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REVIEWS OF Regal UA High Ridge IN New Mexico

Anne Scott

Seats are newer but they do not recline. Lots of great indie and documentary films. Not many children attend this theater. Variety of snacks.

Daniel Paul

This is a great Theater in a great location. This theater usually is the only full service theater in ABQ that shows documentary films. Never have been in a huge line at the concessions which is awesome. It is also located near an entertainment center that has great stuff for a variety the of ages. I also noted that the parking lot boats plenty of handicap parking as well as regular parking close to the door.

david alford

Comfortable and friendly older theater that is our first choice when there is a movie of interest.


We usually go to Winrock regal 16 theater, but we decided to go to High Ridge, it’s ok, BUT they need to update the facilities and please Steam clean the place!!!

Caroline santiago

Terrible today. Sat through 30 minutes of previews then movie was listed as being on another screen . Movie was already in progress. UGH!!!!


Pretty much a theater for old folks. Rarely any children's films. Very odd indeed!

Howard Blake

$$ - nice theater that didn't gouge too badly. Comfortable seating

Roman P

Tucked up against the eastern hills of Albuquerque this Cinema has a surprising mix of independent and foreign movies. Great parking, good popcorn, and a nice lobby.

Rachel Maurer

This is the art movie house of Albuquerque, aside from the Guild. After sitting down to watch the movie I decided to buy some water and there was no one staffing the snack bar area. I had to go knock on a door to get someone's attention. As a result I missed 5 minutes of the movie, waiting for someone to show up and take my order.

Darek Duran

Sound and picture is good seats are stiff snacks are ok

Griselle Lundgren

Good times...nice simple theatre.

Reyes Garcia

One of our favorite theaters in Albuquerque

james king

Not a bad theater experience but the popcorn is awful. I go for the coke & popcorn as much as the movie. I'll go elsewhere from now on.

Bernue Lithgow

My favorite movie place! Even though they don't have the loungers, parking always easy and never problems finding a seat. They cater to the older crowd. They show the "intelligent" movies for us long/grey hairs Love that!

Ava R

Ok to be honest, its not a great theater...its old and small but it brings you back to the old days and the popcorn is still good so...three stars.

Monicalyn Luthien

What's not to love?! The comfortable seating, the incredible audio, or the oversized popcorn machines with refillable options and limitless drinks?!. The aisles are wide and the management is quite strict on distractions so if there are disruptions, they will be addressed and monitored to make for a better experience. Also, they have throwback Sundays where they show era pictures or cult classics for discounted prices. Worth every penny! Great job. Come here, keep this place hoppin'!

Carsen Greene

Terribly uncomfortable seats, but they play movies no one else will.

Jose Rodriguez

I love this theater because they show the movies that aren't played anywhere else in town. There is something to be said about catching up on some independent films in a real theater! It's always clean, the staff is courteous, and the movie selection is always on point.

Alec Wallentinsen

This is a great movie theater. Smaller than all those super big ones. Never a long walk from your car. Parking right in front. Almost never crowded. They always show the more unusual films that aren't a big draw at the big theaters. Updated new seats installed last year. This theater is by far my favorite movie theater : ) I highly recommend it.

Kay coleman

Theater is fine. Staff doesn't understand that "Yes" to butter on the popcorn really needs to be more than a couple tablespoons. Disappointed every time I ask for butter.


Good location.

Allison Sullivan

I like this theater. It is small and never overly crowded.

Juanita Doe

This theater is NOT clean, no matter what anyone else says. The popcorn is very tough and full of hard kernels. Almost like if they steam it, and need a lesson in popping corn. The seats are low and old and stiff. The movies that are shown are wonderful. The staff is very friendly. If only the popcorn was good, theaters should be all about THE POPCORN. Trash popcorn. One time when I went a bunch of old old women were there in a group gossiping through the whole movie and commenting constantly. Not good. AGAIN staff super friendly, they need to control their theater and LEARN TO MAKE POPCORN

Sherry Wilson

Met the basics needs, seats are okay, clean, with good popcorn

John Torrez

Really nice place with an old school feel, before the advent of stadium seating. Love how they show many films the other megaplexes don't show. Not to mention the crisp images and sound. I will have to start coming here more often.

Anthony Campos

Affordable tickets

Barb Svetlick

Nice theater. Friendly staff and comfortable Sears.

Alix King

It's a great neighborhood theater and a pleasant alternative to the monster mega theaters around town. They show more off beat, independent films and it has good discounts if you use the Regal card. Clean, cool and friendly! You can't beat it.

Jenna Viscaya

I love this theater. It gets new films, has good perks (through the Regal card) and is close to home. It has varied film times and is rarely crowded. It is clean and well run. What's not to like?

Ghost Rider

I like that they don't just play mainstream movies. They will show Christian movies as well as some foreign. Place needs a slight facelift as it's getting a little run down.

R Zetterlund

Nice small theater. Sound system could be attracts a lot of Seniors but its clean and friendly personnel.

tessa conrad

My favorite place to see a movie. Cleam, friendly service.

Caleb Sanders

A nice theater. Had no issues and had a good movie-going experience.

SGT. KnightCast

I just like anybody else enjoy popcorn and a movie. Unfortunately I am totally blind. I have no provision whatsoever. I realized very strongly upon adaptive technology so that I may function throughout different aspects of my life. The movie theaters in Albuquerque, and this particular one is not exempt. Movie theaters in Albuquerque have a hard time keeping their Adaptive Technologies operational for the Blind and Visually Impaired. This particular place seems to have just as much trouble with it as any other. Being that I am a blind individual I have to request a small digital device it has headphones. This device will describe to me through narration what is happening on the screen. It is most unfortunate that I can only find out if this device is operating or not once the movie has started. Half the time it is not working, and I have to bug somebody to get up with me so that I may return to the customer window to address the matter. When I bring this problem to the attention of the boy / girl at the customer service desk this youth usually has an attitude. I am very cordial in my Approach, and I do try to take an ambassadorial approach in the beginning to all of my encounters. This youth behind the counter usually has an attitude because, I have probably interrupted their smoke break or something. By the time I finally get done dealing with the use at the desk, I get back to the movie to find I have lost out on 15, or 30 minutes of the movie. It would not be so frustrating if this was not such a regular occurrence in the movie theater. For the price that one pays to view a movie, and have some snacks with his movie everything should be working. It is bad enough that the place is kind of gross due to the fact that they do not do a thorough job of cleaning any part of the establishment. I would not mind that so much if my adaptive technology was working. After one case so much money one expects to be able to watch the movie without interruption. Blind, or sight impaired individuals should not be exempt from this. Keith who pays should be allowed to enjoy all that he is paying for... I apologize for any typos. My battery is about to die, and my speech-to-text technology is starting to poop out.

Brittny M

This theater is okay. It's pretty old and it shows in places like the lobby and bathrooms, but the actual theaters have been updated. The seats are like comfy large lounges. They also have nice wheelchair seating ramps. We didn't get food or drinks when we came so I cannot comment on that, but there were almost 30 minutes of previews, which seems outrageous. The last theater I went to had about 10 minutes of them.

Hasani Olu

We had no clue this gem of a movie house was near us. Super clean.


Good movie theater. Has the more artsy movies. Usually quiet and adult age customers. Not full of teenagers and riff Raff. I will return.

Lisa Newell

A smaller, older theater than the mega theaters that are popular now. Comfortable seating. Good snack bar. Shows films not just movies.

blake hutton

Very nice theater kind of small and out of the way not too crowded loved it

Charles Hostetler

Speaking as a Senior, good place for blue hair. One of the few screens in the area that will show the movies that don't concentrate on violence, frenetic pace, flesh, or can we find new ways to startle and scare.

Celia Einhorn

Good selection of films

maria winter

Small theater. Had great time. Saw the Peanutbutter Falcon it was an Awesome movie.

judy clews

Good movies

Phillip Cummins

It's a good theater. Not the best, kind of dated but not too much. It's great for the summer and you can see some great indie flicks there.

Life of Nerys

Nice and compact modern and clean. Armrests lift for more room. Matinee prices and soda prices reasonable relative to other theaters.

Patti Waseta

Great movies! It's nice to have more choices. They show movies that the other theater's aren't showing.

Tom Parry

I really like this neighborhood theater much more than the giant mall-like theaters.

Felicity Duran

It’s an okay theater. They’re definitely not as nice as some of the competition. The seats need some work. I couldn’t get comfortable during the movie that my husband and I recently saw.

Carlos Lopez

If you go to a late movie you are S.O.L. gettin pop corn or coke refills

Jesse Walden

Quaint little theater that shows independent films. Feels nicer than a dollar theater, but not quite as nice as a bigger place. No reclining seats, but as long as you're cool with a clean minimalist smaller theater, you'll have a great time!

Annie Tiques

Love this location. I like the fact they get a good mix and NOT all mainstream stuff. Love the arthouse mix.

Cherie Darland

Very enjoyable. You NEED SUGAR FREE SNACKS!!

Jacqueline Harlow

Best offerings always. Comfy neighborhood feeling. Wish offerings were in newspaper - it used to be the reason to buy the rag. My favorite for years.

Jim Buchanan

Great theater and movie The Mustang. We will be back.

Shanan Oppedahl

Comfortable chairs...clean theater...near family entertainment

Laura Feight

New seats. Never crowded. Often only place showing movies I want to see.

Brittany Kelm

This theater is always a go to when other locations are sold out and over crowded. It's definitely dated but not an uncomfortable experience.

Pam Lusk

Very good. Not crowded

Richard Gutierrez

Nice movie theater. Staff was friendly and helpful. Theater was clean and the concessions were very good. Bathrooms were clean, as was the lobby and the parking lot.

Stefanie Prejean

Really like the theater. Staff friendly and audiences are quiet and don't distract others

Lisa Taj McCellon

Neighborhood movie theater that's weirdly never crowded but always good service and showing the latest stuff. Our go-to theater for peaceful movie date nights.

John Marrs

It was fine. 8.50 for a matinee seems like a lot though. Staff was friendly.

Jennifer Lopez

The line to buy tickets was ridiculously long.

Allen Ramsey

Amazing movie Beautiful Boy. With an amazing woman.

E.G. Haas

The theater was nice. The counter staff did not need to be told twice not to put butter on my popcorn. Whatever the butter mixture that movie theaters use I am allergic to it. I really appreciated that they listened!

Cody Hanson

The theater is pretty ran down and old. But there's never any crowds and the employees are friendly.

Valle Gregory

Tucked away in a quite neighborhood,streets are not congested, no big parking lot to hit other people's car doors, interior is pleasant,clean not sticking to floor when walking to movie theatre

Virginia White

We purchased movie tickets online. I received 3 emails from them declining my card. Yet, they took out the money for the tickets. When we called customer service the man said that charge was an "authorization fee." I asked what for? He just said an "authorization fee." That we would receive a refund in maybe 2 hours. So we went to the theater to purchase the tickets directly. And the projector was out. Horrible experience. Waste of time and money. Don't waste your money/time here! Go to a real theater.

Rafal Mistrzak

I thought this was a venue showing "second run" films, with "second run" prices. In fact, it IS a second run venue in that it shows films that the first run theaters no longer show. However, they still charge "first run" prices on tickets and concessions. Lastly 3 out of their 4 drinking fountains are out of order. No me gusta.

Wes Jones

Great movie.. The Farewell

Betty Koester

Easy to get around if you are handicapped. Good parking spaces close to theater. Not crowded. Everything is clean and nice. All the workers are nice and friendly.

Tiff Henderson

First time I've been to that theater. There weren't many concessions to choose from & what they did have was expensive. And the seats were uncomfortable.

I. Emslie

Small no frills semi-arthouse. Shows a lot of films you won't see in big box theaters, and plenty you will, without the big box crowds... I fux with it.

Rayford Popejoy

Stupidly expensive for snacks,drinks

Juli Fowler

The best movies you won't see anywhere else!

Natalie Torres

Clean, nice staff, clean bathroom. The best indi movie spot in town. Always parking. But wish it was easier to get to by bus.

Pamela Jackson

Good movies & never crowded!!

Rene Kimball

When we went here recently it was freezing cold at an afternoon matinee. It was very uncomfortable. My feet were frozen by the time the movie was over.

Melissa Alexander

Older and small theatre which shows a mixture of new, second run and boutique films. Plenty of parking and snacks available. The seats are not quite as comfortable as other theatres.

Justin Price

Most pleasant theater in Albuquerque.

James Bird

Coolest little theater! Reminded me of going to the movies as a kid, when times were simpler and it was all just about going to see a good movie.

Georgia Daves

Good selection of films. Easy parking. Big snack bar. You can feel safe going to a movie alone here. Seniors love it. Also excellent for wheelchairs.

Cherry Merian

Update: After leaving a 4 star review things really went downhill here. The popcorn is always burnt. The theaters are run down. One time the light came on in the middle of our movie and never went off again. When I complained to management I was dismissed. For $9.50 a ticket I'm paying for an experience and this isnt the type of experience you want to pay nearly $10 for (and that's just if you're buying the tickets, let alone paying for snacks). Won't be returning to the High Ridge until new management takes over or until there's a serious overhaul.

Alex Cummings

Great theater. One of the only theaters that get lesser known runs. Saw Hearts Beat Loud here. Look it up. Phenomenal film. The theater itself could use quieter air conditioning. I never hear it during a film, but I hear it in the silence before one. I prefer that to a hot theater though...

Christin Moreland

I consider United Artists the "artsy" theater. In addition to movies that you'll find playing in other theaters, this one shows documentaries and other independent films.

Darryl Nez

Best place to show independent films. They cater to us on these films. Simply Love It.

Stephanie Melendez

Not new or great. Also not crowded. Clean. Fairly friendly.

George King

A small theater clean and good parking

george Larsh

Great service and friendly service. Good theater!!

Chris Robbins

This is one of my favorite theaters in Albuquerque. It is hardly ever busy. The staff is friendly. There is a nice view of the mountains from the parking lot. Best of all theater shows smaller independant movies that may not be showing in larger theaters.


Nice clean theater with friendly staff and a wonderful selection of art and international films that are not usually seen in the national movie chains.

Barbara Folse

I see movies at High Ridge more often than at any other theatre. It's not because it's the closest theatre to my home. It isn't. It's because this theatre shows more foreign and independent movies that aren't the typical Hollywood fare. They show the kind of movies I want to see.

Ezra Depperman

Old school. Creaky HVAC distracted me from film. But they don't show at films anywhere else. Still, NOT lux.

Lori Hinson

Amazing and extremely helpful staff. In particular, the manager Josh. My family and I had a concern over the seating in the theater and Josh went to great lengths to make us feel at ease. He is a great benefit to your theater.

Martin Livgren

Nice cozy little small theatres (x8) for a good selection every week of recent and just released INDIE Films (that are not Film Noir)! They also have 3-5 currently released mainstream films that are NOT Indies to pick from for those live in the area. Also, the pricing is competitive at $7.77 per ticket.

Ronjo C.

Clean and mostly empty during weekdays. Makes a great spot for a date if you can get a day off. It's nice having a theatre almost completely to yourselves. Seats are good quality and don't give me a back ache by the end like some of their competitors. It's not a huge imax, 3d, rumble seat type theatre but I like just a good old movie without the bells and whistles.

Sophia Fletcher

I love the retro look! And the staff was so nice and I love the theaters

Claudia Diaz

Small, Indi film cinema with great customer service, ample parking.

Elizabeth Dineen

My favorite. I love the old school atmosphere of the theater. I refuse to go to a place with bark-a-loungers and reserved seating. Obscene!

Marilynn Szydlowski

Nice theater, clean and has a friendly staff. Good parking and easy access. Nice contrast to the big mega-plexes.

Cornelia Lange

This is a nice theater, in the Northeast Heights that plays a number of Indie films as well as the more conventional films. It is clean and not crowded and is part of the Regal Cinema franchise.

Brenda Paiz

My friend and I came to see a movie late at night on Saturday and expected the place to be a madhouse- as most theaters are on Saturday Nights. However, the place was very mellow and all of the employees were so nice to us. The popcorn was great and although the seats were nothing special, it was still a great night.

Dianna Mullet

Nice, cozy theatre—enjoyed our movie and was worth the drive across town.

Roy Borrego

Love how they make you feel. Always been one of my favorite theaters.

J.J. Begay

Consistent in showing independent films. Excellent.

Julie G

This used to be our favorite theater due to convenience and frequently went. Then it seemed they had fewer show times. We just went to see Avengers end Game as time snd location fit our schedule on Saturday afternoon. The theater was small but we very much enjoyed the experience. Staff was super friendly and helpful on 5/11 for 3 pm showing. My husband bought popcorn said it was nice and fresh unlike some other theaters. Now that it appears they ar2 showing current releases and convenient times we will go here more often

Martha Alvidrez

I like to go with my daughter, we have a good time

Yvette Delaney

Great little theater. Clean, clean bathrooms.

Karin T

This theater is definitely showing its age. Also, the commercials before the movie were ear-splittingly loud. When this was brought to the attention of the manager, she said she "couldn't do anything about it."

Larry Bell

Best movie popcorn in recent memory. People were friendly and helpful. A clean and convenient venue.

Liz Dineen

I love this theatre, ask any employee, I live there. Stellar selection of movies. No barcaloungers or stupid reserved seating!

Sydney Smith

Always a nice experience

Bernie Kriechel

Older facility. Great place to go. Don't have the crowds like the larger theaters

Jorge Perez

Nice movie theater with great movie selection


Nice theater with good matinee prices.

Jonathan Miller

Nice urban feel

hannah Crowley

Quality. Cleanliness. Exclusive movies. Nice times are to be had here.

Jacque Anderson

A bit out of the way. Parking not that great. A little tricky to maneuver around with the way the driveway is designed. But fine once you get inside. More than once I have been there and there is no attendant at the outside ticket window. Went inside, and was told to just wait at the window.

Tim Frazee

Great theatre for seeing independent films.

Stan Alexander

While not the most up to date movie theater in the city, this is still a good option, especially when you are not wanting to deal with large crowds. The price is very reasonable for seeing a first run movie when compared to many other movie venues in the area.

GE Smith

It's an older theater and that feels good...and they have movies that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

Stephanie Shine

The best movie theatre in town! They have films the metroplexes don't show- foreign, indie, quirky!

Greg Gomez

This is my favorite theater in town.

Emily Severance

You can see foreign films, documentaries and other interesting movies without first having to suffer through 20 minutes of horrid mainstream movie trailers. It's worth traveling to the outskirts of the city to support a cineplex full of gems. Thank you High Ridge for providing a full slate of interesting movies.

Alfonso Wood

Clean , floors weren't sticky, clean bathrooms good customer service even the movie was good. However bring a cushion the seats are very uncomfortable.

Randy Rogers

Went to see Les Miserable on the day after Christmas 2012. This theater lacked several things I expected to see at a major showing such as this. The seats were very worn. Something I expect for old spring seating furniture. The screen was 30 feet high, and the seating was arranged in old auditorium elevation that is best experienced for stages, not 3 story screens. I ended up with a sore neck at the end of the movie. The specific theater we sat in (auditorium 6) had a blown speaker. As a result much of the voices had a muffled... blown speaker sound to them and diminished the overall experience. If you pay in advance, make sure to print the ticket, as they don't have the kiosks that the newer theaters have.

Skudmonkey 2.0!

Honestly it's not a bad theatre. It really takes you back to your child hood days when theaters worn not super fancy looking. But they can show more family movies over law and art types of movies.

tj shel

It's not a bad place to go see a movie but it's not certainly one of the better theaters that you'll find in town one of the disadvantages is that your you're looking up at the screen and then the people in front of you kind of distract from The View a bit and it is kind of uncomfortable. & the popcorn was also really stale what a bummer!

Miss Garcia

I like the laid back feel of this theater. It's not noisy and it's very cozy. They also get some interesting (non mainstream) movies that aren't shown at other theaters.

Yolonda Patterson

Clean, quiet, excellent concession staff. Ample parking. All around excellent experience.

Kris Reaves

My family and I have always enjoyed going to this theater. It's small, friendly, and conveniently located for us. Could be cleaner, but my number one pick for a movie theater. Second choice: Winrock.

Lyel Sargent

Just came here to see Ladybird at 7:30 and it was bad. Bad as in; the quality & cleanliness of the screen/theater. I actually used to work at Icon Cinema on Central as a morning janitor and I thought they were pretty bad with how much management would let slide. Although at least their screens are acceptable enough to see and touch. There was a squeaking coming from the top right corner of THEATER ONE that would die down and come back again. Overall quality and sound was horrible... I bring up cleanliness because I saw an employee who looked like a maintenance/tech guy take a leak in the bathroom, look at his phone and walk out. So you guys might wanna reinforce those washing of the hands rules? It is flu season, no? Anyway, I personally will not return again and spread the word if someone brings up this theater.

Wendy Sue

Good theater, always can find a nice family film here

Cyndi H.

This theater often shows movies not playing anywhere else. Unless you're enamored with the recliner and reserved seats, you should like this theater.

Claudia Zamora

Clean, and service is good. People were very nice.

Debbie Rider

This place really needs to be updated.

Frank Garcia

You want independent films this is the place.

David Martinez

Awful seats. My legs still hurt. No refills on soda or popcorn (except for the large sizes) even though I paid ten dollars for a snack soda and popcorn. About ten dollars for admission at 1:30pm.

Sam Davies

This theater is a great to place to go to see films that are not typical wide releases. They show many documentarys and indie films but seats could use an update and concession options are limited compared to other regal theaters.

Susan V

The only place in town to show and keep showing quality independent and foreign films as well as popular mainstream films. Seats are new and comfortable. Staff is accommodating and pleasant.

Howard Hazen

Attentive staff, really clean and like the fact that they show films that you dont get the chance to see at other theatres

Rose Montes

Service was great very clean but hot dog bun was hard and popcorn kinda old but great place otherwise

Darrell Blair

They have a great staff at this place I don't know why more people don't go to the movies at this theater

Valree Sue Lopez

Movie was cancelled because ceiling fell in on three theaters. Nice location and like that they show second hand movies but theatre definitely should be upgraded

Jan Sands

Shows more intellectual movies for an older crowd which I appreciate.

CM Boulay

Update Sept 2018: This cinema complex is not being upgraded like others in town. So the prices are not as high as a fancier complex, but there is a reason...even the signage no longer is complete. Hoping the cinema will survive. Still: Great indie and popular flicks, occasional special showings, always with good pricing. This older neighborhood theater is a healthy walk from our home off Tramway. Pleasant staff, polite audiences, decent seats. Sometimes afterward we go play games or paintball at Hinkleys... even take a longer walk to Red Reck Cafe for a gyros or Polish dog.

Mark Smith

Good. Old fashioned (not stadium seating) theater that shows more artsy first run films than blockbusters. Friendly staff, more relaxed atmosphere than the BIG Regal theaters.

Henrique Valdovinos

Movies that you can only enjoy here, a different kind of theatre...

Willard Eastman

Comfortable seating, not to crowded, popcorn ok, UA app rewards

Mr. Kevbo

Not very clean. Seats are not comfortable. Last time I was there (which will probably be THE last time) the power went out. We waited as theater became uncomfortably warm, for about 10 minutes. When it got too hot, we refund offered, because electronic POS terminals and no plan-B. It isn't like they don't show the same movies as other theaters....buh-bye!

Jerry Monarch

Lots of indie and limited run movies. Small house and favorite for the mature audience.

Mary Caruso

Very handicapped friendly! Loved going to matinees with my dad!

Michele Hill

Employees were very nice. Popcorn was yummy and the theater as had a facelift, looks great

Mia Dickerson

In it's hayday this was an awesome theater but we've all gotten spoiled on the luxury loungers of the mega theaters we are all now accustomed to. This theater still has great bones, plays really awesome movies that you won't see at the other mega plexes. The downside.....the time before last when I was there it was as cold as a meat locker and the popcorn was terrible. The last time I was there movie was incredible, temperature was stable, popcorn was terrible.

Brett Haworth

Nice theaters, not the cleanest/most well kept but also not Nearly as busy as most. Friendly staff, good popcorn and movies, pretty much what I go for!

Lisa Dillon

Nice clean theater


Nice,convenient,small theatre,would definitely go back again.

Craig Crowder

Lots of fun. Very nice people to deal with.


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