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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Movies 8 IN New Mexico

Jesse valentine Prather

Fun place to enjoy a movie on any day of the week. Cheep too, & employees r very helpful.


I'm very disappointed with the new sign they put up on San Mateo Blvd. It was nice to drive by and see what movies were showing. I mean I realize we live in the digital age and all that information is at our finger tips but still I'm not a big movie buff so I'm not always checking. It used to be nice to pass by and see what was showing and of course if something caught my attention I would go see it.

Brenda Montoya

It's my favorite place to take my son to watch a late min movie. He loves going there to watch "the big tv" and enjoy some popcorn candy and a nice crisp soda. He also like hitting up the games after the movie is over. We try to go twice a month to enjoy a kid friendly movie.

Jennifer Baca

Pretty clean for movie theater. Love the prices

J Martin

Would be nice if they showed the older movies!

Scott Dean

This is a nice theater for going to the "dollar movies" type of enviornment and is very clean and has helpful and friendly staffing.they were very helpful when it came to a couple of things that happened because of having to take a 3 month old baby to this theater. While the rest of the family watched I voleentered to take care of him out in the lobby and the manager was very helpful when I needed to heatup the water for the bsbies formula and making sure to tell me of the changing tables that are located in the south side restrooms also...

Mia Trujillo

Place is dirty. Trashes are full. Looks like they don’t clean at all.

Rippy Sillyettes

Day staff are always very friendly and helpful.

Ben Shiosee

I enjoyed my time there. Great sevice, comfortable seating.

Blane Armstrong

Always have a good time at this theater

Jacquelyn Chavez

Fun date night with my 8 yr old son....Had a blast....great memory

Angie Doyle

Good price. Good movies.

Art Baray

Been coming here since movies were only a dollar. Now we bring our boys, great family place!


Nice people but very dirty place

Enjoly Gutierrez

A little run down but otherwise great for the price

Kim Pelkey

Loved this theatre!! The employees were all amazing!!

Bill Estes

I just loved the green book movie! Cheaper than renting on Vudu.

Elizabeth Hernandez

Just pricey extras like popcorn but otherwise good time

Martin Casillas

Definitely a nice place to watch a good movie at a low cost

Drew Einhorn

The dollar movie has gone up to $2.70. Good place to see it again. And a good place to catch up if you missed it when it was new. They currently have a much better selection of movies than the last I paid attention.

Raquelle Quintana

Staff was so great, seats comfy, theater very clean, the best customer service we've gotten in a long time at any theater!! And we go see movies 2-3 times per week...

Danny Lang

Ok, but movies have gotten to high, and food has gotten outrageously high!

Eric Manolito

Great location for afternoon viewing witb eateries near by

Judi Snyder

Great comfortable reclining spacious seats!

Joshua Gonzalez

Very affordable, great service.

Lupe Miranda

Love coming here!

Sasha B

Great price to watch a movie but the food and candies are not.

Tenaya Montoya

Good place to see fairly new movies at a good price.

Felecia Schreier

2nd run movies but I like the price. I get a hearing assist headset no problems. The nights we go it's not crowed and I can enjoy a movie in the theater. It's clean and maintained.

Dory lucero

Seats were uncomfortable and torn the place wasnt very clean but the prices are great

L Ortiz

It was nice .the food was good. Nice seats in the theater

Amelia Nakai

Went to find last minute movies to watch. Was fun to watch a SCARY movie. Great service.

Christian Bulling

It's a dollar theater so the movie price was good. Disappointed by how unkempt the concession areas appeared to be. Looks to be a little short-staffed. Those employees that are present did a good job and were friendly.

SGT. KnightCast

I am 100% blind. I am not, visually impaired nor am I legally blind. I am 100% blind, and I depend strongly upon my assistive Technologies on a day-to-day basis. I enjoy going out to the movie just like the next guy. They have a small digital device that has a narration of what is happening on the screen so that the blade / legally blind may enjoy the movie just as everybody else. After anybody pays the price that they pay to go into the movie they wish to see the movie without any interruptions. I believe that I am absolutely 100% correct in this line of thinking. I consider myself to be a part of this particular crowd. Especially, seeing as how I am disabled. This, means that I am on a fixed income. When I go in and pay the extreme high price to watch the movie I wish that I could watch it without problems. 7 out of 10 times that I go to the movie theater the digital device that is supposed to be narrating what is happening on the screen does not work. I do not find out about this until the movie is playing. I then, have to go back down to the front so that I can stand at the customer service desk until somebody finally notices me standing there. By the time they have finally corrected the problem I have lost out on 20, or 30 minutes of the show. It would not be so annoying if this was not such a regular occurrence. I do not understand why it is so difficult to have the equipment properly functioning at the beginning of each show. Especially, since one has to pay the price at the door for the ticket, and then paid the extreme prices for popcorn, candy, and a soda pop. This, it's what makes me the most angry. I spend a lot of money to watch a movie just so that I can miss the first 20, or 30 minutes of it. It is most irritating when I am there with my boy, or my nephew / niece. I wish to sit down and enjoy the afternoon with the children. It really sucks when I have to have them get up with me just so that I can go to the front and correct something that should already have been addressed prior to my arrival. This is a problem 7 out of 10 times, which is inexcusable. I do not understand why they have not found a way to get on top of this matter by now.

S Lorann Dennison

Nice comfortable place to see a movie and maybe grab some popcorn and a soda.


its a great theater for the price .. its. not dollar movies that you grew up with.. premium seats and sounds ..price is great ...'going to the movies' can easily ve affordable and enjoyable

Carrie Chavez

Friendly staff, comfy seats.

Argo Fuchs

This Place is the go to cheap seats for the second run cinema experience on the N.E. side of town. The tickets are lower than Half the price of the First Run Movies at the competition Century Mega Cinemas Being the films MOVIES 8 Offers Are The 90-180 day old blockbusters and/or the Ne'er do well NO SHOWS , & the also rans of the cinematic art form. Dont despair as youll be happy to know Cinemark offers all the culinarial peculiaritiesl, along with the sweet the sour the sugardense & the chocolate bars & bites, as good an assortment. As any Of the First rate theatre confectionery!!! With every bit of the cost and trappings of their above board Counterparts. This. Location can get busy on the peak days, weekends or the first few showings of a long awaited 2nd running masterpiece so get tickets ahead o time for your seat preference at the showing you desire. You can find this Cinemark Movies8 located just west ofHooters restaurant. On San Mateo Blvd.@ Lumber drive. NE. Albuquerque NM 87110

Jaylen Jefferson

Fun family place.

Jennifer Davis

We came at the last minute and the ticketeer understood to usher us in quick. My son dumped popcorn and nobody batted an eye, but one girl usher rushed over and joked about it. They were so friendly. Highly recommended!

shirley valdez

This movie theater is a good price, only 2.70 for adults.We went to see The Life of pets 2, and it was pretty funny

Sasha De La Cruz

Best place to watch movies for cheap! yes, they may be out to buy or rent. But to be able to still see it on the big screen with the family is great! Im a huge movie buff so even seeing movies for the second time is awesome!

Korigan Payne

Good price to see a movie on the big screen.

Corvette Stalker

Movie and snacks was good

Adam Mascarenas

Great time with family fast friendly service

india merrill

Awesome!! Will come again. And great prices.

Estrella Avila

Always nice to see a cheap movie while it's still in theaters. Don't knock it til you try it. Fun games. Family vibe. Enjoy.

Susan Moore

Don't buy tickets in advance, cheaper at the door, and even with paid ticket, same line, same wait

Annie Jewell

This is my second home. The people are friendly they know me. The seats are good. The price is right. It is only a couple dollars for a movie.

Jaselle Romero

This place always has sticky floors but, i guess yu get what yu pay for its all pretty cheap.

Patty Adams

I call it the "cheap theater" lol... It's where I go when I've got a ton of kids with me. How else could we afford the movie theater? Sears are comfy & staff is very friendly.

Lupita Saenz

Nice inexpensive way to spend time with the family. Of course drinks and snacks are outrageously priced.


It's a dollar movie. What did you expect, fancy recliners? Fun.

Helena Apachito

It's a nice place to go watch a movie after work

Gilbert Reyes

This has to be the best hidden away theater in town. Other than the location I liked it. The place was clean and I liked the decor.

Jose Lozano

Nice place to catch a movie clean comfortable seating

Robert Banning

Its the bargain teacher so you don't get the good seats but you can't beat the price and I don't think the charge anything more than the regular theaters do

muhumure chantal

They don't have that much movies, but its awesome.

Adam Adams

I love this theater but security there doesn't appear to care about the parking lot at all and will give you the run around if anything happens to your vehicle

Richard Chong

$1.00 movies are now $1.35 same as senior day pricing. Still best movie deal in town!

Jason Brown

Ok folks here's the deal. The place is old...and it's a second-run kind of joint. You have to know that going in. If you want the latest/greatest in movie watching tech and creature comforts, go elsewhere. What the place does have, though, is great prices and a bit of nostalgia. Sticky floors, gross toilets/baby changing stations, and cliche theater carpet, and all, it's that kind of theater. So long as you know that going in, it's not a bad place to catch a flick before it's no longer available on the big screen. I watched Godzilla King of the Monsters as it's run was ending and enjoyed the experience. Just don't change a baby on the station, please!

Nancy Markus

This is a slightly older 8 plex that has been maintained well. It's clean and comfortable and a great option to see prime movies for a low price if you are willing to wait a few weeks after initial release.

DVS1 Chicago

Relatively clean, parking isn't a cluster fawk, concessions are still outrageous no matter where you go, but at least there's armed security here.

Mr. Spoon

I have been coming her since the 90s. My mom used to take me. Now I get to take my son to movies here. Everyone was really nice and the popcorn was fresh.

E.G. Haas

Was very nice. Seats were very comfortable. The whole place immaculate. As well as pleasant staff.

Myrin Spencer

Friendly good service! Good popcorn, very yummy in my tummy haha... good price on tha tickets :)

Dyan Wilson

Saw a good least this visit the young lady at the box office was friendly and seemed to like her job.

Lord Darth Sinicle

Great, reliable place to watch movies. Cheap prices.

merlinda garciabeard

Wow had not been to this theater in a while because the seats were so uncomfortable, but they put new larger more comfortable seats in I luvd it


They must've replaced the seats since the last time that I was there. They are much more comfortable.

Cassandra Kaylene

It's nice and the prices are cheap. Definitely recommend if you are low on funds and want something to do. The service was okay, nobody was rude. The place was pretty clean too.

dark Vader 101 Yoda 202

I would leave 0 stars if I could!! Badies were crying, people and children talking one time calls phones were ringing people, getting up and walking around constantly..and absolutely no one was monitoring the noise from the audience. If you want to be able to actually hear a movie without people talking in the theater DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Seanmatthewch Fusion_Engineering

I've gone here my whole life, costumer service is great, they just need to handle drunks some people better, or get rid of bad costumers. Everything else is great, it's well maintained, and the cinemas themselves are good quality.

kristine Kee

It's always a pleasure coming here w family

Rebecca Morris

It was nice. Popcorn was great but the soda tasted like carbonation. We had fun though.

David Z

Lost my phone and manager went out of his way to find it. Great service!

serenity Hardy

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Abdelghani Laraoui

It is a very good movie theater for families with kids, affordable with very flexible times.


For a 'dollar-movie theater' spot, it's a pretty decent place to go watch a good movie. They have good seating and kettle corn popcorn too!

Candace Lopez

The seats are very uncomfortable especially for a pregnant girl. The actual movie prices are okay but the food and drinks are too high

ron rodriguez

Really good place to not spend a lot of money to see a movie

Charlene Williams

Low cost movies and kid friendly environment. Budget friendly!

Red Drum

Lot's of parking, economical tickets, good choice of movies to see, something for everyone. We went Monday to see Alpha. It was a great movie and we had a great time. Try it!

Nicole Marion

For years I have loved this movie theatre. We've lived in the neighborhood for as long as I can remember, and I'm 28. It is convenient and fun. Well, they can improve the prices for popcorn and snacks though. Lots of good memories there. Keep thriving Movies 8!!! ❤

kerina cunningham

Good price for the movies-not for concessions. I would recommend bringing a pillow the seats are kindof awequardly shaped.

Christina Quiroz

Great place. Manager went out if his way to make his customer happy

Chris Davalos

Nice seats and good popcorn

Joanna Vega

Wonderful movie wonderful staff personnel

L Padilla

Great place...great prices...for an afternoon getaway!!

Jesse Perez`

Love Cinemark. Missed a movie

Ruth Talley

My family had an interesting experience at the theater tonight. Someone had to be sprayed with pepper spray! Of course the fumes started all of the customers coughing like crazy. We heard several people complaining to the management and security guard about how awful it was too be coughing. While the coughing wasn't fun, my husband and I were so grateful for a staff that is trying to protect their customers from more serious outcomes! Good job!! I'm happy to know that our safety is being secured in that theater!!


Good experience!

Paul Nichols

Great prices , clean and easy access. Not crowded or dirty.

Bryant Draper

Brings back memories

Claudia Cardenas DeGiglio

Very quiet and clean place to watch a movie.

Lori Salim

Inexpensive but a bit dated. Very nice staff!


Excellent bargain and superb customer service!

thomas zander

TO few handicap seats, seats were taken by children, had to sit way up front, which I hate. Every thing else was fine.

Lynn Yazzie

Would b nice if the seats were softer. Had my girls that are pregnant also staff should help the elders with carrying their soda and popcorn, cuz I helped a couple and lady was using 2 canes and tried to carry a popcorn. I felt bad for her and I helped

annette cervantes

Love to spend family time

Artist Just Artist

It's cheap and the staff is patient with me and my four kids and that's enough for me :)

happy girl

Great, clean movie theater. Saw The Grinch with my daughter and we had a great time!

Sandy Rogers-Soler

The new refillable 2019 containers are so big! It cost $38 for two of us but the popcorn and drink containers are so big! We will probably only refill one popcorn next time for $4.75. If we drank the same soda, we would share that refill too for $4.00.

Lowline Nelson

They need a little update but good place.


Best price in town. Quality picture and sound. Comfy seats and lots of memories at this place.

Charles Hollis II

Good movies, games galore for kids. Treat yourself!!!

Liz Silva

Very helpful

Mack Gurule

Best movie experience I have had in a while.

Roy Pitrucha Hall

Great prices. That's why anyone will ever go there. As far as dollar theaters go its good. Bathrooms are okay, the place is reasonably clean, and the only thing I disliked were the chairs. They kinda suck. But hey, its cheap!.

Travis Seeman

Good theater even better price for movie

Mary Frances Wells

Good movies & great popcorn

Geoffrey Kellogg

It's been awhile since I've been to the movies. However my cousin goes all the time and we've been hanging out together lately. So movies we go. I like this place. Seats are comfy. Not to crowded when we go. Seen some pretty cool flicks here. Will go again.

Luis Martinez

It's ok

Mary LaFollette

Discount tickets on Tuesday

P4ND4 Beats

Good place good people seats could be better tbh but the rest is awesome

Errol Jewell

We saw Poms it's a good old people movie with Diane Keaton. Cute movie but glad I went to Cinemark movies 8 and didn't pay full price. If you like Diane Keaton. You won't be disappointed.

Susanne Maturo

It was nice to see a lot of employees, in this economy jobs are needed and they were professional and pleasant. I understand that it can be cheaper to bring all the kids to the movies, than get a babysitter, but please leave the crying, bored toddlers home, or at least take them out of the theater when they start to fuss instead of having a lit cellphone with the sound on trying to entertain the kid!

Marilee Luera

Love the dollar movies but had one issue went to see spiderman (kids movie) and one of the previews was for a horror movies(stories to tell in the dark). I don't think that belongs before showing a kids movie BTW the preview for Dora was after the horror movie preview

Nate the great nerd

Great ticket prices

Andrea Moya

Stuber was great

Heather Cary

Pretty good seats and great ticket price, but Snack bar costs more than a regular theater

Tachana Baker-Cotton

I only come here to watch movies. since I'm not really into movies and I'm also poor it's kinda perfect. Lol its been clean the three times I went. It's dirt cheap for tickets and its never too busy like box office crazy which is perfect because I have anxiety around large crowd. The food prices are normal but that's okay considering you save so much on tickets. I would bring my other poor friends here lol.

Kathleen Brown

The staff and the movie was wonderful

David Davis

Good price. Wish I could figure how to use the rewards

Brittney Harston

Amazing experience, staff was super friendly and the theater was very clean. I lost my phone and management found it know problem. Will definitely be back, what a great experience.

Pablo Escabar

Actually a really good theater for the "$1 movies" clean , personal is great , clean restrooms and security was present

Joseph Becker

It was really good movie. Lot of fun and sadness.lots of ups and downs. Very good entertainment.

Christine Mcclelland

Love watching great movies for under $3!

Flora Olson

Price is Right!..... Seats are comfy...goodies...pricey

Linda Lang

Under 3.00 each. Great family place. If you don't mind waiting for a movie it the best price.

Cari Weston

Good tine with grandkids we watched secret life of pets they laughed an ate popcorn

Melissa Nowakowski

Prices Wnt up for a. Afternoon show nobody could say why?..hought it one rate till 4 pm then I went up just coutprious ,,,,,REALLY need. Team. Sweating and sipping things down and answering quipestions would be nice I order a Deion little i e was full. Ugh. No soda I toook back am corrected open u ears. ,,,,,,,,,,,, One person behind counter ,,,,,,,,,,,a manger guy took order ,,,, still got it wrong oh well. ,,,,,,,,

David Mardo 3

Cheap, good movies, good food, not a bad evening out and it does not take too long for the movies to move from the bigger theaters to this more affordable theater. Like 3 dollars for an adult ticket and it it usually pretty empty for a lot if the later showings so you can possibly get a theater all to yourself which means no one on their phone and no one spoiling the movie.

Christine Villalovos

Bumblebee was awesome! Chairs were comfortable

Skudmonkey 2.0!

I like it here. I like that you add your own butter to your popcorn. But I got glared at because I gave a arcade machine the middle finger because I was ticked off that it kept skipping me before I got to the minor prize level. And they can show more 3D movies at times that aren't to late or to early. But it's a good place to go to see a cheap movie.

Felipe Gregory

Good dollar theatre . Just wish they put a lil more butter on the popcorn for those prices lol but good

Rosie Olguin

We enjoyed the movie, the convenience of its location and parking.

Tera Crayne

Really adorable. Comfortable seats. Great snacks and great movie choices.

Margaret Chavez

I'm not much for going to movie theaters, my son took me there. I couldn't believe that price it was cheap and great. So far we have watched so many great movies. I recommend this theater

Alex I Castillo

Cheaper tickets, really good screens...and there are restaurants all around if you want to eat after the movie.

Linda Buckley

Especially like the afternoon movies.

alan cofran

Cheap movies equal good times

Emmanuel Ortega

O feel the railing reflects the movie more but I got to see bohemian rapsody, which by this point everyone knows is an amazing movie, for like 5 bucks that's amazing

Debra Stallings

Always clean, including the restrooms. New comfortable seating, and no sticky floors. Movies are inexpensive with specials for seniors. Definitely try this theater. I think the parking is fine, but we always go in the afternoon.

Randall Pablo

Great prices on a show and a fun, family and friendly place

Rich Angel

Great price for a movie! Leather seats! Clean. Seats back are a tad high but just enough to look over the next person seat. You can put your own butter in the popcorn.

Belinda Flores

Always great movies at a great price!!

Angelo Jaramillo

Good sections of bargain movies and good popcorn

Jonez Mob

Wish they had more movie selections and times but overall a good theater!

Elytania Tirado

Had a great time with my kiddo

Tami Oelschlegel

Great prices and the seats are comfortable!

Rafiel Saavedra

It's a great cinema. Same as the regular priced ones in terms of quality and service. In exchange for watching every movie about 2 or 3 months after it comes out you only pay $2.50 a person. Helluva deal.

Diana Chavez

Nice, cheap tickets, and you can find movies that are not being screened in other theaters.

Kenneth Talbot

It is a good movie theater to go to

Zeke Zenitram

Great prices to enjoy a movie with comfortable seats. Popcorn and drinks are a bit pricey

Heather Jim

Wait time was good.

June Charles

Excellent service. I needed a pair of hearing impaired device and asked if they really had one I could use. They did. There manager even set it up for me perfectly. He was very kind and sincere about it. The line was a bit fierce, but all was good. Had no issues.

Tovah Perez

I love this place. With 5 kids who can afford outlandish movie prices? Great price, good variety of movies and nice atmosphere.


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