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REVIEWS OF Allen Theaters - Allen 8 IN New Mexico

Ashelyn Martin

It's great! We love the recliner seats! The only downside is getting a ticket at the last minute because they are usually booked!

Eric Petersen

The chairs, nuff said. Recline, relax, enjoy. Otherwise a normal theater.

Claude Williams

Love the upgraded recliner seating.

Carmichael Sherman

It's nice and can save seats but people bring babies

Franklyn Nye

Fantastic fun, clean. Great seating

Beverly Flores

Good service. Helpful staff. One girl even looked up the ingredients of the popcorn butter to make sure it was dairy free for us. Forgot to tell them not to scrape bottom of popcorn so we had a lot of unpopped kernals and even some burnt popcorn. Enjoyed the movie!


They are really really nice and clean plus there seats are very confertable.

Angel Shilla

So nice I had fun with my kids

Franklin Jones

They have great seats

Shane St. John

Awesome reclining seats let u enjoy with arm room

Mally Flower

The theatre has been upgraded to reserved recliner seats with trays. The popcorn is somewhat better as well. The surround sound is pretty great also. Overall a good movie going experience.

Shirley Robertson

Seats were comfortable...I actually feel asleep twice..

Fizz Water

Gotta love the recliner seating! Makes movie watching 10 times better.

Farentino Henderson

Clean n awesome service

D Sam

Very comfortable seats lots of room and good sound! Came here on a friday and it wasnt as packed as the one at the mall but i reserved my seats ahead of time!


My daughter and I were so impressed with the reclining chairs. They were spacious and comfortable... We had a really good experience. I highly recommend Allen 8...

Stacie Keller

Awesome not a bad seat in the theater!. The renovations look great. Fantastic experience!

Jeffrey Chapman

The reclining seats make all the difference! Great experience.

Shandiin Dejolie

Always love theater popcorn but the reclining seats are amazing!

S Faye

Theater has the reclining seats and is clean.

Mik Lgo

Friendly staff, okay service, awesome chairs comfortable

Big Foot

Went to watch Avengers Endgame, instead felt like I went to a spa. No A/C, sweating in my seat. Aaaaaggghh!!! Terrible. If the A/C came on, I sure didn't feel it. Last time I go to Allen 8.

Dreyas D'Ordin

The upgrades here are amazing, the reclining seats are extremely comfortable! Great staff

LaTanya Velarde

Chairs are awesome! Comfortable atmosphere to watch a movie However the staff is very young and rude, unfriendly faces. Tried to have a polite conversation with one of the cashiers (Coree) she glared, robot response, answered like she was annoyed, and rudely handed everything to me. I talked to the manager who was also very young she had little to no confidence in her response about her employees. Felt like I was talking a non English speaking person who just shoke her head and said yes. Please management please coach your employees in guest services. To have this kind of unfriendly experience might be better off with kiosks to print tickets and despense concession.

Grant Namingha

Great service theaters are clean. Popcorn fresh. And reserve seating with reclining is the best. Extra money worth the comfort

Melanie Haskan

the popcorn had a lot of unpopped kernels. it was not fun. I didn't get to eat all of the expensive stuff due to that.

Shone Doctor

Movie got canceled.

Calvin Welch

First time at this very comfortable seats and very nice people that work there.We will be back.

Lisa Charley

I love the reclining chairs. It's so comfy. Also there's room, it's not so squishy.

Frank Coleman

The new seating is amazing! Like being at home on your love seat. With power reclining seats that come in pairs, which can be divided with an arm rest, or put it up and cuddle your love.

Kyle Stewart

Like the reclining seats

Shay Lee

Great, comfortable place ☺

Matt Stanley

best theaters in town! and Nate Allen is also a rad dude.

Melinda Kennedy

Buying tickets online is the way to go.

Rhoda John

Very comfortable and clean.

Deborah Martinez

Love the recliner seats

Ian Gallagher

Purchase tickets from website, grab some food, enjoy movie. Pretty great theater. The upgrades are fantastic and assigned seating is awesome. Minus one star for too many previews before movie starts and theater volume is way too loud, borderline deafening.

Kevin Rothlisberger

I can't go another theatre without reclining seats or seat reservations again. Allen 8 really out did themselves. Thanks, Allen Theatres. Love me some $5 Tuesdays!

Jennifer Brynie

We would go much more if the confessions weren't so expensive. Or just offered a few more specials or deals. We're gonna get popcorn and drinks, I just wish we could afford this outing more than we do. The facility is very clean and staff is friendly.

June Yazzie

Our granddaughter loves the chairs

Nelson Simpson

They're movie theater are comfortable plece.

Melanie Trujillo

Very nice and comfy. Will definitely go again!!!!!

Chelsea Paul

The cuddle spot ppl!!!

sean eldridge

Depends on the movie youre watching

Evett Dunkle

Love the reclining chairs

Tri'cia Bradly

Great place and seating. The workers are rude and outrageous prices..

Gerald Anaya

Me my douther and my 3 beautiful granddaughters went to see a movie I loved it great place

Derek Smith

Still the best popcorn good service

a m

We made special reservations two months in advance to watch the new Star Wars movie. We also showed up six hours before showtime to get the best seats. There was some kind of big rope clearly across the entire screen the whole movie. It was there well before the movie started but never fixed. The manager was unapologetic and borderline rude about the issue not thinking it was a problem. Allen theaters obviously doesn’t care about their customers


Having assigned seating makes going to the movies more enjoyable. Not having to fight crowds and getting there super early. Seats recline too, good place.


Went in today, 1/9 to watch Bumblebee. Staff present at 4:20 showing were incredibly rude. No acknowledgement that we were even there on our arrival, figured out we were supposed to buy tickets using the computer ourselves. Staff continued to be rude as we purchased concession items. Perhaps you should make that process automated as well. The movie went black several times and they finally shut it down. Each time I had to find someone to "fix" the issue. My daughter overhead staff commenting that it was "going to keep going down every so often". If they knew that why were tickets sold for that showing? Overall an absolutely MISERABLE experience!

Mallory Kent

I haven't been here in 5 years and the upgrades were awesome!

Gale Armstrong Moses

Great recliners at this theater. Very comfortable viewing experience.

Robert Bahr

Third time . MOVIE STARTS they left lights on. Time before MOVIE 20 min late . Time before fuzzy. The new seats , very nice .

Richard Gail

The seats r the best

ABboom Bang

The seats were comfortable and the movie had good picture and volume quality, but the snacks are overpriced and it is very cold in the theater.

Jessy Ring

New seats are very comfortable. Makes it to easy to fall asleep during the movie.

Tony Garcia

Overall good experience, clean and friendly staff but halfway through the movie the air conditioning was turned off and everyone was real hot and couldn't wait til movie was over so we could get outside in the fresh air. I would think they make enough money off of the movie tickets to keep the air on for everyone. That part ruined our night out at the movies.

Rich Myers

Great seats nice sound system, nice place to go see a movie. Love the reserve seating

Paul McGuire

Spacious and comfortable seats were great. Being overcharged and treated rudely by management was not. I doubt we'll be back.

Lauressa B

Cold cheese, hot dogs are never ready...very rude staff

R Salt

The best place to relax and enjoy your latest new movies!

kayto sullivan

This theater has super comfortable reclining chairs. It was priced a bit high but the comfort was worth the cost.

Jason Prue

The only movie theatre worth going to in Farmington. Every room offers loungers

Anna Kinney

Between the recliner chairs and assigned seating, my disabled husband and I can go to popular movies again!

Chris hamer

Great theater, seats are extremely comfortable. But the screen could be a little bigger.

R&B the best of

This theater has 5 dollar movies every Tuesday all day I recommend

John Lente

Best theater in Farmington. Usually clean and well staffed. Not the friendliest of employees, but they're not rude. Reclining leather seats keep us coming back.

Billy Gunnell

Good movie theater.... My only problem was I need handicapped or isle seating for my cane and frequent emergency bathroom breaks. All disabled seating was taken up by I assume a family that looked like they didn't actually need it

Supreme apple2368

It had good customer service and the seats were nice with a kick out for your feet

Vonda Easley

Had lot's lot's of fun with my husband an Son Sam Easley

Tawanna Rasco

Love the seats

Amanda Montgomery

Great wheelchair access and friendly staff @ Allen 8

Betty Alexander

Good entertainment.

Tyrian Clitso

I like the assigned seating. Buy your tickets online, and show up 5 mins before the movie starts. No more people saving a whole row.

Kim francher

Love going to the movies but we don't go very often because it's expensive....

kyle marshall

Best place to watch a movie

darlene lee

Enjoyed the wonderful seats

Diane Smith

Suggestion: slow as sloth snack stand! Make it more user friendly and faster. Revenue for company is your food and snacks. Plus side revamp of chairs with recliners.

James Begay

Always have a great time here

Jordan Baidwan

Clean, beautiful building. Enjoyable place to watch films.

Dusty Schau

The recliner seats are amazing! Never been to one with recliners, but it's pretty awesome! Plenty of parking, got through the kiosk quick and into the movie before it started. :)

Kelly Stone

Prices are getting so high-- $9 for a matinee, and and extra $1 to get tickets on line. No published local number. If you need more information, you have to call Las Cruces, then they give you a number. Then the information you get will probably be wrong. Website implied that the theaters opened at nine, so I went at nine to save the $1 (with as many tickets as I was going to purchase, and an empty theater, thought it was worth it). Had to call Cruces, then got the local number, called the local number, and was told, "No, we open at 10". So I went back at 10..... Still not open, called them back, and was told, No, I was misinformed, it was 30 minutes prior to the first show, and I could just come back then. No apology, and no offer to make it right. Unfortunately, the Allen theaters are the only game in town, and the next town, so its Allen or nothing. Pretty frustrated in the quality of customer service today, especially from their main offices.

Brianna Deschene

It is very good the seats are soft and you can lay back and put you feet up i is very nice

Trex Henderson

The attendants are very nice and professional, and they always have easy, and quick ways to purchase and select your seats. All the theaters at Allen 8 have new automatic recliners and are very comfortable. The movies are always excellent quality and the sound system is fantastic.

Brando Black

Good place enjoy the 5.00 tuesdays on all movies an the adjustable seats make it more confortable

Manike Pipkin

Wow best theater I've been to. Everyone gets their own huge leather recliner

Catalie Jack

Great service,good prices, COMFORTABLE SEATS.

Terry Trawick

Gotta love movies

mister me

Good but don't give you alot of food options

David BikeRaces

Movie place nice

Leonela Nelson

A bit pricey but easily the most comfortable theater in town. I couldn't stop eating the popcorn. 4 stars bc the rr stall I went into didnt have toilet paper. And I wish they would offer the bottled water as part of the combo instead u have to get tap.

Tayler Eddy

Love the new seats!!

Craig Chappell

Amazing comfy chairs. So much so that I began to fall asleep and had to sit up. Staff helped me check in with my online receipt. Only complaint was the kid next to me sucking on his straw most the movie. I suffered so he could enjoy the movie. Why I rarely go to the theater.

M Martinez

Nice seats. Staff is rude, lobby is disgusting. Looks as if haven't swept or mopped in months. Counter staff acts like you bothered them. If you hate your job find a new one. B

BJ and Maria Gutierrez

Great theater wish people would turn off their phones

Cap Boy

Love the seats!


Great place to see a movie. With the assigned seating it would be nice for the ushers to actually seat you, my past time in a woman was in my seat and refused to move and wouldn't show her ticket. Ushers weren't very helpful. I'd rather not make a stink in public and have some random person tossed from a theater or have someone start shouting, it'd be a lot easier if someone was available before the movie, in the theater, to handle issues like this.


Even better with the luxury seats.

Christopher Toledo


done tfg345

Such nice chairs and clean

Mindikim Schrum

Very comfortable with the recliner seating. Don't feel crowded. Plenty of room. Wonderful movie experience!

Lloyd Begaye

I saw a good entertaining movie and took my young Son Adam.

Israel Calderon

Great movie theater but reservation of seats highly recommended.


Always a great treat for all on Tuesdays. Seats are just the best for elders and kids. Clean, good service.

Alicia Renea

Clean and comfy!

Lil D

It was Friday nite and we had the theatre to ourselves our lil family enjoyed the comfortable seating very much and the movie was great!!

Jason Brandau

Nice place Seats are very nice electric recline with foot rest little swing table with cupholder! Screen seemed just a bit small but sound terrific 5 out of 5 Good Clean Kid Freindly Great First Run Movies. CHEERS

Ethan Diffey

I live close to the Allen 10 and I go there every single day

Monique Chee

This theater has nice seats. Awsome HD & surround sound.

Lenore Paulson

Comfortable seats, nice staff. Enjoyed the movie. Haven't been to a theatre in years. I will definitely be back.

Tim Dunlap

Awesome new (3/2019) reclining seats. Great experience.

Mervin Yazi

Good to enjoy a movie with family

Brenda Serafin

Today we drove 100 miles to come watch Good Boys at the Allen 8 theater at 355pm but come to find and out their website is not updated so might want to call to make sure your show time is correct. Now we gotta wait until the 5pm for showing.


TIMES UP! I WANT MORE I WANT IT NOW and not the Same o Same ole we suffer with both theaters for years! the selection sucks! oh shout out for nice upgrades to 20th. theater now 1) UPGRADE the movie line-up! There are many Tri-City residents with brain cells so I hear. How about some more DECENT thought provoking award winning movies for ADULTS -some of us like go on dates, retired, we dont screech, talk out loud/on the phone, chase our kids down aisles---half every theater showing kid movies for months? WHY? 2) SHORTEN the length of play time on those junky B movies we wa$te our time with while your at it! Do they all have to run for 3 months and longer? I really would be happy if you stop the straight to video ones lingering for MONTHS at both theaters, cut it to two weeks so we can see another of YOUR straight to video selections. Pretty Please?

Tyrell Atchison

Love the comfortable new reclining seats

Tina Christensen

Truly enjoyed being able to choose our seats. Loved the comfort of the Theater.

Chris Smith

Had a good night watching a movie

SharonA Smith

We watched Rambo Last Blood in theatre #5. Yikes!!! My son and I saw a dark shadow figure, below the screen in front of the first section seating. Talk about WHOA!! Great place to get away and watch a movie. Great staff.

Becky Bryant

Good theater to watch a movie if their is not a baby please do not bring a baby or small child it runes the movie.Good service and regular connection stand food like nachos,candy and popcorn.Go to Allan 8 theater it has reclining seats.Instagram-@damngood_foods

RnP Dickie

Great place love the new seats... But restooms are not quite clean as could be. Staff are friendly

Stephen White

Excellent seating (reclining seats in theater 2), the popped corn is on point, and the sound quality is amazing!

Brandon Hicks

I love this theater, I was disappointed the seat I was assigned was broken. But still a great experience.

Randy Fehrenbacher

Love new chair the put in so comfy need blanket next time. .Robin hood with arrow

Nathan Yesslith

Great seating

Derek Dempsey

Awesome recliner seats!!! Reserved seating so you know exactly where you’re going to sit without worrying about space ahead of time.

Terrence Billie

someone turned on the light right in the middle of the picture show.

Frederick Brown

Great seats.

Pedro Gonzalez

The theater was amazing. Very cozy and super comfortable with reclining chairs Wall-E Shyrlei#54

Need better customer service..cashier threw coin back at nt the greats lookn guy bt at least b nice to ur customers

Michelle Newman

Watched 'Solo' and it was a good movie. The theatre was can and reserved seating was nice, no long line.

Dave Holt

The seats are so comfortable.

Brandon Francis

Love the chairs

Richelle Begay

I liked the chairs and the way the workers were helping

Sherry Benally

Friendly staff, clean, very comfortable seats.

Liz A

Once you buy your ticket you have a comfy seat. There's no need for standing in line. Just enjoy yourself.

Vangie Benally

Love the relaxing atmosphere

Danny Sanchez

Terrible experience, took forever to change $100 and was still short a quarter,

Eli Lisko

Allen theatres is the only place in the area to watch a movie. Because of that monopoly they really dont care much about anything. Security is super lax with drunks and tweakers often hanging around in the parking lots getting into fights and causing problems. One time even had a tweaker take his pants off and run around screaming in front of the screen inside the movie. The theaters are only clean whenever they first open so early shows are not bad. Later shows are all sticky floors and sometimes sticky/wet seats. They spend 15-20min between shows cleaning but there is always garbage in the theater when they get done "cleaning" Opening night movies are almost always out of focus or sound is off whenever I go, and no one checks it till a customer says something. Assigned seating is super nice but they only do this at 1 theater which is also in the less safe part of town. So you trade increased personal safety for not having to fight over a seat. They really need to do assigned seating for ALL of their theaters. Theater policies and staff do zilch about cell phones and crying babies so it's not uncommon to have people on their cell phones during an entire movie or a screaming brat that the parents force everyone to suffer with for the whole film. Overall the Allen theater experience is really one of the worst, but we all go because the nearest IMAX or Regal is a 3 hour drive one way everything local is the same Allen experience.

Michael Nez

Just grand an lovely

Assassin1140 _

Very comfortable seats, has adjustable leg rests, and a lot of space

Michael Sickenger

This place has really improved their seats are much nicer and it's a lot more clean and the food is also good but the staff can be rude and uncaring sometimes.

Michelle Brat

Love the seats Love the popcorn love the atmosphere

Tami Abbott

So I love the roomy reclining seats here,but I can't figure out why the theater is always playing childrens movies. The adult movies I want to see are never at this theater. If they are playing a movie you want to see, it's a great choice

Alexyss Coleman

The new seat are amazing! So comfy and it's nice if you're on a date! The only bad part was the popcorn was terrible, just small bits

Dillon Funk

Allen 8 and Animas 10 are both considered Allen theaters. Animas 10 is in thenAnimas valley mall and Allen 8 is on 30th street

Tomraelane Livingston

Seats are comfy they can recline back service is good popcorn is always great.

Becki Hands

Assigned seating? What are we in school or is this entertainment? Other than that I'm happy

Nancy Kee

Oh,oh...I love their seats

the emrald Minecart

Nice experience

trudy billie

It was Awesome n great movie great seats

Girth Brooks

The seats and room make this place great. As soon as they start serving beer I’ll never leave.


The seating is really comfortable, it's a little more expensive though. Would recommend it over the mall theater.

Ms. M

Nice theater. Love the recliners. Tuesday discount.

Shawn Asmus

I really enjoy watching movies from the comfort of the reclining chairs. The concession stand is well staffed, so you can get your snacks & drinks without the long lines. They need a ticket scanner for those patrons who buy and print their tickets online or for those who wish to use their phones as confirmation of ticket purchase.

Crista Castleman

Love the remodel they did to this place


Kinda pricey ,but comfortable reclining chairs


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