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REVIEWS OF Jean Cocteau Cinema IN New Mexico

Marla Foreman

Great place

Luke Davis

Fantastic cinema, bookstore, and full service bar. George RR Martin's place; he's very passionate about bringing in nationally-acclaimed authors and artists...All books in the store are signed. A must see if spending any time in Santa Fe!

Daphne Simpson

Bottom line... I was thrilled to get a signed copy of the Martian and Outlander in hardback. Neat place.

Shelley Bachicha

This is an amazing slice of history. Owned by George R R Martin, the lobby is filled with autographed copies of all his books. Not to be missed.

Steven Bartholomew

Mark Dunham

Nice venue for offbeat films, with a bar and book store of all things GRR Martin, the owner.

Bee Chamcharatsri

Cleanliness (5/5): ***** I came to this theatre for the first time to attend an event that my friend had. It was quite an experience. It was easy to locate the theatre. Walking inside I saw the entry way to walk through. It's not a boring straight line like other places. By the end of the walkway, I ran into a concession space that was well lit. You couldn't miss it. The people who worked there were friendly. The room that the event took place was a nice space and very clean. No popcorn left on the floor, which was impressive. I think I will try to go back to check out movies here in the future.

brian abel

Wolf Daddy Leyton Jay Cougar

Possibly the only theater in the country you can watch Game of a live Wolf and George RR Martin...

yeny flores

Noisy Sounds

Anthony Garcia

Great service!!! Staff was kind and extremely helpful!!! I will be back and buy more awesome stuff and maybe even see the best writer in New Mexico...George R. Martin!!!

Steve Dixon

Small theatre that serves alcohol. Never seems to be overcrowded or rowdy.

Brad Davis

A great small venue for some great movies you wont find in many theaters. Great popcorn bar to season your popcorn exactly to your taste.

Arlene Ramirez

Charles Henderson

Russell Jacobs

Great space. Excellent quality.

Dustin Cotter

Friendly staff

Victor Romero

Randall Correia

Joey C

Definitely one of the most interesting and unique businesses in Santa Fe! Located at the northern tip of the rail yard, it is a cute indie-cinema with a small bar located in the lobby, snacks, and board games to play if you aren't interested in any of the movies offered. Due to its famous owner, there is plenty of fun merchandise available for purchase from well known book and television series.

Linda Storm

A small intimate theater with many personal touches where you can partake in local events and see international movies. There is a bar, homemade popcorn, art exhibits, and all the autographed books you could ever want by George R.R. Martin, he bought and revamped the place.

Mark Galassi

Mr C

Mostly exists to sell books. Theatre is small, tiny stage, and both stage and screen are too close to floor, so hard to see.

Bracken MacLeod

Chris Ybarra

Awesome old theater

Lauren Alford

Awesome venue. Get autographed books from the store and enjoy an intimate, small viewing at this beautiful theater. Enjoyed the screening of the Neil Gaiman "Dream Dangerously" documentary and following Q&A session with George RR Martin and the film makers!

Michael Odza

Almost every book signed, not just George RR, plus a bar and snacks.

Michelle Villafuerte

What makes this place amazing is how charming it is. The location is great, the place is small and comfy and the popcorn is amazing. It would be hard for me to recommend going to the cinema as a tourist destination, but in Santa Fe is a must.

Chandler Durham

Keith Jimenez

Dianne Ryan


George R.R. Martin is a very gracious man and the theatre is absolutely phenomenal. Most recently I attended the Final Season Premiere of Game of Thrones which George wrote. Thank you Mr. Martin. Shine on!

lebow jeffery

Julie Culkin

This is a very cool place. You can purchase signed copies of George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones at the same bookstore price. They have a full bar and snack bar with fresh popcorn. They frequently have new events and it's always a good time.

DJ John Edwards

Love the ambiance

Charlotte Roth

Great place to see movie, see a super cool event or just hangout! This place has everything! A coffee shop, bar, and bookstore in addition to its wonderful screenings!

Christine Wagner

One doesn't want to say anything disparaging about this place because it's so unique . I wish the seats were more comfy and the smell in the theatre wasn't like dirty feet. Other than that, great bar and cave like hangout. I'm sure its full of local celebrities whom I don't recognize.

Eric Werner

Not what it used to be. Disappointing.

Jeremy Bowers

Always enjoy our stops into the cinema. Even if you don't catch a show, the bookstore and cafe are always so quiet and cute, it's not had to just grab a coffee or cocktail and relax for a few moments while looking at the books for sale.

Caitie Quezada

We loved the vintage vibe here!

Jhonny Cruz

Newt Russell

Natasha Aschenbrenner

Great cinema owned by George R. R. Martin!!! You can by his books here with his signatures for normal prices! Also there dragons on the back wall of the cinema

Joelle A. Godfrey

Tony Woodford

Great coffee and seating for a good movie

Madeline Feijoo

Great venue

Moses Allen

David Owen

Awesome little theatre owned by George RR Martin.


Simon Dobson

Great times, great show

Kevin Bergman

Very cozy, and reminiscent of a goofy small town theater. Serves decent beer and the Cowgirl restaurant across the street caters food for them. Seems to attract a stereotype of a crowd.

Peter Kempert

I was just here for an art showing. But it seems like a lovely place. Popcorn that doesn't seem mass produced, and a sign at the ticket booth that says "Don't bother, I can't here a word. Please come inside". And they play some off-beat sci-fi movies that deserve big-screen treatment. Definitely want to go back.

Noela Abney

Such unique movies I am in love with this theater! Where else would you get the chance to say that you watched the 1930s reefer Madness movie in theatres! I will be back time and time again

Kyle Sherling

Ali Byrne

Neat atmosphere. They really embrace their ties to George RR Martin. Retro feel and nice staff.

Jeannette Arquero

This is always a fun place to go for the special events.

Perla Avilez


Bit Girl

I went to see the premiere of Dream Dangerously last night. While I was waiting to see if my friend could do a VIP ticket since I bought one, the manager was awesome and comped the other ticket for my friend since the movie director and producers where in the VIP booth. So we enjoyed the GA seating. Also, getting free popcorn and a soda was cool. That helped me since I ended up buying a book later! I didn't realized who owned this theater and he was there! I had so many writing questions but since the movie was about Neil Gaiman I will have to ask the owner some other time. I love that you all have late night $5 movies and I'm promoting the place and Dream Dangerously. My best friend in high school turned me onto Sandman over 20 years ago and I've been following Amanda Palmer since the Dresden Dolls. This was a fantastic cheap date night and I will be back to buy more books and watch late movies! I would love to see Dark City on the big screen sometime.

Tatiana Bond

Went the other day to see the Baron of Arizona, tickets are reasonably priced and I loved the adorable lit up snack bar as soon as you walk around the corner. Better than going to a regular movie theater.

Carmen Hernandez

Cody Warnick

Brandie Succardi

Joey Baros

Great atmosphere and a fun to theatre!! Great drinks and old time nostalgic feel.

T. Rick

arthouse cinema at it's finest. just how it should be... small, independently owned, wit a bitchen cool basement bar vibe. you half expect David Lynch to round the corner inna purple velvet smoking jacket, caressing a joint wrapped in red foil. strangely muffled, discordant tonal frequencies reach your eardrums. hypnotic light frequencies, leak from under the door...

Jeffrey G Baca

Love it.

Brecken Sorge

We went for the GoT premier of Season 7 Episode 1 and it was awesome! Definitely something I will always remember!

Jolene Duran

Cool little local theater that shows different films than the standard

Cody Wall

Nice clean theater with a great mini bar with state winning cocktails and signed books by George R.R. Martin. A must stop for fans.

Karen Golin

A cozy theater with a bar, bookstore, concession stand and theater. The concession stand lights up in pinks, blues, greens and golds. All the books are signed by the author. There's a game night and everyone is friendly. Definite stop when you go to Sante Fe.

Lizabeth Ronquillo

Thomas Blog

Small, friendly, great movie selection, nice George Martin (and others) signed merchandise.

David Robbins

Love this little theater! A Santa Fe gem. I can get an espresso and a good movie, too! The staff is fantastic! I look forward to the day I can premiere my own film's there!


Love this nice small theatre with great vibe. Various coffees and snacks. Beer and wine served here.

Pamela Muno

Clint Barb

It's a great place for a drink and movie

Tj Encinias

Awesome theater, great crew and overall fantastic location.

Ivan Lopez Hurtado

Reality Thief Show was amazing

Angelika Hellmer

Great place to have in town with good selection of movies that aren’t running at your standard movie theatre. Love the little bar, bistro tables and art that add to a special place. If you haven’t visited you missing out on a special experience

Javi C

Nice art house theater. Old, tight, uncomfortable seats. But good movies.

Stephanie Best

Quirky programming, a cool small bar, customizable popcorn toppings, Game of Thrones paintings on the walls, stacks of books, board games in the cafe, and occasional celebrity visitors. What's not to love? It's like being able to hang out at George R.R. Martin's home theater.

Michael Oberlin

Krystal Bartholomew

John R.E.

Remodeled under the helm of Games of Thrones author George Martin, this theater has a new look and new life. Seating is comfy, screen is bright and concessions affordable. Even a full bar! The unique spiral staircase is an appropriate departure point to leave the street behind. Note: some seats obscured by people's heads.

Simon Catanach

Josie Gates

Good movies, atmosphere pleasant

Joseph T

Thanks George RR! Great theater to watch amazing movies.


Nice place. Good service and in a good location.

Bridgette Ojeda

Great performances

Daniel Hoble

Joey Undis

Had a chance to stop by while driving through to Phoenix. Great selection of merch from Game of Thrones and Martin's other books. Most if not all of the books appeared to be signed. Worth noting that all HBO BRANDED GoT books are $10 more than sticker price.

Molly Budke

Did not go into the theatre, only the bar, which was also supposed to be a bookshop but had barely anything besides GOT books and paraphernalia. concessions staff made us uncomfortable, acting like we were infringing on their space. Beautiful building, and the person at the front ticket booth was great.

Anna McElhany

Great atmosphere and very friendly staff.

Lindsy Campbell

Super cool and funky theater with coffee bar and snacks.

Alex Hale

Theater of Mr George RR Martin himself!

James Quintana

Great local movie theater. Really appreciate the atmosphere and more.

Diego Romero

Great local cinema with a decent bar, and a small selection of books available for purchase.


Dr Metalmaker

It a good place to watch a movie and play games.

Ozz Manuel Aguayo

Felicia Valdez

Every event I've been to was wonderful! Excellent film choices and an incredible collection of books actually signed by authors! I love this place.

Katie Douthit

Very small but quaint, there is a bar, and good popcorn!

Carl J Carlin

Culture is everywhere in Santa Fe. The Jean Cocteau Cinema specializes in bringing great foreign films to the city. A bar and a small gift/book shop are nice amenities. The theater is owned by George Martin, author of Game of Thrones. Small venue with comfortable seating and an ever changing calendar of high quality films.

Christopher Lamson

Caught a showing of Cowboy Bebop the movie. Saw George RR Martin just hanging out in the lobby. Pretty cool. Would recommend.

jaima chevalier

Great vintage screen with deftly curated films

LeAnn Shearer

I'm a huge Game Of Thrones fan, so the opportunity to visit a theater owned by George RR Martin I couldn't pass up!!! Great atmosphere nice people. I'm happy!


Great place

Duncan Gibson

I saw Chaos on the Bridge yesterday. The Q&A afterwards was great, too.

Caleb Raymer

This place was great before it was purchased by J.R.R Martin. Now it is beyond amazing. They movie selections are terrific with delightful classics. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss any of the many events, including author talks, classic movies, games and other fun.

Brad Burgwardt

Brian Morrison

I saw the John DeLorean documentary movie here last month. Theater is reliably interesting; the movies they show here are intelligent and treat the customers who like to watch films that are off the mainstream and independent.

Luke Oswald

My wife and I stopped in during our vacation from Pennsylvania recently. David the manager was very accommodating, taking time to speak with us, offer stories and treated us like we were regulars. What s great place, we will be back!

Owen Kobasz

best movie house in town

Janet Veil

Came to see a film for the Santa Fe Film Festival and this place is really cool. Small, intimate, with coffee, food and bar.

Bill Ferguson

The theater is a positive contributor to local culture and a supporter of local artists, writers and filmmakers.

Liam Watson

Fantastic place experience the unusual...

Sara Garcia Ruiz

Charming old movie theatre with great cocktail bar and board games.

Jane Ellen

Joshua Littrell

I really enjoyed this cinema, great staff.

Jen Lee

The only movie theater I know of where you can have a beer! They showcase a lot of locally made films. Loved it!

Paul Roberts

the original art house

David Matsuoka

Intimate and eclectic film vie.

Greg Hammons

I love, love, love the Jean Cocteau. I've seen several indies here that I wouldn't have been able to see anywhere else for hundreds and hundreds of miles.

Ernesto B Baca

Top art + regular movie house. Owner is George RR Martin, writer of Game of.

Marcus Woolley

Amazing would come here next time I'm in Santa Fe.

Paulette Frankl

I love this place. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is homey, the films are great, ditto the events, and it is one of the rare gems of Santa Fe.

Connor Boyle


Unique and intimate venue. The theater seats are not comfortable, though, and popcorn was freshly popped but somehow tasted really old. But the unique events and atmosphere keep me coming back.

Andrea Dobyns

Great venue, awesome magic shows!

karen cobb

Great place! Great films with organic popcorn and a bar. Santa fe at it's best!

Katy Azimuth

Trish Sorge

Fabulous Premier of GoT 8-1...

CM Boulay

Pleasant, intimate. Would like more modern screen, seat and film choices.

Gary Dinh

Weird, eccentric, quaint. Love this little theater.

Sara Wolf

One of THE best places ever.

Robbi Jennings

Omg this is a cool little privately owned theater.

Michaelene Kyrala

I'm so glad we have this place in Santa Fe.


Awesome,quaint theatre.Great people and service.Love it!


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