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2226 Sun Ranch Village Rd, Los Lunas, NM 87031

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REVIEWS OF Starlight Cinema IN New Mexico

Caleb Fisher

Very nice theater

Samantha Sena

This place is chill and super affordable. I love it.

Claire Saul

Small, inexpensive theatre. Nice for a family movie night. Clean good shows.

Ben Chavez

Good clean facility with friendly service. Standard snack stand and free refills on extra large combo. Small but good arcade that takes quarters.

Luis Brown

Excellent local theater. Recently renovated with a good selection of new releases. Excellent prices!

Shari Gallipo

Great prices, clean!

veronica vigil

Very affordable, nothing special inside but clean and not unkept. Wish it was a little cooler but the temp pass outside are just going up so they may not have adjusted inside temps yet.

Jimalene Edwards

Great place not too crowded

J.P. Bendtsen

Pretty clean movie house , took three of us and it was under 20 bucks. The bathrooms were also clean which was impressive. Very satisfied with our overall visit to the Starlight Cinema.

Karla Stoddard

Ordered tickets online for the 1st time, went to movies, & it was an enjoyable movie experience

Pinon Nuts

Theaters great but they sell you combos with free refills at 7:15 and its 7:30 the concessions closes on a Sunday... What part of that makes sense. Just have the balls to say no refills... And thanks for selling me 90% of a cup of crushed ice and my no refill I was at the bottom of the cup in 5 minutes. The popcorn tasted decent

Kathleen S

This theater has friendly, professional staff. Their prices are very reasonable. Location is excellent. It's clean. They always have the new releases. It's a great theater.

Connie Van Emmerik

Saw the Grinch. Theater had very comfortable seating but it was freezing.


My kid loves coming here especially with his friends. Location is great, lots of open places to park, place is usually clean and staff are nice.

Tracie Timme

The Manager and staff are very pleasant.

Gene Thornburg

Love going to watch movies there

ConspiraZia Theories.

Close to home but was very dirty . The seats were nice but the lack of cleaning before our show kind of ruined it. Still good just to catch a good flick with out driving to Albuquerque.

Luke Westfall

One of my favorite theatres, wish they had at least one early showing during the week so those of us with kids in school can squeeze in a weekday movie.

Mandie G

I love our towns movie theater

Paul Humphries

Love the small town environment

Bernadette Martinez

Love this place close to home doesn't cost alot of money for a great time!!


Great prices even as far as snacks go but the movie did have problems playing and even had to restart it as one point. In all about 20mins downtime In the middle of a film.

Kayla Calizo

Very clean staff was great

darrell seaman

I like this place clean and friendly . Seats very comfortable

Joseph Pinkney

It was great me and my daughter went and we loved it

jennifer montoya

It was nice though I'm not sure if they wipe the seats because the one I was sitting om smelled like icy hot or the guy behind me had some on... it was burning my eyes. ..

monica sandoval

Nice theatre for Los lunas

Nancy Hagan

It's small but very nice and the popcorn is always fresh!

Ted Christman

Great friendly staff. Can always find a seat. Great sound and nice screens. A wonderful resource for Los Lunas. One of our go to places.

Peggy Padilla

Loved the movie.

Michelle Gonzales

Closest place for us to see a flick.. The environment is clean and family oriented.. I wish all the games worked and had at least one for the younger generation but the price isn't bad and the popcorn is delicious!! Free refills on jumbo size popcorn and sodas!!

Arley Stump

Very nice n good selection of movies

Shawna Rosenthal

Convenient,clean,friendly team never wait long, good newer movies.

Craig Nori

This is a great place to see a movie. The theatre is clean and we'll maintained. The theatres all have stadium seating and all seats are good ones. The sound system is great and imersive. The pricing for the tickets and snacks are very reasonable. I live in the area and greatly appreciate having a great theatre so close to home.

Jasmin Fiji

This is a nice place to see your favorite movie on the big screen. All areas are clean and the building is well maintained. I am glad that this Theater is here close to home. There are a couple of nice restaurants nearby and a KFC. Discount Tire is nearby, so I like to go buy tires for my vehicle and walk over to see a movie while they put the tires on. I think I need to go see a movie really soon.☺️

Norene Montano

Fair prices comfortable seats and very clean

Krista Vigil

It was a good experience, fast service and good snacks, plus the prices are cheaper then Albuquerque theaters.

Angella Aragon

Great prices with extremely comfortable seating!

Krystal Barron

Great customer service. Prices are very affordable not bad at all

Cecilia Cox

Nice facility. Comfy seats. Good parking

John Torrez

It's great to have a local movie theater that's a really good value. However it needs a little TLC. Last few times I have gone the movie screens seem to be showing a bit darker than normal, but maybe it's just the films themselves. I also noticed the carpets really need a good steam cleaning, and I tend to find the seats a bit uncomfortable, but maybe it's just me.

Anthony Lovato

Popcorn used to be awesome they changed it a few years ago it's not the same. Also their hot dogs are packaged and microwaved now and used be cooked on rollers and were very good. Same thing with the nachos. Nachos used to be awesome but not anymore they're ok. Otherwise the rest of the theater is very nice. The seats are very comfortable and the screen and sound systems are awesome. We've had problems in the past with other people in a theater being very loud and complained. Nothing could be done they told us and the are not good at giving refunds at all for anything.

The Critic

Update: July 2019 I've been back several times since this is the only theater in Los Lunas and they have greatly improved. Haven't had an issue with it being dirty and no interruptions during the movie with throwing the trash. Will keep coming back. Went to see Black Panther Feb 16 2018 at 8pm. Walked in to theater found trash over full and pop corn all over the floor. Went to sit down by top row and found floor cones and floor all sticky. Then 30 mins in to the movie they decided to empty the trash making all kinds of noise. Great price but should have been cleaned in between movies.

Susan Kennedy

Very nice & clean. Good selection of movies Great price

Tom Hanks

It was pretty nice, just make sure you don't choose one of the few squeaky seats, they're still really comfy seats. The sound is great, although my father thinks it's too loud and always brings a cotton ball for each ear.

Paul Silva

Good popcorn

Antoinette Rivera-Silva

Great movie

Jedidiah Schmitz

Wish there was a rule that ALL kids (1-14) had to be accompanied by an adult.

Galaxy Wolf

Nice place friendly staff

RyThYmnation 1383

Great theater, the picture and sound system are solid. I just wish they had matinee showings. I would go more often, but sometimes it's not worth dealing with younger sometimes obnoxious attendees. I think it's also time to add some more screens.

Ed Lefebvre

Clean theater and the best popcorn around!

Dai Fox

Always watch all the latest Marvel movies here with my bro and the prices have never been too bad. Or at least now that the 3D craze is gone again! Lolz I usually eat before I go there because most stands are over priced. Even been here during my Highschool years.lolz


It's a nice place and its affordable

Cheryl Tuttle

Current movies. Multiple movies. Good prices and very comfortable seating. Nice concession stand choices. Too loud for my preference but that is true in every theatre now.

Danielle Rose

A basic movie theatre. Standard seats. Stand treats, but a classic and enjoyable experience.

Angel Zarate

I love the chairs very relaxing. Beautiful theater. Price is not bad

Dj.G. SWift

I love coming here staff is excellent

Christopher Garcia

This is a pretty nice theatre for the Small town of Los Lunas. The movie selection is limited, but it's nice to have a theatre in town. I also like the fact that they show local advertisements. The cost to advertise is also very reasonable. I believe it's $100 per month.

Cassie Vetsch

Today, with a sold,out movie and a long line out the door we were happily able to get into one of 2 viewing rooms to see the new Avengers movie. The wait seemed like forever but the staff kept their cool and things ran smoothly. Good job everyone.

Erik Ruiz

This place has great prices and comfortable seating! Clean with great picture quality and sound system.


Lot of open space in the parking pot, safe place police are always around. Ticketmaster is friendly but a plays favoritism, with the price. Popcorn is awesome and service is good. Movie theater is clean and sounds great good quality.

Marty English

Straight theater is always a pleasant experience for us. We had a large popcorn and a large soda. After the movie we got a refill on each and took it home.

Diane Williams

There is nothing better on a Hot summer afternoon then to go to a Saturday matinee! Starlight has several theatre's offering the latest top movies. You won't be disappointed, there is a movie for everyone. Today we watched The Meg, a shark thriller. It kept us on the edge of our seats! The movie had some technical difficulties in the beginning, and started about 15 minutes late. At the end of the movie the manger came in and gave each one of us a gift certificate to watch a movie of our choice ! I thought it was so nice of the theater apologizing for the movie starting late due to technical problems and giving everyone a gift certificate. Thank you!

Roberta Gutierrez

High quality movies at an affordable price

Jordan Abraham

The new seats are comfy and the staff is nice.

Matthew Morrow

Small town theater, comfortable and cheap. It's a great place to go.

Martin Rojas

My family and my love The popcorns ,nice staff

Eduardo Herrera

I gotta hand it to the manager I think her name was April she was super nice i had a problem i needed help with and she really didnt hisitate on fixing it

J Vigil

Tickets are afforadable but that's where it stops getting good. The theater was pretty stinky and muggy and for 2 large drinks,1 popcorn and an icee it was almost 20 bucks. So my experience was just ok but as most know concessions are usually expensive anyway. I would just recommend they run the air conditioner more and that they invest in some febreeze or something.

Sherry Gold

Always clean. Nice staff. Love the small town theatre feel!

Daniel Varady

Nice theater!

Jessica Frasier

Usually really good but right in the middle of movie it went down. And there was no apologies or anything just ok will restart it.

timothy lindgren

I really like coming to this theater. I came as a kid and now I bring my daughter.

Michelle Smith

Great movie and great price

Carlos Montoya

Got a weekend off so my friend and I went to see a movie and just unwind. Great movie and Senior Discounts it's a great way to get away from the daily grind.

Linda Duran

Fast, friendly staff. Best popcorn!

Sharon Harrell

You will always see my family there


Very peaceful and calm place. Great customer service. First movie theater that actually gave me ice water without charging

Denise Bohannan

Was not very clean the concession area was dirty and it was still very early in the day when we went. There were plenty of people working to be able to keep it clean.

Hal Cox

This is a great theater complex for this area! Great prices for movies in nice theaters!!


Decent place, very affordable.

Yvonne Rizo

Went to see "The mule" great movie...

L.A Love

Theaters are very small..they really need bigger rooms and rows of seats. Especially when a movie like "Halloween"comes out!!loved movie

Nancy Wagoner

Good experience. Nice location. Plenty of parking. Fair matinee price ($5.75). GREAT movie (Black Panther).

Sarah Keaton

Always stop here for a movie

Neata Matturro

Great evening adventure.

Sofia Larrañaga Garcia

Why do they close the concession stand so early?

katherine Waters

Fun times

Jessemax Perea

This place is cool.

Charles Perea

Has comfortable seating & a great snack bar.

Jose Munoz

Today at 4:55 for the MA! movie theater suck so hot and muggie my girlfreind and left try to stick it out but could not ask for a refund they said no

marie aberant

Clean. Nice folks. Not over priced.

Monica Wild

I just don't like theaters but for people that do it was probably more 4 or 5 stars

Gilbert Serafin abeyta danny

Very clean, fast food court service

Victor P Vigil

Haven't been here in a while came to see Angel has fallen great movie! Movie theater is a lot better than I thought usually go to Albuquerque!

Alyssa Tenorio

Decent but needs a remodel already

merlinda garciabeard

Great service and great prices no lines

Cheri Lenhert

I just really like this movie theater. Everyone that works there is very nice. It's convenient and a nice smaller theater with a good selection.

Daniel Romero

Decent theater especially for the money but could use some upgrades like better screen quality and more comfortable seating.

Genevieve Sanchez

Very nice theater. Good service and clean. Comfortable seats good sound.

Kevin Bloom

Really nice Cinema and the prices are really nice. Especially with all the upgrades they've done in the last year or two. It's really nice inside.

Dylan Hensley

Awesome movies

Nathan Rascon

Need reclining seats and better arcade.

Pat Marez

It was a nice little place. Employees were very nice. The sound and seats were very good. I would recommend this place to anyone

Lavell Horton

Never had problems with seats or service

Elissa Wright

The lobby was filthy! The carpet was full of stains abs trash everywhere. Hadn't been there in a long time. Chairs were comfy. Theater was cleaner.

Pres Chavez

The food cashier was very helpful w our drinks trays and popcorn. Very curtious and respectful.

Sharlene Lopez

Great local for the family.

Idali Cruz

Very nice theater! Great popcorn!

Max Zuchowski

Seems like a small theater, compared to what I'm use to, but it's still big and cozy. Staff moves pretty fast at the concession area, and everyone makes fun and exciting! Screens and movie show area seem to be in very good condition as well! Clean place well maintained.

david castillo

Me and my friend watched a movie there and it was awesome 5 stars.

Adriana Navarrete

Great prices for the movies and the popcorn is always fresh.

Matt Edeal

Ok theater, kids behind me were irritating, but that's what happens sometimes at the movies. Everything is good though.

FireFoxx 505

Typical movie theater candy and snacks. No bad experiences. Should consider stepping up on the seating recliners or something.


Great little theatre close to Ruidoso, New Mexico!! It always has the current hits at a very fair price!! The refreshments are a little pricey, but that's common. The employees are friendly and enjoy their job. The theater is always clean. It's a fun place to relax in Las Lunas!!

marcus stewart

Very nice screens and nice atmosphere

Ronnie White

Watched Avengers Endgame, was a great movie! Staff was polite and courteous.

dragon joe

This place has so much potential. It has nice screens,comfortable chairs,and very reasonable prices. But the kids who are employed there are horrible, rude,and extremely disrespectful. I could hear the young ladies talking about their sexual experiences, and all the drugs they did while having sex. They're hiding on the floors,behind the concession just sitting,not helping. And eating food in ticket sales booth.

Gina Aragon

Fun times, enjoyed the movie.

Darryl Nez

Nice atmosphere. Movies are good for a younger audience. I'm more personally into Indie films, low budget, not mainstream. So as I seen "The Post "was showing here I came. Prices are really very reasonable.

Gary Snyder

Great to have a nice local movie house, clean, comfortable and reasonable price.

Chad Yokoyama

Happy they are open here in Los Lunas

A Google User

Great family friendly theater. Love

Isaiah Rojas

I love this movie theater!! Plenty of movie options great snacks and nice environments. Also the prices are awesome

valerie berniger

Loved dumbo

Deborah Russ-Coachman

Good prices on tickets and concessions.

Suzanne Gabaldon

Reasonable prices. It's a nice place. Audio is not as loud as it should be sometimes.

makayla apodaca

It's great to go watch a movie at a local theater with friends and family

Mary Frances Wells

I Love this place great movie's great Popcorn & Sodas

Judy Pena

Great place to watch your favorite movies at a reasonable price.

Isabel O

Tickets are so much cheaper than Albq and the snack bar is a lot cheaper but the seats in Albq are better. Price has me stay in LL though.

Eragon Castle

You can get in pretty quickly. The seats are made of a leather type material. Snack bar has few options. Speakers are quite loud sometimes.

Joe Flores

Good movies and good prices.

Michael Shackelford

Pretty great theater, it's clean, the seats are very comfortable and arranged well, and there's not a lot of people there most of the time, so it's hardly ever crowded.

Jerry Gaston

Very nice, well operated.

Dana Baca Church

The air conditioner was broken and it was over 100 degrees outside. Otherwise not bad for a small town. At least there's a theater here. The staff seemed despondent. From the ticket girl to the pop corn dude. We felt like we were in a zombie apocalypse theater. It was quite empty.

GE Smith

Good theater; lots of showtimes, good selection of movies, comfortable seats, good sound systems, standard concessions.

katherine torres

Comfortable, new movie releases, friendly staff, good popcorn, decent prices and local

Shanna Green

Nice place to go watch a movie at a reasonable price, great popcorn.

Anneka Baker

Chairs were super comfy, love the set up in the theater, staff was friendly. All in all a good place to see a movie.

Mark Gomez

Seats are very uncomfortable

Gacha Panda

Ashley is awesome great customer service always a smiling face

Charline Moya

Nice theature and the price is good


Manager was on her phone texting. Concession staff were horseplaying. Concessions staff were touching the insides of their mouths then proceeding to handle transactions. Unprofessional and disgusting.

Cb Sanchez

Wonderful theaters showing 1st run movies @ only $5. 75 B4 certain hours & great w/snack prices. Check this place out, cuz its great.

Lorena Tome

Great customer service....very helpful...

Tina Corpuz

$24 dollars for two kids and two adults!!

Wendy Umberson

Can't wait to go back

Alan Musegades

Bought tickets online it was easy and made it quick to go through the process

Marissa Chavez

Good little movie theater. They are cheaper than most theatres and they have comfortable seating. Staff is friendly. The only thing is the concession stand is more expensive than most. Better to spring for the extra large popcorn and drink that way you can get a free refill instead of running out and having to pay for a refill. They always have the newest movies.

Adrian Lopez

I love that there's no crowds . There is always an available seat

Brandi Heft-Kniffin

For a small town theatre it always has all the good movies and friendly employees.

Ahand 28

Great prices, great help, usually has the movie you want to see, close to home.

gabe m

Good clean not stinky or sticky at all lol.

Matilda Johnson

This theater is very nice. We love how we don't have to do assigned seating like Albuquerque.

Christopher Costa

Clean theater and friendly staff. Sound was good and the seats were comfortable!

Leticia Lovato

Best theater prices ever! Yummy popcorn and never packed. Also, great staff. Always friendly.


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