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1005 El Paseo Rd, Las Cruces, NM 88001

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REVIEWS OF Allen Theatres-Video 4 IN New Mexico

Miriam Au

Being renovated, very good!!!

evan madrid

Comfortable expirience .. movie was good also

Tony Marquez

Come here every weekend.

Ricky Bobby

Awesome place to go watch low price movies

Ryan M

Worst cheap movie theater in the area, and I mean the south west area of the United States. The worst service, the actual theater has sticking floors, smells like urine and is in a building that is falling apart. Worst of all I probably get a better quality movie on my phone then their screens. Recommending redbox instead of this place.

coral wood

They are remodeling and it is look good! Staff was very helpful and friendly.

Ryan MacRorie

Cheap movies. kind of run down, due to it being the oldest Allen theater, but still a good time for the family

Daniel Hortert

Cheap... that's about it.

Melissa Chavez

I'm so happy they're renovating it!

Juliana Christine

Cheap movies and great theatre! New chairs are kinda comfy!

Maggie Martinez

Reasonable prices for families, costly snack bar, great employees.

rachel reyes

They have updated the seats. And now more comfortable to watch a movie at.

Luis Nevarez

It was just recently renew bathroom are way better the sound is good and the popcorn salty that hasn't change the place look better I will recommend now

David Bracamonte

Family night at a budget great for not breaking the bank

Raymond Ward

Cheap movie prices. Good bldg. Staff is ok at best. The price for the entire outting is amazing. Great cheap first date!! Lol

cowboy87 Smith

Great place of cheap second run films on a budget

Richard Vargas

It's just as good as the others i like it sodas and popcorn that's good enough !!!!!!!!

Joey Montemayor

Not much to say. It's exactly what I expect of the place.

Eddie Gurule

Old Time Theater feel, Great Value

Jo Bro

It was good you should go there

Michael Narup

Great place to go out on a hot day and you don't want to spend too much, usually have coupons for dollar tickets on weekdays. Not bad for what you're paying.

Shawn Arroyos

Cheap Moviea for the whole family

Rami Reddy Seelam

Poor seating.

robert alvidrez

Great place to catch a cheap movie that's been in theaters for a while.

Gilbert Bishop

The ugly cousin of the theatres in town, but absolutely a diamond in the rough!!! The a/c works


Its cool cuz its non expensive

Cathy Fister

Best movie deql in town!!

Weichuan Xu

Great price for the movie. Drinks are expensive tho.

Michael Nordwall

Still a great theater, been going to this theater for over 20 yrs and is still my favorite, good quality picture for a good price, if you live here in LC I would recommend anyone to see a show, take the kids!

Vinney Kelly

Appreciate the newer seats and the discounted movies. Had issues with bathrooms not being stocked and screens were visibly worn. Not enough to prevent repeat business.

Sally R. Sanchez-Gonzales

Best movie theater to take your kids for an economic price. If you can wait a couple months for a $1 movie, then it's worth it.

Nopsonwheels Gallegos

Love their new makeover, great prices, movies and now new comfy seats

Delmy Garcia

I have always loved this affordable place!

Casandra Munoz

I go here often and haven't been disappointed yet. It's a quiet, clean and cheap place to watch a movie. The remodeling a few years ago made it better too.

Scott Johnson

Positive:Ticket prices are a few dollars cheaper than a first run matinee. Seating is comfortable Negative: screen and sound quality are a bit lacking. Concession prices are about the same as a regular theater, they should be cheaper at a second run The bathrooms and hallways are in desperate need of remodeling.

Erik McGinnis

Good theater for seeing some of the movies that have been out for a while. Lacks the great sound and picture of the newer theaters. A good place to take the kids for a movie and not spending a lot.

Fabiola Olivares


Sandra perez

Their AC is not working in the summertime

Richard Ochoa

Had a free movie day for kids. The family loved it

Amber Alvarez

I think it's great going to this movie theater, plus it's cheap, and the same movies that come out at the expensive movie theaters, come out at the old movie theater and I think it's stupid that people say the movies are old when they come out or close to being on DVD because for example Ghostbusters came out on July 15th as a BRAND NEW movie and it's already at video4, so people that say that are ridcously wrong, and need to check their facts before bad mouthing anything! Just saying

Walter Bartholf

Some fool kept playing with his phone


Highly affordable.

Kat Avon

I still come here when I miss the showings from the other theaters.

chasity sanchez

Love all the improvements they've made!

Cynthia Escalante

It is hot out and the AC is out. But the people were super nice, and liked the rocking chairs.

Miriam Aleman

Friendly staff Good Price's

Debbie McCurdy

Prices can't be beat. I love old style seating. Concessions are a little cheaper too.

Raquel Martinez

Great place for date night!!!

Rebecca Martos

My favorite place to watch an inexpensive flick and enjoy popcorn


Good food and service.

Gabriel Arias

Great movie !

Yessenia Reyes


Ed Reyes

Fair price but trashy.

Jeweltone Book

Air Conditioning was great! Surround Sound was very clear!!

Carlos Flores

Good pices

Matt Reyes

With the recent renovations... This is now the fancy theater! Took pics with the local shark... It was great! I remember coming here as a kid... And now my kids are coming here... It's so odd... We're now the same age... But they're more mature than I!

Justyn Vasquez

The remodeled interior came out really nice, just wish the video and audio equipment were updated as well. Sound and video quality was mediocre at best.

Crystal Quintero

Michael Gonzales

Love the price and the best popcorn in town.

Melody De La Cruz

Could use a good cleaning but other then that great

Anastasya Griffith

Old theater that needs some repairs, but the snacks and popcorn are yummy, the staff is friendly, and the price is right!

LaRee Patterson

It was amazing

Dawn Garcia

So many good memories

Scott Miller

Get the ad from the Bulitin, makes it cheaper. Support this place!

Maria Ramirez

Nice place to see movies

Samuel Bailon

Great prices and new seats!

Amiah Valles

Great quality screening of

Albert Terrazas

Customers service wasnt great. There theater was to hot to enjoy the movie!

Bubba Jones

Nice place to watch movies on a budget

Evangelina Balderas

They have good deal on Wednesday and Thursday with s coupon, and the popcorn it's not expensive. You can go enjoy a movie without spending a lot of money.!!!

ali padilla

Love it for my dollar theater!! Renovations are great. This frugal mom gets to see more movies thanks to this place! Theater snobs beware & no snobby comments please , this is the budget theater and we are glad they are here!

Glenda Butler

They are remodeling, so you have to deal with that. Otherwise it was fine.

Artemio Vasquez

Nice lil comfy. Great movie's

Andina Rodriguez

Even though it's not the cleanest you can always see some great movies on the cheap and even on wednesdays and Thursday for even cheaper

Jennifer Strother

Love the new seats, movie prices are affordable for the family, big parking lot.

t burge

Old seating but a decent place for a cheap movie.

Hugo Hernandez

Inexpensive, comfortable movie theater to see screenings of recent movies that are no longer being shown at the bigger, expensive movie theaters. If you are willing to wait a few months, the big block buster movies will make there way to this movie theater for half the price.

Richard Robles

The theater is pretty old and needs some repairs but a great place to watch movies

Hugo Garcia

Bad memories

Richard Maxey

No air conditioning in our theatre. 106 outside. We asked and she could care less

TS Castle

The only theater in las cruces I visit. The tickets are only $3.50 (and often have deals spending on the day) they are usually not too full, either. The seats are actually more comfy here than at the expensive theaters.

Stephen Tures

The staff was friendly and the seats were comfortable. The projection was clear and the speakers sounded clear and intelligible, though the balance was a little off. Of course the price is great. This seems to be an older style theatre with a longer design. While the building felt older and a little worn, I wouldn't call it dirty. It just reminded me of going to the movies when I was a kid.

moy hernandez

I live in el paso & i go once in a while! It's worth the driving... Luv it!!!

Rebecca Correa Owusu- Sekyere

Great price for big screen of you don't mind waiting and summer free movies

Marissa Paez

Sweet enjoyable place

JC Candela

Great service

Jess Miyagishima

Shows movies that's already been shown, not too expensive

isaiah james

Nice re model not bad for the cheap theater in Town

Ange Thomas

New theatre seats, paint, and bathrooms. But still low prices. It was comfortable.

Krista Daniel

Great place to watch movies at a reasonable price.

Jerry Flores

We always go here. But it needs a lot of cleaning. Doors, floors and walls need to be wiped down. It' need some attention.

Rebecca Correa Owusu-Sekyere

Fun cheap films

Michelle Holcomb

Went yesterday night lights werent off all the way which took away from the scary movie an over all experience also no ac an when i finally got someone to check they came looked at a fire alarm an left had no knowledge an didnt get back to me at all. Only positive is dirt cheap tickets

Tencha Ruiz

It was very dirty, Popcorn was cold. Drink was terrible

Queen Of The Random

Besides having an expensive menu for food, they show interesting movies. The workers are polite. Wheelchair accessible seats in the theaters as well. The food and drinks are satisfying.

Mélise B.

Great for the price!

Alexandria Nicole Baca

It was nice,the movie was awesome.


Watch movies for $3

Loren Aguilera

Great prices and service!!!

Phil Wright

Great place to catch movies a few weeks after release. Ticket prices are about half of the newer theaters. New seats are comfy.

Sandy Hadfield

Venom is a very good movie

Matteo Isquierdo

Look, you can't really say much about this place. It's a cheap theater to see movies in the theater at a lower rate. You can't expect it to be looking 5-star. The staff is usually really nice also and they have a good selection at the concessions. There's even a coupon for 1.50 movies on like Wed or Thurs.

Steve quinones

It was the first time I have visited this place. The staff staff seemed nice. I went to watch pet cemetery, the place was super super dark which wasn't to bad, what was bad was the movie. It was dark some what blurry but enough to see what's going on. The bathrooms where extremely dirty and smelled very bad. There was bm and toilet paper stuck in one of the toilet stalls that seemed to be like that for more than a day. It was nasty.

Nicole Villegas

Very nice time with family. Allen theaters has really done a nice job remodeling!

Alexander Winters


alan fresquez

Not bad for the price and clean

Zac E

Great for a quick date or to take kids. No fancy seating and not the highest quality screens but it's still fun to see a movie on the big screen.

Tonya Wall

The updates are great and they still have chairs in them that doesn't make a person lay down to watch a movie.

Tom Waldmann

The best place to watch movies on the big screen for a small price. New seats but still the best popcorn on town. Great employees, friendly service.

Eleazar Balderrama Jr.

Cheap place but very old and ghetto.....they do not even carry hot dogs

Anna Marie Crider

It was a walk down memory lane. Enjoyed the movie.

Jose Fonseca

Great value. Good rotation of films.

Hector Duran


Gene Gutierrez

Love this place has a certain nostalgic appeal. Clean and comfortable. Prices are are right

Shawn Lecrone

Since they replaced the broken seats, this place has improved. They don't post new movies on their website until the Friday they start, making family planning a pain the day before.

David Saenz

It's good price to catch the movies that are already on Vudu to rent for 5.99. Downside, there is no security and my car was broken into.

T.W. Jackson

This is a decent low budget movie theater. Everything is old, and the sound isn't very good, but that's why it's the cheapest theater in town. I didn't stick to the floor this time, the people were nice, and the six members of our family enjoyed a much less expensive movie than in other theaters in town.

Alisha Westmacott

This is there second run movie theater in town. It is decent inside, though a little run down. The staff is always friendly and the seats are comfortable. There Candy and snacks are normal price which means you will typically spend more on snacks here then on the actual movie.

John O

rather wait and go here for smaller crowds and better experience overall sure the floor is sticky and sound is way to loud rather that and kids talking to movie or dealing with an adult who is literally giving a play by play on the phone

Ernest L. Peña

Great deals on movies. Just it was hot the day I went & the isle going down is kind of steep

Tabitha Wolfe

Great movie ticket prices but concessions are too expensive

Michael Urban

Old. Old. Did I mention old? The movies that are shown here usually are already on dvd,or close to it. The only reason I ever go to this theater is because during the summer, this is the theater in Las Cruces which shows free kids movies on Tuesdays. If not for that, I would not ever go to this theater.

Jay 1

Love the new seat, but wow snack price went up, ouch

isaac love

Movie was great, clean theatre. The bathrooms need some work but all in all will be returning

Harold Miller

Great for large families.

deborah cooper

It's the oldest theater in Las Cruces, but also the cheapest. The screens are smaller and there aren't 3D or Atmos features, but the popcorn is good and it's a fun night out if you don't mind waiting for the movies to finish their run at the newer theaters.

Anna Juarez

Great movies at a great price! Discount coupons can be found in the Las Cruces Bulletin, too, so you only pay $2 to see a recent release!

Amparo Olvera

Good popcorn good place a lot of seat

James Deasy

Still my fave place to catch a cheap flic, great new seats ,so comfy and cool inside

Dasa Bausova

Great price, so what if the theater is really old and not snazzy, I love going there to see movies I missed or might not otherwise see.

Sean Richins

I'm amazed that the Video 4 is still here considering there have been rumors about demolishing or redoing it for years now. The ticket prices are great, concessions is the same as anywhere else in town. This is a good place to watch movies after opening week. The interior does feel kind of dingy though. If Allen could spare some funds to just update interior instead of demolishing the theater, it would be a huge improvement for the Las Cruces budget theater.

Roger Freeman

Old theater, still plays movies on the big screen one last time before they go away. Seats are updated, refreshments are normal. Usually not very busy plenty of seating.

Jay 2

Great theatre, great movies for a buk, n great people tha work there

LuAnne Burke

Love the customer service, upgraded theater and AC and cheap prices there. Awesome place for a reasonable price. Love it.

Linda May Hughes

They are renovating and so far I like what they've completed!

Miguel Plazola

Great place to bring the kids

Wesley Foolham

Jesse is the nicest consession stand worker there! What a delightful young man!

Tazz Burnell

Always a great movie at this theatre. And it’s the best price always. $2.00 except Friday thru Sunday. $1.50 on Tuesday with a print out coupon. ❤️❤️❤️

Jennifer Jackson

I had a very frustrating experience with Video 4. They were playing my daughter's favorite movie during their summer kids' series, and we had been looking forward to going for weeks. When we arrived, we were told the movie had been cancelled because they were still downloading it (I am confused why they wouldn't download it in advance, it seems very negligent to wait until the last minute). I asked about later showings and was told to call beforehand to see if they were able to download it. I called at least 5 times throughout the morning and nobody answered the phone. When I expressed my frustration to the Video 4 employee and Allen Theater management, I was basically told too bad, because it was a free movie they couldn't do anything. They didn't understand that money wasn't the issue- I would have gladly paid full price- it's that we wasted our time driving all the way out there just to be let down, their employees can't be bothered to ensure movies work ahead of time or answer phones, and we were offered no recompense.

Francisco Chavarria

Good clean theatre, old time feel, I loved it.

Alice Pryfogle

Not bad. Kind of dirty, but the cheap prices totally make it worth it.

Eleanor Haisan

The movies are good the price is right on. They have nice people working there.

Jesse Olivarez

Great place to go watch movies.

jacob m

Cheap tickets! Expensive snack bar.

peter sultana

Great place for a date night during the week.

Ricardo Delgado

Its a really good place to relax and get away from people. Its not a new fancy place but theres not many people to ruin the movie you are watching(kids or crying babies) unless of course you are watching a kids film.Employes are friendly and nice.This is why i rate it a 5 star place.


Great way to catch movies that you might have missed. Or that you just can't wait to see again, friendly staff and great prices. Only complaint is that their a little messy. Definitely saw a cockroach or two but they were dead so? Still I'd recommend them for a great movie experience.

Randy Perez


M Barela

I love the fact that seats are not assigned at this location.

Gilbert Garcia

Today saw advengers in room 3 the ac is not working it was hot and uncomfortable.other than that is has so so priced.

Roxann Vasquez

Love Tuesday's free movies for the kids


Good price old place but alot of seats

Christopher Lopez

Needs some TLC, but still a local town favorite.

Russell Austin

Very inexpensive

Yolanda Garcia

Very good


Love the feel of this real theatre!

Christopher Robin Consaul

Nice upgrades, feels more reasonable of an experience.




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