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REVIEWS OF Cinemas 1, 2 & 3 IN New York

Dale Guiducci

Great place to see a movie. Comfy reclining seats and great sound system.

Giselle C

Fabulous seats.. like I was in my favorite Uncles home theater!

Erica Fineberg

This cinema has wonderful movies however it is disturbing that after several months of attending the theater the escalator is still in disrepair. It is especially difficult for those who have injuries to their body.


Affordable tickets, convenient seating ( foldable recliner couch). Clean and convenient location, located near the F train and the Roosevelt Island tramway Manhattan stop

Stephan Grütering

Most comfortable chairs, very pleasant staff, and before 12 a bit less expensive.

Samantha Berendt

One of the best movie theaters in the city, and certainly on this side of town! The seats are larger and are very comfortable. Each theater feels very clean. The staff are kind but a bit slow. The popcorn is pretty good (but honestly could be better). And the sound could be customized for each movie to insure a premium and proper movie going experience while putting emphasis on the movie itself as some are quieter than others and may need to be adjusted so popcorn eating doesn’t disrupt other people’s ability to hear the film. (Some movies are that quiet) Still, an all around great theater

Isabella Delery

Lousy customer service, the guy at the ticket office was very abrupt and impatient and walked away while I was still talking. Also there is no elevator or escalator so make sure you can climb stairs

Charles Alcantara

This Theatre is clean and the customer service is great. They show alot of indie films. Thier matinee prices are very cheap and they also belong to movie pass. The best part about this Theatre are the seats, they are recliners and you can reserve your seat so need to show up early on a Friday or Saturday night. Great location right near the subway as well!

Omri Abarbanel

I was pleasantly surprised to see recliners here. Nice theater but small screens.

Alberto Horihuela

Very nice seats, though movie selection is small.

Eleana Houiris

They have the awesome recliner seats!! However, their movie selection is not that great, they only have 3 movie running at a time, and those being mediocre. $9 after 9PM on select days, and 50% off concessions!

Enrico Forti

A neighborhood gem. Huge reclining seats. Small and cozy theatre.

Mitch Cohen

Great seats. Super comfortable.

Andrew Hansen

Beautiful theaters with spacious, reserved seating that fully reclines. The theaters are very clean and the staff are friendly and helpful.

Nadav Free

I really enjoy the deals they have over in this theater and the comfortable chairs also great !!! I will recommend it to all my friends

Lola Maskovsky

Have attended this theater many times and thought it was shabby,dirty and unattractive.Never thought it was customer friendly. When it was renovated my experience was more negative. We had to choose our seats before entering the theater. I really disliked that since I like going into the theater and choosing my seat based on who's sitting where(tall people,etc).I dislike the new chairs although they're wonderfully cozy and comfortable. I don't go to a movie to take a nap! When I went patrons were having difficulty locating "their " seats and management got involved while some people leaned against the wall. Patrons were complaining and I really wished I could leave but my friend wanted to "stick it out". If anyone gives a damn, my friend and I are not going back.A movie should be a casual experience. It's not ABT or opera. I just want to go in,find a seat,sit up and watch the show.

Madison Chen

very cozy theatre with reclining chairs and food purchase on both floors

Marta Kostkiewicz

Love this place, extremely comfortable armchairs, it's not big so it gets semi-private, they have actual food, coffee and tea instead of popcorn and Coke. The only down low is that they don't play a lot of movies. Otherwise two thumbs up

Makos Beatrix

Really nice clean place.Very comfortable seating.I like the movie selection is not the big Hollywood type of movies.Little expensive (snacks, drinks) but wort the price!

Julija Staniulytė

Simply incredible!! We were the only clients jn the movie and they still played it, we had the most comfortable seats, all the beverages and popcorns with 50 percent off. Very nice spent evening!! Recomend a lot!

Jaci de Villiers

My favorite cinema. reclining seats!! Great, friendly staff.


This place has been around since I was a child and they def improved it so much. Seats are comfy and $9 after 9pm is the best deal you can get. This is my go to place for late night movie viewing.

Jeff Fogel

Very comfortable seats

Aniko Magyar

Audiovisual quality is outstanding. Friendly, helpful staff. Decent pricing for tickets and concessions. Mainstream movies, no classics. Comfortable seats. Well-maintained furnishings. No wi-fi. Clean bathrooms.

Davis Crosby

Saw the Joker here last night on 70mm and it was like watch art play in real life. Its a master piece of a film. Im trying to figure out when Im going next time week

Agnieszka Wendorff

Freshly renovated, recling seats! and a good repertoire of movies reaching beyond the typical blockbusters of amc. Great cinema!

benya chivpat

Like going on Sunday mite after 9p.m. $9. Movies 50 % off on conception stand...great! Thank you.

Andrew Goldberg

My favorite theater. I saw Tom Jones there.

Lana Hallstein

VERY Comfortable reserved seats , very good movies.

Elsa Solender

Newly renovated with big, comfy reclining seats but dizzying carpeting. Reserved seats policy and pricing may bother some folks -- unless you get the ideal, on-the-aisle seat you want just minutes before showtime. Some seats on the right mezzanine 1st row facing screen in largest theater have slightly restricted screen view because of entryway blockage. Staff now trained to handle complaints deftly. All in all , much improved, especially the seating.

neal sims

Best seats I have ever seen in a movie theater.

Nrupesh NYC

Convenient location across the street from Bloomingdales entrance on 3rd Ave. A block from Dylans candy shop, Roosevelt Ave tram. Close to 4/5/6/R/N/Q subway lines.

Joan Clemetson

Was lovely..and over the moon!!.never mind that I was just watching the incomparable Aretha perform!!!

Peiqi SU

The seats are the best! They are large, clean, very comfortable and relax.

Mary Catherine Manin

My husband and I purchased tickets ahead of time to see a movie. I am in a wheelchair and cannot walk up or down stairs. We arrived and the theatre didn't have an elevator and said they were not handicap accessible. We spoke to the manager of the theatre- he wasn't apologetic at all and said he's not sure why they aren't accessible. We had to leave since it was impossible for me to get into theatre. Such an upsetting experience....

Bridget Coolick

Great place to see films that aren't always playing at other movie theaters. Reserved seats are really comfortable and they recline. This theater is also very clean. Concessions are pricey, but that is true of most theaters in NY.

Susan Zander

They get great movies. And, since their remodel, we love the big seats that recline. Sooooo comfortable!

Manuel Smith

Best theatre in the city. I don't even live near it I go out of my way to catch all the movies I can here. 1 it cheaper than most theatres. 2 it has, by FAR the most comfortable seats in any theatre. Electronic seats which recline at the touch of a button to the point where your laying back almost like in a bed.

Emmett Tross

Awesome theater

Eyal Herlin

Cool old-school cinema complex with the best reclining-armchair sitting I've had in a regular theatre with SO MUCH leg room (I'm a tall guy but I think anyone would appreciate that).

Angela Ramirez

Nice, clean, and great service!

Connie Roxas Ballen

Was surprised that on Mondays thru Thursdays after nine pm, you only pay $9. Good deal!

Charlie Swanson

I went here to see the film Boyhood on a weeknight, so it wasn't particularly crowded. A fine theater, but nothing special. Felt a little old and warn down, popcorn wasn't too good (though they did let you put on your own butter which is a plus). I also sat in the top section, and the lights for the staircase down were pretty bright and stayed on the whole time (a little distracting).

Wagner Orellana

Nice lounge reclining chairs, excellent for a couple wanting to cuddle up and feel relaxed.

Carla Rupp

Top movies. Very comfortable seating. Nice locations.

Queenie Naja

The cashiers are very unprofessional it's that simple. They need to be trained to able to explain the seating.

Justin Abadi

Good theater with nice reclining seats but the price is $18 for weekends and Friday which is a little steep.

Irit Ben-Harosh

Love this place! Best recliner chairs!

Meg Smith

This theater is nothing special. A relic from older days, there are only three screens and stadium seating is unheard of. Screens are TINY, and the projectors have issues. On the bright side, fewer people means shorter lines at concessions and restrooms. Service is pleasant. Not a bad choice if you time it right.

Milayo C

Very organized, always friendly and helpful staff. Clean facilities. Very comfy recliners!

Katy Hannigan


Douglas Larsen

Such an amazing theatre with almost lay flat leather seats.

Aleksandr Baranov

Halls with convenient recliners. They sell tickets with seats.

Antonio Serna

Loved this place. The seats were super comfy- a plus for a great art-house film. Also the assigned seats make it very chill- there isn't a wild west rush to find seats. Go here if you want a special time.

Eitelle Ford

Small intimate theater, friendly staff

Terry McGarrigle

Would rather select seat when in theater

eleo hensleigh

Be sure to read the accessibility information really closely before you go if you (or the person you are going with) have mobility issues. the access to theaters are all by stairs that are steep. the downstairs cinema's bathroom is down a steep set of stairs and the upstairs bathroom is accessible, but tricky as the ONE escalator only goes in ONE direction at a time. There is no elevator. The theaters have been recently renovated and have great seats and other amenities, but it would have been decent to spend some of that budget to make sure that all movie goers could enjoy the experience without risk or anxiety. At the very least they should make the access information more prominent on the website or at the theater.

Genny Salvatore

Friendly staff, never too crowded and comfortable seating

Amy Brisco

Had a great time there with friends and kids. I'd recommend for a great movie watching experience

James Fackrell

Choose your own seats So comfortable and roomy 50% after 9pm Friendly staff Affordable snack bar Not handicapped accessible

Chelsey Pendock

Large reclining seats!

adita cruz

Comfortable, accomodating, perfect for disables, but not for wheelcjair users

Ricardo A. Rodriguez

Very clean and comfortable reclining seats

Sylvie Heyman

There is no elevator and the escalator has been out of order for EVER! No signs stating that this movie house is not equipped to serve the disabled.

Giovanni Sanchez

Online, google showed that this location was playing Fantastic Beasts 2 at multiple times. When I went to the theater, it turns out they weren't playing it. I went back home and called the theater to ask them about it, and the guy hung up on me immediately after answering my question!

Gabriele Failla

Been watching Dunkirk: wide screen, great sound and unforgettable relax armchair experience. Close to metro stop in front of Bloomingsdale, so very easy to reach. It's my cinema from now on.

Ricardo Baez

Nice and quaint theater. I have been here a few times, and it's a good place to come watch a movie, while avoiding the crowds. It could use better signage so you can go where you need to go without asking too much, but hey, it's only 3 screens. It won't take you long to walk from one to the other. Friendly and helpful staff

Barry Korn

The reclining seats are great

Warren Shapiro

Very comfortable seating, cozy sized theatre. One has to keep working to prevent somnolence!

Bonnie S

Best of the reserved seating ever! Large, super comfortable chairs with adjustable lounging positions.

Akif Zaman

nice small cozy place. seats are better than other brand theatres

mercado magicotv

The best movie theater in NYC

Jeff Laffel

So many reviews here don't like these theaters because they're old. Why not tear them down and build another monstrosity where hundreds are jammed in like lemmings, the stereo sound is ear splitting and the service is awful. This area used to be, next to Broadway, the hub of first run movies in the city. Not the newest, true, but comfortable,screens large in proportion to the theater itself and far from frenetic. You want IMAX hit the Kips Bay. These are neighborhood theaters that keep first run films in the neighborhood. I'll certainly be back.

Elizabeth Olmeda

Amazing movies

Brian Lee

This is the best movie theater that I have visited. Leather seats, recline, leg rest, space between you and your neighbor, reserved seating, limited previews. What more can you ask for? Popcorn? Decent. Healthy snacks? Edamame. And there is a coffee stand in the lobby. Too bad they only have 3 movies playing at a time. But if they are playing a movie you want to watch, go here.

Reecha Kulkarni

Very expensive. Nice seats, though.

Mario Serrano

Almost fell asleep before movie started due to nice recliner

Joe Scsepko

Comfy and clean

Cin Viva

Screen is small and it's cold in the winter but at least the seats are comfortable.

Verda Reveal

Spend here a good time. thx

Trevor Lovitz

While the ticket comes in at whopping 18+ dollars, this upscale cinema, is I think, well worth it. You will be amazed at the width of your leather seat and how crazily far back it reclines. There are four theaters, all rather intimate but with a large amount of space between rows. The theater goes tend to be older and quiet during the screening, which I think is nice, and the selection is usually pretty good. Extraordinarily clean and well-maintained.

Courtney Shaw

This theater is clean and comfortable--one of the best places in the city to enjoy a film! The ticket price might be a bit higher, but the experience is great. The theaters are small with reclining seats, the concession stand has many options (including an espresso bar), and the staff is friendly. They also seem to accept movie pass--I don't have one but saw the sign!

Monica Turbo

Finally got to see the Joker movie and let me tell you it was amazing. Glad I'd waiting, their weren't many seats, but still you got some great seats. And I love coming here. The popcorn is are fresh and the butter they use taste so freaking good.

Irma Olivia Hernandez

Great movie theather with reclinable seats. Small salas but perfect view from every seat

Dmitry Belyaev

Comfy seating and nice film selection! And a clean place, too

Elizabeth Elliott

I had no idea- almost fully reclining seats, and after 9pm only 9 dollars. A little piece of obtainable luxury :)

yexi Liang

it is a small cinema in Manhattan, because it only have three screens. but its decoration is modern, like the feeling that Manhattan give people. and they offer reclined chair. however, the auditorium is not regular shape, such as rectangle, sector, so if you are going to order the row L to J, make sure you don't get the side seat, vision effect would be really bad. i think the perfect row should be row D. i took a picture when i am sitting in the middle of row D.

Pedro Alonso

Love the seats! This cinema is amazing, definitely worth the extra 3 bucks for awesome leather reclining seats. Best movie experience I've had in New York

Mary Swike

Clean and quiet

ita mordetsky

Comfortable seats, being able to reserve seats. Movie selection.

RB Kelly

This place is great in off-hours. Reclining chairs, reserved seats. Don't be afraid to sit in the front row. Screen is rather small.

Andrea Vassalli

The seats are ultra comfortable and it's never too packed. A bit pricey but that's standard for upper east side. Great place to go if you leave nearby.

Marc Berenzweig

Terrific selection of films often indie films available. One criticism the escalator has been inoperative for ages and in my opinion as there's often an elderly crowd in the afternoon it might behoove management to put a less eye dazzling pattern of carpet on the stairs.

Anna Hyclak

My favorite movie theater in NYC, thanks to the awesome reclining seats (if the movie is boring, you can take a nap!). Mostly quirky indie films and Oscar hopefuls. Pro tip: Dylan's Candy Bar is right across the street, so head there before your movie and BYO candy. :)

Ms Vee

Reclining lazy boys. Assigned seating. Matinees before 12 noon are half price. Best place to take in a movie. Only 3 theaters so they only screen 3 movies at a time. Usually a mix of Hollywood and indy artsy films, which i appreciate. Love it here.

Lamarr Hawkins

Went here to see The Hangover Part 3 back in June. The projector never started and we had to sit and wait in the dark 30 minutes past the start time for them to tell us the projector was broken and there would be no show. They refunded my money and gave me a free movie ticket but it's such a small theater with only 2 screens that they barely play anything good that I wouldn't want to see in a huge more updated thearter

Arlene Paul

Escalator was out of service with no advance notice on their website or ticket app. There isn't an elevator. My friend with mobility issues had a tough time getting up the stairs. Will not go back even though the theater itself is close.

Joseph Phillips

Good facility carpeting stripes very confusing. You have to be there to understand. Reccomend this movie house.

Miky Wolf

This theater had completely remade itself. Assigned seats that all recline with footrests. Great snacks. Recommended.

Татьяна Н

Nice price and very comfortable chairs!

Edward Martin

Perfect movie theater

Arlene Rose

Seats are comfortable. However, escalator has been out of order for what seems like years.

Hans Richard Pedersen

Best cinema I have experienced. Awesome comfort in the chairs

Bonnie Srolovitz

They have the best seats ever! Most comfortable I have experienced. Operable reclining, back & legs. So much space between rows that if the seat is fully extended people can pass in front of you without you having to move. This is our top theater choice.

Benjamin patino

Go on mon-thursday $9.00 movie nite 50 % off on the concession one there, pick sny seat. Best bargain, for the ever trendy n eXpesive UES.

Olya Bouteneff

The reclining seats are a dream, and the whole place is clean and pleasant. We actually check here first whenever we're in the mood for a movie.

Paul Yoder

Great location for the upper east side. Comfortable reclining seating.

Michael Dickes

Great experience every time. Huge reclining seats with foot rest and several feet of space between rows. Very comfortable.

Rachel Yamin

Great theater. Very comfortable chairs! Best cinema on the city.

Bharath Reddy Palle

As comfortable as a movie watching experience could get. The recliners, staff, maintenance ..... Everything's just great

Humberto Santos

Simple and comfortable along with a courteous staff

Lourdes Ramirez

I like a lot, it beautiful bathroom are very clean ,the seat very comfortable,the employee nice,they help....I goin to come back.

Christina Smith

Movie selection is minimal. Still a great spot...I love the popcorn here.

Hunor Dóri

Clean and comfortable seat. The staff is kind

Ronald G. Musto

Not only did this cost the two of us $11 more than walking across the Park to Lincoln Plaza, but the newly jazzed up screening room (OK: nice big plush seats with push-button foot rests, and fine digital screen) was ruined by the red glow of the "Exit" sign splashing across the screen. For a movie like "Mr. Turner" that was a disaster! Afterward, when we informed one of the staff that we'd lost a pair of gloves, he didn't move a muscle out of his comfy chair to help us find it, in fact couldn't even get his eyes off his smart-phone. Total extra cost (lost gloves included) for going to Cinema 1,2,3: $35.00! — all the pre-film advertisements you can stomach included in the price — No thanks, ever again!

Sudarshan Venkatraman

Cheap, clean, good screens.

Linda Phillips

Loved the movie!!.. done well..

Marlene Shyer

They've taken all the fun out of a casual night out at the movies. Prices jumped up--fourteen dollars for a senior ticket-- and seats have to be chosen at the time the tickets are purchased. This means a line waiting to get into the theater while people discuss where to sit. Wrong seats? Run down two flights to change them. Then arrive in the dark and the usher points in the general direction of our seats--try to find them? They're somewhere up there, or down there! Trip over someone who's turned her seat into a recliner to find them. Finally, settle in. Sat in the wrong seats for the whole movie--last row--although got to the theater 15 minutes ahead of time. Did like the movie and the carpeting; that's why two stars. And oh, yes, the bathroom was clean. Thank you for that. (The usher said everyone was unhappy) Not in a hurry to go back and sad the neighborhood go-to movie has turned into a no-go-to.

Ana Lucia Varon Ocampo

Really good popcorn

Stephen Gilheeney

Saw Downton Abbey here last night. Great theater as always. Best popcorn and cool drink machine!

Paige Hunter

My favorite movie theater in Manhattan. They have a great $9 after 9:00pm deal for movie tickets and have very comfortable reclining seats. Small theater but very worth watching an indie flick here every now and then!

Hasan Eray Doğan

The best movie theater experience with reserved seatings and reclining seats.

Catherine Mimey

No big woops to small but ok for quick takeout sushi

Carl DeRosa

Great reclining seats that leave room for others to pass without disturbing you. The place was clean and well-run.

Carli Carey

Beautifully kept cinema with recliners and a quiet atmosphere in a convenient location close to Bloomingdale's. I love the $9 after 9 promotion. Tickets are $9 each after 9pm which makes going to see movies in a beautiful cinema affordable!

Emma Buford

Recliner seats are a dream. Saw "Brooklyn" here the other day. Staff was sharp and made the lines move quickly. Bathrooms are renovated and up to date in every way. Tickets are pricey but for the experience it is worth it.

Jo Macellaro

The best thing about this theatre is that they have very comfortable reclining seats. The screens are a little small, but the comfort makes up for it. Prices are standard for nyc.

Richard Kang

Helpful staff, great food selection (they even half macaroons here) and the theater has nice reclining seats. The price is understandable for NYC and it is in a great location in the Upper East Side, right by the Lexington Ave - 59th Street Subway station. It is also near the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge and the Roosevelt Isand Tram. The only drawback is they usually only play three movies at a time. You’ll be lucky for them to be playing a movie you really want to see but when you do, it’s a great experience all around. Also, there’s not a lot of people because of the reason I just stated so it’s less cramped and I have space to breathe. The patrons that come here seem cool too. They aren’t on their phones or talk loud during the movie. I saw two movies here and I hope to see more in the near future.

debs oxo

Good selection. Comfortable seats!

James Fantau

The seating is comfortable but the concession stand leaves a lot to be desired.

Mark Jones

Very comfy seating - full-size recliners!

Oh So Tiff

Nice theatre, comfortable recliner chairs but no elevator and only 1 escalator.

Tim Jamer

Very comfortable seats. There was only a few people at this show so it was a very relaxed setting.


Reclining seats, and wonderful movie choices. Cheaper tickets after 9pm and fresh pop corn!!

Sushant Baskota

Loved the seats here. One of the comfiest I've sat on. The sound system was great too as it should be when you're watching a Quentin Tarantino's movie. I'm not gonna complain about popcorn prices because it's pretty much the same everywhere. They could definitely have had a better restroom. Other than that very good place to watch a movie in NYC.

Lisa Mallory

Clean and comfortable reclining chair

Judith Nemzer

Dont love exc for some good movies, not typical multiplex theater. Expensive and personally dont like reclining chairs.

Zhivko Zaimov

Amazing theater! They did a full renovation and now you have those amazing bed lounges that I can stretch my whole body and relax. I started going to every movie possible... don't really care if it's that good or not, I go for bed lounges lol Very quiet as well and not super crowded.

Shelly Barker

The theater is clean, modern, and pretty intuitively designed. This is fantastic, because too many theaters are clean or layed out really badly, from my experience.

Christopher Sattler

Comfortable seats but small screen.

Enrique Luna Holder

Very comfortable seating!


Movies are only $9 after 9pm (on weekdays only?). The theatres are cozy and the reclining chairs are amazing. All other theatre seating throughout my life has been put to shame.

Kevin Coffer

Customer service is always warm and friendly here.

Aaron Siegal-Eisman

Great theatre, comfy seats, nice food options.

Elizabeth J

Terrible place to watch a movie. The screens are small.

Sky Gewant

Nice small movie theater that usually plays good movies. They have very comfy reclining seats which are assigned when you buy them. Screens are a bit on the small side but the sound and seats more then make up for it.

Michele Weston

Love their Sunday through Thursday $9.95 a ticket deal for movies showing after 9:30pm!!! Great reserved seating and comfortable Barca-lounger theatre seating as well as condensations 1/2 off for that late night show

John Beyer

Saw Mr Turner there: beautiful. Outstanding theater experience all around. Next is Bridge of Spies this week! Can not wait!

Crystal Maxim

Really liked orpy mills great mall very big wish it was bigger

libra P

A great place and atmosphere. Especially when Gabriel is working. He will help you to your seat when possible. He is very courteous, something you rarely find in the city. The thing I don't like is they rarely show children movies. And if you stare at the carpet you may fall. They have discounts for seniors and special show times.

Laura Alvarez

Good friendly staff clean theater very comfortable seats..

Hoa du mal

Extremely helpful polite and friendly staff. The theater is beautiful clean and spacious (when someone has to walk in front of you to exit the row you don't have to scrunch or contort into a small ball -- theres enough room for everyone). the movie experience is awesome. (not too freezing and the sound quality is perfect-- its not obnoxiously booming like other theaters where you leave with your ears ringing for hours. ugh!) lastly and most importantly-- the reclining seats are so comfortable.

Raymond Melendez

Keep it classy City Cinemas

Victor Bibb

The bathrooms with the kind of dreary and the prices for the food and beverages were a little bit too much

Veronica Tcherevkoff

Nice reclining seats. Lots of room.

Aaron Gibralter

Love the comfy seats!

Andrea Contreras

It's amazing. After 9 pm the tickets are only 9 dls and the food and drinks are 50% off plus we had the entire room for us. The seats are so cool and comfortable! You can have a good time!

Sandra Hind

Luxurious renovated theater, with lots of room and very comfortable recliners. My only complaint would be that screen seemed a bit small. Would definitely return though, one of the nicer theaters in the area.


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