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REVIEWS OF AMC Empire 25 IN New York

Marjorie Rowe

Went there on last night to watch Black and Blue ,and did I have a surprise .This movie was a blast,I would like to encourage every black man and woman in America to go check this movie out especially if you are young and black.It is called BLACK and BLUE for a reason .You caught on quick.

Filip Rajic

Great Cinema! I enjoyed everything! The seats were comfy and the place was huggeeeeeee! Amazing and friendly staff.

Jessica Chavan

It was packed and huge and amazing! Loved going there with all of my friends!! It was an amazing trip to New York

Jesus Martinez

Its really nice and well. The employee's really care and are respectful

Assad Muhammad

I had a wonderful time at this movie theater. The mere fact that they hold on to older movies a bit longer than other theaters really evens things up for me.

Michelle Alvarez

Good selection of films, tasty tenders and fries, seats are comfy


I felt like I was in an airport - this place is huge. Not ultra modern but clean. I would go back

Carolina Alduez

Great building but seats line are too close, its really uncomfortable get to your seat.

Andrew T.

The Best Therater out, IMAX, Dolby Vision...The A-List is the Best, 3 Movies a week, any Type, any AMC for $24 a month

Hunter Robert

Theater is gross. There were dirty napkins and empty popcorn buckets on our seats and popcorn on the seats and floor. Towards the end of the movie I saw a mouse running at the other end of our aisle. Only giving two stars because this theater gets a good selection of indie and foreign movies and I'd like to go back were it not disgusting.

B Schechter

This place is dirty throughout and in drastic need of an upgrade. The most disrespectful thing of all was that there was ZERO toilet paper - not a single square - in the ladies room. Two stars only because screen and sound were fine.

Nolan Walker

Good movie theatre. The seats are comfortable and the popcorn is plentiful if you pay for it. Overall, a good time.

Anthony Galietti

Something is always broken here. Today we start with the first 3 escalators being out of service forcing everyone to climb 4 stories to reach the lobby. The elevator was broken also. A greeter offering a beverage or something would have been good customer service but nothing was being offered. Just confusion. On a previous visit, the bathroom was flooded. After a previous bad example in the regular theater, today I upgraded to Prime which is newer plus more expensive which promises sublime seating. The seats are newer but not comfortable for someone 6ft tall. The armrest to my assigned reserved seat had a huge hole where the cup holder is supposed to be. It was ribbed out leaving jagged edges. The movie was a dud and some guy next to me checked his cell phone constantly which was a distraction but unfortunately I come to expect rude people at this location. After the movie, I reported the damaged seat location to Sasha at Guest Services. She was very kind and professional. Other guests where being rude to her, so I apologized to her on their behalf and told her she didn't deserve to be spoken to like that. Her handling of my situation was satisfactory so I will give AMC Empire another try. Hopefully they clean this place up soon. I wonder if it plans to close since no major or minor repairs are being done. Regal or other AMC locations are so much better.

Side 2 Side

What I experienced Lucy wise was outstanding. However the movie ended abruptly and no one addressed it. There was no announcement made, we sat for 12 mins waiting... Nothing. After exiting and using the ladies room and being rerouted out the building up the street. I went back to the theatre to guest services. And I was given 3 gift cards and 3 guest passes, for the inconvience, and the 3 tickets that I purchased. Also the escalators were out and we had to walk up to the 3rd floor twice, as the elevators were packed.

A Lopez

It's as good as can be expected for such a high trafficked cinema. Staff is young, fun, courteous and energetic.

Hannah Zaretsky

I’ve been going to this theater for so long. It’s got comfortable seats, good concession stands, and a wide variety of movies on offer. Very convenient!

Bob Keleher

I've been here 3 times since moving to Manhattan in February, and the popcorn has been stale every time. This is unforgivable for any theater, let alone a flagship AMC location near Times Square. I even asked for a fresh bag and it was the same. They must make it the morning of, or days before and then heat it up under the lamps. Also, the bathrooms are not well kept. I suggest going to the Regal theater across the street.

Nicholas Rogoff

Seats and place is getting pretty worn out. Needs a bit of a clean. Seat pretty grubby. Sound and picture was good.

Niv Pai

Huge place with lots of screens. Great location

Melinda Stump

Very bad experience here. When I arrived, most of the escalators were not working, and we had to walk up several flights (elevator was slow and packed). When we got upstairs, the theater and our seats were filthy. Popcorn and trash were literally everywhere. We had to pick garbage and used tissues off our seats. Our movie started late, and shut off before the movie was over so we didn’t get to see the end of the movie. When we tried to get it turned back on, there was no one around to talk to (it was a late showing). We finally decided to leave and request our money back online, but the whole theater had been locked up, and the only way to get out was through a back service entrance. Will not be back.

Jennifer Gauna

This AMC absolutely blew me away; it's got a great location in Times Square, and inside is no less impressive. They had great customer service, exceedingly accommodating and attentive. We watched Promare here and I dont think I could have chosen a better theater. That sound system is FANTASTIC.

Kiel Clarke

The seating to watch the movies there is actually amazing and the people there are super helpful and friendly.

2tap goat

Beautiful theater and very big I've been to amc theaters many times before but this theater is nice and have a cool way to recline the seats compared to the other amc theaters. Plus the Dolby audio and visual screens are nice and make the movie experience even better

Daniel DeNisco

It was the most horrible movie theatre experience I have ever experienced. Hot soda and no ice in any machines. Half the hot food on the menu wasn't available. Whatever hot food was left they made announcement that it was a 7 to 10 minutes wait, which is ok except when I got to the register I looked him dead in the face and asked 'is the pretzel bites ready like the nachos because if itd a 7 minute wait I don't want them cause I'll miss the beginning of my movie?' and he said no wait yet I waited 10 minutes for them. So I had warm soda, no ice anywhere, after waiting 10 minutes for pretzel bites they were cold, and I missed the beginning of the movie for that. Nachos were good, popcorn good but the box of Junior mints I purchased were not edible because they were all melted inside the box. A total money loss food wise. Horrible experience

Dana Canada

This movie theater is huge. I bought Dolby theater tickets and the screen was gigantic, the sound was powerful and the seats were cozy... YES!

Cool Ichigo

I use to come here with friends whenever a new movies came out, but as time pass by you realize nothing special about this place. Is always crowded mostly with annoying kids/teen. Only good thing that comes out of coming here is the location and knowing you have a lot of options for food or places to hangout after.

Jessica Gaf

Posting Live..... IMAX Theater NYC lost power. They tried their best to restore power and reboot the movie. By the time they actually fixed it - the next show was beginning. We were not able to watch the whole show. However all the audience member recieved 2 movie passes for another day.

Mashrafi Alam

The Dolby Cinema here is truley a one of a kind experience and makes other theatres seem really lame. It's extremely advanced technologically and changes the whole movie viewing experience.

Nuri Salaam

Great Theater but the slushy machine was broken feels quality of service and cleanliness has fallen but great theater

Kevin Smith

I find this flagship theatre of the AMC chain disappointing. Grossly understaffed you will wait quite a while for very simple concessions orders. Guest Services does nothing. A surly security officer merely tried to wave the third complaint away, doing nothing, as well as the manager, to resolve the issue complaining about scheduling, shift change and people calling off. An audience is not human resources and I do not nor should not care about their issues. That isn't guest services but therapy. Further the theaters lack real seating areas outside the theaters. Cleanliness was acceptable. Audio and comfort as expected for premium pricing and seats. This seems to be an issue in all local AMC theatres in New York City and their corporate management in Kansas City just doesn't seem to care, nor ever follows up and I am a Stubs member. Pretzels were lukewarm and greasy, soda was room temperature out of the machine. They need some work here. Sad, really. Then they wonder why people do not want to go to their theaters? Find a better theatre or chain. I know I am looking.

Paola Barja

The theatre has good sizes but the have the volume too loud, they have to improve the cleanliness

Adam Daniels

This is crazy! How is it even possible in the heart of times square such a bad cinema! We were there on time so we decided to get some snacks and drinks before the movie! So we went there and the line was crazy and there was only 2 cashiers and we though that the line will move fast, but no we were there for more than 45minutes, missed the first 10min of the movie and in the end the theatre itself was sticky and smelled so bad! On top of that on the way down the elevators did not work.

John D'Amico

The place is great and everyone is friendly. I like that you can choose from different kiosks to buy tickets, no more face attraction.

nobin khan

Nice place to enjoy with family and friends. Lot of choices

Miguel Galeano

This movie theater is HUGE. Seats are awful and smelly. I still enjoy coming in here.

Ajmal Hussain

Worst customer service. I visit there often but after 10pm they’re staff who works on food and beverages don’t treat people with respect. Last time I visited one lady was drunk and taking my order I asked her for 10$ deal that I seen online she took 15 min to tell me that deal expired. She didn’t know what she was talking about and after I paid for my food and drink she gave me receipt and start calling next person to order where I haven’t received mine. I waited another 10 min on pick up area until someone walk out from inside to throw trash or cleaning than that person handed me over my order. But there was no Menager to talk to. After that day I don’t order nothing from this location.

Faruq Hasan

One of the worst theatres i have been to. Absolutely shoddy and worn out with tiny screens. Avoid

Stephanie Brown

Thus theater needs an overhaul. The chairs are ready, with torn upholstery. The snacks or on a different floor than your movie. You have to get here 45 mins early to avoid missing previews, which I actually enjoy.

Kaustav Bhattacharjee

This place is at the heart of Times Square. Right on the 42nd Street, beside the Madame Tussauds building. It has around 25 movie auditoriums inside which play movies all round the clock. Cleanliness is one of the most highlighted feature of this place. It has a carpeted floor which is quite easy to walk upon. Moreover, it has enough restrooms for both men and women, I found a restroom for every 2-3 halls. One of the most important feature of this AMC is that it offers reserved seating. Hence you can walk in anytime with peace of mind and be confident that your preferred seat is reserved. I would recommend going here everytime you watch a movie since this is in the heart of Times Square and you also get a nice view of NYC.

Brittney C

The price is pretty good, about $17 dollars per adult. They're trying to get rid of a lot of the working staff, the only way you can buy a ticket is with a machine. It's a really big theare, with about 6 floors or so. Has a little arcade on one of the floors, cant remember which one because they don't have signs telling you what floor you're on which is weird.

Martin Alegria

My favorite theater, 3D room one if the best,Dolby is woww

Deborah White

I went here for the 1st time & i will never go back... Don't get me wrong the theater is nice looking inside & workers are nice, but i was completely turned off with everything else. It was a tab dirty, then it was a bunch of homeless people just walking around asking for money (one even came & sat down next to me while the movie was playing to ask for change)

Taneika L. Head

Pretty decent theater. Its never been grossly unclean on any of my visits. I also rarely buy anything to eat in the theater so the prices don't matter much to me as well.

San Milton

Unfortunately a shabby shell of a cinema, long past its prime, with dirty, out-of-order escalators, stained upholstery, and sticky floors. Overdue for an overhaul. Still the broadest selection of films, however.

Javier Jimenez



I love this theater, I came here to see the Spence vs. Porter fight and I enjoyed myself... All I had to do was scan my ticket and I was in there in 2 mins. I would've given it 5 stars if there were more concession spots opened. I'm guessing they need to hire more people there

Katarzyna Zabinska

Pros: I come here often (due to it's location) and it's awesome for the most part. This theater contains over 20 auditoriums, meaning the showtimes are very flexible for everyones schedule. There is a Dolby cinema, PRIME theater, and IMAX (with laser too) located here as well as standard auditoriums. Usually the theaters are well kept and the staff is very helpful. Cons: There is little security apart from the first floor theaters. Twice we've had our movie disrupted by teenagers entering and causing a ruckus (who obviously didn't buy a ticket for the movie) and running around. On the upper floors, there are theaters that contain mice and even bedbugs. The bathroom isn't very well maintained, as the toilet paper rolls are often empty and the soap dispensers and sinks don't work.

Tsadik Kaplan

Been here a few times. Great IMAX with comfy seats, but the seats in the other screen rooms are really hard on my rear. It's just this AMC theater that I have this problem with. Maybe they're too worn out? This is TImes Square after all and tens of thousands of people must have been in these seats before. Another big negative is there is no wi-fi connection. I would come here more often if the seats were better but I think I'll stick to 34th street and Lincoln Center AMC's, no seat or wi-fi problems at those locations.

Rascheem kitson

Theater is ok. Especailly becuz if u sign up to be a member u can get a discount on Tuesday. But other theaters have a much more comfortable setting

Dave Reed

AMC Prime Theater (Auditorium 18) has the nice recline sears


This place definitely needs to be upgraded. Especially if it's one of the biggest movie theater in NYC. Seats was flithy and so was the floors. I ordered chicken tenders with fries for my daughter and myself. The fries were super hard that we just eat the chicken tenders. money was wasted

Black Scholar

Excellent Dolby sound, excluding the periodic evacuations and false fire alarms. As of Summer 2019, elevator is frequently out of order and fairly new manager is condescending and utilizes no discretion in listening to patron complaints. Unfortunately, this theater will be shut down if the NYFD does a walk-through based on all if the violations throughout the theater.


Dirty, dated theater with uncomfortable, worn-out seats. Food was cold. The one positive was that the theater was remarkably empty for a new-release blockbuster (Spider-Man during the first week of its run). Other reviewers have noted that, shockingly, this is AMC’s flagship cinema complex in NYC. Reflects so poorly on the chain. Will avoid this cinema in the future.

Annita Eleanor

The staff are polite & the place is generally clean with big bathrooms & multiple stalls & is wheelchair friendly. Multiple levels holding numerous theaters that all have large screens & the latest features, even the digital showings! Participates in Fathom events experiences, & has late & early showings. This is one of the theaters I usually go to if my main place doesn't have the film I want to see at a time convenient for me. The only issue is that leaving is a little weird as the building is shared with Dave & Buster's, so you enter a shared space, which makes it feel as if you're lost but you aren't.

Milan Kowalewski

So in fairness, I’ve had good experiences here in the past but last night.....was unbelievable. I went to see an I Love Lucy marathon, the show was sold out for 2 months, and as we were at the climax of the VERY last episode when all of a sudden they turned the movie off and the lights were turned on. At first we thought it was an accident and some of us went to get the manager but after a few minutes a young woman came in to say that movie was over bc they had another one starting in 20 minutes. Who cuts off a movie at the theater when it’s at the climax?!?!? Am the irony was the next film was an encore of what we were already watching! Zero refund. They basically kicked us out. And to make things even worse, about 3 minutes after we all exited the theater, there was panic as thousands of people ran for their lives (I was one of them) bc they thought there was an active shooter in Time Square (false alarm thank god).

Carl Salomson

Huge movie theater with the latest movies and some select screenings. Very nice, but I wouldn’t buy any food or drinks here, because the prices are expensive.

Jiri Pomazal

Fine Imax cinema (Joker). REALLY Small bathroms.. When you realize you are on Times square. Not sure if the screen is bigger than one in Prague (Flora).

Brian smith

Now I see why there have machines every where the employee on that night shift mostly well the lady I spoke to customer service sucks wish I had seen here name but no worries next vist .

Kimberly King

So, never being here and a lover of escalators... I felt like timmy Turner in escalator land! Just to get to my theater, I had to ride like 4 escalators! So much fun! And we saw the matrix in the dolby theater, which was HUGE! So much fun!

Mike Salgado

The theater is definitely starting to show its age, but otherwise at the time was the nearest and easily accessible location. Some of the carpet has a smell of wet towel. The Dolby cinema had great black leather recliner seats that are spacious for a large person compare to the other regular theater rooms. Nacho cheese was good the staff has friendly they can be for a sunday morning. The only complaint i have is the soda machine, half doesnt work and the ones that does needs to be cleaned out. There was a odd taste with the cola.


The seats were uncomfortable. To get to the theater you must take several escalators up. All food and beverages are WAY OVERPRICED. A singe water is SIX DOLLARS, and a small popcorn was 8 dollars. It’s a shame. Plus it is located in one of the most crowded spots in NYC.

Sultan Uralov

Went to watch It: Chapter Two. Very clean and nice theater. Friendly staff and guest service. Their Dolby Cinema picture is stunning and signature reclining seats are one of the best I've ever experienced

Miranda Shneyder

One of my worst cinema experiences ever! Me and my friends went to see the new Lion King movie and we were waiting literally 45minutes on the line to get popcorn and soda... The staff was so slow they didn't really care about the big line there. The guy with long nails were just laying on the wall hoping people will just leave and not order anything. Also the theatre itself was dirty and the seats were old and not comfortable.

Maithili Gokhale

I go there only because it is conveniently located. Badly maintained. I had injured my leg and none of the escalators were working. Not clean. They have not caught up with the 2000s.

rohith rao

Awesome Dolby theaters and some newly renovated ones. The farther you go up the escalators the theaters get progressively grosser...

Randy S

Filthy all over, including seats and grime incrusted floors. More than half of ticket kiosks not working, Multi-floor escalators not working. Only one of four drink machine was working. All others were out of ice. Registers were unable to print receipts at concession area. Total failure of management and zero regard for customer service. Don’t waste your money or risk your health.

Tommy Chen

Huge theater in the middle of Tim Sqaure. It’s spread out across multiple floors and is accessed by elevators or escalators. Tickets are sold with reserved seats which is awesome. The hallways and bathrooms are clean and well kept. They have added near screens with recliners like the Dolby or iMax cinema but the majority is very old screens with cloth stadium seating. AMC stubs is their loyalty program and it has multiple tries. The entry level tier is free to join and gets you points for each purchase as well as $6 standard movie tickets on Tuesday.

Maritza Rivera

Great location, movie theater itself has great sound, cozy seats, but smelly dark hallways that lead up to the theater

Erick Sikkenga

Very poorly managed location. I have gone there 4 times in the last month, they have been out of food products 3 of those visits. Majority of staff is disingenuous or just plain rude. The location is filthy. Bathroom sinks dont work, reclining chairs (twice) did not work.

Miriam Camacho

Unless you're seeing a screening in IMAX or Prime, expect to be seated in an old run down auditorium with broken smelly seats. The elevator was broken (again) alone with one of the escalators. Staff is really friendly but I suggest going to the Union SQ or 72nd st theater instead

Ebony Halfacre

My daughter and I had a blast. I love our special "Mommy/daughter" adventures.

Nikola Radunovic

Great Dolby experience,chose almost on the end seats its the best view.

Ray Rosario

Lots of movies good time, but their thearters have seen better days chairs are falling apart and they dont have booster seats anymore. Had to go to customer services to change my seat. AMC at the heart of 42st you think they have all thier seats put together good luck if your in a crowed movie.

Barry Heckard

Used to be one of the coolest theaters in NYC. Now it looks like a forgotten stepchild. Run down, cramped, old seats, no recliners, dirty. Hard to enter and exit the building. Two stars for the large selection of movies. That about all I can say that's positive. SERIOUSLY NEEDS A RENOVATION!

Claire Zen

The kiosks go down pretty frequently which can be irritating, but honestly this is THE place to see a blockbuster on opening night if you want a hyped crowd. Force Awakens and Endgame were an absolute blast here. If you want a mire subdued experience AMC Lincoln Sq or Kips Bay is where you wanna go.


Love this movie theater! Large space and helpful staff. They have an array of refreshments. Seats are comfortable great AC and very spacious.

Richard Reinschmidt

My favorite theatre. I don't even live in NYC, but I visit friends there and catch a flick from time to time here. The place is gigantic. Lots of theatres and seating is fantastic.

Daniel Ramirez

For one of the largest theaters in the heart of Manhattan, this is the quality of seating? Worn metal handles, flattened seat cushioning, and on this particular day, there is no carbonated drinks in the building, so I paid $15.39 for a large popcorn and large cup of water. I should've stuck to Queens theaters.


Great place to watch movies. The theatre is typically really packed on the weekends so I did choose times carefully. During the day time they are okay.

Dig Wallace

Might've just been the specific auditorium I was in, but the seat's chair was coming off and definitely was a worse overall experience than right across the street at the Regal.


I would give it a Zero.. They have bed bugs... Seats were broken.. Popcorn was stale.. Management did not to give a recipe.. Now i have to throw away my clothes and my family clothes.. Thanks aloy AMC EMPIRE 25.. FOR NOTHING.. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.. DON'T GO THERE..

Damon Watson-Willis

I enjoy the IMAX theater. My biggest issue is never getting a receipt when I purchase at the concession are and the soda machines are always out of ice!

Alex Jasen

I go to this theatre a lot it's really good. The screen quality is great, their film selection is usually amazing. Many floors and great food.

Nilay Panchal

Good movie experience requires a bit renovation though


They don’t answer the phone very unprofessional and instead of placing you on call hold they pick up the phone and leave it of the receiver. Staff is rude at ticket check ins and the seats in some rooms are totaled.

Bryan Hull

Theater is very large and decent, have fun getting to it through all that Times Square has to throw at you. :)

Sarah R.

Soooo gross inside..for a theater in Times Square I expected it to be modern and well kept up with. literally alllll of the seats were badly stained and ripped. I would never go back

srivatsa prajwal

"Sye raa Narsimha Reddy" is the real reason behind this. Thanks for this awesome movie, so proud to have set another milestone movie. A freedom fighter never spoken of. Thanks for the movie.

Gohan Son

Was alright, can get really crowded and messy. Floors are sticky from entrance to seat. Service can be iffy at times too

James Menite

Great Screens and tons of movies to choose from. The staff is always super friendly.

Donna Howe

Lots of movies . Good sized theatres Comfy seats. Why not 5 stars? The concession stand is only on 3. If you have a show on 5 or 6 it's a long way to carry popcorn and drinks!

Jeff Thibault

If you manage to see a movie in one of the renovated theaters, you're golden. I saw a movie in theater 4 tonight, and the projector is busted (bright blue lines on the screen - very distracted) and the screen was busted (a couple of, again, very distracting tears). The icing on the cake was four different employees telling me different things to do in order to get into my movie while the app was down. If the movie you want to see is in theater 4, see it anywhere else.

Land Of Lightning

A great place Could use a few touches

Termaine Chizikani

Spacious, variety of theaters and selections, bathrooms on each floor, fountains on each floor, escalators or elevator options. I loved it, l recommend it to all movie lovers. Clean and fresh environment with machines on each floor to get or refill your drinks. Did l mention that they have ports and the stuff is super friendly if the ticket is confusing or you don't know your way

Aleta Gunsul

Good recliner seats for those of us with back challenges.


I enjoyed the movie I watched, but was pretty disappointed in the movie-going experience this location offers. The one employee who checked my mobile ticket was nice though. I went for a 10:45 PM screening, and the floors, and even the escalators, before and after the movie were pretty cringy, to the point they made my shoes sticky. Also, the theater was not well ventilated/cool enough on a hot summer night, while the seats were not reclinable (not sure if that was just for my theater). I went to Regal Cinemas across the street a week prior, and I can't believe the world of difference in theater experience they offer! Unfortunately I do not recommend this AMC location.


I love this place ever since it opened years ago. I have a Unforgettable memory here attending the Benjamin Cumberbach premiere of Dr. Strange. Classic.

Freddie Rivera Jr

Cozy Reclining Seats.High Def Sound Quality

Bk Master

They do have tons of theaters. A few gaming machine around the back while you wait for your movie. Not enough bathrooms. As the lines to bathrooms many times tend to me long. It is not as clean as one would expect. The sound quality and picture for all the movies that I have seen in different screens are satisfying. There is a self-service and assisted services. Members get discounts on Tuesdays so it does get full during later hours.


I usually visit movie theaters at night, so the most I remember about them is the bright movie screen. This one is not that different, except it's in the heart of New York and is very large. You will love the atmosphere!

Shirley Zhao

Yesterday, we went to see The Lion King. Yes there was a long line waiting for food. We lined up anyways because we were hungry. The cashier took our order at 7:23pm, and we didn’t get all the food until 8:10pm. As we were waiting, someone asked about their order and how long it will take, an employee that works there just simply said, “I have no idea, there’s a lot of orders.” I gave a look to my boyfriend thinking is he for real right now. Then, a lady appeared and it seemed to be the manager, was going back and forth with orders and then asked is there a 804 order? And she mentioned what the order was. My number on the receipt was 840. I asked her if it was 840, and she said no. She went back to check and realized it was 840, and then came up to me and said yes it was your order, and then had the audacity to say that they ran out of corn dogs and if I would like to replace it with something else. I replied, “We’ve waited over half an hour and now your saying you don’t have corn dogs?” At that point I was really frustrated and upset with the whole situation. Our movie started at 8:00pm and we didn’t sit down until 8:15pm due to extremely poor management and teamwork for just snacks at the movies. I always liked going to Empire 25. However, after this horrible experience, I will never go back again. They need to get it together. Thanks but no thanks.

Krz M

Bed Bugs!!! Got bit during a movie. Luckly I’m allergic so the bites started swelling and itching right away. I tried to fill out an official incident report to notify the theater. After waiting for 15-20 min, I was told they couldn’t find the form. So yeah. They are still there living in those seats! So go at your own risk.

Ingrid Durrant

Huge curved movie screen. Images were crisp and sharp. Good movie going experience.

Sea Cruz

#Yesterday was outstanding. A study in creativity, faith and success. Well done

azrael legion

Giving it 5 stars cause it was my fault to go on a Friday night

Basil Chapman

Great theater and great movie. #GeminiMan

Heba Ibrahim

Very organized and you can have ur tickets quickly.

Winnie Albaladejo

It was clean an I had a great time

Rosemary Del Orbe

The seats are tearing at the seams in theather # 2, water fountains are out of service and restroom are not maintained. Very much unkepted movie theater.

Becky Bury

Jay from AMC on 19th street East 6 was amazing! So friendly, so kind and so generous. We’re from the UK and he was so nice and helpful, made our trip to the cinema memorable. Thank you Jay

Michael Bent

This is quite a large AMC theater, perhaps their biggest in Manhattan. It has a wide variety of showings, and is very easy accessible. It is a PAIN to get out of here though, you have to exit through Dave and Busters exit. This location for a local is hell, and the theater exemplifies why. Surrounded by generic chain restaurants and tourists, this theater is also very dirty (suitably for Time Square). I also ordered chicken nuggets and fries out of desperation after missing dinner to catch my movie, but regretted this when I got home later and was sick with food poisoning the next day. I see suggestions to bring in your own food, which is easy (they don't really care or check). But I would recommend it just to avoid making yourself sick.

Sidney Hart

Lots of movies, great movie goer service, attendants helpful, fast and offer help with star rewards for produces, price right, clean and crowd, very well manner.

Ferronti Lee

If you can, avoid going to this movie theater and opt for the one across the street. It will be more worth your time and money. At my latest outing at this particular theater, the movie actually didn't start til over 20 minutes after the scheduled time. No previews. Just a blank screen. Seats are well worn. Overall, a standard theater, which is disappointing given the location.

Marlenne Lora

Omg, this movie theater is disgusting in so many ways, not clean, not fixed, not nothing. The seats are all broken and dirty. Do no ot waste your money going there.

Christopher Alberto

Bay Plaza AMC has better seats. Other than that, beautiful place.

Pranav Dakshinamurthy

Theatre experience was really good! But I left my wallet in the theatre and I realized that immediately. When I got back; I did get my wallet but cash was missing. Be careful!

Mark Clifton

Miles and miles of escalators, but definitely a great stop if you need a break from Time Square. The Prime theater is a must.

Frank Bowman

I didn't see a movie, so maybe that would be an improvement... doubtful! Broken elevators, scary backalley steps and icees without bite - and I'm glad I was only here for a college fair! Disappointment Times Square AMC.

Ray Navarro

AMC EMPIRE 25 is Absolutely Fantastic. Their IMAX and PRIME Auditoriums are EXCELLENT. The Staff are Professional and Courteous. Definitely 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Melo’s Island

One of the theaters I regularly attend the area surrounding the theater being TimeSquare is always packed but inside the theater it is spacious with a assortment of movie showtimes, other then a security guard who constantly sees me and grills me, I really like this theater I would suggest it to any true movie goer.

Matthew Huynh

How many elevators, escalators, vending machines, atm machines, parking lot does it have in this theater? Do we take cash, credit card, debit card, all Kong’s of gift cards including AMC Gift cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay to see movies and for food and/drinks menu? What’s the theater hours everyday? How do I get directions from JFK Airport by train, by bus or by car?

Jerel Carter

Theater itself was nice enough..about the same as all the rest of the cookie-cutter multiplexes. I don't think I like the new wave reserved seating deal (first come, first served seems to make more sense)...and that there are virtually NO service people available when purchasing tickets SUCKS.

Billy Woods

I hit my arm once on the baby changing station in the bathroom once and it hurt for awhile. Also one theater smelled pretty bad one time I went. They have a great selection of movies and many theaters.

Danni Kirstine Skou

This is the least atmospheric cinema I’ve ever been to. If the zombie apocalypse starts here, it wouldn’t come as a surprise. Pro: - Fine audio levels Cons: - The elevator was kinda malfunctioning so there was a bit of a wait - The food was very uninspiring - can you even call it food? - No atmosphere what so ever

Raoul vM

>90db.. Why so incredibly loud sound?? Calculated many times over (damaging) 90db... Horrible. Put that volume down. It really doesn't sound any better if you tare down my eardrums..

Jonathan Bernard

Great movie theater, one of the best really, everything about it is right for its location. That being said this isn't necessarily the place floor a quiet movie date. There's a lot of people coming through here, sometimes the common areas and bathrooms can get dirty especially around big movie premieres. Ultimately a very NY experience that lives up to its name.

Sahara Marte

Employees show no sense of urgency.There were 3 stalls without toilet paper. When I informed this to the 3 female employees on the 6th floor (bathrooms by theater 21) on 7/8/19 on the 6th floor, none of the 3 female employees responded with any action, as the women's bathroom line grew. One said "OK" as they then continued to their personal conversation. Otherwise, this is just a convenient location. The theater has some reclining, but some seats have not been updated. They fairly comfortable.

William Gonzalez

Very Comfortablle and Big Screens. Has reclining chars

Chris Gelles

Worst theater I’ve ever been to. Every hard surface throughout the entire building complex is sticky from years of spilled soft drinks. It’s as is such things as mops just don’t exist. In the movie, a theater employee chose to deal with a bad patron in the theater at their seat rather than taking them outside, taking about 5 minutes away from a critical moment in the movie. The movie was excellent. But, if this venue is a ‘flagship location’ for AMC, I’ll avoid their theaters in the future.

Michael Rodriguez

Whatever you do DO NOT BUY TICKETS HERE IF ITS NOT IMAX. Any movie screening that’s standard or that it’s not new. You will end up seeing rats and mice, and yes you’ll end up seeing those two types of rottens. People smoking weed in the theater and the chairs will be chewed up or have stain so on them. I tried complaining to AMC directly but i received an automatic response stating “thank you for your feed back we will note this and try to handle this situation “ i still paid over 54.00 for my seats and that’s all they have to say. I know it’s NYc and that there are rats very where but come on we were on the third floor. There’s no reason why rats should be there unless they have a problem when it comes to cleaning. Well that’s all about my rant. P.S i will contact the BBB and see who else they can contact in order to review the cleanliness of this AMC location. Please be careful eating their you might end up with a rats tail, or worse feces I’m your mouth.

Rushabh Shah

Go atleast 20mins before crowded and good clean place

Diego Pancho

Theater is huge, with multiple show rooms. Even though it is pleasant and spacious, it does seem to be understaffed. Hopefully this gets better later on.

Chesire Catalyst

The entire place was filthy. Like beyond normal popcorn kernels and soda spills gross. 4 out of the 6 escalators you need to use to get up to your theater weren't working. Most likely because they were disgusting, sticky and collecting trash. Several drink fountains weren't working and the popcorn was stale. To balance out I must say that the staff was actually very nice.


What more can I say. A large building with plenty of theaters. 3-D and IMAX theaters for advanced viewings as well as standard. Fairly clean facilities, comfortable seating, and since it's in Manhattan it's easily accessible. Definitely would recommend.

Dylan's Playtime

good atmosphere. Chair are no to comfortable to watch the movie. Eat before food are expensive inside

Hunter Boone

Seats are ripped and broken, toilet was gross, staff were disengaged. Marginally clean, coke tasted like coke and they served pop corn.

Craig Scarlett

Theatre 13 looks dirty. Needs a good cleaning.

Samuel Pacheco

Always enjoy myself when I get here, especially if all the escalators are working. With the 25 theaters it's nice because it tends to be the only theater in the city still showing some of the movies that have been out for a while. And it's in Times Square. So while yeah it's a very populated area, it's for the most part conveniently located


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