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Where is Century 14 Downtown Albuquerque?

REVIEWS OF Century 14 Downtown Albuquerque IN New Mexico

jay mueller

Rambo! Final blood epic, passionate, poetic.

edward yazzie

Floors sticky... But fast service.

John Ames

Great theater. Plus it is rarely crowded.

Veronica Licea

I love that there are no assigned seating. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! They have super friendly staff too!

Rachel Maurer

This theater used to be one of my favorites but unlike other Century theaters it hasn't been upgraded. The seats were extremely uncomfortable. You cannot reserve seats in advance like at most other theaters. There was no one to take your ticket and point you to where your theater might be...and this was on a Saturday evening. (as a result, local homeless people were coming into the theater).

Anthony Bolagh

Saw Godzilla movie a few weeks ago and had a great experience. Staff were very friendly ,food and drinks were good and prices were not too high

Chris Lagunas

I like it. Stadium seating. Sometimes have to wait in line at consession stand. And they have a family restroom which is nice if you have kids or if you're a caregiver.

Jenna Romero

This is my favorite movie theater it's so vibrant and retro

Jake West

We walk here often. Its a small theater but is always clean and comfortable.

Ken Brown

Nearly always get a good seat.

Erick Fierro

It's nice cus it's always empty and quite no lines

dela brito

Quiet, because most people don't like to go downtown. Clean and helpful, friendly staff

Adriana Anderson

Love coming here because it's close to UNM and usually quiet. Parking is easy, but the walk from the garage to the theatre can be a bit intimidating. Walk in pairs. It's fun to make it a special occasion when my husband and I are in the area by eating at Tucanos. Get your parking stub stamped at each place you visit in the area.

Shawn Shaw

Good movie. Good theater. Been coming for years

Nichole Maher

Good prices but smaller theaters than the 24 for the most part.

Ray Coan

Having worked here in the past, I can say it's a OK movie theater. Popcorn is always fresh, Starbucks drinks at cafe counter. Stay away from Brazilian cheese bread, a Brazilian restaurant is literally nextdoor so you can get the real stuff. Helpful tip, try going to the early showtimes, less crowded and the rule about no outside food is a relaxed.

Enjoly Gutierrez

Not busy all the time and don't have to buy your seats ahead of time

Rhyan Yazzie

Always a good facility to be at comfy chairs an good snacks.

Robbin Robertson

Very nice place very well kept up clean nice friendly employees and their food and drinks are always fresh and ready to serve one of the best places in Albuquerque to go have a great time at

Mr C

Comfortable, matinee prices are very reasonable, but, unfortunately, it's in an area overrun with indigents.


'Angels Fallen' was great. Go see it.

Andres Barela

This place may still provide a parking voucher for the associated parking garage, so make sure you save your stub. The overall cleanliness and quality of this place is great.

Matias Tapia,jr

They have good movies food and drinks and have to check tomorrow if JOKER movie started!!!!

Angela Fritz

Always clean and comfortable, with friendly staff. Sound and picture quality have always been excellent when I have gone here, too. Seats are fairly wide by theater standards, I am a fairy large person but they aren't too snug for me.

Eric Luchetti

Good theater, popcorn was really dry and bland last time i went. But i do like how you go ans get your own stuff and check out at the end, saves a lot of time and money on staff and makes there job easier. Im pretty sure its a smart thing to do. But i do whish the staff would be more friendly and welcoming. The ticket taker her was very rude when i went. They didnt tell me what theater i was in or which way, or even have a good show. Very rude in my opinion. I understand they might hate there jpb but they got to still do the job they signed up for.

Erica Shije

Staff is friendly, Popcorn is delish! I appreciate the price on Tuesday's $5 all day!

Raymond Woods

Cheetos Popcorn is no joke... must have

Electric Region

Great staff and environment, great place to watch movies.

Tom Hanks

I love going to matinees on the weekdays whenever kids are in school, we pretty much have the theater to ourselves.

Joshua Renfro

Location wise the best in downtown for movies go before 6 and movies are $5 enjoy the popcorn and if your a lil extra get a slushie you wont go wrong

Neasha Baca

First time to that one really liked it a lot

Joseph Baca

It was Friday late afternoon. Plenty of room not a lot of people. Fresh popcorn with extra butter just right. Good clean seating and floors (hate sticky floors) and great sound. Comfortable movie watching.

Syrie Galbraith

The employees were wonderful. My three year old dropped our large popcorn in the foyer. Before she could even shed a tear, they had refilled our bucket. Thanks for saving our afternoon.

SGT. KnightCast

Although, I am without my vision I do enjoy a good movie from time to time. It is just so damned unfortunate that the assistive technology that is supposed to describe the movie to me as it is playing is always having problems. About half the time I go in there with somebody to watch a movie I usually have to put them out because, we have to get up and go back to the desk to wait for somebody to address the issues so that we can go back in and time to be late for the first 15 minutes of the movie. Everybody loves to just be absolutely late for the movie because, that is like totally what we are paying for a right? I wish that the assistive technology was more up to par. And if they're going to charge so much for the popcorn that they can keep it fresh. The customer service can definitely be improved upon as well. A lot of the use, and young adults that look here have a somewhat unpleasant position. It is pretty obvious that they are not enjoying themselves, but they can do a better job of pretending to be in a better mood for the benefits of the patrons. When a majority of the people working there seems like they are at a funeral it takes away from the patrons ability to continue to enjoy. Please, I wish they would address the assistive technology for the Blind and Visually Impaired above all. That, would be my most primary concern...

cecilia romero

Close to my mom's love taking her to the movies

Lory Wiley

Easy to park in structure a block over. Theater will stamp parking stub so it's free. Theater is clean. Workers always friendly. Popcorn fresh. Appreciate there's security on staff.

Joe Edward

So glad downtown Albuquerque has a movie theater. Awesome concession stand that even has an ice cream bar. All current releases and very clean. The perfect place to escape for a couple of hours.

Yvette Parras

Very comfortable environment. Friendly staff.

Abelardo Marrufo

Good service usually pretty fast to get tickets.

MonkeyHuevos 117

Me and the wife love this place! We go here all the time because there's not too much people and auditorium chairs are always available. Tickets are cheap too, especially before 6 PM on the weekdays, even for new movies.

Bobbie V

EXPENSIVE! The concession stand was expensive, & the bulk candy had no way of weighing until you are at the register & shocked by the price! The seats are not updated & a bit uncomfortable! I parked at the garage & it wasn't until we got to the counter that I realized I had to bring my ticket to get it validated, end up paying $5 for parking!

Leigh Maxie

I love this movie theater. A great employee name Robert, I believe he's one of the supervisors assisted me very well in a moment of panic. His attentiveness compassion and professionalism made it possible for me to retrieve my lost phone. I'd left it in my Lyft driver's car. He used his phone and sent an email on my behalf to Lyft explaining what happen. Because of his quick actions, Lyft contacted the driver and my phone was returned the next day. In Albuquerque, a place void of all customer service skills, courtesy or professionalism, Robert made the city of Albuquerque hopeful. I sincerely thank him.


Always clean, friendly staff. Seats are not recliners and not assigned like in most theaters. Parking is available a block south in parking garage but can be quite crowded at times. Don't forget to get your parking ticket validated at front desk.

Smoke Bud

This theater has it all! They have coffee & ice cream. The staff is the friendlyist . Lots of choices in the theater with lots of times to choose from.

Tom Nasca

Parking structure says “Movie patrons park free!” But that is not true if your movie is lengthy and you arrive at a decent hour to get a seat. 3 hour maximum on validated parking. Charged $1 for parking for 3hr 6min when street parking was available and free on Sundays. Next time, I will be going to a different theater with actual free parking. Also, the lobby, theaters, and bathrooms were disgusting. And I’m pretty sure their “XD” commercial exceeds OSHA regulations for sound pressure levels. Thanks for the hearing loss!

Annette Ramos de Villarreal

Nice theater very enjoyable, attentive staff and friendly. My first time, would definitely recommend. Attended an early morning viewing of Rocket Man. If your Elton John fan it was excellent bio movie with great music.

angelica Trujillo

The audio to the movie was sooo loud, everytime it was a singing part of the movie it would make you cringe because it was so loud! Very unpleasant experience that day.

Zachary Quintana

Great place to watch a movie!

Estrella Avila

I leave near by so this is my spot. Staff is always nice and it's never really busy.

Damien Tourville

Great place to watch a flick, great employees. But you have to park in the garage close by and there's so much riff raff around feels a little unsafe.

Tristram DeRoma

It is a movie theater... With all types of food and beverage options, including coffee and hot dogs. The audio visual system is awesome too.

Neil Ortega

Can't beat the $5.38 price matinee price. Clean theaters and plenty of seating. Popcorn is generally fresh. Only complaint is the long lines for tickets and snacks.

Fernando Quinonez

Nice cinemark theater, courteous staff and even though they don't reserve seats it's a great venue to watch a movie.

daniel rodriguez

Very nice theater. Clean. Staff very helpful. If you park in the parking garage take your ticket with you and have the movie attendant stamp it for free parking.

Melissa S

Love the easy going atmosphere, friendly helpful staff, prices are competitive and parking is free up to 3 hours. Can't beat it!


Endgame. Everyone yelling and screaming... so emotional that night.

Daniel Ferguson

Theater was awesome, loved that they sold Starbucks coffee in the lobby. Movies are always better with a mocha.

anita holguin

Great environment, very clean bathrooms, and snack bar area, and friendly as could be.

Damian Gallegos

Good place to see a movie with friends

Joshua May

I really liked going here. The area it's at is kinda ghetto with loads of homeless people and parking can be kind of hard to find but the theatre is small. Cheap and low key so not a lot of people. I think theres only 10 rooms for movies. It's awesome.

Jewell Mortis

Clean theater and great matinee prices all week.

Mz. Apache

They just don't have reclining chairs.

Kevin Condit

Park in the parking garage south of the movie theater. Entrance is on 2nd Street. Take your parking ticket into the theater and they will validate it for you. Matinee movies are only $5

Marc Anthony Jr.

Awesome place to see a movie, the downtown area is alittle sketchy but inside the movie theater is an armed Guard, plus its in a perfect location to go see a movie because it's surrounded by these awesome little shops on central. If it's at night then obviously go with a few people but other than that I've never had a problem once, Century14 is quick to put out the rebel rousers so they really try to make it a good experience....and everytime it has been a wonderful experience.

Nan Silvernail

A pleasant multiplex movie theater. Close to a nice parking structure. Also right across the street from the ATC (Alvarado Transportation Center), where one can catch a city bus, the Rail Runner, Greyhound bus or Amtrak. The downside is it is downtown and the ATC attracts transients. I haven't had trouble, myself, but I have seen trouble.

Jonathen Marten

Nice threatre open late thats always cool

Carter Guerro

I like the service and the screening room is really nice


Century 14 is not bad. It's a nice theater. Very few bums but there are some since it's near the Railroad. Abq downtown by the theater is feeling more legit, not worse

Panda Go Moo

Love this theater! There is free (3 hour) parking at the parking garage across the street from the bus station (just get it validated at the theater). $5 movie tuesdays are a MUST! I go to dinner at sushi king...and the 20% off you get with your movie tickets at pizza 9 right next door isnt such a bad deal. Great experience everytime i go!!

Reese Kanesta

When to go on Lion King I was pretty awesome

Cornell James

Nice place to get away from it all for an hour or two. Small arcade but free parking down the street with validation.

Luke Dogg

Love these movies nice and friendly and clean

Patrick Joiner

Love this theater. We always get good, comfertable seats. More reasonable price than other theaters

Andrew Mazer

I LOVE this theater. A great location in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque. You're a minutes walk from Tucano's restaurant which serves Brazilian cuisine buffet-style. (Highly recommend) Parking is still free as long as you get your ticket stamped at the theater!

Matthew Butler

Good theater, easy parking in garage plus theater will validate your parking for free. Tickets are cheaper than other theaters in town and they have great matinee prices. Like all theaters, the snacks are over priced.

Bo Bo

Clean movie theatre popcorn was fresh, attendants were nice friendly.

Scooter Chavez

The movie was cool, but the theater was was too hot to enjoy the movie. And to make it worse we were packed in the theater

Kevin Jones

First time at this theater. Clean, courteous service, not a bad experience at all. Just wish a large soft drink wasn't over $5.00.

Daley Zrimsek

Good theater, cheap prices, sometimes is dirty in the lobby when busy but that's nothing abnormal. Screen quality is good and so is sound. Ads run a little long before movie but give ample time for those waiting in line at concessions.

Mayor Sahab

Nice staff. Fairly clean bathrooms.

Francisco Cordova

I like this theatre because you can seat where want to there is no assigned seating like other theaters

Danielle Sanchez

I really like this theater. It's a bit smaller and less crowded, and the average ticket prices are cheaper than other, bigger theaters in ABQ.

Brenad Herrera

Amazing movie theater

Chica Chapo

Alisa was super nice!:)Too cold in there, though.

Jordan O. James

Well kept up and the ticket guy has always been friendly.

j d

Great discounts for students military n Im sure who else but also have a discount day!

Pirate Princess

Great staff and super helpful. There is a parking garage less then a block away and the theater has a great selection of films! My new go to place for all my movie watching needs

ron rodriguez

This is truly a great place to catch a movie in Albuquerque.

Pearletta McDonald

My last option for a movie theater in the city.. they definitely need a upgrade/remodel.. the seats were so uncomfortable and the popcorn tasted old .. my personal opinion, with this Theatre being downtown ,they should try to make as nice as possible.

Lisa Hunter

Nice theater. Wish the drink prices were a little better though. $9 for the loyalty cup with $4 refills seems a little high.

Julie Gallegos

Love the price but hard to sit in regular chairs when you're used to loungers.

Vicente Alirez

EXCELLENT place with an excellent staff. Always treated with much kindness. From management, to security. Its top notch!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Crystal Tenorio

Great place to lay back, relax and enjoy a movie

Noah Tucker

Went to see a movie and the theater I was in didnt get shot up always a win in my book.

Paul Sanchez

This theater is very unsanitary and the popcorn taste stale. I would recommend going to a different theater.

ABQ Review

The Concession Stand and Customer Service has really gone downhill. I don't know what happened, but this used to be my favorite place to go watch a movie. Hopefully they can get things back in order because my family and I really enjoy coming downtown to this theatre.

Logan Rowlett

This place is always so comfortable and has plenty of concession choices. Opening days for some movies can make it pretty crowded but it's worth it. Movie screen quality is always amazing, seats are comfortable, and the staff is friendly. Definitely recommend Century Downtown.

Meghan O'Connor

Reasonable prices for the size popcorn and soda you get, but OMG are the seats narrow! I felt like I was on an airplane!

Mike T

Good prices for shows but high prices for the concession stand.

Michael Johnson

It was dark out and I needed the restroom very bad, the Manager and cashier were talking amongst each other. I respectfully asked if I may use the restroom but was told I must purchase a movie ticket so I ended up paying $5.50 to use the restroom. Thanks for letting me know I have to pay to pee.

Jacob Johnson

Thus place is an Exelemt theatre, showing new movies for a good price. The theatres themselves are well taken care of and usually quite empty. The staff are polite and helpful and the environment is lovely.

Carolyn Ramirez

Rambo Last Blood was good story just a little gory.

Randy Lunsford

Very nice theater. Better prices than other places in town. But lots of homeless people around which is sad to see

Patricio Mejia

Great place to watch a movie!

Della Redaja

Fun movie experience!@

Jane Kalu

I love that it's not busy

Jordan Debroux

I had an ok experience since i dont normally visit this AND never had problems with staff. Compared to other places, this was alright, nothung scary or shady

M Wait

been awhile since I've been to the movies but this is one of my favorite theaters and I would always recommended it got very nice eating very nice staff clean bathrooms and this one is located downtown right there on Central so check it out

Michael Hawkes

Awesome personnel! Especially the young Hispanic male at the refreshments counter.

Irving Rodriguez

Avengers Endgame was amazing! People here were nice and always are nice every time. That's why i keep coming here.

Adriana Holguin

Definitely will come back good prices, clean, comfortable seats.

kris conley

Saw great movie the place was very clean and the bathrooms were to.

Dion Talamante

Easy access from from interstate. Free parking garage if you get your parking ticket stamped at the movie ticket counter

Marcos Rollan

Comfortable. Could use a renovation. Reasonable movie rates

Nicholas Denetdale

Nice place for an early show.

Michael Littleford

Wife loves this downtown feeling and so do I.

Roy Marin

Large and roomie theaters. Very clean and modern.

Eric Peterson

Not as nice of seats as Century Rio 24.

Liquidest Ocelot

Very nice cinema. Large number of screens. Good choice of snacks. Comfy chairs.

NM Buckeye Fan

Probably my favorite place to watch a movie. You can park in the parking garage that's south of the movie theater for free BUT be sure to hang onto your ticket to get it stamped when you purchase your tickets. You'll have to give it to the parking garage employee when you are leaving. I have never had any issues finding a seat in this theater even when a new release comes out. Good fun for the family and the seats are comfortable. The only issue is that leaving at night is a little sketchy but I've also seen Security in the area. Be aware of your surroundings! Cheers!

Charles rawson

Great time!

Steve Montano

I always enjoy this theatre. Nice seats and clean venue. Quick entry and nice parking avaiblity in the parking structure. All you need is to validate the ticket you get when entering into the structure.

Earl Miller

Clean theatre and $5 for early shows. I enjoy going to this theatre a lot.

Stephanie Jose

Some movies that are foreign are 3 hours, but the parking pass is not valid for more than that so you often have to pay because it is impossible to park, be on time for a 3 hour foreign movie and get back to the car in less than 3 hours!!

Wilfred Begay

Aladdin was a very great movie.

Alex I Castillo

I like the fact that it's never packed and the tickets are cheaper than other theatres. Screens are as good as Rio 24...i gave it 4 stars because the floors are sometimes dirty.

Jennifer Barela

For being as busy and expensive as they are you would hope not to stick to the floors when walking down the aisle but hey what do I know...other than that it's a nice place.

sprinkle. exe

I enjoyed watching bubble bee at you place the seat were comfy and the food was good the movie screen was a little bit small but it's all good

Manuel Chavez

Always enjoy watching movies here.

Patrick D. Baker

The theater is across from the city bus station & has panhandlers from the parking lot to the theater. Although there is an armed security guard in the theater lobby, I wasn’t too confident on his capabilities. He was leaning over a counter looking at his cellphone and not very situationally aware of the lobby.

Oh Ar

Good parking, convenient to several restaurants for an evening out. Somewhat smaller theaters for most showings. Often uncrowded.

David Matsuoka

Right across the street from the Railrunner

LeighAnn Ortiz

The chairs do not recline even a little. Lol Guess I'm spoiled. Otherwise, very nice establishment.

Cindy Chapman

Well, it was Memorial Day and the manager must have taken off. Although I saw a couple of people 'cleaning' there were still plenty of popcorn, paper scraps, general dirt decorating the floor. It was the messiest I've seen it. I really like this theatre and have been many times. I'll go back but I won't continue if it stays this dirty!

James Alaniz

Nice theater..hopefully they upgrade to reserve seating

'Bishal Raj Khanal

I like the fact that there is a great student discount, remember to carry your student ID.

Danielle Cotugno

One of the only theaters left in Albuquerque with the old seating. This is great if you have a large group and it is impossible to reserve seats together at the newer theaters that have assigned seating. Parking is a block away in a structure, they validate parking up to 3 hours. Some of the new movies are pushing 3 hours and you may have to pay a few dollars for parking if you get there too early. This theater is also less busy than other theaters and when showtimes are sold out at Rio 24, you can usually come here.

Beyond Reality

It was awesome I enjoyed the movie I watched I definitely reccomend it to the next.

Robin Erickson

Clean Great venue pics pleasant atmosphere as always expensive concessions

Derek Quibell

Went to see mortal engines was a great movie love the movie theater

Matt Biggs

Great theater if you like the old school way of doing things. No loungers, no choose your seat, just a movie theater. Rarely crowded.

oscar sanchez

Super cool and relaxing.


Nice place, very close to the Railrunner

Ashly Kareema

I enjoy coming here. I love the 5$ student rate that they have - every day at any hour, when you have your student ID. Maybe not super clean and not updated. But they always have new releases and the staff is friendly and very accommodating.

Adrian Gurule

Great place for catching films! Prices are reasonable and less expensive than it’s counter part off Jefferson and i25. Small theater but good on delivering a good experience

Michael Truong

Student prices are sweet

Roy Hadden

This Theater is provide good services.


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