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REVIEWS OF Rio Rancho PREMIERE 14 IN New Mexico

Annette Baca

I always love coming to this theater. It's reasonably priced, their customer service is great and the theater and facilities are always clean.


Terrible experience. My family went out on Thanksgiving night to watch a movie together and we picked the WRONG theater. Not only were the restrooms dirty and unkempt, but I had the woman in front of me resting on my knees the whole movie. The seating and aisle room is a complete joke. To top it off, buying through Fandango was completely useless at this outdated theater. Not only do they not do reserved seating, but you have to go through concessions to get a printed out ticket to go into the theater. This fact would have been great to know before I waited in line, bought concessions, and gotten to the ticket taker. I had to stand back in the concession line to get the print out of my already purchased tickets. Not to mention, the ticket price for this terrible theater were just as much as the new Flix Brewhouse theater in Albuquerque, which was a million times better experience.

Gavirel Aguilar

They went out of their way to make sure I was happy with everything.


Its a decent place. Wish they had different chairs. And faster service.

Katheran williams

Like the early bird shows at 10:30. Perfect for if you have young kiddos

Shannon Giesige

Went on a Sunday morning and beginning of movie intersected with the tail end of the church service next door. So in the quiet moments of captain marvel you would hear people lifting their voices in praise. It ended after about a half hour so no big deal. Just wish they wouldn't use the adjoining theaters for movies during services. I hope worshippers weren't inundated with any spoilers during their quiet moments of religious introspection. Otherwise, great theater! Great matinee experience.

Tyler Brandt

Great local theater. Good screens and picture quality, nice clean building, and great popcorn and other snacks. Buy the popcorn bucket and reusable drink cup and it will only cost you $5 for your concessions every time you come here! An awesome deal that makes me go to the movies more often than I would otherwise.

Miranda Hess Sr.

Clean and friendly service, for the most part.

Michael Rossi

I love this place, but just like all others, $14.00 for a coke and popcorn is a little rediculaus.

Marie Gum

Always friendly staff, clean premises, and excellent popcorn!

Fastjoe Corrigan

I really don't go to movies that much had a good time... superclean theater super clean bathroom

Cara Candelaria

Great movie lines move quickly, polite staff.

darrell hooker

Tonight's movie theater plenty of screens plenty of seating the prices are

Wintery Witch

Always a great experience, we go often


Greattheater, great price to get in and great movie!

Robert Maresco

Went to Rio Rancho premier theater to see Alpha in three demention this theater was made for comfort my seat reclined back. Wasn't crowded since it was 2:55 pm.The lighting in the theater when the lights went out are very good. You can get up to get munchies or go visit the rest room there is plenty of light to walk and still see where you are going. The only negative thing was the price of popcorn and soda both large in size was$13.50 for both kind of steep especially; if you go with a few people.I was by myself.

Maria Franco

Amazing place to watch a movie and Go to church at.. Legacy church Rio Rancho

Manuel Diggs

Comfortable seating. Courteous service. Ticket prices very reasonable.

Deborah Trujillo

This theater is not very busy but it is pleasant and nice to take your family.

Faustina Castillo

Watched Spiderman. Nice, cool theater.

Gwen Sund

We go here all the time. The seating is wonderful. The lobby is okay.

Rachel Silva

I love that I can butter my own popcorn. My biggest peeve about movie theaters is they never butter it how I tell them to. The only thing I'd say is that they should upgrade their chairs to the reclining kind, that would definitely make it 5 stars, so I give 4 just for that reason. Although theirs rock and are comfy.


Really cool and good place

Floyd Montoya

Chairs are comfortable but have definitely seen better days. The movie started almost 20 minutes after the scheduled time.

Gregoria Cavazos

As a person with a hearing disability this theater is disappointing. The last two times that I've gone I've been given a closed captioning device that doesn't work. Both times I let the manager know and the response was "sorry about that." I know that the hearing disabled population is probably not huge, and obviously not a priority to this theater, but it would be nice to have a working device when I've paid the money for a movie. I guess I'll be taking my money to theaters that maintain their equipment and offer a little more support to their guests who need additional services.

Diane Welch

Nice, clean, very comfortable seats. Saw Downton abbey. Great movie. Food prices are very reasonable

Jeffrey oden

Very comfortable seating

Lucid Gaming

Nice place. However, Seating is kinda cramped.

Dewayne Saiz

You're avaerage movie theater. Lots of screens but they don't have reclining seats big bummer.

Michael Beach

Problem with the projector. Had to find an usher and request fix. Told someone was on it, but, no one announced the delay or fix to the audience.

Isaiah Martinez

Greatest movie theater ive been to. They offered great service and amazing hospitality

Katy Perry Mgm Grand Sept 16 2014

Nice theater, comfortable seats. They have the volume way to loud. Every time I watch a movie I have to report the blown speakers... every time! Also I can pick out at least the people wearing earplug each movie, never fails.

Ricky Hooper

good local movie cinema

Jack Corder

Movies at an affordable price

Len Roughgarden

Gosh, remember when we all got excited about theatres with "stadium" seating? Well its still here! Yeah, I realize we're much more sophisticated now with recliners and food brought to us and all, but there's nothing wrong with an old fashioned movie going experience either. Well, at least as old- fashioned as stadium style seating is. Theaters are usually pretty clean and staff is friendly - not a bad place to see a mivie.


Nice seats . Good prices . Women behind counter very friendly .

Andrew McGibbon

Can I give them a negative zero? Came here at about the showtime of the movie, the front ticket sales was closed and said go to concessions. There were 3 lines and they were all super long. It took 25 minutes to get through the line. Missed all the previews, which I was expecting and didn't care about but was 10 minutes into the movie. I didn't know I had to treat this place like an airport and get there an hour early just to catch a movie. How about sell tickets at the ticket counter so I don't have to wait for nearly a half hour. F that place.

Michael Brito

Manager went out of her way to help setup my rewards points


Awesome movie theater

EmpressDivine Tafari

Nice,cozy and comfortable theatre. Adds to the charm of a great date night. Great temperature kept in theatre as well unlike most which are sometimes freezing lol.

Manuel Lucero

Fair prices and a lot of seating. Only complaint is the pickles seemed old. They were kind and replaced it no questions asked but the second pickle was not too good either.

Alison Howe

When computers, internet and cell service went down the movies still only. Way to go! Fun afternoon with family and friends. Fresh popcorn.

Evan Lambert

I've only been to this theater twice and have had an excellent experience both times. Thank you!!!

Earthly Traveler

Good place to watch a movie. Wouldn't reccomend the moving chairs. Didn't add much to the movie experience. There is plenty of parking and is in a decent area. Place is kept pretty clean and the staff is super friendly and helpful. Have gone a few times and will go again. Free 1st refill on the popcorn!

ca gonza

The screening rooms are always clean, the start is very thoughtful of the patrons. The movies are loud enough but not blasting to the ears as some theaters are. Great selection of movies. Seats are comfortable.

Travis Brown

Its a good theater. It was able to allow me to see Venom at a time no other place in town would.

James Bearden

Great theatre. Comfy seats. Would definitely visit again.

Nay 72

Always a good place to see a movie. I wish they would put recliners in the theaters though. Hint hint.

Claudia Florez

Very clean and comfortable movie theater.

Michael Betz

They didn't turn the sound on for the previews and then I ended up dropping my nachos good movie not too great of an experience

Brigitte Casaus

The staff was up beat and cheerful. Prices were better than I expected. The theater was clean and the restrooms were satisfactory. I have not been to a theater in over 10 years and I was not disappointed.

Lemisha Fragua

Nice place to watch a movie. Althought the chairs are a little uncomfortable. No walkway room. I like how the nacho station is set up to dispense your own cheese, butter and other toppings.

Erin Fields

The staff is very friendly, they love the way they treat me!

Robert Osborn

I love movies. Great place to watch them there. Imax is real fun.

Jacqui Chavan

Great time good service clean and friendly staff

Mitchell Gilmore

Had a great time with my family. The staff was really nice and helpful.

Louise Strachan

Convenient to my home,. Dont care for the stadium seating.

New Mexico Flower Company

Nice and quiet. Plenty of parking and close to dining options. Easy access and friendly staff.

Kathy Elkin

Great place to watch a movie, get the dots their great!

Elizabeth Ostrander

Great experience & friendly service!

M Cooper

New theatre. Lots of room in comfortable reclining seats. Clean. Friendly staff. Great screens w/high stadium seating

Chad Hensley

Nice theatre with a good staff. They always have a great selection of movies. Snacks are as unreasonably priced as most theatre, if not more. This location is definitely our choice theatre in the area.

Miguel Catano

I come here with my brother and it's awesome

Derick Lopez

Very good movie theater. Excellent location in Rio Rancho. The staff is excellent.

Rebecca Tomlinson

Clean and comfortable place. Things to be mindful of: sound is quite loud (wouldn't recommend for infants) and new releases bring long lines (consider buying tickets online).

Marlene Baron

Very nice theater but not enough handicap seating.

Crystal Davey

Excellent service. Chairs were actually comfortable. Movie was a hair loud. But we had a blast.

Shun Harrison

Badass theatre

Jim Buchanan

This theater has exceptional customer service, enough to stand out. Highly recommended. We like coming here.

Carol Crist

I love this theatre because it does NOT have those lounge seats. The lounge seats cost more, hard to sit where you want because u have to reserve first, and there aren't enough seats in each theatre

Cydney Sanchez

Awesome theater! Comfortable recliners and my grand daughter loved the movie!


Great staff always friendly.

Aubre Chosa

It was a great experience, fun, friendly. Except the games in their arcade room, more than half didn't work and they took your money. We had an hour to waste so we said why not, played and that's what happened. Overall it was great!

Black Beard

Nice theater, everything is clean and prices are very good!

Laura Villesange

Great place to go and popcorn is delicious.. movie

Connor Archibeque

This is a great family friendly place, they have a wonderful building that is kept very clean.


Seating wasn't comfortable but the movie itself was awesome.

Abel Chavez

Went to see Hustle. Good movie.

angie baca

very good! not a line to get tickets. took a few mins. st concession but got stuff and enjoyed movie

Suzanne Racki

Quality of tye theater has gone down a bit. Not as clean and some chairs were broken.

Joe Mata

Great location and low prices! The theater is large and comfortable. Their nachos were great! Lots of good places to eat near by.

Andrew Abernathy

One of my favorite theaters, large and nice looking, and pretty comfortable seats.


But I have a great day for

Dorothy Custer

Theatre was clean along with restroom. Staff was friendly and seats were comfortable.

andrea sanchez

It's a nice place. The movie had few issues but I'd go back

Maximus RRod

Very nice theater but no deals on Tuesdays like AMC. I don't think we'll be back.

Matt Luce

It's a normal movie theatre. It doesn't surprise, but it provides a perfectly adequate movie-going experience. The concessions are about what you expect, though they have DIY butter dispensers which is pretty cool. The candy is of the twizzler ecosystem rather than red vines. I don't think online ticketing is very effective at this theatre because you'll still need to go to the ticket counter (inside now).

garage sasas

This is a newer, all-digital movie theater that has a decent snack bar and several self buttering stations along with many powdered popcorn flavor enhancers that make getting your snacks and into your seats all that much easier. The main issue my family and I have is that their seats are plain uncomfortable after a half hour or so. If it is a short movie it isn't too bad, but if it's 2 hours or more you are shifting position so often to maintain some sort of comfortable position that in many instances cannot be attained in these seats. Even the local discount dollar type theater has wonderful new seating and legroom galore. Other than that it's a nice theater although the sound can be disappointing at times due to the low levels.

lol surprise

I like this place because it's usually not to crowded and the seats are comfortable. They overfill the popcorn and it's impossible to not drop it all over the floor. It seems to be the norm here. Always fun though.

Cody Hart

Great place to see movies! I loved the incredibles 2! The popcorn is great and the prices are lower than the other theaters!

Nana Belle

Clean. Staff pleasant.

Jayme Chavez

Very beautiful theater. Great selection of candy, drinks, and snacks to enjoy during your movie. The staff was very friendly. Super comfortable seats that lean back. There's a little arcade inside the theater which we went to for about 45 minutes after our movie let out. It's a little small, but has quite a few fun games and claw machines. We will definitely be returning.

Jack Randall

Great yime buy stay away from the old arcade it'll steal your money and found it a waist of time to get someone to fix the problem.

Jim Warner

Nice theater offering all major releases. Check here first if you live in/near Rio Rancho. Support local businesses whenever possible.

Kate Nichols

1 ticket seller on Saturday afternoon so u will wait in 100 degree temps. They don't accept Fandango gift cards as payment. Half the games are broken and take your money and the other half are completely rigged. Nice seats. Customer service needs improvement

Evangeline Telles

Great place to take the grandkids

Gabriel J. Casillas

My niece and I watched "Bohemian Rhapsody". It was awesome! As always, the theater was in ship shape. I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful entertainment venue such as this in Rio Rancho. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful about all of my inquiries. I really appreciate the rewards program and I look forward to building up more and more points to receive some gratis refreshments. Keep going to the movies all of my friends out there. It's totally worth it!

Michael Muñoz

The theater was clean and the handicap accessibility was good. They have a family bathroom, which is great. What really impressed me was when the movie was over and we needed to get my uncle out, they raised the lights for us so that we could get him to his walker.

Miguel Torres

It's ok, popcorn somehow tastes stale...always!!

Alexis Mary Miller

Just love Premiere Cinema. Excellent selection of current movies. Plenty of parking. The staff are very helpful and the seating in the theatre is quite comfortable. My favorite thing is getting to put my own butter and salt on the popcorn. They even have flavored salts if that is your thing but I'm a traditionalist and just go for the regular salt.

Judy Perez

Had a storm go through and lost power. They had the power restored and the movie back on within 15 minutes. The movie, however, was pretty bad.

Jayce U

Was good

Greg Welch

Nice Theatre

Jaimie Khatam

All time favorite cinema because they have no assigned seating. I don't know what genius thought of assigned seats at a movie theater but this is one reason I no longer visit Cottonwood Mall theater or Century Rio 24. I love Premiere in Rio Rancho and the awesome customer service. The self serve popcorn seasoning and nacho cheese is just the icing on the cake. It's never overcrowded and the seats are super comfy.

Isaac Archibeque

Amazing place to visit with family go there whenever any movie comes out

Shaun Tsabetsaye

The seats are spring loaded recline chairs and tend to want lean back making them uncomfortable

Matt Pike

Took my daughter to see lion king. Theatre was clean, audio and video worked so that's always good. As usual over priced concessions, but this is true of any theatre I've visited.

Brendan McManus

Monday afternoon was a great time to see a movie. The staff member I dealt with was a quality guy. The food was good and the theater was clean.

Evelyn Costales

Service was good movie was good needs to be remodeled. Seats are no comfortable

creeper ramirez

It's a very nice place the seats recline far back and are very comfortable..and the nachos!! U get your monies worth for the food there!! Look forward to going again soon!!

Cash Daggett

Good experience wasn't crowded, the audience was respectful, and it had a good atmosphere.

Kidus Tekle

Detective Pikachu was lit

Blake Cahoon

Very nice theater. Good prices and popcorn an excellent service.

Steven Lucero Jr

This theatre nice love to visit it with the family


Cool to hang with friends but a little on the pricey side

David Haney

Aladin was amazing! Seats are comfortable!

Jeremy Dennison

Great seats,good food to watch your favorite movie.

anthony temer

The seats are made for tall long legged people.

annette cervantes

Good movie theather

Artist Just Artist

This theatre is never too packed I like to go there if im trying to aviod the crowds.

Dr. Buddybob Superfly Jones Vanderbilt III ESQ. X.

Lot of choices and good seats

Julie LaPaglia

So I really enjoy the Premier Cinema Theater in Rio Rancho. It's clean. Great location. Good parking. Their manager is very helpful and approachable. The movie times flexible and plentiful. They offer an early bird showing for the extremely affordable price of $6.25. Today I watched Ready Player One and later this afternoon I will be returning to watch A Quiet Place. The more movies you watch the more points you collect. Points grow until you can apply them to towards FREE food.

Suzanne Brace

The screens are big but the chairs reclined too far back.

Hilary Leggett

Nice theater! Generally seats left when the others are sold out! Seat yourself, first come first serve. Good sound, good quality, comfortable seats, good food.. Lots of seats bc it's the older kind!

Jorge Gonzalez Brizuela

not my most favorite location, needs a bit of improvement in quality and locale, but it does its job. i still come here and enjoy from time

Casey Quintana

I love Rio rancho movie theater I like everything about it I like you don't have to go online to get a seat and all the seating is great. Keep doing what you're doing it's always pleasant to watch a movie at Rio rancho movie theater

Dino Pena

We really enjoy coming to this Rio rancho premiere Cinema, and we've always had a great experience. Unfortunately today's visit was questionable when a worker behind the counter wearing glasses with short curly hair was very rude in explaining the amenities the theater offers. The Fandango website offered services that I just wanted to ask about. If you're having a bad day you should never take it out on paying customers. We will visit this cinema again, has this is our theater of choice. Just hope we don't have an employee like that again.

Melanie Trujeque

I love to come here on Sunday mornings with my family for the early show it is usually not to busy. It is a great place, clean and everyone is friendly.

Meandering Murphis

J & I went at a good time. The line was nil so we got our tickets, snacks and pee break before the movie, in a matter of minutes. The theater was pretty nice, good picture, sound and really comfortable seats. The only remotely negative thing I could say was an employee sprayed a fully loaded theater with some room freshener, soon overwhelming my nose and making my popcorn taste pretty gross for a few minutes. All in all, tt's also super convenient to my house so I'll be back for another movie. See you soon! Namasté.

Melinda Shipley

Friendly staff and clean environment love this place

Anthony ooo

Clean theaters just a little pricy for everything

Glenda Sanchez

I love the comfy recliners, getting a huge stack of nachos and being able to pile on the cheese at will, plus it's a great venue to enjoy the awesome movies!


The people at the counter seem to have hearing problems. The first time I came in at about 6pm requested to see a movie at 8:20 PM. The guy at counter handed me ticket and i said but movie is not until 8:20pm, he had given me a ticket for 6pm, error specifically said 820pm. Strike 2 when i came in for movie I asked for the chocolate dippin dots, and the Mgr (Who was at the counter) said oh you can just grab it behind you, I repeated myself again and this time also pointed at the chocolate dippin dots, it's not that noisy yet people are not listening after they ask Can I help you, worst experience here at Premier, and on Valentine's day too, Errrrr

Andrew Edenfield

New and clean and never too many people here. Relaxing and enjoyable all around

Elliott Duran

The prices I like

James DeBee

Comfortable seats. They provided us with the captioning equipment for the deaf. Thanks to Allstate insurance agency, Anthony Delgado for treating all of us as loyal customers.

Bonnie Minkus-Holmes

This theater is so convenient to dining and the seats are very comfy. Great prices in food and always clean

Nicholos Freyburger

It was great other than the 2 drunk highschool kids doing naughty things in front of me and my wife. Could not enjoy the movie.

Yelena Acosta

Its a cool place its kinda clean dirty only because there is a lot of popcorn on the flore but the seats are not sticky. Its well recommended

Strange Electricity

It was good but there is not as many food options, no reclining chairs, and no reserved seating.

Gary Johnson

It was an interesting experience when we went in to get seeded the lights were off and it was terribly dark some people actually had flashlights on their telephones and used them to find their way just before the show an employee came in and saw the darkness and turned on some lights you need to go it was a show well worth waiting for

Herman Raul Sedano

Always nice, good service, good popcorn, places clean and it's close to home.

Uriah Nicole

I like this place but the seats are way too close to eachother. A lady and her kid kept pushing on the back of my seat cause there was no leg room once the person in front of you sat down.

H. Granger

Very nice big movie theater! Great popcorn and attentive staff!

Troy Shije

The concession was very clean, and organized, very polite and always smiled

Mike Moffit

Comfy seats and plenty of can get an Early Bird discount by ordering tickets early!

Doreen De La Cruz

Love this theater!

JA Whitt

Best movie theater in most of Abq. and the best on the West side. Good prices, clean theater, nice atmosphere, nice staff. Wish they had some of the movies playing so I don't need to go to Cottonwood or Century 24.

Justin Sims

Good theater, nice employees, and awesome movie theme touches. No recliner update here. The seats are bigger than standard seats, but the cushions are a little worn. Overall great experience. Picture and sound were on point, and really shines as a true movie experience with the family.

Brianna Moreno

Beautiful theater!! The bathrooms were even clean. We had the whole theater to ourselves which was nice. We got lucky. Cozy chairs, buttery popcorn, and a smooth cold icee made for a great night. The guy even explained to us how to use fandango for tickets. I enjoyed this theater a lot.

Jennifer Borkowski

Great service tonight. Bought refill cup super deal! Refills $2.50

April Adams

I love Rio Rancho Premiere Cinema! It is very convenient and they have lots of great movies to choose from.

Patricia Hronich

I saw Black Panther in 3D. I loved the theater. The employees were so helpful and polite. The motion seats took a little to get use to but it was a fun experience. Thanks keep up the good work. It’s nice to see good customers service isn’t gone.

TiNY Rosey

It's good because well it's a movie theater so yep and it has all ur good movies that are new and happy

Andrea Baca

Love the seats, great prices! The only thing is dont get a pickle at this theater they are soft and squishy.

Kelsey Jordan

Better prices than most movie theatres just wish there was better seating.

Nathan Anderson

Clean theater. Never crowded.

Julia Cordova

The movie Lion King was awesome. I really hate the seats at this theatre. When people lean back on their seats it touches your knees!!


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