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REVIEWS OF Village East Cinema IN New Jersey


Old school movie theater - remember those red fold up seats and sticky floors? Yeah like that.

Zork Mid

Pretty nice niche/art multiplex theater. Not too dirty, sticky, or ragged. No blockbuster mainstream films, but they might show less spectacular stuff (see: Christopher Nolan). They show 1 or 2 anime features every month, yay! A small popcorn goes for a little over $7. The big theater has stadium seating, the smaller ones do not. Edit: they do at least 1 mainstream movie now, and no longer show anime regularly. They have the summer Miyazaki festival, though.

Susan Zetscha

Beautiful old theater, once the home of Yiddish theater, converted into a movie theater years ago. The original auditorium persevered. Eclectic movie line up always.


Best Place for anime events

Jay Shull

Desperately needs seats replaced.

Ira Miller

Good viewing. Good air handling. Clean restrooms.

Pallas Athenea

Good movies. Nice location. The building is a jewel

Meg Caccavale

Great cinema with a good location. Cozy atmosphere and online ticket purchase.

Jasmine Haomin Shi

It has great choice of films. Not as commercialized like AMCs but good taste and good price.

Sheila M. Rossi

A theater without the glitz. Small screening rooms for a cozy experience when you don't feel like taking escalators and dealing with crowds. Always an interesting selection of films. A true local, neighborhood theatre.

Michelle Alvarez

This is quite an attractive theater on the inside. I didn't even know of this venue if it weren't for the free screening, decent horror film of The Curse of La Llorona. I was pleased with the seats and legroom (much better than other mainstream chain theaters). I look forward to visiting again.

L Son

No parki g, althought it s a pretty elegant place.

Brian Kane

Old fashioned great movie theater where I've seen films for years. Highly recommended.

Annie Bradford

Exactly what I want out of a theater. Cheap, small, unassuming.


I generally like the films played at this movie theatre. However, I don't like the fact that most of the movies I come to see here are relegated to the #4 or #5 small screen theatre. After all, the reason anyone pays to come to the cinema is to see a film in all of its glory on the big screen. I could stay home and watch the film on my TV set if I cannot see the film on a standard big screen at the theatre. They should charge less money for films that are being shown on the tiny #4 or #5 maybe 5 dollars rather than the full price of $15.00.

Cee T

Older but good films

Arnold Cabasso

Architecturally stunning theaters. Unfortunately we were in added new area of theaters. But we saw the film we paid for. Reasonable price for a Manhattan theater.

Alexander Lozano

Amazing architecture! Great customer service.

Isaac Aronow

Beautiful theater!

Rachel Abrahams

Lots of varied size theaters

Biruk Missker

Classic NYC cinema.



Rich Goldstein

This theater is amazing. The first time I went here was to see a late night showing of 'Sorry to Bother You' that had a handful of people in the audience. I wish I could spend a whole day checking this place out. This is a movie PALACE.

David Woodson

Great movie theatre trendy crowd was a lot of fun.. My son loved it....

Michelle Barnes

Went to Tribeca Film festival...saw "Devil's Pie, D'Angelo movie...excellent film... theater was great. Popcorn and soda expensive...but that's New York!

Omar Kierstedt

If its still there its a classic

Anas Mughal

Good screen, friendly staff and good food

Costa Mats

See a movie in this theater. Old new york.

Victoria Nunez

Smells bad and over prices popcorn. Seats ducked

richard virga

Reasonable crowd. Respects the movie. Seating okay. Price average

George Olesh

Afternoon matinee is nice. For discount tickets try the burger n movie special at Rowdy Hall

Ray Rosario

The place is very nice and beautiful I've enjoyed and the movie was amazing

Tracy Edwards

Just attended the Premiere of my film Maiden and what a great cinema to show it!

Runita Sutton

Tribeca festival wonderful the water so so


It's always a pleasure watching movies at Village East, the staff is very welcoming!

Jordan Mielke

Vintage style theater with great architecture. Friendly staff and from my experience, they don't search your bag (great for bringing a backpack w/ wines in a can stashed inside). Of course, don't forget to spend money at the concessions stand...just because you sneak in wine, doesn't mean you should cut their revenue. Support local businesses!

Quymbee Chen

I love this cute little theater. It's never too crowded and the theater rooms are classical feeling! It's 10$ for students so I love coming here when it's not 5$ Tuesdays at amc. Affordable and fun.

Eric Conlan

This is a pretty cool older theater. You’ll get some limited release and special runs so they’re worth checking out if you’re in the mood for a movie but don’t know what to see.

Sophie Lancaster

Awesone Cinema. Seats are comfortable. Popcorns are very tasty here. Screen is very good. I would love to come again.

Alexandra Huncosky

Super friendly, focused staff in a cool building. Clean restrooms, intimate auditoriums, great popcorn. There are theaters closer to my apartment, but I prefer this one.

David Ross

Small, comfortable theaters; good audio.

Steven Liao

Came here to watch DB Super: Broly. The theater was kinda wack but did the job.

Dean Ivey

Cool theatre with old school seats.

Feroze Khan

Quaint in-theater setting.

Or Shkolnik

Their nice selection of 35mm screenings are tempting, but most of the time they use terrible film prints


I really like this Cinema. Big screen, very tasty Popcorn, super friendly staff, good movie and clean restrooms. I had a blast. Absolutley worth a visit.

Anthony Malkoun

I love that NYC seems to have resisted the chain cinema for the most part.

Cynthea Fernandez

Beautiful structure. If you're a photographer you can get amazing shots here.

DeathBy ThousandCutscenes

Just saw Midsommar for a second time(director's cut this time around) Great. Cozy theater.

Alex Jasen

By far, my absolute favorite theatre in New York. Most theatres are nice and have nice screens and good food. However, this theatre's popcorn is perfect it's not too filling and it tastes great. The 70mm projector and theatre steal the show though. The screen is a super nice size and great quality projector and screen. The theatre is gorgeous on the inside, and it's so special to be able to see a movie on physical film in 2019. This theatre is incredible, it is a must see.

Roger Banks

Movie buffs must keep track of the eclectic showings. So many selections unavailable anywhere else. Great location and very comfortable.

Carlos Auxier-Loyola

I also live in the ,Bronx and I will head down to far to the East Village to see Hedda Lettuce! Good space!! This is a clean cinema! Some staff may need to brush on their customer service skills, like the popcorn attendant young female.

Judy Sky

Good place to see a movie with a non-multiplex vibe. Friendly staff.

Nina Rothschild

This theater generally shows interesting, somewhat arty fare -- definitely a cut above the average multiplex. Bathrooms are clean. Ticket seller was friendly, although ticket taker seemed to have a bit of an attitude.

Kenneth Karan

Good place to see a movie. Have good selection of art movies. Clean and comfortable seating. Theater I was in was small but sight lines good. Popcorn tasty. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Yancy Smith

It's palatial. The theater I was in was huge and ornate with wonderful acoustics. Decent service. One good thing is that the ticket for a first run movie runs $15 a piece versus $17 or so in many other places.

Carla Rupp

I enjoyed my movie experience. Good selections. We had the filmmaker talk afterwards. Nice East Village location. Nice movie choices here. Near restaurants.

Chris B

The main screen in here was nicer than I've ever seen before

Steven Smith

I love that they show classic movies with Hedda Lettuce :-)

William Q Caraway

My goto place for Movies.

Gustavo Andriani

We love this theater! Definitely recommend doing the Village East Cinema Rewards it's free but the points rack up and FREE POPCORN Tuesdays is pretty nice, too! Luxury seating is definitely worth it. Jackie in the bar area is their asset! She gets to know many of us and takes such great care of every

Alastair Richards

Nice venue small but cozee

Yossi Rissin

Beautiful old timer. We had good time...


Great vintage theater and seating area is clean and comfortable.

Nick Mooneyhan

If you are looking for an awesome vintage theater to catch a great flick, this place is awesome! Loved seeing "2001: A Space Odyssey" in 70mm here in June 2018.

Will Harlow

Cozy theater. I saw 8th grade here on a date, and neither the movie nor the theater disappointed.

Michael Terry

intimate little theaters. not too loud. good selection of first run and older movies

Matt Meyer

Old school, new movies, fun for all ages!

darren ingram

My first time going to this awesome Theater. I felt as if the curtain would go back and the play would start at any moment. The seats were surprisingly comfortable, and the theater has a 'living room" feel, even though you aren't at home. Totally different from chain theaters. Awesome design and architecture.. I recommend stopping by when your favorite Anime is playing there.

David Cardona

Theatre has a 90s vibe. Staff is friendly

John Barilla

The building is an old historical building renovated to offer multiple viewing screens. It's in a great part of the East Village lots of affordable restaurants nearby.

Noams Music

Cozy, vintage atmosphere with a modern touch but a bit small screens in some theaters

Mia Maria

Unique cinema experience! I absolutely loved this place from minute 1! It’s old school and amazing. You buy your tickets outside and enter the cinema. In the entrance hall is a place to buy food and drinks. The hall is amazing and the whole theatre has an awesome architecture. The auditorium I was in was huge and I liked the movie. Because I went before 12pm there were not a lot of people and I could fully enjoy it! The restrooms are downstairs and the whole downstairs area is more modern than the upper level. General admission is $15, which is a bit less than at AMC or Regal. You pay $4.50 surcharge for 3D movies. If you decide to see a movie before 12pm 1 ticket is $8. I love that option!

glenn genovas

Good place for watching movies. Chairs are super comfy.

Darby Zelaskowski

Can someone pls tell me what happens in the movie Cold War

Howard Blue

We saw a very nice film in the theater recently. Periodically, and carefully, so as not to disturb anyone, I turned on my little flashlight and reread a chapter in my marvelous book, Words at War (Scarecrow Press) Get a copy! It tells of US radio's role in the war effort in the 40's.

J Bayer

5-star because seeing a 70mm showing in the Jaffe Theater is like going back in time. Concessions, amenities and price are nothing to write home about. Gotta show up early to get a good seat, they don't have seat reservations.

Roseanne Leone

Nice large Screen!! Good Popcorn! Comfortable seats.

Bryant Crespo

Older movie theater with small screens and uncomfortable chairs. I visited for the 1st time yesterday and was dying of heat in theater #5. There was a huge difference walking into the hallway. Even the people behind us were asking "if it's a little warm." I won't be going back or recommending it to any of my friends.

Jonee Pabiania

Clean place. They offer lower rates during the early bird viewing which is around 10-11am viewing schedule.

Franky Rodriguez

One of my favorite places to go to catch a movie that's not in many theaters. Indie films or just support local theaters!

Minista Jazz

Tribeca was amazing!

A. Mobley

Staff was super helpful; theater is clean and the seats are comfortable. My only complaint, with the movie theater industry as a whole, snacks are too darn expensive!

mando les

Small viewing rooms but cozy limited snacks

ardalan parsa

Good film options. Easy online ticket check in. Go see a movie!

Octavia Hallett

I have a new theater to go for my Live Action Anime!!!!

Andy Ng

Lovely theater that was previously a neighborhood performing arts center. The main theater is a two storey auditorium space with a large screen and stage and also features some of the original architectural features. The other auditoria are smaller spaces located in the basement, and unfortunately do not feature any of the same touches. It would be nice if the theater were fully renovated to its former glory...

Raj Persaud

A true East Village gem. I am a huge fan of their Hedda Lettuce movie specials where she's dressed in drag and highlights funny moments throughout the movie. I also love their series on classic movies that are especially lovely to attend during the winter months when being inside, cuddled up, is the only thing you want to do. So vintage and gorgeous.

Britaniya Stuart

The movie theater is dated, but comfortable enough. The seats worked and the floor seemed to be clean. The popcorn is way too salty and basically inedible. I wouldn't return to this theater if I had the option of going somewhere else, but it isnt the worst theater on earth.

Lucas Denton

Not the highest-end theater on the plane but rife with character and hospitality

Kathryn Fortunato

I adore this theater. I wish they had the modern seating of newer theaters, but it's a cute historic theater and I really enjoyed it.

Daniel Curtis

Caught an $8 screening of Free Solo here. Totally worth it.

Victor Mora

Beautiful theater, perfect for The Joker 70mm

ivonne bravo

I read mixed reviews before coming to this theatre. I can honestly say this is a wonderful little theatre nestled in the heart of the village. Clean, friendly staff. Nice little concession stand. I absolutely loved its quaint charm. I will definitely visit again.

Laura Edelstein

Wonderful venue for indie films, documentaries, foreign film, non mainstream film. NY is lucky to have this theater.

Mary Fetzko

Locall. Reasonable prices, and friendly staff. It is always a great night our at the cinema.

Cat McAuliffe

I love this theater! They play a lot of foreign and independent movies you won't find anywhere else. Such an amazing theater!

Jojo Siwa

The theater was good overall, though none of my commercials were in the previews. I take this very offensive and rude for they had a Winnie the Pooh commercial and trailer but no Jojo Bows or DREAM The Tour commercials. I was also upset that none of the movies that were screening did not have me in them, or even a mention/reference. Though, just to be on good terms so that they can sponsor me in the future, I'll give them a three-out-of-five stars, which I think is very generous. Thx everyone and have a nice day!!! (Also, don't forget to buy some Jojo bows or merch!!!!!! XP)

Rich Simms

This place is gold hot gold

Chantal Emmenthal

OMG love this place. Such good sound.

Jason Seraydarian

Wonderful place with amazing popcorn. They show current movies & also classics on the big screen.

Stephen Gregory

A must see if you're a fan of architecture and cool features, Screen 1 is spectacular.

Airiayana Sullivan

A great spot to catch a movie. Hoewever it was very cold inside.

Ricardo Chavez

Very regal ... Reminded me of the theater as I was growing up .neighborhood theater

David Lee

Old theatre, very nice!

Rafael Johnston

Great cleaning spot!

j garcia

Old style theater. Still comfy and spacious

Arlene Rose

Theater 2 was in terrible condition.Changed seats 3 times because material on seats was bunched up (not smooth) and springs were sticking up on one seat.Sound was not distinct.

andy dunkley

Good movies but lousy rock hard seats with bad sight lines.


Way better than any stinking AMC!

Oliver Fiegel

Great selection of international movies. Yet as with a lot of theaters the concession stand is way to pricey. I wish they had at least booze. I had one issue with theater 7. We watched a very quiet movie and the AC kept making banging noises I found very distracting.

amy krakow

A fabulous group of theaters under a landmark roof... One of NYC's original and famed Yiddish Theaters, it's now a multi-plex, with all of the theaters retaining some of the beautiful decor from years past.

Giorge Leedy's English Mastery

One of my favorite cinemas

Yeshurin Sorscher

It was a lot of fun and great sound

Daniel Volodarsky

Old theatre with interesting architecture. Movie tickets are pretty cheap so that's a plus but the screen isn't that big compared to other theatres but it's fine since there are so few people watching, you always get the seat you want and it's quiet. Perfect place to take your date.

David Auxier-Loyola

Hedda Lettuce is a treasure! I will keep going back as long as she keeps doing movies there.

Supa Dupa

Very old Cinema. Needs an update, but at the same time kind of nostalgic to how theaters were in the 90s I suppose. You definitely aren't going to find any Dolby Atmos sounds here..

Carlito Hernandez

A Great cinema for independent and Major features. Located really well on second Ave.

Irene Goldfarb

Nice, quaint neighborhood movie theatre. Was also playing couple independent limited release films.. Each movie theatre is small and very comfortable..

Gabo Blancas

Clean and good place ..! Easy to pickup my tickets..! I recommend..!

David Ortega

I came for the 70mm screening of Once Upon A Time in... Hollywood, and it’s a beautiful theater. Friendly staff too.

Wei Hu

Great smaller movie theater in East Village

Joseph NewYork

No a/c in some theaters during a heatwave took off one star. VG variety of intelligent films.

Lucas Keller

I went there to a 2pm screening. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The screening room was large enough and had a good quality screen. The chairs were comfy and everything I encountered was clean. The only negative thing was that there was a booming, bass laden sound of either another screening room or some neighbors at some of the more quiet scenes of our movie which unfortunately ruined the mood of those scenes. I suspect that this was a rather inconvenient coincidence but it was annoying nonetheless as it went on for around 5 or 10 minutes of the movie.

Brett Rush

The theatre was beautiful venue to see a movie.

Edward Sullivan

Clean with good security ; this cinema show cases many independent films as well as main stream features.

Judith Nemzer

Best little Village movie theater with good price for seniors


Old school movie theatre. Not too crowded. There is a charm to it

Aldair Torres

Nice relaxing chill could use better seats

Lee Cooks

$15 Reg admission. $8 admission for movies before 12pm

Hilton Webb

Nice jewel in Manhattan. The theaters are small but comfortable. The box office is outside, conveniently next to the ATM machine. Everyone is so friendly and the prices are lower than so many other Manhattan and Brooklyn theaters. They even have an early bird special where if you get to the theater before noon the ticket is $8.00 for 2D; you also have to watch the early feature, no $8 tickets for later shows.....

Ann Garro

Could have been cooler in theatre where there were only 7 people.

ashley b

I went to see a premier. It's a very beautiful old theater.

Dushyant Bharat Karani

Great cinema, got an epic screening out there.

Joshua H

Best independent cinema in NYC.

Calliope H

Shows more artsy movies than mainstream. Great prices for tickets. Seats aren't on a slant so maybe not the best for a lot of kids.

Tiffany Ramsey

The awesome, not only do they let you bring in food from other parts of the mall, cough cough boba time, but they also serve white Castle burgers!!! This is the only place pretty much west of the Mississippi where you can get white Castle and they were great.

Divine Edwards

Very chill relaxing movie theater with great choice of films to watch

Seth Klibonoff

Beautiful converted landmark building. I just wish the actual movie theater part of it was more state-of-the-art. A lot of the seats are all ripped up. I went to see the "unrestored" 2001: A Space Odyssey in 70mm film. The screen they had to use in their theater wasn't the proper aspect ratio for the film. It was 1.85 to 1 instead of 2.20 to 1 that the film was shot in. The sound wasn't great, the acoustics might have had something to do with it, but it was mainly their equipment and setup. Oh well.

Jimmy The Gent

One of my favorite theaters in the city

Sihoon Yu

Popcorn. Yes. I would revisit the cinema just for the great popcorn they have. Yes the seats aren't as wide or comfy as the AMC one, but oh dear I would go there just to have their popcorn.

Wade Trefethen

Cute place. I saw a movie on a small clear theatre with great sound.

Olivia Chiu

Love the cozy-ish theater rooms compared to the multiplexes. Usually can find pretty good films playing here!



Robert Mauceri


Ronald Rozenbaum

When you book online, they show you their main theater but you end up in a very tiny room with a screen barely bigger than your tv set.

Joseph S

Very nice theater beautiful cathedral ceiling and lots of leg room. Friendly and accommodating staff, all in all nice clean theater I will definitely come back


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