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REVIEWS OF Regal Santa Fe IN New Mexico

Victoria Martinez

The place is clean, great employees, awesome snacks but a couple of the games were broken.

mom Shivadecker

Great theater and only negative is thecrude people that walk behind your chair and knock you like a red headed step child

Kevin B

This is a very nice and clean movie theater. The staff was very friendly.

Haley James

The most comfortable seats for a movie theater.

Aldrine Gatan

It was awesome.

Karen Meighen

Comfortable seating, clean theaters and bathrooms. Quality sound and viewing.

Richard Blount

Lot of theaters in one place. Clean place and good seats in the theater.

Bridget Daly

Way over priced, $60 for 4 movie ticket, 2 adult and 2 kids under 10. $20 for a small popcorn, small drink and candy!

jeremy owens

Great workers! Devin & Tracker were efficient and delivered great service at the food counter. Ticket greeter, etc also friendly. I enjoy this location a ton.

Joe Brown

Clean - and nice theatre - only 4 stars for the outrageous price of candy, drinks and popcorn

Joanne Trujillo

We loved watching the Overcomer movie. Had refreshments, very good

Yvng Nugget

Love the staff!

Annette Ramos

Great get away during the week. Enjoyed the 3D theater.


Always clean. Friendly, helpful staff. Reasonable pricing. Comfortable seating. Perfect temperature. Nice consession stand. Nice restrooms.

anna stephens

I live in Chimayo. My son and i love the movies. Regal is great. My only thing are the prices. Dreamcatcher in Espanola is alot cheaper but the downside with them is they dont start shows until 4:00 ish. But other than price it is always great.

Tyler Ament

Great!! Had the whole theater to ourselves lol

Jr G

Nice clean place with a decent showing of various movies. Pretty much what you'd expect from any Regal Cinema anywhere else. Theatre food is as you'd expect.

Benjamin Gerke

I know it doesn't have any of the chichi appeal of Violet Crown, but the screens and sound are better. And, you can lift the armrest for a date.


I love regal cinemas theatre, the service is awesome, i been trying to get a job there but nothing. I wish that manager would give me a chance

Kianna Tredwell

The color on theater 1 while watching yesterday was super washed out in the middle of the screen. It basically looked like there was almost no red and barely any green. Not first thing I've seen bad here, 3d has been misaligned in the past. I GREATLY suggest Violet Crown over this theater.


Every time I've been to this theater, and now the same thing happened at their branch in the mall, they sell me a ticket to the wrong movie! I end up sitting through seemingly endless previews, and the beginning of the actual film, only to realize I'm in the wrong theater! The first time this happened, MANAGER who sold me the wrong ticket, and he REFUSED to refund my money, after I'd missed 40 minutes of the movie I came to see. Tonight, at least they gave me my $$ back, as I'd missed an hour of the film I wanted. Regal also charges $4 more than anyone else in town. I'm done with Regal! Never again!

Brandon Morales

It's nice always clean and never had a bad experience

William Higham

A little difficult to access when approaching from the south. Other then that it was great.

Idk Pizza

I think the food is good and movie selection is great.


This review is for Santa fe Place Mall theatre tried to watch a show with my 2 year old and was told she had to sit on my lap. I was appalled to say the least we went to the zafarano where service is always awesome!

Michael Whyte

Great movies

Jonathan Anderson

Nice and comfy, watched two movies and enjoyed local eateries within walking distance.

Trey White

First time I've ever been to this theater. It was fine for theater but it's nothing like some of the new theaters that have the reclining seats and large aisles. This one has more of the old style seats. Still it was nice large screen and plenty of room. The parking is limited so if you go there on a busy night it's kind of hard to find a spot to park. Overall decent movie theater, it was clean.

Pat Summers

Comfortable seats, good sound system, clean facility and bathrooms. I really liked it.

Annette Baker

Like the smaller theater. Seating is very comfortable. Would be even better if had recliners.

tammie apen

My Grandson Dereon treated me to the movies after he got his pay from cleaning yards, he's only 9 and loves helping older people clean their yards. He paid for the movie passes and Grandma brought the goodies. We had a wonderful day together and then we went half ways on dinner!

Nsara Nop

My usual movie theater. It isn't all fancy and upscale like Violet Crown is, but that means it is largely free of loud hipsters like Violet Crown is. Clean and classic theater decor with your usual movie snacks and a small arcade attached (they have dance dance revolution!) they are definitely the most family friendly theater in town, for better or worse. If you are not a fan of kids, see family tupe movies during school times or later in the evening.

Don Monteith

Great theater, comfortable seats. I've never had a bad experience here.

sigmund rodrigues

Had an awesome experience at the regal cinema today.

Gw r

Great theater!

Santanita Winton

It's really hard to enjoy the movie when people allow their children to scream through the whole movie.

melanie Maez

Fast fun easy affordable if you choose wise and do without the snacks. Save your health and your money. Break the desire to do without junk food! Great movies!! Great times!! Affordable!

Carol Marthens

Nice theater and seats. A bit pricey for seniors as we were not offered any discounts. Almost $20 for a matinee showing for 2!

Alfonso Chavez

When buying your candy, to slow at the conssesion..

Marco Lorenzo Reyes Garcia

It's like a brand new experience and has those really nice recliner seats

Marlon Evangelista

Simple and clean movie theater.

Melba Martin

A good place to see movies. Eateries and hotels are located near-by.

Robin Manzanares

They have a great amazing theater it was wonderful. The prices suck big time. I truly couldn't believe $10 for a matinee really. Then the beverages for a small $7 and up. Outrageous!! if I ever go to this theater again I would have to take out a mortgage on my home just to watch a movie really. I don't want to ever go to this theater. I will continue to go to Espanola theater better prices on everything.

Isaac Chavez

They let too many children into rated R movies. We had middle schoolers sitting in the top row and wouldn't stop talking. Took my issue to management and they didn't do anything. Wasted over $30 to hear kids talk/laugh/giggle through the whole movie. Go to violet crown where they remove loud people

Lizeth Sandoval

Nice place, really needs an update.

Febin Sunny

Pretty good seats, good screen.

Cynthia Herrera

Movie was Awesome! Theater was cold


I paid 8 dollars for a small bottle water, 30 to 40 minutes of movie of movie trailers.

Adrienne Gomez

Everything okay

Shelly Baca

They need to put a food and drink menu on there website and the prices too. Its a nice theater and comfortable chairs . Do you sell hot coffee and hot chocolate at your theater? I like 3D movies.

Bryce Warren

Easy experience. Friendly staff and kiosk options. Large screens, comfy seats. Expect 20-30m of trailers on top of your feature. 4k & 3D capable houses.

000000 Spizzirro

Love to go is nice..prices are very high..wish you could bring your own food.

Teresa Toledo

Like how you can find showtimes on Google. They have undercover parking. Lines were not long. Theatre was clean & a huge screen. Bathrooms clean. Movie quality good.


This place plays movies

Joey Baros

Theater has great sounds system and transition s between movies by staff was good

Liam O'Connor

Primary place we go to watch new movies. Never really crowded...

RM Mercedes

Super expensive but I love going to the movies!!

Lee Wright

The scheduled move started late. Had to make two visits the the front desk to tell a manager we had sound and no picture. BTW: "Widow's " was fantastic.

bernard wolfe

Loud accostics. You can go deaf.

Robert Bowtech69

I'm not sure I was never there

Katrina Martinez

Great service here!! We love this theater and will return!!

Dan Frazier

My biggest complaint is that the bathroom faucets do not work. They are supposed to be motion activated, but usually they just don't work. I have complained about this to the management, but so far nothing has been done. Apparently, Regal does not care if its patrons and employees are getting sick. I also think the ticket prices are quite high. And they show too many previews. My friend had the seat on her bicycle stolen while it was locked outside the theater. There are no cameras out there. If you are going to lock your bike, I suggest you don't lock it near the theater. Lock it over by the restaurants.

alex mcquarters

I didnt know that served hot food items.


This theater is in a great location with great places to eat and easy parking. People are nice as well. It's my go to. Edit: I stand by what I said, but gave it a lower rating because I notice it never participates in any of the Fathom events I hear about. Some of those look like a lot of fun, but I have to go to Albuquerque to do them.

Logan Herrera

This theater is a really great addition to Santa Fe! It has brought so many good movies and the atmosphere is great inside! The seats are comfortable, sound quality, and picture quality are all great! Perfect for a date night, family night, or solo night!

Robert Chavira

I appreciated the greeters and excellent customer service. The theater was clean. I enjoyed the quality and clarity of the screen display as I watched I Can Only Imagine. Thank you Regal for a good movie night!

Sherry Sanchez

Great theaters!! Sit'n enjoy!!

Brad Isaacson

Friendly service comfortable seating very clean sound level was good.

Eva Chavez

I love it there! The customer service was wonderful!

Senoj Cruz

Very impressed with the cleanliness of the bathrooms! Seating was very comfortable, and over all a great experience

Janice Rosenberg

SOOOOO nice ... employees are super excited nice .I want to go there all the time for movies

Melissa Salas

Nice place. Not very crowded , room to move around, seats were comfortable and kept in good shape, Seem to be kept pretty clean. The previews lasted too long and it was pretty expensive with popcorn and a soda. Overall a nice place to watch a movie. #reclinerseats #datenight

Nathan Hayes-Rich

they played Slenderman even though they knew they would only sell 3 tickets. also won an iPad in the lobby 2/5

Rick Wilminko

I have gone there many times, The staff is great and helpful.

Klaus Priebe

Nice theatres at the Regal. Not a bad seat in the theatres. Lots of good munchies but as any other theatre they are too expensive

Christina Marquez

Very nice and clean, spacious. Seats are comfortable. Restrooms are clean. Concession stand has great service and menu. Parking lot is huge, clean and well lit. Would highly recommend!

Valerie Martin

Loved Toy Story 4

Mary L. Johnson

Food prices to high. Have some fun games in lobby

Jerod Powell

Liked it. They let me use my online ticket on my phone

Mills O'Connor

A good place to see a movie and eat popcorn.


I've been going to Regal Cinemas for years! Love brand of Theaters!

Gill Martinez

Always a nice place and great to spend family time

Anand Seth

Good place to see movies. Lot's of good eateries around.

Rosle Martin

It was very good and everybody was very courteous from a concession to the young gentleman that took our tickets. We've always gotten good service there even when we have had to exchange our tickets for another day because of an event happening in our lives that we didn't expect or because of no seating together.

Richard gutierrez

Fast.friendly. clean staff is great

Hank Marks

Pretty awesome place to see movies. They have a whole bunch of theaters and always are up to date on selections. There’s a big snack bar area, party room, arcade, and plenty of parking.

Eilene Melchor

Like this place. Parking lot needs more lighting and speedbumps in front of theater.

John R.E.

Just the right movie at just the right time. Clean bathrooms, courteous concessions and swept theaters make for happy moviegoers. Santa Fe Regal 14's admission prices now $12.72 for adults, Seniors about $10. With bright picture, clear sound and comfortable seating, Regal has also "beefed up" its concessions. Small video game arcade and rooms to host children's birthday parties. Don't blame the theater if you don't like the movie (but you can always ask for a refund)

Cryptic Confuzion


Ashley Sanchez

Great theaters

Kamie Ulibarri

Friendly and clean place! A couple issues: 1. The concessions take a very long time. Try and be a few minutes early! 2. It is near impossible to find the entrance from Cerrillos. Turn in from Zafarano.

Sarah Patterson

No wait in line, popcorn and soda yummy as usual, theater clean and comfortable, movie super!


Alright theatre but security in the lot sucks. I got broken into last night. No cameras to be found. No security patrolling. I wasn't the only one broken into. Park at your own risk. Crack rock addicts around watching you as soon as you pull in. I blame myself for choosing this place

wilson llumiquinga

The customer service could use more attention...

Layla_ Baby0077

They are fun for the kids, lots of coin machines to play a variety of food and very comfortable seats, and if any problems with the movie they correct the problems right away and give u ur money back if ur unsatisfied.. Only problem is that it's REALLY EXPENSIVE (MOSTLY THE FOOD) YA YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR TICKETS BUT THE FOOD IS A WASTE of money!!!! ONE HOT DOG ONE COKE AND ONE LARGE POPCORN with candy


Great seats, lots of room in the cinemas. Could use better food options for vegans.

Merle Lucero

I love it there. Hardly anyone goes there during the day! Just the way I like it!

Adam Estrada

Violent Crown has far more comfortable seats AND cheaper tickets. The staff is so unenthusiastic here it makes the experience horrible. Lady in the front, didn't get her name, seems to hate her job and has the rudest undertone in her language. I usually don't have a bad thing to say about a business but wow.

Gary Moyers

Very nice theater. Nice floor lighting in the big rooms. The extra touches go a long way. The food was expensive at first blush... then we saw how big the portions were. A small popcorn is equal to a large in other places. The small drink was massive. Worth the money.

edward padilla

Nice place and a great place to get out with the family

Angie Martinez

Lines are always extremely long. Wait time to purchase tickets is ridiculous. Movie is usually starting by the time you buy popcorn, snacks, ect. and finding a seat. Cashiers need training in "Customer Service". Not friendly nor professional and do not have a welcoming personality. Yes, some cashiers are young in age however they need to know that service and personality behind a business is very important! This place can definitely use some direct management. As always, food bar is extremely OVER PRICED!!!

Korvet Garcia

Most workers are for the most pard helpful and friendly. Some are a bit rude....maybe their say sucked? But the snacks are always fresh and delicious. The commercials take about 20 minutes before the movie starts so if you run late, you have time to find a seat.

Joseph Crumbacher

Expected the ticket prices n over priced menu items. Didn't expect to have to pay extra for salt on my popcorn. I think that's going to far.

Laurie Goodale-Slusher

Love seeing movies here. Good popcorn and comfy seats

Logan Guerra

There was a large bright orange rectangle in the lower right corner of the screen for the entire movie. It was coming through the window to the door to the theater. I told an usher and he said there was nothing they could do about it. It was supposed to be a dark scary movie movie but the bright shade was very distracting in all of the dark scenes. Especially when people were walking down the in front of the door, you could see their silhouettes on the screen. This place is obviously run by people who don't care about the movie going experience, only about squeezing as much money out of us as possible. I will never be coming back to this theater.


The theater was okay, but there was one major problem. The movie I was seeing, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse Gad some really hot characters in it. So, when I go home after the movie I wanna see these characters, but with less clothes on. But since the movies only been out for a few days, there’s practically no fan art at all! And it’s not even No Nut November! 2/5 stars

Ginger Nunez

I like this theatre. They have comfortable seats and plenty of space.


Great place family environment! Food good taste.

Nicholas Soto

Went to see Avengers Endgame and it was amaizing. The theather was nice but one of the bathrooms was backed up and needed to be addressed asap. Also i went mid movie to get popcorn and there was no order to the lines. It was chaotic. There needs to be rope dividers.

Jon Mason

Only three stars because the sound volume blasts your ears. It is truly an assault to the point of evokeing a headache. Other than that, the theater is clean and workers are friendly. The box office workers could be a bit more friendlier to mirror their coworkers, but it is offers a good experience overall. Just be prepared to take out a bank loan and dad in your retirement fund if you want to buy any beverage or the usual snack choices.

Miles Majure-Barkley

No Samsung/Google pay for concessions yet

Nicole Mascarenas

Always fun to get out and watch a good movie with family. Busy as always but enjoyed every minute of the film and the snacks!

Israel Munoz

Clean & comfortable. Curtious and friendly staff too!

Carlos Gallegos

Great place for a movie

Richard Marquez

Great place nice to go early during the week. Awesome snack bar

Michael Harnden

Clean, organized and friendly staff

Katie Douthit

Good neighbor Hood cinema

Christopher C De Baca

Very enjoyable theatrical settings defiantly would like to be in this air conditioned comfort during the hot afternoons of July

Sean M.D. Garcia

Went with a friend and had a great time at this theatre location.

Crystal le Rogue

Love going to watch a good movie.

jaima chevalier

Floors need a mopping, otherwise fine

Junipher Goudriaan

Awesome, thank you.


Bathroom's were disgusting no toilet paper in most stalls found 1 that had toilet paper and also had a soiled adult diaper on the floor in front of toilet.

Daddy Deadpool

We love the regal movie franchise, my family and I go here almost twice a week and have a great experience every time. Food is always fresh and if you ask to load up on the butter, they do so. The theater is always clean and comfortable. One thing we love the most is the deals, like watch 4 or watch 3 movies they pick and you get the movies for free digitally. This place is great for movie enthusiasts.

Alberto Campos

First time i've been to this theater. Very really impress with the cleanliness of this place! Bathrooms are extremely clean! So are the auditoriums! People always complaint about the bad experiences. But never really appreciate the hard work of other people that makes really good impression of the establishments they visit!

Glenn Record

Nice theater comfortable seats

Ron Gants

Very nice and comfortable.

Kristin Schillaci

Love the remodel... hoping they open the bar someday!

Stephen McFarland

Good service, clean, staff was great

Santiago Martinez

Don't know whether the prices are like this ($12 for a ticket) all the time around here since I'm from Texas (where tickets are from around $8-10), but the theater itself was incredibly nice. I'd never been to a Regal theater before so I don't know whether they're all about the same or if this was above or below average quality. The facility was very clean and looked modern, at least compared to any other theater I've been to. My only complaint is that the screen or projector had some sort of stain, but it didn't bother me much since it was pretty small and was only noticable when that area of the screen was white or a bright color.


Good Seats, Good Price, This is My Place to Go to Watch New Movies!!!

patricia vigil

It was ok

Brandon Narvaiz

Stamdium seating theaters

Cindy Romero

Great place to catch a movie. Friendly Staff.

Jimmy Horn

Nice place but didn't realize how expensive it is to attend a movie.

Michele Webb

Excellent movie!! Sub below zero temperature. I had to get a blanket from my car..burr. Turn up the heat!!!

Broderick Etsitty

A lil expensive but good. Small theater rooms.

Liam Watson

Movies good, too many commercials, too many previews, ticket prices very high.

JT Salas

Join the Regal Crown Club and earn the rewards, its worth it, especially if you've got a family and/or buy snacks. The rewards add up quickly and a free movie now and then is nice. The snacks are pricey as all theaters are but they do have specials on different days. The seats are comfortable, but are standard theater seats. They have opened up their menu to include fancier fare though I have yet to try anything.

Shyanna Zotz

Comfy seats! Like the movie quality. Nice theatre but the popcorn tasted old and stale disappointed in the popcorn and price of it but other than that it was great!

Valerie W.

It's a great place to watch movies. The interior is clean, fun, and inviting. The bathrooms are clean. The concession stand serves traditional movie food fare along with new items like salads, sandwiches, and pizzas. The food is delicious, and you definitely get bang for your buck. As a plus, there is 15 to 20 minutes of movie commercials, so if you're running late, you still have time to catch the main movie. That's a definite plus!

Sierra Salazar

When you live on the south side, this theatre is awesome.

Lee Gagnon

Best theater in town for me. Once liquor license is approved, I will have no reason to go to Violet Crown.

Javier Sandoval

Good place to see films!

Brandy McIntosh

This is a great theater. Clean. Nice employees.

Mark Perez

This place is really nice the only problem I have had are with a movie alone

Stephanie Lovato

It's a nice atmosphere especially for younger children. Staff is really nice and so nice they don't charge for kids under 3 to see a movie.


Awesome movie selection. Best cinema in NM. You should vist some time and check it out.

Marrisa Stark

Good clean theater with kind staff. I enjoy going here during the week because it’s never packed and I sometimes even get a theater all to myself.

CM Boulay

Big, modern, lots of kids and teens. Weekends busy. Decent seating, average snacks with high prices. Car side mirrors stolen in garage so will not park there again

Tanya Aragon

Cozy place for a movie

big masmasman

Great friendly service and very very clean place

Valerie Webster

Great seating, and there are 20 minutes of commercials before the movie starts. This is great for those times when you are running late, stuck in traffic, or waiting in line at the snack bar.

Barbara Moulton

Baby it was COLD inside. The movie The Green Book was worth seeing, at look back at the 60's.

Keith Carleton

A little on the expensive side but worth the price for watching a movie in town.

Melanie Gomez

Employees are courteous and friendly!

Craig Crowder

Very nice Cinema. Very prompt and friendly staff. Enjoy the movie. Lots of fun!

KT Isawolfe

This theater is really nice. I especially like the young woman Haley who is always helpful and polite. The snacks can be pricey but they are delicious. The seating is nice, but I get so bummed when I end up in a smaller theater.


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