?

Rahul Singhal

Show good films but the theaters are a lot worse than Film Forum or the Metrograph.

Elpidia Stiffler

Very fine comfortable place to see a movie after work

Robert Cesario

One of the last...rare and different

Lexy McCauley

Always interesting events going on here. They sometimes bring in special speakers after screenings

Maciel M.

It's gotten a bit rundown but great Staff and films.

Sasha Arijanto

The IFC center is the best indie theatre in Manhattan (and I'd choose it for even big box films if it was an option). The best part is the staff, who are just as excited about movies as you are. Plus the popcorn is super tasty!

Yolanda Watson

I went to see the Kurt Cobain doc here with a friend. It’s a low key chill theatre and they have some really dope film options.

James Murphy

This place is a bit of a public nuisance since it doesn't have enough interior space for patrons to queue indoors, so everyone piles up outside on the sidewalk. The proprietors will bark at the line to have their phones ready for scanning, and they have some merch inside that leads me to believe someone in marketing has a thing for space alien-turned-actress Tilda Swinton. Decent place to see a movie, at least. Refreshments are notably cheaper than some NYC theaters and they do refills on some sizes of soft drinks free of charge.

June Choi

Good theater in a great location, only downside is that the tickets sell out quickly, very hard to do walk-in

k patt

Small but intimate

Leonel Barragán

Amazing sound system and movie projection that brought us there to watch ROMA. The movie was a surprising and refreshing story worth watching for it's heartfelt drama and unbiased cinematic beauty. The individual theaters are small but cozy. Easily accessible by car or nearby subway lines 1, 2, 3, A, B, C, D, E, F, M, R and W lines and local MTA bus lines.

Bill H

Nice small theatre. Older movie setup and theatre

Paul Borri

It's a nice little theater that plays unusual films but there are mice in the theater.

Rafael López, Jr.

Foreign and independent films.

Kay Campbell

Warehouse-y feel, worn interior, amazing film lineup. If you're here, you're definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Pauline DeMairo

A great venue to watch innovative, independent cinema....a treasure!

John Sebastian Ong

I've always loved this place. The movies they show are always thought provoking and unique! Besides, I love a good Studio Ghibli movie - fest!

Richard Huber

Great place. Always love it. Now that sunshine theater is a memory it's nearly the only place you can go for foreign films as they come out. We saw The Shoplifters (万引き家族)

Jim Sears

Varied selection of films.

Wanda Riddick

I had never been here before but it is a very nice small and intimate theatre.

Melanie Rodriguiez

great theater showing smaller films. Tickets are on the pricey side and the seats are pretty uncomfortable. They do some good shows and even sometimes bring in the directors to talk about them.

Kathleen Nichols

Intimate, clean theatres. Subterranean bathrooms are cool and clean. Delicious snacks. Excellent selection of films. Convenient to transportation. See a movie here!

Tom Tytunovich

A movie theater so interesting I actually chose to subscribe to their mailing list. They just always have the most interesting movies, whether it's old classics, weird animes, or weird old anime classics. The theaters are pretty small, but that just adds to the intimate feeling. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't find something they love, especially if you check far enough ahead online.

Robert Murray

Comfortable seating, good sound & screen. Bit on the small size, but that's the way it is now. I don't understand why some films are only shown in the morning? Don't people work or have lives? Maybe it's geared for a retirement community.

Saied Ghaffarian

Been going here for years. The place is as advertised, an great spot to see a movie that most likely won't feature superheros. Just be prepared to line up outside if you're going to see a popular movie.

Daniel Aguilera

Amazing art cinema place. Loved the place and the movies that were playing.

Donna Murray

I went to see Mary Magdalene and I enjoy myself...

Angel Niner

Curated films with following

carlos calles

Great place to catch indie films. Although the viewing screens are on the small side.

Limb OfGod

Amazing docs and Indie films!small theatres so get there early for good seats.

S. MacDonald

Excellent theatre venue! Great selections.

Joseph NewYork

Amazing collection of art films.

Kevin Church

Give me more legroom and assigned seating and you'd have the best place to see movies in Manhattan.

Mark B Borg Jr

Yeah, so, three words: Best POPcorn Ever!!! Need one say anything more about a movie theater for it to receive a ⭐⭐

Dennis Sifris James Myhre

The best programming in NYC, even compared to the Angelika. But why does the staff here always look so depressed???

Diego Galtieri

Great theater to check out independent films. Sometimes they have Q&A sessions with the filmmakers after the screening. The theatre itself is OK, nothing fancy. The seats are standard.

Veronica Brooks

The movie's are include all genres and I always have a good time each time I visit.


Great selection of films and the staff is super friendly.

Qianren Zhou

Small and good. Will perform old movies.

Hilton Webb

Formerly know as the Waverly theater. It's a nice clean theater which has some small intimate theaters. They show first run shows as well as oldies but goodies like Yellow Submarine along with truly art house movies which aren't shown anywhere else. If it's obscure and foreign then the IFC Center is it's home.

Kanae Watanabe

Not just they show good movies but surprisingly the seats are very comfortable.



Alfonso Lagunas

One of the best movie theaters in the

roland jones

I a samurai film called shadow and had a great time with jen

Jasone Little

I had a good time with my friend. I appreciate the clean bathroom and the heathy snacks that was on display.

Mushtaq Choudhury

Cozy venue for film buffs. Exclusive independent films and Festivals here. There is something going on everynight at the iconic IFC theater. Conveniently located at W4th street in Manhattan.

Sudhir Bhargava

What I like most about IFC center is that I get to see interesting that are off the beaten path but still relevant and usually, very interesting. It's mostly new releases but there's some classics once in a while. The location, of course, is very convenient. Particularly with the many bars and restaurants nearby to enhance the cinema experience.

Robert Chemtob

A wonderful multiplex theater that shows some of the best art films in NYC. One of the few remaining one, so vital. My only complaint would be that one of the theaters is so tiny it feels like a home screening room. I would like to know that a film is screening there before arriving.

Karen Oz

We came to see Roma When we alked in it smell badly due to luck of fresh air. The sits were below standard and the quality of the screen and the sound was horrible. Terrible expirience all together.

B Begley

I came here for the annual holiday showing of Its a Wonderful Life, firstly seeing that film on the big screen was amazing and made me so happy. Second, they were great with keeping things organized since there were a lot of people and the theater is very nice, the mirrors on the way to the bathroom were so cool.

Christina XI

I like this theater. Service is okay. Saw "It's a wonderful life" here which I thought was a great movie so it's nice that the theater shows it every year at Christmas. Amenities were okay.

Daniel Shapiro

Paid to see Roma in this theater instead of waiting to see it on TV. Unfortunately the film was in Dolby Surround 7.1 and screened in a theater was set up for 5.1 (Theater 4). This meant that no one in the audience could hear a single line of dialog uttered by any off-screen character for the entire film. Odd choice on the part of IFC. Waste of money on my part. Issue was addressed by the projectionist with a "sorry we're looking into it". First time this has ever happened in a theater in my entire life. Otherwise, the popcorn was good and the seats were comfortable.

Billy Woods

They have very good ovenly cookies at concessions.

koshy Cherian

I had a wonderful time back to the old Waverly. Stirred up old memories. Animated shorts were so touching and fun. Really enjoyed my time there.

Studio Sever

Up close and personal moovie theater showing independent films that metter.

Vikas Bhargava

Classic indie art house cinema conveniently located right above W4th E stop in west village. Also Moviepass works here :) If you need brain food after gorging on AMC junk head out here for some great cerebral movies

Stephen Nichols

well as for the movies first class as for the seats an f

Victor Reynolds

If you want to see cinematography that's unique; and listen to those who make it happen this is the venue to visit.

Hojatollah Behrooz

very cozy cinema with perfect movies.

Lizzy Alejandro

Came here to the see the M.I.A documentary. The theater itself is okay, really small! A room seats about 20-30 people. The food was definitely overpriced. I only came for M.I.A and I dont think I'll be going back.

Anita M C Endeman

Fantastic movie venue.

Robert Charles

Small theatre with a genuine classic feel. Playing movies that either are - or should become classics.

xo xo

So lovely and homey. Love the intimacy. Reminds me of Coolidge corner theater in boston, but this one is in a better, more accessible location. Watched Parasite here opening night and was thrilled. Really excellent location for top-notch independent cinema. A classic, quintessential arthouse theater.

Kathryn Mauch

I saw death of stalin in the large theater and it was a lot of fun. Be ready to expect sitting in a tiny theater depending on which movie is being shown in which viewing room.

Taylor Cayes

Cute but outdated theater.


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