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REVIEWS OF Icon Cinemas IN New Mexico

Christian Denny

This place is the best. Every Tuesday they have cheaper movie tickets. They have reclining and rumble seats. Key is to get there early enough to pick your sets. Or better yet reserve them on line for an extra dollar. This place has an IMAX too. Best part about this place is the refills on the popcorn and soda. I saw my roommate eat three large tubs of popcorn throughout a movie.

April Davis

I normally dont do a review. But I am tonight. I went to go see the lion king with my family and my kids, and my daughter got kicked out because she was making to much noise. I mean come on she is a 3 year old kid watching a kid movie. The guy was kind of rude about it and he tried offering a rain check for the movie, umm no I live 4 hours away and I was here on vacation with my family and cant just come anytime. You pay alot of money for a movie and concessions. I have never been to a movie theater that kicks people out that make to much noise. I guess if you are gonna kick people.out for being loud then you need to kick them out for laughing during a movie.

Patrick Maher

Great seating and endless popcorn and coca cola. Popcorn is better at Regal cinema but... the seats recline and you can get massaging seats as an upgrade. Reserved seating all the time.

momoeight mamabear

My go-to movie theater. Great reclining seats. All you care to eat popcorn and drinks! Even if you share! Great place to take the family for a movie treat!

Darek Duran

Very nice, best games in the lobby, nice recliner seats, regular snacks, good sound clean theatre

diane brinkley

We go during the day as my husband is retired and it usually just a few people. Everyone there is very friendly, the seats are extremely comfortable and if course the all you can eat/drink pop corn and soda is always a draw. They keep security there which is a good thing as it's not in a great part of town, but we have never had an issue inside or out. I would recommend.

None Ya Business

Theatres are actually fairly dirty lines are not very long but then again nowadays with all the online ticket purchasing you can do you really don't need to have a line. I do like some of the food that they have of course as usual all movie theaters concession stands are ridiculous prices fairly comfortable seating especially with the recliners however it also gets rid of that romance that you and your loved one may share when you're sitting almost a foot apart all in all pretty good experience I think that they need to work on their Staffing a little bit but other than that I would definitely go again it is not my number one theater but from time to time if the showing times are right it is a decent theater

Christin Bogue

I took my son to see The Lion King movie and my son wanted some water. I went to ask if they had courtesy cups like every other theater and the manager tried to charge me 475 for a cup of water. I ended up having to walk my son back and forth to the water fountain during the movie. Will not go there again!

Kathleen Wray

Love the all-you-can-eat popcorn and sodas. And the reclining seats! However, my screen was a bit dark.

Russell Wrenn

Great as always my wife and I went to check out crawl first of all you got to see it I'm warning be ready to jump a couple of times during the movie and always the popcorn is great and don't forget the hot dogs

Krista Vigil

Nice place good seats!

old Hermit Yoda

Comfortable seating with reclining legs. We saw spiderman far from home. It was a great film.

Barb Svetlick

This is the only movie theater we go to. The recliners are far better than any other theater. The popcorn is unlimited but who wants to refill and miss part of the movie. Polite and helpful staff, clean bathrooms, small game room and you can pick out your seats online. I like row G or H.

Amanda Trujillo

Loved the Seats!! Wish they had a leg rest. Sound and screen was really good. Little cold in there. But it was a good visit. Prices are kinda high on the food. Paid $12 for 2 large fountain drinks. I found that to be a little too much.

Matthew Voss

Great place to enjoy the movie...

thomas stearns

Really nice place. And free refills on popcorn and drinks.

J Tantham

I am disabled and in a wheelchair. This theater is very accessible and the recliners are comfortable for me. Best popcorn around.

Alex Ortiz

The new Aladdin remake just like the original cartoon version... nice comfy recliners to watch...

Tonya Gonzales

Love IVPN Cinemas. It’s my family’s go to movie theater. All you can eat popcorn and drinks is amazing. Bring a blanket and relax in their recliner seats. You won’t be disappointed!!


This is by far the best movie theater in abq! I have gone to literally every single movie theater in this city including the one in Rio rancho and I think icon beats them all. I go here about twice a month for the last 3-4 years and only had 1 bad movie experience but I don’t think I could fault the theater for the problem since it was a person issue. There is free refills on any sized drinks and popcorn, they have unlimited slushee machines, every room in the theater has leather reclining seats that your not paying extra for, and the staff is never disappointing.

Amanda Kreider

I’ve always liked Icon Cinemas for their location, lounging chairs and all you can eat popcorn and all you can drink sodas. But I have a new appreciation for them since I had ankle surgery and am on crutches/knee scooter. Not only do the lounger chairs allow my leg to be elevated during the movie, but they are the only theatre in albuquerque that I know of to have lounger chairs without stairs. I can sit in back row or any row I want without having to go up and down stairs. The security guard was super nice and always opens up the door for me when I come and leave. This is by far the best theatre for an all banged up viewer.

Peter Clahr

As in all theaters, I would like to have more frequent movie changes, but the seating is roomy and comfortable and the fact that the seats recline, doesn’t make you squirm around when the picture is half done.

Bryan Reams

Our favorite movie theater.

Jake Atencio

This place spoils you with the most comfortable seats. I can never go back to traditional theater seating. This place is well kept with friendly staff and decent popcorn.

Staci M

Watched JOKER and it was awesome. Friendly staff and don't forget REFILLS REFILLS REFILLS!!!!! We try to watch ALL our movies here.

Erin Pike

This theater is awesome! The seats are super comfy and they recline! Movies are only $6 on Tuesdays and popcorn and sodas are free refills! We'll definitely be back!

DharmaLynne Fuller

Light crowd on this night. Great sound level and clarity. Nice friendly service! Comfy seating, good and roomy foot area.

San Man

Place was nice and clean. Good theater experience. Although, online purchase of tickets didn't go as well and system charged me even thought I didn't get my seats and I had to buy again when I got to the theater. Manager stated he'll take care of it if I am charged twice. Thanks.

Patricia Hernandez

The most comfortable movie theater in town. All you can eat popcorn & drink for one price... Tuesday $6.00 all day movie Special is AWESOME

JENNY Wesley Wesley

Omg the seats and popcorn are awsome

T*Jaye Hndrsn

Always a great place to watch movies. Staff is always smiling and helpful.

KrizTine Yvette

Love it very clean... And and everyone respects one another.. The auditorium was very clean and quite... Another plus was the great employee service very kind And respectfull.

Annie Jewell

I The seats are good the people are friendly. You have free refills on all your popcorn but the bins that hold the popcorn are so big that the popcorn comes out crushed. The refills on the sodas are great.I like the nachos I get to put as much cheese as I want on them.

Dolores Sanchez

1st time in ages I go to movies. Because people can be dirty and gross. But this place was clean. The staff was very friendly. The snack area was very clean and organized. I really enjoyed the movie. I would most definitely recommend this movie theater. Plus I will most definitely go again.

John Gallagher

I went to see the new Spiderman movie and the theater itself is ok. As I'm sitting in the auditorium the movie was supposed to begin at 1:25 PM. As I'm waiting to see the movie, in my entire life I have never seen so many commercials at a theater before the actual movie begins. If that was the case I would've stayed home to watch a movie that has commercials and saved myself $9.00 to see the movie.


My favorite theater, Can't beat the all you can eat popcorn and drinks. The comfortable reclining seats are a bonus,along with the super friendly staff!

Michael Serrato

I love this theater. All you can eat popcorn and refills for beverages. Comfortable reclining seats.


We love Icon Cinema. There’s nothing better than unlimited popcorn, drinks and jalapeños. The chairs are new and very comfortable. You can choose reclining or vibrating, whatever floats your boat. The service is usually fast in concessions and ticket purchasing online is easy and trustworthy. Highly recommended movie theater.

Kathy Ritz

Love the large comfy seats!

Anne Schroeder

Nice recliners and senior prices

Jim Zalewski

Most comfortable chairs of all the local movie theaters.

Michael Vaughn

Great place to see a movie. Comfortable seating, decent selection of food.

Joseph Groves

Theater is great. Reserved seating, reclining chairs, clean facility. All you can eat popcorn and drinks. Only negative to coming here over one of the other, corporate options is rather lackluster sound performance in the theaters.

Thomas Harwood

Really well kept and very current. It has the super reclining chairs and has quite a few theaters. The only con is the price. It cost over $35 for my wife and I with a pretzel and a Drink. Probably wouldn't have gone to this specific theatre had I not had a gift card. It's a great theatre, just pricey.

Nan Silvernail

Clean, tons of snack and drink choices including all you can eat pop corn and all you can drink sodas. Reclining or rocking seats and accessible for wheelchairs also seats can be reserved! I was comfy and really enjoyed the movie I saw. I will be back


If you never tried ICON CINEMA, try it!! Massive screen and comfortable chair. Don't forget your blanket. Because of their AC is so sharp.

Tyana Leslie

They have great seats n all you can eat popcorn n fountain drinks:)) It's a great place❤️

Kasey Morris

Love Icon Cinemas, great reclining seating and concession stand with free drinks and popcorn refills

Centered 88 LIfe

Clean lobby self serve everything and free refills nice theater

Marny Willey

Great location. Comfy experience.

Ian Latella

Great leather seats that recline, can also reserve seats in advance.

Tom maestas

One of the best theatres in town. Huge reclining seats. Quite surprisingly, each Tuesday all films, all times $7. Swell!

Josh Aycock

Good place to catch a film. A bit pricey though. For me and my three year old to catch matinee and grab a popcorn/drink combo it was $28. Plus sides are that your drink/popcorn are both unlimited refills and the seats are electronic recliners. Overall decent experience if you can afford it.

Elissa Wright

Love the reclining chairs. I bring blanket and get cozy. Great all u can eat popcorn and dtinks

C Bostwick

Very comfortable seating with all you can eat popcorn and sodas

Bob Brim

5th time here. Always friendly and very comfortable.

kerina cunningham

Best movie theater in abq, the reclining seats are great, popcorn-great, staff also great.

Tamikka Williams

Always a great experience! My go-to movie theater in town. It's not complex, just simple and comfortable.

Liliana Garcia

Our family place!! Awesome that you get free refills on popcorn, sodas, and Icee's!

Karla Lopez

We like the customer services. Kids friendly food and good prices.

Trisha Raymond

Awesome Iconic Screen (huge screen)!

Rory Garcia

Family and I love coming here. Unlimited popcorn and drinks? Get your tickets online.

Lori Workizer

Great screens, great reclining chairs, all you can eat popcorn. But why so dang cold?? It's freezing in there!

Neomi Sandoval-Bartrum

Seriously! Refillable popcorn...need I say more Friendly service, great staff! Highly recommend the matinee if you wanna not get o overwhelmed by the kiddies though

Jenn Thomas

Employee working the counter was more concerned with watching the Sunday football game that was playing on the tv screen in the lobby than paying attention to customers.

JosephandBrandi Sanchez

My favorite place to watch movies seats recline completely I bring my blanket and relax if you buy popcorn and drinks its free refills and they also serve hotdogs, nachos and Ice cream

corleone 5680

Great place to watch movies they got reclining seats very comfortable and on Tuesday's you could watch any movie for 7 dollars all day

Matteo Isquierdo

I just wanted to say that for a first time visitor to your establishment, I had an experience that I don't usually get at a theater. The place was clean and you could always see employees cleaning continuously. It shows how much they care about the appearance; which is big to a customer. Seems like a wonderful company to work for as all the employees seemed happy about their job. The staff were friendly and made sure that I was taken care of and when I came out for a refill, they asked to make sure I was enjoying my experience. On top of that, this place is the only theater I have ever been to that offers unlimited refills on popcorn and beverages. I was blown away because, I only got one refill of both and I feel like that means so much in this day and age. I also bought some nachos and at first I was confused because they told pointed behind me and let me know I could decide how much cheese or jalapenos I wanted on my nachos. I will recommend this place to everyone I know, over other places. The prices were average for a theater but the extra amenities made the price even more appealing. Although I am that weird person that isn't a big fan of the recliners or having to pick my seat from a screen (I like to see in person where I'll be sitting), it's definitely my favorite theater experience so far. Keep up the great work everyone!

Jakob Nelms

Arguably the best theater in town. Clean. Decent pricing. Reclining seats. Unlimited refills. Quite a decent place. Been to a few other theaters and will only ever come back to Icon.

Nicole Padilla

Unlimited popcorn and drinks!

Andrew Ferguson

Good theater, refillable popcorn and soda. Even though the prices are quite high, 11.30 for a ticket and $5 for a large soda, it'll break your bank. But at least it's the best movie experience you can have in abq as far as I know.

Theo W

One of the Staples of Albuquerque in in very questionable area though. Still one of my favorite places to watch a movie the best popcorn reclining seats what else do you have to do in Albuquerque?

Nick T

Definitely not coming here again. The ticket line is the same as the concessions, which is odd. This makes for very crowded unorganized and uncomfortable experience. The actual theater itself isn't horrible, but still certainly not great. Would not recommend.

Naomi Montoya

Love this place. Great theater also good prices!!!

Adrian Obeso

Great place to watch a movie ..nothing better the VIP sofas

Brian Miller

Smaller theaters with VERY nice seating. The reclining seats are awesome! The 'free popcorn refills' don't hurt either.

Morgan Sheridan

Went with my best friend to see Downton Abbey. Nice movie.

Danielle B

Great place to watch a move. Love the reclining chairs and all you can eat pop corn. Usually not too crowded so you don't have some idiot kicking the back of your seat or one in front blocking the view.

Bernadette Montano

AMAZING experience watching Back to the Future on the big screen! ❤

Laura Gilliam

Went to see The Lion King. The picture quality was worse than a dollar movie. Be aware you won't get what you paid for. Go to another theatre

Rachel Keith-Smith

The only theater I've been to that has fully reclining seats. It's awesome especially since I have back pain. Like the free refills on drinks & popcorn. The staff is usually pretty nice too.

Dan B

Nice clean seats. Concessions were cheaper than I expected

Jeffrey Castle

I love going here after drinking at tractor. Good prices for the movie. Great seats.

Errol Jewell

Great staff and friendly. Really comfy reclining seats

Frank Carrillo

Comfy seats great service. Avoid winrock, come here.

Angel Marquez

Fun but kind of pricey but for the most part it's worth it I love the seats that comfortable

Leslie Fortier

Super nice reclining seats, free refills on popcorn, what more could you ask for? Also one of the more inexpensive theaters in town.

Executive East

Best theater, all you can eat popcorn and reclining seats

Hunter Hancock

My favorite theater in ABQ. All popcorn and drinks come with free refills, regardless of size. The reclining seats are super comfortable. The "Icon" screen is absolutely massive with an amazing sound system.

John Cosentino

Great place!! Will definitely return

Valerie Cortez

Its nice and clean theres no big lines to wait, staff are friendly

Meghan Thomas

Absolutely love this theater! Amazing location, the best seating for a theater. Love the endless drink and popcorn option! Every Tuesday movies are $6 or $7 for the Icon screen.

Jaeus 360

$6 Tickets, reserved reclining seats, unlimited Popcorn? Who can ask for more?

Rosa Elizabeth Webb

Great theater to take your family to watch movies. Workers are friendly and helpful. The restrooms were clean.

Kevin Oleary

Great seats. Best snack prices.


Large theaters, the iconic cinema has recliner seats. Unlimited butter

Scott Gunter

Great movie and all you can eat popcorn!

Shimon Waksman

Best theater in town, love the recliners!

Christopher Smith

It's a "meh" theatre at best. The aesthetics are similar to the long forgotten $1 theatres of the 90s. Popcorn and beverage are also self serve, but the price for the experience did not leave am impression that I would return for future movie entertainment due to looks/feel, self service, and price.

Jody Welch

Always courteous and clean. Great place to watch movies because they specifically warn people that if you or your kids are disruptive they kick you out with no refund. My fave place to see a movie.

greg alman

As far as theaters go, I think I found my favorite. Very comfy as we watched a great movie!

pamela caruso

Spiderman sucked but Icon is BADASS

Zachery J. Montoya

Icon is a great theater! It was one of the first ones in town to get the recliner style chairs, and they kept their prices reasonable. I do really like the fact that you can get unlimited refills on both popcorn and drinks.

Carly Harman

Comfy seats...self serve popcorn and freezies, & drinks

Belinda Flores

Great movies,love family nite!

Larry Graves

This is the nicest clean theater. The workers are always very nice.

T. Quintana

We have been going to this theater for many years. I like the reclining leather seats. They seem to keep everything in good condition. I have only sat in a couple of uncomfortable seats. The staff is very helpful. I also enjoy the free refillable popcorn and soda. They have a reduced ticket price on Wednesdays.

Ashley Nix

Icon is our go to movie theater. The seats are comfortable, I bring a blanket so I can get cozy. Always clean facilities and theaters. Love the unlimited popcorn refills and soda refills, because half the time the kids finish the popcorn before the movie starts.

Rosalie Cuellar-Hatcher

Clean theater, professional staff. The website is easy to navigate to purchase tickets. I appreciate that I can reserve our seats. There's no worry about finding seats for our large family to sit together.

Joann Mercure

I like that you get to see where you are sitting upfront. If you are like me I hate sitting next to people or getting that annoying person always kicking your seat. This theatre is my go to because it's spacious, no one to block your view ahead of you, no one to kick your seat. It's always clean. They stress bit taking crying babies into the show. They have free refills on pop corn. I really enjoy this theatre.

Ahmad Gill

Love the recliner seating! Usually not too crowded either and makes for a nice movie-going experience. They have some pretty good ice-cream too!

Robby Melancon

What? Self serve popcorn and drinks and recliners for watching the movie? Hell yeah, count me in! We ordered our reserved seats on Fandango for Toy Story 4 and loaded the kids up for a matinee at this great little theater. Order your popcorn and drinks at the counter, then head on over to the self-serve area and prepare your treat. If you like butter, take your time and layer the popcorn and butter, it's so worth the effort. Got to my seats with my souvenir Lion King cup full of tasty beverage and laid that puppy back. You read that right, the seats in the place all recline like your dad's favorite chair(I felt like like I was sneaking, you guys, I really did). The theater is a little dim, so pay attention to your row and get there early as there wasn't much in the way of previews beforehand! We were a few minutes late and the show had already started. The seats run against one another when reclining or getting up, so be prepared for the giggles as vinyl runs against vinyl. All in all, we had a great visit and are looking forward to our next trip to ABQ so we can hit this cool little place again.

Kimberly UpdeGraff

Because you can kick it and enjoy the movie.

Robert Melancon

What? Self serve popcorn and drinks and recliners for watching the movie? Hell yeah, count me in! We ordered our reserved seats on Fandango for Toy Story 4 and loaded the kids up for a matinee at this great little theater. Order your popcorn and drinks at the counter, then head on over to the self-serve area and prepare your treat. If you like butter, take your time and layer the popcorn and butter, it's so worth the effort. Got to my seats with my souvenir Lion King cup full of tasty beverage and laid that puppy back. You read that right, the seats in the place all recline like your dad's favorite chair(I felt like like I was sneaking, you guys, I really did). The theater is a little dim, so pay attention to your row and get there early as there wasn't much in the way of previews beforehand! We were a few minutes late and the show had already started. The seats run against one another when reclining or getting up, so be prepared for the giggles as vinyl runs against vinyl. All in all, we had a great visit and are looking forward to our next trip to ABQ so we can hit this cool little place again.

Ted A

Theater had nice seats. Self serve popcorn.

Waynette Asbury

Great place to watch a movie, chairs recline

Charlie S

Pricey for the quality. Movie screens look old and the sound needs improvement sounds outdated. Seats make too much noise! Sticky floors and the whole idea of self serving popcorn is ridiculous especially when Trying to find a machine that actually works to dispense popcorn. Don’t recommended

Christopher Ruiz

Love coming here for movie premieres! Always clean and relaxing! I'll be here tonight for the Dark Phoenix premiere! Always a great experience!

Leah Zaragoza

This is 100% my my favorite theatre. It is actually pretty far from my home but I don't mind making the drive to see movies here. I love the convenience of buying tickets online AND picking your seats when you do. Even if you wait until you get there, you still get to pick your seats when you buy your tickets, so there is no guesswork on finding seats. You fill your own popcorn and drinks and there are free refills on large sizes. Never had a bad experience, will keep going back!

gabe m

Great theater some of the best most roomy seats I ever been in at a theater

sarah condit

Watched, toy story 4. Not too busy, loud enough but not hurting the ears. Yay!

Berna Barrios

Great place with reclining or vibrating chairs. All you can eat popcorn

David Minton

My five year old absolutely loves all the games there! Especially the Batman games! Security and staff is always cheerful and knowledgeable. We love the popcorn and good eats and ice cream there. And the luxury seats and movie experience is beyond exceptionable. We will be customers for a very long time!

Jasmine salinas

I normally dont wrote reviews but we are from Arizona and we were visiting family here in new Mexico and I took the kids to come watch the lion king at 210 but the screen had broke so they told us to go back to the cashier to change to a diffrent screen and by the time we got up to the cashier lady they were moving everyone to the 240 time(they were a little unorganized)and we werent able to get our original seats and all the seats were taken. we got our money back and we were really disappointed that this happened so I decided to let them play some games and of course half of the games were broken. But as a vister it was a bad experience. I also though it was really odd that the food and tickets were the same stand it made things a little longer.

Nisa Kenma

Love going to this movie theater they have chairs that recliner and you can get your own popcorn and put butter on it

Matt Vanmeter

They took my popcorn an soda to my seat cause I'm disabled how great is that

VPR Pena

I will not watch a movie anywhere else! I refuse! I love this place. :)

Roberto Sanchez

Great value, and with reserve seating.


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