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110 Old Talpa Canon Rd, Taos, NM 87571

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REVIEWS OF Storyteller Cinemas IN New Mexico

N Sandoval

Awesome theatre

Carla Romero

Awesome theater

Sean Wilson

Unfortunately, the refills are for the Jumbo sized pop, not large like every other theatre. Good theatre nonetheless.

Pam Resner

Fun place, very clean, friendly staff and comfortable seats.

MaShalle Roberts

Good place to go.

Nancy Jacques

Amazing place to relax and enjoy family night and it won't hurt your picket book.

Meagan Olsen

After being verbally assaulted by a woman in the theater the manager came in and started telling us how we were wrong before we could say anything. We left the theater to try to talk to her when she told my husband to shut up so we asked for a refund. My husband gotad at the way she was treating us and so got a little loud and she continued to be rude and refused to listen to what actually happened instead telling us she didn't want to hear it. The managers name was Nancy and we will never return to this theater or any Mitchell theater because of her horrid attitude and customer service. Stay far away from this theater prices may be great but that is only because they lack other places. *Update: contacted management with all my contact info so I could share my experience and was not able to get a hold of anyone or get a call back. This company really doesn't care about its customers.

Shawn Velasquez

I was disappointed that the prices was no Veterans discount. Nice theater though.

Theresa Rodriguez

Great prices compared to the city.

Elijah Martinez

Theatre is clean and comfortable

Gene Cordova

Best place in town to see movies only place in town Taos New Mexico visit us

Robert Wright

Nice little place

Linda Sanchez

Friendly, Heplful, and very clean!

Laurie Moreau

Nice theaters with comfortable seating. They offer real food in addition to popcorn, sodas and candy. Nicely updated decor.

Anime Deaf

I am not happy but I am deaf, problem Closed Captioning not working! Still nothing... then back get money return. And CC view look not like too white texts and glass called make fun zoom crazy but another movie theater CC with green text and no zoom for best. And seat good but notice found dirty on stick not clean!

Adrianna Marquez

Can't believe they would put a new movie "How to train your dragon" in the smallest theater on opening weekend. Very full movie.

Paul Richard

Pleasant theater with comfortable seats matinee prices until 6 pm.

Jana Ebeling

Great movies at a discounted price and reasonably priced refreshments. Recently remodeled it's very clean.

Royce Johnson jr

Clean fun theatre

Vittoria Totaro

All indications suggest this is indeed a movie theater.

John Proud

Well run movie.

Trevor Smith

Nice theater, but no public WIFI.

stephanie garcia

Not bad. Good popcorn. Bathroom clean. Leather seats - do not recline tho

Danielle Concha

Went to a move for the past 3 weeks . ND HAVE enjoyed it every time . Very affordablehey

arkAngel Ortega

Enjoyable family entertainment

Richard J. Chaparro Sr.

Great Staff, Services, clean and comfortable!

Jay Tanel

Super friendly staff. Incredibly clean bathrooms. Leather lounge chairs. Cheap movie tickets. This place has it all.

Aurora Cano

Popcorn was yummy need to upgrade to recliner seats

Judith Wyo

Nice theatre. There internet was down so they were only taking cash, food thing that is what we had with us that day.

Rana Russell

Cleaner than I expected because the customers make messes and don't feel like they should clean them up


Small theater but cozy with friendly staff.

Natasha Simmons

I love this place’s gym in the back!!!!!

all business

Amazing staff of people and a perfect quaint theater for movies. Here you can stock up on your favorite snack and enjoy in this jewel of a great art town and world class ski resort. 2 thumbs up.

Aaron Crump

Only movie theater in Taos. Hit up the matinee times e during the day for the best ticket price.

Craig Davis

Very nice theater. Very well kept.

Royce Johnson Jr

Fun place to take the family for all movies.

Greater Goods

Super comfy chairs! Reasonable prices. Wish they had more organic/all natural concessions options.

Bob Rose

Nice small town theatre. Good prices on concessions. Manager came and announced that everyone should stay for a short movie after the credits. Didn't want anyone to miss it.

Suzette Cohn

What a great job management is doing! Prices are right, so you can take the kids without going broke, and the service is awesome.

Tom Martinez

Great prices and a cozy clean theatre.

Drew's Nitro Shop

Enjoyed the movie and wasn't crowded like alot of places.

Nathaniel Padilla

Nice Staff and they keep the building clean. Nice comfortable seating.

Marci Cordova

We enjoy watching various movies at our local Stoeytellar Cinemas in Taos.

Arnell James

Small theater in Taos, NM. Shows pretty good movies.

Kimberly Flores Smith

I like that they provide nutritional yeast.

travis zimbelman

Like any local movie theatre. Unexbortent prices for tickets, over priced food, shrewd but friendly staff. Everything is renovated to modern standards. TV'S in urinal stalls!

Nicholette Martinez

Love this place

Jesse Munoz

For a small town, this is a nice theater not uber modern but very reasonable.

Zachary Davis

A wonderful reasonably priced theater with friendly helpful staff

Rebecca Hopper

Watched La Llorona with Robert Pacheco...

Emmett Moulton

Great theater, bathrooms are very clean and the service is very snappy, seats are also very comfortable.

Brenda Deherrera

Pacific Rim is worth watching!!!

Brent McKinley

Great movie theatre. Always clean and the manager is super kind. All of the staff are great! The prices are super affordable!

Devin Fernandez

Great movie experience everyone is friendly and ready serve,also decent screens and sound, but the best of all is there popcorn.

Judith Montague

Several theaters.

Austin Brown

It's great

Sarah Sletten

Nice , clean, and fast service. Only thing is they closed down the concession stand registers before the movie was over and we wanted a little bit more popcorn.

Lisa O'Hair

Saw a great movie "I Can Only Imagine" the theater was clean. It was our first time there. We will go back :)

Linda Dwyer

Great popcorn, clean bathrooms, pleasant employees

eben bellas

Began with an uninformed sale of tickets; because of this error, we were late to our film. After the ticket ordeal, the snack attendant made multiple errors while serving us. He brought us the wrong food, and mispriced our sale. After now being ten minutes late to our movie, we then found hair in our popcorn. Terrible! After our movie ended, we went out to get our coats from the car, but got locked out while waiting for our friends (in a longer movie). We then witnessed employees making popcorn for themselves. While locked outside, we also happened to notice the atrocious mess along the theatre entrance. Dried fluids lined the windows, doors, and handles outside, not to mention the popcorn smashed into the side walk. Altogether a terrible experience, that made this night one not to remember. Would not recommend.

Jessica Trujillo

Nice experience. Except we paid $7 for a cold hot dog, a little disappointed there. But overall good experience.


Nice theater, great management and staff.

Randy Pijoan

Really good at storytelling better than the other stories .had my attention immediately. Golly jeepers I'm hooked for more.

kerry powell


Juan Mondragon

Good service and good house keeping.

Tom Ryan

Good, comfortable movie theater with reclining seats

Jerod Powell

A good place for a small theater.

Mick Davis

Lion King was sold out.

Diana Robert

Glad they have captionview for deaf like me. Saw secret life of pets with my son.

joanne granny

Nice little theater. Theater two is supposed to be haunted.

Butch Montoya

In Taos with friends. Evening movie - clean & comfortable. Good snack selection. Enjoyable movie house!

James Torrence

The price was right and stadium seating was nice. Surprising to see a multiplex theater in a town this size.

royce Johnson

Friendly, clean movie place, very good service.

Yolanda Alvarez

The staff here is exceptional. Theaters are always clean, as are the restrooms. Fast friendly service at the snack stand kudos to LeeAnn. The hot dog was awesome.

Rayos Muniz

Great prices, attentive staff.

Hank Marks

This is always a great place to see movies. I go here every time there is a new release. The theaters are clean and well maintained. There’s a mini arcade. The snack bar isn’t too pricey. They always are up to date on the new releases.

chico LvVargas

Really cool nice and chill if you arrive early, before the crowds.

Troy Olsen

The manager Nancy is a nasty human being. A lady was leaned all the way back and then got mad when I bumped her with my knee. She lied to manager Nancy who refused to hear my side, told me to shut up and leave. No problem. I'll go anywhere else

John W Smith

Decent theater. Big problem: Poor sound proofing. So you hear severe crosstalk from adjacent theaters, especially when the movie you are watching is projecting a quiet or silent portion of the film. Super distracting and almost ruins some movie experiences.

Brenda DeHerrera

Nice and clean... friendly staff...great prices!!!

Davis Gomez

Comfortable chairs and for family night out

Phyllis Nichols


Kathy Claunch

Great place to see a movie, but I wish they would have more A movies and less kids movies.

Rebecca carrasco

Very friendly staff very clean.

Jolton Lafore

The place to watch the best movies!! They have a great cell phone policy ! That they enforce! I aways see the best films and have great snack food! My favorite is the Nachos with extra jalapenos and cheese! Xtra large drink and reese's pieces! Its great clean fun for the whole family! Hope I see at the movies! And the parking is free and safe!

C. J. Kristel

Pretty run down, and a little on the sketchy side, but it's essentially the only theater in town.

Deborah Minor

Small & clean. Nice theater.

Cat Winegeart

We live in Las Vegas NM, we don't have a local indoor theater here and we prefer to drive to Taos NM to see a movie. The prices are great and the theater very nice.

Caleb Tafoya

Great selection of movies.

Nelida Pulido

Small town feel theater through and through. Excellent customer service from ticket purchase to concession stand. All smiles. Matinee times call for a very lonely theater with plenty of seating option. The drink holder raises for cozying up and the picture and sound are great. We saw "It".

Jennifer p

This is my favorite theatre, but they changed the popcorn, I don't like the new one at all...we go every weekend, might go to Espanola next time as popcorn is the main reason for going out to the movies

Gilberts world

You should have put dragon ball super Broly

Libby P

The seats are pretty comfortable four a theater, and the viewing experience is good.

Richard Dickerson

Always a pleasent experience

Armando Lucero

It's great all around but all it needs is suppourt for Fandango.

Joe Esquibel

Cool place clean

Julie Mascarenas

The customer service is the worst

Clint Cooper

Small screens, good popcorn, nice bathrooms. It's the only game in town for movies, so it leaves a little to be desired but it's mostly good. I saw Thor Ragnarok there recently and the screen was a bit "screen doorish" from the half way point of the seats, but I think if I'd been further back it'd have been ok. Idk, it's the only theater I have access to within 2 hours. I wish it was better, but I understand the ebb and flow of people through this area throughout the year. A bigger theater probably couldn't survive this area so it's whatevs.

Geoffrey Utley

I love our little movie house. If I could stop idiots kicking my seat it would get 5 stars. There ought be a warning that kicking someone's seat is a felony.

Lyn Brezina

Great fun for the whole family! Clean theater, friendly employees, great movies.

Max Moulton

They revamped this theater a few years ago and now it's great! Tickets are cheap, seats are great, as the sound is great.

Chris Duran

Great pricing compared to Santa fe and alb. Glad we have a theatre.

Dora Hall

Great prices!

Sir Dashal Von Papillion

Great little theatre, it's been staffed well during my last few visits. I would pay another .75¢ for real butter on popcorn.

David Huttner

Nice, comfortable, senior discount

Jimmy Murray

For a small town this Multiplex Cinema does its job the theaters are small but comfortable.

Zuriel Ortiz

I absolutely love this place, such a great atmosphere. Family and kid friendly. Always supportive in helping out. I once thought I had lost my son, the staff didn't hesitate to look for him (mind you he was preteen at the time) they saw how distraught I was and jumped on there radios to help. Staff was looking through all there cinemas with there flashlights and even found a kid that resembled my son. Management was going through cameras, the whole kitten kaboodle!! It was amazing the way they handled it. I appreciated everyone that night. Eventually I found my son, but the care and organization absolutely impressed me. I just love going there. Everyone is SUPER FRIENDLY, always willing to help you, this place is always clean, the staff is just amazing!! Can't get enough of this place!!!

Tracker Buckmann

My date couldn't keep her hands off me and I had some amazing sex after skipping out on "baby driver" within the first half hour (but not in the theater- no worries). I have nothing but nice things to say about this theater. It's classy as hell, unlike me.


Local... Clean... Fair price movies

Booboo Gonzalez


Robert Counts

Theater is modern with comfortable seating, a well stocked concession that has everything except adult beverages. Well maintained, air conditioned, and suitable for families and adults.

Laurel Taylor

I had the unfortune experience of showing up at 11 minutes past last showtime. The cashier who was sitting on his phone at the register could clearly see us trying the door and ignored us for 4 minutes before rudley exclaiming that he was closed. I see more training needed in staff members here concerning customer service. P.s. we all know these movies have 10 minutes at least of previews. Why don't we have the option to skip these?

Kat Rivera

Cute cinema. A little absurd with the bag checks and forced buying bottled water.

Laurie Martinez

Verry rude girl then i heard her call me fat lady next time i go in im gonna show her how fat i am the movie was good. N the other kids. Wheher fin

debbe heiden

Saw..."The Showman". Best movie I've seen in ages.

jesalyn santistevan

Great friendly staff

Juan Romero

Great priced matinees, very clean!

J Michael Shaw II

Very nice, clean theater for a small town. Workers and servers were all very friendly and helpful. Refreshment process were lower than I was used to! Very pleased!

Darlene Montoya

This movie theater is a very nice place to see a great movie on the weekend and the price $$ is good.

Randy White

Great prices, clean theater. It's a small town theater so not all the amenities of the mega-theaters in the mega-towns, but its perfect for catching a good movie at a good price. Refreshments are much cheaper than the big city theaters. My only wish is that they had more late movies.

13 JL

This place should do midnight shows again. Also sucks when a huge blockbuster movie comes out and all showings on opening night are sold to businesses.

james morgan

Apparently large groups are not welcome, I would not recommend this place second rate theater and rude staff.

Bryan Bailey

Great environment. Cozy and friendly. Cheap prices on tickets and concession.

David Winters

Had an awesome experience!

Destin Moulton

Comfortable seats, good sound, and a great number of screens for small town.

Donicia Maestasgeuyo6jccj

Love this place

Vincent Hammonds

Overall it was very close to a five-star experience. The only reason I didn't give it that last start is because the cleaning crew came in immediately after the credits and it just kind of felt like we were rushed to get out even though no one told us we had to it felt like it because they came in and started cleaning. But overall it was a great experience

Gregory Hess

It is a nice little theater. The chairs were not as nice as the recliners Cinemark spoils us with, thought

Desi Romero


Mary Flores

Great movie, nice place to go with family n friends

Anthony C. Medina

It is good entertainment for a size like Taos, and the tickets are very reasonable.

Candus Taylor

We spend at least one holiday here and then back home in liberal, ks. Love the wonderful movie theater the Mitchell's have provided!!! Love it!!!

Alisha Bernal

Nice customer service


Conveniently located in the center of town this Storyteller Cinema had seven theatres. It is clean, well staffed and had plenty of parking. There are daily matinees. Discounted for children, seniors and matinees.

shealynn kenney

Not 3d

Anthony Suazo

The movie was so good

Tara Waters Lumpkin

They used to have real butter for the popcorn and fun natural toppings such as Parmesan cheese. No longer. The place is getting seedy and run down. Clearly management at high levels no longer cares about the theater. Too bad. Only other option for movies in Taos is the TCA.

Roberta Duran

Love our local movie theater.

Bernadette Romero

It could better staff and more friendly

Christopher Michael

Nice spot to watch a movie

Carla Mossman

The last couple of visits the ticket lines were small and we didn't really have much of a wait. The concession stand is busier and you you'll have a wait but nothing too extreme. Seats are nice and theaters are clean.

Valerie Montoya

Best movie theatre anywhere! Excellent service, friendly professional staff. Best movie prices for an excellent entertaining experience!

Ray Lovelace

Intact building. I drove right past it and my phone thinks I saw a movie. Artificial Stupidity.

hay dem

Please please please add earlier showing times during the week! A 1:00 or 2:00 a clock showing! How can we take in an afternoon movie at 5 o’clock !!!?? Th kiddos would love to go see an early movie !!!! Please storetellar add earlier show times during the week! I thought for sure for summer with all the kids out earlier show times would be a no brainer!!!

B. Sanchez

Great prices for movie tickets and concessions. Friendly staff too! We used to go to Santa Fe but no more. Santa Fe movie theaters are too expensive.

Skeeter Rankins

Unusually affordable theater, including concessions (compared to larger cities...not surprising perhaps, but nice nonetheless). Screens and seating were what I would call "quaint," but it seemed like a well cared for theater.

Lindsey Brown

Small theater with $8 prices for Saturday night movies! Nice! Popcorn and other snacks looked so tasty. Everyone was enjoying. Seats were super comfy as well.

Louanna Romo

It's gewd but arcade is terrible

Annette Graves

Really modern an fun place to take the family loved it

Melissa Mondragon

Fast friendly service. Clean and well organized place

Shundine Suazo

Bring back the late night movie times. Not everyone can make early showings.

Athanasios Bertin

Your typical movie theater. They play the most recent movies.

Christopher Holmes

Like most, friendly young staff, crazy outrageous prices. Decent movie

Roberto Gallegos

Taos movie theatre, hey were a small town, no Imax but we have comfortable seats

Scott Crabtree

First time I've been to a US cinema in years, so went to see "The Shallows." Very nice, clean, and reasonably priced cinema.

Wendy Robbins

Excellent theatres! Great staff! Reasonably priced concessions - even has a few healthy/organic options and great kids deal... We go to a movie often because of the quality of sound, picture, and comfort of the seats.

Joel Hogrefe

Watch IT part 2 rated R. We had great time except there were ALOT OF 12yr kids with NO parents in the building or any one supervising them snuck into the employee even caught the group of kids but did nothing about it. It will awhile until I'm back to watch a movie

JR Walters

Cannot beat the price of the movie or the snacks. Clean theater.


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