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REVIEWS OF Angelika Film Center & Café - New York IN New York

Barry Gomberg

Four of the six screens are in very long and narrow rooms. The screens are not too big so I would not recommend sitting too far in the back. The theater as a whole is better than average with 2 different refreshment areas. Check it out. The theater specializes in very good independent film releases.

Rozu Sehgal

Do not see a movie with subtitles here. The bottom of the screen is blocked by the person ahead of you. In my case, it was also blocked to the left & right because there were tall people ahead, and folks in front of me were leaning. I chose not to leave B/c I didn’t want to disturb the person with whom I came. I complained to the manager. She was not sympathetic.

hillary c

$17 for a ticket and you have to sit through commercials for cars and beer before the previews start. The cafe has very little savory food and no wine. :(

Pallas Athenea

Excellent movies. Comfortable seats. Good screen

John Moffett

Nice cafe. Showing films that you will not find in a metroplex! Clean and compact theathers.

Sonya Sindhoo

Wonderful theater that makes it a treat to go to. It has a feel of nostalgia all over and the independent films are ones you cannot get anywhere besides here. The cafe inside is also a nice touch. One of the best theaters in the city.

Robert Redding

Great spot for date night. Get the nachos which are completely underrated.

Mel Jiang

appreciate the old theaters especially when supporting small production films

John M

Seats on top of one another. Small screen. Good popcorn though.

John Simon

When I wish to see a fine film that has a limited release I make the trek into lower Manhattan from far away north to view it here. Recently saw "Marie Curie" and like the film offerings, cleanliness and ambiance of Angelika.

Sterling Johnson

I had a great time seeing McQueen. Clean & open. Mature young & old adults from what i can tell. No popcorn on the floor or soda spilld or loud noises in the lobby or the theater.


Beautiful. Always a pleasant experience and Atmosphere.

Stephen Pile

Lovely place to see independent films and documentaries. It is kept tidy but the cinema chairs are not as quiet as good as the ones at the Landmark. the chairs are a bit smaller and they don't recline. With that said, I like the spacious seating area by the consession stand and the atmosphere in general. I would come back to see a film there

Michael Roth

They show the "art house" indie movies that you can't see in your local multiplex - I gotta give 'em that. 5 stars! However, the theaters are getting old, you can make out the rumbling of the subway underground, some of the theaters are two long and narrow for the size of the screen, and one does, at times, feel like one is being headed about like so much cattle. Still, did I mention, they show good movies that you can't find in most theaters. So I keep coming back.

Ben Sarsgard

Great decor, varied movie selection, and delicious vegan popcorn!

Asao Johnston

Great as always been coming since 1991 saw Everything about Harry Harrison Ford

Parveen Sikand

What a great theatre!

Herbert Witzen

Best Art Film House in the city.

Marvin C

Great theatre

Tara Lee Byrne

One of the last standing indie film theaters in New York. They have a small cafe upstairs serving up more than just popcorn and junk food. Comfortable seats, friendly staff and clean toilets.




Is and has been a great movie house.

Saba Khan

Low key independent theatre down stairs, with a pretty good cafe on the main floor.

Sagar Vora

A heritage theatre in the city but its not modern as the new AMC's these days... the seats are limited per screen and they are not stadium based ... they are on the same level and the screen size is also small. It gives you a typical feeling of watching in a classic old cinema.

JaMan 51

Great selection of indie and foreign films, often the first to receive. The seats are mostly cramped, and no stadium seating so you can be blocked by people in front. The aisles are in the middle, removing some better seat options. Easy to get to from public transportation.

E Okeowo

Great food and beverage options. Great customer service and efficiency. Great movie selection and location.

Val Yaloz

This theater does not disappoint with the availability of the best movies & foreign gems! Cafe is a definite plus :)

Timothy Kim

A little tricky getting tickets online. Lots of indie and small-budget films here that aren’t available elsewhere in the area. Cheap popcorn. Very long theater (think lots of rows). Old seats, not plush recliners but it’s alright, I’ve been getting spoiled lately anyways. Bathroom is a little grunge-y. Easy to get to.

Carlos Quinones

Screens are a little small if you sit too far past the midpoint of the theatre...

Steve Blake

NYC classic. Has a good mix of the hottest movies with some indie selection.

Hope Lyon

Great movie theater!! Nice Cafe in the lobby with lovely refreshments. Definitely a theatre for limited release or indie films. NOT a theatre for seeing the next mindless Avengers/Spiderman crappy type films. I always enjoy seeing a movie here!!!

Wilfredo Flores

Cramped. They need to redo this place asap. Very uncomfortable. And forget it seeing the film if you're short and can only get seats in the back. C'mon people!

Ernesto Henriquez

what’s the point of purchasing tickets via the app to retrieve them at a kiosk if it doesn’t work? How about being able to scan the digital code? Or ensuring the kiosks actually work? I’ve missed the movie! AngelikaNewYork, ...or having the arrogant guy checking tickets send me to print them when I show him the QR code to then find out he could have simply scanned it? Pointless, no?

Utteeyo Dasgupta

Great choice of films. Small cosy theaters.

John Mantz

Great movie theater great films

Henry Torres

I enjoy the old school feel of this theatre, I had a brownie with nuts at one of the quaint tables set up in the lobby. The only complaint I have is the seating in the movie area, the chairs are a bit uncomfortable. Restroom is very clean.

P eter

I like how you can hear/feel the train rumbling under you while you watch the movie. Watch New York movies here, and you might feel the actual train during scenes on the movie train and you feel like you have won something. In fact you have. Cherish it.

James Johnson

I love movie theaters that show indi films.

Jenny Sunday

Purchasing machines were down when I went on Sunday afternoon. Waited almost 15 minutes in a line to buy tickets from the tellers. They were moving quick but line was around the corner. Clean facilities and I like their show offerings. Get there early if going to a popular show or end up all the way up front.

Marian Vitale

Always shows the most current movies...clean...good concessions

Vadim Oganesyan

Well lit


what’s not to like about one of nycs fave independent cinema theaters! come here all the time and the seating area in the front is a game changer so it doesn’t feel like i have to leave right away. keeps it chill.

Vic Tam

Deffenatly my favorite place to watch documentary movies. And for some reason they have best cheesecake

Van essa

While they show great indie movies here the seating here is straight from the 80s.... horrible, uncomfortable, and not reserved seating. Honestly a last resort theater if the movie won’t appear anywhere else.

Alex Rosaly

Foreign films, great snacks & coffee. Mom loves this place too ❤

Lloyd Kimble

My wife loves this theatre, has a great cafe inside too to hang out before the movie!

Ari Schaeffer

Awesome place for indie movies and film fans

Andrew Rodriguez

Angelika Film Center is an awful place to watch movies at. The screens are small, the food is awful and overpriced, and of course, they aren't marketing their movies or business towards colored audiences. The management is awful here. Take your money elsewhere.

Emma Sutter

Love the films they put on here - especially the pre-releases! The theatre is less than perfect (and I love that you can hear the subway as you watch) but the staff here go above and beyond and the films they choose are great

Runako Taylor

I don't go here nearly as much as I probably should. The selection of films is good and I just came back from seeing the latest Almodóvar film, Dolor y Gloria. It was slow but charming and felt like such a vivid autobiography, and had some rather tender moments. The movie house is a city staple for a true film lover, you should visit!

Scarlett Fitzgerald

Don't miss the Pavoritti documentary!

Efrain Deleon

Love this movie theaters in NYC which I watch a lot of independent films in that theater.

Stephen St. Denis

I have never left a bad review for anything before. This was a terrible theater. The employees were loud outside the door. There is no stadium seating so I couldn't see the screen well and I'm 6 feet tall. Don't go.

Elizabeth Nichols

Great selection of quality, offbeat films. What's not so great is the fact that for $17, they really need to upgrade their seats to recliners. I was sitting in row L and my neck was still cramping from looking up at the screen...

Dan Foley

Great little independent theater, showing mostly art house films.

Carlita Salazar

My absolute favorite theater in the city. Great films and old NYC feel.

Ahmed Bawa

Our favorite movie house in New York. Always has a wonderful menu of independent movies. It is, for us at least, an iconic cinema theater. This time we watched If Only Beale Street Could Talk, based on the James Baldwin classic. What is wonderful to see is just how busy the place is and how diverse the demographic is. And a really nice coffee bar. We recommend highly.

Owlie Ru

Great place to see independent films, and they have a wide variety of snacks, salads, coffees, and the usual movie theater treats. If one wants to wait to see a movie you can sit at their cafe tables with a snack and read, they have a large waiting area. I love going to Angelika film center

Sherry Rivera

Wonderful theatre! The cafe at the tenancies is great! The seating is a great space to meet with friends! The popcorn was great! The staff members were very welcoming!

Martha Popova

I didn’t realize they had popcorn downstairs! I bought a quiche and ate it before the movie since I was starving after work. Wish I had known the popcorn was downstairs. Anyway, of course I also bought popcorn for the movie! Finally, a theater with actually somewhat reasonable prices. $13 for a medium coke and popcorn (I think that’s reasonable, from what I remember paying at another theater that’s more fancy years ago). Anyway, the theater isn’t anything special, but they have great movies. I’m definitely looking forward to returning and watching another great film.

Daria Millman

This is my neighborhood cinema. Always great art house and culturally responsible (or at least culturally interesting) films. Nice staff. Good coffee shop, great lemon tarts.

Kevin Li

This film center shows curated movies that can range from good to future Oscar winning titles. The movie theater itself is quaint, and doesn't have the best seats, screen, or speakers but provides a decent movie watching experience if you don't sit in the back. There are some theaters that have way too many rows of seats for the screen size.

Warren Shapiro

Great movie selection, but mini spaced theaters make arriving early the only option to prevent having to sit on top of the screen.

Kade Boehme

Dated but one of my fave places for a movie bc I’m into films that typically only play in “select cities”, and the Angelika is a NYC staple for their selection of indie and limited run films. Also, the coffee is a fab grown up treat and interesting twist on the movie going experience. Great location, a block from major subways. I mean Prince St and all so it’s great for a night out, even a date night, with plenty of places for dinner around here after a thought provoking film.

Len Yeh

Angelika is one of the best places to watch independent and art films in New York City. It's preciousness will only be increased as the Sunshine down the east side of Houston shuts down. Moviepass includes Angelika in their app, so definitely feel free to drop in and watch more movies if you're a member! The chocolate muffins in the cafe are pretty dope.

Richard Ellison

Cool lobby and good food and service but the seats and screens need updating. I go here because the movies i want to see seem to play here

Amanda Stone

Angelika Film Center passed my expections! I saw Fighting With My Family which isn't released until the 22nd and the fact I found a local theatre showing it is incredible! staff was friendly and atmosphere was great! only thing I would change is the size of the screens, they are very tiny.

Angel Adams

Very friendly staff...great service and the cafe is very good and fresh. I was in such a good mood that I didn't even get upset when the woman in front of me spilled her soda (by accident) and it splashed on my shoes.

Lynette Wright

Love to go hear for independent films

Debora Levi

Great selection of movies sadly an overpriced popcorn but seems that no one cares. I find it also that they can clean more often si e I saw mice while waiting for a movie, they offered my money back but I really want to see the movie...

Chris S.

Great old school NYC theater; one of the few lone survivors. I never quite understand their seating plan (you can’t enter the theater until about 10-15 minutes prior to showing) but it’s fine. They actually have really great food options, which is a plus. The theaters themselves feel a little grungy but hey, that’s part of the experience...right?

Foad Torshizi

Amazingly curated movies from art cinema from all around the world. This theater is a must visit destination for any movie buff who lives in our around New York.

Mark Johnson

Food and drink selection was pretty decent with some “healthy” gluten free and vegan items. However, the middle divider on the seats didn’t go up

Mann Venn

very nice theater with a big cafe . they have good movies and nice ice cream. comfy seats (I don’t like recliner chairs which not good for my back)and good crowds.

Patrina Huff

A New York constant. Consistently good films. Nice waiting area and eats.

Matthew Thornton

I was very impressed by both the selection of independent films and healthy, organic food options from the attached cafe. My only qualm with this venue is that the movies were announced and queued similar to boarding an airplane, meaning you can't arrive early to camp out your preferred seat. Otherwise, very enjoyable night out at the movies!

Colette Katz

Always a classic. Excellent popcorn. Hard to get a good seat if you don't come early.

A Monroe-Mayo

A pleasant independent Films venue to go to.

Gabrielle Bisaccia

Although far from my home, the Angelika is the only theater that shows the indie films I enjoy watching. This is a NYC staple!

Laura Edelstein

Indie films. It doesn't get better than this.

Wrolf Courtney

Really good indie art film house. My go to place for a Saturday night.

Eddie C

One of my favorite theaters to check out some of the best indie films playing. The cafe is pretty good, with some delectable goodies. I come here with a cinephile friend of mine every chance I get.

Christina Ellsberg

A great selection of films that often don’t show at other theatres. The popcorn is also excellent and there is a nice cafe upstairs where you can get fancy coffees and pastries. I will say that I did dock one star because, if you sit at the back of the theatre, you may not be able to see. The screens are small and the speakers seem targeted toward the front.

Shira Galler

It feels like you are back in time in NYC when going to this theater. It has some real charm and hasn't commercialized which is nice! The seats in the theater could be updated though. But, out of all the theaters, this is one of my favorites!

Yasmin Clark

This place is so cool. It feels like a full experience from the cafe seating, to the food menu, to the movie memorabilia, posters and costumes. Theater seats are okay, not overly comfortable.

George Curran

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this place. I love the movies and the people and the food/drink choices but the rooms are some of the worst places to see a movie in NYC. Seriously, I have sat upstairs for coffee and snacks many times but today might have been the worst seat I have encountered in any theater in NYC.

Jamie Leal

Great theater. Buy tix in advance.


I am very disappointed with the screen size in theater 5, for $17 movie ticket. It should have been better. D efinitely wouldn't be coming back.

NoName NYC

They were the first NYC multiplex to both serve independent & foreign films AND to include the ambiance of a lovely cafe in which to meet folks, pre-film, or to interact and discuss what you've just seen, post-film. Which is wonderful, still. The cafe's prices have always seemed bizarrely excessive for the actual fare, even by NYC or movie theatre standards, but the vibe and setting are quite lovely. And you can hang out/chill there without purchasing. So, points for that.

Willy Mello

$15 dollar tickets. Long theater with little incline made it hard to see over the people in front of me. Super clean!

Jay Cole

I love this place. Moviepass made it affordable to return often but they're gone now. Come on Angelika, any subscription style plans coming? The large chain subscription service is great but you guys get the movies that are actually worth seeing.

Dario Alexander

One of the most iconics cinemas in the most hot zone in downtown Manhattan of course I'm talking about the bohemian Soho so you can enjoy your night with a movie from your favorites directors then just enjoy the powerful, exotic nightlife in the capital of the world

Martin Reyes

They have great staff and the popcorn are delicious also they have great movies


Great films, concessions and staff. Minus two stars for the noisy escalator you can hear from inside Theater 5 and for the small, too tightly spaced seats.

Cat E.S

They support independent movies which is a great plus for me. The staff is very friendly and they offer more food options than other theaters. The seats are still the old school seats, they should invest in new seats.

Roz Martin

Good meeting place. CafE. Expansive interior like a real movie house. hope it stays open ...

Eliana Resnick

Fantastic movie house that features independent and foreign movies. Also includes a wide cafe area to meet and talk with people before and after the film. The seats aren't the most comfortable, but the quality of their selection makes up for it. Have gone 5 times in the past year. The theaters are cozy and intimate and audiences are often very respectful of the films. The pre-roll is also very considerate mainly featuring upcoming trailers for movies that will be shown at the Angelika. If you have Working Advantage or Plum Benefits through your job it's worth checking out their Movie discount section.

Jessica Jones

a gem. the lineup is always amazing and popcorn is great.

Donwan Harrell

Great selection of indie movies perfect place for a date night.

derek cuellar

Fav theater in NYC, because it doesn't seem so corporate. Only downside is my bike got stolen from here once. :(

Oliver Fiegel

The movie selection it's great of course. The image quality is better than usual. But the concession stand needs an upgrade.

Janet Clarke Bell

Fantastic cinema showing the best of indépendant films. It also has a good coffee bar where it’s quiet!

amy krakow

The best movies being screened in the city always play here. And sometimes the sound of the subway beneath you plays too.

Aria Chiodo

One of the best indie art houses in NYC. Always great selection of films.

Elyse Cox

Small screens and theaters, but they have a knack for showing movies that are hard to find elsewhere, and always seem to have convenient showtimes.

Catherine Kirk

Tickets are kinda pricey but the movie selection is so great and unique, the vibe is amazing, and the aesthetics of the theater make it like no other

Rafael López, Jr.

Foreign and independent films. Café.

Radu Marin

I saw Pain and Glory here and some guy's head was blocking the bottom right part of the screen but halfway through he sat lower in his chair and it was all good. Overall 4/5.

Laura Leach

Great theater with films for people who aren't interested in mass market.

Gee Land

I saw Disobedience, which was a great film. Theater was average? The escalators worked and it wasn't too cold so it's a good theater to me. You have to go all the way down btw it's almost underground, in order to get to the actual movies. Can be annoying if you're late and still have to find your film, but you can just be on time and save yourself the hassle

Doris Ayala

I like this movie house. I travel from brooklyn and it's easy to get to. The usher was very helpful and polite.

Xavier Tirado

Fun place very quiet theater older crowd but is good!

Jim Sears

Good venue and selection of films.

Ruth Castillo

Always playing super rad films!

Saleh Aliari

One of the last authentic places you can go to see a good movie. But necessarily the latest feel good movie of the day.

EA Clements

The seats were not comfortable - very narrow with no recline option and limited leg room. In addition, the floor was not sloped enough; there was a tall person in front of me and I had to keep shifting my head to see around him.

Fady Kerko

One of the best indie film theaters in NYC. Love the location. Love the selection of films. Newly Renovated. A landmark in the city.

Noah Plofker

Very modern, cool theater. They tend to show more independent movies and stay away from the big Hollywood blockbusters. Food is a little overpriced, but I wouldn't expect anything else in SoHo. Overall, good experience and friendly staff.

Denise L

Great spot for movies in the area that is under the radar. Wish they they had a better selection of food but you could easily get that nearby.


First time I went to the movies and they actually had Vegan pop corn. Next level here

Sandra Pimentel

Amazing place for foreign films and definitely a NYC landmark! Seats do need a little updating. The screws were literally falling off my seat.

Mary Somoza

This theater is very comfy cozy you can enjoy a coffee or refreshment prior to the showing. They have a few theaters that are intimate and every seat gives you a clearview to the screen. The seats are very comfortable and the staff is very courteous and helpful all the time.

Bea Moreno

Went to see a movie, The Farewell

Brian Lee

Incredibly uncomfortable seats for the cost but convenient location and an interesting selection of food and snacks.

Carla Rigatoni

Love seeing classic and contemporary film here. Classic new york institution.

theresa marie

Angelika will always be my most favorite spot to see an indie or foreign film in NYC. I love the vintage vibe of an older theater. It's a nice break from the modern theaters with stadium seating or recliners. Occasionally I will go to a film screening here that FOX Searchlight hosts and it's usually a packed house, but staff works hard to keep everything under control. The cafe is a spot to stop off at if you don't feel like eating a whole meal before your movie. Never had a bad experience here in the near 20 years I have been going to Angelika. Tickets purchasable in advance. Love it here and will continue to visit even if I ever moved away!

T.C. Lind

My favorite movie theater in the city. Not only does it play all of the great indie films, but it’s very laid back. No thrills, no bells and whistles—just a good old fashioned movie theater. Only criticism: the cafe prices are ridiculous. I don’t go there for coffee and desert, but it’d be cool to get something like to snack on/drink without feeling like I’m making a big dent in my pocket.

Mark B Borg Jr

Love this place! It's increasingly feeling like it--along with, say, Cinema Village, IFC, Quad--is a dying breed (though I certainly hope not!)...*sigh*. Awesome space, well kept and hospitable. Among the best movie selections in the City (i.e., the world). And, oh boy (!!!), the popcorn. So glad that you're here!

Mah Rezaa

Chairs are old style and not comfy. And you can hear people around you easily. There is a small cafe you can get food inside. Easy access and location. Restrooms can have long lines.

Jeroen Kraan

Large selection of independent films; one of the best cinemas in the city.

Daphne Barber

Staff is very friendly and helpful. Consistently good Indy movies. The "cafe" is really just expensive snacks and overpriced water. Still a good downtown location and the waiting area is comfortable with tables.

Mista H

Loved the loaded nachos, but a little bit too cold because of the air conditioning


Cool, loved the way i was treated... Loved it so much that am actually writing a review about it. This is actually pretty big. Like who would actually write a post to a location... Right? Nobody, only things that would make you write a review are if you really HATED it or really LOVED it. I really loved it.

Jeana Fletcher

Angelika now has reserved seating but still maintains it's charm.

Douglas Tremere

The theater we were in was sort of long and narrow, with the aisle down the center. But the seats were comfortable, sound was good and the screen seemed like a good size for the room. We sat just a bit more than halfway to the front.

Cass B

Great place to view films that are in selected theaters. Staff is friendly and well mannered.

Mirian Hernandez

Great movies & a good & courteous coffee bar. Very nice service.

Hilton Webb

I have to admit I've heard of this theater for years but never had a reason to go. I thought it would be pretentious and any theatre which sells Pellegrino water might qualify but not the Angelika. It manages to have a small town feel in a big city. The theaters are a good size with nice screens and excellent sound. The only reason they didn't get five stars was because when I used the elevator. I thought I'd gone to the kitchen instead of the box office. They need signage. Thankfully, a lovely young woman directed me to the box office, when I asked.

Dushyant Bharat Karani

A great cinema with a wide range of folding options unlike cinemas I have ever seen. A great place to catch a great flick.

Karen N

All the stars go toward the type of films shown at Angelika. They support a lot of amazing indie films. Sadly they haven’t really looked to maintain the theatre in a state where it’s comfortable to go there for a film. We saw Eighth Grade here. There’s a corridor that splits the seats into two distinct sections and because of this, it was impossible for our group to sit together. Also the seats have seen better days. Come for the movies, but don’t expect anything spectacular.

Shelley Wilcox

I went here with high expectations, However I found a dilapidated building that really needs, and deserves, a facelift. I’m not necessarily looking for a fancy, modern theatre, but I think this place could be so much more inviting and elegant if some work was done on it.

Kean G

This place has history, architecture, etc.... but none of that matters when it's actually uncomfortable and difficult to see what you're paying for. The seats are super outdated and the seating is flat so anyone who is taller than you in front creates a domino effect of people leaning left and right to see a movie. I honestly figured that I was only able to see about a maximum of 70% of the screen during my entire movie. The seats are not comfortable, and prices are relatively high. Out of all the more modern theatres in new york where you can actually enjoy a film, I would avoid the Angelika.



Robert Velasquez

Amazing selection of movies (probably the best when it comes to indies) best popcorn and fountain sodas

Spencer Scott

Very busy during peak hours. It is cool that there is a seating area when you first walk in with all of the theaters on the Lower level. However the hole space is kind of small. Overall a very enjoyable experience.

Robert Chemtob

They show great art films. The lobby is very comfortable with good eats.However, the theaters themselves are very uncomfortable and have horrible sight lines, as you look up to the screen, straining your neck. Plus you can hear the subway rumbling thru.

Jisoo K

They show a lot of good independent films and art films, which is great. But their chairs are the worst if you have chronic back pain like me...

Jeff Yablon

Just plain like this theatre. Always have. A real throwback.

Jordan Hostas

Very good theater. Love the film selection here

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

I've always enjoyed this movie theater. The upstairs cafe is a great spot to wait for your friends to meet you. They have food that is A Cut Above regular movie theater food available. You can get your normal concession nibbles and treats downstairs once you're in the movie theater. I find the seats and screen to be a little bit low. They usually have very good films that you can't see everywhere else.

Patrycja Borowska

Cute tiny cinema! Interesting choice of movies, not the popular blockbuster ones.

Jonathan Chastain

A one of a kind experience. The charm of the cafe and its staff is a great way to start off any film. The traditional style theater makes you feel like you are watching the film the way it was intended to be screened. I will be returning. A new go to for me.

mari p

The cheese for the nachos is the best movie theater cheese I've ever had. Clean

Jc Moses

This theater is where you go and see independent movies. It also has a decent concession stand

Val-jerry Moïse

Always a good place to go watch a movie on a weekend, never overly crowded, really chill atmosphere.

Shahid 07

nice place but need to do the changes. location is good. nice services but little bit need to upgrade it.

Joseph S

We had VIP screener tickets for a movie about gentrification called blindspotting, but we got there 1 hour and 45 min early and waited in line the whole time as people continued to line up until the line was more then 3 blocks long and at no point did anyone from the theater come out to let us know that the theater only held about 175 people. Well there were at least 1500 people there and they knew it, so needless to say they had all of us wait in line just so they would look like the hot spot to go to that everyone else was missing out on. I didn't get in and of course me and all those other people behind me just wasted 2 hours for absolutely nothing. Won't be going there ever again.


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