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2809 N Prince St, Clovis, NM 88101 Located in: North Plains Mall

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REVIEWS OF Allen Theatres-North Plains Cinema 7 IN New Mexico

Lonny Spratlen

Nice theatre

Cynthia Solis

It's super dark when you first walk in. Most seats are broken. The walls are super dirty. You would think since Clovis seems to continue growing and with the Air force base nearby they would update the place. People from Clovis/Portales and other surroundings areas go to this theater because it's basically the only one nearby. I hope in the near future I'll be giving this place a 5 star review. Although I highly doubt that.

GSC Jayden

Nice Theather for a small town!

kevin d thompson

Tue nites 5 dollars

Carl Dawson

Things will be better when the remodel is done.

Morayma B Montes

This place is ok to watch movies , but needs new remodelling for improvement

Setsuna Atsushi

Unless you're willing to make the drive to Lubbock, its the only Movie Theater available in Clovis. It's not awful, but there is much to be desired in terms of cleanliness and managment. (The employees are very friendly, but more often than not, I do see some employees being belittled in the workplace during rush. I won't mention any names.) I have traveled often, and I will say the price for a ticket is cheap in comparison to your average theater, and the food is, yes, expensive, but if you didn't know, that's how theaters actually make their money. (To dumb it down, the money from tickets go to the people who make the movies. Concession money goes to the Theater.) I can only hope that these 5-star reviews are written with only a good heart, because in actuality, this theater is AT BEST a 2 star theater. They are making improvements to the Theater (which is well overdue), but if anything, what this Theater really needs is new seats. Word of advice, use a flashlight and check your seats in this Theater. You definatly don't want to ruin your sub-par Theater experience by sitting on some unknown substance. I take my time in writing these reviews given I've spent some considerable time in Clovis, but do always find myself out of the City. There is a lot to be desired from this Theater. This Town is growing in population, and there is no excuse to lower standards for the soul purpose of this being a "Small Town". I do look forward to seeing this Theater being improved. It is the ONLY one in Town after all.

Jackson Jarman

We bought tickets online but they oversold the movie and our seats so we were not allowed in the theatre. We were not allowed a refund and when we asked if we could buy tickets to another movie they said no because they were now closed. There was a group of Caucasian females who were allowed in after asking many times. But My friends and I are of African American descent and we were denied service.

Jacqueline Windham

I had originally bought tickets for a different time but when me and my nephew got here they were very helpful and changed the time on my tickets for me and it was no problem at all at least that's what the ticket attendant told me, and I actually believed him

Tabitha Ellison

Comfortable movie theater. We went to see the new Lion King!

Gianna Uttaro

Only theater in the area

Jolene Cat

Took my kids to this theater the staff was very rude, the prices were very high for the theater quality, I only gave it one star because I had too, otherwise it would be in the negative. The owner of this theater should be ashamed of themselves ripping local people off like this, I recommend going out of town and spending your money elsewhere, this is why we don't keep our money in Clovis.

John Poe

Service fast and friendly

Casondra Thompson

Cleanliness leaves something to be desired. I could barely relax to enjoy the film. The projection quality was very good tho.

Pam Maes

Only movies in Clovis. Good movies but dirty in theatre

Malin Barnes

The ticket pricing is fair for what you get. The actual theater room feels almost cramped, and you can always look forward to finding popcorn in your seat. The screens are always dirty, the sound system leaves much to be desired, and having to flush a toilet 3 times to have it empty is disheartening at best. Overall, if you want to see a movie but don't want to travel to say Alamo Drafthouse, this is a good option.

J Hagelgantzd

I think they do there best.

Sandy Little

Dont care for the security guards. Have seen them pick on teens that are shopping. They tell them to leave if they feel they gave been in store too long. The kids I observed had a few shopping bags from other stores and had money. Not shop lifting, just browsing. Not allowed. If I were them i would go to Lubbock if possible. Not all teens shoplift. Seldom shop there.

Sheena Hayes

The dirtiest cinema I’ve ever been to in my life! Have done a lot of traveling and this one wins for the dirtiest movie theatre on earth lol

Shepherd Kharan

They suck royally. Their prices, their non-existent hospitality, and everything is stale food wise and 9 times out of 10 their soda is flat. What I pay here to see a movie here I can go to Lubbock and go to a drive in and get 2 movies and food/drinks and still have enough to go out to dinner and come home.

Norma Gallegos

It's clean, the staff is extremely friendly, fun place for a family night

Kaden King

It's so expensive

Midget Player

They got good movies and it have 3d movies. It quiet in there. The services is good.

Joshua Pate

The movies themselves are fine but... This place needs to either lower its prices for tickets by 1/3, or fix their sound systems!! Zero bass from any of the 7 auditoriums. Any gun-shots or glass-breaking sounds from any movie are ear-piercing from the higher treble and lack of bass, especially in the larger auditoriums [6 and 7], you know there's a sound issue from the previews and "Christie Projectors" being super high [piercing] and the DLP, which is SUPPOSED to be stomach pulsingly deep, and absolutely nothing is felt, this is pathetic quality for being the only choice of theaters for a 90 mile radius, so we're forced to have substandard sound systems...? Very outdated quality here. And it's been this way for a couple years now

Gerhard van Tonder

Good place

Adon Ten

The upgrade is nice! Much needed

Nova Surge

No refills on drinks but free refills on large popcorn aren't ok.


How is this place still in business?

Joleen Sablan

Employees need work on their customer service skills.

Star Kilmer

Awsom movie

Weezathegreat Krahn

Alita Rocked!

Josh Huck

Prices are decent. But, they should be. The place is a wreck. Employees aren't welcoming. Snacks are expensive. The movies work... that's something.

Angel Mango

Really great movies. The environment is just right

Hannah Fitzwater

The prices were way too high for the subpar quality of the theater. $7 for a matinee ticket and the flooring was ripped up throughout; whole place was clearly under construction. Overall the theater was dirty and the seats were ripped. Popcorn was cold and stale. High prices are to be expected at movie theaters but they charge way too much for their horrible, gross theater. Would not recommend. Also they did not show ads or anything on the screen while we were waiting for the movie to start. Just awkward silence. Horrible experience. Would not come again.

Russell Newsom

Not too bad. Not great, but not bad.

Karrine Williams

Quick review: -Bad customer service - out dated movie theater - price not worth the service and experience

Matt Hunton

We go to Lubbock every chance we get, but when we can't this place at least has a big screen that shows movies. Sometimes it's like American Ninja Warrior getting to your seat, dodging obstacles, and hoping your seat is completely bolted to the floor.

Panda Loser

Enjoyable can't lie needs nicer employees but I'll give it a pass

Harold Thompson

High priced concessions, kind of dirty

austin puente

Better up keep of facility. Improve seats

Iris Greene

They did renos but the seats are still very gross and I'm honestly not sure what they changed. It has a lot of potential being wasted. They could keep business in town if they upgraded. We see movies more often in Amarillo because it's a cleaner, smells better, and is more comfortable

Sean Fernau

Pick your own sitting now

elliagrace daddy

Very rude on the phone when calling for info...experienced poor sound and bad lighting

Nichole Rhoades

I was very dissapointed today! I took my son to see Halloween for his birthday. We arrived at 11:00 to see the 11:15 show. I understand things happen, thatstlife. But the previews showed at least 4 times. I look at my clock and it's now 12:00 and no one has came in to tell us what's going on. The movie kept starting and going off. I talked to the manager about doing anything for the hour we had to wait and still no movie played. He said they were having a bad day. I understand bad days happen but he could at least gave us a gift card or something for all the time wasted out of my day. We went early because we had to be somewhere after the movie. Our money was refunded and they said to come back another time. So dissapointed...

TJ Starr

It was ok

Coen Noeninckx

Small. Neet

Sophi Falcon

The new thing about purchasing your tickets and snacks at the same time is not working for me. Its wayyyy too slow-takes too long, especially if you already have your tickets. Have to wait even longer to get ur snacks cause you have to wait for the people in front of u to come to an agreement on where they want to sit. Have to come up with a better system. Takes too long even for the matinee. The theater itself is getting updated and is looking nice. Friendly staff, but can tell they dont like the new system either.

Rachel Crandall

Sold us tickets to a sold out movie. Didn't offer an apology or anything. Kids were disappointed.

Suzanne Vasquez

Clean. Friendly staff.

Sarah Nicholes

Dirty, and hard to get to empty seats, come earlier to get seats

Adam Rubi

Mostly clean and neat. Popcorn could be fresher

Judith Gaeta

Enjoy taking my kids. Nice and clean.

Ruben Sepulbeda

Awesome theatre!

Nathan Baker

Management is terrible. Employees do their best, but the management makes it harder on them.

Mariah Perez

We just moved into the area and were surprised that this was the only theater around. We went early in the morning when there wasn’t many people. The staff was nice, prices were CHEAP compared to cinemas back home so we were super excited about that. The only thing that was unattractive was the fact that there were paint buckets, ladders and boxes in front of the theater looked tacky and unprofessional. The seats were also very uncomfortable since they didn’t recline.

C Tech

Ok. Nothing notably exceptional. Staff needs to pay attention to stocking/cleaning restrooms during busy times . In general, whole place could use updates.

Susie Lonsinger

We enjoyed our movie experience again :) Awesome stadium seating, popcorn was good, drink was good, bathrooms clean, staff was pleasant. Look forward to our next visit. Not bad for a small town, we were happily surprised by the stadium seating.

Uppy Umbrella


Matt Todd

Choices are few for movie houses in Clovis but this one was nice.

Allison Veilleux

Popcorn is okay, prices for food are way expensive, and they don't have the most comfortable seats. I came from a place where they had those recliners and top notch popcorn! Maybe if the Cinema updated everything, aka recliners, more people would come! Maybe include a rewards program as well. That always gets more people to come in!

Daniel Diaz

It's nice but need a little bit of cleaning.

Daniel G

The quality of the movie itself was fine, but this place is the only theater in a 90-mile radius, and cares very little about its appearance. Dingy and torn carpeting, sticky theater floors and chairs and rusty bathroom stalls can all be found here. Tickets and concessions are overpriced, and they charge you 50 cents for a cup of water. I typically wait for movies to be available to rent or I go to the movies when I'm in Albuquerque because this theater is such a bad experience.

Rooster Foster

Soda and slushy machine down would not substitute or reduce price had to pay for kids packvand additional price for a bottle of water... Not happy with the manager on duty.

Jade Clark

Prices are never posted. When you do get the price, it is different every time. If only there was another place! The price is outrageous for what you get. I'm not trying the food or drinks because of how gross everything looks with dirt on it. A little update would be nice if you'd like to keep people coming instead of driving two hours away.

Jeremy Greer

Really needs an update. Sound system needs to be balanced or something too


Now living in Clovis, you don't have many options as far as movies (other than red box). You can either pay the price to enter the theater and watch a movie ($6.50 or $8.50), or you can spend money and extra time for gas and a 200 mile trip (to Lubbock and back). Now the staff can be helpful; I can say I see the moral of each employee vanished at times. The reason the prices of candy and popcorn is so high is so they can get money back. Now the thing most people don't know is that the front end staff was initially supposed to get a bit of the money for their effort in upselling to customers. However it sad to say that the manager keeps it to himself. Never buy the hot dogs in the morning, they are just taken off the heat and refrozen from last night. Never buy popcorn unless you see it coming out fresh. Please watch out for an older man that is rude! Unless you know him personally (believe to be the manager) kind hearted to children, i will admit this. However, he likes to randomly come out of his office and scoop popcorn right off where it sits with his hands and goes back to his office. Now the image of the theater, horribly outdated, stained carpets, at least have the audacity to remove the stain correctly, I understand that people drop drinks, but any good theater you go to always has the same accidents yet never see a stain, so what's the excuse? Ive seen there custodian clean wich I may add you can hear him vacuuming the halls as you watch your movie. Nothing wrong with him doing his job, but that tells you the weak structure. Speaking of structure, do not ever go to that ran down building on a rainy day, it's in a flood zone (I'm guessing). Since the water always gets inside the first theater rooms on the right and left, I've seen a piece of ceiling tile fall (luckily it fell in the hall when no one was passing) it played there for one whole day. I don't know if this is still a thing, but at times I go there are times I hear people say "the Lindsey pass" or "I know the manager " giving them a free pass. Nothing wrong with that, but how rude they treat the employees upsets me, at least be kind to the reduced minimum waged employees that get overwhelmed during rush times. I'm sure there are family members from management a lady that loves to cut everyone and go to the back of the condensation stand. At first, I thought it was a late employee trying to help the crew. However, I was wrong. This individual just went back there because she didn't want to wait in line, so she grabbed her bag of popcorn, drink, and candy all interrupting the staff trying to help the customers that are paying. I have caught her doing this at least seven times, obscene! Now I'm going to stop here this is just a tip of the iceberg, there is plenty I have noticed and am sure now that I listed some of them it will click to everyone's mind reverting flashbacks to connect the dots, you'll be disgusted in the end. Too bad this is the only place you can watch movies.

Jeff Conner

The prices are SERIOUSLY ridiculous 36 bucks for 2 adults and 3 year old and a 4 year old and it's a matinee the. Sodas are expensive as the popcorn is . Most of the time the popcorn isn't hot it's not even warm.this is why we watch Netflix and movies at home.

Debbie Moore

Saw "The Mule". It was very good

Allison Henry

Way over priced for the mold smelling theaters. Popcorn always tastes stale, staff isn't all that friendly. Considering it is the only theater for about 2 hours, they can do whatever they want though.

Erick Farley

Service is usually good food okay but managers are crotchety, mean and rude to employees and some times guests! Usually very clean

Brandy Madrigal

If there was zero stars allowable I would rate this place a zero. What kind of movie theater allows you to purchase tickets online and then sells your seats off so if the movie sells out they won't honor your tickets? When I asked the woman at the booth the same question all she said was "I don't know." Waste of time. Whatever you do, do not purchase tickets online from this place, especially for a popular movie. They don't even have the decency to call the customers. They expect you to show up to the theater and have the ticket booth teller tell you. Talk about a crappy business model.

Samantha B

Movie theater was okay. They need to light up the walk way of the theater room a little more. Being that it was the first time we have been to this theater, it was so dark that we didn't know if the walkway turned left or right. The commercials were playing for the movie, then everything shut off for a few minutes. Then we all heard the movie we were supposed to be watching come on, but their was no visual...just sound. This was corrected in a short amount of time. I think that this theater has potential, and it is okay. The workers were nice! As for people saying that the theater was dirty. I wouldn't know, I couldn't see anything.

John Martinez

Saw the Tyler Perry film. It was very entertaining. They are doing remodeling so it's a little dark but still comfortable.

Michelle Martin

Only theatre for 100 miles so..staff has been getting less friendly. The sound system & screens really need an update as well. I'm really hoping the reconstruction makes this place nicer to go to.

Ward Serpentine

Crappy theater. Concessions are dirty and overpriced. Theaters are dirty. Avoid like the plague. Wish I could give it zero stars. If there were any competition within 50 miles this place would go out of business within a week.

Manuel Martinez

Disgusting.The only theater in town,they can do better.Tear it down and start over.It wasn't called the Ebola theater for nothing.They won't get my business,I would rather rent and stay home in the comfort of my own clean home.

Valente Trujillo

This place is terrible old and stinky small and sorry azz seats they need to invest. And make some major updates .

Daddy Toad

Newly renovated. It's nothing compared to a theater in bigger cities(etc. Lubbock) but it's a small step up from the dirty carpets and older renovations.

Lena Sandoval

It was great to go see a movie but people always have their phones on and the lights can never enjoy a movie because of the lightsI wish they could make it mandatory that everybody turn off their cell phones and their watches

WrestleSummer TV

Very dirty staff sucks way to expensive for as crappy as the theater is I always make they drive to Lubbock TX to Premiere Cinema or Alamo Drafthouse granted it's 1 hour & 45 minutes but it’s worth it to not have to go here

Sheriqa LaVere

The prices are absurd and y'all wonder why folks sneak their own snacks in haha. The nachos are my favorite

RainyWolfgirl 212

They have good quality showings just wish it wasn't so expensive and cleaner.

John Hendrick

Second run movie theater at 1st run prices. The nearest competition is 100 miles away so this theater has no incentive to modernize projectors, seats, sound system, or really anything at all. Another depressing fact of living in Clovis. Just went to a clean theater with assigned seating and power recliner and paid less than Clovis charges. Glad I left this town. Like 20% of town, this building needs bulldozed and replaced as well.

Bakko Rashidi-Stanford

The fresh paint and new floors make a world of difference. Great customer service .

Itzel Anett

It is really inconvenient to purchase your tickets and snacks at the same place. You still have to wait in a really long line just to get snacks if you have your tickets. There is really no benefit to buying your tickets beforehand.

Juana Olivas

Good movies but food is too expensive and so are the tickets and they have nice workers

Trish Bacon

Run down and dirty. I'm pretty sure they don't clean in between movies because there's always trash on the floor. Some of the theaters have broken seats and fabric hanging off the wall. But like everything else in clovis, there is no other option or competition so they just let it go to hell because people can't go anywhere else.

Brandy Askvig

Gross, low end movie theater. Theater was dirty, bathrooms were dirty and the popcorn was stale. Went to see Grinch opening day. Don't think we'll be back!

Jason Spade

Serv9ce is good, theater itself shows its age.

Randy Lopez

This place is run down and old. There are practically no employees around. The seats are terribly uncomfortable, the lights are way too bright while the film is playing and the sound is the worst. It sounds like a busted speaker turned up to full volume. I will not return here ever and do not recommend it at all.

Tre Sirois

Not too expensive, theaters are clean, and always playing the newest movies, sometimes they even get them earlier than anywhere else.

Kimberly Taylor

Not the best theater, needs to be updated.

Stefani& Lorenzo

Horrible!!!! Ticket lady was very rude!!! Place looked disgusting! DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Carlito The Mexican

I hate the food because it taste like caca

Dorothy Williams

Discovered closed captioning gadgets that I never knew existed

Edward Yankovich

Great movie and friendly staff.

Jeff Owens

Like how the theater look now

Austin Camerer

POSSIBLE THEFT, and the owner refuses to help: Yesterday on Sunday, 5/19/2019, at 4:15PM I went to watch Pokemon Detective Pikachu at this theater. I was the last person out of the theater, as I was waiting for any post-credits scenes. Upon leaving, I had forgotten an expensive jacket in the seat next to me. I returned a couple hours later and asked if any employees had seen it. They said they had not, and denied me entry into the theater room to check for it,as there was a viewing already in progress. (This is totally understandable) Today, 5/20/19 at 3:45PM I returned to the theater, asked the gentleman at the front desk if they found it, and he said no. He did, however, kindly offer for me to check the theater for it. I searched the area I sat and could not find it. I was on lunch break for my job, so I left to get food and I returned to the theater at 4:10PM. This time I kindly asked the woman at the front for a manager or the owner. She went into his office, came back, and told me he would be out shortly. I waited for around 5 minutes and he came out of the office. Upon seeing him, I kindly stuck my hand out for a handshake and introduced myself. He looked at my very disgustedly and barely touched my hand to shake it. I described the situation to him and he instantly became defensive, interrupting me to tell me "I don't know what to tell you, if you left it you left it". I asked him "in all fairness sir, does your crew clean up after each viewing?", And he responded with "yes, every time". I told him "in that case, I fear that your employees may have grabbed it without turning it in, as I was the last person out of the theater". He became even more visibly frustrated at this point, telling me "I'm taking the side of my employees!". I asked if him and his crew could keep an eye out for it and call me if it is seen. His employee kindly handed me a pen and paper and said he would keep an eye out if I gave him a number and description. The owner got even more frustrated at this point, and began walking away from me as I spoke to him, not giving me a chance to finish. I finally told him "Look sir, my intent is not to accuse your employees, im just-" and he cut me off to say "Yes you are!" And shut his door on me. I looked at his two employees, who both made shocked faces and didn't know what to say or do. I simply said "that was absolutely unacceptable", and I left the building. The owner/manager should always be open to customer complaints and inquiries, wether they agree with them or not. I showed complete and absolute politeness in this instance, and I was treated with absolute disrespect. Not to mention he blatantly told me he was going to favor his employees word over mine. This is a VERY dangerous precedent for an owner to set, as it allows employees to get away with whatever they like, as the owner has stated he would favor them first. All in all, I have had my jacket removed from the theater by, what would presumably be, an employee cleaning up after the movie viewing. The owner refuses to aid in any search for it or check time stamps on cameras. He has blatantly told me he believes his employees over me.

scotty eugene

I fully agree with previous reviews mentioning the horrible sound. If you sit anywhere near the front ten to fifteen rows you will be treated to ear splitting treble. Theaters themselves are in serious need of update. Dirty seats, filthy floors and walls are the norm. It reminds me of dollar theaters I've visited in the past. The citizens of clovis deserve better service. At the very least, ticket prices should be substantially reduced.

Kimberly Shaw

Old stale popcorn, Movie not positioned on the screen correctly and the lights were on the entire movie.

Serafin Ramirez

Theatre is getting updated. Like the new look

Izayah Montano

Fresh and coo

Kristina DeFoor

I hate going to this theater. But from the lack of better options we suffer through the expensive tickets, snacks, and drinks. The staff pretty much sucks no matter what part you are at. They WILL NOT do anything about obnoxious teenagers talking during the movie. Idk how many times I've gone to see something only to have people talking and on their phones the whole time. When brought up to the employees they just look at you with blank expressions. But what do you expect when they employ a bunch of kids who just want to hang out. And it does smell like vomit and it is usually pretty filthy.

Sola K

I was told by the woman at the ticket counter that I can't take my backpack into the movie. I considered asking if women have to leave their purses or handbags out too. Got my money back. Ambiance wasn't much to write home about anyway. Turns out it's the only theater in town. They definitely need competition.

Timothy Elsde Elsden

Nice. Small town theater. Good experience

Ayden Wolf

Good place to watch movies even if their big movies, or small

Kathy Ollom

Popcorn and other snacks are expensive and not fresh.

Michelle Cochran

Best place to enjoy the lastest movies. Only wish they sold through Fandango

midnight wolf3773

Respectful people good movie quality and sound and good food and refreshments. 5⭐

Johanna Zogg-Kilmer

I go to this theater frequently, as it is the only one in town. Usually I do not have any problems, but I recently lost a set of keys and decided that would call the theater to see if I left them there. Seems like a good idea. BUT, when you call to ask them a question, they only have a "press #1" option to listen to the movie times, but no option to talk to a person, not even an option to leave a message! I find it very annoying that I have to take a special trip down there to see if they have my keys. I understand that the employees are busy, but the manager really needs to make sure that he is meeting the customer's needs.

Lady Maelstrom

I have always loved this old theatre!

Neva Williams

Great entertainment

Priscilla Chavez

Thanks Allstate for the wonderful evening. Justice League rocks!

nathan young

Not a top tier theater but not bad either. Staff is always friendly and bathrooms are clean. A good place to take the kids :)

Sarah Moore

I called to get prices on snacks and they were lazy and just said random prices. Then, they were saying it so fast I had to get paper. I called again to get someone else to help me on snack price because it is not on there site and know one picked up for hours so I gave up.

Angelina Wilson

I'm always pleased with the movie experience. It's Feb. 22, I've been waiting for Second Act with Jennifer Lopez, it's been Nationwide for a few weeks already, but not in Clovis yet." Happy Death day to you had been here tho fir at least two weeks! That's ridiculous and this is the town that hoasts " with your family in mind_.

Barry Fisher

Enjoyed the movie but the seats could use some updates.


The remodel has been WAY LONG OVERDUE. It used to be filthy and stunk so bad for years. It has come a long ways.

Victor Campos

Very nice esspecially the pool

Gabriel Robertson

The non-3d movies are flickering a couple times a second for anyone with polarized light sensitive vision. It's very headache inducing, though most people can't see the flicker... Edit: Went back a year later, The Flickering Is Still There and now the whole theater room is this abhorrent blue light before the movie starts as an extra bonus!! Go see movies in Lubbock instead, so many actually awesome theaters there!! This might be my last time at this place... Ow...

Amanda Mande

It's not the worst theater I've ever been to. It's a bit small, but for Clovis it is fitting. The staff if friendly and the prices are great.

Dina Jamison

I go to the movies often, The renovation is not very movie goer friendly after the renovation where is the color. Also, What is up with the seating. we had to choose our seat when we purchased out tickets, I had to sit next to a person that kind of had an odor, I would have sat closer to the screen had I known or had the option.. Please go back to regular seating, not too sure if I will be going to the opening of any movie if I have to choose my seat before entering the theater.

K Davis

Awful service: they had a kid throw up in the lobby and it took them five minutes to even bring a mop out, I ordered a large drink (which at any other theater would be a free refill) but apparently they don't even do refills there and that drink alone cost me about $7 and awful experience in the theater and people taking there phones out, baby's crying, honestly worst experience I've ever had at a movie theater and I will not be going back!

Chris N Chips

It's just a normal movie theater

Desiree White

Come on Clovis we need a better/another movie theatre. This one is run down, has a tiny screen, and has pathetic sound system. Next time I will just wait until the movie comes out on cable.

Kathleen Vigil

Nice people and clean but the restroom could use some work.

Kirsten Cook

The best thing to do in Clovis.

Kathy Elliott

It's a standard movie theater, and it doesn't smell like vomit. It smells like popcorn. They don't have reclining seats, but they are fine. The staff is always nice too.

Kyle DeVore

I was denied tickets because my kids friends had different color skin. Adult supervision does not count here. Per the manager of the theater.

sean jackson

Great theater.

its allxn


Robert Ellison

Horrible food, Dirty seats, and subpar customer service. It doesn't help when this is the only theater in town...

AO Casaus

Dont watch 3D movies glasses biggest waste of money it was actually better to watch with out and you know how bad that is. I rather waste money on gas drive hundred miles wont be back. Also 5 people filling cokes and pop corn 1 person checking out, 2 others talking to each other while 7 people in line. Peace and love...I will tell people in Lubbock you said HI...

sherry montoya


Angelica Lopez

Very nice and clean.. Concession was cheap.. No lines..

Steven White

The food is disgusting. They charge high end prices for a low end atmosphere. Seats stink, screens look dirty, and the floor is always sticky.

Elizabeth Kirkwood

You would think that it's the only Cinema in 4 small towns it would cater better to the public. Come you can do much better than this!

Elisa Sintas

Love there free movie days.

Terry Moberly

Nice remodel. Clean and comfortable.

vanessa lott

A Madea Family Funeral was Soo funny. Thr Theater is s nice, but food and candy are expensive

Judy Casady

I like it, it is the only theater close to my home. However it is about to price itself out of my league. It's getting too expensive for me to attend and buy popcorn and drink. And why go to a movie if you can't buy popcorn and a drink. It's part of the big screen experience.

Noone Noone

The staff is always nice to me and the kiddies when we go. I have no complaints about this theater.


Had to try the movie theater in Clovis... I don't think we will be back which is devastating for a movie buff like myself! My shoes literally stick to the carpet in the hallways, a "clean" movie theater I guess also includes popcorn and candy boxes under the seats, and I was more worried about keeping my head off the seats then what's happening on the screen. Ugh. It's the only place in town and you're losing a lot of money. Get this place clean, you'll see a difference!

Gerald Kilmer II

Under some construction but it's a great theater.

Zhane Clark

I was really happy to find out Clovis actually had a movie theater & I was pretty excited to go seeing as the air force base is so close & they're working on expanding the area. But I was really disappointed when I got there. The theater is constantly dirty, the staff was very rude, and the sound system was pretty bad. I'd rather make the hour and a half drive to another town to see a movie than go here again.

S Vigil

This hometown theater is good for an evening out. You don't pay for the big city frills. Snacks are good and not as costly as big town cinemas.

J Bridges

We lived in Clovis for a year... a great year for movies. Thor, Spider-man, Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. But did we watch all of these great movies at this terrible, disgusting theater? Nope we drove 2 hours to go to a REAL theater. Who ever owns this place should be ashamed. The prices are ridiculous (its cheaper to go to the Imax in Lubbock if you are military). My wife and I went twice thankfully to not a blockbuster, and were reminded each time of what a waste of money it was. The sound in the theaters is awful! Most of the scenes were hard to watch because it looked like either the screen was dirty, or the light in the projector was dying. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Whoever owns this, you charge so much why cant you at least update the venue?

zachery from

Theatre screen 3 has a pretty good gash in it right in the center of the screen and the wall mounted lights flickered. The carpets were disgusting. The seats smell of stale musty fart. The entire theatre is in need of a remodel but they are the only movie theater within 100 miles and have grown complacent. Real shame too I used to enjoy the movies. Also, dont even bother with the popcorn.

Wanda McCord

Friendly, good movies, they need to clean up more after each movie. Bathrooms needed assistance.

Amanda Bibbs

Great place to watch a movie!

Aaron Hungate

Great service

Aidan Allenbaugh

Do yourself a favor: make the drive to Lubbock. As usual you can tell they have no one to compete with. The picture and sound sucks and it literally smells like vomit. Last time I went there was popcorn on the floor near concessions and no one cleaned it up, Even as patrons were stepping on it. The ONLY reason it gets two stars is because it shows current movies.

Chris Cook

I'll go back when they upgrade the projectors. Very dark and not clear. Better off driving to Lubbock if you want a good movie experience.

Oddwar 501

one off the best things in this town!

Cole Riedel

Best (only) theater in Clovis. Does it really matter anything else I say? Average cleanliness and sound and video quality, but I've always found the staff to be pleasant to deal with; sort of a small town feel. A pretty good theater for the size of the town.

Oralia Lucio

Friendly staff but outrageous prices on drinks I just wanted regular tap water with ice n they wanted 2 charge full price of a coke 4 that water ..

QJ Culiver

Y'all are crazy they are good employees and have good popcorn.


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