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1000 W College Ave, Silver City, NM 88062

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Where is Light Hall Theater - Western New Mexico University?

REVIEWS OF Light Hall Theater - Western New Mexico University IN New Mexico

Peter Riva

Great see sound affordable movies! WNMU are great!

Katie Marie

Western New Mexico University is run very poorly. The financial aid staff do not do their jobs- they lied to me on several occasions and it got to the point where I did not know if I would be able to pay for classes (after moving across the country to go to school at WNMU) because they did not put my student loans through. Students count on financial aid not only to pay for classes, but also to buy food and pay rent. I had to be very direct with the financial aid staff to finally get them to do their job. Admission staff are also lazy and made several mistakes with transferring my credits. I had to make several phone calls and appointments to make everything correct. Overall, there's a very poor work ethic at WNMU and no one is held to an appropriate standard. After one semester in the program I was enrolled in, I left the school and I just found out the program I was in was placed on probationary accreditation status (more proof of the staff not doing their jobs), so now I'm even more confident I made the right choice. I would not recommend this school to anyone. I have attended other schools and already have my Associate and Bachelor degrees and never experienced such careless, lazy, irresponsible university staff.

David Goeckel

Public Amazon Bird Lecture

Belen Hunt

Family of 4 with popcorn soda & can't under $20 bucks! Love it!

Catalina Mendoza

Wonderfully remodeled! And cheap ticket prices. Older movies but well worth it!

Jairo r

Lame school, lame staff, lame students. It's a tiny rundown school located in the middle of nowhere. There are like 5 clubs and they all suck. The town is ugly and really small I wouldn't stick around for too long.

Amanda Martinez

Nice place to hold ceremonies or conferebces!

Salt Of The Earth Body Art

Donna mae Kenny


Gregory Allen Smith

Wonderful modern atmosphere with excellent sound.

Walter L Cook Sr

Great movies and prices.

Bethany Stephenson

Hailey M. Salais

Tom Ingerson

c WNMU is a very nice little known college near the Gila river in the south of New Mexico. I have lived in Silver City for several years and think that WNMU would often be a good choice for a pleasant education by an enthusiastic student withouta lot of money. I have a PhD in Physics and Astrophysics and have taught both several times at WNMU. Most of the students generally are enthusiastic and come out with significant knowledge of their academic major and fond memories of personal friends. .

Scarlett Joseph

Great to see movies you might have missed in theaters, free for students, and only $2 for non students.

Eric Lopez

Great location for the Nut Cracker

Kyle Evans

Randy Pittman

Very accommodating to the national forestry services for offering to provide a meeting facility

Dave Wheeler

Love going here to watch movies.

Lehnanne Gibbs Kidd

Went here for a Quintet performance. Lovely accoustics.

Cynthia Kay

Fan glamping for a great drama inspiration

Michael Conner

Its nice, clean, not too big. Popcorn could be ready faster, but sometimes you have to wait long to get more. After a while the concession stand closes, so that's a bummer. Screen is nice size. Very kid friendly.

janet castillo

Beautiful building and area!

Jacob Bighley

Cute place

Karen Martin

Kenny Donna

My home in college. Lit end

Brooke Thompson

Great place to go see a movie for a lot less. Tip: get there early for better seating.

Jara Eddie

Monumental Bliss

M.E. Kurtz

Brent Hunt

Robert Chip Castaneda II

Great school

Selena Almanza

McKenzie Patterson

Jeff Randt

It is a small theater but big theater sound

Donna Edkin

Very nice place

Notta Jaxon

Many lectures. Films. Poetry. Modeling and shows here at one of my favorite wnmu light hall!

Doreen Jueneman

Brenda Wiles

Just went for a in service meeting for MLK day

Amber Cotton-Fraser

Just a meeting room

Catherine Powers

Awesome hometown place to watch a movie at an inexpensive price with popcorn & soda! Love going here.

Itz Anon

michelle vasquez

jody wilmeth

Very nice facility. Has improved since I attended Western.

Alexandra Bryden

This is a lovely well kept theatre. Been to several concerts and have enjoyed all of them. The seats are very comfy. Currently Presidents Chamber Series. Highly recommended!

Ellen Johnson

No advertising! Just the movie. Good popcorn, good prices

Holly Clark

Our kids and us love coming to the movies. And it's affordable as well.

rebecca dunagan

Aaron Castillo

White dragon

Great atmosphere in a beautiful theater

Jennifer Rider

It is great to have a discount theater in town. It is also nice to be able to catch feature films you might have missed on release date.

Paul Leetmae

Awesome Theatre Experience right here in Silver City !!!

Fiona Woods

Holly Watts

Great college campus theater! Not just a lecture hall. And snacks!

Gary Garcia

James Dominguez

I've only been inside this theatre twice, and this was awhile back, on field trips when I was in elementary, but from what I remember, it was nice, perfect place to watch live shows and concerts. Lots of seating, but I don't remember much else, and there doesn't seem to be much else, (to my knowledge) going on here, but I am not in the "know" about the happenings here.

Nathan Harris

felicia trujillo



Yvonne Madero

David Shirk

Jonathan Archer

Cool movies on the weekend.

richard a. Brooks

Good movies on friday at 7pm and saturday 7pm and sundays I think 2pm.

Ricardo Herrera

Ivonne Calderon

Crystalyn Morce

Ate at Einstein and it was very good and fast service

Tom Maxfeldt

It's a great place for concerts.

Mariah thornburg

Amanda Carrasco

Tyrese Armendariz

Marilee Flugel

Loved this place... lounge chairs & free refils on soda and popcorn!

Sheri Liebhart

This is my family's favorite place to watch movies in a theater. The prices can't be beat -- $2 for adults, and $1 for kids, no matter what the day of the week is or the time, it's clean, spacious, and just a really nice place to go watch a movie!

Shaydle Mendoza

Allowed to bring in your own snacks! Great prices!!!

Brian Miller

This place is great for taking the family to watch a movie! Budget oriented. Not new releases, a couple months behind the big heaters - but well worth it for the price. Take the whole family for $10!

Joanne Young

Juliaann Landon

Nice friendly great place to take family

Manny Altamirano

Marlene Esqueda Gutierrez

Silver Tabor

Great theater. Good movies at a fantastic price. Wonderful community resource

connie holbrook

Live this place it is affordable to take a family to the movies and helps the college

iran abelino nuñez valenzuela

Recién remodelado está muy bien

Jenn Ross

REAML Lucero

Western New Mexico University is a amazing college located within a small, friendly, town within the Gila Wilderness. The town is surround by trees, mountains, wildlife, and the beauty of the outdoors. WNMU is perfect for students who wish to get a great education along with unforgettable memories. I am currently working on my MBA and have been so satisfied with the faculty over the years.

James Olson

Its a great place to go see good movies for a lot less then a normal theater. I do suggest going a little ealry to get a good seat.

Kyle Crater

Mike Franck

We enjoy going to the movies here. They are fairly current and they don't charge a lot of money for the tickets, usually we get 3 sodas and a bag of popcorn for 11 dollars including the tickets. Comfortable seats and great sound.

Elizabeth Melendez Tinajero

Great place to take the kids for a cheap outing.


Really cool theater here. A bit small but that is what's cool about it. Sound is awesome and seating is comfortable. Really inexpensive also.

Overseer Posha Johnson

Love the place.

Animated Sopa

The events in WNMU are pretty good, this place is very easy to find and big enough to manage big crowds

Catie Avallone

Mario Castaneda

great historic building built in 1927. a pain to work on.

Christina M. Estrada

Great low priced activity for the town, but when the door is opened during a film it's really distracting.

Lory Estrada

Austin Stern

The only bad thing is the rude people who talk

David C Wheeler Jr

Great place and great price for the movie nice environment that let's you bring food and drinks

Tom Mackay

Shawn Singer

Lydia Brown

Silver City is a beautiful place

Frank Guevara

Best value movie hall in Silver City area. Kids are $1, adults are $2, and WNMU students get in free with student ID. Great concessions

Cathy AA

Luis Trujillo

Nice theater at Western New Mexico University and can't beat the price to watch a movie.

Michael Fisher

Landmark in Silver City.


The old school feel is still there, just with a few updates.

Jimmy Dominguez

Don't know too much about this theater, other than it has been here since I was a kid. I remember coming on a field trip and watching a live play. Was fun. As far as I know it doesnt do movies, more live plays if I remember correctly there was a s.p.m. concert here.

Jason _tracing

I had a pretty fun time

Ruby Ramirez

Level4999 soldier

Sandra Teran

Liz Lucero

Mikey Holguin

Wnmu theater features lots of different events from time to time some which are not only for college students but accessible to the public as well


(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Melissa Velasquez

Melissa Ornelas

Amanda Uresti


Mari Venturino

Jo Ann Simpson

Kimberly Snow-Hobby

Love going to movies here! It is a small theater in the college that has opened to the community to offer movies for a nominal fee. I go almost every weekend.

Joseph Gregory

Great place

Lindsey Woolford


Dr. Mark Faulk

Nice Theater, Great Bargain

richard c

Loved it

Sandra Riva

The best bargin in Silver. A very comfortable movie theater and good sound system

Jennie Joy

Holly McGregor

loved it

Cyrus West

The Light Hall Theater is on the Western New Mexico University campus and (last I checked) has free admission for current students. It can take a while for the lastest movies to hit the screens, but you should have at least a decent movie-watching experience if you go. Keep in mind though, it is on a college campus, so it's possible that not every part of your service will be extremely formal.

Stevie powell

David Kirkham

James Ahrens

Older movies but worth the price

holly wilcox

jory Perseos

Allen Maciel

Otto Khera

Great and affordable movies in an historical Silver City, New Mexico WNMU gem.

Maggie Em

Love how cheap it is and convenient

Kyle Matthews

I have been going to Western New Mexico University a while now and I believe you can get an excellent quality education here at a very affordable price. The area is beautiful with mountains and forest, and the climate is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There really is no better place than here for an affordable, quality education in such a nice setting.

squished fished

Beautiful theater, great sound system, it's a perfect place to take your family! It's very inexpensive.

Marshall Fischer

Great movie theater with superb sound system great prices

Francisco Estrella

Kyle Stuart Cordova-Evans

Awesome staff and a great help desk!

Sarah Abarca

Chàrlene Jones


James Fierro

Janice Goldberg

Buck Burns

Great space to watch a movie. Where else can you go for about 7 bucks and that includes the movie, poocorn, and a drink.....I went on a sunday. It is cozy but the best sound system

Crista Huggard

There are great events held here throughout the year. Beautiful patio and lawn. Had Fiesta Latina this weekend and events and vendors were great!

Gabriel Contreras

octavia rector


Angela Stott


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