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900 W Hobbs St, Roswell, NM 88203

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REVIEWS OF Apex Cinema 10 IN New Mexico

Jessie Hansen

This theatre is so fun. Free refills on drinks and popcorn, nice seating, an actual arcade in the front... It's the only theatre in Roswell I will go to.

Michelle Harris

Outstanding all the way around

Pseudo Self

Went to watch a movie, and the theater was not very crowded...that was the good. The sound seemed as though it wasn't very loud. All in all, not too bad of an experience there. The pricing was reasonable as well.

Alaina Hansen

The staff are amazing the chairs are so comfortable and the arcade is a plus they have all you can eat popcorn and soda's they also offer ice cream. I love it there I definitely recommend it.

Joseph Gonzales

Love the movie theater, new seats enjoy the little arcade

Skeeter Saurus

My favorite theater in town, always comfortable temperature, GREAT sound and screens, decent prices, good concession selection...wish the popcorn was fresher, but overall...can't beat 10-screens to choose from and great service inside.

Ivonne Muratalla

So good to know it's an all u can eat popcorn and drink, never seen something like that before

Marylou Salinas

Good place to see movies

ARS Email Department

Very clean movie theatre. I like the entrance's of each individual theatre. Designed as not to disturb others while walking in and out during the movie. Chairs for most part are comfortable, I'm a plus guy so its nice the arms lift out of your way if so desired. The reclining feature needs to be "if desired" not automatically assume everyone wants to recline while watching their movie's. Great sound, the picture was ok nothing epic which I was hoping for. Prices are a little steep but free refills on both soda & slushes is a plus! They also allow you to put your own cheese on your nachos! Now that's epic lol. All around good games, ice cream was good, and the staff very friendly. Good for both singles and families.

Sheri Jones

Customer service just ok. You get to pick your own place in the theater from a screen at the time you pay. The chairs were an A++ in comfort. Like a electric lazy boy chair. I sat in the second row from the front. I was able to see and not get a neck cramp from looking up. Very clean. No stickiness. Enjoyed it.

William Wood

This place is kind of old but it rocks, I really liked it, couldn't put my finger on why exactly, but nice place to go to the movies in the desert of New Mexico LOL. Get a ice cream while you're there in a sugar cone (wink)

Ashley Garcia

Friendly staff! Great popcorn! Comfy seats, best theater in town!

Lora Brittain

Great seating and concession is the best!

cあrly アンドふn

Nice clean theater. Even better since renovation! Love all you can eat popcorn and drinks!!! Recliner seats and space between aisles is amazing. Best theater in town!!! Way better than Galaxy

Lupita Gonzales

Go here at least once every week with the family love that they have comfy seats and all you can eat drink and popcorn. Good place to just relax and watch a movie.

Isaac Roybal

The theater was nice and clean. The staff was friendly and efficient accept the employee who served the dip and dots to me didn't give me a spoon and there wasn't a spoon to be found. The popcorn was endless, the drinks were never ending, and the reclining seats were comfortable

Catalina Sosa


Joey Determan

Enjoyed the new seating but had an issue where the button got pressed since it was right beside my leg.

resonating redstone

It has unlimited popcorn and has new reclining seats

Sandra Rdz

The seats are very comfortable. Always have a great time when I come with the kiddos.

Henrietta Jackson

Very clean employeehelpful

Robin Weber

It wasn't so much the show that I gave that rating too, it was the way that the town and the people treated us when we got there. It was a night out for me and my 3 grandchildren... and I thought it was so neat and so special to get t-shirts for the kids and popcorn and a soda. I thought it was wonderful and what an amazing thing for the town to do.

noah Nelson

Great up grades

Cheryl Hudgens

I love going here! The movie selection is always a big variety and snacks are good. Keep in mind that this place is kind of pricey but worth it. The arcade is a nice place to kill time if you are waiting for your movie to start.

Teresa Noel

Nothing too special or extraordinary about this Cinema. Air conditioner works really good though. Relatively clean. I'd go again :)

The Atomic Cosmos

Good prices and good service, but, hard to get seats on popular movies.

J. R. Carney Jr

Butter and popcorn machine half working. Area was clean.

Jeffrey Curtis

Amazing reclining seats

Anthony Garcia

I saw Men In Black International in is a vary good movie.

Krystal Deason

Always a good movie experience!

Emma Bartlett

Very clean place and good sound and video quality

Danielle Cabezuela

Not my favorite popcorn but the facility is great.

Alice fullerton

My favorite place to go

Rudy Ochoa

Great experience, the seats are super comfortable.

William Hunt

Not crowded, good price, popcorn and drink. I always top off popcorn to take home

Lucia Morales

New seating is very comfortable

Ivey Hendrix

The new recliners are awesome!

Katherine Kempton

Fun. First time bought tickets and self serve for popcorn. And pop.

Stephen Morris

Price amazing. Sound and visual quality awesome. Seats nice but not comfortable. I ended up sitting sideways thru Star Wars.

Scott Stevenson

Great theater to take the kids too... they love the arcade too...

Josh Kirkley

Kinda sketchy area but it was clean and reasonably priced.

Javin Orosco

better than galaxy 8 and the Matinee prices are better as well

Lilia Muñoz

Love, love, love this theater. Always has the latest movies, staff is friendly, courteous, and respectful. Snacks offered are great. Unlimited refills on cokes and popcorn! Comfortable seating. Must go to with the entire family

Matthew Chappell

Wonderful place. I love the reclining seats. Great sound and picture.

Rebecca Leonard

Older retro style theater which has been updated with comfortable seats with leg rests

David Skeen

The theaters are oddly shaped But the seats are terrific and they have free refills on popcorn and soft drinks

joseluis bernal

Great definition comfortable and magnificent sound.

Christy P.

My favorite movie theater!!

Last First

All the best seats (middle section) are replaced with the walkway to your seats and it's a weird combination of assigned and open seating in the same theater.

Wesli Pipes

The snack selection is great, the drinks refreshing, and the popcorn well it smells good at least. The employees were lack luster and I felt like I was talking to a drone. The seating is alright, better than Artesia s AMC but far from the great seats at galaxy. Ultimately the varied show times is why I ended up choosing Epic.

Sergio G

IT WAS EPIC! Order water an popcorn free refill on popcorn. Seats recline spacious leg room.

Vivian Oaxaca

I enjoyed the popcorn, drink, and movie. I can't wait to try out the new recliners I heard are being installed.

Jaegen Bruton

Every time I head up to Roswell for a movie on my own or date night, I swing by Epic. The seating is really nice, and I love the fact that there are more movies to choose from here than every other theater from Roswell through Carlsbad.

Elliott Pequeno

Great service excite the card

Meg Fernandez

If you’re looking for something to do after the UFO museum and whatnot, this is a great place to go. They have all you can eat popcorn and all you can drink, and they sell ice cream and have an arcade. The seats are pretty comfortable.

Shaley Cornett

By Far my favorite theatre to go to! We drive an hour to Roswell just to watch a movie in a nice clean theatre. (we also go to dinner and some shopping but this is our main reason for traveling) Bonus: unlimited refills on popcorn and drinks and their hot dogs are amazing!! Ive never had a bad experience here and we've been going since they opened. Love the D-box too! Just wish it wasn't so expensive! Big time tops our theatre!


Could have been in schedule more:the movie. we had to wait in like for 10-13 minutes before going in to even sit down. Very comfortable place though. Extremely nice facilities!

Tracie Mcclain

Chairs are old and uncomfortable. Popcorn is cheap with a lot of kernels. High priced competitively with Galaxy 8.

Jason Conde


Rose Watson

Went to see fantastic beasts and where to find them in 3d. Got some nachos and a drink you can cover it with as much jalapenos and cheese as you want and it tastes great.

Yvonne Burke

Always a great place


Visiting from out of state and running out of cheesy alien exhibits, we decided to stop in for a movie. First, I'm taking into consideration that this is a small town. Which usually means you don't have the best selection of theaters. And this particular theater isn't horrible. It's actually fairly clean and well kept. And the prices are somewhat less than other theaters. But it going downhill from there. Popcorn, sodas, and candy are still not cheap by any means. And everything is basically self-serve. Popcorn is dispensed from a huge glass box. Get your own butter. The popcorn was burned and stale. Fountain drinks were as expected. It's soda. The theater we were in did at least have updated and comfortable leather seating, which reclined. In the reclined position they were all loose. And felt as though you were rocking in the chair. For some reason there is even a USB port in each seat. So you can keep your phone charged and make sure you don't miss a call or text during the movie. Clearly, sarcasm, but it's there, nonetheless. The theater was also poorly designed. Period. It's very narrow and long. There is a crazy amount of space between each row. Wasted space. Which further accentuates the fact that if in any other than the front two rows, feels as though you're super far from the smallish screen. Light protrudes from the entryway. The lights were not dimmed enough during the movie. Proving to be quite distracting for anybody in the back rows. Fortunately we were able to move down a few rows to avoid what would have been an unbearable annoyance from the lights and tiny screen. Small screen combined with long narrow theater is not a good combo. Audio also wasn't great. Sounds like they were overdriving low-range PA speakers. Very bright and harsh sound from the horns. Surround effect was descent. There was some bass to be had; not bad there. Once again, I do get the small town theater expectations. But in the future, I'd just wait until we were in a better theater with a proper movie-going experience. Keeping in mind the reason why folks spend money on a movie in the first place is the experience.

John Huizar

Amazingly unexpected movie theater experience. Self serve drinks, popcorn AND leather power recliner seating. A must if you visit Roswell NM.

Walter Woodrome

Fun yet relaxing

George Salas

Awesome Place For The Kids And Entire Family

Lance Goodrich

Seating is excellent, several showtimes

Chenelle Archer

We had movie passes gifted to us, you guys need a better system in place for things that you sell. We were interrogated by the ticket taker like we had just robbed the place. Love the unending popcorn and free soda refills. Game area is a neat time killer for kids. Theater was clean, I'm sure we'll be back.

Corina Olivas

Awesome !!!place to hangout very clean and enjoyable the managers are very helpful thanks bunches to holly and cathy for all their help !

Paul Rossman

Comfortable reclining seating, great staff and unlimited popcorn and drinks.

Kit kat

Good popcorn, good movies. Not too busy so good seats. Pretty decent deals with food and drinks.

Anne Baker

The free refills popcorn is good and the seats are comfortable. The previews are pretty loud but all in all it's a very comfortable theater and a good experience.

Brenda Jimenez

Very nice place. You get unlimited popcorn and drinks/slushies. You can also buy your tickets online and pick your seating.

Tim B

Great seats...unlimited popcorn and soda!

Curt and Dottie

Haven’t been to the movies in some time, let me tell you how things have changed. The seats are reclining lounge Chairs they anyone will fit into comfortably. When you buy your ticket you pick your seat, so you KNOW your going to get the seer you want. We walked into theater and you could smell the new leather. The space between each row is impressive. Now this is how you watch a movie

Emma Burt

Walked in to a very clean theater, the popcorn was a little too salty for my taste, but the others loved it. Enjoyable experience. I'm going back today.

Charles Uitts

Nice theaters, all you can eat popcorn and drinks

Mohammed Hussain

Very nice and friendly place, they have 3D D-Box, wooow

BossLady 1784

Service was good

Karma Reef

I really like this theater but I really hate that they can spare an extra box for the kids to eat their pop corn out makes it hard when you have a family of four and you have to constantly pass the pop corn back and forth during a movie. I know this company makes enough money to spare a box or nachobox for the kids to put popcorn in!!!!!

Mario Esparza

Great Havent Been Here since tha name change to apex but the new seating is awesome very comfortable!!! I was falling asleep lol going back forsure

Amanda Hall

It was awful.. So many unsupervised kids and teens. Kicking seats and running up and down.. Talking threw the whole movie. We were even warned at the stand that they have been having issues with teens and if we had a problem to let them know.. Lol we should of left then. Took the kids spent 100 and couldnt even enjoy the movie. My seat was squeaky so i tried not to move. And when we left there was a huge fight in the parking lot. Will not be going back...

Kristin Graham

I love the reclining seats

blue Rue

The self serve popcorn drinks and seating great.


Everything was going good until one of the staff members came up to us and asked if we were watching a movie . This was after we purchased a popcorn and drink. We had bought the tickets 2 hours before the show time. Made us feel really uncomfortable and we were being watched all the time.

Patti Cunningham

Comfy seats we were in theater 8

Demoted B

Great place, plenty of parking space.

Penny Baumann

Awesome, clean, family fun!

Michael Perry

I liked the new reclining seats and enjoyed a bucket of popcorn

Shaun Dunaway

I really like the new chairs they put in , have more leg room now .. was a little hot in there though

Heather Carrillo

I really enjoyed their seating upgrade! We love being able to refill our icees, Will come to this movie theater for the new avengers!

Thomas jimenez

This was my 1st time attending this location. The front staff was very attentive and gave excellent customer service. We watched The Nun at 9:20pm. Great movie. my only complaint is that I felt like the movie theater in general could have smell a bit better more fresh. Definitely will be returning hopefully the atmosphere will smell a little bit better

Miles Kinnamont

Probably the nicest theater I have ever been in. Clean lobby, friendly staff, able to pick seats, and probably the most comfortable seats in any movie theater ever.

Juan Martinez

The seats are comfortable, they are pretty wide which gives you a little more room to get in a good watching position.

tasha Espenschied

Kiddo loved the bottomless popcorn and slurpee. Made it a unique movie experience. Decent game room, and comfy chairs.

Marty Martins

Very nice theater , comfortable reclining seats .

Sophia C Garza

Enjoyed the Tuesday special, seating is great as well as customer service!!!!

Johnathon Kight

The new 3-D theater is alsome

Lucy McCasland

The new seats are super comfortable.

Omg Legend

All you can drink and all you can eat popcorn.


Icee machines and 2 soda fountains are inoperative. I only went to this theater for the icee machines. The kids were disappointed. The movie began before we made it through the lines.

TinaMarie Mettin

So nice getting my popcorn, cheese and jalapenos myself!

Lori Baxter

Great service and super comfortable seats!

Bill Green

New Recliner seating and sound. Very nice.

Felita Lovato

We went to see Crazy Rich Asians. Nice young people working the concession stand.

Debbie Reddick

I am here from Arkansas visiting my daughter and grandsons. Brought 2 of them here to watch Wonder park. This is one of the best theaters I've been in. Absolutely love you can get your own popcorn, butter, chili, cheese, and drinks! Of course the reclining seats are always amazing as well! Will definitely go back again when I come for another visit!

Jesús M. Tirado

Reclining seats, small spacious theater, self-service all-you-can-eat popcorn and all-you-can-drink soft drinks. Prices are also great.

Brenton Biakaiddy

Good seats, clean restrooms good service from staff

Nathan Reed

Large screens, good audio, but boy it gets toasty inside. Super comfy seats.

Cameron Packwood

Tasty popcorn

Susan Raye Vallejos

Nice family atmosphere

Graciela Veloz


Michael Harsch

Decent location. Love the all you can eat popcorn and drinks!!!! Theaters are a little dated. Needs update

Y Ram

Nice clean and very large. Very happy with the seating arrangements in the theater.

Murray Rothbeard

Very nice. Nothing wromg here. Plenty to do great seats

Tiffany Pierce

Screen in the cinema we were in had noticable tears in it, but movie was still watchable

Tiffany Lopez

Love the comfortable seating. Kid friendly. Loved it.

Rikki Cline

Best freakiiiiiiiinnnnnn movie theater that I've been too by far ❣❣

Shannon Chavez-Perteet

Actually pretty good experience. You buy your tickets at the same place you get your snacks. Popcorn is self serve and so are sodas. The chairs were nice too.

Theresa Gutierrez

Clean, fresh popcorn nice employees

Allan B. Covarrubias

If you have a choice, go to Allen Theaters Galaxy 8! Allen Theaters Galaxy 8 is the superior theater all around.

Javi's Toys

It's very good!

C J Green

Awesome seats. A unique way to experience movies. No comparison to home, even on large home systems. Worth the price in every way.

Bödhi Zapha

New & has unlimited drinks delicious popcorn and delicious hot dogs and chilli - cheese jalepenoes...

Don Hudgens

Great comfort and fun place to go

Santanna Sparks

This is my favorite cinema. Galaxy 8 has the recliners, but Icon is more conveniently located. They also have free refills on the popcorn, slushies and the sodas (which my kids love) the seats are roomy and they have 5 Tuesdays which is great for my and my 2 littles!! They have awesome snack options like ice cream AND Dippin Dots. There is also a nice sized arcade area. They also feature DBox seats which is a fun date night idea. So many more perks than the other cinema in Roswell!!

Lorena Brockman

Super comfy chairs, very polite staff, and unlimited popcorn! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Need more screens, but other than that it was great!

Gerald Conklin

Good theater, could be cleaner

Tosh Spencer

Went There Over The Weekend Just To Take A Look, But I Was Amazed u Can Have Ice Cream There, Have Some Popcorn And U Have Tables U Can Chill At. Sodas Are Un limited So Is The Popcorn, Even A Arcade. It's A Good Place To Hang Out. Next Time I Go We Will Go And Enjoy A Movie.


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