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REVIEWS OF Violet Crown Santa Fe IN New Mexico

Maira Robledo

I would give 5 stars if the seats were more comfortable to sit on they hurt my husband hip and back he could stay comfortable at all.

Kim Mercier

Love this cute theater. Food was good and nice location

kristen ogden

This really makes a difference in Santa Fe to have such a great movie theatre. I had the veggie burger, which was good but usually it’s great! So, don’t know what happened there. They also have a great Yucatán salad that’s fresh and delicious. Great spot!

Yates Coulter

Wonderful experience saw Mortal Engines excellent science fiction !

Josh Montoya

I liked that I could order pizza and beer and take it into the theater. Every seat had a cup holder and a hidden table. The very rear of the theater had handicapped seating which is a great idea. Staff was very friendly and helpful. I will watch all my movies there from now on.

Jill Halfmann

this is my fav theater in santa fe!! I love the atmosphere & the staff are awesome!! my group of 8+ bought tickets to the wrong showing - the night before - and they gave us comp tickets with so much ease & kindness!! great customer service!!

mariecristine weinbrenner-dart

Spacious, comfortable seats, and you can eat and drink in the theatre.

Peter Auseklis

Very nice theater! Comfy seats, great sound.

nuke dog

Go Violet for great brew, grub, and a movie or 2!

Mark Trujillo

Typical management. Doesn't improve anything, just gives bs excuses

Jacob Oliveira

Foods not bad but it can take a while to prepare so make sure you have time to eat before your show starts. They only offer beers and wine at the bar.

T Montoya

Awesome. I love this place..

A Scully

Best theater I've ever been to. I could go on and on, trust me, just go.

Kianna Tredwell

Amazing movie theater that has FANTASTIC food that they let you take in the movie. They also have a full bar. I greatly suggest the garden burger with guacamole and green chile. The theater seats are also comfortable and the picture and sound has always been great.

Paul Delgado

Awesome movie theater. Great selection of new movies, and you can drink while you watch. Family friend too. Definitely check it out if you are in town.

Ted Dorff

Unique place. No bad seats. Clean. Friendly staff.

Glen Richards

The seating and services available (good food and adult drinks) are as good as expected. I had two issues however. The online service "couldn't find my balance" on my valid gift card, and the film seemed a bit dark like the projectionist needed a brighter bulb. I will return though. I'd like to see if that was an anomaly.

Tina Herrera

This is the best movie theater in Santa Fe. The theater had comfortable assigned seats, a designated handicapped row, and an elevator. We had a quick lunch before the movie and the food was good. The employees were nice and helpful. The only negative is that there is no handicapped parking nearby. There is an area for handicapped drop off, but the actual parking is at least a block away unless you are lucky to fund a near by meter. Other than that, it is a great experience. My family has lived in Santa Fe for generations, and we had no idea this theater was just minutes from our house. It was a great discovery!

Michael Odza

Interesting selection of craft beers, wine, and small plates that you can enjoy in the echo-y restaurant lobby-- or take with you into one of the theaters. Very steep rake of seats means there are no bad seats, but you can reserve specific seats online.

Nsara Nop

Do you like art house movies, hipster movies, having an alcoholic drink with your movie, and gourmet popcorn. Also do you like hipsters? Because this place is hipster AF. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but expect to see a few man buns and "vintage" t-shirts, and people being judgy about movies in the lobby areas. Comfortable assigned seating and great movie snacks/meals though. Great movie theater overall. But yeah, hipsters.

Don Monteith

Great place to have a beer and watch a movie in comfort.

Carol Jewett-Baer

Great seats. Clean bathrooms...Great sound system. My only gripe is the food. Expensive and no that great .Can live with that. Don,t eat there. The problem is when someone orders Brussels sprouts wrapped in bacon and sits right next to you. The smell was horrible. Does that really need to be on the menu? Eat it at the table...for christsake DON,T bring it into the theatre! I did say something!

Rebecca Hasher

Little pricey, great customer service. Tons of beer options. Good food options, can eat in theater. Good for kids. Clean and hip place to just hang if a small group wanted to meet up and visit.

Jesus Ramirez

Nice place to go eat drink and watch a movie..

Leif Burkman

Nice theater rooms in an interesting location, good food and friendly service. One of my favorite theaters and I go all the time. Really close to a nice parking garage and is within walking distance of several other really cool places downtown. Definitely 5/5.

Laura O'Hara

Nice clean theater, the caprese salad with chicken very good. Love the front seats with foot rests. Would post along with please be silent also do not use the top of the seat in front of you as a foot rest. I was appauld by the people on both side of my seat putting their feet up next to by head and shaking the seats

Sherman Bilbo

It has always been a good experience at the Violet Crown. Food is good also.

Theresa Aragon

Comfy seats, great ticket prices. This is an elevated movie experience. Love love love this theater!

CGCN Media

Best movie theater in northern new mexico excellent choices of wine, hearty meals, great vibes

iris bryant

Fun inviting artsy place. Psuedo modern/industrial feel to upstairs food court/gathering area. Theaters downstairs. Good fit for Railyard district..comfy theater seats. Clean.


Decent food, real butter on popcorn, a good selection of movies, a decent selection of drinks (soft and hard) and friendly staff. The only thing I wish they would do are half pints on all draught beers.

Christina Gee-Colton

Food is not very good. Tastes like a bad frozen dinner.

Brandon Bloom

Great theater with great food choices

Jaqueline Anaya

friendly staff this is the place to go food and drink are awesome pizza is great and if you drink pear cider is the best very refreshing

Giovanni Cone

Amazing beer selection. Great food. Awesome theaters. It's about damn near to paradise that I'm likely to ever get close to!

Jeff Peterson

If you'd like a good beer with your movie, this is definitely the place to go. Seating is comfortable and theaters are nice. Parking is validated as well

amanda pach

We love this place! Food ,alcohol, and movies! I also love that you can choose your seats! We come here often.

Aaron Coca

Nice staff, clean theatre, lots of craft beer choices.

Sophia Garrett

I love this theatre and would give it 5 stars but they took the artichoke off the menu! It was an amazing artichoke with a delicious sauce. So sad!!! Eli is friendly and always helpful! Thanks Eli!

Phillip Pirrip

Cool theater with a wide assortment of food and alcohol beverages. We ordered a buffalo chicken and chicken salad wrap, nothing special about them, maybe slightly better than what you would get from the deli selection at a convenience store. But if you want to combine your dinner and movie it makes it convenient. Chairs are comfortable with small tables to place your food. Stadium seating makes it nice so you aren't stuck behind someone tall, obstructing your view.

Jenna Khivka Pratt

Cool theater. Good selection at the bar. Comfy seats. Garage parking validated at ticket tearer podium


Great movie theatre. You can eat have drinks and watch a movie in a very confortable sofa like chair.

Ellen Bromley

Nice theater with comfortable seating. Can buy food there and bring it into the theater to eat while watching the movie.

John Hayes

The building itself is beautiful. It has close parking. The seats are reserved. The food and drink selection is the best that I have ever seen at a movie theater. The cost is a tad higher than some other theaters but they seem to get the movies that I want to see before any other local theaters.

Kirtlye Spear

Just finished seeing RBG. Should be a required viewing for all. Violet Crown is a super cool place. After the movie we grabbed some popcorn and a beverage. Huge beer selection, light food and yes they do ha e Jr. Mints. This a movie experience you can meet your friends or go Solo.

Yessey Ramirez

love the place, staff is friendly considering its still a theater just wish they sold a couple other options other than the tap beer..

Carol Sanguinetti

Beautiful theatre, comfortable seats even for someone as short as I am.

Mercedes Jacoby

Favorite place to catch a movie in SF

Anne Fox- Styled by Foxy

Great theater!! Very clean and friendly staff!

Lynn H.

This was my first time there. My daughter and I loved it. I felt like I was at home I was kicked back with a nice cold beer and a cool movie to watch. Had a great day off.

Unknown Scars27

Loved everything! The food was okay I think my chicken was a bit raw but overall it was great! Watched Captain Marvel so I am definitely watching End Game :)

brigette nichols

Such a great place to go see a has food, wine, and friendly staff.

Davida Williams

Very comfortable theater, great service + delicious fresh popcorn!


This place plays movies

Alex Briggs

To be honest, this may have been the best food and beer that we had in our week long visit to Santa Fe. And we ate everywhere! The service was a little slow, but this was probably due to us visiting in the middle of the Best of Santa Fe party. The place was packed!

Paul L

Great experience! Watched Yesterday whike eating a cheeze burger!

Joshua Lugo

Great beer selection and comfortable seating. My preferred location to watch movies. Go check them out!

Steve Speck

Great family venue.

T. Rick

fine movies, fine grub, finer beer selection. fair prices fer where ya are/whatcha git. come gitcha' some beatniks!

Jennifer Gonzales

Love this theater! The staff is very nice and helpful. They have a restaurant that’s part of the lobby. Their food is really good and they have beer too. You can take the food and drinks into the theater and the seats have individual tables that come out from the side. Also, the seats have numbers on them so you can reserve specific seats ahead of time and have them when you get there.

Lyssa Sweeny

I love the food and the drinks. The chairs are comfy too!! Best place for Dinner & a movie!!

John Lazarz

Good food. Great for eating dinner before the movie. Comfortable and clean seats.


We go their often the food whole set up, theater and all is grand .

Imagination Is Creation

Great movie theatre. Love its service.

Barbara Boyd

We are usually at the Violet Crown at least twice a month. LOVE this theater--that atmosphere, the theaters, the films and the food. Great place simply to BE.

Jen Hanson

Nice theaters. Always clean. Pretty good food. Staff is typically nice, cordial.

Jon Blakey

We ate a meal and attended a movie. The meals were Chicago hotdogs with fries. The fries were very oily. The hot dogs were tasty but lukewarm. I also had a scotch ale that was good. The seating for the movies was spacious and comfortable. While viewing, there were some issues with sound-picture synchronization, especially during the previews of upcoming pictures. This continued to a limited, but notable extent during the main feature. The audio for speaking parts was also overly bass in tone for me. This made it more difficult to understand some phrases during the movie which was heavy on speaking parts.

david bell

Awesome experience. Best hamburger around with a large beer selection. Pizza is fantastic as well. We'll definitely be back.

Bex Ferber

Great place, always fun to go to. Whenever thinking about going out to the movies, this is the only place I go now.

Adrian Mondragon

Fun theatre. Nice to be able to reserve seats. I like the individual seat's pop-up tables

Jess E

Nice theater with good food and drinks.

Lorenzo A. Trujillo

It was a new experience, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable w/ having beer n wine at a theater. The seats were very comfortable, but if no one is on the chairs w/ foot stools can u move? The whole theater had an industrial look about it which was very appealing. The popcorn portions were small, but I appreciated the open fountain drinks. I really did like being able ro buy tickets n munchies with a single purchase.

Jenn Lopez

I would give VC 5 stars if the food was better. I've tried numerous dishes, and they were all terrible. However bad the food, the atomosphere and brew selection is wonderful. Of note, buy tickets early in the day as they often sell out.

Shane Hoffman

Best theater in town by a long shot. Great place for a drink too.

Christopher Craig - Seawright

Comfortable Seats. Be prepared for stairs, though. Located in Santa Fe's Railyard district, you can have dinner and drinks there or at Second Street Brewery in walking distance just across the tracks.

Kenneth Bass

I loved this place, nice decor with a cool concept. It seems like the place had a block on the wifi/cell service in the theaters as I had no signal. I think that is awesome if they do. Had a German cookie at the concessions stand but the daughter didnt want to try it. The flavored tea was from a local company and tasted amazing. If in santa fe I would go here again for sure.

Paco Ybarra

Definitely my favorite spot to catch a movie. I enjoy the food and even though I don’t drink I hear it’s nice to grab one there as well. Very comfortable seating with plenty of leg room. I have honestly never had a bad experience here.

Mills O'Connor

good food, beer , popcorn and free garage parking


Very nice movie theatre franchise with food and drinks to take into the theater rooms and watch your favorite movie feature. Reminds me of Alamo Drafthouse House back in my home city. Friendly Staff and a great atmosphere near downtown Santa Fe.

David Wiles

Violet Crown is a wonderful place to meet up with friends and see great movies. The food and drink are always convenient, timely and all of the staff are very caring and eager to please customers. I only see movies at the Violet Crown because I know that I will have a 6 star experience.

Javi C

Good selection of movies. Terrible popcorn. Comfy seats. Good menu. Recommended. But not the popcorn. Spend your $12 on anything else.

Gordon Robinson

Great location. Downtown in the Mercado. Underground (and validated) parking, containing EV charging stations.

cats and food

We waited 5 minutes in the front of the line before someone helped us but other than that it was nice

Ziva Gunther

Love love love this theater! Great variety of movies. Plus delicious food, and a lot of different beers and wines.

George Smith

Nice movie theater. Has nice seating in the theater. Complimentary parking in the garage. Lobby area has seats and food and drink.

Chris Luchini

This is a really nice movie theater with food real food on site. Made-to-order pizzas sushi burgers. And also about 50 or 60 kinds of craft beer on tap. You can take the food and drink into the theater with you.

Dylan Brown

This place is really high class and it's great for anybody wanting to see a classy movie. I went to see once upon a Time in Hollywood here and the food was great and the service was pretty satisfactory. The only thing is the prices are above average but it seems obvious considering the upgrade in class from usual theatres. Id say go watch a movie here and get some fries with your movie to enjoy yourself

Wilmer Chavarria

It’s sad but I cannot make myself like this place, mainly for the type of people that visit it. I’ve witnessed at least a few instances of racism and entitlement by the patrons. The food is good though, and the people who work there are kinder than clients :)

Israel Sushman

Good food at the adjoining restaurant and bar. You can take your food and drink into the theater and eat on little popup trays at each seat. Sometimes a little more noisy at the beginning of a movie because of the eating. Modern decour, comfortable seats, and a good sound system. Upscale, hip, adult crowd. Unlike most multiplexes, not family friendly (thankfully).

Danny Pino

Great venue. Bigger cinema than the original in Austin. Large crafted beer selection and good food at decent prices. Nice dining area to eat before your show or you can take your food with you into the cinema.

Adam Estrada

Great ticket prices, great food, amazing customer service. Seats are super comfortable and the fact you can choose your seats is great.

London Ashton

Comfortable seats and popcorn with real butter. Thanks.


I'm not sure why I was expecting better food but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I started with lower expectations. Think glorified snack bar and you'll be pleased. Theater seats were nice.

Jane Sturges

Wonderful train station-themed movie theatre with 30 draft beers on tap. We were definitely not expecting a delicious restaurant with craft beer knowledge at a movie theatre! Seats are assigned, so they don't seat you until 10 minutes before the showtime. A train station-themed sign tells you when you will be seating. Good selection of movies - some blockbusters, some independents, some arthouse.

Michael Moore

I love the Violet Crown. So fun!


Spoiler free review: Yeah, Avengers: Endgame was really good. Just wish they didn’t kill off Iron Man and Black Widow while also basically killing off Captain America. Oh well. At least they reversed the snap bringing back almost everyone. Really good movie anyway. 5/5

Ruth Perea

Very pricy but worth it. Great atmosphere.

Amanda Apodaca

Love love love this movie theater! It's the cleanest, fast friendly service, and easy to park... the other theatres are no comparison.

Eli Levine

Love the place they always have good movies, restaurant& the atmosphere is comfortable

Maximilian Halus

I enjoy these theatre's, a great place to see a film. But why are there so few bathrooms??? The layout of the space is lacking.

Eleazar la palma

Good place with a very good atmosphere, good food and beer so you can enjoy a great time in the movies section. Great sound quality too...most definitely a place to visit...I really enjoyed my movie there

Alfredo Flores

Good clean fast service and good food. Very nice and comfortable to enjoy a movie

Olivia Lovato

This place is amazing

Marc gabrielli

What a great experience, a lot of firsts. Had pizza and a adult beverage, while watching the movie. Had a table and glass holder too.

David Garcia

Great cinema, good brews and nice ambiance. Unfortunately my Wings were dry, cold and horrible.


The only theater for me in Santa Fe! You can grab a good meal and a beer to enjoy with the film! Great place to bring large groups as there’s tons of room and counter service. They serve food until the last movie showing so you can get some late night grub here too!!

Lindsy Campbell

Super cool idea. Great seats. Big screen.

Sherri Rice

Great place to eat and see movies.

Donna O

My favorite movie theater in Santa Fe. Great food and drinks as well as wines and beers. They also offer free cucumbers and lemon or orange water in real glasses to take into the movie.

Lois Walker

Violet Crown was delightful! Being able to have a meal and a drink with the movie was awesome.

Steven Matlock

Beat movie theater in santa fe!

M113s Aldrich

Best place to watch amazing movies at a fair price

Belle Starr

In lobby waiting for a friend and subjected to an assault of noise from horrible speakers with static, bad reverb, very tinny sound...awful, and it's so LOUD!

Nicole Mascarenas

The food was delicious, the seats were cozy , the movie was awesome! Very relaxing and the lines move quick.

astro logical

Great place. Comfortable and lovely service.

Richard Marquez

It was my first time there and was delighted with the friendly atmosphere and the gracious customer service from all of they're employees! We are looking forward to going back & enjoying they're great food & movies! The Green Book was awesome!!!

Harimander Khalsa

Nice theater with above average food.


Perfect location. Free underground parking. By the water tower. What more could you want?

Ambrose Ferber

We no longer go to movies anywhere else (except for Jean Cocteau, which is wonderful for different reasons). Everything from delicious food and a full bar, to the amazing, spacious (and assigned!) seats, to projection quality, to top notch friendly service, to Railyard location is completely on point. It's a sophisticated and civilized movie going experience. Food is a tad bit on the expensive side, but, honestly, normal movie theater concessions are an intense rip-off, and at least at Violet Crown it feels more like paying for an upscale experience.

Katie Douthit

Casual and fun wether you just want to stop in for a quick drink it bite, or see a movie

Carla Young

It was a great place for movies, drinks and food. It was kid friendly as well.

Lynne Sutcliffe

It's a nice relaxing place to watch a movie and eat and drink at the same time. The atmosphere is great.

Zoe Lipscomb

This is a great movie theater, you can eat your dinner while you watch a movie and the food is good.

Jeannette Martinez

Enjoy watching movies at this theater. Staff very friendly and accommodating. Reserved seats are a plus. I frequent this theater every Sunday.

Matilda Herndon

Best movie theater in town. Comfy seats, classy yet family friendly environment, and great staff. Assigned seating is nice. I definatly recommend this place.

Jennafer Shurter

Went for a 2:10 showing of blackkklansman and I was loved this theater! The architecture is modern industrial. High ceilings and open floor plan. I purchased my tickets at a self service kiosk and it was easy to use and I like that I can pick my seats it also gives you an idea of how full the theater will be. Then I made my way towards the bar . There was a line but the two people who were managing the bar were very fast and it wasn't a long wait. I ordered a beer. There was a lot of variety and local options! They also had wine and kombucha. For food I decided on the Artichoke pesto pizza. It came out really fast and was really good! It had plenty of artichokes and it also came with olives and red peppers. I got my parking garage ticket validated. I enjoyed the movie a lot the theater was pretty full and it was a great movie to have the audience reactions from a full theater. I will definitely be back and recommend to my friends.

Howard DeLaCruz-Bancroft

Nice, helpful staff, good food and refreshments. A very Santa Fe vibe.

Caleb Raymer

Really like this place. Good food, comfortable seating. Easy to buy tickets. We go here often.

Joann Chacon

It was not a nice theater

Steve Beecraft

Comfy seats, great sound, food and brews. What's not to like?

JT Salas

Love the atmosphere of this former rail road building. Concession is pricey so I limit what I buy from there. The little restaurant has some good, if limited choices for anyone who wants to eat a meal there. I appreciate being able to choose my seats ahead of time and I like the choices they offer, including independent films. They will validate your parking ticket so your parking is free in the parking lot on the north side.

laine Patnode

Great place to get a bit to eat or adult beverage.

Kay Hammock

Great movie theater. You can purchase assigned seats on line. Nice and clean.

Penny Moore

Great drinks, food, movies!! Friendly staff.


One of the best cinemas I have ever been.

Tony Monaco

Clean, comfy, very nice.

Joe Lawler

Although the movie theater itself was nice, i thought the staff was unfriendly and not helpful. I went to a 3:40pm viewing of once upon a time in Hollywood. I arrived 20 minutes early and ordered a beer. The bartender was luke warm. Not interested in being there. Since i wasn't familiar with the beer they served, I asked what he would recommend for a light beer. He recommended a dark beer. It wasn't light at all and still none the wiser of what brew company they use. I went and got seated for the movie. At about 5pm I went to the concession stand to get a refreshment and maybe a snack. There was a girl counting money and not willing to sell me anything. I asked if she was closed and she said yes. I guess they don't sell snacks after 5pm. I went back to finish watching the movie. I would recommend the regal cinema. They'll at least sell you snacks during the movie. Violet Crown in santa fe is over rated. As well i found it distracting that people were feasting on dinner during the movie.

carly duerden

Always friendly and helpful staff

Holly Kinney

Friendly service and great beer. Very busy so the little wait was expected.

AnnaMaria Cardinalli

Wonderful beer and popcorn! A very nice spot to relax in the railyard.

Taylor Sandbakken

Really cool theater. Cool atmosphere, nice stadium seating, very comfortable. Employees were nice. Pretty cool how you could bring food and stuff into the theater. The attached food court area was really well done.

Mike W

Grab some Brussels sprouts with bacon, taste test whatever they have on tap and then pass out in their comfy chairs while watching the next overrated Marvel flick.

Linda Macias

Great experience overall. The food is delicious. Staff is friendly and helpful. The lines waiting for placing an order is too long. There should be a more efficient way to service people a bit quicker.

Lynne Gudes

I love Violet Crown The food is great. The staff is polite. The seats are comfy. What else could you ask for in a movie theater? Oh yeah, the popcorn is so superior to other places.

Dan O'Leary

Stopped in for snack and a beer while getting out of the heat waiting for the Rail Runner. It works for me in the winter, too. Great for people watching and a perfect view of the depot.

Marrisa Stark

I love this place! The food is fantastic and the theater is well kept and very very nice! It’s probably the nicest theater I’ve ever been inside. Comfortable seats and lots of room to eat anything you may have ordered to eat! The staff is extremely friendly and the food is made fast with good quality. Well worth the prices.

Shawn Fink

The Violent (sic) Crown is the second best place to find and sample great beers in Santa Fe. While it gets slammed from time to time, if you go on an off time, you get good bar food, drinks, and a front row seat to the music and people in the Railyards. Oh, and they have movies... just never went there for that ;)

Bev L

Ok, but recliners do not have footrests, other than front row. Good venue, clean and validated parking

Josh Maestas

This movie theater is excellent, good food, very comfortable seating, great staff! The seating is very comfortable even in the front row and it is very accessible, even for those with disabilities! I love the fact that you can save your actual seat and have it guaranteed for you even if you are late to the film! The food is always good and I like the “special” movie themed foods that are offered for various movies! Definitely a place to stop if you are in need of a good movie in a good place!


Great food and comfortable seats

Terry Martinez

I really like going to the Violet Crown to watch movies.

Bill Gwaltney

A great place to watch a movie and have a meal. The parking validation definitely adds to value and helps make this our favorite movie theater in this area.

Carleton Coffrin

Great place for a bite, a beer and a movie. Assigned seating and parking validation ate nice perks.

Richard Maner

My favorite place to watch a movie. You can reserve a seat. Have a beer and food. Very comfortable seats.

Keith Carleton

Love there drink,/food selection and popcorn. Especially love their cold teas

Roberto Torres

Awesome and the servixe at the bar is excellent

Kiva Duckworth-Moulton

great theaters - eat and drink your beer while watching a movie!

JR Walters

Nice place. Seats did not wear me out. Good selection of food and drink. Serve beer and wine. I got a pizza and coke and it made the experience great.


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