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15 State Rd 106, Española, NM 87532

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REVIEWS OF Dreamcatcher 10 IN New Mexico

Marla Foreman

Good theater, they search your purse. Do not like that!

Judy Zuniga

Nice place to see a good movie

Wheeler Cowperthwaite

Screens are large, the seats are comfy and it has great ticket prices. The concessions are confusing and far too expensive. I'd like to get concessions, but they're too expensive.

Thea Aragon

Kind people, clean, great prices, no nonsense, and an all around good place. I drive an hour to get there just for the quality.

Neva Jane Parker

Always friendly. Prices are the best . Wouldn't go anywhere else.

veronica vigil

Affordable and fairly up to date inside.

Andres Olivas


Abrianna DeHerrera

The movies is a great place to see movies with friends loved ones and family.

Dee B

It's wonderful to have a theater in Espanola so you don't have to drive to Los Alamos or Santa Fe. My theater experience has always been good and the theater is kept clean. I especially appreciate the management for bringing in good Christian movies with good values and morals. Thank you and God bless!

Otto Moore

Great price and new releases.


Great service , great prices, great popcorn and cheery slushy!!!!

Joe Prerost

Seems like a decent theater. Good matinee prices. Smallish theaters but comfy seats and good quality projection. Somewhat small parking lot and few available showtimes.

Sara Loomis Smith

It's nice to find a mainstream theater that still charges good prices


Good Service

Veronica Montoya

Priced so much better than other theaters with equally comfortable seats!

Stephanie Jeanette Rodarte

Great place for cheap movies


Good prices

Martina Giron

Excellent prices on food and movie tickets. Plus the place is clean and seats are comfy.

Vidal Fernandez

Great place to take the day with family goid prices n great theaters

Squintz Roose Lee

Good. Clean. Fun.

Blaine Wimberly

Love the staff, love the concessions. Always clean and welcoming.

Jp Trujillo

Always a good family outing when I go here

dark reaper

Instant family was a great movie

Kelsey Mondragon

Favorite place to go see a movie. Good food, nice people, clean place.

Nsara Nop

It's a small theater and it isn't super fancy, but it is clean, and it has some of the cheapest movie tickets I have seen. $5.75 for a matinee ticket can excuse most issues you might have.

Mary Garcia

It got a bit cold inside while watching movie.Also need to advertise movies on the marquee. This is the only movie house that I know of that doesn't put the movies out on the huge Marquee instead of having to drive up or having to look it up on the internet. A lot of people don't have internet.

Gurubachan Khalsa

I find all of the staff at DreamCatcher Theatre always helpful ad smiling and present. Thanks to all of you for making our movie experience wonderful.

Megan Orr

Love the theater, the prices. Just wished they would turn the volume down at least one notch. Have to wear ear plugs to be able to watch any of the shows.

Joseph Garcia

I love coming here for the movies and great atmosphere.

Carmella Maestas

The security guard is so rude. Hate going, every time I'm getting my son down or just trying to find my glasses, she comes and integrates me in my car, she will literally wait till I get out. Very unprofessional behavior. She wrote down my license plate down just for looking for my damn glasses so I could see the movie.

arlene shadoan

They have done a good job at keeping theater clean. Best part is they start the movies on time with maybe 2 previews and then the movie. It's a breath of fresh air not to have to sit threw 30min of previews before the movie. Good job keep the good work up!

Michael Latoraco

Fun and good price

CGCN Media

Grew up going here

Heaven Van Valkenburg

Very rude management. Unreasonable.

Jacob Romero

Good movies to watch

Trish C

Show movie that aren't available in Santa Fe.

Abe Segovia

Dreamcatcher theater is a great place to go and watch all the latest movies playing.

Ramona Bustamante

It was fast and the cashier was very friendly the ladies at the counter for food products were also very friendly understanding when I made a mistake and we're willing to change but I didn't want very nice I had a great time as my husband did also thank you

Damien Spencer

We were the only ones in the theater on a monday at 4:30pm. Fast friendly service. I enjoyed my movie very much

Charles Hunter

Great prices, really cheap. This is the first time I've witnessed someone recording the video to sell bootleg... Little tacky.

Martin McNamara

This my favorite place to watch movies! My daughter and I go here almost every weekend. The staff are very friendly and the prices can't be beat!

Lora Goss

Nice cozy theaters and the prices won't break you!

4Head BruH

Good movies

Bamz Villela

Place kicked us out for no god dam reason. This place sucks ass.

Aide Gladys

Very bad service! The movie at the beginning was frozen and we waited about 20 min for the movie to play. About half way through the movie the fire alarm went of and everyone had to exit. It was very cold for us to wait outside with our kids but it was a waste of money! Never going there again! The staff was also very rude!!!! And the popcorn was burnt!!

Veronica Martinez

Could be kept cleaner and they never have hot dogs going for the last shows of the evening. However, the majority of the staff are friendly and helpful and the bathrooms are usually clean.

Ricky Tafoya

Awesome theater love the location

joseph Olivas

Good service but bathroom need to be cleaned more often

Eric Quintana

Love the place, best popcorn from miles!

Super Briyano

Great place to watch a movie.

Maryanna Ochoa

Love going to this theatre!


Nice movie theater with a great looking interior. This place is well kept up and has a large food service counter. Plenty of parking and well air conditioned. Easily to navigate around building due to great signage.

Miguel Moreno

People are so rude there. They were kicking everyone out after the movie!

Ken M

It's ok. Being from out of state I wasn't planning to get too critical. The service was great and so was the staff, but in the theater were a bunch of drunk people, they were being loud and obnoxious. I wish they wouldn't let people in like that.

Mom's Got A Glue Gun Gomez

It's a great place just too pricey on tickets food was moderately priced, I will return only if the film I want isn't showing any place closer

Jacob Edkin

Renovated in the last year and a hell of a lot better than Los Alamos. Doesn't beat santa Fe in "picture quality" but beats having to sit in a packed theater any day. Snacks are fairly cheap and popcorn seems to be on point. Definitely worth going to if you want to catch a movie nearby.

Isabella Lujan

Nice people they always smiles

Roukan Wolf

Not bad its just to loud

Robin Martin

Great theater. I wish they would post the movies on the sign near the highway and start advertising in the paper again. I can't remember to look online and see what's playing, but need to be reminded to go to the movies. My husband and I went to see Coco last night, and realized we hadn't been at the theater for over a year!

Louis Villa

Excellent theater for the area. Always has the hot movies and reasonable prices. Theaters are also clean and well maintained

Anna Garcia

$5 matinee!! The kids at the concession are trying their best to help everyone get their snacks

Natalie Martinez

Friendly and fast service love the reclining seats

chris casias

This is a great movie theater! I like the facility which is fun and inviting. The place is clean and kept up! The staff is also friendly and helpful too!

Marvin Montoya

Mediocre customer service. Snack lines most always are very long. Actual theatre is comfortable. Food quality is ok.

Josh Archuleta

Good atmosphere and prices. Manger has poor customer service skills.

Julie Fuller

Cheaper tickets you cannot find in the area.

Seth Sanchez

Be there on time because they don't show 30 minutes of previews like other theaters. If you want popcorn and food, get there early or you will miss the start of the show. They have security staff so people tend to behave. Don't hang around the parking lot afterwards talking about the movie because security will tell you to leave. The prices are good. It's clean enough. Staff is friendly. I've met one security guy there who was an a-hole but usually security staff is ok. The cashiers are not over friendly but they get everybody in and out pretty quickly. Overall it's good. It's on tribal land so pay attention to the imposing warnings on the sign outside (the usual tribal stuff that says, do you business, behave, obey our rules and then gtfo).

Don Money

Really frendly people. I had a good time. Thanks .

Nicholas Garcia

Great prices Great theater!!!

Helen Semanision

Great theater.

Margarita Naranjo

It was hard listening to the movie there were about 20th kids laughing and making all kinda noise and I saw the staff come in only once!

Richard S Martinez

A okay

Rachel Ortiz

Excellent theater with friendly staff as always, but I really wish that they would start displaying what movies and showtimes they have on the sign outside again.

Sherry Lopez

Fairly comfortable seats. Can be crazy when new show just come out, so suggest waiting after a few showings.

Andrea Montoya

For this being the only movie theater in espanola, they do a good job. Since management was replaced a few years back there was definitely a positive change. Ticket prices were lowered and the staff is very friendly and efficient when it comes to purchasing tickets, getting food from the concession counter, and assisting you when help is needed. Also the seats and aisles are cleaner.

Dragon Blogs

Detective Pikachu Was Amazing!


It's great new chairs great sound awesome snack bar

Ryan Martinez

They'll tow your vehicle if your movie is longer than 2 hours

Harimandir Singh

There was a line in the screen, bathrooms were broken so had to go home to pee halfway through movie, the "security" searched my wife's purse when our hands were full of food and the manager was very rude. Wish there was another option in Espanola.

Jazlyn Sanchez

The popcorn and snacks are amazing. The theaters are very comfortable!

Eutimia Valdez

Manager is unprofessional. Smoking outside , in front of customers gossiping is totally unprofessional. employees are not friendly or inviting.

Troy Olsen

rude people. Management locally or at corporate do not care

Jaden Romero

Wonderful place to come to on a Friday night with your family. Staff is respectful! Also great popcorn

Dick Wimberly

People were polite and efficient. Most helpful in fact. The theater was very clean and I liked the hot dogs.

Angela Romero

Nice big screens and clean.

Stiliriser Michonta

Spiderman is still dead.

Dylan Brown

This is the only place to watch movies in Espanola. This theatre is pretty great for quality and consistent get what you paid for delivery. What I like most is the slush variety here although others may not like the price. But,looking past that the flavors are amazing,and I personally love the pics colada flavor.

Justina Schneeweis

Nice little theater. Very reasonable ticket prices. Snacks and drinks overpriced as expected from a theater, but not as bad as most. Wait in line can be long sometimes. Overall, a great theater for a small town.

Kevin sepultura

Good place for a movie to watch best get there early

Gail Mohamed

The manager is always helpful and keeps staff doing their jobs right. I feel safe there and glad it's close by.

Julio Arreola

It is a nice and cheap place.

Jesse Perez`

Great price for a movie, under 6 bucks. Can't beat it. Great comfortable theaters.

Sherry Graham-Pine

Cozy theatres

Sam Rod

Great service, great staff, fresh popcorn....always going over & beyond! My family & I love coming here!

David Madrid

Dang more rooms than I thought prices are good except for the concession stand prices are ridiculously crazy so eat and drink before you go

Genessy Rebecca Garcia

It was so nice I went to the last show and it was nice and empty

Gabriel Sandoval

A great little movie theater for all to experience. Staff was attentive and very helpful. Would recommend for everybody, but needs serve diet Dr. Pepper again.

John Smith

Good movie in a good location.

Brenda Baca

Ticket and concession prices are very reasonable. Staff is always friendly.

ixis Hennessy

Place is great prices are too high for food though!

Mister Phewski

This is a great place to take the kids. Nice, clean facility with a small arcade area and well maintained lavatories. The ticket prices are pretty reasonable as well. Highly recommended of you want an affordable theater experience with the family.

Craig Norborg

Screens are good, audio is good, ticket prices aren't bad. The whole layout is a bit confusing and the area doesn't seem to be the best. The popcorn is ok, they tend to not have fresh in the mix nearly enough I think. They have enough screens to keep most of the current movies around.

Lanell Matt

This theater has the cheapest ticket prices in northern NM. The employees are nice caring, and bathrooms and theaters are clean. If you want to be able to see the new releases without having to pay the 'normal' theater prices in NM, or deal with the over-fancy and over-priced food offered at other theaters in NM, this theater is for you.

Michael Sanchez

Seats are uncomfortable but prices are great amd staff are nice.

Joe Trujillo

Could use a good clean up but a sold out show was very organized !

Alfredo Flores

Fast quick friendly service and clean restrooms

Heather O' Brien

I liked the movie it was nice and relaxing

Daniel Vigil

It was cool

Richard Higbee

It has good screens and seating. Kind of dirty


The Dream Catcher Theatre is a pretty good Theatre.. Since the changes from a couple of years ago with new management they were able to keep prices low which is two

Israel Munoz

Food made me amd my wife sick! We had to vomit in the bathroom. I asked for some water and i was charged $3.

Adam Varela

Loved it security officer was nice

Joe Joe Luna

They are the only Movie theater in the city of espanola New Mexico. It is very safe. They have security guards so I don't worry if I drop my son off at the theater for a movie. He is thirteen years old and I can trust him along with security guards on duty. They also always have good seating and is a great movie experience.

Gabri's Diary

Always a nice experience and the rooms aren't freezing like other theaters.

Richard Marquez

Great theater just got to keep up with their hot dogs

Cheri Martinez

Cheap but good

Sara Trujillo

Went on a weekday 4pm showing, nice and empty!

Manuel Apodaca

Awesome staff. Always on time. Very Helpful. Don't know why there are negative remarks. Love this theatre. Keep doing an Awesome Job.

Kimber Romero

Horrible customer service. Employees are rude and act like they hate their jobs. An employee told a customer she needed to drink diet soda when she ordered her drink. They have bad attitudes with customers. No matinee discounts. Stale popcorn.

Candice Wilhite

It's so nice to have a quality theater it!

Damian Nunn

I love this theater but the last time we went the popcorn was cold.

Samantha Jones

It was a great experience

Daniel Lujan

Seats are not too great but for the price its not bad. . Sound and picture needs improvement also..

julia Rodriguez

Nice get away alittle expensive dont like the idea that they search your purse other then that its nice

Judy Trimarchi

After going to movies for decades in the WDC area, this theater is so amazing. The cost is about half what we are used to paying for tickets AND concessions. We often get a senior discount. They glance in my purse for security reasons and don't even blink an eye at the candy I am smuggling in! It has the comfy theater seating and is nice and clean. The staff is always super friendly to us. Anyone who laughs at my lame jokes is alright in my book!

Kim Devargas

I Liked the ticket prices. Was pretty clean and like the little arcade for the kiddos

Melissa Berryhill

There was recently an evacuation from the theatre leaving our date night a little down-in-the-dumps. I contacted the owner, Kelly and she kindly gave us a rain check for another date night. We will definitely be returning to the Dreamcatcher. Thank you!! Great theatre and wonderful staff.

Michelle Narvaiz

love the movies there and it's always quiet but busy!!

rage of rad !!!!

Luv their Pop

Van Chesko

New owners always empty and thats nice.

Judith White

Nice, clean theater with pleasant atmosphere and very clean bathrooms. Snacks are quality as well.

Joaquin Lopez

Very comfortable

JT Salas

Great prices for movies and concessions. This place gets crowded for popular movies so arrive early!

Jim Rogers

I can't believe they won't let us bring outside snacks

America Beltran

Nice place, cheaper than Santa fe, the only bad thing is that they don't have 3D movies.

ivan herrera

Service was terrible popcorn was cold the night manager some little girl was very rude you're better off going to Santa Fe

ram das khalsa

Inexpensive tickets! Convenient location and decent movie snack selection.

b dunn

We enjoyed 12 String. Nice theater.

Mike Jones

My hometown theater. It's a good place except that it doesn't offer movies after 9 o'clock.

Teresa Martinez

Always enjoy going to the movies at this place..

Desiree Montoya

Friendly staff . Great movies:)

Janet Florence McCormack

Refreshing to go movies in a safe, fun, family environment. They evidently know how to handle the full spectrum of diverse American public and the many visitors who vacation in this part of New Mexico. Good job ... keep up it up!

Carlos Fernandez

I watched pet Sematary and i loved it the employees were very nice

Debbie Viera

Needs to be remodeled for sure lol everything is old there even arcade games ,they don't put what movies are showing on the billboard outside anymore that sucks but it's our only theatre here in Espanola,

Jedi Johnsen

Haven't been here in years and now I remember why. The service here is terrible. Half the staff was just sitting down with a line forming at the door. Are you serious? One employee was even giving another employee a massage. How do I sign up for that kind of job?

Alejandro Miramontes

Cheap on week days not a lot of people best time to go.

Patrick Romero

Great and good popcorn

Lynne Gudes

This place is really on a downhill slide. Quite some time ago, this theater stopped posting the films on the marquee. I haven't gone in a really long time because when the films are on the marquee, I used to do "impulse" movies. Now that they aren't on the marquee, my attitude is if I have to go to the internet, I might as well go to the Violet Crown in Santa Fe where it's cleaner. People are nicer and the food is much better and less expensive.

Teresa Perdomo

good sound and picture quality.

Life Lol

Casesion guy hooked it up with a free refill insted of paying


They have Guitar Hero in the arcade and air hockey! Comfy seats. Nice theater.

Jose Rodriguez

The quality took my daughter there

Keith Carleton

Best price for a movie and concession and only a short drive from Santa Fe.


Great prices wish it would show times on the board

Robin Green

Avengers is a must

Barbara Lovato

Had a great time at the Dreamcatcher Theater employees treat you like family.

Andy Jimenez

Nachos are a disappointment . They went with the bag of broken chips and sorry-assed cheese cup.

Paula Valdez

Rambo last blood was an amazing movie!!


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