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570 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10016

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Where is AMC Kips Bay 15?

REVIEWS OF AMC Kips Bay 15 IN New York

Nicholas Bowan

This movie theater is fantastic. It's quiet , clean and the staff are great. Have to shout out to Juan Carlos at the concession stand upstairs. He's a very helpful and friendly employee. Definitely made me want to make this my new favorite movie spot.

Aravena C.

Really comfortable atmosphere and chairs. The staff are helpful and nice .

Mississippi Infiniti

Great entrance for those coming in a taxi or who need wheel chair accessibility! Clean great sized theatre with the most wonderful reclining red seats. Each seat is spacious and comfortable with cup holders. Awesome speedy customer service. Will definitely return to see more movies at this location.

Bro Bro

1 of my fav. AMC. in the City. All seats in all theater's recline. Keep it a secret


Been going to this theather since the 90s still a great place.

C Stbernard

Staff us not very customer friendly. They should work on that. Clean. Seats are a bit tight.

Vince Bowen

Theater was clean. Soda cold. Popcorn barely room temp and tasted like it was left over from the day before. This from someone who used to work in a movie theater that popped the corn fresh constantly, so I know the difference.

Crystal Howze

This is my main theater I go to in New York City. I can always get a nice seat here and the theaters are large in space. I love the opera seats, I think that's the best view to watch a movie. The adjustable seats are comfy, the workers are nice, the food choices are expanding (delicious food and free refills in drinks). I can't complain about this place. Even the bathroom is nice.

kamrul hassan

I went in there with two other friends to watch Avengers Endgames. I ordered online and got in really quick. They literally scan a code and you're in. The tickets were relatively cheap too considering they were IMAX and opening week tickets. Each ticket cost about 15$. We came in the theater exactly when the movie started but we still made it just in time because the seats were very easy to find. They have the stairs labeled with letter: Seats: G14,G15,G16. <----Something like that. We bought 3 drinks and 2 popcorns and that cost about 35$ which is INSANE! Its a scam.

Neil Cavendish

It's a AMC not much to say about it. It's always clean! Most of the screens are reclining seats. It fills up so make sure to book


This is one of the cleaner AMC's in the city, and one of the few that has comfortable, reclining seats. The IMAX and 3D options don't have reclining seats, so I actively choose the regular "Digital" options, and they're great. I would also highly recommend the A-list subscription service, you break even after watching 2 movies a month which is very easy to do, especially since you can reserve your seats ahead of time, many days in advance.

Jatania Mota

My favorite movie theater. Walking distance. Reclining seats. What else can I ask for .

Richard Pierre

Great movie going experience,whether you're in the 500 seat IMAX Theater or theater 11 (only 45 seats).Well staffed concession stand and 4 Coke Freestyle machines.Plus a second concession stand on the lower level . Theater is sated but comfortable.Screens are bright and sound system is incredible.A "TRUE" IMAX screen (the one @the Empire 25 is visibly smaller).Always a pleasurable experience.

Lauren Joy

A movie is always better in a reclining seat! Although Times Square an easier location based on my subway stop- I prefer to see movies here since it is a bit more of a low key audience, and to be honest, a cleaner AMC overall.

Jeff Jefé Délices

It was a very pleasant experience.

Eleanor Kendrick

Always a pleasant and comfortable theater experience. Good location, friendly staff, tasty snacks

Debbie Trencher

Great seats. Mostly clean bathrooms.

gilbert robichaud

My biggest problem is the seats are so comfortable I sometimes nod out! By the time you title the seat back and raise the foot rest, you're in the perfect position for a nap.

Stephanie Burnett

Went to see Fast & Furious .....this movie theater is nice and clean ....the bathrooms not so much and the biggest problem No staff working.....they had one young girl working at the concession stand...I could not get any popcorn for my movie..... the libe had over 20 people and all they had open was one register

Malcolm Espinosa

Good theater, big and clean unlike other AMC theaters. I like the reclining seats. This is my theater of choice.

Marsha McGregor

The movie was good but getting there was difficult. A non working escalator made the climb to the second floor challenging. Popcorn and drink service was not available in each floor.

Whitney Dwire

One of my two favorite movie theaters in Manhattan. Sort of off the beaten path, clean and recliner seats for miles.

David Gathuru

Lovely! Loved the reclining seats. They enhanced the movie experience

Demetrius Alston

Whatever is out you'll see...and believe youse me it's going to be good!!!

David Gorman

Lots of movies great snacks and recliners

Shirley Phang

Fantastic movie theater with super comfy recliners. A little far from other more crowded areas of Manhattan but definitely worth the trek. Very clean and spacious. I generally use A-list so I don't interact with the employees much.

Wajdan Baqir

Small but nice, not too crowded. It's a good place to find good seats even at the last minute!

Dianne Daniels

Finally I can watch a movie with old folks and not have to explain to them what is going on or get blank stares. Love this place. It's clean, comfortable, old-people friendly, and very reasonably priced. They only show 3 movies total at a time. Not enough room I guess. They were showing Twilight, Skyfall, and some korean movie. Half and half popcorn and caramel corn is pretty good. Free validated parking for 3 hours.

Daniel Yu

Unlike most AMCs in Manhattan, this great movie theater is tucked away on Second Avenue away from major transit hubs that bring masses of people to them. The theater is divided into an upper and lower section both with concession stands and restrooms. All the theaters have the signature AMC red recliners and the sound and picture quality are great. Only downside is this AMC does not have as many premium formats as you would find at the theaters at 34th or Time Square.

Shania Day

Kips Bay is one of my favorite theaters. The place is clean. The popcorn is good. The seats recline. The price is cool. The theaters in Manhattan that I've been to range in price from $15.99 to about $17.15. It all depends on what's important to you. Cleanliness and comfort is what's important to me so paying an extra $1.00 or 2 doesn't bother me if it's a nice theater. Also, I always check reviews before going to any theater and Kips Bay had good reviews.

Sharaine Roberts

In my opinion this is the best theater in Manhattan .

Marissa Vega

My go to theater! No other AMC in the city can compare . It’s very clean and I’ve never seen the place overcrowded. It’s truly a gem.

Jim Freund

Big multiplex in a convenient place in Manhattan. Bathrooms were clean, and food is overpriced.

Dana Canada

Clean movie theater, fast concession stand service, reclining red leather seats, cozy theater

Jeannel Garcia

I'm an AMC A-List and this is definitely one of my go to movie places. The seats are those amazing red recliner chairs and it's clean! The staff is always nice and friendly. I do sometimes feel as if they're understaffed especially during $6 Tuesday so you'll just have to be a little bit patient. I am unsure if they offer ordering ahead at this location as I've never done it. But over all I recommend this place.

Victoria Freeman

Love this place but seats were taken by time we got sad

Wa lu

It's a chill place to watch a movie. The staff is excellent in service and friendly when you have a conversation with them. It's a recommended location to catch a flick.

Meiyin Hago

Best movie theater ever where you can seat very comfortable in the inclines seats.

Kathleen Benanti

A lovely movie theater. Very clean with wonderful people. I love going online and reserving my seat beforehand. It removes the stress of getting there early to make sure you get a good seat. Stadium seating so you're not looking around someone's big head! I love the AMC Stubs program too! $5 tickets all day Tuesday for just signing up for the free program! Can't beat that! It's become my go-to thing to do on Tuesday nights, and I prefer going to the Kips Bay location.

Bradford Buonasera

Great place for movies. Going to miss it.

Paola Barja

My favorite movie theater so far. Great theatre. Very friendly stuff, comfortable seats and super clean. Love it.

Dennis Cornfield

Pro: very comfortable seats. Con: extremely loud volume on previews before movie; astoundingly expensive food ($8.00 for a regular popcorn??? How can this be justified?) Just screwing the public once it is a captive audience inside the gates?

tony v

This is an excellent movie theater. The crowds are usually not that large even during new releases and the pricing slightly better other local theaters. It's comfortable and clean. My wife and I have used it as our primary theater for a decade.

Gaming With Dragons

The theater itself is very nice. Most of their theaters have comfy seating and there has never been issues with sound or picture quality. The only issue we have and the only reason we took a star off with this location is the food. The hot dog buns are so hard, they can hurt someone, the pretzels taste like cardboard, and I have yet to see them make new popcorn. They seem to make a lot and just let it sit there...for hours. If you aren't hungry or don't care about eating, then I would say come here bc it's the best AMC theater seating..

Daisy Kirkland

Family favorite. Right down the street from our house.

Liza R

They need to get better reclining seats they do not have the red reclining seats like they do any other theaters I don't understand why because this in Manhattan next to 34th Street on 2nd Avenue the theater is clean and the people that work there are very nice the the screen is great and also audio is great but they definitely need to upgrade on those seats. The seats are too close to each other people just bump you with popcorn on your head people in the back of you end up kicking the chairs and when you sit on the seat for a long time your back killing you. Upgrade please other theaters have the upgrade seats even in the Bronx. It's a waste to have a nice theater but terrible seats.


Definitely what AMC should be like. Even more awesome is that since it was Sunday night, the theater was not crazy busy. Plenty of space, and no annoying morons around.



Bryan Halper

Love the recliners. The IMAX does not have them. You are packed in way too tightly. Go with any of the other options if you care about comfort.

Peter Pabon

Good, clean theater. Small and average size screens. Reserved seats.

Andre Bellinger

It's a very comfortable theater.The lines to get inside the theater, are usually not very long depending on the day and time.

richard rodriguez

Great theater though the movie I saw sucked the theater made up for the movie


Renovated theater w/leather recliner seats. Be sure to elevate your legs. A few theaters have mice (8&9 on 6/16/19). Three floors - enter & purchase tickets on main floor, theaters 1-10 upstairs, theaters 11+ downstairs. Restrooms and concessions on each theater floor. Visited 6x before writing review. Upstairs women's bathroom and theaters need tlc - mop and occasional deep cleaning, shampoo carpets. 2-hr metered street parking Mon-Sat. Free on Sundays.

Katarzyna Zabinska

One of the better AMC's I go to in the city. Two seperate floors each containing their own concessions areas. Very clean and large enough to accommodate a crowd. All the seats in this theater are recliners and use a stadium seating layout, which allows better view of the screen without being bothered. My only issue is of one particular worker in the mornings, a woman who scans the tickets for the downstairs level. Very bad attitude, always gives wrong information, and seems to purposely play games with you.

Bianca Huertas

Very spacious seats, friendly staff. Good movies

G Aquino

This place is clean and not as crowded as their other theaters in Manhattan. The reclining chairs are really comfy. Why the 2 stars? Because their ticketing system is really messed up. When we arrived, we were told at the box office that there were only two, separate seats left. We had no choice but to take them. We went inside the theater 10 minutes before the previews and it was half-empty! I scanned the theater as the movie progressed and saw many unoccupied seats. At another AMC location, we were assigned the same seats as another couple! We gave way because they got there first.


Great service, not a long wait for food and they had a ton of theaters with reclining chairs. Not all, unfortunately.

Lance Dodd

Theatre was clean. Staff friendly. Good service overall.

YoLitty Ted

Very comfortable seating. Ample selection of snacks. Punctual movie start time. Knowledgeable and competent staff.

Nayeli Santana

My favorite movie Sometimes is too pack but is fun it depends on the movie

Francisco La Puerta

Best AMC theater. Good neighborhood. Comfortable seats,not noisy. No complaints so far. Been going there for many years. $5.00 Tuesdays, can't beat that.

Annita Eleanor

I've come here practically all my life & it still remains one of the best theaters I've been to. It's always kept clean & the theaters are always equipped with the best features. However one sad thing is that less of the theaters are IMAX 3D equipped as they used to be. Early & late night showings & sometimes premieres are available here. Family friendly. Wheelchair friendly with big entrance & an elevator; & polite staff. Often has showings of films from Fathom Events & similar companies!!

Theresa Warrick


Frank Filogamo

This AMC is a bit out of the way for some people but it’s a great place to see movies. Seats are comfortable and movie quality has been great. I have seen the inside of all the theater rooms here but all the ones I’ve been in so far have reclined. If you are looking for a new AMC to watch movies at, kips bay 15 is worth consideration.

Richard Portilla

Great theatre with friendly staff and clean facilities. 6 dollar Tuesday deal is worth the AMC membership.

Jonathan Brown

It's a nice spacious and clean theater with comfortable seating. The staff is friendly and courteous. The concession stand is always staffed and dishes out good food at good speed. The VR station is a pretty cool experience to pop in for or to kill time.

Raheen Moody

Reclining seating and decent concessions. Overall a good movie theater experience.

nidia daley

I enjoy this place alot. Is friendly clean and fast

David Mendez

Love this location because they have great food choices. They have coffee! Bathrooms are always clean. Staff is super friendly and diligent. Movie theaters are kept very clean. Always a pleasure to come here.

Isaac Nelson

Comfortable seats, easy tickets, bathrooms we're clean. Exit was easy.

Ms. B

Very nice place clean good service reasonable prices.....

Larry Glass

Saw Jojo Rabbit here over the weekend and had a great time. There were enough seats to go around and the it was very clean when we got it. And I'm picky about my popcorn, luckily it was fresh like how I like it.

Efrain Suarez II

I have been to AMC Theaters since they opened. It was first stadium seating. The IMAX. Now it's this reclining seats and in our eyes it's marvelous. My only complaints is that you can't bring in doggie bags from all the nearby mellenial restaurants. I would set policy to inspect the contents of the bags and see clearly that it's a half eaten 1/2 burger and not milk duds and 1 liter pepsi. They aren't as progressive as other theaters that serve better food and alcohol. But I guess it's babysteps for some corporations. AMC hit me up if you want to take your comp ay to that next level. I'm not Gen Z but I have my ears to the tracks.

Bri Couture

Place is flooded with mice all over don't go here u been warned place is soooo filthy you will see mice running all over while your trying to watch your movie and mangers are already aware of the issue

Raffi .R

Really comfortable seats lots of space.

Donald Bowers

Clean, has nice comfortable chairs style lazy boy seating. The chicken fingers are not bad

Primal Instinct

Came to watch Venom and can I just say what a classic AMC Movie Theater. Overpriced Storefront for Snacks, Big Screen and relatively comfortable chairs. Your fellow movie goers tend to be quiet also. This would be a normal 4 stars if I didn't see a roach/beetle just casually walking on my friend's armrest.

Daneil yan

Awsome prices and comfy seats. Its was 5 for a 3d movie and the chairs were Awsome

Maxz Spen



Really nice staff and it isn't crowded.

mando les

Very clean and quite a great movie experience

Mary Daphne

This is the best movie theater in the city. They give you the ultimate viewing experience. With the comfy reclining chairs you'll forget you're in a movie theater and feel more like you were in your own living room. All the salons are equipped with the reclining chairs. Well worth the hike downtown.

James Avatar

One of the better IMAX theaters near Mid-town Manhattan. Front lobby is clean and spacious with helpful kiosks well-placed in convenient areas. Friendly staff and management offer capitol customer service and make this showplace one of the east side's "go-to" venues for viewing the latest blockbuster films.

Cathy Wikowitz

Good movies. Don't like checking policy confusing at first

j grant

Nice and intimate theater; very much so on the small side so don't expect every movie to be showing at this location. the seats are the signature red recliners that lay all the way back. the concessions area is small and a bit sticky by the drinks. the auditoriums are well kept and clean. Had a great experience here definitely will be back.

Chris Smith

Great cinema for the city never really that busy staff are friendly. You get to enjoy the comfy reclining chairs here always a winner

Megan Kothari

Super comfy reclining seats. Kinda pricey on regular nights but cheaper on Tuesdays.

RP muneca

My fav AMC in Manhattan. It crowded and love the recliners.

Marc Dallaire

Very nice theater. Comfortable recliners and a good selection of films on offer

Michael Bennett

Reclining seats, all with great sight lines make taking in a movie at the Murray Hill fixture a visit worth making. Next to a Fairway supermarket and just two blocks from a Trader Joe's, I suggest planning a day. Grab a snack from Fairway, then take in a movie then head back to get your groceries for the week. Will all of the great restaurants dinner and movie is an awesome option.

john fisco

Frist time, but we been to many AMC, and this was is just as good, great seats, food good, staff good.. all good, clean, bathrooms clean..

Connie mtw

Best place to see a movie always clean very comfortable and just the right amount of seats in each theater

Natashia Shields

I go to this movie theater all of the time, at least once a month. The experience is always great, they have comfy spacious recliner chairs, reserved seating, a lot of movie availability and one of my favorite is they show Ghibli films! Despite how often I go there, I’ve never written a review until my recent movie outing. I went to see Spider-Man far from home, the moment I got to my seat I realized the seats did not recline, which at this point is essential to my movie experience. I immediately approached an AMC staff member and explained the situation and he already had an idea of what the issue is. He explained to me the seat may be disconnected so he can have someone check it out or he could offer us another movie. I choose to have someone come take a look at the seat. He radioed someone and let me know they’d be there shortly. By the time I got back to my seat, there was already someone there working on my seat. Within 2 minutes it was fixed and my seat was reclining again. Now, that’s definitely what I consider great custom service which is why I am writing this review. This place is awesome, the people are awesome and the experience is awesome. ADDITIONALLY: the food is pretty good too! I often get the pepperoni flatbread. It doesn’t last long but it’s tasty!

julia castro

Nice and clean place good movie

Danny V.

$6 some thing for a soda... I know I know its the movies.. whatever $6 something for a soda.. chairs were uncomfortable and warned down. However is you could get past it the place is not that bad... just done forget to pre-game...

Carol Lee

Only 3 AMC theathers in Manhattan have the nice reclining seats, this AMC is one of them. Came here with friends and it was convenient and bathrooms are clean. Theaters can be pretty tiny here though (maybe 4 - 5 rows total for some).

Sukii Klinger

This was the WORST movie experience I have ever had. One staff member took it upon himself to insult me, saying I will "go nowhere in life because" I am "immature." Staff members were then rude to my little cousin (aged 10) and caused us to miss the movie. We then needed to get refunds, in which they threatened to not refund us because we complained to the manager. This movie theatre is also dirty and never has cleaned chairs. My little cousin came home in tears. If you want a friendly, clean and pleasant experience, this is certainly not the place!

Randy Scott

Seen 50th anniversary Easy Rider, thanks for playing the classics

veronica stowe

My family and I enjoy being here it’s very clean and cozy atmosphere is wonderful staff is nice

Ildiko P

I love this movie theater, relatively small,clean and the ticket price are not bad. Super comfy reclining seats!

Lee Coppage

This is my go to movie theater. Being on the A list makes it easy to come here all the time. They are fast with concessions too which is nice. The luxury recliners make the movie going experience very nice. Would recommend buying tix in advance but usually the crowds are not too bad especially on week days.

Arlene Rose

I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. Am so pleased with $5 Tuesdays. I can now go to a movie theater more often than I used to because of the low price. I am fortunate to have the Kips Bay Theater near my apartment so don't have to spend travel money. The seats are so comfortable and the staff is pleasant and helpful. Thank you AMC. YEAH!!

Mary Thonn

Came here to see Joker and man was that movie freaking amazing. Glad I had a free ticket to see it and was by myself. Thanks AMC for always hooking me up on the free tickets and the discounts when I need it lol.

Talha Mehmood

Just watched lion king in this theater. AMC Kips bay is easily one of the best theaters in NYC. Helpful and friendly staff, clean bathrooms and comfortable reclining seats make the experience wholesome.

Alejandra Perez

Loved the experience, but the prices were incredibly high! Overall a great place.

Simon Ottosson

IMAX seats wasn't very nice here but their recliner seats in the smaller cinemas were truly amc amazing

Edgar Laureano

I had a movie with my kids on 6/1/19 at 9:45am. They didn't open up until 9:35am. We got in and stood and the concession line only to find out that staff was there for awhile and nothing was done except nachos and warm cheese sauce. Popcorn, hotdogs or anything else on the menu wasn't even started or ready. The guy checking tickets had the face and attitude like he didn't want to work and that was the greeting. Put that with the lack of preparation with a manager on hand who was more worried about the bag of chips display then fresh popcorn and food?? Never will I take my kids there again or will I go. I'll stick with AMC at Bay Plaza in the Bronx.

David Carson

One of our favorite movie theatres in Manhattan. Clean & comfortable.

Harold Mcclendon

Very clean good environment love the seats location is tough but once you get there its all worth it

Anthony Scheer

Nice theater. Split between upstairs and downstairs. Not very different from many other AMCs, which is a good thing. Good recliners. Kept clean. Good location, too. No complaints here.


The theatre is clean. Comfortable seating. The popcorn is fresh. My only issue would be parking. I recommend taking public transportation instead of driving. Otherwise it is a pretty good choice.

Ana Luce

Nice and clean, sound for movies is always good, popcorn is fresh, staff is pleasant, but in some theaters the views are terrible. Do not sit in the back two rows if you can avoid it or you are not tall enough to see over the heads of those in front of you. Go if you can get a good seat.

rosalind batist

Is time they get New reclining seats


Nice movie theatre. I went on a Wednesday morning got half off tickets that led to some empty theatres which I love. You use the machines to buy the tickets then you can just walk upstairs

A.C. Antonelli

Comfortable, well-maintained, clean movie theater with reserved seating and leather reclining chairs. Now if only there were no other people there. Glorious.

Rune Berg-Nilsen

The most comfy cinema I've been to!

Dou 豆Hong 红

Great movie place with recliner seats

Howard Packham

Large number of screens and decent screen/audio quality, but grossly let down on a recent visit by being seated next to homeless person. Sadly, he smelt so bad that people around him couldn't stomach remaining in the theatre. As he had an official ticket he couldn't be asked to leave. Tickets were refunded but the day was ruined. A complimentary ticket (or even just a box of popcorn) would have cost next to nothing, but we were refunded and shown the door. Contacting AMC directly did more of the same.


Toit!!! This theater is always worth the travel. The restrooms are clean and so is just about everything else. They run a pretty tight ship. The popcorn is usually good. The temperature is on the cooler side but never 'too cold' idk what is like in the winter but I'm sure I'll find out as this is my new go-to theater. Also it doesn't try too hard. Nice, clean, wide open spaces with a few out of the way promos for current or upcoming movies. 3D movies and blockbusters are the bomb! The screens are huge and the sound is fantastic. This one and any others like it, I'd say is worth the trip for the space/ theater quality and them comfy recliner seats yawww!

Diamond C

Always clean, never too crowded, a little out of the way but it’s the compromise.

Sheila Johnson

I love this theater. The reclining seats are extremely comfortable and it's very clean here. I also enjoy the popcorn, especially if it has just been finished getting popped. I was upset at my last visit because the lowest level had the smell of vomit. All in all I feel it's a good place to be.

Mr24freak David

Small Theater But Great Seats and Service..

Hicks C

So i love me a good movie...this is my #1 movie theater spot! Never ever massive crowds! Reclining leather seats! Extraordinary staff....nice hot fresh food and popcorn...staff incredibly haven....A MUST GO...I GO THERE FOR EVERY MOVIE WE WANT TO SEE...HEY DONT KNOCK IT UNTIL U TRY IT...U JUST MIGHT LIKE IT!

Anthony Diomede

Love this theater, clean and roomy. Seats inside each showing are recliners. Book your seats in advance on fandango, and choose the flick and your seats. Snack bars on each floor . Great staff, plenty of discounts including children and seniors. Love the location, kips bay . Leave the theater and you have transportation and eateries.

Benjamin Anderson

If you are going to see a movie in New York, This is the place to go. The food is quite good. The theatres are actually clean. The seats are comfortable and worth the extra buck or so. Don't bother going to a different movie theatre. You'll only be disappointed.

Carole Haynes

Very big with several theatres showing different movies. There are seats in the lobby to sit and wait. Saw a good movie there.

Mark B Borg Jr

Always friendly and helpful the staff. We've taken groups of kids here for birthdays and other celebrations and we've always found the place easily accessible, and a perfect fit for a gaggle of giggling, adventurous Lower Manhattan kids. Also, another easy place for us to slip in the (very) occasional date night with my Sweet Heart!

Marta Layton

Great theater if you can get tickets further back than front row. Big stadium seats and lots of smallish theaters mean they sell out quick. Other than that, it's pretty standard AMC fare, but slightly better kept up and more friendly staff than I might expect so it always feels like a cut above. Convenience helps too: if you are on the M15 bus like me, it's a less than ten minute walk from 29th Street, and they have a drug store, Fairway supermarket and even a small Target nearby, so it's a great cinema to treat yourself and run some quick errands before going home after work. Very convenient and one of the nicer cinemas in NYC.

Brianna Robinson

The theater was very nice and plus I got to get alot of free refills and the candy is like $5.00 so its pretty nice oh and the popcorn is $7.00

scott s

One of the best AMC theaters! Clean, spacious, with the newest recliners, not just the old "reserved" seats that AMC tries to get trick you with in the other locations. Usually the former "Loews" theaters are the best. This one is so clean and roomy it's almost like a normal suburban cinema, and not a cramped, dirty, small NYC theater.

William Laughlin

Recliner seating is very comfortable, environment is always clean.


Its a nice place to watch movies

Nathaniel Brown

I really like going to this place I live in the bronx. I consider this my go to theater

Joshua H

Huge theatre, select seats, and always have time for stubs members. Pretty good place.

steven Rosner

Despite,modern fully adjustable large reclining seats,they really need to get their act together. When,I noticed that the Auditorium was rather small,and there were few seats;still available-the ticket clerk,did everything, to discourage me;from buying the ticket. How about,just explaining,that the seats;are rather spacious? And,it was very dirty,and sticky;around all their beverages-machines. They appear to just NOT care.

Ryan Kwong

This spacious AMC theater is located in a lowkey neighborhood so you'll get the best of both worlds: cozy stadium seatings (similar to the AMC on 42nd street) and a relaxed setting once you leave the theater. Street parking on the theater's block is metered until 10pm.

Jerry Ashton

Nice spacious seats. Good sound. Miss having people at the ticket counter.

Ryan Oliver

Well kept although not as used as in the past (less spectators). This theater is a little off the beaten track, have however still recommendable as there are many eating options around.

Yvette Duran

HUGE reclining seats and assigned seating. $17.00 a ticket is pretty expensive, but if you have a movie app like the AMC one you can go for free or bring a date and only have to pay for one tix. Good perks on movie snacks as well.

Amir Zhemeney

One of the best movie theaters in NYC. Very clean and not very crowded.

Ronald Day

Saw the Joker movie and it blew me away! It was an amazing experience to watch and all Im thinking about is watching it again





Vanessa Edwards

Clean location and the popcorn is always fresh love this theater

Anastasia Sh

Clean auditoriums, new reclining chairs, great quality of screens. Liked it!


I am seriously in shock at all of the 5 star reviews for this theater. I traveled here after work for my usual $6 Tuesday outing. This is not my usual theater I go to, I prefer the ones on the upper west side, but I saw the high ratings for here so I thought I would experience it myself, but I regret it so much! Not sure if I just came on a very bad day or it was the norm but this place is despicable! First of all, they were clearly understaffed for such a busy day lets start there. They only had one person at the concession stand so it was a long wait time. I had ordered some food before my showing and as I'm waiting for it to be prepared I noticed nobody was even working there. Few minutes pass by and finally a couple guys come in with boxes. Guess they ran out of what they had and couldn't stock it earlier?? As I wait I notice a swarm of fruit flies all over the soda machines, all over the condiments, even on the walls. It was really concerning since you know these flies have been around for a while and I immediately wondered how sanitary this was and made my stomach turn even the thought of what it might look like in the kitchen or wherever they make the food. I went to the bathroom as I still had to wait and the bathroom was the most disgusting bathroom I have ever been to, and yes far worse than gas station bathrooms on the side of the highway. How do they not have anybody mopping this place up? There were flies everywhere, wet paper all over the floor and a really bad urine smell. I wasn't even able to use the bathroom I ran out I was so afraid. This ruined my entire experience and I just wanted to leave. I immediately ran out and asked for a refund for my food. Luckily the staff was very friendly and had no issues when I asked. But I had to go back down to the box office to get a refund for the movie. There was only one guy at the box office, again, why?? Of course the line was long and I felt so bad for everybody that had to buy tickets and couldn't get them on time because he was with another customer for an extremely long time. When he finally got to me I asked him if it was possible that I can get my ticket transferred for another showing at another theater instead of a refund, since I declined his offer for another showing here. The hell I won't come back here. I really wish AMC would allow transferring tickets to other theaters. But first, you need to take better care of this theater! I'm not sure if people just don't use the bathroom or don't order food or are just plain dirty themselves but I can not imagine any healthy person actually liking it here. I am sticking with 84th street and lincoln center because kips bay is not it at all.

Kate Harvie

Five stars for staff. One star for operating system. In one of the theatres now and if the a/c is on it's on wheels. I asked for it to be kicked up. Bikram hot. And to reinforce my five stars for the staff, the a/c was tweaked. Many thanks.

Anton Jennings

Beautiful girls in the concession, helpful and willing to help you any way they can movies are great seat are new and they offer recliners, where you can rest and sleep while waching movie great experience.


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