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REVIEWS OF Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Downtown Brooklyn IN New York

sammie Gibson

Best movie theater I every been to. Great food, wonderful staff and great spot to be at. I love that u can enjoy a movie while drinking and eating.

Elissa Valle

Ordered the bk hot dog with toppings. Absolutely no flavor. The only thing I could taste was the mustard. Was disappointed. Also ordered root beer. Great flavor but it was flat.

Andrew Reynolds

Our first time there wasn't great, but it was their soft opening and they had some major kinks to work out. Since going back, it's been a much better experience. The food is good, the beer selection is better, and they do a great job of scaring the audience into being quiet and respectful. Don't show up late!

Lawrence Nixon

Great food. Great ambiance. The food service before, during and after the movie is fantastic. The servers are very good and attentive. Highly recommend. I wish all theaters in America was like Alamo.

M.C. Siar

Nice movie theatre but way overpriced for what it is. Now speaking about the bar, I believe their employees needs a bit more training as far as knowing how to treat “customers”. I ordered a $9 beer at the bar and sat down at a table to be told that tables were not available for me. Wow. I guess the right thing to do was to sit down at the table in the first place and order from there. What kind of stupid rule is that? Spending money at the bar won’t allow you to sit. It needs to be done the way they want. It wasn’t even packed (Monday evening at 6pm). Ridiculous and disrespectful. Service: 0. Movie theatre: 2 stars for the effort. The menu looked pretty nice with lots of choice. I need to give them that. I still filed the waitress. What for? I don’t know. I guess I am just educated. More than this place is.

Brett Snyder

Great food and movies in a great atmosphere while watching excellent movies

Felicia Bobb

Dinner and movie, who could ask for more. Watching your favorite movie while been served your delicious apps, Salads, drinks etc.

Shalyn Sherriff

Great place to grab a drink before or after a movie. You can even just come here to have drinks. They are affordable and the atmosphere is fantastic.

Octavia Williams

Love, love. Love this theater, great customer service, great food, and a great time.

Javier Pacheco

The staff was very helpful and the seats cozy

Joel Simmons

This is my go to movie place. Seems like a vacation to the suburbs. I love most of the food and usually the only place to watch 70mm movies.

Pricila Ibern

Oh my God! The one star reviews make you think about visit this theater! Forget about to watch a mi ie here when you are interrupted by waiters and people chewing their food! Good luck with your money and your time there folks!

Giordano De La Cruz

Amazing place. The seats were comfy and the food was grade A. They are strict when it comes to noise from the audience. They will give you one warning after that your out! The food is restaurant style, the waiters were respectful and right on the money with the order. Definitely recommend.

Rachel Oliva-Valdes

My first time at an Alamo Drafthouse was during a trip to Texas & my life was forever changed. I would even drive all the way out to Yonkers before the Brooklyn location opened. And I just have to say, my experiences have been consistent through all of my visits across the different locations. I will recommend Alamo Drafthouse to everyone & anyone who loves movies!

Margaret Monroe

Best theater in Brooklyn hands down! Always clean, food is great, reserved seating which I love. Great selection of new movies shorts, and old classics! The staff are amazing! Ive dealt with them over the phone, and email and they go out of their way to take care of their customers and address any concerns.Truly love this place! Highly recommend!!! Thanks Alamo!! You rock!!

Angelina Scantlebury

Love this place! You can order food and drinks right from your seat! Food is good, and service is always great!

Jason Trent

Great place, great service, good food fun time

Monica Morris

I actually went there for a house music party. In the down stairs area. It was awesome had an amazing time..

Zach Root

Favorite movie theater in New York. Can't get a better movie experience. Always excellent food and drinks. Plus flawless service.


Disliked the bar...staff was very unpleasant, especially the guy with the blond spikey hair! It wasn't even busy, as if we were taking time away from other guest. We wanted to try a few beers on tap, that was a hassle. Then we asked which drink they preferred because we couldn't decide and the response was "I can't say because if you don't like it, then I have to make you something else." Never heard anything like that before, unbelievable.

Lulu Azran

Such a cool experience!! Food, drinks (alcoholic as well) great seats and great service all inside the theater! Now that's how you watch a movie ;)

Chris Kittle

Good food, usually great service.

Brooke Lynne

Cute and quaint place to see movies. I love the idea of having food brought to your table. BUT...the food is not good. It's terrible. I'm sorry...but I don't eat junk every day and I don't go to the movies all the time. So when I do go...i want the chips with just nacho cheese or the popcorn with just regular butter or regular pizza on a regular crust not a tortilla. I want a real new york hot dog. The only thing that was good were the fries that came with the "hot dog". They were seasoned just right. If I ever go back I'll just ask for a big plate of their fries. Like I said...i don't do this often. When I do go to the movies...i want to enjoy every aspect of the movie going experience. The food is just terrible.


Went to this theater during Labor day weekend. Really cool spot, enjoyed the drinks and food. Had a Moscow mule and margarita, the beef jerk chicken sandwich and the margarita flatbread were delicious. Had a good time and enjoyed the service

Naimul Huq

Best theater chain in NYC. I loved in Austin TX for years and it was my favorite thing to visit Alamo Drafthouse. Now it’s a ten minute walk from my apartment in Brooklyn. Go here for your movies!


Cool theater. Food and drinks are good.

Bertie Foster

The server was exceptional. When I complained to him about being displeased with my order, he immediately apologized and returned with free tickets and food coupons for future visits. I was also assured that the kitchen would look into the issue. The theater was very clean, comfortable, and I enjoyed my movie very much.

Nhi Rio

Today the first time I took my son to come there for Toy Story 4. Everything was nice but I don’t know why. The server they got tip for themself????? $9.80 for popcorn I gave her 20 and she gave back me $7.00 even I tip for her already, that is sad cause my son and me like this place.

Sean Marshall

I had a great experience here. The ambiance is beautiful, the food is delicious & the overall experience was superb. This is officially my #1 theater in NYC.

Tyeise Randolph

Overall i love this place, however, the service has been lacking the last few times I've been there. Forty min wait time for a drink and forgetting to put my order in is unacceptable. I do love the ambiance and convenience of eating a full meal and watching a movie.

Brion B.

I love this movie theater. I keep it secret to the people I know because it's my favorite theater and I don't want to see them there on the daily. Selfish? Yes but they'll complain about the tickets price even though in my opinion it's worth it. Who doesn't want to sit in a reclining comfy seat?

Harpreet S.

Food quality has gone down in terms of the sandwiches/burgers; Missing condiments on the chicken sandwich, sodas not sweet due to running out of syrup. Also their big attraction is enforcing a no cell phone use or talking policy but in my previous trip they didn't enforce it which was annoying.

Rachel Lopez

The seats are so comfy. The service is good & there are many food options. Although it is expensive , I think it's worth the experience. Had a lovely time & will be back.

Keyairea Whu

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema dine-in movie theater in downtown Brooklyn provided a excellent unique and dining experience. All the staff extremely friendly although I went during a very unconventional time so I will say it wasn't crowded the seats were numbered and everything was really easy to follow including the rules to order the food. Pro: the menu selection was based off of movies which I thought was really fun and the actual food didn't take too long too come and it was really good. They even had a designated area for you to put your pocketbook underneath the table which I thought was super cool the drink size and the food and the offer portion wise the sizes were perfect if you're really hungry just order something else. Cons: the only con that I could really nitpick at was the prices of the food if you were coming here with a date I would honestly tell you to set aside about $100 or more just to have a comfortable experience.

Daniel McCovel

Great place for drinks, food, and a movie. Coming from Austin TX I had high expectations and all were met. Excellent!

william duran

great movie theater, awesome drinks, great service, and the lobby bar and live band is a very cool touch, the only thing that got to me was the seats, I wish they were bigger and you had some extra elbow room. If I could take the recliners from AMC theater and put them in this theater it would be heaven on earth. hopefully when they try to open another theater they will upgrade the seats

Jeff Levy

Hipster locale to have a bite or a drink while taking in your flick. Comfortable seating and awesome sound system made for an incredible experience watching Aretha Franklin in Amazing Grace perform gospel music from a 1972 recording session live in an L.A. Baptist church. Alamo Drafthouse also houses a cool bar incorporated into a "wax museum."

Chloe Blitzer

This place is awesome. You get served while watching the movie and you can drink alcohol. The cheddar flavored popcorn was my favorite.

Anna Maniuk

Love this place! Movie is extremely good, when you watch it while eating delicious food! Was surprised how tasty was the food. Keep coming back every month! Definitely will recommend to family and friends!

Rene Alba

Place is awesome! Price of tickets is similar to other movie theaters in NYC, but here you will get assigned reclining seats. Each have tables and great service. Strick policy on cell phone and noise, that are great. You will definitely enjoy!

Donnell Patterson

Terrible service. They wouldn’t let me in because I was 2 minutes late to the movie. Would not recommend at all.

Rahat Bathija

Heard about the chain and wanted to expierence it first hand. You can order food and drinks anytime during your movie. You write down what you want on a paper and put it so it's visible to the attendants. They'll come to your table, glance at your order, talk if they need to clarify something, and then rush out as to not disturb you or those nearby from you. There are tables for each seat with lights set up towards the bottom so you can read the menu at any point. They're positioned low enough as to not be noticed during the movie. Overall good expierence and a really good donut.

Maria Mercedes Martinez

Best movie theater in NYC! Honestly, if it isn't playing here, then I'm not gonna see it.

Sarah Cuidon

Cleaner and way more comfortable than most movie theaters in NYC. Food/Drink prices are high and unless you look around and put your order card out when the server is near you it can take awhile for your order to come during the movie. Worth it to me for the experience. Especially for a date night. Expect to pay around $50 for a few drinks and some snacks.


Tons of character, good range of films, excellent in-theater service. Love their policies — talk or use your phone, it’s time to leave. Thank you for this. My one criticism would be the food, which needs to be better quality for the asking prices. Still, a great cinema.

May Y

Service was great! Food was yummy. Just a little disappointed from their huge pretzel. It was not huge at all...

Stephan Conner

The seats are cozy and the service is on point.Will be my go-to from now on.The atmosphere is perfect and filled with old movie posters.The staff is always friendly and really go out of the way to make sure you're taken care of and Won't go to any other theatre but alamo..Great Place..

Amanda Villarreal

We had the worst time. First and foremost we’re on vacation - there were 8 of us - after 2 of us couldn’t make it and the rest of us had to see a later movie we were charged the difference from the matinee and told the different from the 2 who couldn’t make it were already put towards the difference. On our way out the lady apologized and told us we were right, that they owed us for the 2, but that we couldn’t get a refund only a rain check. We don’t even live here! Teach your staff and fix your issues. I would never visit again.

Danielle M. Dalton

I finally got to go this theater, I always hear great things, it was okay. I did like the arthouse feel and the board games on sale in the lobby.

Tiffany Ballard

I am a regular at the Alamo and I gave it a 5 star because they are clean, friendly staff and great tasting food. I’ve read through some of these reviews in which I have to say I never experienced. 1. Staff not coming to take your order because your not white (this is not true being that the staff are made up of different races) 2. If you arrive after the previews are done you will not be let in, it states that on Alamo’s website not fandango (fandango is a vehicle to multiple movie theaters not the actual website to them) 3. It states on the website only the front rows are reclinable (next time purchase them it’s the same price as the other rows) 4. Clearly states on the website and also during the previews absolutely no cell phones that includes the light as well if you chose to use it after 2 warnings you should be escorted out. 5. Children are not allowed unless it is stated they are for that movie and it is an age requirement. Some of these reviews are ridiculous because people didn’t get their way so they start to fabricate details to discredit this place. I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF THE ALAMO I AM A WEEKLY VISITOR OF THE ALAMO. This is the best movie theater in my neighborhood. If I’m going to pay those prices for a movie I rather pay it where I will be comfortable and noise free.

Liv Stratman

This theatre kicks out talkers and cellphone users! It's not an empty threat, either; I've seen it happen, TWICE! Justice served! Before my eyes! Better than any movie, really, but this is also an excellent place to see a movie. They sell booze and milkshakes (--there is also a full food menu, if eating in the dark is something you're into).

Shanitah Young

I cam here to see The Good Boys. The theater was lovely but very pricey. I go to Alamo all the time in Dallas and was so hurt to see just howmuch the prices jumped now that im here in NY. Also, my chair didnt recline, so theres that.

Royal Dynasty

Great atmosphere....lots of variety at the food court very nice

Melissa De La Cruz

Comfortable seats, great ambience, food and drinks have always been good.

Jenn L

Interesting cinema experience. Hotdog was so disappointing! Cheese popcorn was good. Have to try to get seats at least 5 rows back otherwise was too close to screen.

franz schullere-cablay

RESERVED seating, good grinds & respectful audiences. dandy books for sale & lovely staff. easy to get to.

Alaina Zulli

What's happened to the service here? We've been going to this Alamo for awhile and always had a great experience. Then our last two visits they never brought my meal. And charged us for it. And then tonight they never bothered to pick up the check, so we had to go running around to find someone to fix it! This has been our favorite movie theater, but I think we'll be considering nighthawk next time.

Irene Adler

The ticket prices are pretty good, and I like how it's all reserved seating. The rows are spacious so you don't have to worry about disturbing people if you need to get up for something. The food is decent, if a bit pricey, and the turnaround time is typically pretty short. The biggest draw for me is their prominently-stated Quiet Zone policy. Since they are well-known for enforcing that policy, the people who choose to go there mostly want the same viewing experience I do, so we all get to enjoy the movie in a quiet and attentive environment. Children under 6 are not allowed at all for the majority of showings, so you don't have to worry about a crying baby in your theatre. I love movies, but I stopped going to theatres for years because the experiences were so mixed, I didn't feel like rolling the dice. The Alamo addresses all of my biggest worries and now I love going to the movies again!

Andrew Celeste

We always have a great experience at Alamo, except for this time. That’s why it’s 2 stars not 5. As the movie ended we tried to exit going through the employee zone. Never had an issue previously but were blocked by an employee. She (asked for name, but she denied giving) imitated my partner and was very rude. Denied our access through. Mind you we were 1/2 way through the zone toward the exit. Her manager, Ethan, was also quite rude as I explained what happened he went to the woman’s defense rather than apologizing on her behalf. Ethan then accused me of screaming at him! The credits were loud so my voice was raised but come on man! Just apologize, and this poor review wouldn’t have happened. Please note, we loved the movie and fare, but really need to work on the customer service!!

Marsha Nettles Wosu

Love this place so much! I always try 2 get the front row w/ the recliners I love! Food is tasty, cocktails are good. Bee sting-delicious drink. Menu favorite is the grilled salmon salad. Only thing I don't do is bother w/ the overpriced soft drinks. Overall, hands down, the best place 4 a movie date, no matter who it's with.

Konstantin F

This has become my go-to theater since it came to Brooklyn. The theaters are kept very clean, reserved seating , good food/beer, and their talking policy is amazing. You can get kicked out for talking during the movie after an initial warning. Every movie I've been to here , the audience is dead silent. The vein of my existence is a bunch of teenagers talking and posting on social media during a movie.

Nitya Oberoi

Fantastic theatre. Really cool ambiance, very comfortable seating and the food options are very good. Only complaint is that the movies play a tad too loud. Also the PSAs leading up to the movie are a bit obnoxious in terms of volume and how jarring the images are.

Terry Ruth VanDuyn

Alamo is the only place I go now to see a movie. The food is and drinks are always good and Alamo has the best buffalo cauliflower I've ever found. I love having a seat that I can get out of without stepping over everyone else. I went shortly after opening and the service was a little disruptive, but they've since improved that. The only downsides are if you go alone you may be sharing a table with a stranger. And it's easy to spend quite a bit on food and drinks

Carina Leon

Really cool theater. The food is a little pricey, but it's expected. I would only come back for the luxury of it, and when I know I'm going to watch a really good movie. Seating is comfortable and they serve you right at your seat. They have vegetarian options.


What an unpleasant experience today at Alamo Brooklyn. Their human error glitch got us shorted out of the movie by policemen because the staff WRONGLY claimed we were disruptive when we were NOT. They were the ones abusive to the extent to acuse of of being ill mannered and unnecessary called the police to escort us and leave those seats empty, all before the movie started. Their glitch human error was that they gave us ticket for next Thursday ! When we picked our seats for today’s screening . Make sure you read your ticket fine print before you sign or they will call the police to get rid of you and your rights for their MISTAKE. I doubt I would travel again all the way from Queens to Brooklyn to be mistreated this way. This is wrong, they know it but also know they can get away with it. I am an old timer art movie junkie and I know and use proper etiquette at theaters and at laundromat as well, your staff at that location is extremely improper!

Alex Jasen

This is not only a great theatre but also has a nice gift shop. I've always loved Mondo's items and walking into this theatre and seeing all the Mondo items was awesome. Another plus is it's always great to have real film projectors. Saw Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood here, fantastic film. Loved seeing it the way it was supposed to be seen.


This is the ONLY movie theater

Michael Wu

Amazing theater with large comfy seats. Make sure to reserve via website or app. Highly recommend going early to the bar by the lobby prior or post movie. In terms of food recommendations, would recommend the Thai chicken wings and cookie plate!

Conor Hale

Always a great quiet atmosphere for enjoying movies whether arthouse or blockbuster. Solid food, special menu cocktails and brunch for larger releases, courteous staff, and a strongly enforced no talking/no cell phone policy. Bonus of having the wax museum of famous faces, medical oddities, and bar.

Pache P

Didn’t expect a cinema like this inside a mall. Loved the fact that they do full dinner service. The popcorn is so good as well as their drinks. Seats are comfortable and I loved the quirky videos they play before the film.

Roberto Edwards

The atmosphere was we quiet, the sales associate were polite. The scenery was like in the city. The food was excellent quality especially the beef brisket burger. I look being able to choose your seating..This was my wife and I first time, will come back again

Khandie Woo

I love how low key this theater is. Makes you feel like a star.

Justin Rogers-Cooper

Totally fun place to get a cocktail, beer, and food while watching a flick. Service is always up to snuff. There’s fried foods, salads, and a seasonal menu. Try the buffalo fried cauliflower or the flatbreads.

Coco Tolentino

One of the best cinemas I’ve been to in NYC. This is definitely a place to go if you’re a movie buff. The rules and regulations they set really help you enjoy & respect the film. Service was stupendous and it really helped me enjoy the feel of the place overall. Tony, I hope you see this, cause you do an awesome service! Flatbread was great, definitely feels fresh. Shake was decent, could do better I guess. Would definitely recommend to go here with a date or maybe even just by yourself!

Eric Malone

This is my favorite movie theater. The staff is great. I also love all of the self produced promotional items before the movies. The only thing is that the food is really hit or miss. The Chips and Queso might be the best thing I have ever put in my mouth, but some of the other items on the menu are not great. The breakfast tacos and flatbread pizza are almost inedible.

Summer Walker

This brand new beautiful theater is just as cool as the other ADHs out there. They each seem to have a theme, and this one is horror, I think. The bar is a museum of the grotesque with shrunken heads and other creepy items on display. The food is good, drinks are good, and they are super serious about people not talking or using phones. I love it!!!!

Santiago Gonzalez

Love coming here its very fun. The theater is nice and the overall atmosphere is very cool. Their food is good and they have a lot of options. They also have a lot of different alcoholic drinks. I like that they play some of the more artistic movies as well as the blockbusters. Still, it is more expensive than other theaters since their experience is different.

Christie Lyons

Great experience!! I love having drinks and food while watching a movie!! We saw Once Upon a Time In Hollywood so we had plenty of time for Ezra drinks. They close out your check 40 minutes prior to the end of your movie. Highly recommended!!

Jenya Spektor

Great selection of beer and snacks. The setting of the bar is pretty dark and eclectic - and when you are done looking at the wax figures - go see a movie! JS

Kaitlin Frick

Always a great experience at Alamo! They play fantastic movies, the theater is clean and comfortable, the staff are friendly and helpful, and the food is delicious. I also love that they offer family-friendly viewings; I don't have kids yet, but when I do, I love that I'll still be able to frequent Alamo.

Rivka Ligier

Favorite movie theater to go to. Pretty decent choice of selections to choose from for drinks and food but do I find it a bit pricey. One thing to note is, they will not let you into the movie theater after trailers. I actually really like this idea - no interruptions :)

steven manson

Love this theater! Love the warm pretzels! A must go...

Luis Antonio Feliciano

A very good cinema. It might be more expensive that others but you get what you pay for. There is no concessions stands, they serve a full menu to your seat. Also their app is very easy to buy tickets and if last minute you are not able to go is very simple to get a raincheck or refund.


Fantastic theater with interesting menu. Unique experience!

Nikki Shelton

The seating is plentiful so there's always a good chance of getting a last minute ticket. There are great food options and the wait staff is very efficient and professional. The theater is always clean and I like that they are serious about the no talking and cell phone use policy. It makes the movie more enjoyable when there are no distractions.

Queen Na’imah

I loved this place and so did my 5 year old I’ll definitely be going back again‼️

Cesar Campos

Quality theaters with roomy seats. Clean facilities. Proper food and drink menu. Friendly staff. This place does movies right. 'nuff said.

Ebony Thompson

Food was great and enjoyable movie was awesome no matter where your seat was

Jay Esposito

Outstanding movie theater experience -- servers come directly to your seat, take your order, and deliver your food and drinks all with minimal interruption. The menu is slightly overpriced but expansive and clearly you're paying for the novelty. Freshly-popped Truffle Parmesan popcorn and an ice cold draft Other Half IPA delivered directly to your comfy seat mid-movie? Well worth it in my humble opinion.

T Billinger

I was a little disappointed in the fact I couldn't choose my seats. The ticket machine said my showing was sold out so they chose my seats, but once in the theater there were plenty of seats for the 11:20am on a Friday. The wings and fries were excellent, it was clean, and the service was good.

Allison Sulock

Fantastic place! Amazing local beer selection (and lots of dark beers to choose from- which are my favorite), great staff, fun movies, tasty food! Also- good veg/vegan options! Can’t wait to go back!

Theresa Bryant

Loved it. Service and associates were nice. Loved the atmosphere

James Lapierre

They got better.. didn't like it the first time I went, the seats sucked. Definitely would recommend now... hopefully all the seats have changed


Good theater. Reserved seating. Pricey tickets and menu. Spending $100 (for two) easily. Avoid the pastas (refrigerated. Won't stay hot for long). Would've given 3 stars but not to many fancy "date" theaters in Brooklyn.

Rafael Cooper

This thearter is Amazingg!! I watched the movie joker with a couple of friends and we all loved it. The place was nice , the chairs were comfortable and most of all the movie was great!!!

Chillon Daviz

I give the alamo 50. Most amazing theater ever. Food is amazing. The orange mango soda is in a whole class of its own. Great menu great experience

Tanesha Nicole Creamora Logan

I like the dining during the film but it would be nice with reclining seats

Nicholas Gouw

The Alamo Drafthouse is always a great movie going experience. Painless entry experience, great seats from almost all angles and rows, public wifi, food and drink at the table, and of course their awesome no phones/no talking policy. If you're in the area or are serious about having the best moviegoing experience you can, check out this place for sure.

Harlan Harris

I've been to a couple of dozen films at the Alamo - it's outstanding in almost every way. Very comfortable seats, great projection and audio, reserved seats, great drinks. Oh, and great films, both big new releases and little art house films. The only downsides are an inconsistent quality food menu and too-small restrooms. Hopefully the future expansion will address at least part of those issues.

Mickey Dunne

Unique movie theater showing new films as well as ones from years past. I like that they will bring food to you while you are sitting to watch the movie you came to see as well as the policies they have to keep people from being disruptive. They have some cool promotions to go along with some of the movies playing as well. Parking in the area is tough and it can get quite crowded but overall it is a very nice experience being there.

Ryan Balderas

Great food, great flics and great friends. I love this place.

Claude Springer

Booze and food WHILE you watch your movie? What's not to like. Awesome date night spot

Candy I

Love Alamo..make sure you're ontime..wings are delicious

Zach Jacobs

This place is wonderful, the Ramos gin fizz "milkshake" is almost cheating. I need more things like this in my life. The seats are cozy and the service is on point. The food menu seems to lack and is a pricey but there is redemption, in the basement restlessly lives a smorgasbord of bites. It is nice to show up early and eat before the movie. BBS. Enjoy!

J. Lewis

Great Experience. I watched joker in 70 MM. The theatre is on the top floor of the mall. Grace period for being late is 15 minutes. They have metal detectors, so I can imagine it taking awhile when there's a crowd. The table at your seat has a dim light for you the read the menu. (Menu is under the table). I thought that was pretty cool. Servers try to duck as much as they can but its tolerable. If you mind those things, this theater is not for you... The buffalo cauliflower wings were life! Crunchy and flavorful. I would go just for that....I'm actually thinking about it now.

Albert Oeswadi

Great place to watch a movie especially if you are particular about how you watch movies. I like quiet and attentive fellow moviegoers --- if you have any loud audience, you can report to the manager right away (I've never witnessed such ejection --- the rule is very explicitly mentioned). I highly recommend the brunch menu (especially the ham and cheese sandwich). If you are a big fan of craft beers, stop by the House of Wax downstairs and you can bring your beers up to the movies.

Alicia Ivory

My favorite place to go to watch a movie! The food is okay, but the snacks, desserts, shakes, and drinks are really tasty and add to the experience. If you watch enough movies here, they'll give you rewards based on your tier like a free snack voucher or a free ticket for your birthday. They also show indie flicks and older movies for cheaper prices. The perfect place for a movie lover!

Gerard Collins

Great experience seeing a movie. Comfortable seats..waiter service. Looking forward to returning.

Arjun Kannan

- Great movies - Great food - Great prices (especially if you go before noon) - Seriously incredible staff - A company dedicated to making movies fun and enjoyable again - Bonus points for the comfy seats and the interesting clips they play before movies start Can't ask for more. This is the only place for me to watch movies in NYC now.

Bryan Ahearn

Great theater, I generally go with the simple food. There hasn't been anything unique on their menu that wowed me. They used to have a larger selection of cane sugar sodas but switched to Coca Cola instead for some of their sodas.

L Klein

Movie theater and restaurant. Good chairs, but the table is a little far and a little too small. But it served it's purpose. The only light to read the menu is illuminated from under the table. Decent service during the movie. Don't go if you hate being distracted, but for the most part people respected the environment. Would recommend. Will return.

Cheryl Kellam

The Alamo is my go to spot for movies. I would have given it 5 stars but I just saw a movie today and noticed the place had a weird smell coming from the carpet and the floor was sticky. Food is good.

Jeff Vargon

Despite not getting a copy of the magazine I thought I paid for, I was given a poster and limited 35mm film strip by the two men working there, and got to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in it's beautiful, 35mm print! I'll definitely be back!

Ru Ru

i went there only one time with my husband , unfortunately the movie was not my type, so i check social media for 2 mins and turned off my ph , and a staff came and warned that they will ask me to leave immediately

Kemesha Vassell

It's an entire experience. I don't go to a lot of different movie theaters. This is the first theater I've visited where you can drink beer lol. The thai wings are pretty good but it's the ambiance I enjoy more than anything. I even like watching the screen before the movie or trailer starts, even though I like the trailers, too. The waiters are kind and patient. The seats are comfortable. And the screen isn't too big which I like as well. I plan on making another trip here....I only plan to see special movies here from now on

Polo Mardy

Wow. Never have I been to a movie theater that served you food and drinks during the movie. I want to see the seats upgraded a little, maybe add some recliners. But the food was absolutely amazing, the light under the tables was a very nice, elegant touch. There needs to be more places like this in Brooklyn!

jen s

Good food and comfy seats. Kinda annoying to have waiters running up and down but w.e lol

Gabriel Flores

The Alamo Draft House has a nice cozy bar next to cinema entrance. Staff are kind and helpful. People respect the cinema experience, not all of course, but most of the audience compared to cinemas in Manhattan. In the same building, the cellar is packed with different food vendors. Really great too. We enjoyed it a lot.


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