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4501 N Main St, Roswell, NM 88201

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REVIEWS OF Allen Theaters-Galaxy 8 IN New Mexico


There is no bad seat here.

Melissa Dutchover

Love the place and the seats are comfy

Michelle Harris

Had sold out

Christian Radio Series

Good popcorn, service and awesome vip chairs!

Diminish 81

Probably the best theater in the area. The seats recline, which is a great feature. Great soda selection. Hotdogs, and nachos and various candy selections. It's right next to their mall as well, so you can do some shopping before your movie if you want to kill some time until your movie starts.

Mary Espinoza

Love this theater. Very friendly staff.

Kate Lewis

I enjoy going to the movies here, the staff is courteous and the seating is great!

Leigh Humble

Great seats. Wonderful sound system. Fresh concessions. Friendly service.

Paul Morabito

It was a good time.

William Wood

Used to go here occasionally when I lived in New Mexico,

ross redmon

Very good movie watching experience

Ermilinda Quintanilla

Movie was scheduled to start at 1:50 the time is 2:00 and the movie hasn't started. Audio is playing previews but unable to see anything. Not a happy camper. Refund I'm thinking is in order Movie started 30 minutes late at 2;20 pm and not at the beginning. Asked them to start over manager on duty said they did.

Lora Brittain

Convenient kiosk for buying your ticket and about long lines. Recliners to watch the movie which is so great. Coke dispenser with multiple flavors.

Jamie Renshaw

Very nice theatre. Would be even better if half the chairs worked.

MB Apodaca

Great staff and environment. But they must have changed the popcorn brand because it tastes waxy and stale now. Even if it's fresh it still taste weird. I love the chairs and proximity to the screen. It makes the viewing experience so much better.

Al Pha

Free movie cant complain. Glad they do this . like most cinemas their food and drink is expensive.

richard hidalgo


June Frosch

Love the new recliners. Would go more often if they had chili and cheese for their hot dogs!

Eva Chacon

By fast my favorite theater in this area

Shelley Zepeda

Very clean place. The seats were so nice. The guy at the counter was so polite. Ordered food but it was going to be a while before it was done. He was so nice and brought it to us. I would definitely go back again.


Really nice movie theater. It has 8 screens so you get many options to choose from. It has a concession area. You can get candy, popcorn, nachos, or hotdogs. You get the choice of a small or large drink, and both come with free refills. The best part is the seats are electric and recline. So you can kick back and put your feet up while you enjoy your movie.

Joshua Sunrise

Small, over priced but...the seats are amazing though.

Debora Terrazas

Best place to watch a movie comfortably!

Teresa Noel

The theater itself is nice and clean. Upgrades to the seating makes watching the movies that much more interesting. The seats are automatic and with a push of a button your seat will recline to an adjustment of your choice. Really comfortable! The drink machine automatically dispenses your drink of choice with all sorts of flavor add-ons which is neat. Although most of the time the machine is out of syrups making the drinks bland.. The employees are all really nice. The manager on the other hand needs a customer service over haul. She's a bit snappy.. My encounter with her left me feeling angry. All I was trying to find out was the operating hours of the theater which are not clearly stated on the front door as in most businesses but mixed up instead with the show times of movies. If you are trying to get both hours of operation and hours of any particular movie it becomes a hazy mess amongst movie times. Over all I will come back here again. And cross my fingers I don't have to see or run into the 'mamager' again.

Cody Anderson

Not bad. Not great. It’s a movie theatre in Roswell, NM. Has typical movie theatre snacks. Reclining chairs are comfortable, but they packed them in there pretty tight. There isn’t a whole lot of room to walk by then which makes it a little awkward when leaving early or using the restroom

Naomi Martinez

The staff here are just awful and I'll make sure to never go here again

Jeremy Kern

Great seats, good soda selection, very comfortable environment.


Best seats by far!!!

MaryAnn Alfaro

Great time with friends!

Josh Taylor

The seats are amazing. Free soda refills. Enjoyable experience

El Jefe

Theatre seats are very comfy, staff is friendly

Jeffrey Curtis

Was given a movie pass during a Spiderman Blood Drive.... went to use the pass I got when I got a spiderman superhero blood donor shirt and was told I cannot use the pass until the movie is 2 or 3 weeks old so I can use it to watch either movie that is 2 or 3 weeks old.... I'll go watch Spiderman at the other theater then and give the pass to someone else to 2atch an old movie

Hoshin Cho

All theaters are equipped with comfortable reclining first-class seats. Food options need improvement.

Dorothy Steenholdt

I love the seats..concessions i enjoy...just dont like to have to pick my seat

Nicole Ortiz

Love this place love the reclining seats also only theater i take my family to because its so relaxing

Megan Banuelos

Nice place

David Ring

find movie theater. Fairly priced. However, can we get some new food items.? I mean we live in 2019 and other theaters have full stocked restaurants and bars. I mean sometimes it'd be nice to have a nice good beer and some chicken tenders while you're watching a movie as opposed to old popcorn and a hot dog that maybe it was never cooked but was cooked? Come on theater you got this.

Braiden Appledorn

In the middle of my movie they turned it of for like 15 minutes

Ryan W

Amazing power leather seats. Reclines and has a footrest. My shoes did not stick as I walked. I can only speak for 1 of the 8 theaters but it was very good.

Helen Bertrand

The best thing about those reclining seats is not being smashed up against strangers.

James A

Seats are awesome there so comfortable

Aribel Trujillo

It is ok just all that is good there is the seats and all the time my seat is broken so I think epic is better

Charlene Woody

I don't like the Soda fountain. Staff is unfriendly

Danelle Jensen

Very comfortable seats, I love the Tuesday Popcorn special! Super nice way to reward customers. My favorite theater in Roswell!

William Utter

Very nice staff.clean theaters. Only thing would be, better and stronger hand dryers.

Sara Mcmahon

Awesome seats, very clean, Tuesdays are $5 movies.

Tommy Keller

Great clean place to watch movies!!

Hector Martin Del Campo


Javin Orosco

front row you have to constantly look up

blaze fur

They have amazing movies the chairs recline and they have amazing drinks,snakes,and popcorn and I loved the Atmos movie

Matthew Chappell

Great place. Wonderful staff.

Malaqui Spain

Seats recline and are very comfortable. Free refill on sodas and popcorn. Service is quick and staff friendly.

Rebecca Leonard

Great price.. Tuesday special...$5 for matinee showing... comfortable recliner seats... only 4 customers...

joseluis bernal

I can give them 5

Nate C

Awesome electric reclining seats. Plenty of room to sit back and watch a movie!

Brady Bartolini

Loved those chairs!

Jonny Bguud

Had a wonderful experience at this movie theater! I happened to go and watch the 5$ movie which they happen to do on late night Tuesday!! Perfect for a date night in a town where there is not much to do! So for this hats off to you Galaxy 8!! Thanks for the wonderful experience!!

Wesli Pipes

Great movies, great staff, awesome seats. The snack selection could use an upgrade but that's not really important. Bathrooms are always clean and stocked. The theaters are great, very easy to become immersed in the movie.

Karla Harper

Seating is awesome....very comfortable...highly recommended!

Vivian Oaxaca

My only complaint was that we had to sit in the front row, even though there were empty seats throughout the theater. I guess people reserve seats, then change their minds, and don't cancel their reservations. Also, snacks are way overpriced!

Kelsey Neeb

Great movie experience! Comfy seats, friendly staff.

Ashley Tavarez

The sound quality is AMAZING, the seats are extremely comfortable and allow you to recline and prop up your feet, the staff is always friendly. Best theater in town.

Clare Fitzpatrick

It's really nice and affordable. The only downside is $3 water bottles and expensive concessions. Cold popcorn ): It's a nice theater though with comfy chairs and it's really clean. It's not usually crowed and it's well air conditioned.

Lourie Kelly

Our favorite place to Chill and watch movies.

Isaac Montoya

They left the lights on for the movie

Brad Davis

I love the lounge chairs. Makes the experience more comfortable and allows you to immerse yourself into the movie experience.


Would like to see it cleaner in the bathrooms and the Viewing rooms a Little more. The staff I have dealt with though are extremely friendly! Thanks!! I generously choose decisively to give a 4

Tracie Mcclain

Great chairs, fresh popcorn, friendly staff. Love senior discount day!

Jonathon Marick

Seats were amazing, comfortable and feels private in a way. Pretty neat theater

Jerry Windham

Nice theater with good seats.

Tiffany Estrada

There was no wait at the early show. The employees were kind. The seating is very comfortable and they recline. We will be back.

Joshua oliver

Great place to take the family.

Christina Ashton

Nice theater. Amazingly comfortable seats. Front counter staff could be nicer.

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Dolby atmos, reclining seats, great customer service, clean bathrooms Need i say more

Amber Weaver

Expensive but love the chairs

Natalie Gallegos

The recliners are the most comfortable I've ever sat in. Sound was great. So was screen. Over all a great experience. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Brian YT


Judd Moe

Get there, buy tickets and we have to choose our seats. Get to our seats in screen 8 and someone was already sitting on them. We politely asked them to move and they did not. I got angry and talked to the manager. She gave us two free movie passes after I asked the manager repeatedly for our money back. She did not ask the other people to move nor were we compensated for the drinks and popcorn which was bought for the sole purpose of watching the movie. The assigned seating is not necessary in a theater so small. All in all it was too much trouble for something as simple as seeing a movie. We will not be going back there ever again.

Chris Carter

Overall great movie theater !!! prices are great and low i love the seating and the option to pick seats! its a great idea! love galaxy 8 i also love the dog outside shes cute

Beto szubia

Love it Recommend this 100%

Teresa Black

Great recliner seats and closed captions available upon request.

Chenelle Archer

You'd get 5 stars if you'd put up an endless popcorn machine like the other theater across town haha!

J Fort

Huge, fully reclining seats. Best place to watch a movie.

Faith Ramos

My family and I really love to watch movies at this theater. Unfortunately when we went yesterday, the lights stayed on the entire movie, and it was difficult to see the screen. This was disappointing!

J Lopez

Saw a movie in Dolby Atmos. Seats were spacious, comfy and reclining. Service was good too. I'll definitely be a regular.

Jody Hoover

Nice, clean theater with comfy seats. Wish the menu had some more options from the snack bar.

Anne Baker

Friendly service, good bottomless popcorn and concessions and there isn't a bad reclining seat in the theater.

Dan Hicks

The adjustable recliner seats areawesome, loved the online purchase of tickets no worry seating

Yesenia Aguilar

They have super comfortable reclining chairs! Overall its a good movie theater!

Zachary Bell

This place is very fun for the entire family!! I enjoyed it very much. Its clean and the theater rooms are smaller and more cozy. It's an older theater and not so modern looking, but is still an enlightening place to hang out with friends and family!! Although it does not look modern, it has super comfortable adjustable chairs. And good food!

Charles Uitts

Men's bathroom was very smelly and not very clean, went to the 7:00 show. Seats are extra comfy

Nicole Vargas

Awesome time

Raquel Collao

Clean and friendly staff

Karma Reef

My family's favorite movie theater!!! I dont like that they wont give us an extra box for popcorn to give to the kids.

OTR Trucker

This is a pretty good theater especially considering that Roswell is actually pretty remote.

Kelly Smith

Their seats are so comfortable and customer service experience is always friendly.

Vero Zavala

their seats seats are comfortable

Eric Gonzales

Family favorite

Jet Row

I love going here i will drive an hrs just to go see a move here this place is clean. And prefect on everything candy and food is is really high but people are so friendly

kyle bullock

Good experience. The new seats are nice and the seating is now assigned. I'm not crazy about the new seats - as a tall guy the seats don't hit me right in the knees. Also the theaters are smaller, so for busier movies don't expect great seats unless you get them early.

Chris Jones

I live in North Carolina and this place is on my bucket list.

Leticia Herrera

Omg there chairs recline (all of them)so comfortable

Peggy Samuels

Very nice. Enjoyed the free kids movie with a couple of my Grandkids. The Lego movie 2. So nice they do that for the kids. I thank you Allen Theaters !!!

non non

Great clean place

Joe Potteiger

Great place to watch a movie.

Ana #

Really nice

Kathy Otero

Went with my honey & saw Second Act. It was a great movie. Chairs are super comfy and sound was clear.

Manolo Antonio Gonzalez

Friendly staff and comfortable seating.

Aaron Griffin

Like it a lot. Good place to see a movie.

Jessica Biggers

Comfy chairs and fast service


I love this place now that Icon is around. Its nice and quiet and almost no annoying kids. They're all at Icon now, haha. Very polite employees as well.

Ryan Hunt

I like the new power reclining seats. They also keep the theaters clean. My new favorite place to watch the big screen.

Martha Sanders

Love the new seats A++++

Carol Larez

Very comfortable and your not on top on the people in the next row!

Trevor Nunez

Good theaters and comfy seats!

Carrie Scifres

The reclining chairs are great! They make the movie theater experience even more fun!

James Husby

"Manager" 19 year old David LaVolpa insisted on charging admission for a 1 year old baby on a "nap time" late afternoon movie. I have six kids that we pay to go to the movies. If they do this with an old guy I can only imagine how they probably treat my kids when they go. Next time I will only pay for the kids movies on the south side of town. Good riddance Allen Theaters.

Miriam Nevil

It was amazing great seating.

TinaMarie Mettin

Love $5 Tuesdays! And comfy seats!

Kimberly Noble

We were stopping in Roswell for a night and decided to go to the movies. This is such a nice theater. The seats were AWESOME!

Ryan Bair

way better seating than the other theater

Bill Green

Nice seats, but starting to suffer from maintenance neglect.

Abrieana Guevara

I love this movie theater it runs laps over icon, i would choose galaxy over icon anyday! the seats were a great idea

kevin smith


Felita Lovato

Had a great experience here watching a movie on a Girls' night out.

David Bryant

Would be much better if they could start on time.

Greg B

I really like the venue, but at my last several visits the popcorn has been stale and not worth the exorbitant price..

bernadette molina

That movie theater is the best ever most comfortable seats and best quality video ever!!

Thien Nguyen

Place is awesome ...went to see captain marvel...customer service was great...the movie theater seats are comfortable

Mark Craddock

Nice seats

Tiffany Pierce

The better theater in Roswell.

Joy Burke

A bit cold but other then that it was good

Tyler Romine

Good movie

Seneca Alvarado

Love the seats. Recliner seats are awesome!

Marion Hobbs

Allen Theaters gives back to the community by hosting free movies for kids each summer. They have also been generous in screening local artists. They are a great asset to the community!!

Dana Buckingham

The seats are super comfortable with enough room in front of them for people to get by. We go on Senior day when the seats are $4.00 apiece. The popcorn was good too.

Andres Salas

Fun place for the family

Darryl Conroy

Awesome executive style seating and great movie.

Doreen Graham

Popcorn was not fresh. Staff were great.

Michelle Horton

If you go late you won't be able to refill popcorn.

Holly Robinson

I've taken my daughter to see two movies there and we really enjoyed our experience. The only downfall is is that it's so extremely expensive and I hate the "pick your seats" arrangement. Other than those two things the employees are really friendly and the theater is very nice and clean. My family and I would love to go more often but can't afford to at those prices.

Billy Moreno

Very nice place to relax

Yessie Ortega

Great place!

Mary McQueeney

Good popcorn, great seats. Lines take forever. They need to start a concession line just for people that bought tickets online.


Best seats in town

Mary Schoen

Wonderful time and movie.....Robin Hood. We had a great adventure....!

Felix John

Loved the theater seating. Never sat in seats like those before. Perfect for the movie Joker. A+

Joshua Montoya

Oui hella good almost got kicked out

Andrew Sigala

It is very nice enjoyed it very much

Hector DeHoyos

Awesome seats recline all the way back and are very comfortable

Laura Russell

Just love all the apps and how it speed is fast

Chris Cabaniss

Great seats good service

Gerald Conklin

Clean, comfortable seating.

Louis Prieto

Seems ridiculous to me that the staff knows when the show times are and yet they only have 1 person working the register to buy tickets and snacks. And for you people out there......No. I do not want to buy my tickets online. With the prices they charge I want customer service.

Tosh Spencer

Love The Seats Very Comfortable. Awsome Movies Theater I Have Been To So Far.

Dazare Jackson

Good service, great movie! We had a blast!!!

Kristen Salyards

Favorite theater! Coca cola freestyle and best recliner seats!!!

James Cross

I got me and my wife to be secret shoppers and on both occasions we had bad experiences. A few employees are kind and hard working and the seats are nice. But that's about it. The prices for concession makes it look like a blind person put random numbers on there, the soda machines make the flavors of the sodas mix even when I hold down the button for a few seconds. A couple things I want to mention: when I went about a week ago, one of the employees, I'm not quite sure if his name but he's about average height, dark hair and has a scruffy beard, he wasn't wearing the same shirt as other workers and i actually overheard him joking with others saying he doesn't feel like wearing it. And when my wife came, the fire alarms went off apparently and some guy in the audience was trying to get us to get up and leave but couldn't. I went out into the lobby to get a refil but saw he was trying to talk to the manager about it and she totally blew him off. That could've been a serious issue and not just with the Fire and she totally ignored him in a rude manner. I give this theater a 2 star rating because of the concessions being too high for the product, the head manager blowing off paying customers on possible life threatening issues, and a few sour employees. Epic is worse though. Sticking to Netflix for the time being and will be telling others as well.


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